Would you take down your Trump sign on your lawn if you were going to be fined?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, September 21st

Susan Reitman of Rockland Maine, is asked to take her "I love Trump" sign off of her lawn. The city claims the signs are too big. If she doesn't take the sign down she will be fined $100 a day that it stays up. Reitman says she'd rather go to jail than take her sign down. Should she take her sign down?


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I love Donald Trump. Well you may be going to jail because you love Donald Trump OK my friends 617266. 6868. I'm wolf continue to take your calls however this at this story you've got to hear about this. It's kind of a local story maimed in a New England dish New England however it is going national hole I mean almost. Viral almost by the second if I go out Donald Trump it is going national fast so listen now to this. A woman now our home loan car. May now go to jail I swear to you. For putting up signs defending Donald Trump so hear exactly what taking place. It's in Rockland Maine. It's there her name is Susan right command she's an elderly woman she 75 years of age she is a big trump supporter. Now remember this is her home her property. And soul. Right there on her property she's got a beautiful little France. And on the front of defense. I guess. Facing the street she has told signs up. One you can clearly see it's our right love trump. And the shape of my heart I love trig part with the American flag. I love trump. The other one he wanted to get over it exclamation point. I thought we lived in a free country. I guess not up in Rockland Maine because according now local city officials. Somebody. If from the area somebody on the street I guess. Complained. To the city. And so assistant called off the Serb bill Butler visceral one to beat gold stamper. I'm said that a Rockland residents complained about the size of the science. That the signs are too big. And a violation. Of the city's Kolb get over it. And so she received the notice I swear to you from this city's cold enforcement office a few days ago. Dumb men being bitchy pick both of those signs down. Why. Because as Susan Reitman signs. Are Lil bigger Dick and what they're measuring pay. I would the measuring pay day it's a little bigger then three feet by twelve feet. Her signs are just that just about three feet by two feet well that's in violation. Of the cold of Rockland. Derek cold says you could only have twelve feet to square feet of signage. On your own property on your own house on your own facts. And so they have now told her that she has until tomorrow. To remove both of the banners. Or else listen to this she will face a fine. Of up to 1000. Dollars a day. Every day. And if she continues to persist she will go to jail. Susan Reitman says. Absolutely not. If I have to sit in jail quote on quote for the rest of eternity. That's my choice. I guess I'm being stubborn but I'm not going to back down from what I believe I'm not gonna back down. But from want I believe there. And so she says that they she was not aware of this local ordinance. And that according to heard this violates freedom of speech. Her basic freedoms. And this city is now saying well I'm sorry but you need to apply for permits. If you wanna display any signs. That are more than two square feet so I would like down my life for Donald Trump. And for this country. And so they're now saying that and if that if the your application for a permit is reject it. Then you can follow one appeals process. But you've got to go through the appeal process the application process for permit she didn't do about it she wants to go over to a square feet. And you get rejected you can do one final appeal so because of this they're now saying tomorrow and I'd known. Either the science come down or gunning that you would have thousand dollars. And every thousand dollars after every day after that and lady if you're not careful are ending up in the slams get over it. Listen now to Susan Reitman. Do we have a cut Brittany. But from want I believe I would light on my life for Donald Trump and for this country. So basically she said she's not gonna back down. Dad she's gonna stand her ground. And that she says this is a fundamental assault. On her first amendment rights I her property rights and really her rights as a citizen to speak her mind now. Let me just say this and and I wanna hear from you corner country 6170666868. Is the number. Is this America. We're not even talking about a Condo association born apartment complex. It's a single family home. It's true. Sure property it's her fruits. Now if she wants to put a tool by three foot sign. Or four by three feet signed or whatever on her fence that's your business. And if she has to apply for a permit. Then I'm sorry but that's not freedom of speech. Now. You can't even. Saying fact or something up seeing. In this kind. Or something soul evolved her son as if she's putting up I don't know what naked women are blank you're upset at ease or. It's a simple political signing. She loves Strom he won get over it. I'm sorry. But I don't know who would help the people of Rockland Maine think they are obviously they agree the did the the V. The political officials of the people of Rockland Maine not what they think they are. But this is not forgive me to slow Nazi Germany. It's on her land it's on her property. She has the right to express herself and what they are now doing my friends this is a clear assault. On her freedom of speech on her freedom of expression and our basic property rights. And now you wanna go in there and find his whole we'd be up to a thousand dollars you wanna send dirty jail. Over who signs on her front her fence on our front yard fence. Now let's be very clear let's be crystal clear. If she got two signs up that said I love Hillary. Or I hate trump or hate has no place here. Or impeach trump. Or whatever it is it's. They would of left her alone if she had an eight by ten feet square sign. They're going after her because she's a conservative. They're going after her because she's a trump supporter are going after her because she's a so called deplorable. And to meet that's on American and it's disgusting. 