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You're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday's tended noon on WRKO. Dull boy so Boston. And welcome in everybody's got Wrigley today in floor really the whole crew because Mike is wounds taking it a little bit birthday times out. On the cape enjoyed some time off he'll be back. In two weeks actually on this show. But today we're here taking your phone calls appraisers zinc repeats it to gourmet that's how the program works and that's how it's worked for so many many many years now. And as always we need your help. On today's program you can win some great gets there gets this and great restaurants including some beach restaurants. So I gotta do is give us a call of your first time caller you're really welcome calling on today's program and I will be able to. Let you be a food critic you always want to do that while this is your opportunity. To do that. And days and again it's it's very easy to do just by calling on today's program. And your opinion matters. So I don't want to think like you know. You don't have to agree. Culinary arts therefore. Your opinion. It is you know plays a lot less than it in there and actually should because that is not the case that the cases everybody has their own opinion of what they like and dislike. And. Are on the program today. You know you are. And I do mean that you are the food critic but we're what we're gonna look about. Look at today is try to find some area restaurants. That you have dined out over the last couple weeks. So it's a very easy topic for you to participate in the program. And and is you know you could call in and and we'll talk about it we'll talk about some of the spots you've dined at. And who knows maybe to win yourself dinner for two on odds now if you're looking for us on FaceBook live we will be there shortly I promise you are summaries in the system. He is not kicking on and we'll try to get that going for you as soon as we can't. And many could always participate there and you're right in some comments a wicket bites TV on FaceBook just gives a couple more minutes and more. We'll see if we can get that going in just a few seconds. We folks out there now we had an opportunity. Over the last couple days to go down and visit. Some of the great restaurants in Hyannis. You know right on the cape film because. Starting next Saturday morning at 930 on NASA wicket by Stevie were all new for the entire summer right. Right to the big holiday at the end of the summer all new programs and will be featuring. Some great shows including. Shows like. Well the cape but we we decided to kind of narrowed down the cape because indicate he is it. It is really large lot of great restaurants so we went to Hyannis harbor. And we dined at a lot of restaurants. Right here in Hyannis harbor. And we found some great spots. Either with an average showing you in a couple of weeks on which it bites. TV. And I thought I talk about them because we just finished filming wrapping up our filming I think this episode scheduled air. Three weeks from this upcoming Saturday to two couple weeks right now that you'll be able to see that show on which it bites. But I thought I would just tell used by some of the places that we have. It's built that down their seat get to try to maybe call and tell us what your thoughts are about those restaurants including. Including. Us bank is clam shack. I am right there it's right on. Hyannis harbor. In Hyannis and the view outside. Is great so if you sit outside dined there are open year round. But there are located right in the harbor in this time a year. You can use your head out to the harbor. And enjoy some great views and dining at the same time. Now of course spank is clam shack I mean the first thing I'm gonna think of you gotta order fried clams but they have a very creative menu plenty of plenty of drinks and I believe. Is a beer when the Cape Cod Beers and they're the largest seller of that beer. In that he now on the entire case but inside its bank is clam shack. What makes it so unique and if you didn't know what you would never know I mean it's lets you knew this was to the restaurants are right here. Part to the inside the restaurant or decorations even walls. Of the old. Otis air force base and so we go over the history. A little bit of great dining with a beautiful views and and you know this time a year I don't think he could be it. I write down the street from there is the raw bar on ocean street that's body weeks place now Bobby I've known for many many years. Any is quite characters I want to go and introduce yourself when you go in there. I hit his velocity you walk in there were the tide is gonna take some scissors to a cutter are off because that's not what you therefore. You're there just at the kickback and have some fun. This restaurant has two floors downstairs floors kind of small there's a bar and inside aerial lobster tank but upstairs. Upstairs the patio dining it's covered. As one of film and Erik start to rain likely was covered there's a bar upstairs and also some great views of the harbor. But when you're there you always gotta order. They're lobster rolls. Food wine magazine out now long ago. Gave them or put them in the top ten for lobster rolls and all of America. That's right the raw bar aren't ocean street. 230 ocean street in Hyannis and that lobster is a very simple. Maybe that's why I like them. Yeah. They don't toast the buns although I do toasted buns. But they have a heaping amount of lobster meat. Its resting now serve it would drawn butter doesn't need it there's a lot has already so this week. But it's always been when we talk about lobster rolls here on the on the radio show they always get a lot of calls a Lotta Lotta calls too at the raw bar. Getting to hide a body weeks I trader edge is another great place this is in western armor were right there on Hyannis harbor. This places where you you can't go there you're not gonna. Knocking down a fun time I mean if if you're not looking have a fun time don't go there I mean that's there's a pool. Yet at the bar. There's plenty of entertainment. A lot of fun just a lot of fun they have great drinks. I just relax. Maybe and one of their signature frozen drinks. Watch the boats go by. It's a large place and it is a fun place with great water views against called trader ads and then the black cat cat tavern. We kind of wrap the entire show around they actually have like four restaurants all tied into one but with three of him like side by side by each I would say. You have the the black cat tavern. Which is open year round a little bit of a patio dining out property inside has a very nautical theme very clean very nice restaurant inside. And right next door is their black cat. Harbor shack. Which isn't easy to say which is outdoor patio dining. And then in the back. Is the shack out back raw bar. Which they have a complete raw bar great bar out there are some music and entertainment. And you're just dying for lunch and dinner outside. So those are so the places that we featured on the cape or upcoming show this week on our brand new wicket by Steve eight. Where again it features some of the best I mean that's in the best in waterfront dining. That's at the entire show is about. Next Saturday morning 930 on NASA and would it take you down deployment. And there's a restaurant right there right in the marina employment the buyout. I would say quarter mile from Plymouth Rock you can actually see when he's sitting down there in the harbor. And what you'll find there. Is some great dining. And you'll find a restaurant that features seafood because what else you can do you run run on the water right but they also have a complete. Barbecue and I mean Mike smoked barbecue section of their menu so it's kind of like that. Serpent smoke. House with a great view I mean a great view of the harbor. And they're they're downstairs outside. Is this full complete bar with television sets it's all covered you could just you know sit out there and enjoy lunch or dinner. And they'll be featured on this upcoming show wasn't gonna take you to captain fish bones. And that is located right in marina bay. And they have done an incredible incredible job that affect a little later on today's program to one of our callers at random. We'll give away delegates and get to cap the response if you have not been done a marina bay recently you've got to go back. I mean the restaurants the shops. The amount of building that's going on in that area. It's turning into this like this luxury. Error apartment area it it reminds me a lot of you know when you're in Florida. It reminds me of that except you know the weather. Well. We get about a month if that in that area of great warm hot weather like Florida but other than that. Is a great boardwalk you walk by or give away gets to begin again you'll see them next Saturday morning at 930 on which it bites TV. Along some other great restaurants we'll take you all over the place matter back. Our upcoming show. And two weeks we're gonna feature lobster in the Rauf and we went down to Connecticut all the way up to Maine. Filming that episodes a lot of great programming coming on a week it bites TV as were all new. The next six weeks or so. On NASA 930 Saudi mourns make sure you set your DVR repeat do not want to miss any of these shows because they were all summertime fun okay. Right now. I'm gonna open up the phone lines the unit CDs help us out today I always like. Doing shows like today we can take like a snapshot of what's going on. What I mean by snapshot is. You know we are you dined. Over the last two weeks and every time I do the show because it's like seasonal. We would we get some some. You know some of your vocal they were two people still go there which also discovered some places on the show today that. You know maybe if you weren't and the future of on lake review we hear about. So that's what we're asking you more to do today okay very easy topic we're designed to last two weeks and Carol my lovely wife Carol. She's in the other room she's gonna take your name and address off there. Because again every hour will be awarding biggest advocates at random. And the topic is easy. Where did nine of the last two weeks. And what makes it what would you that made it special for you maybe like it that's all right let us know. 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. I whose gonna come out step up be first on today's program 888. 