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Sportblog Federico Chiesa a chip off the old block as Serie A youngsters flourish The son of Enrico Chiesa shone in Fiorentina’s draw with Atalanta to further justify optimism in Italy about the young talent emerging there Federico Chiesa opens the scoring for Fiorentina against Atalanta. Photograph: Maurizio Degl Innocenti/EPA Sportblog Federico Chiesa a chip off the old block as Serie A youngsters flourish The son of Enrico Chiesa shone in Fiorentina’s draw with Atalanta to further justify optimism in Italy about the young talent emerging there Monday 25 September 2017 08.14 EDT Last modified on Monday 25 September 2017 10.51 EDT The bar has always been set high for Federico Chiesa. At 19 years old, he is a fixture of Fiorentina’s starting XI and has already played one unofficial friendly with the Italian national team . And yet, during an interview with La Repubblica, he suggested it may be some time before he considers himself a top-flight footballer. “My dad once told me: you become a Serie A player when you have made at least 300 appearances,” he observed. An outrageous standard, albeit one founded on personal experience. Federico’s father Enrico played 380 games in the domestic top-flight, representing Fiorentina but also the likes of Sampdoria, Parma and Lazio. Along the way, he won 17 caps for the Azzurri and was named Serie A’s player of the year in 1995-96 by the magazine Guerin Sportivo. He was, in short, one of the most talented and popular footballers of a generation. To expect Federico to replicate that kind of career would be utterly unreasonable. Still, there’s no harm in trying, is there? Especially not when you’re capable of scoring goals like the one Chiesa did for Fiorentina against Atalanta on Sunday. The 50 best young footballers in Italy Read more Running on to Cyril Théréau’s looped header, the teenager took one touch to nudge the ball away from a defender before belting a violent shot into the near top corner. The strike was from the edge of the box, yet Etrit Berisha had barely begun to dive by the time the ball got past him. This was Chiesa’s second goal of the season, following another aesthetically satisfying finish during Fiorentina’s win over Bologna. It might not be enough to convince dad that he has arrived yet, but it has certainly whipped up excitement among Viola fans. A team which bid farewell to Borja Valero, Federico Bernardeschi, Nikola Kalinic, Matías Vecino and Josip Ilicic last summer had begun this campaign in need of a fresh identity. Diego Simeone’s 22-year-old son, Giovanni, was signed to lead the attack, and Marco Benassi, 23 this month, to pick up the creative slack in midfield. Jordan Veretout, 24, arrived from Aston Villa (via Saint-Étienne) and Gil Dias, 20, from Monaco. Chiesa, though, was the homegrown talent. He had broken through into the first team under Paulo Sousa last season, but now appeared ready for a leading role. There was a time, not so long ago, when that idea might have seemed far-fetched. Although he grew up with a ball at his feet, the younger Chiesa was not perceived during his early teenage years as a surefire talent. He had inherited a soft touch and keen work ethic but also a short, slender stature that no longer seemed so viable in the modern game. Signed to the Fiorentina academy as a boy, he seemed to be falling behind his peers as he hit adolescence. Chiesa played just a single game in a year with the Under-15s, and was sent to train at times with the younger age groups. All deep physique German. We'll restore company and they have plans to conquer America. The question is how are they going to do we're joined now by Zeke turner from the Wall Street Journal. Zeke Kellogg is all we've been in business. I. If technically and early twentieth century it was are heavily Kirk and or action from the government our lack there of industrial. Part of a country is that like Pittsburgh. Sixty all of these. Crocker started it Mara. Regional. Regional stores are workshops all across Germany in the increasingly out. Europe and amendment and the W in America. And right now what are they doing in and how what what are their plans in terms of trying to compete in the United States because there are newcomer. And there's already a lot of competition here. Yes sir I mean all of these all the number one mark in opposite. Heard again and then once. You're eating ever on a cart. Figured that would eliminate that partner period that is itself. 