61720666868. Is the number. Brittany what is the a poll question on this one sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Go ahead Britain. Should it ain't woman be forced to take down hurt prompt sign if you believe the answer is yes she should. Tax slaughter eight to 68060. If you believe the answer is no ocean tactic have to take down a sign Tex beat to succeed you succeed be. Or go to wrko.com. And note there no I don't think yes the ticker trams and I mean there there their harassing this world woman. I L I see signs. It'll local. Elections are coming up you see all of these you all season masks and modern science for the award counselors for school committee. Huge sign to take up half the people one or why can't she have a sign that literally says I. Hearts trump. Mark he won get over it I don't. I mean and their ideas. Are not. I know on her friends on her property with a little goes separate there what is measuring tape Mary is all he feels so powerful that little goose step Burke. Derrius war. He's not ism lab according to called. I'm off. Following gardeners. Who does that who knows hopefully it's Ireland decided to as badges at Penn playing us. Well really the neighbor complained that kids do you look at that I loved from sign. In its complaints of the city. To get it taken down so people do there it's a matter at all aren't they don't just just. They see something that they'll like. It you have to ruin someone's life as she could go to jail for best. She can go broke from SD she says she's not gonna take the money dead than she's not into the signs down which these suspending all of this money hundred dollars today. A hundred up to a thousand dollars a day minimum 100 up to a thousand dollars today. And then you keep doing is they're gonna send you to prison over a sign homers and 61. Aren't you wanna see you liberalism it exists is liberally two point now. Just like kind of kicked it just take it I don't I don't agree with it. That is just to have a sign of what Arabs and take it down now just Gannon asked smaller trump sign. Like this if all the cold just call two feet to square feet a little man a little small sign all our. Can be a real pain and make a bigger sign just really stick it to him. 1720666868. No I think what she should also demand is who made the complaint. I wanna know who's trying to destroy me and ruin me I think she has a right to face our accuser. You know this little liberal coward and by the way in Rockland Maine many suspect they they have suspicions that they think it is but I'm not gonna say anything but. Hopefully this personal have the guts to speak his mind. And come out but that little coward. Calling not with a little snitch. Calling up the little local this apple to go and ruin this woman unbelievable. 6172666868. Eric in New Hampshire Europe first coed there. We'll dip but hey we're all quite live close enough I don't their help her either. Reader decide who's or I'll do something just abrupt pitch off. But the couldn't complain about the sizes. But. Another good idea would do like they do a football game makes each letter. To minimum size. The word trumps. Are about our football that's brilliant. And that is really and or yeah or Eric RI or what you're saying is almost like you know what if you really wanna get on the owners say OK fine you don't come out with your measuring tape. And you okay to square feet. And you just line up the front that the defense which is pro trump signs but they're all within cold and just line them up like 101520. Double. Each letter like the letter he threw me I'm. Not at all. Load that up plywood. Are not well. On Eric genius absolute genius idea protocol 6170666868. Bob in Boston. The I just played Goran I'm sorry. It's I. Ezra you know what I I like you my name that probably as a true story. Going back to work out this past Halloween. I had any problems saying bella might a lot of small size side. And during that night. Halloween night the size it was taken. I logged in 88 why else the far labels that for a great end to end. Absorbed well in the garage. I have a lot site drug candidate got some people looked can't shut. And I put aside our little white lie and the big one and they wrote about it anyone I've been equally pretty prepared on it. They won't get caught tampering would decide that we shot on site. So my wife when I like went crazy you know you can't do that. You just can't put desolate that would like to shout out and yet I just waited and I'll just put. Anyone could give me the site will be hectic picked excellent site. And I took a shotgun. I got a shotgun and live up against these. The assigned. A pullout FaceBook. And I asked anyone. With back to give me some information but given I don't I don't know why they didn't ask me I'll send money to a cashier's check to the blog post office box. I think as a result they have the 121000 that was and also the thousands all of these the Europe the pure information from that correct. I've still got the whip up. Well the other epidemic type of sign up to that. Bob I believe it. I'm Bob believe me up all by eEye. Bob I never won a mess what you might