Will you boycott The Patriots?

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Monday, September 25th

Kuhner says he is done with the NFL. Are you?


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So Boston right. 105 here on the great WRK. Oh okay corner country. Let me ask you this question of the day. Are you going to boycott the patriots or we are a lot of listeners from from Florida and Wisconsin and in Arizona so whatever your local team is what are be the dolphins. The cardinals the Packers whatever. Will you boycott the patriots or will you boy caught your favorite team. If the answer is yes. Tex the letter eight to 68680. And I got to be honest with you I'm a big yes now until they stop the protests. I am no longer watching not just the patriots. But no football any football. If the answer is no Jeff I I love my team that how Madonna hard Fran what can I don't. Nextel letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brit I mean what are the poll results thus far. 89%. Yes they will boycott. The PGA it's end on the NFL and 11% say no they won't not. It's now you were commenting off the air that this could be that the largest number of people Revver responded to our poll yes and within ten minutes yes. Huge numbers there are voting on the far right so Brittany a die hard and I mean a die hard patriots band. Is yes on this one yup. So if I was Tom Brady. I would be thinking twice about my decision yesterday. To have joined others to protest the National Anthem and disrespect the flag. Instead he went on this morning with on W he ice Kirk impala and by the way they have a superb show but let that go. And Kirk man and asked him this question. And listened to Brady's response. Roland were you watching at the same way at least I am thinking you know I don't trip bigger things to worry about them whether a player deals or doesn't Neal for National Anthem. Yeah I mean that. Yeah I mean I certainly disagree with you know what he says then and you know but it was just devices and and you know what I consider it's and I just sort of support my teammates and I'll. I always felt. Under one that says though that's wrong that's writer that's. But I do believe what I believe it and I believe to bring people together and respected. Love and trust in in. You know those of the values of my parents instilled in me. And that's how to try to live every day and you know I've been blessed to be a locker with guys. From all over the United States over the course workers saw my great friends are from. You know Florida you know. And a Virginia. You know New York Montana. Colorado Texas I mean. I think one thing about football there brings so many guys together I think you would never had to be up to and it to be around where there was an college. In all the way into the pros and world different and well you meet. And you know that's what makes is also special. What does this have to do with disrespecting the flag in the anthem. I would all do respect the guy sounds like a hippie. I mean really. I want and you know nobody else wants to call mom I guess I'm going only one that's gonna have to do it. You know I know the liberal media loves this sense circuit he's calling Trump's comments divisive and wrong and and I just gotta say this I have to say this. Brady Tom. When in the darkest hour. Where in the media was running just tearing into you over deflate gate. And people want you to be thrown out of the league expelled from the league. Roger Goodell was gunning for you out Hume humiliate you embarrass you. Pared down your legacy and all of your accomplishments. Or who stood by you in your hour of need. Not. And I want to thank you. Prez so let's start by saying leave Tom Brady alone. And not. Again and again and again. Trump stood by you in your hour of need. And this is how you pay him not to. Same thing with Bob Kraft I know they're friends any gamma Super Bowl ring and stuff but. Jury and deflate gate when the New England Patriots became almost public enemy number one. In the professional sports world sparked in the NFL. With the whole country refiling them who stood by Bob Kraft who stood by Brady who stood by the patriots it was Strom. I believe me you know this wasn't popular down there in Florida. Believe me they didn't love them forward in Texas. Or in other parts of the country they can't stand the patriots. But let that go he stood by him through thick and thin. And now when it's convenient for you. Because you have to be quote unquote politically correct. Because Google pupil playing from every student at court ruled Punjab backgrounds and that's even why the flag is so incredible. Because beyond race and color and creed and gender. We are all Americans. And that's what the flag represents. That's why you don't disrespect dipped. Never mind those poor people those are great vets in heroes who gave their lives. For our freedoms and for our way of life. You can't stand up for the flank. If you can't stand up for the flag I'm sorry you can't stand up for anything. I'm gonna be very honest with you you make in 20/20 five million dollars a year you're worth north of 20300 million dollars. You got more money thing you know what to do wit if and when it comes to defending your friend your body always there for you in