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You're listening to win it by its radio the only place that lets you will be approved for Sunday's afternoon on WRK total boys of Boston. And welcoming everybody's got with me today to well. We'll just so I can go a lot to talk to you about today. Because I just that might seven days. Aboard. And I do mean to you to read on there it was lonely Iran you know but yeah I think with the but it was acquired it who has courted. The configure the air conditioner produce those and that's what books but other than that it was a good down button makes it who. The daily struggle whether the you could give a good time yeah we did and we had you know large group that went with the from Boston to Bermuda on this cruise to. I went to what I considered one of my favorite steak house. Is not the basic as the seed you know. Well a couple of good but I can I beg you just I did when he announced Almonte as you do via I almost. Almost almost as if I didn't start off with these these shrimp cocktail. Jack Daniels like what is ours what puzzles. Yeah they're up but it was Jack Daniels and balloons different. I didn't start off with that. I may have finished which annoys the win at this labels must have been Jumbo shrimp oh you're the C you're holding off for dessert. He's a similar pics floating around item Oakland too short for what he wanted. A my son Tyler. He took on the 32 ounce supporter house and be as good their metabolism. Yeah that is but you know it myself at peace come on how large it was. My can be finishes that they get future bright red as my only question about the amazing number of places don't give teachers of these pictures just eat your meal. That's a that's right. But you know a lot of people recognized me from the YouTube video open from around the country fantastic that anyone on the Norwegian dawn watched the segment that we did that we filmed last year even on board and it was one of the coming up you use the YouTube guy. You two should be YouTube. And and you know they got into some conversations that lot went to a lot of specialty restaurants on board sure. And they all want to talk about food and a couple people recognizes from TV show the 0111. Person came up to me he says. You know. That these restaurants are what she used to going to I'm like. He wants to show the field we we go everywhere these these do actually have you know China aware it's a paper plates that yeah oh yeah. I agree agreement that is that the way it was nice actually follow that hurricane opened back up the coast. So when we were leaving on Tuesday it was set sail for a couple of couples it and drafting opportunity that we look at that went around the opposite way it's that it went directly back to Boston. Sure we went around Bermuda so we got like a tour and that'll ever notice. Retort was voted on Atlanta's that the hurricane Quetta in front of us and I think 1112 which sees the next day. It didn't feel it and it was very very comfortable one short of the of the stabilizer which I didn't realize the ship did a nice stabilizes so we really didn't rock much and then the following. It was just like. Tools will you couldn't you couldn't ask for better the book there was not even ripple in the ocean it was just spectacular. In there of course Rupp Bermuda move not human with the you got humans and the water is just you know we go there. Crystal clear blue moon 87 degree water. You were told me some before we started about when he went into the caves yeah and the water is what you have sixty some. 65 feet deep in the crystal caves when a target a couple of tours while I was there. We weren't you know filming for ten hours a day which was I mean I don't know what I should Carroll posted a picture viewer at the beach with a drink heavily and oh yes he does have the film like all day long and missed every relaxing part. I had a drink packets at discovery in turn the whole. Which is like a Pina colada but they use camera. All burned just love those and they're going to go to yep totally went to the caves who is I think it's called crystal caves and and from the ship that was about. Thirty. Five minute ride maybe 45 minute right somewhere in there to introduce the other side from where we're staying on the on the islands like 24 miles long. I'll buy it like that and it's why it's more maybe a mile welcome your so it's really. Thin island to take joy while the speed limits like torn 25 miles an hour an entire room. To text while you trip side. To go to crystal caves and the water in this case. With seawater loop that actually comes up that is affected by the tides. But he still clean because there's no light tickets through me that that you can actually see the bottom. Of the cave and somebody dropped at one point there there's self respect and you can actually read. Earned the model. That's funny to a brand ones that's a man and and heroic villain or how how do you think that is and is now about eight feet ten. You know try 6560. Phones feat that's how clear as but and it was just really kind of but a fun time and it's more going on a ship wreck won't cut it would see couple ship wrecks out. Out about ten island about 510 miles now sure offshore. And one was from like the 1930s. I am one was when the old. The distinction with a paddle wheels in the that the you know wheels on the back. From the eighteen hundred's I think that. Went down. Let's get to see that experience and tons of fish and doing the shows. I went to a couple of the shows yet they. Some of the axis chase second city is there Newcastle second study. Went to that show they I didn't get a chance when we were there last time I was talking about this earlier knew they had these these acrobats from France. And we did see them in some of the shows last year the when they do the introduction showed kind of shows you over the entertainment and the closing finale show the other victim and but I didn't go to there. If they have their full show last year Luke wrong border when on this time direction and they were amazed. Absolutely amazing list that decease those really kind of a fun time. You know and gets in the mood thinking about well where you wanna cruise next. You know and I was thinking like if I had to take another group. You know because we that was the first crews that we've taken as a group and probably 23 years moved as of and so this. And I you know I kind of missed doing it but I don't like taken large groups that work has to be become. To encourage you have running with future a little over fifty. As a survivors of a solution we've capped that and I think that was a great size because then you get to know people and get to see him at dinner you sure talk to him. In Paul's jet trying to ring to a hundred people look at when you get a hundred people. It's tough you know to it and plus I mean we've had. Groups of two and it makes those dinners a little harder harder right. And as we get to know who you know and really get to spend some time with what really all of them just in the you know the the greatest who among world. They that's like. That's what makes I think our groups of two fondness is everybody gets in which are short and I was talking to come over passengers that were just on a cruise about. About a month and a half ago moved and that's it you know the crews were wrong was great. The ship was Ramallah everything was great moved its kind in this. Not having the group run. Just to say hi Emma and the hall not just to know that this is that it is for in the face from back right back home you know. And in broad enough and when that need as we did a couple things we actually did bingo at C this year we brought our own little bingo game don't. And we did that on board with our group we had a couple of dinners in some cocktail parties. As we a lot of fun do do Los Lobos I did las yes they did that one of the first nights we were there looks I love that the street corner. It's been testing and yeah but I took the lazy man's what route to a with the pick they shot the court via I don't know that I would you like it and I said. Guess I guess I could be lazy it's funny you say that I was Pacino and Burlington. Last week and we ordered street court. And I was just expecting it as I've always got it on the cob with the cheese nonstop and it comes out a plate. All prepared the same women go or what's gonna choose. 00 that you strict court. She's like it's like a lazy man's way ago. It's meant to stick immediate chips with that oh it was great I'm on the panel moral order on the cob anymore now that it's just that it spoils you weren't the. And I look at the they come by and they made guacamole that one right we're tables table soda and it's the night setting. The beautiful Russert I didn't do ridiculous that oh on the record of it and anymore anyway to overlook it you know. Because we just having a great time bill was it was I would just and by the pool like that last day when all of us you know in the coming through and just any doctorates. Are gonna say no when it's like 85 degrees and right through it buyer pool. It's it's a hydration thing at that point yet seen yet that been plotting those down right it's a little bit at Russian and that was probably the biggest problem I had it's not what your start talking about maybe maybe doing some you know some other cruises again was short and folks with smaller groups with directors. And I was like I'm an abuse and open up the phone lines and road as a top sure if you had to go on like a bucket list cruise. Places that you would like to see. You know where would they be. You know what your bucket list that made the funny thing is my bucket list as is places I go on sale to before right and it's it'll. Who I am and I love you have to sailing to Italy and all those Portuguese floored she got Rome Rome was like. My top two cities in the entire world in Roma won loads. You know they're just spectacular cities and and then you've been on a Naples and and you see Pompeii. And and spend time in this this you know this the city that was really on earth about a hundred years ago we discovered. And need to walk on their streets to see where the actual way that does that horses went on their streets right. And horseback to have the wheels and I don't know if there were metal wheels or maybe whatever that would add that they have the cool rooms moved from the where. On the track well kind of right into the stone or troubles though it's and you could see all that whispered into walk and some of the old. You know these the old homes at that time and some booms still had preserved paint on the walls paintings pulled and then you go into these you amp appears. That are just enormous wherever you lived and then right down the street from there it is herculean which I think is even more spectacular loop you know it's much smaller. I mean it's probably. Smaller than. Then then pomp pay an owner of Pompeii the city. You know I'd bet in that city is probably 80000 people up short at that time maybe more room and a herculean is is of what was. Or Roman. Resort on the ocean home so. Big high class top class you know. So almost hotels they type of thing shore and in some of the you operative home and into the homes paintings on the air and run it who is just incredible much smaller but it's like you know 510 minutes away. From Pompeii and you know you beat them last summer's upon pay Manet that was which is behind it which destroyed it. Was actually smoking. Or the yeah let's go right now line though but picked the right century to be here right but it was you know that to me. You know it is is a buck elects if you let this a lot of us at one time. And and you know Venice that is a slight disappointment because it's smaller and