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You're listening don't we get by its radio. The only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcoming everybody this is Scott but they today broadcasting live from the feast of saint Anthony's which opens at twelve noon today sincerely. Get off here I know the saints can be role in the marching bands in restarting its gonna get really active here in the north end of Boston so if you were here for the duke up. I in the studio and we we have a lot of gas a lot of people that will be introducing YouTube on today's program including some great chefs including. But in my John Hopkins. And somehow Kansas from up a lot secure has that New Hampshire. I'm Michael we do an interview with him a few minutes cunard tavern they were just on a television show yesterday. Yeah that's right cunard have a right here in East Boston. Poole who make whom each you know coming up in just a few minutes. We'll also meet Stephen Cohen the industry also has the chops champion on on the Food Network he was on our culinary tips stage on Friday. And who else do we have we got shafted my. How she he will be here to and he is another big food. Through television star Food Network star so those are all the people that we're going to be over the next hour of what's to Thompson's joining me right now and still vital that we could ask for better weather today. Not the weather's been really amazing and it's so dry in the temperatures perfect. And down into the feast and enjoy the peace kicks off today at twelve known. And we'll be going well and in the evening and that Steve is saying is brought out I'll be on the street all day the same to be right out there right at noon time Mike you said all the fans will be. I didn't and you want your camera. You don't know and when the saint had not appeared video camera to see that guys as they passed the procession that goes along the streets. They actually lift it up to like the second and third floor. Of all these rural part resonated in the money onto the scene it's it's it is incredible to see. He's got to kick off the showed namely a real treat yeah so for many years who have had to believe will be aerial stage yep here they started out and I think way back when we started we had a table and a little little burner and ended built up enough. They've got a beautiful stage independent big supporter of the feast of Saint Anthony for many years. There are about to celebrate there is celebrating a very spare very special period and so on and introduce right now we've managed to get up here with us. The CEO really yes Marco that you have you and I I've I mess up his name alive but give us an. Oh yes that my name is Marco Ricci did you know and I'm so happy to be at that they are you wanted to live at Yale I thought. Of them by at all. As you can tell you know some bedding and many happy to be a good morning Boston and put us this is of any special occasion because not only we've been. If proud sponsor of all right let's invent a new fees for a long time. But this year we are celebrating 100 MP the year police are you Bob friend. And we don't really have no celebrating our founder mr. people bay it was a real pets and it was at a young Italian cup and we had little lesion. And I was based in in Tuscany in these sand is pony boy wanna go to Lawrence. By you by the end of the nineteenth century to the United States for moving the Italian ambiance and that's. We don't you start that I mean to have a business that that lasts a 150 years she got to go through a couple world wars eggs out in Italy and end. I don't know how a business could stay in business that long but it's too you don't greatly. Well yes it is and then if each insisting and for me I mean I feel responsibly leave the BB CEO the US open nation to make sure that event there's another and at fifty years at and that that's why and digging. Deep into the Eastern Europe of the brand then why people made it was so successful why the company managed to go through so many. And we story go and we'll Moyles by Ed and that is really boils down to. Quality problems. Daschle for what you're doing. And set any not cheating that went tumor that surely helping the consumers and that's the only recipe because. If you want to cheat you you can read Pope offer it it it denies you wore short them along them you don't lost. Right so let our disappointment Corrigan Carlos satisfy your consumer for a way you went through that car. And in the old days of we the people ready was moved to the United States. And now always to go to Amazon put example because people want crucial point that then. Steel producing I quoted he acts of originally worn out droids have been I don't know whatever it. Known for equality and actually DC general to force innovating then the PPI and diversity we are launching airing two new products like face those old Venus let's. And pieces and over. Very much in the speed while Fonda I quoted you Brothers selected ingredients and hopefully. The consumer we knew we liked. These photos like daylight the only point for some so long Marco Lotta people listen to the show they'd like to dine out everything but they're also some food eased a lot of booties. The it's in support of the the stage here and and with other other opportunities. And I learned that one of the key things on the front line products. They're actually blended like let and end likely to wind you explain a little bit about yes how they select the olives and then they actually listen to taste is always the same. That it would we have many proud of that and that's something that really people beta stock and then we had no maintaining with the street rules the heat in nine in op plan. That did this thing is as if you use the single quality of our own memorial. You could you you can have an outstanding oil one time but yet after yet that that's the flavor of that going Penn Betty. Because of Moreno blues or less rain so in order to guarantee that have blocked when humans that every ball little one about that I keep pace is the same. Walked off the ball clean it up yeah you have to blend the different olive oils from different origins in northern that you won yet if from one region he needs to be there. Then you can compensate with another but I and he weaves come from a different areas of the me that I'm in which is milder. So that's that's the way he's very difficult. And Andy eat the cost flex some money because you have to be very selective on what Dubai and cultivating through because nowadays no computer. Has been able to match day in this that he's of the mosques at all that that's so you have to rely on. Few individuals have been trained for decades activities. Which in them out they can understand that but by then also mother and I understand our blending. Different play was what would be the end result of the favorite because of them they got some of the market immigration. Today's a lot of sense Sony you can actions and as he did I'm not a multiplied to say that the men and asked dvd machine can set these. Well he's easily snarling they have to go to hundreds of produces. They have to get the all Santa taste them yet they have depressant and then they have to blend and get the same get the same taste every time. How soon do we start at recall that the the crumpled ball leaves an image that I and an area is in November December normally. And so we stuck with the magic of older producing areas walk BZX crop looks like. It's because I'm Jen it is the more food to eat less food ensor so we stuck who have an ideal what they did the pilot of Collins. It's going to be for the year and then they asked is okay you know that the do there'll emotional but I do for example which is the more bolder and full body. I need to have a limited is expected to attend the bet that the percent of these out of an idea because then we'd he'd durable hopefully within the consumer I used to. What they're gonna get that Reggie in these is that they were they consuming I used to I need these that I these these yet. And next yet might be a different planet differently but that is out. He's the same and these what cloned human ones is also what ships ones when they are and because they wanna be what are Larry exactly that that the one that recipe to at a go go ahead only are we gonna compete different days because just doing the using his. He sequences and. And this is like people. Heaven legions of the brands I mean it's stumble they know they can always have that flavor even even professional chefs when they're making. When they're making a dish. They know they can trust that they the all the world's not going to be a problem absolutely. Now 150 years of and a new products and some new products LL just a bit about them. Yes yes as I was saying it did these was the effort yet to expand our dangerous so we stuck that we've been against which of course that a natural complement adaptability loyal and we Kylie and and I hope most Americans use a lot of meaning it would go to war so we have. It at red wine meaning got a wife went meaning got in about time. Vinny got. And we have it range all about Tommy lasers which has been testing is of Eddie he nobody brother. He's been taken it'd be just who get used to it is is a moment people who need them to mean. But he's actually we both Tommy meaning it is is going dancing good plays and he's he's fantastic to dress. They did the dishes and we edited and decorated and data sort and we have. Four different flavors and and more regular one rebuts a millionaire and it doesn't Betty it's awful and the spicy helpful to one. And then we have an Angel five confessed to face those stuck in with the classic green based of the Genovese FaceBook but then we have one would you call and DiMarco some dried tomato. Only peso and then it began and help spicy base though which becoming gonna. Appreciate it but it consumer. So people come to the east today and first of all all day long there's going to be huge demonstrations on the fleet of aerial staged a culinary stage. Right next to the stage. Is it tasting tent and they can taste all the past owner faces yet all the past dozing at a place prior work we're on that a world war on back to screw you give mr. street I don't know about that I had this idea yet that's enough plus if they do come down today Skype fleet of aerial has some nice coupons while the store. They have some not nice but books and they have some lovely people they can talk to and they can taste. So learn a little bit come on down the stage that we build aerial culinary stage of the feast of Saint Anthony be running all day today what Shep. Demonstrations all day long you can taste have a great time pick up a coupons save a little money wonderful. You know I guess I'm coming off a little money right voters really easy to thank all of war and keep it consistent but no it's now 88 days it'll go out of Florida but we're ready had he to do that I unplug that user product for many many years and I know as available like most supermarkets yeah oh especially in that and that the northeast is really had our home that we visas that the visiting US physical sciences and all I can win this isn't doing moments that's absolutely so thank you very much mark Pope personally it was a thrill to have you here we really appreciate you think they don't know it yourself personally yeah and numb have a safe trip back and you travels to say thank you much it was a great honor for me weeks to create like Boston and. And infants because he's great I Marco thank you very much for joining us to thank you. Still I'll let us and it's it's going to be a really busy day here today I mean there's a lot of chefs a lot of people were going to be meeting. Here on our callers age and gamble on that. It's basically a high level for Ross who receives back to street as clear as well. Any activity here you know so many types of foods and you know as we always kid you don't have to be Italian come obviously I'm not eaten I girls and and it's wonderful Italian neighborhood and enjoy it but. It just brings back so many memories to be here the music and and the fun and. I'm happy times and I feel like I belong here. Yeah you mama and your moments from Sicily that stretches 100% so you know I haven't in years there was if you need some help I can get just simply put very barrel oil oil to. I think he's not a lot of product but there's a lot of things are we going on here we'll talk to some of the vendors here I know are Regina Pete says they have an outdoor cafe yet. You know that's been going since Thursday night. Yeah I it's actually what happened we should probably explain that a little bit for many many years in fact I think we're in iron 98 year of the east we have a lot of big. Years going