City Schools Give Morning After Pills

Why are New York City schools pushing the morning after pill onto teens as young as 14 without notification of parents? Chancellor Dennis Walcott says it's to keep them out of poverty, but with a graduation rate of about 61%, the schools are poverty factories.

As you know from the research, if you're having an unwanted pregnancy as a teenager you have a higher chance of living in poverty and our goal is to have make sure our children are in school getting a quality education...

From the New York Post.

CATCH — Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health — is part of a citywide attack against the epidemic of teen pregnancy, which spurs many girls — most of them poor — to drop out of school.

Parents at the 14 schools were sent letters informing them about CATCH. Parents may bar their kids from getting pregnancy tests or contraceptives if they sign and return an opt-out statement.

If they do not, schools can confidentially give the contraception without permission.