united. You know he just I thought it would be a lot more than wasn't it wasn't for me. And who but I have also sell to and from Italy into the Greek isles short. You know which is which is really nice and be the only problem I have what I wanna do cruises like that. For me personally. Is very little sea days. Spoken like Wendy you your earn points the next day you wake up your world. But it must sold is that something when you when you take the crews to you you still over there right yet you still reports reports about must be a while to get from well you flyover over that just throw that you'd you'll still from from here today right gently fly over to Barcelona open because I report of a certain kind of a couple weeks of sales pace. When I was on the cruise ship ours watching on happenings going on Barcelona's four island that I've been on that street treasurer you know. I've been on knees where they had the other thing about six six months ago right a year ago. I've been on that street you know. But see you know Barcelona and that waterfront district is is just is just the gorgeous loop gorgeous. Shops that Manson and so much to do. It's a spectacular side and I'm. Start maybe it would throw open lines open today apple really have any real topics today is I'm just getting back into the group with the thought that you know and that's double you know open performance giveaways in great history it's I mean. I do have some great gifts we do. And you know we did the fried clams show. Yesterday I was just listen while you were away yes we we did fried clam frankly I'm highway from Russia and its price that incredible Alley fried clams on route one. 33. Way move produces the best little I mean even a roadside stand Lou. You and it seems like every roadside stand. Seems to try to outdo the other. And I and I did my segment and this is one gets there it's are we giving away at the clamp walks video. I've. To be there are in the crime box supporting care for Lou you know the lines were like. Down the street and McGwire people week right Ryo 45 minutes to an hour now and then we went in the wee films. I'm Tony those wearing I I don't know who will. Best fried clams I think for my votes or is going to be the plan box the when you went to the wire with our leaders are beating them. As a village restaurant can't stop eating those or but different restaurants the Claire boxes more you know if for those who have been there you know. He eat it it's basically. The food establishment set in a clam bar it's an actual -- books I write and you go to counter. And you order move but they keep you why clients move to fill books I'll look at the and 203040. I don't know how many were there a wasn't counting those receiving. But if you noticed between when I started the unity which it right and when I finished it I think they're probably about twenty and that is still that that it. But whether the secret to that the bush sleeper if you will on the menu is a lobster world lobster roll with a lot of I was not expecting that to come mobile like as excellent as it wants. Yeah with the I tell me that they use you know these claw and tell me. You know most places use that filler. And and and they toast the buns. Now I love toasted buns and hot are wrong when it simple. And real problem I had. Was I went back in anger we you know on the elected intro it's up outside the lobster role was sitting there yup. And writing get a chance to eat so awesome in my mind in an omen that the couple things I don't turn them Boca barbecue swaps. When we're filming. I got happens so estimated mobster who out of roll all one right. I could meet the book I would've loved to have moved the toasted bun but I just could make them. If you madame but yet that was the real sleeper for me up real surprise. There. And then of course the village restaurant and Essex scores a phenomenal job and came in BB. Who will join us and how that just enjoyed all of the the foreign and then there were two times that we had those restaurant and Essex. Sitting outside. Oh yeah which is what did you do right. Don't you we filmed outside the whole episode was outside yeah. There was a point where like oh we should go into they have really cool bar in there we've. Then permitted I guess we have to go back with the that's that's the thing would. I I don't think I'm a step one foot inside. But the actual part of the restaurant we sat out an app that beautiful patio that that the rookies had built couple years ago when and there's several tables outside and it just it just. Is just beautiful day there really wasn't locked down on the on the weather and and then right down the street was featured woodlands which of course I mean you can't do fried clam episode without. Featuring the inventor of the fried clams exhibition yeah and and what. Again for me. Their front Kaiser report good move though but I go to photo ops. The L little hung understands it's basically larger now has plenty of tables. But it's its service and you go to it that the window and you order but outside red on the street if you amid the woodlands and one tower maybe never in the woodlands and Essex. They actually have lobsters I don't know what they do an all time I drove by. The day or so after we film and they were doing it again that day this table outside and the cook the lobsters outside. And there's there's a whole bunch you know sitting out there when you know refuted just come up and grab in their already cooked. I saw that in not only segment I didn't know they did that hospitals really really cool and that's a nice little feature they're in the western power option that they I'd done it it was there was massive. 45 minutes I sat there and I waited for because we've seen ten pound lobsters but I've never seen one quote before the tail was. Hugh huge and then when he was trying to make it into a lazy man's lobster he's basically taking this in in the sword right felony caller but I Sheffield all and just you know going at the clause the break into the call it's shameless ought to go and an easy thing to do. But you I love lots at this time a year the soft shell offices that that their little sweeter. You know and and there were a lot that I got to tell the difference between a male and female lobster. But yeah are we learned that every year when we can on the cape my family has a little less old little flip it overlooked provable that and I forget every year basically details a little requirements of debt that the rim that that that's good enough for me that's all it is yeah. And then after that we went down to I JT farms Lou we did. In an in Essex lonely spot for outside all right there on the marble tables on the you know the march. Bring us that that shows yesterday and if you missed it will shame on you first of all. We're on every Saturday morning at 930 on us that's the Red Sox station which is. Red Sox in first place right now so you can't miss a can't miss Lawson can't miss the Sox brought over on to mark to Pia we are on encore presentation so if you missed it. Set your DVR. Stay home. Are we during the eclipse. I don't know in the eclipses is is like tomorrow rhetoric around sometimes doubly great to be inside. The obvious you feel like it's my time are you now look at an eagle watch wicket by its on us in a case 2 PM tomorrow. Do not miss is that fried clam episode and against him. And DB from morning show on WRK over there to help us out 2 PM okay carried out and then next week we're gonna be each card tapped it cunard cunard cunard. And I have to say the amount of those takes we had on that episode for all the miss pronunciation still yes cunard Q however cunard which is owned by though front row which is what it is beautifully both sun and and it seems like for our Rowling's. They have between all the crap that I know I know I don't even know all right because there's there's there's an of his nephews and yet they ever have a lot. Is that there is probably at least a dozen rats able via that this family you probably know at least one of the restaurants yeah Robin and but this what is an East Boston moved it by the shipyard area yes and they open it up oh I would say probably couple months ago. And a little key and don't do it all the time when there royal one of the pad their brand. I like patty the most beautiful or drinks and yet the yeah ZU. Basically see a little bit of the water boom. Tall you can tell he's got rid across the Boston Harbor and you look one way could see that you know the Braves then bridging look the other way it's some planes coming it. So it's it's a nice little spot and what what makes it if I win and I think we may have talked of but I know we talked a little bit about it. On the show. Phillips. I think his grandfather and he owned that building and decision which moved. And they basically took them some of the tools and had them like me into that the reception desk yet dribbles off. The whole place just has so many different little winks and nods to the area of the culture of his family. You know. She even though the neighborhood as a whole. The dishes are named after day from you know burrows in the neighborhood you like you said the reception desk is his father's old cutting board know what cutting board. The handle to the door is is a cast made of his grandfather's original handle hammer. It's just little cool winks and nods although the screwdriver beer taps in a leather. Yeah I mean things that you wouldn't think of necessarily and I and what it was really nice. Was the way they spoke cunard you know in lights is not the most gorgeous and I have you know a lot of you because I know when I was so when I took a lot of different images from different angles that night and like to uphold the must he must be really pretty soon. Yes focused on the quote while we were were filming the a lot it's one of the most popular things for people like pick against a grim pictures. Well I think a pitcher and it's it's it's perfect. Adobe next Saturday morning 930 and that's me all right I got a lot more to tell you about in the feast that's going I believe it or not. Starts this Friday in Boston feast of saint Anthony's in and on Friday we have some caller show us a rundown our lineup. Opera with invites tent and then three weeks from today will be. Who would it's always sad part for me but it's one of the biggest events of the year is they have to receive food festival but I always associate that with the into the summer. And I think we can breathe for a week for. But we're vehicle league and yes I'd to Chinatown restaurant is located student athletes and William one's place that look at a route 27 cops course shopping plaza. And the first thing you know as we knew walking into their restaurants all of their legacy kitchen. That's the first thing you see as you open the front door is the kitchen. And if the kitchen is seen and that's your first impression you better believe it's going to be spotless. Wait TC. I mean I talk we talk about Norwegian dawn I mean they probably have just as much stainless steel as the Norwegian dawn I mean it's a large kitchen. And even have their own smoker. And they produce these Chinatown ribs. That take four hours to prepare their so meet either so juicy there is nothing nothing like them. I mean this is a superb Chinese restaurant. You know and I watch it go inside to lease or William long four's Chinatown. You don't have to go into Boston finally replaced like this chart towns located in stone are route 27 a Cobbs corner shopping plaza. All right records New Hampshire Warren males you know Warren is in kind of like a buying. Spree right now token you. He travels the country looking for rare chords in pace from the highest prices and so if you are rare coin collection that you're saying. You know one. I think Monica Seles now. No but he got some accounts and at some what do I have I don't really know. Luckily but this will mills there's warned meals records in New Hampshire and if you're rare coin collection he is. Large enough for ray or not he might just run right to your home then take a look at then so be thinking about selling. You rare going to of the colder so. We're just where you know Paul warn mills river points and New Hampshire 80225726. That's 81857. Hi this portion which by trade has brought to buy dot com cost the company. Gay go right to the factory after the dance fox in the world violence they. He knows them. Deals most of them I would tell you about bombs some sausages and a great battle Filipinos lost them. Located just offer route 93. In Summerville. Yes that you're at and and who want to groups. And that's about it anyway when it goes but now I know I gotta take a break but if I alluding Vegas that it doesn't wicket by its radio. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK elbow voice of Boston. Really good thing about that. He knows pasta factory in Somerville I believe there in North Andover today there's a farmer's market going on for next couple of hours and I knew. He's got a monster right there you don't have to go to Somerville today they're closed anyways we'll move on Sunday is their deposits. Go right the factory in Somerville and if companies want. Just thrown in your freezer and their form a quality awesome quality of protest and if you wanna see for yourself just stopped in to the north and to restore market. Or check out dean's pasta factory there website and it they go to a lot of farmers markets and it was where they I love their cheese please revelers. Simple easy to on the veterans sauces. I finished my so bull you don't need many have my last day of their facility the other night and it was so so good obviously hope. I can't just go back to the supermarket I've become spoiled again there's so many places that of this formula Alpine butcher that we just have the segment our FaceBook live. And like Ali I gotta go there it's more stakes still. Yeah I'm looking at FaceBook live right now some of the comments that are coming in it's someone went to San top dios thought it's overrated wasn't all that great. This is just on FaceBook live with it bites TV on FaceBook and whom and to be able to join the conversation and you watch Mike and myself right now. And could comment and answered some questions as CEO my buddy Chris Wright uses is watching this right now from the lazy dog scenario either Cole was. Allen and Irene had they were with us on the crews there and they're checking and they sit by the way they're going on the Norwegian list next November. Through the Panama Canal that is familiar revolving door at the again these are some of the conversations that are going on right now. On week it bites TV on the FaceBook. I I think we're gonna open up the phone lines right now please do I've done I've done enough talking I think I've caught up for the week. I'm trying to get back on. At a vacation mode time loop which I don't really want to you never want to. That's called being an adult. That 12 days hasn't it taken that afternoon that. Ultimately can hear. And demand a long time. As for the best part cruising the back take an afternoon nap enormous anything right you know I don't miss anything at all. I let's over phone lines right now. Let's continue some of the themes that we've been talking about on today's program if you had a bucket list where you like to go our crews are love to know that has. And now put that into my thinking if we're gonna do another cruise a places the knew the people wanna go with it NC and again love to have you come with us and join part of our group capsule also it's a fried clams the best fried clams in the world we give you the Essex area. We that we took the the crash course of a clam highway there. We kind of or we're rank amateurs I wouldn't say experts right now so now Heidi and though the rest the rest of Nolan wrote it. We we we took a snapshot where we felt. You can't get any better it's it's pure haven't shortened down but I'm sure you have places for fraud clans will open up the lines for that also. Very simple question now is like when I do this where did I know last two weeks and when I do that. I just hear more like seasonal places in Soviet help us out here's the number to call 800. No it's not a hundred on march of time it'd it 888 there we go 4346464. How's that. 888 points accurately it was better yet just the 8884346464. My son Tyler is in there answering the phone and I'm sure he's I don't know he's he did you eat much the next day after he had a 32 rounds. Or less emotion and having a state that big is you know kind of usual for a couple days so you can just concentrate on the drinking right. What you know on and which when you have to implement drinking baggage is the important part of the group and I apps or for fried clams for the next month eyes I think I have good. I think legal while I'm over illegally and now. It's good because you don't value meter. We need your help today so. Any of those questions and again the appraisers and repeat it to remain ties got to take your name and address off there because every hour at random. We award dinner yesterday noon and some of the biggest idiots that we're gonna give away today and I love all this to there all what I would call summer places the clam box and Ipswich and Bel I'll see who's fantastic and he winds up the village restaurant and Essex and and in that your rooms outside. Captain Carlos and polar awesome place so we got a lot of great places that will be giving away on today show callers at random. So this is where we throw it open to you who's gonna step up and be first on today's program their place of fried clams. Or where he dined over the last two weeks union critic right now appraisers saying from pizza to gore may here's the number to call. 888. 4346464. And if your cellphone callers try to get chart right away who first time callers. I love in the first time caller caller I I think I've bumped into so many people that listen to this show you and the thing I've never called that. Why them. And us and every week I've never called me you know I'm too shy to Detroit it's not hard to do know I mean it's like talking on the phone. The good old buddies over here a beautiful and I we have smoke lines right now view. Again this the best time of the show to get on because as the show. It's going to turn of the lines high up and I'll tell you when the lines fill up and when the call shore but right now I need your help. 88843460. Fours 64 is the number to call. Dom sausage company and mauled in who had Riverside park in mall and Betsy go for what might. Great great the best steak tips I mean I I don't throw that the best around too often. But they are the best tips period period period period that whether you go to Malden pick them up which I suggest because so much to do and they. And take home a few industries he packs. So perhaps we'll never go wrong absolutely it's not binding only meet gold in your back you freeze them down on one and that's what it is. You know they've been operation for seven years and they know what they're doing to seventy plus years of atlas yes it's a post. Full service butcher and also Delhi and you go and they can also grab a couple bites for lunch. Or represent Zorn has that you could be right there in the supermarket or shall I say what you do some shopping yet sausage company in mall that. The noun a restaurant is right there on. Boston's historic waterfront in the seaport district airmen with a known name restaurants seem like there was not much around there for many many years and boy has that changed. I mean it is really changed over a short period of time that seaport area has just expanded and blown up and they keep going away parking Rogers. So you wanna go when he needed some of the restaurants and in that area good luck finding a parking spot. But it's like it's a double edged sword that yet they're taking away the grudges but they're adding restaurants so it's an erratic. 25 story apartment builder is and just it's just. Like like every day or turned out Americans and not a no name restaurants or the next or special. It's not all that. Expense of the governor's casual it's you'd die he's been around since 1970s. And again they know they go and they've been there forever. And they have free parking and free parking right they just bring in your little you pull into that little. Who appear area where they are they're the only restaurant alana map here and there's a little parking lot right there and go away you park your car. And you get a little little ticket unity and use them step on the way out of your free parking Russia or dinner not at all and that pays for dinner right there. But I ask if you didn't get a spot I mean that probably more is editor of I was owners and I was in Boston a couple of weeks ago Micah park where two and a half hours who and that generally in that area you know 75 dollars nights. Yes not a nice place us. That was a good to get to see the money. So the Google owned buildings. And nothing about the China loss in the north and over ago they're about all I can eat Chinese buffet by the levee of Jolie voices there scheduled for September 17. Cool and though that show is now on says you go to with the bites dot TV scroll down to the bomb the page. And Igor tickets right there. Joliet is just incredible performer and I love doing that room because it's like it's smaller room. You love doing their immediately on my ties to monetize it down the street from my count as two and and it just it's just a fun place in Europe close all the seats are great. The China blossom again September. 17. Know who and you order tickets by calling 8667451167866745. 1167. Where you go in their two day into it though he Chinese buffet. With the prime re not bad on up I would say we I get to the phones right now we want to open line at 8884346464. It's gonna wane and Essex good morning Wayne. They rallied on their backs we. I'm gonna buy a mansion no I'm all right I am cheat sheet it is of great pact. There are people and Arum the orders aux and actually wanna mention out of it. I'm live do you see Eric in short should it itself to low speed should not ought that it will Egypt EGR a four bit. Twelve it beats her and are the spin and it shot itself are lots play. Although that's how much is the PK yeah it. How much is the pizza suburbia. How much is the beets at the review. Review again. It's only like. It popped are all cheat Egypt or what bit you are buck wild edit edit it thought they expelled. The ball even going to get but it will be replaced they've Bledel Byron yeah. But all constantly linked Ali would not be yeah I drove it line. The had to do I believe it's not like it's not cheap about how do you keep you want to realize or edit current NB NB eight it's a bridge. The pocket that arc alarm clock or let me add to it. But I'm that's on that side street project is called triple lab so I don't talk about the beach or at revenue ops. I got that note in JT farms the fish tacos. Or something a little different those the huge rate huge. I'm able I'm Ike he posted a great. They've been you know I mean B I do the diabetes rightly and they donate big big big donate money they're all our. I went thank you very much via phone call let's go down to hold the now and Thomas good morning Thomas. Peter how are you are not. Dynamic yes I again. I you don't adopt a good friends on your nephew are speaking with a couple weeks ago I was very excited you got to choke graduation but not. We'll tell you oh yeah. Joseph west side being being a