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You're listening to make it play. Chris in Sunday's ten to. Dudley Hart K okay boys of Boston. Hey guys well. That would lead he's batting tonight there's. But the whole crew saying crew it's always been here is here today. Arctic everybody if effective so I think in there when I tell you this program is right to bat Regina pizzeria. Boston's Rick Evan pizza world famous since 1926 and now. Did you know this guy now of the official pizza of the Boston red that'll boy. Did you know that I know that particular FaceBook updated to let's let's. I did awards we worked weeks there and stick Graham. If you're going to be the pizza of the Red Sox Muslim Toby Wright anti Christ visited him. Right now we need some good would that would mark. Yeah happy that it proximate right. Anyway one of delivered this is going to be better. Let's go if they've got a lot of ballparks. Provided you can fumble it up with a beard. But I can feel that it is that the that the virginity at midnight and went back Saturday. At this I got a FaceBook thing howitzer here on short from. Full disclosure. Our first attempt we'd love that I get my full disclosure my first attempt at a home cooking Friday bacon burger well. Sloppy be mine received blessed best. It was tasty but extremely. Messy and that attractive an audience no pictures but practice makes perfect exactly. Korea having food drink when you're doing it is Odeon. I've made mine about half past my third Jack and Coke OK now if you had a player what's at the end of wearing no I don't know actually it was just. It the way I felt about it was and Scott you bill orally to this was when we're filming the codecs. And we tried to get a shot of inside the burger now they mainly via the maple burger they made there. Was. Delicious actually a phenomenal Berger only lease bonus to gain in Denver. So we we took the burger and half and we tried opening. But it was cooked I would say close of the medium. And that's actually where I collect my burgers cooked. But it doesn't photograph well. So when you open it up everything just kind of fall that far off and not a sexy fall our way and they move. I'm sexy way we read it and a host lesbians as different. Draper. But I mean do we came out like I said it in the post it tasted very. But yet for. Wasn't for brief footage. Well I tell you though Mike may have discovered some indices on this upcoming show. We were at the finish and restaurant here Roland Mike was of course sitting at the bar and they made him and you know a brand new drank move the Mike teeny Mateen. Those see that you are there menu and and you don't get this I know the bartender there who don't get it no it's gonna how to make it we have a hollow from. I mean I know what in my team he would promise you but end up he put knowledge and yet and you just take the government of by and just tactical actually tested as straw at what it's like it's like I goes as well. Whether the bar order injecting code public image. But it very tastefully that you guys went on though it by Stevie. And do some very exotic places for some very exotic drinks that I I do not wanna talk right now. About to speak easy I think that's one and in these things that ever seen. So coming up on a bit later on how would you guys go into great detail for people who didn't see it the right. And by the way with the red sax playing now are we on Monday at two. But I we'll check the schedule appears on their exes in all the pens and other causes the springs right yeah yet they even CEO this with advice TV yeah he's an accused that you DVR will Monday at two. Monday at 2 PM that you be. The arts report due to see absolutely and by the way today Mike and I moved out of Canada and after the show faces never been done. For folks yeah after 12 o'clock we sign off with the BR Kalin Boston Mike and I gonna stay on for another half hour. It would take your phone calls Luke FaceBook lives we'll be able to see it's so you're driving around right now I got plenty of time twelve noon I expect to on our FaceBook live from. Salim an extra coffee fit now at the bigger cup negotiating going to face but TV right now watch we spoke we can bites TV on FaceBook FaceBook laden and be able to watch us. Or right now and Newton right now. A couple of other things you went to profits I did and you had their Frankenstein. Of. Her he did. Way to is that was too. I was gonna say it was 11. As burglars yeah burgers and hot dog tight package today here and then he would face him. He got the teacher that teacher yeah we all got T shirts yeah with apple. I was gonna say it's I think that NFL football coach Mark Burnett that we would go to eastern Taiwan. Right it's member was I mean literally no pun intended a monster it was it was basically for burgers and four hot dogs. Meat sauce double the meat sauce. Double that she's double the bacon double onions. Double everything and Eddie. ID and wanna ruin that I die and Al about it but it all matters is that the teacher says that we finish exactly so that's about it. Well I guess that it is evident to Mount Washington but it never had moments and now rusty cars with bumper stickers that say I don't think it maybe maybe they rolled down the mountain iron about that now use years. Literary imagination. Try to describe the taste. For against Steinberg well it's definite. You know it would listen. He wasn't too bad the problem though wasn't. Had a lot of flavor to it the hot it was kind of like a mile the frank. And and and Europe and the Chile was kind of a mile outside in the it was. But what I really like the there. There's the second issue I that I made to make your own Burton I think it was that the 300 different. 100000 to 400000. To 400000 and options of burgers. I can't tell us who don't know all. I don't Agnew burger which is the way I was like 60% lean in that 40% so it's higher fat. Card tempers at the American version is that with a massage to cap correct Coke and freedom beer yes and that Kobe beef it's the pirated version. And I had for my bonds. Was a grilled cheese sandwich and its side was basically double grilled cheese. The Wagner who leave and then of course you know I like the Dutch treat the Gucci's on top ten so that was the burger that I chose to make and it was. Really good but you know I'm sure took may be used to. Yeah with wood on the show doesn't are now it's all existed in human access act after I had an illicit. Give me an aim at this place today data privatization may make a trip they should make if you're probably it's right downtown by the state that the state house it's really nice setting it's called. Locks burger bar. Yeah and there's a part in like lot right Jerry Rivera is Buick so LUXEXE. Correct. Looks burger bars and Providence and you know it's nice atmosphere inside the the the adult sheiks were. Tasty. Oh there were adult shake there lord no date. When a Michael while my mouth useful when. They came they came over. I right now as so associate and a course. That long ago here in Providence out of that thing. I'm. Holly what's the name of the Brothers Stephen Brothers haven Brothers. Who actually they have a mobile move trucks now up the in and you can go in and I guess. As soon as the businesses close in Providence. The jet pulls up to pulls up a real thing at City Hall at 5 PM every night. And stays on the online and they get they get busier around to around 2 o'clock AM and know what in Boston. My they actually go out it's so well without streaked hair faster diner but train station built right in that area for a bit they actually go and they they send their waiters outside. And yet to 3 o'clock in the morning again the other terminals tables and these men British realize these things were existing after I don't know. They just to go and that our heroine Thomas. It's a Marcia confront an open coffee place in Boston it was two years ago but with how things change and yet they have. Miss Portland diner do we do anything on them I mean this was done. Now now no now they're all part I that is a middle Wakefield to. Is there miss Wakefield I believe they were all me that's with this I believe there were all made out of that the Worcester lunch car company back in the back in the day. As I was late twenty's maybe thirty's and forty as when they made them and and the miss Worcester diner but actually made right across street. Somewhere sits today that I mean now it's sort of like the flea market to flea market that is open at once. The news and if a bit and next is something you expect to fully is that the best thing in oral. Looks like a flea market. That India and they would known as humans yet they had a very special dish there is an image was getting at the crunchy French toast which you've got to explain what it is hard to urged those Mikey is the brand cereal right it's like honey nuts brand cereal and when to boats off that they think they. It's most on to the to the that the Texas toast. And then they deep fry it. And then they just put all the goodness on top of it and you know the make it even better yeah. It's a really are great it's whether I think is their top selling item at that this was it. He makes a statement when it comes when someone orders that it's one of those ones that the kind of parade through and make a big to do about the whipped cream and all that stuff so people to flee by a couple left view or one and they do. Yeah I like it that ended its intent for the fisherman platters and sees pleases or ruined element to village to village in the all American temperatures from its in Salzburg Bulgaria Hungary. Who who yeah the oh by the way. I have to thank him minister I have to tell you guys. All owe him a