READ: VB Column - Trump Unhinged?

"If you were watching that press conference at home, I think what you saw was a President unhinged".
So said CNN's Jake Tapper immediately following President's Trump's entertaining, enlightening, and raucous press conference of Thursday February 16th.
When it was Jake's turn to speak again on CNN, he offered up this question/statement-- "How would you react if that was your boss, or if that was someone in your family? You'd realize that it was pointless to have a conversation because they were operating in an alternate universe."
And as if the point wasn't driven home enough, CNN's John King then said "I have a text from a Republican Senator who said "trump should do this with his therapist, not on live tv."
Whatever could Jake and John be implying?  "Unhinged"? "Alternate universe"? "Therapist"?  And they accused trump supporters of using code words... 
So let's go over the press conference.  Trump's opening statement was rambling and mostly unnecessary, we all agree on that, and then he took eighteen questions, EIGHTEEN.  Was he unhinged, you tell me:
​Question 1, 2, 5,7 - On Gen. Mike Flynn being let go.  Trump said he didn't do anything wrong with Russia, but he lied to Mike Pence, and that was unacceptable to Trump.  Seems hinged to me.
Questions 3, 6, 8, 9, 10,12 - On Russia.  Trump said repeatedly neither he, nor anyone he knew of during the election, was in communication with Russia at any time.  CNN obsessed on Trump telling CNN's Jim Acosta that "the leaks are real, the news is fake", with Tapper and others saying that line "made no sense".  How so?  There WERE leaks, but what the subsequent reporting of a deal having been struck with Russia and the administration is FAKE (or so Trump is arguing).  What is "no sense" about that? Yes there were leaks, but what has been implied about those leaks has not, and can not, be proven at this point, hence FAKE. Hence hinged.
Question 4 - On the Electoral College victory being the largest since Reagan.  By any measure, this was a dumb thing to have said, and whoever put that in Trump's opening statement should be flogged (including Trump himself if it was him.) That was amateur hour.
Question 11 - BBC Question about the travel ban.  Trump said a new executive order is coming next week.  Completely hinged.
Question 13, 17,18 - On the rise in anti-semitism in the country? Trump's weakest moment of the hour plus.  He had NOTHING on this question.  He should have said, any acts of violence or hate should be prosecuted, and any FAKE crimes of hate should also be prosecuted.  Instead he was totally unprepared for the question and could not think on his feet at all.  Unhinged.
Question 14 - A follow-up on the travel ban, and on Trump's plans for DACA.  Trump's response was "DACA is perhaps the most difficult situation for me".  He seemed seriously torn on the issue of Dreamers, partly because what seems to be in his heart on this issue goes against what many of his loyalists think.  He seemed genuine, and he any DREAMER had to be encouraged by what he said.  Completely hinged.
Question 15 - On Melania opening up the White House.  Silly, seemed like a plant question.
Question 16- On fixing the inner cities, and would he meet with the Cong. Black Caucus?  He said he wants to work hard on this, and he wants input from the CBC, but Elijah Cummings refused to meet with him even though Trump wants to meet with Cummings.  He then asked the reporter if she could set up a meeting.  Wolf Blitzer found that request crazy.  But Trump said he and his staff had tried and failed, so if the reporter could do it, Trump would welcome it.  Seems hinged to me.
And that was it.  So you tell me, was Trump "unhinged"?  Is he in an "alternate universe"?  Does he "need therapy"?  For me, I'll side with CNN's token Trump reporter Jeffrey Lord, who had the guts to say to Jake and Wolf "you guys must have been watching a different press conference than me".  Somebody was indeed "unhinged" Thursday around 2:15pm Jake Tapper, but it wasn't Donald Trump.    
More wisdom next week.