Woman with American flag assaulted by Antifa speaks out on The Kuhner Report

The Kuhner Report
Monday, August 21st

Sue was assaulted by Antifa members. She tells her story on The Kuhner Report.


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One point five here on the great WRKO. OK ladies and gentlemen corner country want all of you to listen to this. We now have that war elderly woman ought to demean she's a hero she's a patriot who held that American flag. And was yanked in drag on the ground by these 95 thugs. She does not want her name to get out there because she's got obviously she's fearing death threats and for own personal safety. So let me just call her earthy woman with the American flag. In Europe we've how do we have Iran out there and hi Howard first let me ask you how war you how do you feel today. They didn't boost in Nam have no. I'm still a bit Ed can say aches so bad mom and dad to bring in your isn't. And I catalog and dollars and as a little you know medical things besides. English. Terms of bio does that. Keep my husband as a veteran and we have a flag that the size of the civil costs and to really love to American flag. And I have always wanted to go to the demonstration I don't know what they're even about. So we went in to Boston took betraying him and Ali gently stir in the capital in the steps and some girl pushed me. So the please god instead moved down to the to be on the playground. So we did do we just kind of by the trees Siewert mute that people and everytime we have signed up where people would surround the student groups. And they would swear and and kick ass and throw things Netanyahu latter sentence. One guy easy second punished meaning is grabbing my leg. Because I had it at that time around my neck cold and it's. And I wouldn't know about her legs go so low he was told me he told me what the flag and then my husband and another marine. That trend. They get the blame back and then I let it apt to look considered kit I do. You know that I saw him again Bush's head was all covered up underneath the black. And then at the end of the day they're just getting new oil law and another serviceman veteran who is given water and helping people mad at. He came not stayed. And that some growth chiefs kept his mind hey. She spit in your face. We don't belong. And that don't like. The end of slain marine captain that we always supremacists. And then even there because they understand that our. American. That and I still hit the United States of America. And that you Google it go to every game. And will still win by collecting it and it doesn't get. Tried to take away from me. They had been at home today where a bit of folded up. And he tried to grab it and I let them slept at the end of ninety that you don't picture but and reflect and I noted that true. But added that if he's 66. And all leave future do you do you know act. It's all week didn't we didn't say anything we didn't get tagged and then people who didn't swing or people. It I did. So what are so are you were you initially saw this and key for protesters the one in the black mask the one that. He what he punched you wouldn't be do we hit children. Didn't even have a mask and if you like. Did TV show that candidate is another million to eleven. Lot of people have been on video for some reason and I don't know why that was on bikes corny side. And it shows. He actually has delivered codeine. First with patches not a young blind kid it was curly. And then. Date change didn't you weren't totally Blackwood head and the hat. And that's of the groups like additionally it was he would keep the group. Then he changed and they match again and I could see them but they couldn't get to him. And what do they do want to think about it today hitch you to think pushy know what did you think. He punched you. Yeah actually said they'd punch me yeah because I have this kind of let my shoulders so I was punched. I have black and blue demand. My legs my ankle swollen. Now we also had a headache the saturated that that it did. I would think getting out of my foot. When I was gonna ask you when you're on the floor after they punched Ewing hit you in threw you on the ground about when you were lying on the ground. Want and they were dragging you wish you were holding on to your four. Why didn't you just let go of the flying why did you hold on to the flag. Couldn't get the mind blank. It's live blank. And ahead. Numerous separations the main incident not that started. The couldn't have done that much longer than my husband and another gentleman understanding of the Cuban. Marine. We'll it's old veteran Mariane. He inland has been reading get to flag back and then the kid who ran off in his group and I would chase the Napster with them iPod go book. And I couldn't sign of and that's led and I just kind of like dropped. Let me ask you I have to askew. Did you complain to the police after you were sainted. You mentioned it to the couldn't completion dates said that he would have to go to Boston to do it. And I've only been on the train to Boston twice in my life so I'm not familiar with the. What did you just curious OK you were salted dear you are Boston Common people are trying to help you. What did you do then did you just call home did you go to the hospital what did you do. Nice gentleman. I don't blow it actually based settlement. He said he was the firemen he had assignment sure as Jerry Lewis vitamin tonic she walked those two as did key station. And make sure we got back device and we packed my bag can with a base. And you daughter's right to the TV stations to run downstairs and got us on the train. Kyle look like or place. And they really haven't we both had shirt that says the United States of America and its red light nimble little. And I guess because we. Voted for trump. And I remember trumped Wednesday saying that maybe once his. Since supporters or his voters will get outside in and help support. That's the freedom. And I to signal out again this big beautiful flag let's go to display. So we did. Jimmy. I wanna ask you 11 final question. Are you gonna press charges because honestly I think you should you were so did I think you should definitely go to the police and press charges. I'm minute I was gonna try to go today I still don't feel the way. My head is that I have. Another injury isn't that. Still there and I do have I don't feel good. Did you did you go to the doctor no I didn't put any stressed yet please go to a doctor since. Bernie content. I keep seeing a mansion the hate. From it could make kids get kids. And when this little girl spit in my face. I just wanted to really other. And I'm thinking one heck of children on people be that. Has the anger and and Dick Dick. Good example that bothered me the most. That this could mean hate each other so much. No what do you tight and we look called white supremacists. Or not she loved those. Wouldn't I told us that the American flags stuck on Labor Day. I wish I could use your name would you don't and I call you sue was OK. Okay sue. Sue. You're. I am I got tears in my eyes. Your patriot I want you to know this your patriot you're a great American your hero. I want you know your hero to mean you're here order Brittany my executive producer to corner country the text or just pouring in a chick agreed to use the texts. You have captured honestly the love. Middle America and we stand with you and sue you do the right thing I don't care. You should you're a great hero. And you were brave and courageous and I'd really want you to know that and I wished you were more Americans like you. They can do. I too. Soon do you need any help. Soon do you need any SuSE at this do you need any help in getting to the hospital. How are you shore up. Yeah you're spanking. I believe in America. And I believe they had to believe. That's really. Violent in outfit that was decide that we reported a first regiment complex. And I couldn't turn it into our area. We can't turn it keeps that we collect food plaques. Can. Stick to what. She polo. Heat. Deal aren't. It's pure. And I will keep hammering and economic commitment leg ballooned from our next. Sue I'll tell you what I wanna do something for you I gotta go I really got a serious break right now I wanna do something for you. Where corner country can comment just pay tribute to you. So I'll tell you what can you just hang on the air for 12 just hang on the phone. We're gonna go to a break and we're gonna I wanna do something for used to is that okay here okay. My friends Suh was the woman holding the American flag who was assaulted by anti fox who refused to let go of the American flag. The media will not speak to where the media will not interview were the media will not acknowledge her. I do she's an American hero. And it's about time the world knew it.