blow. I want I want it to you guys about I finally went to the weights weeks late and it is only when the concerns that some. I had that I Fredricka points. They. I can't and it's I was you have to you might Cheney's and you get it out nicely as professionally trained have any views it relates market is too. Yeah with the I don't know over a 100000 plus one Ocalan a tea after I've been tried this samples of detail how felt about it the first. This test to be good or bad it entity. It's Taka about what's happening Monday April 3 when it's Monday April 3. Bring our opening day Olbermann is supposed to be right around there. And lo Nat we're cool with it might be. Well. We may or schedule. We might we might have a replacement and at that it was a night that prepared. In this vicious well again sort of October 3 and three years ago three years ago we can't talk about October. Importantly and I mean it now while it's October. Yet talk about it. I don't I don't know where you're going out this has so we're we're losing your t.s aren't well maybe that's an act of their movies if they. Is that. Aunt and it has happened just can't I can't say. All. In my opinion a car crash site right now with the I have to start this segment back who Facebook's guys are well okay have that Ahmanson now you put it on this week that nobody has read it first okay. I right now let's talk about a place it. Today is rather interesting. Because it is a gas station England Filipino also follow up on pizza. Vision and now you guys did that. Yes that's gas and gas but pizza is really good. Yes it was there was this. It's it what it's quite Politico slice priceless and it is an active service station looks just like any other service is it like it was a one crime it's one of those prime gas stations that was there for pizza. Pizza that is ups is it is this and it also was room and that's going to be on Tuesday. However it wasn't it and you'll see it again tomorrow and that that's a that's totally different totally unique up pizza shop. Inside I guess there's depicts a look pretty darn good to what was that frozen pizza folk and fresh piece of real. Calgary Vizio via. Yeah yeah yeah he had a blast with Melissa. He added there a lot of fun to make him pizza. Tips ideas Italian sausage pizzas very good. And on and gone yeah yeah it's just that I'm not used to it being called grave. Yeah that that's a some time going into your gravy or sauce almost lost guy myself but I know I was on the food's good the parliament chairman Matt now I've consistently enough management sauce on my life to write good government for but I know plenty of people who do caller great. Tomato tomorrow. Yeah gravy sauce lettuce and all the taste and now we'll attempt about the speak easy a bit later oh sure would you agree that's one of the most unique places you know doing it. Yeah I love those tell my wife if that was a little bit closer to us is about a 45 minute drive from my house even. I would go there there are formed or amending a Morton burgers but I really love the birth I don't go there for a burger and drank regular basis it's nice casual fun. Prices are fairly reasonable. But really unique you really unique. And you. That's when the police government though. Who you wouldn't that you wouldn't let anybody know nine and you put through the crew was I you know the oddities to stick around I have a field it was on the show yesterday and they're going to be packed yet. I taiba let me do this in and out then then watched the going to be on every other TV logo and I don't we do with Cuba it's the trend setters. It's an actor. So remember that the place that they never really suit me at that and it is the light tower. Oh yet the said that first everybody you know war oh and thereafter we have dinner on top of the light tower of the preservation society a new report accurate exact name and it's Cayard. In the event and it's like a table for two up there I just wonder when if they turn on the light. Yeah. It's it's very readily apparent blindness. My dad and I mean. They know about a make have got to cover that thing. We don't have to get through this hole in the bottom and when the light. After a thrill and an alleged vote on this globe you've got to be fairly healthy could he got to climb up they'll address. I don't know how many was a 250 steps up there I believe. Winding around I will always say get a day coming down. And it and I I believe it's a lot easier coming out of Buddha. Then I dedicate Caro won handling and included a bucket in the and rope yeah I was actually wondering when if they do. Eager to choice alive for five. Restaurants that we gave away. A very romantic. Night. For a couple of people up they have to be seafood festival here remember there a couple of years ago oh that's right now that's right I mean it's been effort which restaurant cater because it is like ten restaurants that cater. For that charity event. And it's really kind of a neat thing to do I want wanna do in the wintertime. Summertime must court let me do this and then now what you guys to tell us about your adventures at the penalty. I have to see my friend podium money. I told him and is in the Atlantic and definitely coming in and surely and I talked about it try to get in between where you go to the rodeo will be at the review destroy all that's right they're trying to Cisco coming up I think. I think next week. I served on FaceBook live. This week that we did a pop up broadcast and Paul called it to pop up broadcast talk about it. So you can't go back to the broadcast you'll find out exactly where it is and when tickets are on that good stuff. Aggies the owner of that Ximian has preaching at 10 AM on now what he should know. If you're in that thinning and Italian restaurant in the north fan. If you don't have some of numbness or recipes. From back for dear grandmother and great grandmother for that matter. Mass Simien as Gucci Teddy Anna has suggests that. All of and Anna's recipe and by the way people say well yeah this is all places in the north and really expensive prices Everett can't be beaten. Much entree six that he five to thirteen. 95. Music let that. That's a pretty darn good deal nice romantic and Theo maligned bottles around the signature dishes. There is the possible Kovil. Serve with the result though a Spanish doping a result television rights this is a special recipes. I united cheesy. Spicy rice so good. They have this year my gonna meet Dennis seafood special how is an excellent Wednesday. Lobster. Mill neck clams prince Edward. And a light tomato sauce surge over homemade pasta. That's out pretty darn good Scalabrine Marcella. Account a Monica to toe on a listening as the count about a cat and it. I tell you but you just remember that name and go by NC my friend quality of money would you please at massive main knows Gucci now at daddy and know. 207. In the kind of street. North in Boston you can see you Boston. Garden part to the left the TD garden. Some S tomatoes. Make sure you show up don't go on Saturday. Whatever you do don't go on Saturday there's again unit and McCain are right let's talk about that. One of the more interest in places I think we've ever gonna wicket bites are ever even on the restaurant show and there restoration has been around for almost forty yen. You that you found out about it now by telephone calls right. Idea 20 I was in the show a couple of weeks back and in lady called red button and she says you know. This is a place that is a must to bring your cameras. You know hidden entrance located behind a bookstore. Downtown Nashua you can't get into the front door because it's always the bookstores always closed when you're around the Alley to get it. A really unique week in and everything. You know. Is this is a secret way of getting you know as the does make you wait at the bookshelf I know you gotta find your way and another way. Where could you watched the show right now a buddy it's just it's just really. Really unique and it all started moving donor. He accidentally bought. 2000 books. Used yeah it nobody thought about 200 EI guess he's just that after zero and so he's therefore I do in 2000 books. I open up a speak easy man that's like patted my go down there to bear I have no idea. Yes but you know very clever if you look at your library YouTube basically yeah there's a lot of you know books. And on the shelves that you know antiques as a solo outing by the secret and he said it. The books of a secret negated yes and do we watch people to sit there standing trying to figure out what's going on him. Put it you feel like they're show you knew you Lucy it is yes silly you get inside move what's it. Like. It's it's awesome it's like a throw Barack to the twenties prohibition era. Speak easy graduate and there they keep the gimmick up 100%. The drinks have from that era the people addressed in that style. The music from that I mean really. You really transport like toe on people who put it in your interview Scott where he basically said it's like a theme park for adults it does it feels like you went into lake. I'm a Disney guys have feels like you're going into a room in the hunt to mention type of thing where you can drink and eat these guys it and we'll. It's good to mean scratch kitchen Kraft cocktails. Yeah I digital system and I had edited out. He he worked under one and I more acutely the guy's name that he owns like. 45 restaurants in and New Hampshire is one of the I think one of the top restaurant tours. He worked under him. You know at or maybe was this chapter one of his one who has made restaurants. Under him that mr. and comfortable yes it. And he brought he brought you know so he brought style. Yes and some good food in