your darkest hour. And never wavered his support for you when it comes to defending this country and this flag which has been so good to you. And now you're you're you're getting me that that the politically correct. The politically fashionable to Sheikh answer. I'm sorry I don't I'm sorry I do not have respect for you I'm sorry I don't. And I'll tell you why do have respect for. And mark my words my friends. This sky is now gonna become public enemy number one for liberals and the Democrats. As this thing falls out over the next couple days. This name is going to be heard more and more. And the lives in the dams are already gunning for him. Ales and the role villain wave. Who can mean I think maybe he's the greatest hero in professional football today. And I'll tell you why. He is an offensive lineman for the Pittsburg Steelers. Beat Pittsburg Steelers team led by their head coach not a black lives matter supporter day that's social justice warrior. Not loser. Mike Tomlin. He instructed the Steelers all of them. Can not get out of the locker room to go on the sideline. To African National Anthem. Sold a stake in the locker room got so much you want them to disrespect the anthem and the flag. And defying his coach. Defying the culture of conformity in that locker room defying the ownership. Ala handle Villanueva walked out into the tunnel. What is right hand on his heart his helmet underneath his left arm and stood there. And sang the National Anthem. He has served three wars in Afghanistan. He is an army ranger who was a recipient of the bronze medal. And when asked why he did it. He said he is because I am an American before Miami steeler. Now there's something else you need to know about this man he's an incredible man. Loving wife wonderful children. A great supporter of this that's in the military he's a real American and a real American hero. He just signed a contract for years 24 million dollars. Spent that six million dollars a year. By his own admission. In the NFL world that's a little bit on the low end. Most of these guys make 78910121415. Million. When Colin crap and it was doing his sitting on the bench routine and then kneeling last year. Villanova came out publicly with a statement I'm like very few other players. And said this guy cropper nick is making sixteen million dollars a year to sit on the bench. That's basically a million dollars a game. Making more money. Than almost any other athlete code in any other country in the world only in America could to make this kinda money. And your crying about racism and oppression. And then Villanueva said this. One about his concern for all of the minorities that ice served wish. And in particular African Americans. Who fought with me and are fighting and dying in Afghanistan any walk. For less than 20000. Dollars a year. They love their country so much. They are willing to put their life on the line may be never come back home or come back home without a leg or an arm. For less than 20000. Dollars a year that's how much they love their country that's how much they appreciate their country. And you can't stand. And Jamaican sixteen million dollars a year. I make six million. I am so grateful to America. To give me career. Were I can play a game as Villanova put it and I get paid millions of polyps. This is the greatest country not in the world. In the history of the world. And listen now to Mike Tomlin. This is the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who actually said. I didn't want ally hand rolled to go out and and ends and respect and stand up for the National Anthem. And in fact now they're gonna hold it against the guy. There are now gone up punish the guy. Who actually stood up and saluted the flag and respected the National Anthem listen now to Mike Tomlin saying are you want to go. I even want to go. Roller Britain. Leaders did not come up at the end of what was your thinking that. No wasn't my decision thumb like most teams in the National Football League we didn't ask for this on this list was placed upon us by circumstance. I heard rumble of the guys talking during the course of the there yesterday my contention was. On the would not allow politics that divide us to a football players and football team. If there are many of them felt like something needed to be done ask those guys to discuss it. And whatever they discussed it you know we have a 100% anticipation we do nothing. They just discussed at fort appropriately at the time they couldn't come to an understanding. So they chose to to remove themselves. From it they were not can be disrespectful and hear them. Also they chose not to participate but at same time. Many of them we're not gonna accept the words of the president. So are we decided to sit it out. To not take the field. Took to remove ourselves from a to focus on playing football. And so those who are intense it's. He came out it was out of the tunnel because it's live. Also former percent participation Lugar respectful of our football team readies a divisive times. In the United States and it's a shame. But it is. But we're not politicians. More coaches and professional athletes. Can if those of us are individuals choose to you know choose to participate in politics in some way I'm will be supportive of that. When we come out