Will NFL owners pass a rule requiring players to stand for the National Anthem?

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, October 10th

Goodell tells NFL owners “everyone should stand for the national anthem.” Will you watch the NFL now?


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Arcadia old. He isn't trying to and massive billion dollar tax breaks. For the NFL OK my friends. Trumpet last night this early this morning weeded out. That it is trying to change the tax law is when it comes to the NFL. And here is the absolute latest. Forget now about the kneeling. The disrespecting. Of the year and become the flag the country put all of that off the table. The NFL. Has caught another PR crisis. Now their players have become so arrogant. So. Full of hubris and pride. That they are now openly disrespecting. They're fans. And starting to behave like felons. In the national felons league. And this just happened in the last 24 hours. So the Oakland Raiders have realignment. By the name of Donald Penn. And the raiders have not been going too well and they lost again this weekend to the Baltimore Ravens. Well Donald and what I think is way over 300 pounds he's a big guy. Apparently was confronted by some fans who were heckling him raiders fans who weren't very happy. With the way he played and with the way the raiders played. And so he got out of his car I swear to you. Approached the fans there's a small metal barricade about waist I. Blocking him from the other France short tunnel pumping him the raiders fans. And listen I am just well just listen to him goal. Roll it Brittany. I'm. Yeah. Yeah oh yeah. And you mean yeah. I'm okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I thought I thought it was going to be a mop. I'll be really honest with you when you actually see the full video so we comes out of is fancy car. I'm very is I mean the guy looks like the incredible Hulk he's huge. And he's jabbing his finger at the fans. And it's the N word by the way the N word I don't think I've ever heard of so many times. It's always end this and blank Khieu end is blank it's and this back and forth. It went on and on until he finally decided to go back into his car. So now you're openly confronting. Screaming and yelling and insulting and verbally abusing defense. Now don't get me wrong the fans are acting like absolute jerks and. And and. And and wanna a you know and and wanna be. Or rappers and gang bangers and you've got to see them. The way they're dressed the way they act. Their mouth were just as filthy as as filthy as kids. But did differences. He's making millions of dollars a year. He's supposed to be a professional. He's supposed to be you know a member of the national football week. You're gonna deal with insane crazy rowdy boulder plants that's the nature of the business which you don't do is get out of your car. And start swearing out I'm like are you parked about a Amal. As a gutter is a moral sewer work for a mile. And stand there and get into a massive verbal altercation. That could have easily gotten physical extremely quickly. So. Now you're telling the fans all. Nighter confronting them in in in parking lots. So you've got that going on with the raiders offensive lineman. Then you've got the Miami Dolphins offensive line coach this one is one for the ages. Whereby apparently he was on a video camera back and forth. With a stripper in Las Vegas and I think she's actually more than a stripper but let that go all. Who apparently he was partying with when he would meet up with her in Las Vegas. For the purpose of this story he's obviously he's white got a gold he's white she's black you'll understand why it's important like a minute. So they're going back and forth. He's telling her how much I miss you baby I love you baby this brings back memories of us together in Las Vegas baby. And he snorting he's got to whatever money wrapped up. Money wrapped up panache and a and a you know in a circular home. And he's snorting. White some white powdery substance looks like cocaine. Right up results. Should. Paris. Motivated. Them. A lot of area. Are motivated this Imus is some. Reminds me of when we're gathering big is David foreign. Oil and they want more tough. Enough or. So and he's actually saying this is before meeting. Now the shocking thing is. I mean okay never mind the cocaine this morning just before meeting. Inside Miami Dolphins headquarters and let all that goal little Lego. She deliberately leaked the video. Sold this moron who by the way as a wife and kids. Is this is all bare back and forth. Sold their filming each other talking to each other. And he's getting off snorting cocaine in reminiscing about how they have appointment party together and was Vegas. And she literally releases the video she admits this story is a New York Post why did she leaked video. Who deliberately humiliate this offensive line coach why because according to her words not mine he's white. She's black. She wanted to show solidarity. With Colin cropper