4346464. Again it's this guy quit videos that we gigabytes radio till twelve noon on AM six JW RKO in Boston. These talks station. And again this show is all about you. And your help that you give us. To really could use your help to kick things off and tell us about where you're dining 8884346464. Dom sausage company is located in mall that's when they're on the body Kelley family. They've been open now for like seven the die a years. And they are going strong now what is dom sausage company you may think papers sausages no no no I don't know that much more than that. It's especially supermarket. And it's located in Riverside park ten Riverside park in moment. And they open up at 7 in the morning. Because they are full service butcher and wholesale Delhi. Specially supermarket. And you go there early in the morning. In a good a program percent which right right in the market. Wanna sit there in the afternoon. We you know you can also have their famous steak tips for lunch right there the make it up for you I think Monday's it do the Monday Tuesday as it was to recall what day it is. They have a special. There's seafood casserole. It's it's again outs and you know and this is on side especially supermarket. But you go inside. And you need to bring home some food I have to highly suggested to bring home packed of their marinated steak tips. To stir among the real prime minister don't have a growth Roman a pain and it doesn't matter. And you will discover like we did. That these are the best steak tips in the world and the phenomenal. Dom was give me a tour not that long ago. Of the restaurant. I made up of of the of the marketplace and how they are produced these. The steak tips and they have this equipment I think 675000 dollars worth of equipment tender rises and marinate the two steak tips so they come out. To be perfection. Yeah. You have to try dom sausage company. There are open seven days a week. Monday through started from 7 AM to 6 PM. On Sunday's opener at 7 AM to 4 PM Tom's sausage company don't forget about sue Chang is. On Wall Street and PD that's we'll find sue. You'll also find. Hong Kong stake char world filet mignon topless tot he mushrooms thoughts about the Neptune basket. Shrimp. And scallops also like Tate in the mix of vegetables. And served in a terror route basket that what I like about that that that basket. It is either when you're done. I'm yeah I love it that's warmer the things when it goes there the Neptune basket remember that ensued chains three Seve three. Mole street MPV please say hi to sue. When he handed. Always there to pick up the ball like that 8884346464. Today's topic where you kind of the last two weeks. And that's a kick things off and that's goat to Gary good morning Gary. I don't want god dairy unit. Why it. Tell you what wade said but we can move like that and seafood and grow and Pickering often Salem. I and I had a great time. We've that is not what they're clam chowder. Which would real election. Rainy end had a little they can and potato land and planned settlement Cohen China China and Canada as well and my wife and I both got the stakes stuff flops. Which was felt it stopped it. Basic they clams. Golf tramp. Or Hepburn no onions and a beloved and it was a great time in my life and I love that. He had and what of view. Exactly if you can't beat the bailout idea that. No I remember the first time I went there this had to be fifteen years ago. And is probably like. Maybe the first couple for the first year maybe first year they were rope when. It was summertime has around this time a year I go there for dinner. And a thunderstorm and I mean a major thunderstorm roll through the area and it Qaeda spared when we war. But when we left to go back home you have trees down and everything. But I like the see lightning over the harbor it is it is beautiful when when the votes of light up. Yeah now we've sat out on the stack the outside. And it was lovely we had a great time like we we that we loved that whole area anymore. Yeah all it's cool it's it's gorgeous it's. MySpace just to walk around a couple shops right in there. Park is not hard to find either there's there's a parking lot if he can't find spots right by the restaurant is a parking lot just like you know a block away yourself. Yup yup sorry I do it that I Garrick thank you very much your phone call that spins seafood Pickering war in Salem. Let's go to John and drank a good morning John. Good morning how are you very good. I really recommend I'd just speak they're recently. Shot chains in the but when it's Arabic quote I am not from Hollywood walk. It's called shot parents in the but when it's a couple blocks north of saint most east church. In the thorn in its very affordable. They're closed on Sunday federal from the rest to weeks I recommend the QB Sam actually Arabic latter. So it's more like it like Middle Eastern fair. I it is an is a small but I'm not familiar with the at all. It's a very small place the orders all of our personally made the air it's delicious. It's that bad. Arab exports by favorite of big east and food is my favorite in it it's my favorite restaurant that Jenrette and that. Folks there at all family run at all. Mom that there in the daughters and it just a terrific place very affordable. Best way to describe it is. You know it's great for Iraq after mass arrests Saturday night or. After worked during the week it's just a terrific start restaurants. All right it's in the make sure I am right. Chart teens. Shot change records sounds arc in that opinion I mean good appetite poker eating. In an Arabic. I'm to check that out and and see that from myself and I was like fighting a different experiences in the sounds like. This is exactly what it is a different experience. It's art all right John thank you very they're very much you phone call. And that's our program works we just looking for places that you've dined out good or bad. Mandy you want to place it in like it let us now that's all right 8884346464. That's toll free 888. 434. 6464. Restaurant they've believed I was in the north and a Boston we were just there Wednesday night we had our pre cruise dinner get together. At a restaurant they believe Barak I love. Going to fully pose for a pre cruise get togethers. Upstairs the restaurant open seven. Days a week for lunch and there but upstairs. You can go and dine. At their. It is a function rooms upstairs if you would like to have a function there and we just kind of have fun get together where. All of our people will sit at tables right. They're coming on the cruise with us and get to meet everybody that's the best thing that I think about some of our cruises at the meet everybody as you go on and and as you meet them. You know you get to know them and you look forward to meeting them or seeing him again on the cruise. And the wave believe both sets up dinner for us and is I would recommend it if you're gonna have a big family gathering. You know we had about I think. About forty of our passengers showed up. At that at the dinner. And we sat at like 45 tables. And we family style what does that mean well. EE the economy that that that the food comes on dishes in the server teach table. So you passing around the food and of course fully well. All with that pathetic beam of Italy always puts on some of the some great stuff Pete he puts a one pasta dish. And I don't know what it's call it he's he's told me many times I can never remember the name but it's kind of like an elbow pot stuff. You know any serves it with a little bit of like beans into our p.s they should say. It's one of my favorite constitutions. And boy oh boy oh boy it is does he Julia I mean we pass around food and some of the wind that he has made directly for an hour we we just had to say stop there was just we we couldn't take anymore there was so much. And we just enjoyed it and they can accommodate groups from twenty to 235. People and I guarantee you'll have a great time. You know and and people's thoughts in the north and Boston will never be able to park well. To the parking garage like right next door soon have to worry about the Green Line stops right there threat by the garden. You know so it's it's in a great spot it's the gateway to the north and a Boston. And yell upstairs his his. His function room. As a yet permit that you have entertainment and they're from DJ is to nine piece live band so you can do a lot up there. Fleet restaurant date to 83 Kaiser history in Boston. 6177424143. That's 6177424143. Now you're sitting on our rare corn collection. And you wanna get it appraised or maybe your they Kenya might not be the time just to sell a widow I'd what I go to IC. Well watch it call buddy of mine his name is Warren mills of rare point to New Hampshire Warren travels the country. Looking for rare coins. Yeah that's right the entire. Country. And he may just. Drive road your house and check out your point collection and appraise him right there for you need to decide. What do you wanna sell member he was telling me not that long ago. He had Semitic coming it came into. His place is as I did all the research this corn is worth 101000 dollars I want 101000 dollars and not gonna take a penny less. So Warren started do his appraisal. Of the corn. And he said to him look I would happily pay you 101000 dollars we according. However it's worth. A 100000. Dollars. So he's as your choice. 100000 or 101000. You know that's that's the type of person that you wanna deal with when you're selling or buying points worn mills rare going to New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 802257264. I just Tennessee you know you always look for that that rare coin dealer and you look for somebody to trust. And Warren mills will he is the person that you can trust all right and is brought to the he's brought to a provides radio. And TV for many many years now. To remember his name remember his place where coins in New Hampshire 802257264. I start back to the sponsors go to Sulu. Lou good morning sue how REM peavy the. I couldn't be better at Scott and I would looking Q I talk about the leak both and we will be I'd go to battalion restaurant. We haven't but we're going to begin a cut would go on the crude. Left Wednesday night and it. Then the righty that he went out for that game we shall enact this. Oh it was so much fun I think the Akron to help the people on FaceBook have I need to meet them so much at the dinner so where he up. And now when the reporter that you. Didn't know better approach will help you did a wonderful police post was kidnapped Katie couldn't ask for a bit of meal especially if and how much I love that yeah. Still he had me not to go and not go to get not try something else that I mean it was just so well done as a complete Shalit. It was fantastic that I want to Colin thank you guys aren't the way you put together the dinner the lead but to get it the cruises I sell thank you very much. And I always like it because this is the place that you go out when it when you get to the pre cruise didn't get the meet everybody like you said you've already pregnant a lot of so when you get a cruise. You know a lot of exactly exactly how I want to thank you for that you guys have a great day. All right thank very much for calling so I want to get quick break here welcome back on the other side would more phone calls. Where are you dying. Over the last couple of weeks last two weeks. I like to know that we could win yourself dinner for two on us 888. 