on here we have fleet of aerial 150 years the feast is approaching a hundred years. Routine there is approaching a hundred years. But. The feast of Saint Anthony was always Friday Saturday and Sunday choir and saint Lucy's was on Monday. So this year they decided. It helped with a lot of vendors and everything else but a lot of people wanted to sit you know during the middle of the week. So they had saint Lucy's on Thursday. And Nate. Won't happen on Monday so that he started back on Thursday which. At one extra day so it was really great to have. It extend that way and then so today is the last day so don't plan coming on the morrow. And the winners absolutely spectacular city are Cheney's are right there were always at the corner from me and I can't believe that he's about to have a more of those aren't chance that the rice balls again that I lot of things you gotta put the diet away today that's right we will do that's what a lot of people that will be meeting today. Up next two hours in the the peace will kick off at twelve we will tell you more about that in just a few minutes coming up just the second move America. Senator over the Mike and he's gonna be there with us Sean Hopkins a lobster Q just. The second degree or restaurant is where it is bringing you this portion which invites radio. They're located in report Bedford mass that's are gonna find Allison. It's football season right now and baseball season everything's going on right now and if they remodeled. The restaurant about a year and a half ago and Alice sent her daughter out to buy some television sets. And it just futile to put around the lounge area and stuff like that and chief analyst neighbors they used the critic our reporter on the property card get a couple tells us is she went on to what's important Kate TVs which are which are absolutely gorgeous. It's only Austin I think by the food I think they they have some of the best Chinese who you're gonna find around including their shredded chicken with string beans. This is my favorite dish and maybe kind of surprised me why it made such a favorite dish. Because they get that iceberg lettuce in the belief that they don't iceberg lettuce it's kind of stiff right. Whether they give you the shredded string beans and chicken and kind of split in new roll up make it into like a little pancake in your pipe into it and get all that great crutch. And that's what makes great wall restaurants those spectacular all the special this is that they have including their dock you can have stuck for a whole dark they can do all. A lunch and dinner buffet the great wall restaurant root for Bedford mass Alpine butcher. They're located at all by the way I wanna congratulate. Tom Doyle his wife just gave birth last week so they they got another generation of the Doyle's. We'll be coming into the Alpine butcher. They'll put up in 1913 so I think in I think you know finger so. How about. Dispute butcher shop and having great product and when you go there. There's stakes are just incredible. The stakes that they use and I'm gonna give you will see now the top one and a half percent the state of beef you'll find. Going to talk one and half who uses not. The biggest steak house is in the country that's the car that they use. And when you try it once you bring it home to salt and peppers and prom is. You're gonna enjoy it so much you can't go anywhere else the picture the beat because it's going to be that good. And they are birders metaphorically filming. Tomorrow for this upcoming weekend our TV show. And then they they gave me some of their workers that are forming a burst and the use the trimmings from their replies board. We drop the Poconos up tomorrow and help my butcher again congratulations Tom Doyle. And his wife were giving birth due at the next generation that will be coming in the Alpine butcher which is located in terms restrict just don't Peru three year. In lol. Massa made a pitch in Italian on out that's all they mores pace or right here in the north end of Boston I know going to be sitting down Paltrow coming up with top at this hour is he's he's this. He's busy there was see the president. The piece this year. Unknown not this year not this has he has and many times yeah he did their reception this year though and I Italian food. Was great it was amazing it's great any slowdown there's a little wind and a lower cellar and it was says sponsor reception but that's the thing that the public should know is that. The food is always amazing and it's so authentic and and we need to win is a little would give a little secret away yeah falsely. If you want something as far as they make everything from scratch so if you had something before. It may or may not be on the menu cause they don't have the ingredients because what happens is a lot of their specials and literally if it's not pressure it's not on the menu so. You go when you ask you say the last time I was in and you know like him they can do it and today. All the windows are going to be open. See and feel like a dying in Italy again they have they have a whole they have a separate build out right on the street so you can dine outside the and it's really a stone's throw today for more re orcas on that caught street learn writing and they were right on the the corner factored in decline at that corners you're nearly main stage with the entertainment so you can sit there have been there you hear all music. That's pretty cool I think you picked a good spot I think that's about because he's been running this event for many years and we're gonna help so what will meet Paula coming up just a little bit. But right now on who put mr. Mike went to work because he sat down. With a good friend of the restaurant show. Mr. John Hopkins Mike take it away. Artists on the way a lot of on your FaceBook right Allah. Guides lobster view what's avenues offstage. Demo it stated in his piece on love doing them so much isn't fun at lunch and what a great and we had great they've written a little bit of peace not a lot last year as Clinton bullet it was a bit sweaty and that's ready nice and bridge where the bullet. Bush when he bullets that is where anybody bulletin but shot tell us what you meant. I mean if you made some favorites and a new business. So. We were able to us Griese and hold one's open that angle was the heart never blown up you know yeah. That is the main event of every demonstrated that it that'll be. Then we also did to attack her tacos and those delicious in the Peter muttered yeah hotly what's your favorite. And I should have been done. Driven. Ever. That's obviously. We dozens I'd love to play as well we got pulled lower blobs. Lettuce. For the month when you gotta you gotta do what you gotta go to the lobster and lately the bank of course and luckily when you're there. Now of course the tuna tartar talk about the legends about I am happy I did are absolutely right so it. We do basic traditional seafood all the time believing dress up traditional student lightning had it out with a seat. I I have is that haven't come up with a name is something before a couple of what it is. A lot of it was one thing to me to do that continue to talk talk I really didn't seem a bit because that's why we like to think. What the it not at that. Drew good that it looked at to boot up. Your barges in very lively it's it's a public think tank that's good. You've been at research absolutely it's good good polling of of the audience I would agree on that perhaps negotiable there was an agreement. I'll look like all this law are so. That it's and it's not to turn it it's being that you get a commitment so that it attacked our taco was we took the opportunity. And we diced dribble cage. He sushi grade tuna. Mixed into it gluten free source us not calls always a good break I heard them most or not which is weird because the original idea for surprised us was very wryly yes. What is the evidence and Huckabee had no. The figure being on the Ellen never asked me once in to this day. Joists and will not able to smile because notebook I think that the book treatment I've exposed you calculates has been avoiding you because of the blues. It's weird. So I think. It is it is and we used the military so I exchange of flour tortilla is to a corn tortillas. You are able to make it completely free time. Amenities so we're going to be doing gluten free though and it was delicious I agree that a thank you for coming as they have these peace Clinton always transient way. I didn't show up. At bat with the if you. What are they didn't even have to. It and we were. We're we're having a little bit of technical issues down alignment with saint Anthony's feast as soon as we get those microphones fixed up will be right back with few. It is Mike went in the studio while Scott and Stu Thompson down at the north bend. With a 98 annual saint Anthony's feast we do the broadcast every year always a fun time always great food. Always make Camille Little jealous at somebody's got to stay back and run things from the studio as you conceal what do we get back them are starting their. Our. I. Know we're still Zoellick a space invaders that's okay technical issues do happen on these types of remotes. That's why we have myself back in the studio. And of course I was down there was Sean on Friday for the live cooking demos shown Hopkins of laughter Q always entertaining always bring in that. Barn yard burger of world with him wherever he goes it's like I said in the interview always the main event. But seen at least he's easily one of my favorite weekends of the summer. If I mean if you love food doesn't we all gonna eat. This is the weakened to be in Boston even down there always that moment we turn there's Beers stands there there is Erin she all the her jeans and a quarter. Rate down the street from Scott rate duster has gone. Your image at right here. Yeah I've been there but there are genes are right here I mean I I should. You can be in the studio right I should just grab you if you absolutely yeah I'm could send him back I'll I'll wait for him with a all they are they just I mean I can't believe this event. Without without with without stopping or there and grabbing. One I mean maybe it's like you say yep we got it he could only have one month they're almost the size of a baseball. But they're always there. There are large large large studio work you have any aren't you here. Again they're pretty special but I'm you know trying to watch a waistline but I thought as they generally and with Rowland died away today so I believe I see over this filth from rural. I'm leaving that aside and I get a lead and it's a boat we have on the Morey had in this way so we've got a lot going on. If I can grab him he'd just open up that cunard restaurant and East Boston and we had them on I just do I do see Paul Timorese in the house doubts as we go like coming on. Just a few minutes this horse or electric as much about it it was a restaurant in past six that's who we did our fried clam episode out of and I'm telling them it was one of those the shows when. You hit it trying not to eat the whole time because that's sort of a secret we have a little little bite here a little bit of bite there. Or the village restaurant six we just. Eight and eight and eight in Ada came in VP with me from the morning George WRKO. And the old Phoebe came out. And he couldn't stopping those fried clams and and him when she saw their baked stuffed lobster stuffed with more locked mr. inside. I mean I think that just made her day here really get. The village restaurant is located at six its own and operate about a Ricky family since 1956. Can you believe that 1956. At this juncture that we won 33 and 22 and Essex messed up 45 minutes from downtown Boston. Now you have a rare coin collection you're looking to. Sell all my body worn mills a rare coins in New Hampshire he's looking for rare coins right now NH traveling the country to find them. The pace of the highest prices. And got a corn collection. That's turn up for special and a newcomer to your door knocking and endorse Taylor senior coins are brazen right therefore you. Born males rare coins in New Hampshire 80225726. Board that's 800. 