and I swear itty. And so how come she says one it's the N word to keep using the end work and why they always use the N word but let that go to let me clean it up. Why is it that black players when they take it means. They get our role stayed as she put it. By good media by the president by everybody. But when you have white and it's like this guy. Snorting cocaine. Somehow she says it's okay. So she says she literally betrayed his confidence even though he was a client and was anger Arabs be very well. That she wanted the world to see. That it's not just black players that act outrageously. It's also white players that act outrageously. And so when a sign of solidarity with Colin crap Burnett. That's why she wanted to release the video who are exposed and humiliate. This white offensive line coach ice birdie. I swear to you you could make this up and other words. She's a social justice swore year. She did this for the cause it's. For black lives matter for Colin crap permitted for all so now you think about it just objectively look at her life she wants the leak at weekend. Is it me. You know I don't guys you tell me because I'm not into that lifestyle but. If I'm with a stripper. And there's obviously more going on in just the stripping but let that goal. She's a client or I'm a client then you know on the customer and she's the vendor has put it that way. Doesn't she want to keep her client secret coming as it had the bases overall business. You don't when married man come to you for rate quote unquote good kind of treatment at bat. You don't you wanna keep it all secret. Because if you're gonna splash it all over the Internet. And if you're gonna leak it to humiliate people for whatever reason your own personal or political agenda. Honey I'm not a prior events which are gonna run out of customers. Day you're gonna run out of people the quote unquote service. Now she's willing obviously compromise her business. To make a political point. So you've got offensive line coaches more on video doing cocaine yeah. You've got players. Who are now openly confronting friends and almost coming to blows. As I reported last week. You've got players now more openly giving fans the middle finger or saying you know Blanco offer cursing them obscenities profound eighties. Just because the players are sorry the fans are unhappy with the players his performance. Never mind all the new link nevermind all the pro testing on the field then you add in. The domestic violence. The assaults on women. Murders. Rapes. I could run down the national felons league. And all of this. Is paid for. Ultimately by UN me. You have multi billionaire owners. Multimillionaire. Players. Poor behaving essentially they're from the get go like they never left again oh do good to. And we're paying for all this. Nearly seven billion dollars. Of taxpayer money. Is given to the NFL. Four stadiums. Infrastructure. Improvements. Tax loopholes. Tax benefits. Now to be clear the NFL does not have tax exempt status it does not. What it does have however. Is an antitrust exemption. There are exempt from the antitrust laws. So they can engage in price gouging. Vacating gauge in all kinds of activities here just liquid they dated July a couple of weeks ago. They're vendors. Ran out of bottled water I think that's when you're playing the Houston Texans very hot day Sunday very hot there. So what they did was they put tap water in soda cups. Like you for 755. Bucks. To drink tap water. Guts the NFL. It is a monopoly. It is designed to give them antitrust exempt status. They are given massive taxpayer benefits and taxpayer loopholes. Huge tax deductions. To the pool of nearly 76 point five billion. To the tune of nearly seven billion dollars in other words my friends you want higher subsidizing its. It's bad enough they're taken me. It's bad enough they're spitting in our face it's bad enough they're behaving like a bunch of thugs and we'll lumps. Like a bunch of out of control barbarians. But on top of it all. He's still got to take our money. No no no no. None none none at all. And so now trumpet saying if there's going to be tax reform. Let them get rid. Of the tax benefits the tax loopholes. That benefit the NFL. Billions and billions of dollars and I wanna give this guy credit. He is a Republican congressman from Florida representative Matt gates what part pronouncing his last name correctly. Jie AEU. He Z. He now is saying enough is or not he is numb. Sponsoring a bill. That will lead to the NFL. Losing. It's tax benefits. And all of the tax deductions and taxpayer supported dollars that they have been receiving now for the last several decades. Listened to him saying it's time. To rewrite the tax code. And and special treatment for the NFL. Roll it Brittany so we used to. What are outline of what kind of taxpayer subsidy in effect the NFL enjoys. Sure the current millionaires and billionaires associated with professional sports leagues including the NFL. Have a tax exemption they don't have to pay taxes so. That's