4346464. Your listen the wicked bites radio. Ketchup all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This since we get by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. And welcome back again Scott Whitley again sitting until. Well noon today taking your phone calls in which by its radio to praise raising from pizza to gourmet can always do that. Now those folks who are trying to. Watch us on FaceBook live with it bites TV you may do that now we're we're having a little bit technical issues and the summaries and it would not long bond but I was able to figure out a separate solution to get it on. So he could watch us on. FaceBook live which invites TV right now and you should tell your friends about it they can comment and who knows maybe they could win dinner for two on us. I'm writing a comment or would it bites TV on FaceBook OK so head over there right now. And have a look at the comments where he died the last two weeks that is our topic on today's program. And what good does giveaways and great prizes to callers at random so. So who knows you may win some great their biggest idiots I haven't yesterday at now be giving away to a place that I dine on. Friday night. I want to go see a body in my Jon Karl only know. And exchange street these stroke and mauled. And absolutely. Fell in love. With the dish I had. And the dishes I should say I had because they brought over it happens plate so I got a trial a lot of different individual. Items. Loved it absolutely loved it that was that was one that that that the neatest things get to sample all these different things that Michael who has. Like and an egg plant off on this that the tap is this. I thought was sensational just sensational that steak tips with that. Mashed potatoes. They are a little bit of salmon in the and I and I can remember what else they had on the on the sampler platter but it was a very good. A presentation. And way to experience the restaurant that I had that he I tea. Play a whole wow let me tell you that hiatus even the presentation the way serve. It in the hand that the kind of like this is cast iron and the bring on over to table. The only good plan I had as it was to have more crisis of bread the soap up over that goodness that was in the dash it was just a conventional. And in a note. And up that just sat there and you had a couple of those Martinis. They have a lot of specialty Martinis I think I started off. With a expresso martini. And I finished the night off with a small words martini could not be beat great atmosphere. Great restaurant you're looking for rest and go on have some great food. And you know and near Boston for not paying those Boston prices and have that same experience. It's exchange street Easter moment. And I will give away gets to be get there today. 21 of our callers. All right now it's back open view aren't aware are you dining out where he died of the last two weeks. For me it was exchange rate be stroke. Where he'd done it 8884346464. Appraisers say for pizza to gourmet we need to help right now we got some open lines feel the call in on today's program. In my we've back in two weeks diseases take a limited time on the cape as we've been just busy filming. So Mike Mike's an arcade this is my birthday weekend so I'm gonna spend some time in the case. I guess I can't blame only means pays a gorgeous day to the outside sought to heart warmer there filming on Thursday. It was like ninety degrees. And hot and humid. Unusual I think for the case. But that is cleared up below the sites where you dynamo last two weeks 8884346464. Commodity to help right now. And you could wind and gets to be cows to take your name and address off there because that's how we'll pick our winters are at random. And if you're driving around a car. Calls on his cell get John as soon as we can OK and first time callers are really welcome on today's program. 8884346464. Again where he died of the last two weeks. To reach his prime is in north Redding that's their fine Nikki about you know treasonous crime. This is a fancy steak house I would say nearly all right up to the front door and and he got like fire. And waterfall mix in the ones are you know you're in for specially. At a steak house. Has. On Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from four to six. 35 dollars. So you wanna go in there. And experience. You know a great restaurant. And material wanna spend you know a ton of money. Think Teresa's crime in Middleton. That's right to Greece's prime twenty elm street Bill Thompson country club. And if you go they're. Anyone especially in the on this is a place that. I recommend you revise. That that's one of my favorite dishes there I'm big revised state library dealers. But another dish or recommend is there they have an appetizer. I'm not sure exactly what it would call but is basically. Salmon and I'm. I'm sorry it's it's it's not him it's bacon. And it's like. I don't think that triple. Cured of I don't know what it just delicious is like it's like can't and it's an appetizer. So you know you're in for a special mood. And the special evening when you go to any have like a fancy bacon right Teresa's primes had to make you have a winning go in again located twenty elm street in north Redding. And they are open Tuesday through Saturday from Ford and IP answer dinner only. And Sundays they open up a 1 o'clock until 8 PM today okay Teresa's pride the bit about China blossom in north bend over. Route 125 that's the critics' choice of the best Chinese cruising north of Boston. I would go and then recommend in my tie two that's our it's our things often that probably finish off. I don't know probably there all he cutie. Dinner buffet with primary bonnet I think it's one of the best in town. Period well I think it is the best and about they attacked though and nobody else has won a north bend over but it is really really good what what do Chinese restaurant has prime rib. And you go there just because of its primary. You know that's. I'm just. Saying well I'm going to Chinese group the rest proper primer. And you just like wow wow wow wow and it yeah that's what it's about when you go in there. You know east are awful idea I can't believe I'm having great primary you generally content as before and then he can go back and a peaking doc. They also have tons of Chinese delicacies you give all of that. The China blossom route 125. In North Andover I 8884346460. Four's and number to call on today's program waited Dinah the last two weeks. Go to Cambridge next and Michael good morning Michael. OK I'm I am a suggestion will be more economic harm on our house and live a Jewish include Charles River on memorial drive. Women Corey and carriers they have Japanese should host a listen Jackie. And draw those post you said plenty aren't your birthday EU you get a free birthday arbitration. That. Not the last time you bring our idea and Jane Lynch today in her birthday you bring your plans and many are interest rates. What time it is it's truly delicious food integrated church there law marriage you are already in all the trips they do. Yeah yeah I always enjoy that causes it's like it's like a show. But the whole time you're there you're you're just having fun. I am shadowy empire and Michael shavers your birthday you heard they come out it's absolutely free so that's incredible. Yeah and that's that's not a bad deal at all like those places that you get a few Lamar I wanna think is the heart covered Amber's people may know that. They still give you a free archery for your birthday yeah I mean so few do now. Always like to find out West Coast souls rest. Please tell women they usually when there's news bro because so many people Hamburg. And yet what you you know you gonna have won the year right I think at the. All icky well and to make failures like a watchdog duty YouTube they're current pleasure they're. Anyhow on his son a brother Kevin thank you very much for taking my call. I Michael bishop techie in Cambridge again they got free on trade on your birthday that that's that's a great deal. Let's go to impairment here bro you're next on wicket bites radio sky with a good morning Pam. Think I'm Diane excellent. Good good I don't opponent Herman I have been in a bull net Mass. General for a couple of weeks and my daughter. Hybrid Guidant a continental general. Q what's the restaurant and hybrid garden okay. I'll explain who had a burger that was cooked. Your exit the credit Gianna react diet but none have been put in better than and I had a Clinton did that is they're gonna rule or. And they think it would definitely an uptick of mobile would get that reflect. But it was very very having recommend that. Know that that sounds that sounds great it and against Red Cross strait from Mass. General. Average garden high so I won't I'll put that down as the U that we should take a look at that and try that out Harvard gardens. And what they want is my perfect kind. I. And Larry. Yes you did you sounded great ball back more often okay Pam and I put the talent into a pioneer restaurant everywhere now. I can't thank you very much for your phone call. Yeah I got Damian Smith and yup they'll be here just the second to talk about. When my favorite topics in the entire world. Burgers in the coming up in just a second cup and about the coliseum restaurant record shop and senator. And you find any relate to desk they are and Salman Hampshire I got to talk to enabling. Make sure I set him up for our culinary tense we have several culinary tense going on this year. We have the the big which one would be no product fifteen years now they have to be seafood festival we have a larger tent the largest that we've ever had. The will have will be there this year we are removed as to a veterinary just to get some more room for our tent. And I'm open enabling you eat he wasn't available to do it last year because he was it Italy visiting this them. And he's always a big it mattered a lot of folks came up to lose 88 with that was that guy with the Italian accent. Promotes elements are so I have to explain wasn't there so he was he was really missed but also we do in the coronary tap on Friday. The Friday the feast of saint Anthony's in Boston they're extending the beast at CNET is used to be Saturday Sunday. Now to be Friday Saturday and Sunday and will be there in the afternoon like at 1 o'clock. On Friday with a couple of culinary chefs there were only doing at the wicket by its culinary camera caught what it might stay at the feast of saint Anthony's. On that Friday so you wanna come down and CS maybe in the blue will be down to he just he loves doing those culinary events. I there there really really really fun there they are I look at quick break here on the other side the great way to come back with Damien spent Camille talking about. Birds burgers burgers burgers. Gillis of the wicked bites radio. Peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with that problem. They have their beverages you know it would although food that's famous and then and then left for Collins. Had friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's there's donor restaurants and hey broke. I'm Nashua. But summit you know Bob I government. Within our new costume shop you can bring home the same quality caused that served in the finest restaurants in New England. But it crashed in the end cracked it passed that made right here in commonwealth. It's key is how he knows pasta offers convenient one pound bags and all natural sources that will make your next meal off home run. Does boil water act. To enact. If you don't cross right and I rate. Very different. Writes the American for a place in the waterfront to be about a place of a lot of history. How about the known name restaurants Obama for and Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's back at