22572064. Take a quick break get go back on the other side with a very special guest and good friend of mine Paul the memorial a little. Restaurant called mass and look at you know a number here in the north and we'll could be finer. I tell us and quick bites radio. It's. Placing the weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK elbow voice of Boston. And welcome back everybody that he's a saint Anthony's I can't believe that it's 98. Years. Old. That that's an incredible period of time 98 years hasn't it and truly if you know we've got that hundredth anniversary of seeing it and he speaks. I. I can't believe not only younger than yourself at the guy you build great. I mean are it just an event that keeps growing and growing and growing and then why did take 97 years. A practice before he decided to run Friday. Be all and we went to Thursday because. We always figure deal Monday jerseys and on Friday yeah and the other day when I first union Thursday the streets were packed. That people loved it so it's great food for the people constant feast is great for the organization and it just it was a wonderful idea. Yeah man I fixing to take off when I was here on Friday general got really busy at night on Thursday president version right yeah and then and then boom. And three days four days of a feast is those industries 500000. People from streets is an amazing wow. And you know there's plenty of parking. Well you know I iPhone but you know my closet I economy because they are you nice and early. Which is the easiest thing that is just take the the Green Line runner yeah. Parked outside the city in just coming in that way you you have no issue fines are barking ya ya it's gonna drop you off almost at the entrance of the he Zia are you in just over a few close enough so yes easy yeah it doesn't it's no reason not to come this this is an experience that you have to see. Yeah I mean you can you wait through. 78 streets he can sit down at different restaurants in go to my wrist from mosques and using them only to Regina have a pizza. You can have a slots you can see cooking demonstrations as does this tell us what you can see and build have you been busy during the -- the restaurant Yeltsin and busiest area so I mean downstream of the windows open today window open and we haven't dining a fresco you can sit outside kind of lost the piece happy end. We got a little everywhere little wind got NC and seasonal wind you know we delivered a full loaded this stuff. Yes little sample is sampling ten across Hamas and needles this bug on yeah and you have these spot. Because you know the entertainment right out yeah we don't Wear red necks sort of the console to sink comes out we're all stops or all lenses that Mossad needles. Yeah so I really don't when it comes to the north and I guess your right arm and a concert with him you really think gateways to the north that government can't tell you all the shots umbrage if you look straight ahead you'll see two bands as they must meals chemists that's why now you're famous you're noted for. Kind of order and like off men. Yet that's that's candidate thing if you become so when you come to a few times you get the manual water is wonderful way to fuel you've been deputized you and say listen when he got. And what time will. Avenue saw the Altman used stuff we make make items like. Amazingly make like a non is meatball it's a big fourteen outs meatball my grandmother's recipe. We talk ruffle a bit of pressure off. That I followed pretty idiotic Kostunica possibly cutting board. All the greens marinated vegetables got a chill cops all the dry cured she meats and cheeses. Is this the only U I ticket only costs as I mean it I want I let me talk does he tell you will because you love your job I do I don't wanna go to a club pulled. Ya don't want to allow people. He I don't think go better right. No no I don't want to keep boosted the overall and also it's good it's all good mice let's did not know you're I know you report today I mean you you always are. Open but it if somebody's not come to the peace today or maybe your cookies and wanna come back to your restaurant. Given the good day to go we do not as this. Did during the week obviously yeah yeah yeah I mean Sunday through Thursday a great he'll veteran Daniel Luis Gonzales have busy but you know you can and we make a work. We make a word that's Louisville. Busy or not you know would refuse anybody when that everybody wanted to but it try Mossad mile come back Hamas and his and that's why we've been between ideas. Well we're not drizzle secrets no just give them good food good prices and other AI and we commend them as a meals you coming at my house you know out. Coming at Taurus you come into my house and achieve unity cup final. Well. Going upn and time permit them happier with where the right things that are right. But I know you'll do treated with yup we're suspect axle and there's no other way and you feed them well that's the one thing about being Italian. Funerals here. They keep you well that's right a lot of awful lot of wonderful I was most small portion of a small portion even like like the from my Thanksgiving you know you might Thanksgiving you you'll get like up. You get to Turkey got but that's that's just sort of like like. The eighteenth later if you course right try to get your past as you gonna get all and you desserts and they expect to need everything yeah from the Internet and but massively nose again let's give everybody the address of the come down to. And there you can enjoy it and I'm I didn't mention pat has a Margarita named after him RE ST does actually a lot of states the trinkets outside for the weekend. How will he might have Rita which we saw law which is wonderful now he just came in today and he was planning on coming in but you never know with an arrow flew over these Obama already probably sit but I'm Margarita the fact that Atlanta good day I saw demonic thank you very much bill also try to spot thank you very much I really recommend it to go down and you see Paul and enjoy that restaurant because it is really a spectacular restaurant. And I know was going to be busy. And he always is busy here at the feast who I mean his restaurant does quite well. Yes it is and and again that's it's part of the atmosphere that a lot of people who. You know don't understand exists I mean there are few places Al fresco with this this tiny this just everything's outside in the color and the stands are. The stands a fantastic and busy. And most of this stuff is all family recipes to go back many generations so. Yeah can't you can't beat that plus UC families that moved from there not been years ago who always come back for the feast. It's like every chemical and post up on our FaceBook about Paul's voice of the people tell us more my thing returning restaurants here in the north you know and that's to like this and he has the passion. There's no doubt about it he has the passion. The due process or restaurants located in the Park Ridge shopping center in Salem New Hampshire who like some time due to take place to go right if you're not here in the north then work. No I mean can't he can't be fighting in the north then but have you. Not here you gotta be on the Salem Hampshire area stop Vincent how to relate to desk for us. And he has won so many awards throughout the years that is absolutely. All amazing how many awards he has won. He doesn't want a war. And that has never left Italy before. And it's it's right here at the coliseum restaurant. Our hat that special your show and go to Italy and you compete you win this award. And it's their own knowledge and character restaurant and in Italy but no known Tony Blair brought back to sell New Hampshire I recommend the deal coliseum. Yeah it's it's it's basically the best to deal that money combined period and that's where it is the best meal money can buy. Penny stocks that with the shoe you know a little bit of what I love the mushroomed since cherry wants what she cut into. All that goodness just blows out on the way. Policy aggressor of record job in center in Salem New Hampshire. Say I do and relate to ask you for us. Art charter blossom in North Andover we have Joey voices coming there on September 17. Because over forty different musical impressions I and I believe we were phenomenal comedian. In that will be there at the same time and we have Kevin Cohen we're trying to set him up for the first or second week in October. He's a psychic medium. And of course every time we do is show at the China blossom in north bend over everybody raves about. The food because we do the Roy can eat Chinese both Manny and there's nothing like they're Chinese buffet. It's so good that at night honorable thing they prying him. The rear of the yeah trying Rea. And the greatest Mai Thais around her as far as I'm concerned. It's not a law summary one point five in North Andover police say hi to any member of the bamboo forests. Also with an Asian restaurant twelve hour for street in hero they open up today at 2 o'clock for dinner. There were only open for dinner. Tuesday through Sunday home. And on. At 2 o'clock today. You want to really special. How about the primary. I mean their king cut primary was so large yet furnish it is no you can finish it. My wife and I split at one time and we still took out of the home and how old are the meal the next night. And he made the talk happened here is that all of the former it is so so good they Olympic stuff lost three pound picks up lobster. With the patients famous walnut stuffing all I mean can they be finer. But he got to save room for dessert somehow and I don't know how you gonna do it because they have big the last and I found a one of their secrets. And Stewart find out whether that you know you make picked the last with the layers of eyes her right up yet. They use I was in the kitchen watching don't want them and I'm atop the secret. News Richardson's Heisman. Perfect I mean you can't find anything better than that right that's amazing when you think about it yeah you know that's a high quality I think they'll ask. That there really miss and the watch the naked and apparently it's just of the fun thing to try and experience. Put yourself in a way to finish off the blowtorch you know I mean who does business and opened fire at the Venetian restaurant. Route 11012. I'll put street in hero and they open up for dinner today at 2 PM. All right. Now I earlier this week on Friday we had some chefs that marine hero I sat down with a good buddy of mine not of mine Mike Pyle chief. Is it as Mike's here with an all about double actually let's do that right now is my interview with chef Mike. Joining me right now is Mike Mosley and get your own catering company appearance and at these trees and you just making they're pretty happy with your. Motley skull a yours thank you thank you that's great to be down here. Just huge tradition out there in the north and which media entities so many feast happening. Lot of great people. This stuff at a bunch of them eleven lifetime and now it's been great day. Yeah really great day thank you government young black came because you know you and Steve Goss came up right at the U. But at the feet. You did the big thing out gently. Two channels you know were killed and you go away have a blast. No Food Network all around would just you know chimps everywhere so. That's such a great time. I can't I can't even say people are so excited even be here great. It's great not average here. I do a lot of fear factor there yeah other people get touched in with a with a catering to you today. I do all types of catering two and if you from large weddings you. Small in your home intimate settings. Really really queen but yeah everybody to hold react Jeff Mike's kitchen dot com. What you get beyond my social media at shift my gap and that's all the social media. So everybody wants an open pictures and enjoy and you're one of those those three gods are up their all the all got to always on this I'll always that. It's such a good time to just interact with the people as grade I mean it's agreed. Reception I've got from so many people have the Food Network it's it's great to have so many people around. In his Dimitris so wonderful we're so lucky in this area that's great chefs that are getting down. National attention L batting second natural that it may be gone one day yeah yeah exactly it's funny but you know what I'll take a while last. I'll take a while laughs as is so much fun people people are so nice especially in this area you know especially being I mean I hate. Those sounds stereotypical Italian American I mean you know. You're embraced in especially looked at the of people know who you why they love you and they just breach of its own wonderful and have to make a happy of the election oh god yeah that Google and Google and that's it it'll be healed up really quick really quick really quick. Now when you tell us let's talk about that that's rock biter experience. You're competing. Yes so would show us so as cutthroat kitchen it was the food that was the just Super Bowl. Edition of the of their cut through kitchen episodes and box idea. I've never ever in my entire life. Got so burned. With a in a first round of anything in my life they were it was tough it was not easy. It was not easy every a lot of stuff you see it's all cutting its eighteen dollars and one that it's one huge day so you don't realize how much time it takes to do. Television it looks so simple looks that we see it looks like it's been like five minutes. Putting it altogether right that's numerical editing to make it look so you know that's the you know goes back to our conversation really are staging and all the other stuff and putting things together. I mean. Eighteen dollars was I never realized it would be that long. Right you know than an additional eight hours the next day because you knew your exit interviews but there was three strong competitors against me in these guys agree. But again I came on a talk I feel great about it. And that's I mean that's the fun thing about it is needed that would bring home your work that's all I was even butter that was even better. I felt he would get that double again how to get the value you get me on my website at chef Mike's kitchen dot com. Or you can get you know my social media act chef might have. All the social media my gap. Now even better news they're going to be at the big hit the streets culinary festival coming up two weeks. From almost today basically audience on this weekend. 