graduate from waste there I have to say if you don't have a phone call Peter ballpark for another ten minutes. Get Vodafone. I but I'm not Peters whose beer in the middle uterine us. All right well all right we'll talk. You know this is this I don't know who Peter I don't know Peter isn't there and Peter here ever known goes on for well congratulations on your four year anniversary of the triple. Paris. It would affect more phone calls in just the second 8884346464. That is the number to call. Notice that we can buy to radio on AM succeed WRKO in Boston. We hear every Sunday from ten to twelve knew them to swing for the next phone call come up on the screen. And will go to that. Howard in Nashua Demorrio. Nope never mind we will check back in Italy. Let's do this Mike but after a quick break about and then what we'll do was come back and get more calls also and we lost all over phone lines. I guess Thomas from hold them. While he was calling a field. A lesser position of our show that's. Lines at all and stuff you know. We are trying to get my congratulations to Peter for getting the show and get somewhere and my dad and that's cute talent. It's been. Think that's not want to pay 88843. Point six it was a good morning Gillis of the wicked fight radio for a Sunday. Good morning everybody. At the all American tavern food escape kidding aside from the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib feet. All American tavern Salisbury. Spirit you know American tavern we did you leave hungry. An awful lot of the words. We look. As hot about it. This will lift every Saturday and here. We see lots and you leave school. That's what it's all about people and him passing of a lot of people lawless area and then in a while and. Welcome to outline. Over a century mind Manley is deserving and Merrimack Valley the highest quality meats money back. We make over forty different products housed from pastrami the sausages not to mention the Burger's right revived. We stuck variety of local products will complement many. We have beer we have wind and the freshest local scene when you can buy it. But come on down to the outline what your loans ops exist 3130. What feared hitter expert cook here to help. Yeah you know you get to wicket by two radiate that Scott she got may end. Of course she got us all on wicked by its television on NASA and every Saturday morning that's the Red Sox and Bruins station. 9:30 Saturday morning I had this and and right now on six say the WRKO. Pearl street station has been witness for sometime and our friend Alan Robert. If you're right into sports you gotta go to this restaurant for a couple of reasons number one. They have so many televisions and so many bars for these eighteen. These eighteen inch TVs every I mean literally everywhere. And they get great food and they also in a very historic building that was built an 1891. IBM AM railroad station today. Is still features all the slate roof of the cathedrals ceiling to be regional fireplaces two stories. But it's got a great food though yet. They bring that quality very unique different taste in their Barbeque in evade doing it for a long time. Try to baby back graves or the beef short groups all. How about the fourteen out bone was primary you Levitt. Pearl street station say add Adam or rob but would you please broad street station 53 Summers street in Malden. Dental break knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental bright offers the most effective and safest to light in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again we're into the onyx Perry of onyx orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Four visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. Tell us sort of go. Come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK oh yeah. Voice of Boston. And again this is Scott with the no longer confused but Peter. You're always gonna be confused here. Again AM succeed him RKO in Boston that's realistic right now and also watching this live on FaceBook which invites TV on FaceBook he makes comments there like you read them. From time to time to look at them. See what's going on notes comments this question their FaceBook. What advice he on base he got done and won't I would get back to the phone calls 8884346464. Now let's go to. To Harold in Nashua Howard Howard. Good morning good morning. Oh excellent excellent. I can't talk about. Perfect. Okay. You look if you took the tour up there and at six. Feet and send all of those and I've been I'll go several times. But I think that patch of bright planet she can get anywhere our pledge acting jittery today. Yeah that was all right when I was doing research on this show and and I didn't know who can do you know the clam Alley although that was leaning towards this year. And I was they go well do we do the best fried clams like in this entire New England area and February turned. Bob's clam shack and catering kept popping up. It's been bat without question. Our goal and wrap. Golden brown these are golden brown. I think it's because they use mixture Witten caught on well this isn't it nice yellow. Golden jet when they're fried bat hit land is much shrimp. Or do anything to write this event at. Now tell me a little about boxes and a is it is basically a stand in my correct. Well it used to be no and about it. Single track where I basically but now it is eating dog and I looked at this probably. Twentieth so picnic table I. As well it's leading into it which say that 56. Yeah so quite apparent it's kinda grown they seasonal. Half. Yeah almost that's tough job getting clams in the wintertime and doing. Well I'm sure it is what they do a great job and then we insist that. It's right next door to be jittery trading post. Okay all right so that's a really huge spot where a lot of people were going. And now of course amiga a lot of torso go there but yeah I again I think gonna put on the list because I think next year we'll do a whole TV show. On the best fried clam places maybe other than it's Ipswich and Essex and find some other places we were just up there the where we was no rip and Chauncey Greek yeah it's in that general area drove past the jittery when I was getting cooler. Howard you're gonna Johnson creek lobster pier. Yeah he had several shots that's the big leagues and that we go to celebrate that vision. Anniversaries and ready so yeah is great like being at your own house would give. Naples and cable simple dollars and whatever you want a break. Right to this BYOP picnic style lobsters yeah. Which is and he said not the water and I wanna say the peace that we sitting on that little stock was up and down with tides little bit yeah. And total water to float boats come right in there it's our own little creek then it into portions of the into the ocean shore it eventually gets into the ocean. Nice little spot this little spot. I think you very much this phone call let's go to Kathy now involved in the morning Cathy. I have a better make it quick because Bob and Mike Pratt and I'm getting in Maine now my hat in the buying a diet. I. Anyway the restaurant I want to recommend it's been re elect and got out anyone shot and violent ideology and Eddie F. I'd called Jamison cavern. And they have bats flopped. I mean. Then go on main. Audiences that's monster of all it's thought rationally they don't have any I was gonna lots to which a lot of restaurants do. And beef food scallops are great and the atmosphere if I can. It's not too big get that close to her place right on main street in just outside of Al. On Jan machines tavern. Jamison camp and it's in the air it out at a historic it's been no wind chimes so it in the back of that is CN may have tables outside. But then you know they have like. As dining area are in a small box they have a happy hour which I've read. Aimed a lot capping Allen may have facts ranks specials in the afternoons. But it's a very nice place I've never had a bad meal there. So noted Jayne missions tavern in Freeport Maine wolf I think Jerry much you phone call. I'm she says they're optional great but I'm still going back to back clamor box that and that's one of the best pop throws I've had. It was good that some great audio it was a good so I don't know where where have a listeners found great lobster rolls where we'll find that discover that. Little bit later on me for me to do that next week for the whole week at saint Anthony's and it is these with the Italian restaurant I don't know who would have thought about that's gonna Thomas Bridgewater. How things were Bridgewater Tom. Pretty good guys say don't tax. And a boy if I may I like to tell you his story that I irritable. But they do debt sit on the radio won't chemicals are probably back in the 83. Pen there. I was the salesman was their economic team went 28. And I hit. Packed it's on the phone and that's too alarmist about this ad that he had to do. And he was supposed to say all you have to do is hated the yeah yeah. Well she sets all you have to do if she did. And he's since been used to keep you were I believe it's hit me. Yeah yeah yeah. And I always cracking up and I try to forget about it because once they get to that killing time I'm done justice a pullout. I can't stop laughing my pool over again. And I looked in my rearview mirror. In this state pulls up behind me. Its economy works have to mean ruled on the wonder and I sent because they're being okay sir simple a couple of times. Well I tried to try on this story. And I just got about through with it and then we keep stop laughs and both of us just killing my social action. He says to just stick Carrey is so you know. See you later whatever she says that gets in the kind of pulled out. And he made his turn and then he's going by me. He hits the light and I can see him you still laughed and as I've always wanted to meet patent come about that's. I would say that probably occurred in the eighties if not earlier in the match and I did find 88 tape of that. How about five years ago and I don't know where where the tape disappeared set a listener actually had it. When you see tape you mean actual actually set tape of that don't listen fracturing had this show record and they sent in that piece it went off like five minutes because as soon as he set up. If you didn't hear what you're right he couldn't stop laughing and then we try to do he tried it like your composure. And he got an outline or what was the what was this one termer. I don't remember though don't I don't remember what you the boats. That was one of those moments any always start up and you can't stop like that then absolutely you you you're you're crying and if I ever find the tape I'll I'll. A list erred again if I could find a look around. And see it's still still somewhere. But yet that. That that that's five minutes of you know just just pat crime is packed it just to spend it together or not I told you very much if uncle bring us back memory lane it's prolonged time. And I know pat. Has talked about that spot and doing that for a long time and he's he's brought that up a lot of times in. And just as he just has memories of that he didn't leave it as you noted in a hard it's hard to say you know our restaurant they believe bow in Boston right in the north end of Boston and the gateway I was there yesterday it was fully. Plea but was Tom he just got back from. Italy is Lindsay and Italy and he was telling me that he has an and I hope I have all this information correctly. He has like one of that one of the top culinary schools and Italy Lou. Their pots maker I'm not sure which it sure looks with the action was called posthumous yeah. He comes into the league foes on Mondays in Boston any mix pasta fresh pasta and hit him like a chocolate pasta that he makes. Did he make pasta