me now pledging gonna go to. You know and just like pig out and now of course our our specialty of the of the shows having might go in testes. Adult beverages as you know and they had some interest in adult beverage they have a passed his test absolutely and. But I'm yeah I mean very the bar staff was very creative very very knowledgeable about what they're doing and they won the ones I had a dare injure. Which was very tasty. Where they actually they infuse or or make a much with the right terminology is their own flair and boom which adds these. It's likes that's spices to hit some over proof Romo is Ted's you know greater role Matsui could different flavors into the Beringer drink. No we had what was the Montenegro men have to you. Know totally what you say we have. Well we had a one. Well I I I give an ever with the my drink he was at the united drink it I'd have battle calling people with a look at that our camera. What's in there. I they had dock the dark we had a stellar chicken. I didn't have any of the duck duck I did not share I took Mumbai I kept looking up and go and somebody else needs to eat this intense and incidentally it's. They and he. Oh it was the short ribs on the phone can. You really kind of unique presentation that I they have their shores and again I thought the burger was was put on the table and tonight. Roughly. I would say probably would hold about 8200 no Batman annual maybe it's spread amount all that that they couched is thinking anti couches and blue. A speak easy itself. It probably adds then why is Dan from you guys it is so unique you almost hear older trying to get into a wall into ovals. Physically and that their opening up from tax returns back. I tell everybody where it is what it is it's called codecs. It's located at one elm street in Nashua, New Hampshire so it's something you wanna see its code acts. And I think it's all one word if you yes it is children's it would even be in FaceBook right now for the aggressor as resistant news media it's there it's there I don't know you'll find it. So I would highly recommend. That you go out and try it I got a speaking of FaceBook. No authority said he's heading to. 75 liberty war for launch with his daughter's birthday today any recommendations on their menu will be in the 75 liberty war news. Now me there. Go to FaceBook live comic help fill out you know I don't Telus fell. Yeah yeah you tell us afterwards yes he goes it's on salaries dollar watch a FaceBook and driving. Yes. And if he is we could all be interpreted his daughters I listened. Coming up we've got to get special guest that's we have Greg did you Barnes wants I love this restaurant across street in the ocean move very creative thing. Great steaks logical mistakes there. And I just sometimes when they get home went home and I need to stick up for nothing but pride in it it was. Total assets at the dialogue continue this there dragon is demand you're listening to it invites. I'm 680 AN WRKO and also live on FaceBook team hey. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to awaken by its radio the only place that lets you be approved credit Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. And then. Now I am. Well thank you welcome back. I've Natalie this quick advice. Back in the late seventies as those family restaurant program America's first and longest running restaurant show. And they said. We're never make game and never make it. Categories we've gone. When he first when he second center. We're on FaceBook TV and this moment in the area code is and on Monday and at this coming Monday. And 2 o'clock we'll be on NASA's television. Live especially TV show. And now many of you are seeing us and a lot of less money guys are writing in questions as see them right now you can talk to each other. Just go to FaceBook totally divides TV and they are Leon is a Graham. And we get back then go forward. Related issues to arc as it very creative racetrack they're very very creative and Kerrigan who as a morning show. The BB and WRKO. Hosted restaurant facilitated the name of the restaurant is constructive. The first at a practices gone from pay for the guys still welcome to the program. Our look at how you do today I could not be better. I ate with the proud recipient on that in her in the White House. He is that was you that's right I remember now I do wonder you. You're listing on the radio and had become all the way to Hampton these are only about 200000 people at 68 and. Exactly I got the planet right now pack yet. Remember what the question what. No I didn't think what you tell me once you tell me amber I'll wait and play later and it. Where was a Caesar salad created. No it went bad who borrowed money oh Pakistan at a packed app pool restaurant. I think that. I did not I don't remember that that might go to question is who and who created or where. Was the Caesar salad period. You know where you remember Las Vegas. She had brought that I no no no no don't mean in it most do say Rome right. That is actually creatine Tijuana Mexico by Cesar. Forget his name seizures Biloxi. Had to happen but you see that when you say something with a conference at the microphone. When you see subliminal confidence. Into a microphone. People will totally act and I. Yeah if you can't forbid don't come back like that you brought up this morning but probably early in the week. My name's Nicole riot app to have all her FaceBook friends about what an incredible up actually wasn't you know that we collect. She remembered but I think something that you'll look like. If we can expect spectacular event anybody actually try to figure things that are at special memory announcement. NASA you know I have never been there OK so tell me about the experience. It's a it's a lighthouse it's in Newbury points and operating like announcing that the net now how do you get to the top. You pick fifty at the top but it really isn't that bad at it sounds when you get the top it's a beautiful. Wow we were with. Am very comfortable feeding pillow. He and build. I'm not called decoration and unexpected that spectacular event. And you can summon the precedent when you're ready pot like the appetite yeah. The wine. You know neo. Know what you do you do go over like a hole in the movement that hey John I've got this out ahead. In an hour. I know I know you think that given the signal we would get that report that quite something yeah I don't remember the affidavit lately because they didn't want to improve they wanted that could be a special. And then they didn't wanna be a faith that the volatile. Very special occasion for our youth a couple of people you got to secure restaurant. I did it would I can't believe it's right across the street. Tabloid did you give everything you've got picked you wind you've got to pick your appetite the meal. He was in there and didn't question why did he look like before I won't direct you can get him. And I'm surprised I would never spent much time hasn't it actually. Do the blood it was a really wonderful experience I'd I would love to do what you're a leader. I really ready out of got what coming up on Mac. Having connection I think I'll take him there instead. Yeah I got excited you ought to do that. It's got to the odds are against you winning again. And I I. Then I called in Italy one of my game an actor like had won an outfit with both of you guys don't mean nothing and. I might suit you took. Four wired issue to our guest let's talk about it guess we have here two weeks ago. He is from Hudson mass that New Hampshire Hudson mass. His dad opened up a restaurant I don't know how long ago but a long long time ago and had to call the horseshoe. Now it's become a much more sophisticated. So they call it a horseshoe. Castro. Which means they have eighty Beers on tap. I'm you don't find the perfect one just feel. How many and in places Newington boost it to that eighty Beers on tap. I'd recommend. Trying to fight appears Michael let me see Baghdad this hour flight is four Beers is that it planned for Clinton 04 hours discretion a divorce discretion. Okay. And a lot of nice things about it that they have that nor should Daschle by the Minnesota sommelier for beer. You thought there was incentive thing Willard is and they all can match your beard. With what it is that you alluded to they've really kick their menu if you know what I mean. Compared to what it was in and day years gone the feeling ammonia mignon the Philly Oscar. The Atlantic blue kinda new and inflation cheered so horseshoe Jumbo line which I head and it was so good spicy though. As I say often pit of channel seven in your right at all. It's pan seared chicken tender going to baby shrimp sausage celery onion and peppers the delays. And a spicy broth topped with rice tablet gulf shrimp. Went up licenses and what is so spectacular about this place that you should remember what Ted Teddy you. Dick about it. Maybe embarrassing last capital. They have the most incredible dessert you'll oversee. Tried to dole. Ice cream Sunday. Tried that dole ice cream sent to put the says Mike head. Mike's head and it's bigger than that. I had a nice not a we're on were FaceBook why we can actually use that reference as big of my head during the the pop up it's gonna do during the week I was using my coffee cup it's bigger than my coffee cup which is bigger than my head. I yet you got to see his coffee cup folks is NA in a cup. You know since the barrel of all cup it's a big dealt with this guy into the fried dough is. It's a dollar and cited a fried dough Hutus the bow. Ended its insatiable. That's the horseshoe Castro pub 29 south street in Hudson New Hampshire police say hi to in a member that is that this Demeco family. A father