What Gender Gap?

The new poll from NBC News has some nice nuggets, much juicer than showing the race tied at 47% when the president led by 5 in their September poll. For example, as much as the media loves talking about Romney's girl trouble, it's the president who suffers a gender gap, but even though their gender numbers favor Romney, they're still calling it his problem!

... Romney's gender gap narrows when you move from registered voters to likely voters -- Obama's lead with women shrinks to eight points (51 percent to 43 percent), and Romney's advantage with men grows to 10 points (53 percent to 43 percent).

On the big economic issues on which the election hangs - like job creation - Romney is leading.

Romney also has the advantage on jobs and unemployment (46 percent to 39 percent) and the federal budget deficit (48 percent to 35 percent).

And by a four-point margin (45 percent to 41 percent), voters think Romney is better prepared to create jobs and improve the economy over the next four years.

Bad for Romney is the rather odd optimism that seems to have taken hold.

Forty-five percent believe the economy will improve in the next 12 months. That's up one point from the last poll and a whopping 18 points since July. What's more, 41 percent think the country is headed in the right direction, which is the highest mark on this question since June 2009.