with chocolate. Yeah it comes until likable Oka and political show me the pictures from our first we says. Chocolate pasta my manners and sound. And makes all the parts of those were distortions and shows the true. Because there are Monday night in Boston and then we'll leave you got to find that the stuff. Tears in the North End on Tuesday and then Friday and Saturday when Richie isn't which. New experience that Google's ago what class were demonstration if you. Yeah something different okay cool song. I feel as the wicket by its radio. It's Sunday morning what else do you listen to right now this guy with a along with Mike we'll get back to more phone calls and I hope much more fun right after this quick break. Catch it all. You're listening don't wicket by its radio. The only place that lets you do the blueprint Sundays ten WRKO. The voice of the Boston. And welcome back in every right Scott with the again next week we've broadcasting live from the feast of Saint Anthony can't believe it's already you think. Winners of the last. It's it's actually stand. Yeah normally the case which is going on. In the eighty and 99 years intimacy in the league right right only film we were avoidable. Five yards away weight room on hundred and that was two or three years ago so they gonna be about ninety. Yeah so normal we can hold onto the TV show for a couple more years we'll make the typical witty just don't know what they do. This Saturday and Sunday and match and it just packed. Bowl a year and then Monday they would do like saint lose these sentences and sentences than it would yup they have moved that the Thursday. Saint Lucy's saint Lucy's and so that's starts this Thursday. And then Friday. Now. Will kick off the feast. So if you wanna go down there enjoy all that great regret I may be this Friday are this year but we in the first year maybe it may not be as crowded. You know and we'll have our colony or tech going on there Friday might be a day ago might be that they'd go we kick off a 1 o'clock I got my buddies show on a lobster Q. Of course you'll be there. Entertaining. The Maginnis let me guess Sean gonna go to an Italian feast numbering bar RBI hopes that. I hope so they'll be there 1 o'clock this Friday it would be so make she's you know I missed that 2 o'clock. Then we have cunard tavern on there we go in East Boston mostly on the TV show this Saturday morning at 930 offense Filipino rise. And then we're back on pat I think at 4 o'clock we have chef Mike Mike future. He's one the food channel guys nanny is on private. Catering company and he's just too he's full personnel. Thaddeus he'll be there and then Steven Kull. Of course at 5 o'clock who just one shopped on the Food Network yeah. Big winner on shopped the winner so we don't got any any is that restaurant now is an industry into which Austria in Dorchester. He'll either so we have a great lineup but I did a phenomenal lineup so we start one. But the first one and we go to 5:5 o'clock Vieira last on this Friday. Right there in the north and right outside North Carolina the only day you're doing shifts of the onus on him doing so if you wanna see shifts at the tolerates and you gotta go Friday after Chicago area which is some samples you can try and absolutely bunch and then on Sunday it will broadcast live. Sort of like the pre game for the event because they think the event kicks off like at 1130 yeah well. Bill goes the restaurants or the stands are always prepping riot. Right I mean we knew we get there at like 9 o'clock in the mortar o'clock in the morning according to John's right part of this the result is kind of funds are set not. If only the radio show I smell a vision that more depth specific yeah but after that around noon. When the saint comes through and that is a site to be seen. They got marching bands that goes through the be doing now week but when the saint comes through. And they'll actually hold it up like you in in the north and there's that the homes are like three stories high yeah. The apartments. And they'll actually hold this thing up and open up in money on it absolutely like higher floors true and it's just if you've never done and done before. It's one of those. Annual rituals that I always gonna always get the idea. The rice balls went on there and Cheney's a closer look Italy quarry down there almost heard feet from where the rebroadcast from it there always in that same spot right there corner and that's where you'll see that's where we're broadcasting from his will be doing the culinary temptress Fries that's gonna primary real estate for you because you can grab the Aaron Cheney. As you're what in and have manager walking down to Regina. For pizza. It's OK now it's a matter of great appetizer before your pizza on action at the Regina census over some of its its onshore and that he will be sure sure Lewis will be rob Lewis. Steve Thompson who say he'll know who he will be there unfortunately. Yeah well. Why vote will have a fun time and next four next Sunday and again you hear lives it would try to broadcast live on FaceBook. We're gonna try we're truck. But you know we always try we try. Whether we succeed I don't know what what we will try but we only guarantees on the show were. So that's next to Sunday will be again live from the feast of saint Anthony's and then on Friday this Friday coming up front they just come down for fun and food. And her family and why exactly more we go to the through what you gotta come by the culinary like Sean cut big hunks of meat off the look at the ultimate smoke when he too. The other day that was kind of neat that he didn't want it shows. He did the way did Fenway competitive from a quickie it was it was at what he called Hillary is open face Rubin. And he smoked the corned beef brisket now and he was cutting off chunks of that and just kind of feeding me wedding style the corned beef that was actually the. I have that smoky taste you know smoky flavor into. So you'll see that Hempstead New Hampshire as well as restaurant lobster it is laughter Q and I was like going there Anderson at the bar because. Because it holds court yeah Shaun tan bar and he'll entertain it clicks on doing comedy in the round while serving you drinks yeah but at the and then his drink called a lightning got a lot of lending Margarita because it is it is pure alcohol in the that the lightning but there is the ultimate as a lot of Eric last. But again now though an in with any any real luck might know maybe those three. Those four collar shirts that we have their debt I'll streamlined office who again control wheel truck or truck. But I should be a good test run for the Sunday show yes. We'll try we'll try. We'll try to no guarantee megabytes feed via the yes let it go to FaceBook Beckham's left with a budge Stevie and hopefully. CO streaming live Friday after like mr. right now exact and people are writing in and and putting in some comments and then advertise buy up places that they have discovered in places that they are going. And I thought now we've got open lines we do so now got to turn the show over to the listeners and I don't want you guys that this. Point move you know and I'm gonna make a topic where you can call in and everybody is an exit expert. Where have you gone out to eat that you that you most memorable place that you've gone out in the last two weeks now it could be. And ice cream stand. It could be a roadside stand or could be a fancy restaurant. You know or could be a vacation place that you ruin and I don't care in Florida doesn't really matter. Those are the callers that I walked in right now that is I have to throw over to you. You know and open up the phone lines and we'll do that for the next forty minutes or so and more enter everybody in two prizes with a win dinner gets to be its last hour. I'm gonna give an Internet. And everybody back in Luther called and ready for more prize that will be giving away. I cannot be a moment no I'm gonna sender to. Bel I'll seafood Leo we're talking a great lobster rolls earlier and as a great lobster. Rattle lobster roll sit outside there there with her location and you know watch the planes landed Oakland Oakland and very cool you're right over the water so congratulations Kathy. I open up the lines right now we got open lines for you where he died over the last two weeks or just when I T know. 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. Come on I'll wait for you. Right Mike I look like it's new callers I would listen callers and buying and find new restaurant sure. You know first time listeners first time callers come this is the show that belongs to you without you. The show doesn't exist. I went to a place last night it's not new to us anymore but it's definitely gonna make you jealous because I went to the tides and got one of those steak sandwiches that you prime rib or is there much it was it was so do we set on the lastly it was weird. But did you notice the excessive amount of ball that rolled in like around 6:37. O'clock I was in Boston and around that time it in before when and as I'm getting into the city it was kind of like a little it was weird she eighty mile low hanging flawed. And others in the city you always it was all bottled water because we are sitting on the deck. And we're looking out over the beach and Denise is fairly slow there and she was pointing to the house that they used to have and by the time. Like the food got the table you can no longer see that hopes. The fog had just come kept coming coming coming to us they would we years very ominous but. The stakes in which the prime. Of sandwich or just stand. I nor any else I'm going to the tides restaurant in the hunt or did a great. That's all they don't you give me the menu or the nice thing about it is they use their prime rib and in so many items so it's like if you think that the before long fur coat of primer sandwich which you've gone showed on the show. Is too much for here. They'll put mistaken she's that's cut from the same prime rib and I think that's too much when it's a little bit. The prime rib shaved sliders. Out there you go can't be beat stakes slider large new ice and if that's the perfect amount. You go on there at a restaurant that's right on the water damage and I'm like I'll tell you don't look at them and skip the menus can get the prime rib sandwich and you Mott. You you won't go I'm happy I'll have holidays it's just it's just. And at that they cook it for a couple of hours and comes at that medium rare. Gorgeous and it just melts in your mouth actually via an and is paglia. Is plenty of plutonium they will not run out no no I mean you get to. They got a comedy that quite a few people yeah. Yes that's tied to restaurant in hot on how I hope that the line Mike and so people sleeping in today is injury and I I don't know whether in the sky looks blue. It's a nice day of getting a but FaceBook is working forests a crisply of course ship over a police dog in Lynn. A said he recently went to cast a metal pan am believe I'm saying that right MET a PA and cast custom meta and it's. It's 778. Summer street in Lynn. Latin American food but they have the best the posts and so also he's ever had. But the current is not a tacos. Chicken soup. And he said it was way over the top fantastic. So there's a great review for costs a meta pan inland by crisp like a police dog who does know excellent food right I mean he does a great. These disable I had my own cooking in the brain yet it's best. Right I mean maybe we should have come back and bring in those wings please you and he's absolutely so whenever I think those last time I was on the show and that when knocked him off the there. It took a Rossi broke his old rule he took a bite of a hot chicken wing and he'd lost. But but that's