Specter wool war one the ward end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine that low price seafood couldn't be fresher and a kitchen knows what to do with it displaying considerable finance and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. You'll Leavitt you really low and by the way. Free parking underlined that free parking. In the seaport area a known name restaurant fifteen fish piercing Heidi Jimmy forming okay. Super obviously averaging at least don't want to tell you the real deal with the G has been out of Boston's north end of clubs around ninety. Back then everything that went to a Regina pizza was fresh in the mind. That was the only way to make a well in the and I think that we've grown tomatoes that we probably stick with our own little semi rough and only thing that's changed quite a lot please tell me anything it's if you'd get it is. Boston's original quake happen. You walk throughout the words we'd look you've. Got a dollar and. Will live with every single day we hear you wouldn't leave my from the U community school. That's what it's all about people and animosity of a lot of people lawless area and then in awhile and things. You're locked I don't wake advice radio we're not just for gore makes seven days tended to and on WR KA go go boys of Boston's. Joining me right now is Damian Smith threw me out then Damien your onto my favorite topic and I love them burgers burgers burgers. Got burgers burgers burgers and indeed I mean I think that every single play out there no matter the you know it's that style of restaurant that you're going to get out numbers are partners so hot right now and that started. Usually really yeah he's bus here that have. Couple different takes on the class murder of a British shares meal receiver. Yeah for me now there might go to item one a matter restaurant I I seem all the sudden lately graphic. Gravitating towards the burgers on their menus no matter what type restaurant it is I don't know why but I'm enjoying it. I hope we wanna get to the end of this was your gonna share your favorite the foundry. Time I got several of my will do that aren't that start things off. Sounds good. I wanna go to what is arguably one of the best burgers and greater bought in the upper talk about it they're out or view the talk about saying they are so limited. Very tough to find but if you get a seat at the bar cragey on main chef Tony minds. Make a handful of hers every single day when they're out and immediate self according emirates to age who inquired about what makes things a special combination of three different meats with bone marrow that makes it extra juicy. Date suggest shorter medium rare I don't order burn it higher at that. Comes up lettuce onions coming ketchup and shut up look like a traditional backyard murder but it's probably one on the bastard. And it of course Tony Tony has won a lot of awards like James Beard award. Which is a huge award in the restaurant industry so he is an award winning and one of the top chefs in the entire city. Absolutely no doubt and it's you know if you uglier scene at it again main multiple more casual. I would suggest you your Kirkland got Trotter you can actually find him in the kitchen there. Bubbling to week it's right around the corner and Somerville. And those are his cute spot very close to each other really different styles of cuisine but definitely shown it's going to vote. Right I pick up on either Monday or Tuesday night he does hot dogs. At temple that he made ring and makes that are phenomenal. What we are I whatever is we have only got I've done some other effort that we're on the same area one of my personal favorite and a long standing neighborhood but. Look like an unassuming pub from the outside but our O'Sullivan in China. In Somerville. Is has probably one of my favorite burger in the area. Is about the size of a baseball and the shape of a baseball these things take about twenty minutes to cut because they are so darn sick. It'd be get the black and blue burger it's just rubbed a black peppercorns burba the blue cheese dressing on it. He'd be happy and half they cut wedge Fries and onion rings. I think her beard dipped onion ring. This is a meal that will put you on your butt for the rest of the day but it's 100% or that. And war and Allison are with solvents are straight up the best burger huge attic and greater cost. Our award our award a warning on our posts elements. Watch out if you order sides as extra I ordered the coleslaw side. It was a huge plate full that nineteen people probably couldn't. It's. A so big of abortion personally. Think if did you decide that you really are well I think that if you let it go about what you think are standard there's actually aggregate transcend surcharge breach of. That that I mean I could have taken sides and so that outside to about 1015 customers who really happy. That's our government somehow you their loved it yeah yep I our post selvin Somerville the next one. Let's go over and tried it. New spin on a kick out burger place it's a really great content to called beta burger and it overt near sort of be out. It's over here. The rock theory area I think on the border. I think it's right up mapped out. Com and we ate a burger just check it out and yell it is a really unique spot it looks like it's a fast casual take copper plays fine. Well what they do is they actually do agree with burger and the way they did this that they could get. Sort of soon need style like a combination should be pressured Parker. I'm if it's a really neat concept like I guess I can't even get interpreter circle dietary or you're gonna happen to really flavorful ridge burger. That is practically Kris sledge. Lorie are went in and said the content to agree to a murder is wonderful for those are one. And she was actually blown away with a burger patty that had a little bit different consistency but she says that much better than any partnership. I have tried that that's a that's a new one for me. And I thought I tried every burger in the city. Perhaps expect a healthy burger right now I met its real. If you want an unhealthy burger but none are nonetheless. Super delicious it over to the gallows the gallows as in the south and and the gap is talking about lock Hamburg schlock. We will play on words there but basically you're looking at a hamburger patty stuck to the brim with not a robbery. And it flooded with the Asian native and a truck oil leak. And weekend calling and do we and delicious combination that was grounded caucus crunch weaker and could you gotta have that tart pickle. And the quality ingredients and aptly phenomenal if you wanna go cluster lie Hamburg Shalala. At the gala is gonna do report. And you don't mind go into the gallows. It. You can go but you can't leave them there always will be able to two finish and a. You know cry indulge in burgers and I'm Nate probably heard of them the bought burger company had a original location in Somerville Davis Square. Now there's a few that are peppered around a greater area. I'm including Cambridge braid in downtown. In downtown Boston near backed bank. It typically has. Really monstrous. Burger that I think have topping that you had. Leave that meteor. Your friend who indulged in a little bit of illegal substances no longer legal may have put together back into your gonna find your costs per copy just absolutely. Junk food topped birds that are scrumptious. Jacqueline each. Was talking about the fried delicious thinker perfectly crisp but their jobs directly to the Mac attack burger which is she can't play purple topped by a handful of back Bernie cheap. Said the combination perfect. It just got to add a little bit more calories to write that. You know just I would just a few more. It actually do you want it also had deep fried burger patties after its growth update stadium batter and deep predator ample lead atop the heart attack. Proceed with caution yeah well it's only 250 calories. Provide. That's some pretty scientific. Gear present accurate. That's Boston burger company. That bought timber company and it took him a shout out to another casual place that serves just a really great like. Hearty satisfying through it a little parkway spot that is absolutely beloved by helpers call we will out. We are in the financial district it between Turkey thing. Do we clubby burgers and breakfast sandwich has. So if you're working in the financial that you passed by the we are popping and for what Michael W that is probably our best hers in the city to patties cheese people flavor of the records achieved. Get a chip like AFLAC caddies out burger that you know amount and did everything in fresh green and tasty and just waiting to review Michaels said I might order another one just for back about. And if you're wearing a suit in the financial district to get all that great grease all over your soup right. Every year you know you're gonna walk rather people who have that same standard you're exchanging knowing collapse because obviously a chill out. That's right are those some great burger recommendations let me give you one quick one I gotta get out of the city of Boston going behave. There's a place called he ons 105 B stroller and on the air their cheapest thing on their menus on this special sticky on burger. And they they have a Demi glaze that takes like I I think it takes my two days to prepare and they put that on top of the burger. It's delicious it's one of the few plays I'll go for just go there for burger. And you know maybe not get all that fancy food but the burger is outstanding. And get the cheapest thing on their menu to its regular money at the same time. Richard on that all right did it make you very much we'll talk to actually have a great week Damian Smith from the Al bank stadium. Thank you Jamie and I always love talking bumpers I don't know I think it's kind of like at this big. Increase over the last. Three years it's in the every restaurant including these buying. Restaurants is fine dining restaurants all public number now on their menu. And I just think it's the sign of the times and sometimes are going there on I am going to stake out some time in order of their givers and and enjoying it and I think it's is taking always going to be bigger and bigger as time goes by America's. You know and a lot of rest as the very creative. With their menu and particularly now with their burst putting. Toppings on top that you really like I wicket bites TV that watches live right now on FaceBook which it bites TV on FaceBook I'm just reading some of the comments. Mike went to. Vocal Barros street can't Tina in Portsmouth last night he says it was excellent the chicken enchilada was excellent. An analysis see that that Kerry says he went to. Tides advantage in no hot. Await actually did he went to the tides a restaurant. And I think what he's talking about is they have group and rewards card rewards card called the tides advantage. And for frequent diners like it's it's a great. A great deal or type restaurant you'll be seeing them. Next Saturday morning at 930 on wicked bites TV on message because I actually did a segment down there are a couple of weeks ago we filmed. Again it's right on the beach and it in the hunt. And you know I went in there for one citing