300000. People we have a larger culinary tent that we've ever had before to accommodate more and more people so. You'll enjoy it here. I know there are gonna doing have to be saw Q wait for him to beat you we come get ready here at the beach were coming up I was seated two weeks after the seafood festival. And everybody can come into our tent. Look up on our FaceBook and on the post all the time scholarships are going to be there. And make sure you comments they ridership Mike has to be there making everybody happy absolutely. Aren't thank you very much a point where you're at the plea of where culinary chant here at the feast of Saint Anthony the 97. Or 98 I should say your piece to saint Anthony's. Can't believe they've been doing for this long here in the north then that's why it's one of the biggest festivals I think in the high your country or not one of the biggest festivals in the world here. Now let's head down a street level because state Thompson's doubted very special guest the rule or gamble right when Thatcher street Louis and Adonis do. Yeah on the street on the speech. Thank you Scott them here today with David Lynn teeny Davidson the head of the culinary salon here and it's the he's the Saint Anthony and even I can't believe I just I I just realized. This is your tenth year here I am amazed writer Joseph I've never been so wanted to be a part of something sore so incredible that ten years unbelievable. It's amazing how we've known only as we kidded about the fact in the beginning it was it's. I think all Americans tavern food this case king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Spirit you know American average. The area. Leave on. An awful lot of the words. We'd look you. This will live with everything that we hear you wouldn't leave and you can pool. That's what it's all about people and him passing a lot of people lawless area and then in awhile and things. Welcome outline. Over a century mind manly is deserving and Merrimack Valley but the highest quality meats money back. We make over forty different products in the house from pastrami the sausages not to mention the burgers right reviving. We stuck variety of local products complement many. We have beer we have wine and the freshest local scene when you can buy. But come on down to the outline what your loans. My thanks to 3130. What feared hitter expert cook here to help. Yeah you know you get to wicket by two radiate that Scott chick that may end. Of course she got us all on wicked by its television on NASA and every Saturday morning that's the Red Sox and Bruins station. 9:30 Saturday morning I had this and and right now on 680 WRKO. Pearl street station has been witness for some time and our friend Alan Robert. If you're out in the sports you gotta go to this restaurant for a couple of reasons number one. They have so many televisions and so many bars and these eighteen. These eighteen inch TVs every I mean literally everywhere. And they get great food and they also in a very historic building that was built an 1891. IBM am railroad station today. Is still features all the slate roof of the cathedrals ceiling of the original fireplaces two stories side. But it's got a great food though yet. They bring that quality of very unique different taste in their barbecue and David Doran for a long time. Try to baby Beck raised or the beef short ribs all. How about the fourteen out bone was primary you Levitt. Pearl street station say add Adam or rob but would you please broad street station 53. Summers street in Malden. Dental break knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest to light in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting books. Started smiling again we're in economics Perry have done export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dental bright group dot com. Tell us sort of go. Come on you've always wanted to. We can play TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK oh okay. Voice of Boston. I tell you briefly. Gilbert Ross does for his actual what do you say we have sent it back to Stewart get north and he's the same can't finish here in the north end of Boston ends do. I reassure guests make sure ever heard your guest. Yeah thanks a lot Scott the fun of being alive by David Mancini with me as they're partly through our interview. Lou talking about the fact it did ten years and everything. I tell us about a little bit about what goes on in the culinary stage today. Yes so I had today were running from two to seven every hour on the hour I'll be going on first of represented Steve Connolly seafood. Bianca gonna muscles vision utilizing the nice hot chili pesto that a sweep of burial makes. And yeah we're gonna have fantastic shifts on all the way throughout the throughout the database. And it's really great because in the latest state to set up to people right in front of the stage after the after the ship's demo they can always ask us. Questions and talk directly with the shaft after after they're done so it's really very cool isn't. Well it is and now we also have free samples coming out for everybody to try and oftentimes hear some this just might bring coupons from the restaurants so. And it's it's great you really get to interact with the shepherds intimate but also we can hold on a large number of people here as well so. Okay Scott so I David as you mention is gonna be here all day this is set dates and tear down here and he knows what he's doing he's a great chef. There's always a demo going to bishop has little problem getting here David jump right in and does another demo so they can be sure they will. They'll see something going on a day and in the next hour we'll jump back enemy into local overview of the ships of the Demi with a stunning. I have I look for that I got to watch David do his stuff on Friday wants to strut his stuff is good jobs good day today so I think you so much. Again where you're at the feast of saint Anthony's in the north end of Boston again this is start with they withstood Thompson and Mike went there were off action Mike's back in the studio. Just in case because we're actually broadcasting live and you know from the north and then as you know it's a little pretty crazy to a bit busy down here as the as the really the festivities all kick off at twelve noon today I would highly suggest it to come down now. You know get down here early. And that way as things just sort of opened at twelve noon of them if they over a few minutes early you're able to get the air Cheney's orbit. He beat the collider is right here and ready to go over to Regina is. Act as though the board about an hour and half out before we open up that Regina is outside. Can't see that I know what I it's either Simon I can't see the street people start lining up about a half hour report just to get inside. Averaging and so that's very combative or reason to do that experience for itself. But right now they have a larger searched as they have a cafe outside restaurant they Lucci is in Winchester and that's reunifying police both brown Rowe Lee. They open up in 1986. And that's a long time matter fact. When they open up in 1986 and who their first true prophetic Italian restaurant that that became on the north end of Boston and then went over to Winchester. And sleep well. If you ever met believe well. Is that he's a guy that's in constant motion. And what I mean by that is he has the passion again Izzy you grew up in Italy. So he always likes the final like what's hot in Italy right now in New York always goes back and he just got back Miller broke through with some. Went home to three weeks. And he comes back where all these new ideas of things that the just happening in Italy. But but he does more than that he he's just that I think it's never in motion and never stops motions set. Because in the middle right. He may be time in the floor. We're working on nuclear operations for the restaurant. Or what he did last year's he opened up the whole front wall and it's it's floor to ceiling windows that aren't a beautiful day like today. He'll just open up those windows in the beard just fluent in restaurant they. Newt Chia five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. And don't forget about Don sausage company in a mall then this is the time a year that you wanna go there and stock up on the steak tips because. I can't believe the end of the summer unofficial end of the summer's next weekend and you are at stake if you haven't folks over the house RU QB ever. If you don't have a group doesn't mean you'll need to grow group that who has put in a frying pan to a few minutes. And they're going to be one of the most we're able to stay if you'll ever have even restaurants. Yet dom sausage company. Can Riverside park in moment please say hi. Any member of the bottom chili that we for us okay arms sausage company and open up every day. Early in the morning for army and thinking about getting up there that they opened up some sausage company. All right still I mean the events already it's artists and fill up I've ever seen like a big difference for whom we its first started broadcasting about an hour ago and now. The feast I started officially known but there's a lot of things that are already open so. If you had this late this site and like you said you know you running in and Mangini in and few minutes here right now you know earlier in there early and you know it's it's it's a little easier. Parking is not a problem but. Get abuse faces little closer and you get to walk around before it's like wall to end phones you can kind of scope always gonna go first but make sure you bring your camera yet. I mean there's nothing like this event when it gets going of one hour from right now it went all the marching bands that that are going to be coming through the streets. And the same coming through. There's nothing like the thesis and happens that's what we're here every year and it's fun to to take a pitcher with all the people who backgrounds say hey. And essentially friends take you missed the party I know Micah. Michael we were filming your couple years ago wasn't the easiest thing felt it opened up now Mike Mike can tell you were that this many many takes to get. They get the filming done. I this this didn't ever are there are a lot of people but it's a lot of fun and it's a very family oriented event too so it's it's just it's nice yeah subpoenaed and we down tekelec with a pregame show it at the pace tonight. You know which is which isn't a bad thing in the weather today I'm. This is one of the nicest whether I ever recall because of that there's no humidity is a beautiful breeze is about seventy degrees outside right now. It's not gonna get that much warmer. There's not a cloud in the sky. I mean crystal clear blue yeah I mean this heaviest. And the piece going on but does the vibrant city a lot of fun a lot of fun down. A lot of fun do not mention OK I don't think it about the TV show which invites television. And that's what you precarious festive holiday weekend night. We got a very special show planned for you are gonna bring a whole bunch of friends over its restaurant tour. And you look at via my health but poolside with the recruitment that's great features that will show you. Next Saturday morning and I'm very quick bites Von Essen. I think it was pointed out on the other side with more special guest on the he's saying. Scores and find that we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat with Blake and they. This is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK oval voice of Boston. You are listening don't we get bites radio the only place that lets you beat the blue creek. Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh don't voice of. Boston. And welcome back to the north end of Boston right corner and the content factor street that we find us on the plea to a burial stage to a twelve noon today and that's when the big. Coming up donor states. That that really kicks off just a little wobble we're gonna show us why it's just a few minutes policies Jim Thompson has a very special guest right now. To a military reduced. Great thanks Scott listen to be sent Anthony wouldn't be what it is. Without a special guests we have here right now Joseph. This sir my house fifteen Carol it's one great event you put on here and mental factor you know I kid people all the time I see you know we're approaching a hundred but. Joseph and I would not. We're not approaching a hundred. Is the feast is the disciplines phenomenally in the but the defense. It's been going on this one tells little bit about what's been going on this week. Pope of hope for is moving in on Thursday night with a piece of supple Ciara and rolled roared into the streets of Santa to begin on Friday articles on here today though last they would have the recurrent. Procession of CNET did begin at noon time. Who marched into through the streets of the knock them provoked ten hours. Meanwhile that so taking place here back because of all on the card that turn on Martin streets. We have over a hundred vendors featuring brief boots. Some responses here with some great tasting opportunities for political verio positively Poppins cereal as well draconian gratitude and. And the great thing is is that this set separate sections on the feet so you can have a more quiet time you can have it really Iraq or rockets time. So down obviously by with a singing at the club is. Is Winnie. It's I think if you come out of and then go back in it in ten hours later for but they'll be parading throughout the non annex right over. And then. People enjoying inning go to anything threw out here it is the entertainment stage where on the culinary states and he's a different. Sections people should think it's just this little festival it's it's a it's a big spread out. That's the right to strolling visits where you like a city that's spent some time and the main stage has some of the great anti American act that we have brought today. Like a stroll over to the culinary stage action meets over the phone market by expose some great shots we are from New England don't culinary demos every hour on the hour. In over the years you've started to add more and more Al fresco dining areas and everything that's that's been become very popular. Yes we have mass and they don't restaurant had to build of their restaurant of course peach Regina. Has there bill though as goes to college engines go well at the top or render archer. And we should actually thank the city of Boston a little bit of that because they actually started to allow the use part of the street. As long as it was a catch the restaurant at and that is filled out on the street Louis that's that's really nice of the city if you had a. It's great mayor my Walsh and his staff have worked with us this special events department had a couple of but we're supposed to get this event off the ground every year on nine EPS for the bird brought up and distribute an onboard working with us to make it all happen. So. It's going to be a challenge to build up than a hundred business this. If you've you've done so much so far I don't know where way to go but it's time for people to come down we've mentioned many times this funny parking in the area. And he can also take. Public transportation with some of the best those stations for them to get off. Particularly our July and you get off at Haymarket or I'll watch station to come from the Blue Line and get off the current station a short war ovals governments at the for the bring. It's always been out walking distance we're not proper apparel marketplace because of the great sponsors and he's he's from one of his employer Boston. People all the great six around the festival or what church took her. We'll tell you should be very proud I know we have a very busy day so let you go. And again the the statue of Saint Anthony will be out in in little less than an hour right now. And that's really treat the kids love it. It's so great family events to come on down. His right to Tikrit to free admission to the to the festival and mark through. But some great boots and however time everybody's at type for the day. Great things like Joseph Scott Becky and Regina when you were you mentioned mayors few seconds ago it seems like it every year the mayor's walking through the crowd. During the event that is that he's he's. The people's mail so he's known here and he's like this and interact and what everybody's is a great element of electors that. You make sure that they would say for us and makes all workhorse and has only 500000 people and tents on seriousness of a lot of handshaking to do it's here. Because he does is the brickyard I just thank you very much great event again. But I am seventy years now you've been running well. While well thanks that there were reports is been with this program most of that Simon people spring break it's a great event it's one of the events he can't miss. You know you look forward to all year long the only problem I have with the speculated that the proposal summer. Well we're here we're winding up Philip celebrate a great overcome the senate and it's peaceful and yeah Adam got perfect weather today so thank you very much thank you start and so. China haste to I had. Just walk into the crowded disarm the only culprit people front row and we don't worry through a second ago I talked about me out here. The family that has put some give us some great restaurants gas and I'm he owns police posts yet here in the north then. He owns the cheers and more than do those phones which use in Winchester goes the restaurants that you were his son runs to calling him right in the north and in the open a cunard tavern. And then here it is brother to not a has a couple of restaurants. Furious captain fish bones marina bay which is gorgeous and the more. You Elmore which is that far from where we're broadcasting now. And then I think Benny go down to the other part of front row preventing or warning this decade it it's a it's a family and a lot of rest yeah. Saw and some damage to that some families have chains of the same restaurant in some like to have individual and match until the location in the neighborhood so. If you're good restaurant to a you can do that yeah well we'll hopefully talk with put on a little but yeah I saw this on him by Tucson was walking around it is a busy time for everybody. Because his restaurants could be busy today a really popular around really be very very there's an. All right thank you listen to do well which in my radio today from the feast of saint Anthony's as you tell. As you did everything start to really heat up now a study just it was just are really commend. So we'll so they'll be coming in just the second. And we'll meet some more folks and we're gonna we got some special guests are going to be just a second but I tell you what before we meet the special guessing no Mike was here on Friday. Many an opportunity to sit down. And talk with cunard tavern that still are always placed so Mike and the senate back Jesus studio the interview that you did. We show you know on Friday Mike. And we are still down it's at least be seven a great time chef Anthony you know cunard tavern. You've just got onstage what makes it. Yes and we we've made our sources this witches and grilled swordfish would eleven program a lot of and it's served broccoli rob Anders served with the aid. Renewing potato mixture we have yellow Yukon gold details read bliss and firm details to this I learned my grandmother so important to me it was a lot of fun to be able to. No could about it seeing at least he felt good and I have a lot of fun up estate overlooking the north bend down as the last loss and you know what my favorite dish and you aren't out yet. The scallops with lobsters. I'll tell me about it and so we did our answers all the laws or corn salad. And automobiles talked about it a little. It's a nice high Sierra and Utah installed some nice agencies dog really crisp Sierra on the outside and we served on top monologues or corn salad. It's got sweet corn. Picked blogs to me lobbied tell me the whole mix there. And we certainly are coleslaw salad dressing almost like a lobster salad don't want to roll bill without serious golf on top and get them nice crisp. Outside the Sears all of on the sweep. An excerpt from the point lobs there's a really good right it's fantastic for me also prolong we've been go to different restaurants that's easily top five this is of the summer security breaches than it was then of course everybody watching the show on nests and every Saturday morning they just what you guys yesterday I was glad to be honors a lot of fun so much Alonso and really great to see ourselves on TV. Until now my wicked quick he was probably one of the coolest desserts I don't use dessert guy down. What would you describe that I had that habit that it came out it just it's visually beautiful it. Actually delicious. Tell us about your harbor venues okay so debate DA's we make house maid brigade don't let it rise so it's got a nice like flocked to it. We frightened to order and we supplement marshmallow fluff again and doing an ingredient made right here Massachusetts. The top that would eat butter and you tell us sauce. I would make it through sauces or the old Tom just holding potter trigger. And again you get you know representational masters and New England you know and the same time to get this really cool like deck and invite all the all those waivers from violent you'd have a lot of notes and -- some foods fried -- and senators like -- so I'm really delicious I mean that's that's one of those this is that was like built for its threat absolutely absolutely singles all the time on you know past segments program that capsule back yards out of absolutely absolutely tell us let us. The editors point for a queen street in East Boston. Ass through the corner Webster and always streets a few blocks from maverick these days and and you know easily accessible driving or using public threat it's an awesome restaurant beautiful location. The roof deck on the weekend dazzle me sort of visit us on the roof deck it's open five to eleven. Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday and we also for brunch on Saturday and Sundays and their attitude their awesome moment to buy for brunch at risk they take you very much you've Emmy again Bridget appreciate it. I'm Mike thank you very much in the U rooftop deck you were just talking about is spectacular. I know they opened up on the weekends and that's something that you wanna go up there NC. What's the planes land. At Logan Airport it's easy as they can break Q it's the whole bunch from right on top of the restaurants are covered in these Boston. And great set up to and hopefully catch TV show you missed it yesterday. You receive I think Mikey confirm this I think it's the mark 2 PM on listen I'm not 100% sure where I think that's the encore presentation. This week to secure our tavern OK still tops I gotta put you right back to work as I know we got another special event and what with a feast it indefinitely without. Some great g.'s right. We have a wonderful guest list today on in this is a wonderful food product it's been now with the yeah. Well it's been with heat it's been with the not been for many many years but you're going cheese has been here now. At the feast or three years represented so. Nicole Austin how you doing and dingy Harry and guide you back in Boston again racquet bag and adds three times that you. You must want to find his cronies are great product. Yet at. And people just love the keys and everything. And sometimes you know what if they need to be reminded that it's that things are obviously you know obviously he's always been approved this new products that exciting things going on. But you also done a lot. On the social media sites and people have better access to recipes and everything else so. We can buy this wonderful keys and know exactly what to do listen tell us a little bit about that side of what's been going on. So we just visit our website just about a month out. They have a lot in your athletes Ali beans about being over the past a year and a half probably. So we have although that Kanye West Bank took any cheap that parent. Get a peek at age that we promote honest effort doing nothing dressy Turkey fires and I'll have a contract its now. And I can pilot there is the US