more for us though exactly. I come on 8884346464. That is our number of you'd call right now where he view on not to eat I don't wanna even say that we're dying because that doesn't really mean much. Where have you gone out to eat over the last two weeks at some open lines waiting for you. 8884346464. Or did you help today. We're we're even eaten a special summer urban is going out to Eden. Like is that it's not it's not so much dining because people are going to places you can go to the beach you know you can go to a place like the tides and Evan a take out window rake the area. You know down the cape where you've been on the cape we did a whole episode in Hyannis harbor. Great places like a spank he's claimed Schechter black kept. After episode my mother and everybody went down this black cat. They're taking pitches in the room talking about the show and urban was very happy down there they got a little raw borrow back. Hung out had a couple drinks on the the fish shack up front is what they called harbor Shaq excuse me but you where is we're view then. Dining lately 8884346464. Paulus let us know. All right guys can take your name and address off prayer because will be awarded some their gift certificates are traits to chain's restaurants located PV 373. Wall Street PV that's we gonna find the love we sue. And this time a year I would go right to their lobster tank yet Chinese restaurant absolutely he. And have a lobster prepared for you in the Chinese style and an army no matter described it. Can really good because flops. But I'm not Israel so where's lobster do you do what they kind of have. They were all kind of like sauces that they'll you know the company called the sausage cooked bluster and a normal lobster preparation. Right but it's cooked it's sauce differently correct OK correct yet. And and that's what kind of really makes it to says wants us I believe that they put on top of that I'm not a 100% sure. On that. But it is just I mean how many restaurants turns vs them or watch I can't think of it's it's is very usual rest can also go in there and have a grilled rack of lamb. With pap report any sauteed Chinese vegetables alongside of it he eats one whenever we do best Chinese. Restaurants on the show this gets a lot a lot of votes it there was that they're they're fried long tongs or the work of our is. Watching them and do it and prepare yeah it is something else to me and I'd sue Chang streets every three Wall Street and PB tremendous arrest Iran do that's Rick Lowe's place I love this place in Wilmington and who. It right it's right there will bulletin I don't know that senator it's the rule 120 now I mean it's it's great at that intersection. It's nice because it's only about five to ten minutes off of even 93 or 128 so it's set it's almost like that meeting point of those two. Right and catch it no matter where you're coming from. EM wherever you are. You you can go in there and enjoy a nice casual Miro meal that's going to be just fantastic weather. You wanna go in there and just enjoy ate pizza and you could do that trend tested pizzas and they have a wood out of wood fired out and you'll see that when you walk into the restaurants or the restaurant senator round. And they do specialty pizzas. And they'll make the feet suggest Rick says you know we just wanna. Make that pizza so it's just right for you now obsolete you know he's as will keep doing until we get that yes we can from from you. And those are some things and make him special matter of fact I think get to each crisis. We we were filming there yeah and I didn't know about it until after I was watching part of the show they do these meatballs appetizer. On that I had those fried meat fantastically forum for. Two has little more according meat balls in the kind of flash prime Google crunch. The truth it was a cool twist them like a classic session like. Understand you know meat balls are hot right now are raised on the maple appetizers C got to keep reinventing yourself almost none he had this little putt just a slight. Little touch. That makes it even that much. More about it but I go in there maybe for the every speech or groups today. Am not a big fan of his ball and is there yep from his restaurant day Rupp won 29 to lol road in Wilmington. Just about two miles off of route 93 so it's not hard to get to at all. I wore mills again is looking for rare coins right now he sees he's Karen country to find rare coins to get ready for the big season because his big season just about around corner. And if you over rare corn collection you've been sitting on thinking about now's the time to move it I want to call warn those rare coins of New Hampshire. Legacy travels the country looking for rare coins in pay some of the highest prices. To. War and mills rare coins at New Hampshire 802257264. I 8884346464. Cuban. Trying to get in there as our allies are tied up but gives a few seconds before. They're always take your name and address off there might be tried in you could get your phone call please call right back right now at an open line Q. 888. 4346464. We want to know we went out to eat what you over the last two where you've been eaten it's go to patty of Drake a good morning patty. The money how are you excellent. Look I'm Newman to show me well well. Thank you. I would terrain in New Hampshire to attack away and I don't know if you set it before but it's my first time going into her mind her her ninth anniversary. Yeah and and of course Monday and Tuesday is the two lobster rolls for the price who want would you have accompanied. Every day. But I didn't get that I got yes state chips which I have to tell you Jim guy. But. But more so the Mac of them Braintree. Me too would be idiots reprint sweet potato rolls I've never I'll go back Desormeaux. I love. Restaurants that make their own right there's nothing like I think you know especially with a little warming among the bartered his notes. Through. Honey but I think there it was a long. While and they and they give you free trips they make there would they give. That you can get deep that not on there seriously I've never been there and I would drive the distance any day. Yeah I called tuck away tavern and again. I think it's Monday and Tuesday night you do briefly discussed that they do lobster tails. Yet all of that holiday Monday and Tuesday. It's a great balance Ivy League kid beat I taco tavern. Again it's and Raymond actually in yeah. And sort of I don't know I've been there one time and it just seemed like it was in the in the middle of I don't know sort of in the middle of the state. We got a bank cardinal lost days yeah I noticed. It's not like there's no real direct route got to go up one of the highways and then you gotta you know to go after rise in a bomb on the road. Another highway and into the middle Infante at what tempered well. I gotta tell you it's worth it though often find an it yet but yet our. I thank you very much your phone call it's gonna Somerville next and Jeanne good morning Jeanne. Good morning good morning I. I within warrant yesterday. Going to a boxing match and my mother decided to go to Danny. Very apprehensive going to end. But the food with outrage there. Outrageous is good or a rate isn't bad. It was good I could not believe that I'm not at not again he'd heard that. It right of the moon over Miami is that with the moon over Miami one of them remember I have been in there and probably about five years. Maybe a little. I haven't been an airline and the mad now by I thought beyond pot roast dinner. That it was. Unbelievable all my house may god achieved Barack you couldn't it would stacked so high my mother got app like the PM an open. Serb side vegetables she raved about it and the service was fabulous. I was shocked. I was in shock but it was so. Yeah I am again I I that that's one of the places that I don't know why but. I just don't think about Denny's anymore I I'd I don't know if there's any any reason why. The older generation. And the mother rejected it. But it doesn't matter if it's good. You know it was fabulous and the spirit though wake up we had just ask. I don't believe you it's great to a great. And that's a location on route 114. And Morris. Yeah yeah. Got it so noted. Thank you very much elbow. You know Mike we haven't. Carrier the last time we we received a comment. Not for appraisers thing about Denny's Denny's. Rumble that's been laws and other army knives and every restaurants has its its cycle fly toward shore. But you know it they can always cycle right back up to the top. It at any time. But what will find I'm trying to put it that maybe other view of that other experience that Dennis Tito it's go to debt up next and Larry good morning Larry. Good morning Chris got yes it is I don't look good. Walpole brew Warner Walpole. You'll put your corporate or. Rip current. Erica if they have them already went out there years ago. Work spirit. Police heard these early eighties you the line cook in a on the weekends are weird people coming in from monastery. Of the Detroit career and beard like 3040 put on. What an open door for a. My outlook love Bert type of food so I mean just it's. And compare the pizza although that's mobile records are real clear that both went places are great pizza and your rear. The trend but. I the very very small Hamlet or external peripheral. It's it's the red wing diner. And walker are great or. Got it I thank you very much for your phone call the coliseum restaurant is located directorate shop concerns Selma Hampshire. You find any relate to desk there I just spoke to neighborly. Our 401 way and the person oil that's enabling last year at the and to beat seafood festival. You decided take your whole family to Italy. You know. You want to go back home basically it's a took this whole thing amateur which means he couldn't do last year the culinary tent in Hampton beach. So I I was Tom you know last year. A lot of people coming happens and asked me where in the blaze from the coliseum restaurant they enjoyed and so much and they come every year to see them. So good news is enabling told me he will be. There this year they have to be seafood festival. In our larger. Culinary Ted. You know we we're gonna move a few feet down you know be more cross in the casino now okay just to allow for a larger tent. And and Heatley will be there we don't really look and sport that has to I love going to the coliseum or struck the deal coliseum. Yeah it's to milk that Yoko what's that that's paper thin and you know I could deal analog you'll just pound it. Wolf you and that's how you make a thin right well and evil advise the highest grade deal. Possible and then he has a hot paper thin many stops. With so much goodness that when he cut into all that just flows out onto the play. And you know my wife doesn't like deal I don't know why. Just like lobster which was great because more were dating that saved me a lot of my short but just like deal. OK so he does a chicken coliseum which is basically the same. Ditch same frustration got you know substitution there and she loves and and you know he validity of the that he even made this up. Cocktail. There's there's there's there's a tree there's a trick or sharp turn that we call it like a lemon cello yeah. And he actually has a martini who who. Is that it he makes it lemon cello and won't Thomas and Howard I've never had anywhere but the coliseum like this. It's creamy here. And then. Because lemon cello like it in horizon ahead don't like skated CE OC makes his own mixes that's what you have an editing or else. And it's it makes a mark. TO OK. The limits. Martini as a kick back on wall upon but if you wanted to experience a lemon cello. That's different than any island and its allies are virtualized. I got it over the coliseum restaurant record shopping center in sound Hampshire say hi to a deeply desk maybe it brings them to the Hampton beach seafood. Would that that the system would get a beer tents you know I have actually delivered for me or two years ago when he was there actually brought me feel policy. Folks already made that. So what is known as culinary demonstration. I was enjoy in the field while Israel and a full. So let's see what happens this year but that's count three weeks I can't believe. Three is a couple weeks where yeah that's always is as close up stuff. I think a quick break we're back in the us I was more phone calls were looking where you have done the last two weeks we've been. 8884346464. That's 888434646. People we have alive open waiting for use. And your first time powers are really well on the show because. It's just his own life which are making their way to an expert right yards just that much of an expert as we are. What's it like is what you like you know like we would you like to eat and go 888434646. Spicy weekend out. You're listening to awakened by its radio. The only place that lets you do the food critic Sundays ten WRK elbow voice of Boston. The outlook reminder that quick bites TV on this Saturday mornings it. I'm very brought you by you know. Pasta factory in summer it sure is and you know they're great books. 