of you know locker rooms and I would come LR who owns a play football games and to be quite honest with you man I didn't. Appreciate our football team being drug into politics this week in and I'm sure that. That's a global perspective. Hum but. You know we're blessed to do to slow Livan. And so with their blessings comes responsibility we understand that we understand that we give a platform does unique one. I mean give us a call to maybe do things that we wouldn't normally do because of that platform where will people apply pressure to us to do things because of that platform. In the bottom line is. We chose not to play ball. Unbelievable. By staying in the locker room you are disrespecting the flag but more than magic I want it a 100% participation are you freaking kidding me. So your your punishing the guy or your anger with the guy at the one guy who did the right thing. Who showed respect for the flag for the country for the anthem. Ally and throw Villanova. Is my hero and to mean he is the number one player in the NFL. Butch in Brockton go ahead butch. You have IE I had called earlier who work. We're not Villanova. Because what price are the warning said this here. And I don't follow the patriots since 1961. And I'm I'm out right now I loved debate serious but I love my country off. Are going to be every card for us the line. I don't watch network. Butch how come we had so few patriots who showed the kind of courage. That's Villanova showed when he stood up proudly putting his hand over his heart and respect from the gentlemen the flag. Depth in this. The patriot. Not the football game but the American patriots. Are your what are between anymore. We have become all web. Seoul. Bureau anything goes socialism. That it about. I get hit it any comment out on the anyplace certain. Trust me I don't know how you could even after expert take whatever. Are there or you'll want to her about that and I kept elect laid down. On all I stood up to orbit Arab march you got to see the video believe me act or she squirm I really she squirm trust me on this sick. 6172666868. Will you boycott the patriots. And is it time to boycott the NFL. Your calls next the fat little dictator for. What you love to see what do these NFL owners. When somebody just respects are flat. This they get that setup of the job. The sale. Yeah I mean I certainly disagree wit you know what he says its content you know I thought it was just divisive. 6172666868. Are you disappointed. In Brady's response. He now all of our calls out the president criticizes Strom Haiti just stabbed his friend in the back. Carlos. Europe next coed Carlos. But I do have to alternate and his run of the congress and has a congress WS. Depp took. Look. When. Last week I mean yesterday when they don't have played in England I mean I got so angry I mean I just believe that these guys would do wonders to our nation Villanova. I doubt the guy that you were all these other guys are a bunch of ungrateful people these are basically getting paid millions of dollars. Play the game. And that basically we normally get ready for every weekend. Two actually walked right not having a tough time I actually have a blog my daughter and consider burning my birthday present market. Which could be at the greatest pleasure. It's unbelievable job I mean I can't believe it. I didn't end up the owners. And the NFL's all bunch of cowards and they should basically at least an award for them. They control what these people don't they control everything and and these people basically should be told. You do it again took on. Carlos thank you for that call. Look to meet up of all the scandals yesterday. To meet the biggest scandals what took place in London. On foreign soil on foreign soil. You had the ravens. Their players their coach. The jaguars their players Dirk coach and their Pakistani billionaire owner so I need time. Openly pro testing the American National Anthem. And then when they afterwards they played god save the queen the British National Anthem they all start up. If I didn't put their hands on their hard. On foreign soil and I'm asking myself so let me get this straight. The country that enables you to make tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars. Gives you opportunities. That nowhere else in the world you can find dots the anthem and the flag that you spin on. But the country that we seceded from. The country that in the war of 1812 invaded America and burned down our White House. That's the country you're standing up for. I yeah I yeah I UIEIE. Now why is it Roger Goodell protesting doc I'll tell you why. Because he told them to do with it he told them to do it Roger Goodell shame on you. Is it a let out a letter in New Hampshire go ahead I'll let. Me I'll leave town I'm sorry my apologies Alito go ahead welcome. There's simple solution. Lenin NFL player inside his contract he handed the NFL will well. And I'm paint usually sixty to sixty train at the moment well leak or public it states. The National Anthem must be pretty common to any off our games. And I'll play it must be on the sidelines for the National Anthem. During the National Anthem played on the field advancement stand at attention face fraud Qualcomm can elect he had it refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to