special treatment that's not afforded certain just regular folks in my district for the small businesses on main street throughout America. It's my belief that if the congress is serious about. Getting rid of the loopholes and special interest giveaways in the tax code in the coming weeks an easy place to start. Is by not subsidizing the not giving special treatment. To professional sports leagues particularly when the NFL league office has embraced this unpatriotic behavior. Bingo. Bingo. I backed him not a 100%. Not a 150%. A 1000%. And let me ask you this. Do you have a lobbyist in Washington DC because I don't. What the NFL does have lobbyists. That's why I say junk these tax code. May care much simpler and fairer tax code because what they do is all these special interest and the NFL is one album. Get their lobbyist pay them a lot of money. And they go in there and get all of these carve outs exemptions and special benefits for their special interest. Paid for by you and me I'm dice. Wanna pick I mean you wanna spin on the flag. You wanna behave like a bunch or gang bangers and hoodlums all problem. A free country. But from now want you do it on your dine. Not on our dime. It is time and this special. Benefits. And the calm special benefits and the spat the the special treatment that professional sports leagues get. Especially the NFL. I say not one more penny I agree disagree. Is it time and taxpayer subsidies. And tax exemptions. For the NFL. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. Should the National Football League paying for itself. Your RKL. Breaking news sites where do you. Right now as I speak well does a lot top corner country does what now with their ratings in the tank. With NFL fans really angry the backlash growing gas swat. Now they want a new rule in the NFL. To do required them man to mandate. That all the players guess what. Stand for the National Anthem. So this is breaking on the wires right now we're gonna discuss it at 235. I promise. 6172666868. Lines are blazing Paul in Wakefield going head ball. Did you wonder what the difference between. You know. Pope were. Marty. Well as pop mart is that much better. I'm sorry Paul to different do the NFL's public money in the one area there are a public Mary pick while. And and welfare it's its corporate. All it is ball is its corporate welfare. Sort out there these are money. Corporate welfare yes that's what it is. So the guy that's been going after the patriots. They guided by the way I mean look all whatever you think about the flag game OK we're talking about under inflated football's. Got so we're talking about. They suspended him for four wreaking gains Tom Brady. What these guys had taken me. And disrespect the flag and disrespect you add them all those who fought and died for no problem. No problem. No. And we're paying for all. Not that's it's six point five billion dollars. That's what the NFL gets when you add everything together. Our money for infrastructure. For renovations on stadiums for building new stadiums for all kinds of. Tax breaks tax exemptions. That the owners get that the league gets and remember they are also given an antitrust exemption. You know people say well we have a tax exemption that's not true but they have an antitrust exemption. In other words they're treating you know enough port their monopoly but there are treated like a monopoly. That's why by the way have you noticed that's what they can charge outrageous prices for Jersey's. That's why they can got a senate made the concession stand example a charge of five bucks for top water. Just don't antitrust laws on the book it doesn't affect them. So they can shock you and screw you at every turn but when all of you say what are you asking for really. Gods. We're not asking for too much when I come to a freaking game puck like a professional. Stand up put your hands on your arguments you know respect before Ike. Especially when you have troops on the field or whatever or participating as well it's the honor the dead and the fallen. We're not asking for I don't know what. That's why they're gonna try to fix it now they've got a PR nightmare are told was breaking right now we're gonna get to it. I think the damage has been done. And that's why I wanna pose this question to you okay. Should the NFL. Mandate. Force players to stand for the National Anthem this is now the new rule they want now to be implemented ASAP. And if they do implement this new rule. Are you gonna go back and watch the NFL. Or has the damage being done. 6172666868. Is the number. Let's take it that have been the voice of Boston. Through 36 here on the great WRKO. OK now the NFL is in major. Damage control mode. Huge breaking developments really does the last 510 minutes. First goal I wanna let everybody know. This bill that is making its way through congress and no matter what I hope this bill passes. It is being sponsored by Florida congressman Republican. Matt gates. This would deny any tax benefits. Taxpayer dollars to be used to benefit the NFL as I said it's almost seven billion dollars. That they have now used Armani or allow several decades. Are emerging corner country let's get some real momentum behind this bill and let's chat let's. Let's show these spoiled privileged multimillionaire. Fox. In the national felons league that we've. You're not writing our backs anymore. So the number to call if you wanna give your support to Matt gates congressman Matt gates. It's 2022254136. 