VB: 'Stallions' apparently sexist in Kentucky

So the new Frederick Douglass High School in Lexington, Kentucky is in need of a nickname.  They had a nickname, but now they need a new one.  Why?  Because we the PC police won again.

The school was built on the grounds of an old horse farm in Kentucky that was used as a STALLION breeding ground, and so the school administrators decided upon 'Stallions' as the new nickname.  Makes senses, right?  WRONG.  A woman in the area immediately started an on-line petition, claiming that the term 'stallion' is SEXIST.  The petition asked the question "what should we tell our daughters? Our granddaughters?"  And so the school caved and are now in search of a new name, even though the school will be keeping the horse image as its logo.

Two points here.  One, what you tell you daughters, ma'am, is that the school was built on a STALLION BREEDING GROUND, and that is why the school should be the stallions.  Second, are we fast approaching the point at which we just do away with school nicknames once and for all.  If 'Stallions' is offensive, what isn't?  Swampscott High is the Big Blue - but isn't blue a symbol for boys?  Stoughton High is the Black Knights - ooohhh, can't have that, 'black' and 'knights' both are un-pc now.  Nantucket High is the Whalers - but whalers were micro-aggressors no? 

And in case you are asking when is enough enough?  My feeling is it will never be enough for the pc police, so maybe it is time to beat them to the punch and scrap nicknames altogether.  Otherwise, we are eventually going to have the Stoughton High SomethingorOthers playing the Swampscott SwellHumans.

God help us - oops sorry - Higher power help us.