play different coaches that we continue to be taxed by the public in this area of respect for the flag and I country. You can do for being on the field by the status the National Anthem. Mean he can't discipline that's fine if Benson and look for the character actually. So violent and that the about including interest and enforce. For a lot to do gals do the job here. A leader that is straight from the NFL rule book. The incredible. In incredible. Incredible. Well there's like illegal immigration I mean what the hell up. You have to follow the rules I have to fold the rules but when it comes to these moon bats and liberals did you don't have to follow all the rules. Is was Trump's attack on the NFL. Racist. The liberals now play the race card trump fights back. That's story more with your calls next W. You walk into the stadium today. And a good number of jets players decided they can be in protest the National Anthem how would you feel about. I would be baptized. And does it against some of that and so the marina for years and down that debt against that it would be a disgrace it's it's unethical for them to do. Stewart for the jets I would agree with what they do that so there were for the jets I would be disappointed if they get back I think that nonviolent protests actually went down. 137. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay fans everywhere are speaking out. Let me ask you a wave of protests now. Players cultures coaches managers even owners. Protest in the National Anthem the American flag. Let me ask you will you boy caught the patriots. Will you boycott the NFL. Josh in Framingham Europe next coed Josh. HF they actually had them yesterday they are there's thousands of people that we're pulling. Now viewed being that they were pulling our troops early American flag or to know what you feel puppets are. Personally I still like the pulling was. Was very very disrespectful. Even more than than taking and he. Josh my understanding I was an epic game but I my understanding was that a lot of the boos were at the players. Directed at the players for kneeling. Jury the National Anthem. So you can see it distinction between the people blowing not being further National Anthem. There's a better you know distinctions. Such as you know maybe people or healing work healing to show disrespect for the troops. Or so or act. They may have been dealing for different reasons. Well it doesn't matter what their reasons are they're disrespecting the flag. Respect for. Well I don't know I mean I don't know again like I keep trying to tell you either I think they were booed when he weren't billing during the nationally and on the second they took the need inside and delaying. Gathering. At the well they were booming and hold on I'll I'll. For disrespecting the flag to shame them then they're completely right because they're defending the flag. Point. I know there were trying to shame they were trying to shame the players. Now I steer point let's get the forget that Josh Josh I'm not interest me I don't live in a moon back world I don't. So I want you to address your question head on. Do the players have other reasons to protest. And it's not disrespectful to the flag let's get to that issue okay. If you have a problem with policing in this country. If you're a supporter of black lives matter. If you whatever hate cops you think blacks have been given the short end of the stick whatever your social justice causes. You're a multi gazillion. You can take a full page ad out in the Boston Globe in the New York Times in the Wall Street Journal. You can now write people can pay people to write columns you can go on FaceBook you can go on Twitter. You can put money back into the community you can do a million and other thanks. But let me tell you what you don't do. Number one you act like a professional because you're being paid to play football you're not being paid to be a politician. That's point number one I if I annual during the show I'm out of a job so is every other American so they should be held to the same standards we all are. Number two and more importantly. That flag represents your country. Dot flag represents all Americans. That flag represents our constitution our bill of rights the military veterans and everybody who's fought and died for that flag. Sold the one thing you don't do in any civilized society is disrespect your own flight year old country and year old man from. You know we call people like that savages. Barbarians. In greats traders. Do you understand that now. Hello. Hello. You see when the moon bats camera but you. They just hang up 6172666868. Athlete in Quincy go ahead Daffy. Right she asked hunt much occupant of the universe by. A lot time there's a restaurant all of welcome Kathy yeah off you up. Want to find out that tropic. The boycotting of and a cocaine. All won't I won't get down to the point where it hit. The pocketbooks of the owners and the incident behind all of these games I mean I know you're saying Matt you are not watched it won't onto my back. Holland and Spain banks. And I try your integrity. When are you ever watched on wall. I wonder try to they know that I'm not want matched up Austrian watching games and how it all about watching it I want a gene. OK Kathy a