and sending canal and shift Davey. Now that's hats and masks that New Hampshire. Summit went all the way that's a New Hampshire the other day and domain are mad at me. I am but I keep saying it you just don't keep list and it's all I can say well look who's here. Greg how are you. How you doing today pretty get a I was worried that you would be able to find it here but he did our founding on this Google navigation these days you may chaos absolutely disgrace the other there is a there is a place. Co poppies. Which is a barbecue place and people these that a neighborhood. There's no way you could find it without the GPS and turn. And then when you when it takes you that you look at and assume this can't be used to. If you go and that's it that's right no parking in it still looks like pass. So tell me about the restaurant but diva. So loves a lifelong dream of mine. I started at the tender age of thirteen working in restaurants scrubbing floors. Washing dishes and hearing him 3030 years later thirty plus years later on my opened G barring kitchen and swamps God's. Back in 2008 so going to be nine on April 5. That's absolutely amazing and Kim I noticed any added in the governor comes in with the law yes he does great guy telling me you're doing great job. And we try to do good job for him he's. In and and Kim as well she's. She's been a big supporter of ours over the years she's swamps got resident and this is. Governor baker so it's nice to see their faces come inside but it's a really. It's really a neighborhood feel very comfortable in there. Very warm family see. A small 38 seeds actually twenties in the dining room and ten at the bar so. No I don't know if not open for launch rule open Monday through Saturday from 5 PM to 10 PM. And we keep the borrow until the so accurate O'Neill actually have a private life yes I do actually been. A very very fortunate very blessed to have a great staff almost all of them. Has stayed with Mason Temple and so that's that's impostor it's unheard of in any industry and you know I've I truly feel blessed got a great staff and that allows me. To spend a lot of time in my family which is great now agree that doing this and the ocean that's right right across the street. Slowly dwindling because has beens some new building. Building going up but we still have a nice slice of the ocean only conceived from the front windows so those are popular tables. No one of the issues that I have been focused on TV crews been there right correct yes right now one of the dishes it's got to turn down here is that people DH and now he's fit and ask him how to make. Meatballs finish. This is something that Lou we were we have three different cuts of meat that we use reason veal chop. We use a filet mignon and we use New York strip. So we trim and that's in the hat and that's enemy poser in the meatballs I'll trim all those hole cuts. And just take the senate cuts to serve as portions in them the grind up our own meet with those three and those are meatballs is no bread crumbs in there. It's straight up me an old fashioned recipes that when we back one and one of the first restaurants and were dead and nine Newton Iowa since way back. I called cantina brew tea which is long gone and fortune but. Those guys. Dominic and Alfredo they Tommy and make meatballs and I've kind of twisted a little bit into my own recipe but. You know there there they're great people we we do quick sauce and then we take a fresh mozzarella little cherry size mozzarella balls and we toasted with the torch. So instead it toasted marshmallows we're toast of mozzarella. I sent sexy yeah spoken in my class and yes I second. Hartley you know I'm allies monies that go with that see that she sees it in Memphis again. They put raisins inevitable on. He's really good and I haven't had that thirty years. It was. I mean I I wasn't I'm from down south I wasn't used to Italian cooking in the back back in the day yeah if things have changed since then. But I relaxed and at first area of innocence terrible and it goes really sometime. Are you need that different component whether it be a sweet component or some sort of passive. You know that that always heightens a dish were dangerous beat them. Honestly. They came history from my head I mean obviously years of experience bunt down I changed my menu eight times a year. And you know you know by the way that it's that it could you know divorce rate so we do to pre season. So it's always changing always trying to use. Whatever is best in fresh is at the height of its potential in season. And it's done very well for us because you people just keep coming back in this kind of like you never know which then again woody going to be surprised with I mean there is. The staples on the menu that we could never get rid of we have a handful of dishes that will never go away. But we always try and stay with the seasons. I don't want something different yet I'll want I'm wanna commend them. And I want roller lobster okay lobsters lobster right yes. But it manager no hung in that's another one of those things that I bring back time to time not a menu item. But a special. That's not an idiot yeah not on the menu now but it's it's its it current special. Especially in the summer months will bring in we'll do anywhere between. 8200 lobsters we will bring in your twentieth thirtieth time Kokomo which is blanch them off take them completely out of the shell. In all taken nice beautiful beautiful filet mignon little pants here. And topped that with a whole lobster on the show that's cooked in. Sherri cream sauce truffle mashed potatoes and who will throw some green and is it legal front. That that is leading to death that. For a price and clearly sounds great now this summer menu comes implant. A summer menu comes out usually right in the beginning in June. I was 34 degrees that's out today and I and the snow is beginning to melt so only as far as I'm concerned I'm proclaiming summer now yeah so and so. Five million common we'll have lost in there and there will be made for me well I tea that and now the other thing I gonna ask you and use some special surface. At a target new restaurant too is it do things different if you know I really do I mean why go to you rest for a now I'm back again spaghetti and meatball anyplace right but not this that's right I and how about the. Mac you'll love this McKay. And at the heart loved cauliflower and aviator could. I'd love kind of flowers and light is and. So that's. You know everybody loves buffalo wings right especially myself I love spicy food. And I created my own hot sauce. About seven years ago. And it's called hot love. And it's it's made primarily of pompano peppers but has little touch onion. Which gives it some sweetness but Adam. So what I do is I deep fry granola. Yeah and if I can hear their. And the like I T Friday cauliflower and not bread and anything straight up in the in the Frye again nice brown on a toss in this beautiful spots all us. And then we throw out on top of some side be with crewman. That's him on Gordon's old dolce witches you know the best blue cheese in my pin money can buy. And down he's like a Barry White record it has. And yeah. And and we just we tie up with some some some six days some five sliced celery in this it's perfect you know I gave you you won by the thing buffalo wings you can take the wing dipped it in the blue cheese and taken by the seller. Here it's like you get it on one and united and all that fat. After operate as Q yes that's an achilles' them Brussels Brussels sprouts to see him alone my vegetables. And these Brussels again another thing my wife and I. We're on vacation and went to this. The boss comic. Vinegar and almost like him who was. But it was cool we taste this chocolate pinning him. Got to do something so I went back. And I took some white boss on a vinegar with some cocoa and down from there just out of the Brussels sprouts we. Crisp up the Brussels sprouts and we sought to them with and local boss comic and so they can and shallots. And again another another great finish. When you study described additions want to establish. Being yeah. I think it's Veronica Daniels college from songs it. OK Danielle you're. Gentlemen good morning staff how Mario hole I did any ally you. Hey I'm doing well I just have to call it I am amazed I had a great comic off the tee attic but. At least they'll want that we have not worked recruiter and I had to Wear my favorite restaurant my favorite shot on the planet. Is it truly is he that they eat for the best people. You assume sweeten. I mean out of it I'm even going there. And that's all been thrilling. It's it's that it you know Greg mentioned earlier. That most of his staff have been with him since the beginning and there's a reason for that because the customers enters it sounds like. And have absolutely everyone has been there at the beginning the great thing about she is that. If you have a certainty. If you like things a certain way if you have a dietary restriction. Greg and his staff or was he you know this from time to go places they renegade attitude that it'll look like Nadia. Whatever you want I I kind of switched things up and opening for different dissidents say hey Jack would you mind doing that. Always with a smile always illicit always expressed I cannot recommend a quick enough. Sounds sounds phenomenal it really does have got to go Michael do you happen to know when the TV shows gonna show. To achieve our well you're right on the right but you can always go to our FaceBook or YouTube and find the segment it's got to the -- used it's about a month out from when they tape it okay. But thank you thank you very much for the telephone call now your hours