20 too that's the area called for Washington. 2254136. And just say you support him all the way you support his bill on the NFL. And you hope that more Republicans and Democrats will join. And let's and all taxpayer subsidies. And special advantages preferential treatment to the national felons league okay. You knew something was up. With the NFL. With what happened to ESPN. So if you remember they have a very controversial sportscaster she's really pure belongs on Imus left BC not on ESP him but let that go. Jim mail hill. She was the one if you remember who called trump a white supremacists what she called the leader of the free world. A racist AB get any white supremacist. On a sports network. Okay that's what she waited out. Well she got suspended recently. Not just for a day or two days but for two weeks. What was her big Sam. According to ESPN. She went on social media again but this time she wasn't calling the president a racist or white supremacist. She went after Jerry Jones the owner. Of the Dallas Cowboys. Because Jones came out and said if my players don't stand they're gonna get punished I either gonna get benched. And sold to show solidarity with all those taking in Neeon protesting our National Anthem. Jemile hill weeded out. That it's time to go after the sponsors of the Dallas cowboy it's. It's time to go after the advertisers. For the Dallas Cowboys. In other words you show Jerry Jones were nobody's slate. We're gonna stick it to Jerry and the cowboys organization. By going after. A month. Well now. When you're talking about going after the NFL's money. Well Ole. ESPN makes a lot of money on the NFL. They don't want the money to dry up for the NF now. Off. Then they called danger mail hill and Porter took her to the carpet. Then and they called around on the carpet and took her to the woodshed. And so now she's been suspended Aysu without pay for two weeks I want you to think about this. The fact that she glorifies cop killers. Brought. The fact that she herself is in a vote black supremacist is a racist herself all problem. The fact that she calls the leader of the free world a white supremacist remember on a sports network forgot six. All problem. Which you go after the money in the NFL Europe. Don't you touch the money salt. Now that the ratings are down and again Monday Night Football ratings weighed down. Now that you have stadiums that are half MP. Now betting some cities I swear to you dirt it's NFL tickets are now going for half the price. Now all of a sudden. The NFL says. We got a problem guess what they just found Jesus. Now Dave loved the flag I swear to god now below the National Anthem now a Geist. What are you going you got to stand guys there as you got to stand for that anthem. So Roger Goodell. According now this is from ESPN's Adam chef there who apparently has good sources so I tend to believe this story. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell good ol' Roger has now written a letter. All 32 legal owners. Saying that now every player every one should stand for the National Anthem. According scam the current disputes over the National Anthem. Is threatening to more rolled to unifying power of our game and is now dividing us and our players from many friends across the country. And other words translation. Guides were bleeding cash. Guys the peasants are not for. Guys it's it's all about the money were loosened the money. Hormone. Whenever into the First Amendment. What about them I don't the issue of racism mean equality he caught brutality. This was all about lecturing Americans are racist we all are set to be made to feel comfortable about opinion polls going. What happened to their first amendment rights dice. The cash flow is a little bound not their revenue streams a little down to. So all your principles. All of your supposedly vaunted ideals and social justice causes boom right out the window. I mean just a bunch of disgraceful. Hypocrites. So now. It's coming out that NFL owners. Are now seriously gonna meet in fact next week they now want a rule change. That would make it mandatory. For all players this and jarring the National Anthem now two quick points and I wanna go to the moments. Number one. It's already in the rule book. If you look at the NFL rule book. It says players must stand for the National Anthem in fact he even tells them how helmet in your left arm. And you're right hand over your heart. So they've been violating their own rule book but let that go. What they're really Mel Bennett discusses this. They're gonna force the