to do without it Athens products that we have. You know it's very special oftentimes I'll get a recipe from summoning enough then you know you take something and they'll name. You know they want to say that type of cheese they'll say the need to see you like the signals around they'll say draconian. And then I have a star next to it and things like that. So that must beat. You know part one week you deceive and it's nice to see the grand. Ruling that and in grant's been around for over a hundred years yes. That's yes they happen. So when when you have people that always need that recipe and you say you have to use that cheese to make it worth it that's great great but it isn't it is a great product tell us a little bit about. You know why the grand has been around Islam. By thinking how it it's grant at least sound just being mean an area and I think that just you know over there. The years in tradition and in Ireland into their grandmothers used it to them and use that so now they used it sounds and a great. They've product recalling products we have our cod we have are my throughout and we have our fresh mozzarella that's. I got a couple years old cell you know. Where where from a fan accompanying you guys you know I've learned that Harry is backhand family oriented sound is great it. It's fun when you see people go by and NO mention if you do come down into the peace. In wanna stop by and and and and meet with a wonderful people under Tony it's right next to the owners say it was a rather convenient for people applying. So the arrogance and a fleet of aerial culinary states. You're going cheeses here in the best part. Cast of the heartwarming when you hear people buy and use a product that's great yeah it's funny I don't get that when you and your corporate office somewhere right. I suppose you see a little in the supermarket and it's available in most major supermarkets in New England right yes absolutely. So thank you again. Product wonderful product. Great company and it's safe and we don't company. And now we really enjoy having you here at the feast of Saint Anthony. And we'll try to beat anyone again a little bit later on in the show may be to tell us. Now one little maybe a little recipe we can read off forgive somebody's idea but they come down making it all that stuff. Yes the FB sample of them. Eighteen nearly every photo the come on down the lad fine. Okay we'll Denise as here. Nichols couldn't be here all day and her staff will be here all day and it's really great products come on down try and Scott I'm sure even own any deal. I have been called what a job that you have your ratings of the car owners station that's all history at some cooking all day long and yet. I that's combat there right there that's that's at. I must make the hungry yet has yet well you don't go hungry here Al you don't you don't so was it people want to buy this book because they're staged. You're if you're looking on us it's really just off to my mile peninsula. So you can't see you there I thank you thank you very much. You know it just beacons that took the folks in the people that you get the meat here in the excitement of the feast brings you is is you know is just. And second and Don it really is and again the weather today is spectacular so he'll listen to me in doing when you got some time to get down here. And experience the north and we yourself. I just walk around straight exercised today. You know I enjoy yourself in the north end of Boston and you know it's officially still it's official now. Because as you my son Tyler here. Here's the as the rice balls. So it it's official use he has both hands full. Yeah that happened but that's this is number one and has nothing yet I was gonna say he gets to lessen. It's all done it right I mean. That's what I look forward to every year and I don't know why it's. I have to have it every year that I com. But in this so many like pastries and deserts and you'll fresh squeezed Dell lemonade I mean that's what it is that this event it's it's a lot about family entertainment talk about family and a proponent Jesus do on the face paying for the kids. Yeah you know so so there's a lot for the kids to do story about that he ordering the kids down the trinkets down this is the place to come to dead. Also very pleased to get the right things. Yeah yeah try things they haven't had before. And everything and you know it's like OK even a blanket and then they're gonna find them like you need to get picked he's the only problem. When you when they experience something good news article back to go to Yemen. It might backfire on you guys say well my Europe can no longer restaurant or chicken fingers doesn't mistake on an autumn on this and it just us doesn't taste like this again. But again what does the the if these these open till. It's over until eleven seat in the house and it's really all day and into the into the right I think. I don't know what they're doing that here but they used to finish with fireworks and elevates them then and on that regulations change for years though it every day and it's so this summit going on it doesn't matter and the stage the stage is exciting to cause. It's payments and everything as far as walking around in the entertainment everything. Coming to college they thought. Great as Johnny most used to say wrecked on the street for the Boston Garden were high above courtside at your pride puck back to street past the it that that's who we are so you can finest packed street and then to cut streak that's were broadcast until twelve noon today with the lights radio and again the 98. He's insane happens and I keep saying that I can't believe 98 years and still going strong. And you know we've had that they we mentioned some of the product you know Regina Starr in 1926. And you've got people B aerial survey and fifty years ago. I'm not sure about her bony but it's 1880. Something songs Emanuel years together again put moth that got these products. I think about I've still running joke 39 or forty years going strong so most try to start to fade these products is still growing strong right now after all these yourself. And it's nice to have them all involved. Right and really also close to us. Exercise your authority in this little area that we're and it's fun people everybody you know we get away with we hear about all that you know big corporate anything but these. You know we had mark go on from lethal bury me he's. Passionate about the product and he just you know they never stop. I'm policy is that an Italian accent around you know being from Italy does it it helps but it helps it helps and eat it just makes you sound official beaten. They know who has talked about and it does but it's it's amazing I I've actually talked about. They have a history of the product and to survive 150 years in business with everything they had they went through Italy and in nineteen. Thirty yeah I mean nickname had Danny's they had dead at one point had dinner I know some of the history. During one of the war's end effective bombs and had to rebuild the factory. You know production at various times this interrupted from various wars if you go back. That they lost their like embargo with a quick put out. So the Packers are one time and in in in various times eight you know Italy's government was broken up at various times in the east tonight you know went all through that. But I think the base was it started with a real person. That's what's really. And and to date right. His face is on the label and know that's sort of like they want to become a pain respect him. And this is how we found the company 150 years ago as the quantity of water and there's still so proud to have. I can have on our means a fleet of aerial loading up this part with bottles and going in the various villages and selling to them to the villages in Italy around relies on in the loop area so. Whose real person and real you know we hit the timing he grew his own dollars and and name and the company just brewing growing group. I it's there it's hard to get tough mountain to show because Nam Stearns and all the food that's cool yeah. Yeah out on the street you know they have its eyes open and twelve and apparently everybody's open now so yeah browser already building them the crowds are really building to and eyes pace already it is just a beautiful thing I expected. To be a large crowd and it's just comfortable enough to worry too much about being hot it's not comfortable today. We put it more from tickets that's cool. Doing thing that we did wrong as are working today reckon that it happened I am really getting hungry I don't know what that need and what happens I'm smiling almost like barbecue steak. You know like at stake off the grill is to get your son throw an Adobe is just yet to this shows why he's wolf yeah well that were removed with busier here. You know. It's tough to up the week that we live. Learn are gonna go find somebody else to talk to that somebody our guests their listeners would like to hear from and will continue onto our rights to thank you very much a little later on the program on the star. Talk with Steven pro. Who is the big Food Network champions current champion right now what they all about that coming up in about fifteen minutes from right now. And down gets more special guests and we'll tell you some of the chefs lineups though coming on here at the crippled their coronary events were stage or should say. As that will be throughout the day today. I'd known him restaurant in Boston's historic waterfront located on the fish pier fifteen fish here. Me Jimmy will be there. You know the unknown in restaurants are where it's at 1917. When it started it had no name. And that's article in the new restaurant and and what was so unique about it is Jimmy spam in a minute this back to one room. And and it's of them you know generations generations the scene for him when it started off. Is basically when the fishermen came back this'll get on the this year. And they would come back and they wanted to have some in the heat of course of a long hard day and they take their property guess which is discretion and care. Arista started making food right there. And B team. A restaurant. No named restaurant that's total started annual festival I mean I think this sensational that seaport district. In Boston. Has exploded. Over the last couple of years and I and be exploded not a girl last couple years. The last couple weeks keeps growing and it's continued to grow to that putting a new buildings and more villains. Parking is now premium there and pay your you have fuel price for the go have lunch or dinner. To the known him restaurant a Boston. The other a parking lot and the validate the parking so it does cost you and saying. Then who walked around seaport this could. If you beat that movements in the known restaurant again. Are there on the fish here fifteenth here's your losses store waterfront. Forget about the great wall restaurant root for Bedford mass that analysis plays well when I recommend. And with great walls passion dock with the sheriff's Daschle's office. Then either have a duck. Or hold doc. You know wanted to move right now. We're done with rules that who was such that we want to pencils so good the great wall restaurant. By the way they're readers' choice of the best Chinese using authentic turn it cruising around. We're fifteenth consecutive years. And their secret is just recently you have top rate professional chefs and use the highest products icing brilliance. And that's what makes the restaurants themselves to and say hi Alice we're the great wall restaurant 308 great rogue group war in Bedford mass. Warm those rare coins in New Hampshire. If you have they're going collection that your you know this whole month and you're thinking now maybe time to sell. He's the guy called. He's the guy called the few honest advice. I have seen Warren. In action. And I've talked to Warren throughout the years and it wasn't that long ago. You get a guy come into his office. In the upper New Hampshire that's where warn notices and again more troubles to convert. If either or going to turn up you're probably right the house. But this guy came in. And he told Warren I've done all my resources I note that point is worth 101000 dollars in market bigger penniless. So Warren takes a look at the corn. These doctors office for a few minutes and comes back Kennedy says look. Our plan to pay you 101000 dollars in your point however it's worth. 100000. Dollars was easier just 100000 dollars 101000 dollars. That's that's honestly. That's worn bills rare coins at New Hampshire. 