are Monday through Saturday five to 11 PM and at their own mind. Give everybody the name one more temporary and IP address. We are G bar and kitchen. At 256 come from street in swamps got a Massachusetts. A web sites T restaurant dot com. In a telephone numbers 78159622. When he. Well if you are where the ocean meets him you. And then this is just unbelievable. I can't what these TV show you can't really try to restaurant thank you so much Patrick thank you very much on my grip grip grip row I do. You are yet Javon has been Kessler slams it Massachusetts right there. The way you're looking for great Chinese food please draft been seen these in the William long. Instilled in Redick cops calling coach out of town so group when he said. Anymore about it a little bit later on. You're listening to wicked night and six AD AM WR KLE gonna watch it live on FaceBook which invites TV. Always took on. I'll. That a today and this just our comeback Mears and their point that they're always is they give me about two minutes ago Euro leaving music. It took a while now I can code that they're gonna wanna say that's enough well I tell I'd if I had you given me more time and a half hour to talk more about ten that looked at a bus and trying to blossom shore but. World famous monetize if you go to if you go to Chinatown. Which is located as I said that count me in stone. They have one thing that is extremely famous you should go therefore it is there. Parents. Because are you going to Chinese restaurant he has fares tonight spray the media right. Not here the only problem it east gigantic parents they have. They sell out of quickly. I've go to go in this afternoon police in go to Lisa in William long that was certainly would appreciate it when you walk in the first thing is he's is. If you ever gonna cruise ship and gone through. Downstairs. Or they. We win they prepare all the food and everything else in the Galley. This is exactly what. Time Boston looks like he pitched because they have about twelve different shifts master shift some of them preparing your your meals and you can watch him do it. OK if just give common dishes like a Marco Polo origin bows chipped it. Chinatown again route 27103. Share in street and still in Massachusetts by the way this program is also powered by Yelp. And the folks to me help will be with us momentarily I wanna speak. To a friend of mine now by the name of Nikki ABBA. Love the next nick you have who has not one not two not three but for different restaurants. Bill and Easter this year he's currently in Italian empire happening over there does absolutely legally as he buys these country clubs and spends about three million dollars renovating them. And that triggered Teresa's prime is one prime time it upon it upon. One prime example the incidence. They have the flowers on them and they of the fireworks for some what is with this spring coming up but the fire. And the black enrollment pictures and you know waterfalls. Built is a little thing rely on the North Reading and it's like last thing if there really does and Brian to beef is what they see their brand to be right MB. And one I think there were a commitment. He catches it. Every table and a restaurant all of his restaurant he tries to get around to all of the people and they asked to sign a quality via I do injure him and and if there's one complaint strong. That's gone and here comes and go. It was funny we're filming their a little while back. He actually we we did the shootings like OK I got to run because it over the other restaurants there like he's popping from restaurants to restaurants after sitting in one place it's awesome and he says he didn't care how much it cost him he will we shoot exactly. Okay there right now I'm talking about one of several of his restaurants this is Teresa is prime. Twenty alma street pre GPS twenty elm street that threw 62 and operating now and I'm very content will be effective. We did blatant radio and. It was dealt its radio the only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK total voice of Boston. Hey welcome Edward played this show. There has been and will continue to be hopefully sponsored by good friends. Every unit pizzeria world famous 1926. Plus brick heaven beads and now all of whom. DO you wanna say and the official pizza of the Boston that's both visual and and they have to keep sponsor and it's it's like the different Jody with the fight to retain that we just go to. And have been for many years and I did this over the I've been there and of course I get that we will be back across them. That that mystery location which is the original location yes and and entertainment and feet and we have to yet and flick flick form home base right there with an infinite love it because they've been peaked at tested it mind leaving the game and it's nice to be a superstar. And those that it's it is nice. I donated DC two two of a special guest in just a segment on it keep you abreast of them are right. May not like this. Bad news while I wanna tell you how I feel about them too now. And just because. I don't like it. No side you're gonna not like eleven okay. But some things that are acquired taste. That may differences in the and it I have a mile fire wasting years it was. I'll but I went to phthalates in them that they have over 56700000. Views. Man. And that it did go with it is a make the English meat pies. And I am like. Oh man. And nationals acquired now you know I feel bad because it everybody else like him remains in Ireland aren't. And that they brought a box and we're ranked acted a box home you know. Over the did you Niger to go and get a light on on the front designate a one in the car and and and then they get home and it's and especially here for me. But everybody. That's been there except maybe you can't please everybody loves it there anyway aren't we can please everybody except. But the that the editor. But that happens but it's you know right it's that he's been there over a hundred years ago that we do and sound then right exactly but again it's English. Meets British show and that's what you should expect that that's what I should of expect traditionally goes with being wished me the best interest and and used in my life being Sicilian happens does this attack. And that. Apprehended and since I'm part English and Scottish. I use developments. Materialized when everybody says boy now man you think your mother's cooking I'm pose a lousy cook it does look. I hope not. Counseling at bat the bat is that I'd is added to laughs well I. And which you know that you can. Bill that the expectations too high and then when you take it upon we do tend to do this bill we do we do oversell at times time out and tell everybody what to you and scattered gonna do after I leave today. We're gonna take a deep breath and it out and talk about me yeah I think we have thank this is now a real show starts with a via the edit a great tool to open it and epithet a but no organist we're gonna stick around Scott my. We're gonna stick around on FaceBook alive and you kind of an after show nothing we hang out for about a half an hour. Amanda discuss. More fun food topics with those you on our FaceBook to go to FaceBook dot com slash we can bites TV and make sure you're watching this live stream right now and after the true. Nets on it is only gonna I gonna do goto. FaceBook where it bites TV in the area to this. Missing now it's not easy for them and they elected Alpine butcher in Russia I'd do it. Well it is very impressive place that's been their for a long time as this is 1913 or generations. Started the started with their granddad or further greatly and that maybe the granddad moral Boyle has Amber's name was a great. Moral boy I could say that forty times and it never gets whole it's just a great name but not great family butcher shop for generations and the stakes are. I mean top top top. Of the later when they get an out of house Cumberland or whatever. But it's like the harbor and Molly didn't expect to. It's like the top 1% of Angus prime steaks they get there so not applicable to. Yeah and let's keep it with a knife. Yes it could. And there lies but it was basically go from places from a young folks you know in their quite young but his family traditionally very Prada you know in the Ford four generations repairing lol it's. It's off of exit 31 on recovery yeah it's right most of that it will now from for many five you can see the wind Leo Wang buildings and killed when an adult right in there were in Tunisia negative funny story about troop. When no Wang went out of business who. Oh funds and that one. Butler way and went out of business. Until. They they put the those buildings up for auction. And it on and market and we're talking about it in black comics is gonna consummate and content on. And we've heard rumors who has has got one I was offering 300000 dollars he's a huge built near and Herbert. And the guy who's listening now for three. Apparently says because that was the anyway. Or 400 drag it and so called and the next day the Jabil makes one. Yeah well there and he made in that few buildings again. House. Now but in and they are all full at least. I knew when he was soon when did do it is seeded. But anyway now led to Alpine butchers which is at 963. Chelmsford street in lol. From fresh ground hamburger for Randy alien combined with there own trimming it's 1%. Beef. And they've been doing for 100. Years you know wow. I'll never be news. With that seafood fresh caught seafood right in straight from the docks in Boston. Wednesday Thursday and Friday to ten when it brought it exactly stand that there's a you know when you're there you get the freshest of the fresh again and top of the