players. The gonna mandate the players. They're gonna of course the players. And so they're basically gonna say none offered up a rule book now if you guys do this again then you're either gonna be benched. You're gonna be suspended. You're going to be find. Another words there is going to be clear punishment. If you do not stand or if you Neil for the national and now. This is obviously nothing more than a PR stunt. Because if they really cared about PM phone they would voluntarily. Police their own players. The fact that they're doing this essentially under duress. Is because they see the backlash. They see the decline in ratings they see the decline in revenue they can see the declining viewership. And so now it's operation save our rear ends operation save the NFL operation let's put as much money back in our pockets as we can. Now I'm gonna surprise many of you. I've been saying these players should be standing for the National Anthem because it's the right decent patriotic. Frankly the human thing to do. It's just the right thing to do. I don't think they should be coerced into doing. I don't. Like what I mean. I wanna see Michael Bennett from the Seattle Seahawks and up. And stand up for the National Anthem. One I know he spits on it spits on the flight. All these guys Eric Reed from the San Francisco 49ers. Who hate this country hate our flag here are anthem hate everything it stands for. So I have to see players behaving in the most hypocritical to faced fashion. Only under leader will lead to arrests and the pain of possible punishment. You don't wanna stand for the anthem. Boston for the anthem. I mean really I'll be honest with few pitcher being forced to do this. I have no respect for you. I don't. There's a big misconception. That most people have. Which is that the opposite of love it hate it isn't. I'm telling you it is and when you're still angry at a girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or husband or an ax whatever. Believe it or not you're still in love with that person on some deep level because you still care to the point that it aggravates you which upsets you. The opposite of love is not hate. Hate to believe it or not he still somehow all part of law. In its own twisted way. The opposite of love is indifference. Is when you don't care. When you obsolete when you don't care butcher ex boyfriend or your ex girlfriend or ex husband or your ex wife for you and you really don't love that you just okay. I don't care. I have fallen out of love with the NFL. Something inside of me. Snapped. It's a divorce. And I'm not bitter I'm not. So you can mandate them to stand. You can force some to stand. You can give them a two game suspension of three game suspension a 100000 dollar fine. I know all that many of you are only standing because you really have to. Not because you want to. I'm done with few. And I honestly don't care. Because you're not gonna get me back. I don't love you anymore. Who broke my heart. And you broke the heart of many in middle America. Stay and don't stand honey I'm done with few. There's the door. Blank off. 6172666868. Is the number. Let's go to Victor in two weeks of very go ahead Victor. I know you good good hurry. The last couple of minutes you've been using the word hypocrisy. And I think it applies to you. And you call what is that's so that the same Mac maniac. Yeah a MacMania John McCain yes that a guy. Eight he's the guy that was in prison for five years. That it is some of the veterans that you works the hole because the guys. Didn't raise the flag but you have the bureau of. To call him Mac maniac. You don't like the way votes that's all right but he's a maniac. Yes I'll tell you why you wanna know why are due to act. Okay I'll tell you. First of all just that the fact that you served doesn't give you the right to say anything that comes into your mind. Or advocates for the most ridiculous extreme positions. So this is a man who wants us to be any walk for a hundred years. This is a man who wants a war with Russia. Over Syria. He wants us to shoot down Russian planes and lead us into world war three with Russia. This is a man who wants us to drop bombs on North Korea potentially getting us into another war there. This man is the most reckless belligerent war monger on the face of the planet. Quote you get Zemin yeah I'm telling you right now he's a mania. Left. Credit yes I give them credit in the past and I've told them it's time to retire Ehrlich about when he hears right that's a political statement acknowledged that it doesn't matter it doesn't matter pulled aren't abdominal I'll tell you this let me ask you let me ask you direct rhetoric and ride ride ride right let me ask you this. Are you telling me that John McCain I can criticize them. And I cannot critic excuse me sir sir. Sir. Sir I'm trying to have a reasonable conversation. Answer this question. Are you telling me that were not allowed to criticize John McCain. My body he just hung up. So. I'm talking about the veterans who died. I'm talking about the veterans who sacrificed for this country. Just because he spent five years in Vietnam and I credit him for that no question about it doesn't give you the right to call for us to occupy Iraq for a hundred years. To bomb me wrong to bomb Russia a bomb North Korea this guy wants us in a war with every country on the planet. Keys are reckless militarist and a war monger now I'm sorry. But what he fought for was the right for me to be able to express my opinion behind the microphone. So what just because this guy's a veteran he could say the most outlandish ridiculous. Things by the way I he won in 2008. They're mean not BA planet earth. This guy would have let us in to win world war with Russia are you Winston. 