in particular. They have people crying in the ring about. Sandwich. Yet. Yeah armored sandwich. They do it two ways one is likely it is a simple cut of primary of. Right on the sandwich. Loved loved to cook like a medium rare. Sue tender. Incredible we also do like a sheet to stake. And cheese and that seemed prime room. Tied restaurant behind in his in the what you bites TV next Saturday morning to the callers are they at a great time with both their crews dinner. On Wednesday night I think quick break here about what your winners your listeners would get by its rating. Catch it all news TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN. They go. Back to a good night's radio start quickly today taking your phone calls tilt. Twelve noon we're looking for restaurants and you've done that over the last couple weeks. Fraser zing from pizza to where Mason got a great dining experience or I don't know about that. Or maybe didn't have a great dining. I always get a ton of people that call in. And just tell me about places that they've dined at. And it's always likes like. Highlights this time a year. And as problem just a fun thing I I discover restaurants that I maybe not thought about and there's plenty as summertime have to go up there and try him. A couple weeks ago I'd I did this show and I. The same topic and that we had a caller talked about pick the place. In mace in New Hampshire where the old little red riding hood. Book was kinda I think written in there and they have a restaurant. It's in the woods T feel like you're gonna get lost before you get there and it probably get there and you're like wow this is. This is it this is. Agassi little room right who they actually have a room. For her in the back which is sleeping in the wolf was right at her and her bag to walk in the and the overall elect fresh vegetables right outside. So that was recommended a couple weeks north I have totally forgot about their restaurant. But it was nice to hear that they're still going strong. And that it's. I mean talking about. You just like history of fun it's different that's a place to go Mason New Hampshire so it's a little bit override. He plug into your GPS which I do what I want up there a couple of years ago. I thought my attitude yes more off the grid I I I had no idea words are part of it was on a dirt road before I got up there. And I found in a filing made up there and it was just it was well worth the trip really in a nice unique place they can place our. Let's see how this bush and we Ameritrade has rocked by the ability restaurant and at six that you can find cavern Ricky Lou and I remarked Ricky will be there. Open up in 1956. And they're open for lunch and dinner six days a week they're closed on. Mondays. To feel like to go their today for lunch I would suggest that we sitting outside a couple too intensive care part of my ties you know as my cousin as a restaurant. And serves and in the like this Hawaiian. Type of appliances and mobile I love Mike ties anyways. I would recommend getting the steamers there today. The fried clams are always I always recommend them but the steamers. Steamers and a lobster can't go wrong with that the village restaurant and Essex mass about 45 minutes. From down town Boston iron over the phone lines now. We get some open lines for you where have you dined over the last two weeks 8884346464. That's 8884346464. And eight and if you never called the show before we we really welcome to the program. Because your opinion matters I mean you may like something I don't and vice Versa doesn't really matter it's what you think of that restaurant. I I that actually it folks call in somebody highly recommend a restaurant somebody call me back MS layered thing that's one of the worst persons reverent of hate going there. But that's what everybody's opinion this is valid I mean everybody has a different dining experience when they go in there. So where do you dine over the last two weeks 8884346464. Carol's got to take your name and address off air because every hour we award Derek is delegates at random. That's right and you could win dinner for two on us just a calling in talks about your experience. For instance last hour. Pam in payroll. I told him gonna give way this gets to be on the program. We're gonna send to the exchange street be stroked in Malden. I highly recommend. This restaurant. Highly recommend this presser I had the playing yeah when I was in their the other day and I would say this probably about a hundred different Martinis. That you can get it any time on their man. It's just a fun place a great place and every dish I once had the the pork chops. Enormous had a poor chips. And you this mashed potato and what it was comical spicy Naspers matched to those who served on top of it's just a while I mean the whole the whole experience home dining experiences awhile so congratulations Pamela send that is to get to exchange street Easter were mauled and and Michael of Cambridge. We're gonna send you we were just talking about this. And has talked about online. Listen to the tides restaurant in the hot. Right on behind beach so those are winners from the first hour we have more gets to begets the giveaway we'll do that next hours everybody that calls in this now will be. And do it for a delegates to bigots here's the number to call 888. 434 or 6464. Got an open line for you were have you dined. Over the last two weeks. 8884346464. And for those you watching us on FaceBook. Will be given away instantly get on FaceBook and few minutes so you wanna make you logon right now we can bites TV on FaceBook. Because I'm gonna just say who wants it first and then. We're chimes in we'll get biggest advocate in so make sure you get to our FaceBook right now wicket bites TV on FaceBook. I 8884346464. Get open mind waiting PL where have you dined over the last two weeks sitting appraisers thing from pizza to war may. That's how the show works 8884346464. Let's go to John. In Beverly good morning John. Good morning it Joseph actually arms are. It and it. My wife and I went that any I know Bob. On spreading. As exploit well it yet urged fine dining. And am I got a murder poet. Stick out are. Is it. You like a you like me now that you're you're going to his restaurant I mean 75 chest at tonight's rest room and I stress from. Are you gravitating. Beat gravitate more towards the burgers now. I don't Lebanon here. I hit it in new tried Irian. I have excellent of and I are. And I sure shop near. Now that's only a very it's. Restaurant everything from the service if they. Environment it. You up and what what what what the price points like it's in response has not. Yeah I think my burger willows. You know the only when they thought it was. Seventeen dollars were that they are a bowler hat on her. Like eight get higher. I had a personal. Yeah I was at a restaurant. Oh I think it's called chops in Burlington. In the in the to marry out of Burlington. And as they have I think they're never was like eighteen dollars and act and who served with the the little. We call hash browns. Yeah instead of Fries I thought that was a great little twist his great burger phenomenal burden of expensive eighteen dollars. Yet is part of the cheapest thing on the remaining. And I still I am doing every every everybody who's is just really really good. I to severed by a chestnut is what you recommend it. I'm great thank thank you very much for your phone call 8884346464. Is our number to call here where you kind of the last two weeks. You see on FaceBook lives George went to dockside restaurant and wake up I have been to the dockside. And a long time in a long time they stuff several locations. The Purdue docs are restaurant and I sports that mr. kind of like a local. My neighborhood sports atmosphere last time I was in one. I think they they kind of like features like the town's sports which I thought was really unique. I 8884346464. It's gonna Judy of North Andover good morning Judy. Good morning nor your excellent. And I have recently dined at the dike for a restaurant in north and Oprah okay yeah it. You know brutal when I'm on the street yet. I would think about it. I loved it I have been Marron. We've brought gonna have many times and we just went yesterday again I really do like get I think that they are very accommodating Mir this election is. Is really good the portion that based services wonderful it's if you've been there you know it's kind of mind prop run organization the dad does the cooking the mother. Helped found in the kitchen and and the daughter of the waitress is sent. It's not much if it's been converted that chance so it's not real elegant inside that I got the can really does have a fun atmosphere and it's just a real the only oriented play. Food is fabulous. I think the kitchens probably large in the entire dining room area. I agree it's yeah and George does a fabulous job. He will look I don't like capers for example he'd he'd give her take those out forming. The shame and I don't like it was either out yeah I I don't know what is I just don't like keepers. I don't either or don't shoot shot and I but it's it's a little restaurants family run restaurant. And it's Italian with what Lou was what I know. Argentinian. It's too little. And they have on the niners which are very good they have an antipasto that's to die for and that's. It's that merited eggplant and and these time and down prevalent she'd sent. In the all of and so forth. Again I'm a really big time leader for sometime George you substitute some other things worry for little more of one thing and the other. Their sultan Boca is fabulous that from the Italian side. They have an antipasto. That it's called into positive and allies and they have. You're the typical stopped the free judo on the program around she's and so forth but they also put in. Something very special to me is that this strategic plan to be escarole and mushrooms. They've also met and fried broccoli and artichokes and have been gifted and they banner of so so good. It's really a wonderful mom wonderful place to go to an economic benefit it's just the nicest people and the food is delicious they're aliens. Yeah and it's one of those places that the unity they can't afford to advertise because they're so small and your humor about you do about them. Are on shows like this it's because you could call and recommend these little tiny tiny places and I mean tiny. And and just Dicks you tell us about your dining experience and how hard working. Those votes are there and it's great to hear dye course again that's look at our. Rude little give there aren't aren't you playing there right yes next to the new Dunkin' Donuts on Osgood street in a little strip mall there it's across from. Matt Matt. Not yet know exactly where it is right not too far from my house. I thank you very much for your phone call. Let's go to south irbil next some of those one of those upcoming restaurant community seems like everytime I turn around as a new restaurant popping up in Somerville. And marry your next good morning merry. Good morning Scott how Leo X. We went to air that clam shack packed up Salem willows the other day. Excellent I had addict it was trash it was light. And that it was actually it. And my trip that the captain