80225726. War. That's 80225726. More rare points under after unborn girls. I think your quick break here come back it was a special guest as to wind down sort of like he. The king of the things though it. I don't officially opens at twelve noon but I'm seeing a lot to be insert right now especially those rice balls right on the corner where we are. Former grapefruit solved. Broadcasting live from the police to say Anthony drafting. Order a faster street and had a cup this is confidently and hopefully he would have thought was Thompson and my fourth wall here today. At the big piece of Saint Anthony case. Tell us sort of go how hard you've always wanted to. We get by TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK you know the voice of Boston. And welcome back could be sustained at these these ninety's hey. 98 and I can't believe it. 98 years there's concerts still. As we've been saying don't really really strong and what it's just like all of a sudden the with a summary for the organ of the streets are filling up. Or if if nothing else although these companies that are sold it makes us a little bit yeah I think yeah. All always. Eighteen to 67 after a long time and again that's an absolutely brutal aerial and everything we gates doesn't draconian this. Well I think I believe are your remarks in Grand Canyon through its gonna start getting now knowing me yeah. And that's all part of the fun. You know I know Joseph was your words as he goes I don't know why it's gonna blow don't know you don't want that I was here right out of trying to parlay their romance you know. It is what I enjoyed the fans come and threw it back and just that Justin joined in the event during the day. Based on I have a wonderful. Wonderful lady listening right now when there introduces a show I'd better on the part interviewed you before. She started working. The fleet of various stage with David Mancini about six years ago. And I she's just she's just a dear Emery how you doing I'm very. Harry good how are you and you just keep doing more wonderful things every year I try your very cool person and you sell and it's it's great if you'd be here but. What you're doing right now in almost brings tears my ideas and very special projects it and it's a tell our listeners a little bit about what you do. So I worked for companies who and we do with our rescued so I teach primary from elementary to high school. So it says one thing give them the learn how to. Give them. To be everything OK I want something. School I have fit sustainability and I can be comfortable income as where. Then out of courses do Thompson down at saint Anthony's feast in the north and as Mike went people and give it together back here at the studio. While the erred down at the north and Susan give back to them we will do just that. Still can you hear me. Yes they can perfect we're back on with you Gordon okay outside so in Emery just back up a little bit and continue on. So far for congress the which is located Intel says that and we do with a lot of apathy is viewed through. Purple and orange both of cocaine heroin. And some government prosecutor from our from the web and different times. So some of them come from abusive parents he says. Everything so we try to make their life a little easier. When it comes to every bit we're not a typical school. So we had kids who are kids and their behavior is by China get that if you think of another way of expressing how you fail I mean there was some of those rights donuts and cookies from a vigil. I'm doing right writing in portraying how does that encourage them to be an active member of society. But on the cookies sighing council in not allowing them learning about food delineate some nutrition meaning and they're also learning how to prepare. Right how to prepare for it they also learning math science but just I mean in fact I am I mean I think it really means is it hasn't IV. I value my time altogether outcomes and in the real world exactly but that but the fact that some of the difficult situations that these packets come from. Did it they can actually learn to prepare meals on their own and if they're if they're still in the difficulty. Though. I had one thing he never caught. Do you mean like Ali did everything it was like people have been. So we had like a game that he hates me back I'll let my front door everyday guy comes with little ultimately make anything. Then he went home with anything when it's hot but I think we came his father was an excellent front. You've done something that's actually like that I can't I couldn't tell the whole weekend is that he raped cooking and. All of this in the industry talking sometimes people communities programs and they have they have you know just this large. No grandiose site here and when you're dealing with is a simple improvement every day and some of these people's lives and better every everything exactly. And Murray if somebody wanted to. Donate to something a program like this what what could they do a thing if they really wanted to be. Well I'm making Hollywood comedies were accidental payable in street justice that. Or any impropriety. We're just we just it was his company's. Talk with Boston dot org. And it's great I tell you I grew up in the food business and winning here when I hear what you're doing. And some of the opportunities that you great check yourself being really appreciate it I love that I think kids. And I think if I can beat somebody and be happy with him. I'm happy that they could get. I'm Mary thank you for being here at the east Saint Anthony and I know believe the burial will be proud of some only itself represented them yankees though my head's thinking. That's not. Really an interesting story Stuart just the passion that she hasn't again. Your job is always great to make people happy. And then bring in its true food. Tom you know it's something that somebody I know with with some of these programs it's hard to get people to relate with people have to eat every guy. And you take somebody a young child at navy hasn't ever really had a decent meal. And now they can basically learned what to eat and how to make. It's it's it's seems so basic and yet this his children out there that don't have the skills. I'm all right well thank thank thank you very much coming by suffered by today I got coming up just few minutes on the sit down with Steven code. The industry restaurant in Dorchester and coming up in just the second day. Right now and still a time as the co owner State's kickoff today it but it's not suffered 2 o'clock today to a call it frustration starting to I'm glad because some on the stage right now on the reject it slowed that down bringing on the enough building something every hour on the hour so starting at 2 o'clock today and again it's it's it's a great place come in here and you have time which which I really like. If you'd asked the shafts. Questions. During the demo to this point it's time for a. M O'Neill when they had done it's not like even a big auditorium somewhere in the stench that's gonna walk down and you can sit sit there meaning they normally we'll stay as long as anybody wants ask my question. And can't ask for anything more than that you were you really can't. I tell against even echo from the industry restaurant here just seconds I sat down with him on a Friday right after his cooking demonstration and talk to move out. His big win over the Food Network on television just recently I have like two weeks ago that episode aired. And that is all hush for a little while. You know and we'll talk about that coming up the wall struck by the industry great place steaks and just second term as a restaurant dazed look you're one point nine Wilmington right there. About two miles offer route nine. 149. In Wilmington. Now I would recommend. Couple things on their menu. I'm Nico we in my mind have them go win there and they've been a pizza children. What about the polls pizza this in the halted. Style pizza. And make it right there in their wood off. And that would open you'll see in the restaurant it's right here in the real restaurant and we it's almost the centerpiece really to win there. Art Margarita it's. How about hand crushed tomatoes on toppling of mozzarella hazel Romano cheese. Burger Rick hello. Tells me that what pizzas kind of like a personal thing to him. And to a lot of people so would you like to do is you know it's only come in theirs and they want this and they want that. And only wants to do is make you happy you can do what you want. And get it right the way you wanted to he just wants to make you say yes that's what I want. Now that's as far as it's. As far as their regular menu is concerned. While there's some special this is from the pan roasted chicken breast. Two they've raised beef short routes. And I'm in the mood for short routes right now. That's up and I strike public there brisket Mac and cheese off worn out. And even have meatballs. And quick glow doesn't doom like your typical meat ball away no no no kind of like he cries and quickly. And then he has his own America is on sauces that go on top of that so when he deep crisis and he is that that little more clued in on the outside a little more were crossed a little more growth breakthrough flavor. It's it's just something different something unique Trammell is a restaurant today. Route 129 to low road in Wilmington closer to cafe in data. Cafe tremendous. And thank god. Gave one of the simplest reviews I've ever seen in my life but it got right to the point. They say cafe Trammell is so at 566. High street that a user review and we summing up in three words. Creative. And excellence. It gets right to the point doesn't it. So either one of those are judged right but what about the China blossom per month torn by the north bend over going there. They're all getting Chinese buffets they have a lunch and dinner buffets seven days a week. They're buffet has primary of great sushi and so much more that's the China loss number one point five in North Andover where we'll have Jolie voices. Are seeing impressionists. He'll be there in September 17 tickets are now on sale. If you like ticket you call 866745. 1167. That's 8667451167. And of course when we do shows there are always includes heroically Chinese play. Yes we get to monies worth right here in the gets into a great show and we have a star studded comedian won the best comedians I work with a longtime movie opening up for George. They are more about that next week on the restaurant program which could order tickets right now go to our website we get bites dot TV. That's an easy way who are right on line with a bright spot to do not miss that show all the seats are great. And it only holds about a hundred people maybe a 110 folks to got to get tickets soon to get in there and we get ignored ticket now and then. You may have family members or friends the wanna come in just on the wanna be at your two would get him in there almost right after the day of the show. All right joy voices with China Boston September 17 all right other to kick it over to me. I think that's the easiest thing to do because on Friday I sat down with Stephen co of the industry so I'm missing me just take it away. Joining me now is another one of those champions this over the food network's the decode the industry indoors that's to tell everybody what you just recently. Achieved on the through Childress who achieved the grill masters champion. And that's a big deal it is a pretty big deal and that episode aired about I think about two weeks ago yet two weeks ago up. Where's it wasn't like filming that what was it like prepping for that a lot of difficulties fitting it all but I'd strides and up and tried to plan for a but I could. Now it's want to open that box it carried in my mind you know zone robbing. Pretty tense but they're fun events but he gets doom but it's also at the same time. Your nerve wracking because you don't know what to expect that yeah it's W some curve balls and it was pretty intense but it also and I always find it difficult to like. I'm excited just a lot of competitions. And I'll sit there and I I consider myself like. One of those judges gonna say okay why you didn't use this term I mean I I don't know why don't care about I just with tastes good and you get all different people. At a church who it was tough to prepare for everybody's face lets you don't know. He had spirited it's sick it's doubly tricky but trying to you know he passed with a lawyer out and they IDs going out this. They can make him out mile event but this is pretty incidents are right you want yeah yeah right. I don't know the car up yeah. My guys no injuries athletic. But enough for the boot to that big win yes. Billowed vacant I did I did I became the two dozen fifteen bigger world champion. What does one have to do with them they could rules that allow customers must of a beacon for all long week that's who was last man standing cooking bacon