can't stay there. Aren't Alpine butchers they offer every by the way they offer fresh lunch special status and would you address pain he soups salads and more Americans and want to. Yeah Alex and ask him and they actually pour the Bergen I mean I didn't know they did this. Governor Bob Oscar at the top in our department and I almost cried in Oklahoma you waste. Is because they dry age their meat there as well and that was their their big urban dry age stakes it and the who is to everything in my power and and interest rather than it was good verb to Alpine butchered and I. 63 shelters street and Lowell Massachusetts had a blast -- 125 a North Andover. But so big about ten Abbas and I've been going there for a long time merchant that he own it. We do a lot of our shows there with his two voices. Are Kevin who demand that talks to spirits. We do shows and then and been doing them for quite a few years always sell up to. They have a buffets and their interest in golf OK they have a seven days who. And that is it for dinner. To bear this in mind. They have now they get several trains are Chinese foods and cows chicken things like ribs. It in his spicy chicken. But they also have king crab legs. They also have all the primary. Along with a incredibly if you can eat. I moved closer to sushi all you can eat Lichen and they have the taking that instant and all you can you know. Try it it's good it's a quality restaurant very quality beautiful move to had a blast or 125 and North Andover and chatter Richard and company he would you please it certainly would appreciate it. You've heard Victoria diner as a testament to my friends sitting next to me Damien you heard it. I think yeah I think evocative macros when the biggest thing is in Boston is a lot of best dancers from Boston to yes and yeah I agree with you. Why into the diner phase over years ago you have an idea it was. It's it's something here it's very interesting how it's you know things coming go and near the diners were very popular back in the fifties and sixties a place where you can go and get a nice home cooked meal then. And then you know it ending production of the chains came out and you know in the tiniest at a tea. Excited to hear a little bit and and decided to phase out and some the old owners got tired and and started selling though and so forth and you know and now they're on the way back because. And the MR Annan I would say in the last 45 years there's a big resurgence met effect right we have bent out a couple of TV shows just about diner. And when we go to an Oreo you know my response to rank and yeah. Having people at home cooked meals now you know and oil and I asked him have it I mean I was a kid that has again for your commentary there when I was in the army. Go to a diners long since been closed meatloaf. Mashed potatoes. Either is cream corn or peas. Well and I was like that was when Elvis lived yeah yeah inspecting and I always it was it was simple for me it was quick. And it was what we know now is comfort food exactly. Now what he's doing anything any different it to us the outlook to about where your first two Victoria. Diner is that ten. 24 Masset in Boston correct and if yes and it's been found since 1949 actually we're coming up on seven years and I think currently nine yeah. It says right here out of this. Open 24 hours on Thursday Friday and Saturday Sunday. Can't read it where it's 6 AM until 10 PM rights and into Wednesday they get breakfast over breakfast all day we if you want. I've always criticized New England in their you know better. But they don't have good breakfast places like you do in the midwest and south you know like the Waffle House and it can't happen here to Atlanta while the last second. Duncan donuts. But that trend also is reversing and changing now. Tim about. Well how many breakfast you serve in what what's in them well you know start off with we go through about 700. Dozen of eggs a week. So. A lot of steps that not that that eggs. 700. Doesn't. Yet and it exactly that to them wow yes don't take that off the menu no not at. But most common order act out our rights any setup yet yet I would say sunny side up is one of more popular ones yet yet over easy and on the other. Now when I love it being arisen from the sound grips yes. Can't agree it's everywhere and we have really good grades. Yet these fine. Happy it and a lot of people appeared that don't immediately exact SO Johnny Kerr excellent. 88 that migrated. That we hear that which and that's what that you don't like that you know first of all you put that it is served hot. Put the butter on them up let that butter seep through increases okay then you have recently said a step ups. Opening Leo mix it together and Mary had grad way to ease as additional exactly so yes. Oh good you come to the Danny can have crates all day long. Another favorite to his biscuits and gravy. Even sausage gravy we brought that back wasn't on the menu before. Now the very popular fish family place or worker workers play so we're a family owned operated governors in Syria and yes yes what are they is are they different families in the areas all right the workers around yet so it's it's it's actually it's it's a melting pot it's you get people from you know you have a lot of business people coming in for breakfast is a lot of breakfast meetings. We have a lot of feelings that come in. We were one of the biggest dynamism Boston we have seating for 200 people we have a back room. That you can see eight to ten people you know you come in with a big party we can accommodate each of them so now everybody can see you've been out with about theory. Yes and you can now go in next week. They haven't the the Victoria diners going to be featured on next week show. Right where Brit journalist. Or that you don't need that. And you. So what we were listening in here and I'm Mike. And it's all these things were about NC yes next week. Exactly did that my staff while they were and they they may have themselves yes they were excellent actually got them back in the kitchen to do some cooking. With the justice I guess the real treat them. If Britney is back there and of Britain in Brady's about this is. Buyer. Is in doubt. What you state you say here a year open 24 hours on Thursday Friday and Saturday right as it always been the case. We we should be open 24 I was all the time but it it it's been slow Sunday through Wednesday because people to go to work and in it's not really. Look people in the interior on it and there's a Friday and Saturday after the clubs get out. You know is a line around the tour. So that's acted. And bring it back to my youth yeah. You know you gotten it goes during anybody go to club letters have been like that and you always went out 11:12 o'clock at night that. Do have records or whatever is right. Well I was younger. And night. If you get that same group in their today's generation we do we do we have people coming in telling stories about how these come in and they met there they loved one there. Wives husbands. It's it's just that it's a wonderful place. Yeah. Is significant and lasting now. You know seven about the menu now it's bound to breakfast through yet when you you couldn't. So where where may mutate so the menu. It's a very intense and you it's a six page menu that we have so. That's a very very extensive menu and has everything from breakfast lunch we have specials like the deconstructing you'd. We have. And we have a homemade in my innovation go to area. That. No ID state. We have a lot of specialty sandwiches maligned show we have soups of the lemon chicken soup which was back in 1949 but the most popular soups out there we have. Two made a big easel soup for. For lunch. Can all kinds of specialty sandwiches combine those the Monte Christo which actually Bryant sample. In today for you so. You'd gay guys absolutely. Case show that things that. Now they memo and say to you this is okay. When people bring in new seem to be some mysteriously disappeared again here at the OK I don't know who is doing it. But they'd solve. It gone by the time it was me was yeah. All the men and I haven't got when. Good food comes in we wanna eat it and put it is illegal around a hundred golf via. Coffee for me with the video at that make you actually you purchased this place about six years ago a six using them like and what you don't know what to do before I was I was actually I'm in the Biotech industry we're firm buys. Yeah. Yeah. Visor Isaak yeah I. Exactly act that said that's him that is I don't think I've ever met anybody. It through that transition. Like that yeah I heard you know people. You know it. A lot of PageSix it they see restaurants. Dies in case. DC restaurants and and Minnesota owner there that makes it look easy. And now securities in any easy gains. And I don't know what goes on the back you've got to go and die hard it is to keep on making field quality service and things like that and that's why I said. If you're displeased weird restaurant owner dive but the owner and no sure coaches walk down and I ask for your there and you will be more than happy to make it make up for me. When people leave happy we do exactly and you know we in my life and I but this place about six years ago. My this was supposed to be still speaking to a chip right well easier if that's any. This is smiling and happy. I always had a passion for cooking and Ambien Sicilian like you cells an ally yeah we we used to cook all the time in. You know and then by some of those home in this b.s into the diner so. That is the key yeah I love that I really do guys like I said in here in the north ten year Italian restaurant. Yet have now it's recipes you know just having standard recipe that