threaten us up but it just cigarette at six Y ya ya six what Ken said Gomez would Bob signs let me tell you. Sig Britney let's see if we could try to get this world woman on Susan Reitman. And we can help around a little bit on our series the color rappers say look we're gonna help while all pitch well pitch and we'll do like play and do like an adult fun meet paid well wolf what we can do is maybe we can get some people to come up and help where I'm I'm serious I will do everything according to their stupid little dinky called what she'd get so let's letter per latter will do the sign. And wolf I will then put it right across the front of offense. And so they can harass their energy can still driver neighbors crazy. I lead paints. Knife cents. With a two from low end. Slogan. I would do the make America green again at a David Cambridge going to bed day. Yeah Jeff I don't I'm good how you do. Good date kept up the already ready should build it out sign painted. With a metal and got. And I would do am I enemy. And. Six and six once and I haven't heard 666868. OK let me has units. Should this woman have to go apply for a permanent. To put up or three feet by two feet square signs broad trump science. Or is she right is this just a question of freedom is speech leave me alone it's on my own property. Do you side would Suzanne Wright the man 6170666868. More of your calls next. It. Eric you and gives way cheer up next go ahead Eric. Yeah. Yeah compared whipped up differently but let's hear it let's start bailing out there. The problem I'll indigenous personnel the bailout Donald Trump the people from Massachusetts. And New York. That are going up there by the large tracts property. And are important really really chair and society part up there it's unfortunate. But that's just the way it is. Well Eric you know I. Then there rumor is that you say a moon bat professor. Exactly what you just said I think from New York. Or Massachusetts but I moan about professor. Who's got like a second home there or whatever. And he doesn't like those signs and so. The loser calls up the cold enforcement office another harassing the sport 75 year old woman. And the poor people that it would that work in a public policy is set to do a job it's unfortunate but you know she spat between Iraq and aren't what it's. Eric what advice would you give it the signs down. I thought I was thinking the same thing that I like I said put a small letter not in the fight letter. Wrongly fired back. On alert. That cute they alert. I want it to with a lot they can't say word. I'm with you I can honestly I I'm with you corner I'm with you I'm with you Eric and I'm with you corner country on this one. 617 the that's why I wanna reach out to where I'm serious and rents it was never Ron. I'll say look Susan I don't wanna see Google my god loser retirement over this you know she's she's about him now. I wanna see you get find a thousand dollars a day or god forbid go to jail. So I'm sure you get a couple of volunteers will come on up to Iraq one nice area of Maine. And we'll help you little flick is what I want to think Britney is kind of work. You know putting up those signs two feet by two feet while. Reach a level of your parent a takeaway I'll hop like Dennis you know that. If someone hand me if I'm I'm I'm I'm logged on and. Will be there are no time did I will comment we'll settle mob for you know what I knew what are measuring paper or even have this guy what's his name bill Butler is a bill Butler. Yeah bill Butler supplement will be complaining about the hammering Max exactly exactly so we gotta do like at hiding New Jersey offered to it at 4 o'clock in the afternoon don't always disturbing just hammering all calls got AM still hammering Macquarie Larry O'Donnell do that later by the way. So let's let's see if we did not bring you tracking her down. Yeah all right we're gonna try to track her down and try to keep this parliament out of jail more Ream in Framingham going head Maureen. Hi there clamoring. Current bankruptcy like well. We had a similar situation at my house. Actually he hung them up like high imagery. And they. Was it some sign mine. That we want them to get taken away Poconos regulatory downer destroyed right. Though we have room you know through election and everything and then we get an app letter in the mail from the town administrator. Saying that they you know they have to come out at these two days are a minimum of two days after the election they eat out a fine. So my weapon that not true uniter I don't care. We've hit another letter from the same town administrator. Said they have come out of organic trying to sell my husband that you know that's trying. We'll take them down but I'm gonna take peak. And I'm just gonna paint across the front of my house because they can't do anything about that. Hannah good for him. And he ended up calling he actually called a friend who lived in contract bar. Come to find out the administrative leave it right up my street he just couldn't stand like driving by every. You don't incredible marine I'm just curious though this tree was obviously on you or property correct it worked. We're just think word is the local government get across the local administrative office to tell you what to do. We fewer tree on your property. Am I am I wrong. Here absolutely 100% right. But you know she was stricker every time yet to address fire how. Yeah. I he's Mon back to tell you it's a firm need to you get a life. You RJ you know the voice of Boston. Sanctions the North Korea I'm Angela Anderson WRKO news executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund North Korea's efforts. To develop the deadliest weapons known. To human.