Palin Running?

I learned this morning that Sarah Palin is seriously considering a run for president. She has bought a big house in Arizona, which might serve as her base of operations. Suddenly, I felt my day ruined; my coffee was spoiled. Why must she inflict herself on us again? If Palin was your houseguest, she would be the person who overstayed her welcome long after all of your other guests had taken their leave. Of course, she might, upon further consideration, restrain herself and not run, but restraint, as well all know, has never been one of Palin’s strengths. (To be fair, very few politicians possess this virtue--yes, in these times restraint has become a virtue). She reminds one of a mosquito, who, no matter how many times you flail at it, keeps returning.

It is true, of course, that she has for a while lain low (and I thank her for that) reducing her public appearances and twitter updates to unspeakably low levels, levels which must be very difficult for the voluble Palin not to exceed. But, as we all know, it’s calmest before the storm. Soon enough-I predict within the month—she will once again be out in full force, appealing to “Mama Grizzly’s” across the land.

Undoubtedly, during her absence her advisors have worked up some new material, which is to say they have given her a few fresh lines. She might have even, over these last few years, decided what newspapers she prefers, recognizing that “all of them” won’t cut it this time around. Who knows, she might have gotten up to speed over the last year so as to make herself a more tolerable candidate. Her addition to the race will be welcome in one regard. She will find herself running against a very staid bunch. She wants their gravitas; they want her “folksy charm.” It should make for an interesting race.