Your Healthy Life: Kim interviews Dr Joan Salge Blake

Your Healthy Life with Kim Carrigan
Wednesday, October 25th

Kim Carrigan interviews Dr. Joan Salge Blake on the importance of nutrition labels


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Everyone this is didn't carry up to your healthy life I'm so happy. To have an old friend with me and I don't mean that you were old Andy we've been friends for a long tough patent a bank of professor doctor Joan felt you Blake is joining me this morning she is that. Professor of nutrition APU she's an author she's I mean so many things. Your blog and Ryan reply. Tell everybody by your blog because it's so fun so great it's always been for a fact ray I have a blog called attrition in youth didn't Google complaint it. And did them Egyptian news you can use. You and I go back. And we pretend I I think stone which was actually just by every year and yet I became you know able to draw. Right we didn't. We difference for a long time and we spent a lot of time talking about nutrition and health and that kind of thing and win when I heard that you were writing. And it was being published in publications or whatever I started. Chasing things down and I saw the writing about nutrition labels. And I'm so into the nutrition label thing I cannot begin to tell you and you just recently wrote a piece out. The fact that. Nutritional labels were supposed to be updated and updated by 2018. And suddenly. There's had been a whole prime nutrition labels let's talk about the right what's going on here. You know. I'm scratching my head on on not to write on banging my head. Against the law on this one. Because it was already to go that these new improved nutrition fact panels. Prove by the FDA rate ago. Supposed to be on the label by July 2018. And now we're having a little proposed set that we need to look at a week until January 20/20. And it makes. Act salute the no sense. Okay let's back up for just a second and talk about why this change in the labels which by the way I finally able to be incredibly intimidating for a lot of people. You know if they if they weren't going to change labels just because it wouldn't make it worse simplistic and easy to read I'd appreciate that I don't think that's worthwhile going but what was the reasoning behind changing labels to begin. The reason was is the cost the science behind it we have 110. Million Americans about half of adults in America. Who have some kind of chronic disease actually lead to unhealthy dying yet and or physical activity. So the FDA base for its dietary guidelines for Americans to you know. We need to do a better job of giving the public information. On believed. As you said in nutrition fact panel can be confusing to why we'd be transparent. And you to shop our. The right thing nation V news you need to improve their diet to help them manage their weight because we know how over several percent of Americans away RO wait. Calories count. We really need to help Americans that it to reduce their risk. Heart disease certain cancer stroke and type two diabetes so let's give them the important. OK so. Was the label originally that was slated to come out in 2018. Which is supposed to be streamlined and clear right what what was the what was going to be the day for many many changes but the Big Three that were really really. At least at 30% of Americans are more or overweight. So calories. The calories were going to be increased and become more prep. I don't that you put on that but reading glasses on to coach yes I mean I I really you know what I'm looking at they couldn't make the work partly it's a fun. To which you wouldn't have to use classes. Will that deeply. Because calories cant he have left get that right out the axle keep the counties and an act like a message that count which can't. Look at these calories per serving. That was the effect and they were going to do. Is change the serving sizes of some food night. Okay this is the part that I think is so misleading on these labels and if they're gonna do something about anything that's what they should do. People look at. 250 calories and they think it's the entire package of cookies. And they don't realize it's a serving size which is to right that's exactly correct. So what they have said is they looked at tactically and says you know let's be realistic about the Ford thing. Ice they saying healtheon disturbing sights I screen is at the hip the cup. Have you. Ever seem to have a cup of ice cream like. I'm not even ask if not if it's cook went so high hopes of seeing Ben and Jerry does have posted in the old days. Before people have you ever share that with three other. So what they think this is silly piece though because people will have what they think is half cup serving. 4250 calories. But what they have and made you're serving in me more and not realize. So they're changing the reference for ice cream to go from half a cup 22 thirds of the cup. That panel of chunky monkey is now gonna only supposed to serve three people which is what actually what it was doing in the past credit disclosing what calories. Are 42 thirds cup for the hip app you steal journalistic who what you're right let's be realistic about that is absolutely a so so far. The changes that were proposed for 2018 also great to me there was a third that was there. And it fits. Very important Barry's very important in this sciences it. We know vetting and die with excess in each sugars will increase the risk of heart disease type two diabetes. As well as obesity if it's in focuses very very easy to over consume these kinds of sweets and treats. Sell this with what he's confusing. Label now they have shakers. That total carbohydrates and sugar is upright. And they have sugars but what they don't eat out on the old label is what's natural should they say in it in Orange juice a crank. Veres is what age in Orange were. OK ray that's a big difference deaths along with it why don't weep between parent. And tell the public theme of shippers. In the drink. Verse it will be that boat in the Q. And see that help people make a bitter bitter. Choice to say hello open up the opposite fat in this isn't adage you're doing this and I didn't seem potassium and it's perfect. But the wiring injury that is next week it's going to beneath feed the added sugar which which all of it. And it shook and then they can make an important one decision okay. So these changes that the 2018. Labels are supposed to contained that is. We're talking to doctor Jones county and she's here talking to us about labels. There was it was back in 2000 and it was with mrs. Obama met these decisions guys that they were changing sleep that's exactly right so. And with a target date of 2008 T right in the face in two Catholic sixteen they got this finalized. So they gave major companies two years to get this and they and they gave like a small mom and pop. In a little. Companies an XTT. Other kicker is so many companies are already uses in fact act. Green giant. Lies Whitman's old line is using this annie's popular as is that there are do you think the new label because they're ready does tend to and get it ready to for implementation in 2018 films. You a lot of companies use it so the question is why I. The let this could rack every Eddie happened to them our eat low you know get younger day deadline. And most companies are we YE a week delay right and what's he answered what's that's done the big million dollar question. And