600 restaurants from England. They also girls and specialty supermarkets. Has some high into the market. Product it's possible they may care from lobster ravioli on down and if they're just I don't know usually just. Love postures they make and sauces. But if you go to this ever go back which is right off route 93 really adjacent to stop the job market. There's a brand new plus to stop the open up there are open Monday through Saturday they had a Halloween play. I almost feel like these these prices won't. They're okay but let's. Six she's totally want to come back to sports. Yeah. And what's so cool about it. He's pros right. Brief flash he's all but also it's got to eat is free throw in the freezer and then boil water. And you can what you want to you don't want the whole bag answers you. Just put in the Q we'll four dollars right. And then three minutes in boil water it's done and it's not. Your possibility innocent especially not in no way I mean this is high grade process this is really good stuff and four dollars down. Open spoiled. Yet I can't I can't go back to the regular opponents and really you know they have a spinach Florentine ravioli half moons. For six dollars. You know they do lobster ravioli. Around eleven dollars per pound may have even larger. Backs laden you know I think these three or five pound bags that they did you know they sell to the restaurants and stuff like that that if you wanna have a whole bunch of people over for parties want some great. Hasta. And again just to what you need for a ban on our door back in the freezer knock on UPD. Does pasta factory fifteen Garfield avenue in Somerville. Tea and hot or dean when he go in. Monday through Thursday there are open from 8 AM to 6 PM Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and on Saturdays. From nine to 2 PM he knows pasta factory fifteen Garfield avenue. In Somerville. And it's a back to the phone calls looking where you've kind of the last couple weeks who worry just wacky weather to roadside stand out as he's worried beneath him. 8884346464. Go to Mike in Quincy. Are things on the South Shore Mike. There are too good arm saw him again echo chamber of error couch column and that's always promised and I can't you know pop star might remember carton two with great grandmother nearly as it was all hear me. But arm yeah there's two places in Quincy on who can Barack I don't know which type who you are mean. Like it gave me great article and it kind of orchid diner shadow. And there's different career centered. It when you go to a restaurant Bangkok. You can again it'd cheer Quincy. Stand. People and arts you know and also. There's no replacing quite young to really pun joke cafe. And their beer. Indian food is better and many Indians who are you ever have all of it do it and you you know it's just. And the people show marriage. That's what matters most to me. There's like the people you know if quite obvious or less but like people were out of the order of those people because I'd like to walk. You wrote I mean that's what my money. Now and oh yeah I've been under what kind of dark. And you know what corporate worries people. Or you know and you statement or is. I'm. I little duck again for Thai food in Quincy. And I love Thai food. And I had this this this little place that unfortunately didn't make it in Haiti for. That the chef kid. May be best pad Thai I have ever had in my entire life. And I don't know where he went and he had a lot of talent I mean you know he struggled with the restaurant sure and as a chef. They were disease there is nobody better. And he just did a phenomenal job. A sign and aware kid ever popped up but. I I stack everybody's had tied up against us and it was that good. So I. On a new one I'll try this one thank you my people call. 8884346464. That is our number here to the restaurant program and if you know we're replace repair ties that I do a lot of the so. I I would love to know some places it's gonna Julie in Salem New Hampshire so amassed a counselor. More narrowly had to eat a lot of work to do with the button. On the right now. We on the beach right. Yet I am all. I will just remind you two to roll over to keep the sunlight and even tan. Every okay and it's hard. What I wondered if Eric let what are you are places on the Palm Beach that that the truck and tried. I had a Peabody Kelley square tab and Kelly where. And I'm thirty I've Washington street. And they serve Thanksgiving. Egg whoa. I'm. Oh that sounds good so it's coming it's only. Turkey without paying. Then you get a guy cranberry sauce and the great need to dip it. So Mike this sounds great it's a fantastic. Yeah I got this is the that I love doing these shows we specialize in like foods that are a little bit difference creative ideas and Thanksgiving. Egg roll is one of those places I think we may wanna visit this is this just not gonna cram whole Thanksgiving dinner into an equal. Or an Iraq exit debt nothing at all that's fair test what what what is Terry square problem like impunity Kelly's IR Kelly. Tell us aren't. A sharp dude due to deliver it but nothing else going on right now what was. The policy than there it's going great with the bites TV on yeah it's unfair it's just right now as we Europe when the when. And Washington street Peabody Malek got a probably see about 4050. I so but it sounds sounds great a while trying not really strip club in Peabody and got it right thank you joke your phone call. That sounds great I mean it would look I'm looking like fall episode things now yes and and I'm trying to find places that are. You know that that that offer items. I'm not caring about the restaurant or even what it looks like I don't care about that. Similar sounds really cool the pencil and and that Thanksgiving. I got to write this down like banks. And giving that's a long word they rule. And it's that Kelly squared Hubbard peavy on Washington street and that might be something will feature in the fall. Another thing I mean I've why I was thinking about this and as aptly posing Boston when he had that that the Ponce the guy from it really comes in makes a he chocolate pasta and it's kind of an a in a ball at from the outset as it doesn't sound that great and then see the photographs of it. So that I wanna try. You know and that's something different what was the place Mike that we try to find and film in Plymouth that did those those those stuff pretzels. Oh I I remove the pretzels they never called us back I don't remember the name I think it was something pub something tavern something along those lines. Yeah I again items that are I mean they they they basically take these pretzels and that would put like. I don't like. And steak and cheese in sight yet it was exactly what it sounds like a stuffed baked pretzel basically. Again and that's what. More on the fall was that it's a more summer episodes. As we wrap up summer yet on a scarred tavern will be on. This coming weekend. And Mike if I remember and I've been gone for a little bit so my memories a little foggy since it went on vacation on the canard episode on NASA 9:30 this Saturday morning correct. We we take you to new report Sarah takes it a new report. Brian oyster Ryan oyster when mom loved the report of the streets of new or just walking around there. The Cape Cod dinner train. Yet what we're gonna bring you there and it couldn't train with Bianca and Andrea. There's a great picture we are parents on FaceBook yesterday. Bianca was outside. She's a model also. And as his big billboard. All this event no future standing right next to it I thought that was that was over the billboard was of course of Purcell and I thought that was really kind of a nice little setting. And I don't remember the third one. It was a Melissa at the Worcester fruit truck festival food truck. All that's that's par via video we found a food truck with a pizza oven and it was fantastic. Yeah. Lots and I mean amongst so many other good foods I I kind of missed that shoots those little jealous of those yeah bite much like the viewers I got to live vicariously through the segment. Right so basically think about a would open yeah pizza to a our aren't we I mean it's our wheels it of its a food truck with a what I which basically towing a they would fired pizza oven and we'll bring it to see that no longer a whole bunch of other I mean just all the great food drinks and and views and cunard tavern is Boston yeah so that's next week on the show. Again our encore presentation with Kim and BB. Of the New York kills morning show. We did fried clams the decry clamp Alley here and Essex and Ipswich and move on tomorrow at 2 PM on NASA and that's where it's art station okay incidents. And ES. And correct doing a sport where he watched the Red Sox and number ones and he also gets ominous and go up I forget to say that everyone. Al we haven't really been promoting a much but I've certainly get some feedback from people that have been watching it's great for the the out of market viewer or if you're just happened to be up at 937. Days a week. And you wanna watch what you bites we stream at 937. Days a week on the nests and go app. And the nice thing about it is on Saturday it's the same show you would see on television. So if you're out about you get your phony gotten us and go app at 930 click on you get to watch the great episode of which about. So that if you're watching us on FaceBook live and unite here in in the Boston area correct you do what's NASA national. That's true if you can get the NASA national channel you don't get your New England where we don't. But if you're outside in the when the market there is a secondary channel called NASA national. And you can see us at the same time 937 days a week yep I wicket bites TV on FaceBook I see Andy wrote in good times on Gorham. Street in Moulton who great short routes. Great shorts yeah Accra the I do love short hours and that done. Right and there's nothing like in my buddy Mike he says the owners of Atlantic air restaurant. The old salt how's the Red Line in and bristle. In coal passive that's where Britney and if they went deathly when the lobster and they're open a new breakfast pantry restaurant tomorrow cool. I'll stereo while so it sounds like they're they're they're. Here keep expanding and expanding middle of Epperson constrictor more. Enemy and it's really on the water business. And we've been that's kind of been