great question and thank you for that call there's basically two ways we can pro ball three waits. Number one and you're already seeing T this is why if the NFL at how for brain they would realize they got a potential crisis on their hands. The game on Thursday between the LA rams in the San Francisco 49ers the stadium was half empty. Half MP. Half half full. Los Angeles chargers played yesterday I'm always Sele it's not a big football town but still. Or half empty. So what you're starting to seem now is that the stadiums are no longer filling up so if you don't buy the tickets they don't get the money. Number two told by the year. They make a lot of money through the jerseys and the gear that's why a lot of people our burning your jerseys or their gear in protest some words I'm burning it I'm never gonna buy something again. Number three if you don't watch it on TV. The bulk of the money for the NFL is even more than the tickets the stadiums and stuff it's the revenue from PV. So if the ratings gold down. The ad money goes down to sponsors get hurt. In other words that will choke off the profit the profitability the money supply for the NFL. The ratings are now already in decline. This I think is now gonna accelerate that decline significantly. And so literally. Don't turn on the TV or watch something else. By the clicker. Weakened bankrupt the NFL or at least to the point where they're gonna say wool guys. You've got to stand. And that was trumps point by the way at that speech he made an Alabama he said you know you just walk out of the stadium start walking out don't buy the tickets. Just don't watch him. And Eagles watch they'll start standing up for that flag 6172666868. Sandy and Salem go ahead sent. And yet I'm so glad he can't stand sounding thing today. I can. We ran hot and activate it from the speech. Two more accurate games and logged into the live in Canada on TV and there was. Company's cash and had a great and dumping out and understand why Anna now shall. Can mean. Connor and gas tank cover important message a little bit. A daily at twelve year old is not going into the fray and ever in front of the huge grab. And target suspected. Ethical and make too much money and I am Democrat that it didn't matter. The big picture. Alyeska gut player yeah villain ray Vaughn is how you pronounce his last an hour and drove villain a wave number 78. And sandy dissident you know the countries responded as well. It's now the hardest selling NFL Jersey right now. I'm in a back when you have cat knocked my great teacher in the air. Thank you thank you sandy 6172666868. Non league. In north threading go ahead lane. Hi Def content that take my com my pleasure I'm. I think he'll quick point yes I think would plotting what any saying yesterday with a backpack. If they're really care about this cause so much. Last week the week of law or lack she air they weren't you can hit it knee jerk. Tantrum or that like economy and turn a mean parent can't you know they they don't like her it. I'm from I know he should stop on time that I get that side. They are not invested in this if you wanna get my respect out. Volunteers donate each time donate your money you really believe that caused by this with nothing more than a Asia out. You're completely right thank you for that call this was part of the anti trump so called resistance. And so let me tell you what happened. What happened was he made his comment. Roger Goodell got furious. He called up the Wall Street Journal this laid out the whole thing. He called up the coaches he called up B owners who called up everybody in the league and so we're gonna teach a SkyWest and we're gonna have to 300 players protest on Sunday OK you guys wanna stay in the locker room votes against a rolls bowl problem. You do whatever you do we show this president he's not gonna tell us what we can or can't do on the football field. Even though it's completely disrespectful to our country to the flag and to the fans it doesn't matter. So that's what that that's what Roger Goodell in fact he came out what a statement to Sports Illustrated was that is. Saying he's never been more chorale of the NFL. Then after the protests yesterday. He's never been more proud. I swear that's what he said that they handled it perfectly. So this is part of the anti trumped so called resistance movement and so what you're seeing now. It's football players are starting to act like politicians. Liberal democratic politicians. And that's Roger Goodell he thinks now he's a democratic politician. So if you want to politicize football chill right to private league top EU. You want to politicize it you wanna inject politics. You wanna ram your liberal values your anti American anti patriotic values down my throat. The problem on turning the dial. You see this is what I don't get from all these liberals. How dare you show and we should boycott the NFL it's freedom whose dean can all freedom of speech cuts both ways. You have the right to be offensive but I have a right to be offended. So how come these guys can take that can taken mean and they can spit on our flag and our anthem and our country. And everybody you fought and died for it. But we can't walk out. We can't turn the dial we can't say without it. No and and and and and now freedom