Just Like the Liberal White Media!

Lead stories on the ABC news tonight.

1) Barack et al have their passport records broken into. This is a ho hummer if there ever was one, right up there with the hospital workers who were having a chuckle looking at Brittany's medical records. The big news would be if this didn't happen. What I'd really like to know, however, is how the story came to be broken as a Barack only story (black man as victim), with Hillary and McCain only being added today.

2) The big news that Bill Richardson, who is now going thru his Al Gore beard-after-the-loss phase, and who garnered the support of a dozen or so voters during his presidential bid, endorsed Barack today. Another ho hummer that somehow deserved top billing.

3) News that just days after Barack gave the greatest speech in human history, Hillary was now trying to use race against him!!! Poor Barack. Shameful Hillary. I say she's just acting like a white person who used to be first lady, but ABC News is not going as easy on her.

Oh, ya. While I was probably the only American to watch the interview in its entirety, Larry King seemed oddly self-conscious and uncomfortable hitting his usual gentle serves to Barack for a full hour last night. It was like he'd agreed to a list of questions submitted by the Obama campaign and was suffering a flicker of nostalgia for his long lost journalistic integrity. At the end, after a disengaged and awkward hour, Larry tried to close:

We've been talking with, ah (he pauses and looks down at his notes) Barack Obama!

The best moment of the night was when King read a particularly generous quote from the New York Times "analysis" of the greatest political speech ever given and asked Barack what he made of it.