now as the guy. Brought home the bacon. They brought a quick but do you smell bacon on your clothing for like weeks yeah I'd in Muncie Nagin really unity here. Gadgets that we just built the public television episode on brought plants policy that we found is delicious right plans along that that claimed highways here which I just yeah. I probably got about 4050 Randy I so I'm I'm squaring off that remarkable if you write it so much talk about the industry or. And she's not just dove in Kabul two months ago. And it would stay does pretty intense. DOS DOS which Canon. I stakeouts at stake but let's talk about things Woodstock busting I think that's eliminates competition on I. I lost it and do and the problem is that we haven't done right and had to go to the supermarket where the stuff that. It's not going to be the same now. Governor what do you do to make the stakes there's so awesome beach I get best quality and as local as possible gains. We do a lot. Basting. We see here and we arrest Terry in modern nerves dressing garlic. That are out to element that's coming a little bit what would you recommend for me as far as the state. Ago the the rip. On offense all fought relative dobbs oh wow you know I mean if you're happy on revised and it's at reviving yeah that's that's my favorite. I know it's a little bit like it was a look that bad got to cut out that's rove flavors all that's going Megan that we pounded out in the video is going up patrol. The fatty part. Be rare for me yeah the perfect that is under crunch burrito reduce immigrants it's from ten except for its art. Industry is the name of the restaurant street Dorchester and you need reservations. Recommended on the weekends as we haven't sent it yet and street. That's great jet on the weekends but let's let's get some folks in their during the beginning of the week now I mean we do include. Yes I'm service restaurant that we do yeah. We promote they'll pull a truck oyster soup on Monday's. Bomb and yet bucket shop. Part of what. We have this debate amongst us and I am not an oyster person I don't get now Mike. Think Mike loves oysters any he gets in wherever he goes at. And I'll tell you our staffers that he is the either love oysters but yet still light opera ball well but grills. So it is like a flapper Rockefeller. We have to do rock of our our locker room bigger unit announced it. Lot of that's even better sausage Janette fennel pollen so yeah so they industries the restaurants the vehicle thank you very much for coming down. That it feast of Saint Anthony didn't culinary tent and we'll talk to you sir and congratulations and that they went through tonight. AM Mike I got to ask your question we were filming in at the black cat tavern. In Hyannis what was the oysters shot that we we get together. You lose it was a raw oyster and they mixed it with their spicy bloody Mary mix still hated it. Act like I'm still what about you always a person or not. Mediocre announces mediocre so that's 5050. Yeah I don't need him a lot. Probably it's less it's more opportunity than. It and make money in my pretty fussy so it's become like a fine line means less competent people talk about the flavoring in the taste and I don't get it what. But why might that might is that kind of the whole audience that tasting of it but then. Sourcing good ones it's. You know when you have people like we're just talking about military doing it straight. I would prefer to have a slice of Regina it's a well I'd be right there with you now what about you Mike and oyster. Personally Regina and it's a welcome William Wrigley can duel both DC have you oysters first and then the pizza see that. A little surf and a zillion. Yeah I don't know whether it's get your oyster even grilled that I mortality and said. When he said he grew because the phase I can always colonel Michael that's exactly what I want to that decision and eat it. I we're gonna take a quick break here we'll come back on the other side wrap things off as the event is just about to kick off as far as the fans are concerned the same should be. Making its approach and kind of coming down the streets in just seconds already start to fill up and all the shots into the all up and going a lot of food being served right now. A lot of I guess I get sick I'm looking over down here with a servant with his service and food and I could see people actually taking their cellphones I'd take a picture of all the food that their service. And that's a sign it because some great who. This really is in town. I so many kids here are ready early in the day Phillies are walking around is little ice cream stands and just just a fun time and now. And nice activity. And suited to embrace being right next to me so I wanted to go get one of those. Mike Tyson tattoos on your brace for maybe get a wicked fight that tooth you know what could bite. Get through it a little olive oil under political burial and a group only fight I see female Lewis Hubbell from Regina pizza he's walking through the crowd you know we'll get it in the inlet here are the coming up so wrapped things up with us with a quick break here this portion that's brought you by the village restaurant and Essex. I think Jackson threw 133 and 22 it has six mass Joseph listen the wicked fight radio. And peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have the beverage is you know it would although food that's famous and then at leopard Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's still in the restaurant and they broke and Nashua. Remember how mommy yesterday if favorably on him a wet as we get their grip the putter all week. Or anything of it. Well. These days mom is too busy and I'll be doing. Lucky for you this book irons you can be like when mom with me in the kitchen rock every once fate. Made some really tight family recipe you can even take mama a couple arms. So you can do it great that came. Out straight from the knock them. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But can't really do it there's one place that does. Fully pro west that I take. And bosses north then righted the gateway to the north that now they've got great cuisine you know about that. But what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party or get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the North End like this. Fully post second floor function rooms have been renovated. And they boast the floor to ceiling windows that over to Boston Harbor the bustling city scene and even. The USS constitution. In order they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe tourist on these telephone number 617. 742. 41. Fourth theory. I'll warrant also reference to capture the last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield. I hope someday meet you and help you with your rare coins gold sold or any forms of bullying or pay them money I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news mattered publication. So let my expertise comes to help you catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN. The home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems with the advice radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. Well we'll still how I feel like our next guest ever on the Marlins fan is that right after. I mean it's got especially good with Earl Martin van. When introduce our bodies have we get these guys here from Regina pizza and and it knew that he was hearing and Lewis novels have probable. So I don't wanna run good very brilliant had a busy times that on Thursday this year and everything else strength it's pretty crazy I mean to alleges Enron outside since Thursday. Friday was excellent Saturday. Today you'll finish it off but I think it's not a great day it's been X. Let's go out as always have a Melissa is a don't know tell us what McCain is doing outside. While on the outside we have a slice in on one hand and then you have your original Regina we have aligned go inside. Yeah we went outside yachts which we who advertises that out small pieces. And that you have on a stand up area we have Meserve. Beer wine. I parry TV and Amaro and yes him. And you cannot let things like a claim little teeny while you can on Iraq army TVs. Slices small pieces in and out. And loses all lewis' recipe Willis. Yes it's been very good weekend it's not very good week and again the weather you cannot be Melissa's this and now spoiled fumble we ask oil. This is great Wheaton on the the six melodies and equipment that does it speak for yourself. Toyota and as the over there and ask my feet left Cincinnati awhile ago is little when we have been running on the outside and yachts known. As a as a profound change what people eaters that pretty much what they know lead in the I think I think generally speaking it's sort of like the park crowd and the dining crowd right to sit down there is what you expected today. And then in the beer garden which is our nickname for it. You have a lot of people standing up enjoying it rather eat appetizers. Some people are getting pizza slices its residents to get him. Still it's adjusting on the standup fight area. Other beer got an is that we have music we we we provide our own music but when the audience in this point it's beautiful yes the end India icy icy couples in that it. As you can see the stock go to look like because articles in their eyes a look at them each other and it sure it can ogle my god and everybody did that. Many in the same way every team here is yeah. We need him it's easy little here tonight. He has got every decision you look up and that is not easy to building. Easy complains. All the flowers aren't it's a good actress and the biggest concern we have is now trying to turn the tables though look like they don't want you had media like to write your article but I'm only an hour. Yesterday I've as a matter of fact yes that he was the first time in how many years you've done this and I actually sat down for an outlook when friends of mine. And I was looking back I'm like oh my god this you're gonna wanna get up and you have looked at me that I realize that it will back the word family you know this US beer. What is it inside or outside outside outside so expect that you know everywhere. Talks about having a real Regina pizza from the original eleven this is the place to noted they come down and he's the Saint Anthony will be here to late this evening. Stop by and see Lue and Anthony had there at right average CNET and what can I say fire I don't know I talked about all these years they started 1926 and a fleet of aerial here out of the year as we get her bony sat in the eighteen hundreds. Lewis some repeats that you've made this week your own mind. Let's where approaching 101000 deaths and a pretty close now. And any you know they're not gonna go to Fenway Park is here and you right now everything Trulia that is letting guys that's been all weekend too with you know Baltimore entire town yeah I am slightly as a lot of slice of Virginia's the ball game yesterday did you they're Red Sox could only score all the sudden you guys who really great news. But that's great that we realized in the day this is ten years we've been doing that outdoor piceance. Yup I yachts are right. That's it's very very very good and it would very fortunate in we have a great product and we encourage him with a come down and I think the biggest thing. Being the official pizza the Boston Red Sox is. Very very good. It's excellent so it's up. We're really worked so far I love just watching when you open up your run back to street about a half hour we over the line goes right around the corner yet it's not just now. Right it's like smoke all day here Tuesday states is really dig down we get great staff and keep the quality product and service and that's what lettuce and out but we have. Maintained that he has not always clearly carried every one to come down to the three and a half days we have extended scene. That extended seating this guy had I guys I want to thank you very much and let you get back to work you got to wrap breaks up here just a few moments and the marching band just went through silly it is more fans coming through this video football game afterwards hero out of the other one of the outlook thank you very much Scottish schools. Thank you and thank you your happiness I don't act thank you very much I isn't against you that's gonna wrap things up here make it to I was just flies by so quickly. When we hear it appears to saint Anthony's I heard there were really come on down open until 10 o'clock tonight here in the north at a cost of that's right it's easy to park it's easy to get public transportation. And this money were I had a great week everybody see it next Saturday or Sunday morning at 10 o'clock right here and what advisory. We can place radio with.