is a two way street. So guys you wanna act like ESPN. You're gonna get the ratings of ESPN. Richie in Weymouth go ahead Richie. Hired Jeff earlier good Murray. Certain forward cabinet full list Bashir I turned off the Arab thought I ever terms and concepts. And what we have to drew on top of not turned to achieve the armed. To this station find out through their advertisers. It's that for a number what letters and calls and sand we're not gonna buy your products. If you keep continue kids wherever I NFL. And our guarantee this will and. Richie thank you for that call. Look I mean that's up to you if you want a boycott Anheuser-Busch. Or these other products. What I'm gonna do very simply. Just sitting you know where I'm coming from I'm no longer gonna buy any NFL jerseys are gear even though posh can really wants a Brady shirt. I'm mark and do it and I'm not gonna watch NFL game. I love football. Heights when I grew up with that with my father watching the NFL. It pains me to have to do this I think it's a great American game. The liberals just screwed that one up as well. So until they learn. Like the politicians in Washington. You ultimately work for us we don't work for you you work for us. We pay your tickets we buy the gear we by the jerseys we washed a product on TV. We're the ones that put money in your pockets. If you wanna respect I screwed up. That's okay. Guys I honestly Saturday football college football is phenomenal. Good product they play hard they respect the flag they respect the country up there and I believe me you know it's it's a good game. I don't need the NFL believe me. 6172666868. Okay. What trump said was hit racist. Many NFL players and the liberal media say yes. Is it true dot story more with your calls today. Okay my friends so the line of attack now being used by some players. And by the liberal media. He's got what trump said saying basically urging owners to fire or suspend players. Who disrespect the anthem and disrespect the flag when they Neil. Is that really it was racist. That he was targeting black players black coaches. And black lives matter. And the president defended himself. Roll it Britney. In fact we are all numbered. You don't respect the American flag or the end them. That's not being here. I've never said anything about right visit. We've raised floor anything else that has to do what they expect broad country and respect for. Bingo I mean really bingo. Again you don't Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers they all joined the protests. There is much to blame as anybody else. So this is not a race thing it's an American flag patriotism issue. And what they're doing is blatantly anti American. It is anti patriotic. And it is disrespectful. Of our flag and frankly of our country 6172666868. Now. Colin crap we're Nick's mother. I'm not kidding came out and defended Colin crap. And so when trump you know referred to. You know the players as SOB he's slit your love to see one of these NFL owners. When somebody disrespect our flat. To say get that set up a good job of failed. She said well just call me AB. Don't call me the son of a beat just call me a beat. And so all I kid you not so now you have players saying that not only be be installed them we also insulted their mothers. By calling them SOPs. And I'm like boy you guys small really you know these are the same players who attack instructor right or expresses simple sentence. Derek dumb as a doorknob. And I'm like you know guys you really I don't know if it's the brain damage the concussions. Whatever it is but you know when he said SOB. He did and literally mean SOB it's an expression. Now as for Capra Nick's mom he was actually referring to NFL players. Of which your son. I hate to say it is not one out. Bill in Hyde Park going ahead bill. They get you know I'm good and Harry you bail and yet put a while let the law is that combat. But that. It's about that. Gallup is that you don't want nobody meant this. That's all I'm sorry Dell I thought it was a hole in his whole crap and you know it you know when I looked out of when put most they can edit consulting okay. Okay. Oh I'm sorry bill already you beat out adamant. That I made my W. Decided I wanted to. Boycott the and that felt. Palestinians ever since black light smattering calling crap infiltrated elite even gotten back. What might have been had to be black flag that won't quite do it can say it like all right now. Well there was called a block lives matter that said you are white grape okay Kmart and apparently you. Eat it either she's married to somebody out but she doesn't do it he just doesn't know. Because you my own wife doesn't know bill. When Arnold was doesn't know what he does that you threats and I've Hewitt Billy eloquent. And I wanted that talent Boucher on the way she came like he would wait. Graceful almost Douglas's C I married up till you hit the powers that. Motley the only thing I've ever had felt bad about it is placing tolls and made this statement that Obama was not a good family man. But right. There was a loser bill. Just that I you know he was a loser okay my friends. Coming up next whole lot more don't touch that dial. The voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. 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