FD day is having this period of comments we you can go to the FDA web site. And you can come and saying whether or not you want it delayed when you want and the question you should go. And we've got ivory dot net please leave a comment and I have anybody that taught me to be kind of thing why do you play right you'd let me. Giving the public the information they need. Here's the part where I'm really script to hit. FDA just released in 2016. They're all surveyed that said that 70% of consumers. Look at the late. So they. I look at the label children why do you delay he writes not getting this information. To help people better. I stared Donny that can help and reduce the risk apart to see certain cancers stroke and type two diabetes and by the way. Right to die babies is only part of the amount of people who have. We might be and who are on deck to get tied to die of course even larger shall we that would help those people that a man. Well I guess what I don't understand is widely viewed in the deadline in other gonna push that deadline when we have major manufacturers to a party taken the steps. Which to meet feels like that becomes even more confusing because now looking at label. And it's coming from a major manufacturer and looking at the new label. And then I think I'm looking at a new label when I'm looking at something else and it's not. So again my my serving sizes are skewed much sugar content is skewed. In some and you have to be consistent across support that I mean something percent of us may be looking at labels but. All 70% of us are products that that's exactly are we need to please contact your market that is exactly correct and you know everybody is on top of their game. Our topic just looking you're tapping your game. Let help you with this little thing and that's actually very interesting thing that you said because if there are dual products would. Differently. How you gonna compare it is not shop it's like to. The coach Mike close at one is in electric car cry at how they're going to. Right right can't do it transparency is what we're after here have been for goodness sakes let's make sure that old and more transparent and that reading is I think that's exactly while that is a mess yet and it. It really doesn't make any sense to me because. These labels were pushed and pushed and pushed to read these labels obviously we think it's important enough. Because 70% of its freedom and obviously it was important enough in 2016 to make this change. I commend those companies that have done so because that's not an easy transformation from the and a Wii is classically the cost me yet. And then Indian communities ax down yet. Oh or proposes the back and here you go out you know like an annual vote your voice matters to go on the FDA web site and say something. Let's pick of the day everybody a lot of people Ari do it let's get this let's move absolutely. Let me change gears just in talking about labels. This is 1 that I am telling you we talk about my house this male female thing Joan I'm absolutely convinced folks were doctored the actor. Jones tells you think she's in nutrition professor do you. She's an author and she's my friend and I'm just so glad she's here. I want to talk to you about this. X expiration date on items this FEMA ever like you know because at my house and I have the same conversation with Phoebe. My husband. Will look expiration date and killed now. Just two days ago I think it's good. I can expiration date and I say that is in two days the road that out. Just expiration dates are cell by. Some are. You know consume about. Is an expiration date and what does it mean OK but I. Isn't it a melting mental let it happy and another that I loved pizza and I'm gonna side we can hunt. Not opt out of it here or GAAP restive. He is the and the expiration date. On food quality not food safety. So what when and factors says is you know cell line that's used by. On that based on cloning in foods CE. And that's the problem is your skin because. I mean the milk is gone bad right actually correct that is exactly correct. And yours I'm not gonna go there and I'm gonna tough it out but let me tell you that the majority 40%. The food waste this country's by the consistently doing exactly what you're doing. And you can see crop. And so we can help to actually do and understand those labels. So in the that there is in pain differently both of which you could have felt like you've bought expired. As you'd like in fact one might take holy mother in an Oscar you know Tony I I don't know I think it just my division I smell right that's about it. Day have gotten together and says let's bring it down to 20. This is gonna help right now is interviewing and so. When it that's popping up on parish but it's a fury. It's gonna have best if used OK okay. Even in Paris well its currency used by. OK okay and this will be no fighting in your household a crack about what should be used. At what best buy the best I will be quality. OK so if edu and I think gorilla my bills they are right if I don't he's about it day that's right but if it's looking like yogurt or. A more perishable. It's gonna give you a definitive. Number and date and east today is dramatically. Gonna reduce food waste in this cup a country that we are all like you were. As you have kids you'll like I'm not serve and that's it. And acts with them now we've all it takes is one time to get bad milk or. Add chicken. Or something like that in you know the result of that old household right have you ever had food point well I hang out and that's that's why I'm saying this and this is why I air and what's funny about it is different high. Husband has also had food poisoning but he's willing to share. On the side of you know. Detractors from well posits mouth all right guys we can go with it but that's terrific so they have. So is that been implemented well will that be implement its superpower that part of those old but it. Interestingly. They were planning to implement this in July of two at eighteen the same date that the FDA now. They what arc that they're not with the FA so they at this hour the gross team manufacturers and Food Marketing Institute doing this which second and that Brock. In doing this so. It remains to be fooled if they can't meet the July 2018. And deadly. But they all know I mean the amount of food waste in this country is ridiculous and and the sad part about that there are so many people have food insecurity. And don't have enough food in here we're throwing a way. Because that we think the best used by is can move it's going out and it isn't. So it's really gonna help with food waste which I think is gonna be fat tedious it is and I'm gonna be better about it promise I'm gonna. I'm gonna smell it two or three times forum in the final the creation and we just think it's it's nothing. When in doubt throw it okay now. All right very about how puck boy labels who knew they had to be so confusing picture can be important they can they can be important and really with this new labeling this new improved nutrition fact panel. You know it is going to be easier for you to make those better food choice it really really is and I promise you once they get implemented. We it's nutrition professionals will get healthy and help you too can we at Romney's few will do this fractured her therapeutic thank you so much thank you glad to see you this has been a ton of fun we're glad all of you were listening to your healthy life.