Is Obama Winning Early Voting in Ohio?

While the media has made it sound like Democrats are dominating early voting in Ohio, Karl Rove says that's not accurate.

At this point, polls are less important than the actual early voting numbers... In Ohio, 109,000 fewer Democrats applied for an absentee ballot... than four years ago... four thousand more Republicans than four years ago already...

Here's what one former campaign operative says about the Ohio numbers in a Politico column.

Truth is, nobody knows what will happen on Election Day. But here is what we do know: 220,000 fewer Democrats have voted early in Ohio compared with 2008. And 30,000 more Republicans have cast their ballots compared with four years ago. That is a 250,000-vote net increase for a state Obama won by 260,000 votes in 2008.

Not sure why Rove's numbers are so different from those offered by Adrian Gray, but Rove was talking about requests for ballots and Gray is talking actual votes.