combo which was a little bit of everything. And she shared a scallop and clam with me that would actually. Only problem marked the screen can't fly. They really bite. But it would actually everything was fresh and Alicia. Yeah now that's that's announced that that sounds great and again you could. Go to clam shack there at the Salem willows and then walk around and kind of burn off some calories you just had. I could get one fact was very hot and the other by little what with a cherries dot yeah it's nice and cool so it was beautiful. I remember being there couple years ago on one of those days it was like 95. Inland. And there wasn't a sea breeze anywhere but probably there because water almost like surrounds the entire area so any Bree at a nice cool breeze. And then you know you either make it you go to the clam shack and then canonized him on the other side the street right after that. I'm experienced I. I know I married thank you very much for your phone call again that's the clam shack. Right there in the Salem willows and it's that again I I like find places they go out for lunch review on the weekend. And then after logic to the nice long walk I don't Portsmouth that is a place that I think about Kennebunkport is another place. And I love going to and just you know finding a new place to go out and eat. And then. Just walk and walk you know go to the shops. Or as I does that chase my wife on the shops that it is basic who has Ramadan dork but you get some great exercise and doesn't feel like you're exercising or remain. To I love hearing about. I restaurants like that. I worded kind of the last two weeks 8884346464. That's 8884346464. And get ready on FaceBook live normally give a wake yesterday in just a few moments. So you better be there right now we get bites TV on FaceBook and just a few seconds I'm gonna just. Say okay who once this gets to be in the first one that chimes in on my feet. Will give it our rights and get ready for get ready. 8884346460. Fours are numbered call here but about term as arrestor run day they're located. Dean net. Wilmington right armour won 29 about 22 miles off route nine. And you'll find Rick lol there I was there a couple of weeks ago all four edit a target another great dining experience I am just so lucky. I've been on Iran it is great dining X. During the summertime and his pace to to go there on a Saturday night which would normally be like an hour wait you get right in. Well from as those I have to say as a just a great menu. And nice atmosphere. And the price points being in Wilmington they're pretty good. So you can go win there and maybe order 88 in the stake if you like to do that. Or you could order a pizza. Yeah that make a Margarita pizza. I Harken they have a Neapolitan style. Pizza oven to wood other. You'll see it when you walk into the restaurant. The most of the kitchen is open to you see them working on it and Rick was saying you know we don't make a lot of pizzas here. But we have a pizza menu. And and we wanna do make that pizza so it's just right. For UN. And this is when it's right for you. That's right for us. I love to hear their polo. Pizza. Barbecued chicken. With sweet red onions. All sensational Matt Moore we filmed their a couple of months ago that pizza went really fast. Really fast. Torres or restaurant they route 129. Tool road in Wilmington police say hi to Rick low when you go win. Again imagine the village restaurant and Essex fried clams I opened them up if you if it's first time going to those restaurant message got to try to fried clams. Mark Pittman. Who is a writer for Sal while magazine. To talk about fancy now aren't sent one magazine. He says they have the best soft shells in the universe. New England favorites see Gucci axis of book that was up not that long ago. They write in there about the village restaurant has sixes every town deserves a place like the village. It's a casual elegance joint that caters to locals but maintains. World class standards. In the kitchen. I don't think he can top any more than that I mean they're just they're they're they've been featured. It now assemble our magazine other like national magazines. That featured. It newspaper point for their fried clams so it's a first time going there. You have to try you got to try to programmes to experiment on their their menu. One of the biggest sellers is the C two burner Vista it's fresh had a shrimp scallops and swords shall pristine. And I'll light seafood broth with tomatoes and herbs. It's a blue vase. Kind of Essex style. And there about 45 minutes in downtown Boston on day like today it's a great day. Just to you know to drive down and take a little bit arrived Essex the village restaurant and at six. Right there at 55. Main street. Him it's OK the village restaurant in Essex. I would say we get back to the phone calls. Let's go to 209. Number two and Nina is just my buddy Nina calling us from New York. Yes how are you good you. They do well. I was in Boston about two weeks ago. Celebrating my birthday and it might go to restaurant is called dvds get in Dorchester. He Oregon and their I have never been to tell me about it. I I I it's I've been I've never dined there are being. How would think wouldn't know a hidden gem to a canisters really. Popping up with Ali. Cute little spot but that the media right there on the water twenty Ericsson street and that's like go to place I've been going to have to live for my birthday for the last six years. Beautiful lovely open field right to it can hit on the debt what typically is built by look at the boat. And its camera. Anything right up from our route 93 you see the big sign that they still have in their they're basically in their parking lot. They they they at one time in this is that there really a time I was in about ten years ago. On the they have. They also on that wine company we make your one. And spectacular because I'm kind of except I'm allergic to read one. And I could never figure out what people like. Red wine to me one tiny tiny drop would burn all my tong going down and it always smelled like Easter egg dye. So I could never. You know I can never figured out and I didn't realize I was allergic to it. And I went in there one day and I I sat down with the folks there and it's a non not try this or why you won't have a problem with the and I did not. It big I guess they because it's it's they don't use any of the the self fates that preserve it. And and Ahmad black members should go when your middle my home barrel wind. There will any of it. Exactly I mean not picking up white wine is well. But I mean I think you will winery that they have there and it's you can probably even have a little party if you want is so. It's great tickets sold like two different ones you can dine at the city via and then go across the parking lot there can be wondering. So I highly recommend that place and again the minis didn't seafood is just back there it's delicious second place I went to was in Gloucester. Call because why. The cause we're ruled I'm showing how much food you could ever finished there I mean it's amazing. Exactly we just got up leaned food stealing all or. I'd split it with my brother and we couldn't even finish it. It's nothing fancy. That our oh no no no no but each crowded all the time and I went in there and I have the chicken parmesan I thought it was a joke. When he brought it over to because it was so much chicken parmesan during fit in the plate. Exactly exactly but it's a great spot we got there. What likely comes in at 1130. Minute it would place a tax and have been thirty. And you know it doesn't it doesn't end it to it continues on. There all day long and met back there was another dish or order it was say yeah. I think it was a seafood dish and when he brought that the show over and again this wasn't just for for me. It was for everybody you know there's the portion size I was looking I I couldn't believe it. I think was the debate had and I actually thought it was a whole each rate. Of like. With corporate. Coming over to the table. And I look at quote. How Mike and even like start. This stage there was just so much so much but they are at every time we do best seafood show there are always in the top always in the top. And I think you cut your pricing in their their quantities then you got to promise during the you know when you come back in next next time and time do you call Lisa would go out for dinner. Absolute you re absolutely because I'm a little for me here in New York to. Yeah well how's mom going to different restaurants and in places to try end up like one out off I went to the people susceptible my goodness that was amazing. Yeah what are all right now you've lived in the Boston you've lived in New York. Who has better pizza. And that the tough went I think dead in the peak of festival I believe that brought that also brought the best. Pizza places there I enjoyed. We keep physically which can change feet that I am not as a well I'm rich east and moved and that piece it was delicious. You know popped up and up across again Greek people. Yep great great pizza. Our I'm gonna say Boston has better pizzas and new York and every time I think that I I get a lot of people call me yelling at me. Yeah exactly equipped at the from new York and I would say Heidi in my eye for for us and we'll see you when next I get back in town thank you very much need to be a phone call. 8884346464. Is our number to call today's program. That's gonna South Weymouth and Andrea good morning Andrea. The model that's. I was up in Portland Maine on Thursday to take a friend out for lunch. You should really go to Kemp seafood could be about their fried clams and he said let's go to them all out. I never heard of it it's right on the water and they can further it former car fairy. And I'm thinking it's a tourist trap it's the tourists trapped. I had probably their best fried addicts. I've had I've wondered why he fried seafood that's usually what I get. It was absolutely. Delicious and usually at lunch you're not able to get a big potato you're only able to get fried. Dead baked potatoes. That broccoli was perfect it was still Crespo let them all. Mushy. Not a huge portion embedded you know it was it was just prayed for me he had fried clams which is what he likes and he said that they were delicious. The places really nice. In that when you come in. It's like to cheers for other work that you're sitting you have a few of them however in the boats. To tell you I was I was pleasantly surprised that really thought it was going to be ripped off. You know it it's one of those places that was actually on our list the film this summer. And we never got around to it but I am feeling next next year with the bites TV it gets a lot of recommendations throughout the years. And I and I can't you can't beat its location and and and sort of it's a significance to the Portland area. And end it is feared dining near the parking is validated. So gas into the parking there that they emulated it and it makes you look reasonable. And the pillows located right yeah Portland Maine great call thank you want your phone call. Not again restaurant you've kind of forget about in time but it was on our border earlier in the season we just. Ran out of place the