6172666868. Jason in China spurred coed Jason. Yeah. In fact the NFL owners and out of the game needed to. Fine or possibly suspend their players for not standing internationally at some if it got exactly what brought from all four in the first place. When he's six by those sons of bitches. Yeah but Jason here look I am not trying to Parse I'm just I think which from IR I know what trump was saying is this look it's your league. These players are disrespecting the flag and again I'm c'mon it's the right thing to do the patriotic thing to do. What the league is now doing is what we don't wanna do that their response was clear in fact they all took any a couple of weeks ago if your member. Everybody took in me. So there are only doing it now not because it's the right patriotic thing to do see the reasons and our everything. They're doing it as they're losing money. They're doing it 'cause they're losing viewers and supporters. That's why they're doing. Don't give a damn about the flag. They only care about one thing. Their pocket okay six over and expect to cry or is it. Okay talk about a 180. Degrees you'd turn ball boy oh boy. So Roger Goodell the NFL now says they wanna man MBA players. Or some come problem. This stand for the national land from. Not because of patriotism. Because of profits or rather there are losing their profits. Skip be in southeast Europe next goal landscape. Called comment about that guy to cabbage patch even in but before but this is that this places that. I agree on the step of the media act you're ready for the salad tea. I probably Julia we eighteen. I had the highest ST veteran looted. Kitty law. But at the end I hope or forty gut check. He did and I'm. A team. And at least kept warm up into and just twenty what I would be added. Skippy I want to skip I don't wanna cut you off because and I gonna make a very good point let me just say this is a politician. I just a veteran so politician. Two political leader he's a warmonger. Who by the way shafted us on obamacare not once but twice so we used to be held accountable as a politician. So these guys that are calling up my shoulder and there are down about the vets even care about John McCain. They just don't like the fact now that when it comes to the NFL we have been proven right. Go ahead escaping go ahead why aren't cut off. I gotta say I agree to an acting. Short music how would we took we could take on Obama properly patched Erica at lower register can look for which route to an end. I think either traded to because I really do think it's something wrong and I don't about I'd. You know community that we soccer can't -- salute but liable for that is something wrong but I'd be back about that they get us. He got to go to the crowd so he'd beat. And I'm. You know at every storyteller who struggle late term that. Yes a little when my favorite one of my favorite novels would never should it although small. Eight at that what it. Real gap here Croat. Huge jump in all over the area like a bunch I want to bring down beat the crap out of hand and make it I'll take it beyond. GM Europe next go ahead Jim. Jeff thank you for taking my call a top broken yet I feel the same way about the NFL you know because if you emulate pretty much. Close to the real working world if you could not perform you well. Okay and the patriots seem to hold an organization that produce any crap but all you're all okay. Then this whole take in the evening. I get a chance to calm confident. Beauty and integrate. We are adults in the world can you play a sport to play in the NFL yet going to be good but it is it capsule will privilege. In if you're gonna take that privilege and stick it up the live rent a bolt who used to pretty much trouble body you. On a Sunday afternoon. All come on. Jim looked and they stuck it not just to the fans. They stuck it to those who fought and died for this country. And they're making by the way and 1520 million dollars a year. They shouldn't be taken in mean they should be kissing that flag OK my friends are. Boy were they shot the time his little bike today I'm Brittany. All right I gotta go believe we will have a lot more for you tomorrow by a body. He's been presented by telling financial services the voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 3 o'clock.