151617100. Items next door burst you know Wal-Mart super which several 290000. Diana Laura and normal. Let's let her let's not gloss over the how many items will be in an all leased or 16100. Yeah I mean the coming here and permanent record when it mattered. In Wal-Mart to hook up all the earlier. In her Wal-Mart is how many in the store. The person you're. And we're counting on food and food items and yeah all the part of the company's cost structure he. Wal-Mart or 14850000. So it all these doing is they're saying look we're gonna have limited selection. But our prices are going to be significantly. Less than Wal-Mart there gonna there he told me all these gonna try to compete with Wal-Mart on price. Yeah I mean first series is that indoctrination America with a rolled back court by customer growth partners consultant in Connecticut. And and without this stop in order and to partner in open court but some at Wal-Mart. Good paper carried. Wow 17%. Dated now up here in New England. Our low cost provider is market basket. Will will they will they be able to compete with the market basket. I'd pattern every bit of that and expensive Michael is. I'd I don't know you know there's a few examples of American urban mastered. All the recipe including Trader Joe's which one of Albrecht. Rather that of the store bought up and somebody actually did an office in Leonard and it's certainly think it would not achieved but I'm Christian just war. No it's a genetic order yeah I've been in Justin Leonard's name. Yeah but if further although that massacre you know limiting apartment. Been here. Here the volume by as the store flyers the lead out you know more negotiating power he you know under over and certainly down because. You know you have your start street to your shelter are there polished or if there's there's cheaper rent your lower energy cost you. Well you were important and there's a problem not to bouncing. So in Germany is it just the blue collar store like is it only factory workers that shop and all the. Yeah definitely the beginning they're. You know German people even here and people need that notion about. Stating money at stake here we live by the mod what's the current picture. And I think that's something the American haven't quite mastered yet and then. I'm American. You know the idea of a supermarket where. 40000. Options and Africa kind of toe paper that partner for the middle class. Blocked arteries there were all used and we don't mind if we get you know. Have a debate on the bill when the bill come advocate perhaps cost it depressing to constrain you know ran in Germany is not that mean. That is after the Euro producer with about ninety curse and a white collar workers in Durham also shut all of you know there have been but it developed shopped. Very good Zeke thank you very much for your time we appreciate it there yeah. This is a store chuck they're gonna be opening. Hundreds of these stores across the country I think 2500. Yet they're going to be trying to open a bunch of stores mine my parents have shopped them a couple times down in North Carolina where they've seen some. They weren't impressed they obviously this election there's not at all and they said. And beyond that they didn't think that the quality news or are they through these though are they real high and booties well. I put it this way all the was one of the companies back in two point thirteen that got caught in the horse meat scandal back in your way. Well actually it was. Of course Mena news is that your read Chinese could actually get a game flavor in your head trying to just as well erect any food. Outspoken and not get involved sure this nudging extramarital just and I all they like they they had some of their meets that were found to be thirty to a 100% horse meat back when their team. Yup make your run faster. Each. Population 95%. Blue collar works workers shopped at all. 88% of white collar workers shot the typically when you're buying certain. Commodity type items what difference does it make when you buy in of beans and all the way he abide them that hole and avionics and they don't of course meet in the and you know I I think you get comfortable with the horse equality. And a certain brand. And you don't really care organs and negative tax commitment by the way out pretty little all of our listeners who have text in so they're not fans one says they are very low grade now would not be shopping there try to onetime nothing of interest. Once as. I was in one and capsule would blows pretty blunt on the jeopardy overall negative across the board here maybe that should be our homework assignment. Go to our all the all three of us have to go to Arnold was the nearest dealer there's one down your way the what caused when you talk which probably Brockton. To me there's what's on that awaits you on this one and is when she eats. A terrible thing it's that there's one in Milford. That's closer to go that would there's one in Medford. Mo took part but not because I don't I had a there's one in Waterford Connecticut and in trying to. Another one from finally royal quality. 413. Chippy when you get your meat there so it's like there's definitely things that you can't. You know get at those places.