future this summer but will will do that again next Saturday morning at 930. Brand new week it might shows all summertime themed programs are coming out with dining on the water. That's our first show them and look at lobster in the rough that's the next week's show. There will it take you down to Hyannis harbor in Hyannis. And look at some of the restaurants right there in the harbor we have fried clams and so much more that's all coming up on Wiki bites TV include the Cape Cod dinner tray. You know what Russia what that's like that's all coming up so make sure he said it DVR Saturday morning at 930 on NASA and that's the Red Sox and Bruins station. All right on FaceBook live now. The first when the chimes in that says they want it. I have it yesterday get to spank these clam shack in Hyannis right there on the harbor. So just make comment to I wanna I wanna go I wanna go almost a job back gifts to begin our right we can bites TV. Right now on FaceBook the first one that chimes in we'll get that nothing about the China blossom in north bend over route 125. I go in there and get the all the crime re but we all. You can eat. Chinese food on the profanity you know maybe today who have beautiful day outside nice breeze. Many wanna sit outside he could do that. They have a nice little patio area with the television. I think I think I'm much Ouattara the Red Sox are on the West Coast at least. They would have to game one you sit sit outside Joyce and drinks. And you could order menu items can have the app about Faye because they don't want to kind of marched through the restaurant conscious at all through the restaurant gotta get there that way. That's a nice place just to sit down and enjoy the China busts of route 125 in North Andover. And I see we have a caller that's gonna win match your FaceBook got a recommendation. That's gonna win this bank he's used to be get. And that is going out to him. So there's graduation we'll send that out to you and I hope you enjoy it okay. And it's great little place. Now a little place and or break their Hyannis harbor I would take a quick break it back to voice your phone calls Hillis in the week invites radio. Thought he sassy and wicked bites radio. We're all about the food babies your life you know wicket by its radio on WRK 00 boy so Boston. And welcome back what divides radio start quickly today Mike is off to join his. I would say a weekend. For his birthday okay so he'll be back next and actually back at two weeks in the next two weeks off. But don't forget like I just said next Saturday morning 930 wicket bites TV is all news or do not miss it. I we still got some ties to your phone calls today will do for the restaurant you've dined out of the last two weeks. And we are we awarding some great debt against delegates and maybe you could win so you've never called the show before never called a radio show before. I your opinion matters because. You know that your your opinion is just as valid as mine where have you dined at the last two weeks. And carols gonna take your name and address because every hour we award our dinner gets to Vegas. And so far on today's show we've given away a gift card to the tides restaurant in the hot I went to Michael Cambridge. Sue on FaceBook just one spanky clam shack in Hyannis. And Pam a payroll were set into the exchange street beast wrote in Malden. And again award a couple of gifts it's too because this hour till. And who knows you could win one. And dying on us just telling us about the dining experience. You had over the last couple weeks 8884346464. Is the number to call that's 888. 4346464. In I'm just going to my list of places that you could try. And that might be a little bit different. And every. Friday. At 9:30 AM mom on WRK a morning show acumen BB. And I always come out like a topic to discuss and and sometimes like to say those topics and bring them up here on the radio show we have time. Couple unique places we talk about freight Strider. And taunt and open up in 1933. It it's a seasonal food stand. But it's a fun place to go. They have tons of ice cream so you know there's going to be a line at nine on a hot night. But if you wanna go in there and maybe get. A burglary they have gourmet burgers and and it's nothing fancy could drive up B department couple tables and that's what it is that it opens like birds they know what to do right. They gore may burger menu is about 899 I think all liver rosary 99899. And one of their murders that I love is the wimpy Berber. This burger has to be parodies. So it's a lot it's not for wimps. Led with bacon lettuce tomatoes onion rings. But what really does it for me is as sweet pepper relish on top. It's really really it. All right that's as I recommend the birds come up or hot dogs. Public Scottie dogs in Beverly they have a Chicago style hot dogs. And that they also have. You know that steak burgers but I'm I go in there. But for the hot docs. Seasonal stand its Vienna beef. And it's Chicago style also has a poppy seed bun. And all economists had just like you get in Chicago called Scottie dog on rain tools street in Beverly. Another one I would recommend. I don't know this season I believe they are and I hope they don't season because a large place. But Tony's clam shot. On Quincy drive that Quincy shore drive in Quincy. Right there in Walston beach across the street from the beach to walk right over. Family operated for over fifty years. Large menu plenty up platters. Sam which is baskets wraps and reliance. But go to their kind of your box menu that you get small medium or large boxes to clams clam strips scallops and oysters you can get that there. And again. The longevity of dislike for its they've been there for a long time that's called Tony's. Clams shop. Located at 861. Quincy shore drive in Quincy on walls to impeach. Aren't. The character more segments of screen your phone calls it a pact from just second restaurant they Lucci up by the Mount Vernon street. In Winchester that's gonna find a spreader roll in family. I asked political rows that there would score rose at its lightly breaded panda. Seared pan fried mozzarella stop with pursuit duo. And sort with a commodore Russell. Us. I love it absolutely love it I mean that's an appetizer that many move on to the column armory. I love the look of the era. The marinara sauce because they can't make everything by hand there everything is fresh. And it's just a a preachy or read that listens. I'm better I can describe it more mad at me it's just you know it's good. There veal parmesan. With that with their sauce that they're that a tomato based sauce that they have. Is incredible if you wanna kick it up at a thin layer of egg plant on top. While while and I daylight today though we're up all the windows they have four to ceiling windows that opened up you can have beautiful breeze throughout the restaurant. Restaurant they Lucci of five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. I go back to the phone causes goaded David inbox for good morning David. More are excellent. I. Without. A pretty good and you know. And ought yes Paul Maurice plants. Honestly it. How much it replaces. The only bad battery. Buried back there it listed under Obama buddy action and I think there you don't yell fore now obsolete. Yeah I what I love about their restaurant and Paul. Paul has that passion you know you eat you could sense that imminent there's several shots and some sharp owners that I pass from Paul has that. Better that passion. But if you go in the Massa mean as he talked to you waiter or waitress. Just tellem have Paul make me something that they may ask you a few questions and he'll he'll make it dish that's not even on the menu for you and I guarantee you'll love it. Oh yeah yep and great view and I'm sure they have the windows open when you were there. Oh boy network card master and you know it's not about it I'm sorry. Is it not it add it all that's. They kept like a private wine cellar that they they have what may be. Room for about 1520 people downstairs where that would its own little bar a busy Saturday night's. Yep I recommend that Matt restaurant they Massa made us right there and Andy card street and say hi to Paul when you go and thank you very much via phone call. That's gonna matter and a billiard nexis Scott with a good morning bill. Hi good morning the morning so we are driving back from Portland Maine yeah we're looking for a place to stop records. And one that Jerry get over it. You know perhaps fortunate so we would beat the traffic that we just had an unbelievable breakfast that was a real quiet where. Called Dominic. At the Lawrenceville airport. As the largest municipal tried an airport. And I'm. On the street from my house yes I I've been there a long time but the planes that the that the small craft plans. Landed there all the time. Yeah and hide I just had to scramble to hash. Which was sore all homemade. Strongly. And non also are bad. Really great blueberry pancake those all really by actually bulk Dodd all fresh blueberries. Jarvis was great. It was a nice that is yeah I think it was a really great fighter good bank bad there'd be this bad aspect restaurant. For breakfast at the airport. Yeah it wasn't so long I was on the morning show acumen BV on the Bjork you know on Friday and and peavy was talking about. Place a matter that you brought up this their place. And and we were trying to put together a TV show this summer that would feature. Small restaurants diners like that that are actually at these private little airports that you've gotten dine. And we didn't find enough of them yet and they're there were really all over the state. So required a lot of traveling but I it's just funny bring kids out there and watch the planes come in and really just have fun. They keep your current yeah. It's called Dominik and I think it's the marksman of its municipal airport I think it is in north and technically yes yes I. I still thank you very much for your phone call. I get less have been to vote and inquire while 8884346464. Where we've done the last couple weeks 8884346464. Let's go to Lynn and our next call and Joseph. Palin that Joseph you don't. Okay my favorite rest I I go there they don't make your own wind but it's Phillip or hope of their food isn't in much better have good glam. And before you leave today when you before you end your show can you name other restaurants like he used to sometimes you forget the addresses that. I I do I kind of like struggled most of you watching me on FaceBook live to see me scribbling. Well I am known as the likely all their all new FaceBook except the here but I don't use fish I'm vision impaired but that's okay he could name them unless they did it. Which make your own wind you said and they don't use sulfate. Yeah it's up. We are meant to get the name I think it's like that called the Boston winery in Dorchester I think that's the name it and it it's right next to that and that's your restaurant. It's in their parking lot and I think that's an MI that's why didn't say because it wasn't 100% sure there but don't. The portal has improved their food is quite good and I always go there when I can't. They always have great and chowder. I mean that they've been always had an award winning clam chowder. Okay