doesn't make you had an official. And tag him when night. When I grew up leased to be right beside me mother when she's Takashi Sicilian she came from Sicily. You know the gravy. Homemade. He's gonna gravy too and there's this idea until they oppose its colleague gravy here yeah I only heard evidence officer. What's different you know it's the same thing right and. The Italian Sicilian City College. You know it's it's gravy it's known as gravy you know in the meat balls only meat balls. You know those are all homemade recipes I brought from. For my family. How is going on my having edged great fragment few months ago. My. Mother in law. Will put raisins in the me right here is that a Sicilian then yes we separate some raisins in sometimes we've to a high ball league in side. The M people. And and they put me all around that and has not had never had that was a surprise I used to be the surprise my mother used to do that bringing back memories she's too. She's to make a couple of them and as kids we deal like which meatball is the one with EA NN. Hope you pick contests and way you know where you're gonna for a period. I grew up in the sanctuary in can have them come busting kid my wife is a blessing he she broke into a just in fact. We'll let history with it and we stick on your kids used to go to the my wife pattern that I wish him tied at a diner victorious arteries idea here. So and victorious since 1949 always been called the Tories and it has always been you know so it's. One of the original diners in Boston where it's almost a hundred years though right I mean you know I think there's got to anyway original yes the he had. I anything else that might surprise me in the mania. Well we have you know we were always changing Emanuel that we must run very and they specials every day also to. You know like sometimes I. Try to get creative ways I do lasagna dish sometimes. You know homemade designer clothes and Hillary yet. And now we also have blues shakes on how we have full alcohol license now excuse the only airline blues he shakes so. Booty shake my head adults. Clearly though tricks to I think. I see the tried and music wasn't there a you went there no difference and you've gone back and the show over commit they're now. We bring some losing businesses like I explained of those the ship. So it's done it's one of your favorite shakes and it's of course it's an adult shakes them. You know to be of age. Let's take you to enjoy one and down we handle alcohol of your favorite you know. We just got we have an Irish down boos he she equal and I peppermint stocks put in and yeah queen shake so as it was. Really good. Hasn't made this a fun place to court to it is it is you know a lot of fun gets work out or. Yes okay. A battle cups command yes a lot of you know people in the general area command right and and that's it we go lawyers you know. What's it lets cheers on events on username and that's that's correct yes exactly all right let's see if we get some people go there and immediately customers can ask him a few more absolutely OK welcome Victoria at diner. OK Damian is the owner and is located at 1024. Masset. It's a mess into a mess and to have nieces Marcy on T Marcy and today is your last name okay. 1024 mass have in Boston you can only lightly. I can't view. Quickly Ellie why are you slightly missed rightly. I'd tend to any formats haven't Boston. A telephone number 6174425965. Something a great place to go really really does bring the family. Actually yes and it visualize fair workers. A sheet she's in and out. You know she's. Here in there yeah I had back in the back at the picture when I come in the army fears cuts is I don't know he's here how. Had Damien he's not the only one I think it. And I get no worries that. David thank you so much very for coming by and think I guess even listen to me over the years and I'm a long time fan we we you know with the crew and with Jerry and and everybody get a road warrior you know east to get us through the day that keep me away from really is is an honor you know honor you know thank you very much appreciated. I Damian and don't forget it's that Victoria diner and it's involved. And I don't get much out of us and that's south of Boston format. These two guys I wish I could get him together a poker game because they would be good Gerri on Janeiro as eatery. At twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy. He has what he does in his blood it's DNA. He actually should baker. Are originally used that's how images and is being as a baker in his restaurant now what's bad about the restaurant. If you can walk into a restaurant if you're ready unreal way out as though obviously have. And a fresh baked products it right there in goods movement. She's Q. Hurry up and in the end. But he. He knows what he does he loves still being a beggar. Annie make sure that aired nobody leaves his restaurant Michael testified that might they return to go to issues of them. Yup he Michael's car looks like a boot later. It you know that the weather in it and it and the tribal imposed on almost ten is a cement chant. Every time he load this up with food drops the car couple inches and a and we never leave hungry like you say and yet I think the most important thing about Bulger in their roses. The fact that you can see it on his face he's totally yeah happy guy he's happy to feed people and you love that passion and many days at a test of practice. When he comes to an -- to be seafood festival and the wicket by chance you know. And he gets at him prepares food. You can't get enough to say he hit at eight battle field that it did not get through it and any gives you this samples and it's it just you say samples the samples meal you put up with the that would bring a four foot since the ship that. Since it narrows eatery twelve thank you Rhode Quincy Massachusetts coming up we're gonna take you glad to yell. In just a few minutes and selected good folks that. It has subscribed DO we're seeing about restaurants and we'll tell you more about to speak easy. In Nash who knew him. We're not just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gourmet. This is we get by its radio on WRKO. The boys of Boston. Hey you know I'm sitting am the better groups nationally known for there was. Join into veterans we have five Cameron left and Cruz horses dogs. Do them right out of my hands. And it's amazing. And it has everything or anything like this this baseball. There are now what what does this pancake this year. New tell us stuff thank you Mike this mine. For the banana bread. Thirty Cohen dips yeah yeah all this might you guys tonight despite the optimism. This is the the diner burger with the Friday unpalatable close in the Cameron can I can't really know how well is give them album we've. Hold that game yeah. Hillary and her phenomenal work on the not bad not too shabby what we're not done. But wait there's more chocolate chips stuff make it feel all right I need that. All editorial in there too cynical lot and there were real good. As the home of the tournament. Office. All the. And open up our own dime. Overall it's only get worse from here Mike. We're going to start charging recovery in there now you guys are going to be on after you're staying on the show goes out the air you'll see a sea for half of the face that are going to be is now TV thing continues to go on course it doesn't FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV and you're asking earlier what we're gonna do I think we just figured I would just gonna stuff for faces for half an hour might yet. Monte Cristo beautiful. A moment. Yeah I'm always on and on the more I think I'll have a regular coffee. Highly rated this a game I have folks Sullivan's yes you heard about them Michael they have won their favorite for best Amber's going again of course to that. Can't voted number one partner in Boston. Yeah our post so loans to 82 beacon street Somerville. And a new location at 1:51 central avidly and move rich and Rick Salomon junior and senior whom McCain. I'm not sure which going to top billing then. At that black and blue birds. Fresh crashed black pepper topped with creamy blue cheese. Comes with half Fries and a half minute rain at ten years ago if they ethics it's crazy sounding DH here and a anymore and Mormon off. That house burger which is a cobbled ham bacon lettuce tomato and of course chief they'd like thirty burgers on them. I got here the creamy boot cheeseburger move about the black and blue bird. Okay that poets appeared twice on this answer right now listen here sensitive. If your carnival. You've got to head to our ample settlements pub in Somerville and land and land tellem pat Mike. And sky. Now most now with the budgets and ship almost forgot my zen thing Republican. Our FO silence it happens to you eventually settled laugh okay. Down sausage company also bring you this segment ornaments and yet now they are noted for. They're now out of their status is that a polish sausage company but they make the best they tips and if you there wholesaler to. So if you go to see a lot of these markets. They have just as. Were on the game I've radio tower and offer. Is its loss to the hotel repeats. But the pain is less a big ol' X rating oppression of the it's the right as I was saying yes McCain. What you gotta do is you go to one of these markets and you've been there's such a product names steak tips and on. They'll sit down sausage at Saturn just go right to those sailor. Retailer Jurich and and that's them you can also gave grab a sandwich while you're there again that they benefit and that daily for seven almost eighty years there. Okay downs sausage companies at ten Riverside park in moments they