our whole summer run shows the. Which you know I love it in the summertime where there's nothing like when the way the scores and sit on the deck but I love going to the restaurants in the wintertime that are in the ocean. Move higher. It is a subtle about it. Just just just got to go live with a sunset is the problem in the middle winner that's pretty tough yeah that's a little chilly Yang just makes ones at sunset tickets and actually died so that's turned out a couple of restaurants there were recommended this hour on with the by its radio move Kathy toes about Jamison tavern in Freeport Maine a our great lobster rolls she says the best she's ever had. Nice you know so that's up there or not I'm gonna say the best I've ever had now I've had some good ones. We did the beat the from the Cape Cod episode in Hyannis I want to it to two. Spots. You should do it. And we went to rob rob our body about two weeks is please call the rob Bartlett in my mind is just not with me today that it has until they have appeared a lot of really it's. Yeah and I keep hearing that same song under the boardwalk over and over my head I don't know why maybe because the sun at about 900 times afterward but. Yeah. I've been to his restaurant are by his his. His ops rules was phenomenal his or consistently. Voted for who voted top ten by food one magazine is the best lobster on the nation's threat. His restaurant I thought the clam box and it's which. My hand outs charitable. This was an and I think the reason we're so high on that when is it was surprising because you go there expecting fried clams and when they pull up this. Delicious lobster like one OK because there. Stepping up your game all over the place. Right right good all of then patty calls about the tucked away tavern ring in the New Hampshire. She talked about their two for one lobster rolls on Monday and Tuesday but that wasn't really her thrust for the call. Just karma that Brett that they have moved that they made here to home bred the moment right now that is just. And again I'm I'm a look. That's that's always my problem and you're a sucker for that homemade bread I mean he didn't he never got a call from Gina summer of reflection went to Denny's in large and I say it actually went to Dennis in March because we haven't had a call about Denny's in a long time no no. You know and I have been. I can't ambulance come around us and they're wrong won't. I just have been girl that he mutual. The red wing diner in Walpole got recommendations from reformer like. Like for fried clams a prize Klan yeah pizza and pizza yeah I think he worked. It's yours yeah I think that was that they've been around for a long time and little duck Thai food and we'll pack and a I wrote all this I think it's. Phnom cafe for Indian food in those two locations yet Wednesday and then of course registered about palace where. There Thanksgiving egg roll. Which we have to try. I took that goes to a whole different conversation that we had. Probably to saint Patrick's days ago about why you can only eat certain foods at certain times of the year like you were talking about why not having corn beef and cabbage like. Every month from them just around saint Patrick's on the same way with Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday and what we've we've two almost the first year of the TV show went to Wiki cheesy and have that Thanksgiving dinner sub. Nationally phenomenal and we think about it just tons. Why didn't somebody think of this. We gotta keep it going keep keep getting Thanksgiving dinner out all year round I this course of gigabytes radios brought to by the lovely sue wetsuit Chang's restaurant in Peabody police say hi to her today go with Anderson great Chinese do wonderful times for us. C Jenks 373 most repeated. And peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though it would although food that's famous and then I'm in that effort Collins. Had friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's there's donor restaurants and hey broke and Nashua. Remember how mommy's in the if they've done him a wet as we get him rep about it all week. Are anything. Well yet. These days mom is too busy and I'll be doing. Lucky for you this we'll patterns we you can eat like when mom was making it to not everyone's feet. Made some really tight family recipe you can even take mama oh the book are. So you can go through it rate that's nine. Hours straight but not them. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But it can't really do it there's one place that does believe vote rest that I take in Boston's north then righted the gateway. To the north that now they've got great cuisine you know about that below what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party or get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the North End like this. Fully post second floor function rooms have been renovated. And they boast the floor to ceiling windows that overlook Boston Harbor the bustling city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those serve whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe tourist on these telephone number 617. 742. 41. Fourth theory. How Warren also reference to capture the last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield. I hope someday meet you and help you with your rare coins gold silver or any forms of bullying or paper money I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news out of publication. So let my expertise comes to help you. Catch it all new TV episode of wake advice this Saturday morning at 930 on any S and the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems with the advice radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. And this course and with a buy radios also brought by the village restaurant and I think that's every keys and place and that's what we featured dark my bride. Home base full service restaurant. That knowledge we have. We had a ton of we had so. Right the makes them. The base not lobster lobster lobster pie that they may either which is basically beat the stuffing that they use for the big stuff while there was has more lobster chunks in it. Was fantastic. Lost American she's I had fried oysters. And you know. Out of left field Kevin drops to giant hot dogs on the table just because he serves hot dogs there for the kids but I guess there for big kids as well. But the but the. But yeah I the village restaurant essence an ego right there who won 33 and 22 Essex mass we're partners in downtown Boston. There are over for lunch and dinner six days a week they're closed on Mondays but I think it's a great stop today absolutely wicked bites TV on FaceBook Glenn says. Thanksgiving sub as one of his favorite sandwiches there you go Mike. And he also goes on to recommend the bridge to weigh in marsh field has incredible fried clams you know. Again I'm at kind of swore off for our clients were a little bit well I don't know they're always is next summer next summer. It's get back to the phone calls and 8884346464. Let's go to Jean in endgame good morning Jeanne I'm sorry Jane Jane. Yes I morning good morning. Yes I wanted to mention tie a week they go in Andover mass mr. Our delicious pad Thai and let's see these that case chicken is delicious thing in their groups and their curry. And Lou to across the board they're pretty good. Yeah I ever win Marion about. Ten years. But he used to be one of my favorite Thai restaurants there yes they're very used to boundaries when they actually did me and over. Yeah it's in that shopping plaza I would say the market basket sharp shopping plus certain. Yeah exactly actually Stop & Shop now carpenter all of into the chain shut Sheen plaza. Okay and and you say they tie. You that's I was talking about earlier. I had and I I was tell you that that that in here wrote this restaurant was my favorite Thai restaurant prepared time. Confront senator Breaux wanna say and I could be wrong on this their shafts he would. I believe at one time to work its we nasal. So what if I'm wrong. The same recipe and I don't know what he did to make it extra special for you expect of structural. Yeah that's really really delicious. I like Jane Jane speculate on your phone call thank you again tie sweet basal and it right there and and don't and his last. Is where it's located either it's giveaway a couple of the biggest idiots might wanna Julie Quincy okay if she called about. Oh she called about the Thanksgiving Day egg roll which will have to try we're gonna send her. Gonna send her to move the an older. Captain Carlos in Gloucester Alaska because Jules is actually from sale and also it's not too slow it's even better than driving from Quincy so Julie of Salem and is going to cap and Carlos and the next quarter is gonna be. But at the genus Somerville. Who recommended Denny's and arts and vote at the time to make sure your correct them OK you're good on that one and she is going to. The clam box and it's with Larry you know so congratulations will be sending out almost gets that it gets in earlier we give one away to Kathy of more than two. For the bell mile Belle isle should she called back she was a very good very thankful because she's always wanted trying to arts and shoot it try it moved. Scenario on us. General theory twelve lancer and Quentin that's Jerry mark touchy at his place on Sunday the restaurant itself was closed but he opens the kitchen. Because he produces and then never exhaust cooking no ID Bakes in the morning so does Italian pastries breads and everything. On Sundays you can order take out. They come in for party platters and bring them home. That's where he doesn't Sunday. And the restaurant side as is closed and their prices are so reasonable and only us old reasonable. And their pizzas nurse who mine and he won the to pizza award is that he did you sixty restaurants were content on any one independent. Pizza shop in New England. And when he beat L wasn't so sixty some sixty something sixty something other. Independently owned pizza shops now a lot of people going over the house today maybe pool party owns sixty at twelve by seventeen inch pizza. You know what I get a I have a perfect opportunity for someone to try a big old Jerry my touch you pizza next weekend. Everybody's having people over the houses for the McGregor Mayweather fight give you a speech and I can't afford to fight. Well that's why are raised together everybody pitched a couple books that makes it worth it. To be among like the last in my bottom purchased of the fight was the Mike Tyson. Evander Holyfield fight. And I was so mad because when he bit off as the year throw it I'm right. I just spent a 129 dollars you'll like Mike Pence legacy guide disqualified yeah science worn off the member cents just. That's why it's better when you're like a whole group together pitch in money get yourself a giant Janeiro is pizza and urban has a good night at least they eat well. They do. No matter how to fight ends up Janeiro as eatery twelve electorate in Quincy there you go off in Europe China blossom in north bend over that all can eat Chinese buffer day and they are my two guys wounded there all you can eat Chinese buffet dinner features prime Maria. And it's really good form are Michael there a lot of times for the primary. It's it's and I said at the finals enjoy myself. All right and on the ground things that don't forget our. On what presentation and we can bites TV. Tomorrow I plan episode was human leaving 10 PM on medicine that and then next Saturday morning 930. Yards to happen cape pond. You know just to keep things. We'll have a great weekend the rest of the weekend everybody I'm getting back out of the gonna tell me as mode back to work. I have a great week everybody. We can place radio with.