different dimension it. I just thank you very much for your phone call I see on FaceBook live Linda writes in says clay hill farms in a conflict. Main farm to table gluten free items soy free options. Elegant overlook in the lawn with birds and flowers exec trust that sounds like a nice little spot this summertime to gotten joy. I worried guiding this summer 8884346464. Again Carol to take your name and address because we got a few more minutes. And I will announce this hour's winner and will begin at random 8884346464. The Venetian restaurant and here role opens up at 2 o'clock today for dinner. They're only open Tuesday through Sunday. That they opened the rest of the week Tuesday through Saturday at 4 o'clock but on Sundays we open up at 2 o'clock. And today I would go in there and have their three pound baked stuffed lobster. Thing with the patience famous walnut stuffing. It is so popular that they run out. I was they're not that long ago and that's where our order. And you sound you gotta finish at three pound lobster. Wasn't a problem. It was not a problem now they also have their their their the wall that stuff and Els put on their shrimp there should secure big steps for a get the same stuff. Yeah it's it's a restaurant that that I think specializes in certain things prime rib. I mean I don't heating unit if you love primary if you already know about the fringe and raster. But it's a Mediterranean restaurant. And they have an assortment plot or I like to call it a Mediterranean poo poo platter. He gets stuffed grape leaves squashed cabbage. Lebanese TV Lima beans and rice. Great way to start too many. Love lamb chops they probably the best lamb chops anywhere anywhere. And whatever you do save room for dessert. They're baked Alaska. The finish and restaurant group 11012. Alfred street. In April. Southward towards restaurant is located in Andover Lawrence efforts up Boston and in Boston stated district. Over for lunch and dinner and make sure you check out there chefs playground section of their menu. Is each restaurant features their own what. The chef wants to make on their home on on our menu. And the chest playground menus going to be different at each location. I've back to the phone calls we go right after we take a quick break. Our number to call 888. 4346464. Appraisers saying repeats it too. More may we need your help an open line right now which is about to wrap up the show so hurry hurry up to your times your phone calls and squeeze in as many as we can. Where have you kind of the last two weeks 8884346460. And I don't sometimes can't make it to than not that the Boston's original brick oven pizza but we got up. There's seven Regina locations patent busting their real well. What you walking around annual hall when it I was patient. Bet my over often erupted at that we work our tails off to make sure that people that you get anywhere in town is just as great as the when you get. After office you don't like ninetieth in the north and if you can't be. One jump up. We have. I'd love to talk to you know batter restaurant chef owner that I know very well and have known for 2530 years. Is name is in the belated desk he's originally from Naples. As a matter of fact he was actually go to BO lawyer is it that Napoli law school in Naples and decided. You know something I really would like to be this year. So he came to America he worked here for awhile in the north and opened up his own restaurant very successful and has won every award on the planet or. Okay and when he won in 2008. The 2000 played award for the best Italian restaurant and chef in the world. And that was presented to him by the nine doors of Rome Italy. Now I'd suggest one very special this. That would be the stakes Allah pat what plea that famous radio star. It's very spicy sea entity care we gotta have. You have to develop a taste for that night at the here's the seafood coliseum the veal coliseum the stuff come Amani. I know that you will enjoy this restaurant to visit him and they relate to desk is a chow coliseum restaurant route 28. Record ridge shopping plaza Salem New Hampshire. Dental break knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to light in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With a lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again we're into the onyx Perry have done X orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. Can't peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though it would Alter food that's Davidson then I'm at leopard Collins. I'd friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know they're competitors don't the restaurant and they broke and Nashua. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's ten to do. Go to WRKO. The voice of Boston. If you're looking to replace the stopping and once they were about to change restaurant in Peabody 373 low streak they've either a luncheon specials. Are served a weekdays. From 11:33 PM in your choice apartments powers super rate drops suit. My special rate through about 575 to six feet and during the week. A great deal still chains in dvd I would get right back to the phone calls let's go to guy in line and Gary and things were good morning Gary. Good morning good morning. How are you excellent we're happy for us. Well I'd like to recommend not arcane rationing Kennebunkport. Downtown Kennebunkport. They they sell they had to would have bar lodge this stuffed with crab and shrimp. And this story scallops on top of that that you wouldn't believe the size of Luke and they sell it for sixty dogs that's their specialty but I've had at any any kind of go up on the occasion I make it a point to have that at least once. And it's wonderful it's actually right on not the small canal water right there by the Padilla the boats and such items on the. So you're in. Basically the bridge kind of separates Kenny bunk which is where I don't know socialism is on the other side operate on port. It's right there on your left in Kennebunkport by and it's that you sent to pound lobster. Torn out problems. Like I can handle that I'm in the movement are now. And again it's stopped with crab which went with this stuff and also any huge gobs sitting on top it's just. Phenomenal and it's a nice setting also very very very nice setting. Got it sounded okay hurricanes restaurant again in Kennebunkport thank you very much for your phone call. Let's go to run in north and over the morning run. I thought the morning. Had a great that a lot photographs feels. Direct why am. Was right PO on the side of course Caesar salad. That interest thing out. Appetizers they were seaport stuffed mushrooms. For an outstanding. And my wife had the escrow to quarantine. Was. We're back. There and I think we're the we're losing Iran but that's not grass fields they're located in Andover. All right and that did they always have great bread. Another idea there's stakes are very reasonably priced. Although hopeful thing was so very result you know I had two drinks. To me meals appetizer I think we walked out there for seventy bucks. Yet not and they're they're pure good sized drinks. Yeah yeah yeah. All right grass fields thank you very much Ron for your phone call the suit and on to New York next on our next call and Michelle who mourn and now what we're. I could see Michelle walking around. Jogging near me. And you are we got you now. It can hear me well yup. OK we had wrecked at the egg and I in. With an edit out a gun quit if you've never been and they are you really might. Hometown service at a hometown values. We had so much wrecked that I regained about here or apparently. And we're going out of buying. Opt it's I applaud stretch there. That at backpack but you have but then we got to be carefully gone the egg and I. Watch open the gates because if they're checking cholesterol they may spike. I know but we are more careful about art. There that's what they'd put the body in service. Yeah it's it's a small place I've driven by I've never been and where and it's been recommended on the show. But it's a nice little stop when iron Kenny bunk. I mean I'm sorry can't go to Maine in that area. Nice little stop. I think you're much via phone call. Rare coins in New Hampshire and weren't mails if you look at the by yourself rare coins or gold are still. He's the man call connected you bought goldmans over the last couple of years. Warren tells me that the counterfeiting. It's got the character terse initiative just so cool it at the aircraft. And that even a trained professional war mills. Thirty years of experience. Can't tell anymore by looking uttering feeling the point so we went to NASA for solution. Any purchase this machine that looks inside. The corn so we conceived it's pure gold or silver. Yeah that's right. And he started doing this for free still does have a free to be Eric corn collection worried about. I head over to warn Mel's record to New Hampshire it is time look at it. That way you could just rest assured that what you bought. These real. Even if you are from big irreparable company couple years ago we don't know. You don't know and Warren now he's got so busy doing the hit by second machine. So if you wanna rest easy. You know or looking to buy or sell corns he's the guy to call Warren mills rare coins in New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. Janeiro Jeter twelve Fletcher Rhoden Quinn do that Jeremiah touchy those placed on sun is the restaurant itself was closed. But you'll find Jerry there because the kitchens open. And you coming to pick up party platters are pizzas. Or dinner or breads are some of the Italian pastries that it makes every day. It's a very busy day in their restaurant even though the restaurant itself was closed and go in there. He got a big pool party this afternoon. He does is Sicilian pizza. It's twelve by seventeen. You got a large card to bring it home. It's like twelve slices. But it's gonna impress everybody just by the pure size. Jared is eerie twelve Blanchard wrote in Queens. You know that's pretty much gonna wrap up today's program I know we had a caller wanted to run down some restaurants and reduce some really really quick. Recommend on today's show fans a restaurant Pickering war critic clam chowder and they're baked stuffed lobster. I can't read my writing and the the Arabic restaurant in the fluent shot teams I believe was recommended. Sleep well as restaurant embossed it was also recommended. Harvard gardens in Boston Pam. Says. That she's what they're couple times down really really love that choose a winner and our first hour. And at bishop techie in Cambridge Michael recommended 75 chest at a Boston dike core north bend over the clam shack in the Salem willows. Go on and on. The Miller lows in Portland Maine Andrea from South Weymouth recommended damage he's going to be this hour's winner. Captain fish bones and got a gift certificate to captain is I can't run down all the other ones that we had more time. That's gonna do it up again next Saturday morning at 930. Wicket bites TV brand new episode we're featuring. We're featuring summer time dining out. CNN Sunday morning 10 o'clock right here on which it by threatened by higher body. We can place radio with pat Wheatley is a presentation of wits immediate end.