had to Dominique or any member of the batted Chela fan would to please. I certainly appreciate this program is also being brought to bear rare coin to New Hampshire. Our friend Warren mills if you get an opportunity if you want to go. He would like to go there and take your point to be more than happy to appraise them and I am absolutely and by him you know you find Horry just trying to come to war. Now what it really you call. Now he is again Zarryon television nationally and internationally and he's not oppose this is the flyby and I places bit real bummer for a deal he had. And you know in. When you do this you go added goal. To a mandate you know has integrity. And he's been in business for a long time that she proved so yeah okay thirty going on forty years ago read about same terrorist measures to consider him. Why Immelt. That telephone numbers 802257264. That's 802257262. I apologize I. It's always exciting guests here today I am a bit behind and of people that help pay for the show make it possible although. I'm Arab records like my friend Ricky. Can hurt you and wrecking. Ricky Kevin having you know at the village restaurant gentry is it went 33 and 22 and Essex Amelie said you know what's so special place. The food with the start. The guys and view it you just got you out tell you what to try. You know yeah you gotta have the fishermen back in this example basically every basic game. But there is a reason that this place has been written up in the local. National. And yes even international. Paper's Mac world Renault yet they they've in National Geographic. Yeah and and it's a clamor of the climbers if there's interest down there that's the one that's the fried clams Scott's always driven about right yes America. Not not the National Geographic magazine and that was my kid magazine that the. The village restaurant at the junction to 133 and 22 in Essex mashed. Oh man. She's the hostess as Kevin said Kevin's beautiful wife hostess with the most us he certainly is. We're we've had a break now heavenly. Scott had a break. They beaten like a crazy person telling America I'm chocolate syrup on top let's go to Leo now if you don't mind Michael talked to them about deal with whatever is on their mind the first let me do this. Rest and anti Serena. I love having restaurants like this as advertisers. Who really really do. Because a lot of restaurants and have like ten tables and though he can never afford to Africa as George from. I have IVDs if people standing in the start standing in front of the doors to get in the year extra actually you can never tell and who we gonna pay for all those people who live tour. Can breast that I think Serena is one century and by the way says the village restaurant when they started advertising here in 1991 I got the first sheet of paper here. They say advertising in 1991. And they said who who has who you stay open in January and February which is tested out on your program. Well they still begin for a new era of ever since nineteen anyone can do well or restaurant they Serena. Geovany Longo that's right now that's a very small restaurant maybe. Ten table to him and twelve. Yeah yeah probably would do they have that would brick oven that. That that kind of touches all The Who will Tisza Sihanouk. Nuns opened and that an effect you can. Really count toward the Doran Ares Geovany doing his thing whom the other guy with a great passion for what he does Calabria. Now he's from Calabria musical every inch yet. Geovany Longo. And it's a very small what you might call a storefront. And this parking in the rear or it park north on the street. They are open today. They are Monday through Thursday 49 PM Friday and Saturday. The 4010 PM and sending four told ninety move on Monday that it would have functions there you know I had a taste of Calabria. The state team Lebanon street and Malden mass of phone numbers 7813243170. That 7813243170. Three for Yelp man how might it bring you up but right now I'm. Talk to do the show because metal fitting out there in my area and right here are the only professional. And let goods and the other doubled home aren't as Saturday. Put down you for him much has gotten let it TO or. And that joining me right now is Damian Smith. From the open Damon what are we talking about today. Look up today we're gonna talk about a tribute to bridge just started popping up at around ought to start at the western actually got wired route. Has slowly been trickling across the US. And that is okay. What. Yeah. Hope that I've you're hearing of a rookie at the felt like poke my EO KEE but it basically a bowl of raw fish in it right and got me seed. Some odd story which is she we'd try to be read and a but other topic basically just kind of are together we're able to Turkey dressing and you need it. However you want it it's a bowl of mostly featured. Very Hawaiian. Very trendy people or eleven and the puppet government he's ever bought. All right I've heard of pokey monster. But I haven't heard okay. All right so let's Arnold employee you're gonna depth art. Art art so I'm meant to figure out exactly what these are have to go on triumph when days so. I could sound sophisticated. Some pit you may wanna start in our radar beacon street Bostick at the end sushi and grow. I just cal talked about their power cable eating cheese from three different fish either shammond China or yellow tail due to the portion is great. There's an abundance of yellow tail which is what she picked it's actually turned to adjusting addition like mango and strawberries. That Buick for your session given a tractor and sushi grow the current. Now we're gonna head over reporters square and Cambridge Somerville. Where there is a restaurant and opened up. Completely dedicated to pokey. I called cookies city. And trying to sell for a little bit of history and here it. Talking about the traditional Polynesian through jazzed up Hawaiian in Japanese that puts it upon occasion he basically serves up Barack finished with a stop on a better race. Key lake view he like that how special which is hockey to enact king crab and it. Problem with the creamy dressing I'd nights that sounds good to me to. If you want you can zip right around the corner to let go Hokies shop but beacon street in Somerville Massachusetts are very Davis Square. And dammit know it sort of the same thing they've got one thing it may be wondering well. And Matt G it the first time patron. So he tried depth patio locally from that pricey but worth every penny and that one actually. You have the option of including some Krispy fried chicken. As well suited analyzing genetic terms of the standard ball greet you generally know ahead and aside about you can't go wrong with. Now I mean if you're gonna it is bad for the land best of the C might as well probably that's right and then a minute to talk about out favorites that you've probably been true for secret before which I would creek oyster bar. And get more square wonderful or I would island creek of those beautiful. Fried oysters sliders and we loved the lobster red noodles there as well. But they do you have poking on the menu so peachy to chip okay. I come to expect a large portion. Huber crashed large chunks of chin up and out according Mary Kay. Are at a last point is a fairly recent opened. Polynesian Japanese fusion. Played it really really eclectic pictures while that group got rest of our. I got this sort of Peruvian Japanese crossed over feel to it Liberia's aid you know OK on the menu. Samardo view absolutely loved it. And I called the best thing on the menu but appears stop about a recurrence of our tri or there are you know they're really ornate really magical. And that traitor to the book as well. OK and you can impress all your friends because you just learn a new. Trendy word from the West Coast. You got it it's been a person to break OK dear friend that that's right Damian Smith of Yelp thank you very much we look forward to argue next week. Exactly it is. There's no. Oh I'm sorry yeah. Where Yelp is done. You know this finished and I am angst and you're still just gazing at all have food and gazing and just the look it's a fun nominal illegal slang wicker coffee cups here yet and let me tell you this guy is upset makers and taken from home we all got one from them. Lisa for everybody and again it's got cousins and a not only get a little bit better feeling of tiger ears to that this spring usually turn into prison style eating every is like trying to clean foods and fast as possible Mars. Thanks for the home as much just. We have had two very good against like I candidates are we have excellent yesterday and had great yesterday. And then and now but tell everybody what's gonna happen here because you are going to continue after I leave we will be here yes us god is gonna join me after he finishes eating his pancakes. And we're going to be here for about a half an arm sure victorious is going to be here with a us as well with all the food and good stuff and most of its broad it is going to be just finally being able eat comfortably without definitely you know. Talk on the radio at the same time via but you know that's that's rate after the show us now being told about 1230 on our FaceBook chat which is FaceBook dot com slash with the bites TPI. I before I finished doing some commercial here which I am obligated to do as you. Yes. But don't let great. Grist for great restaurants we only get sponsored by the best and the rest and onto the Chia you what are you man who makes his prime you are here than I do not do. But tell me about this place that you guys went. For people that weren't listening to the early part of the show who. You went to a speak easy in Nashua, New Hampshire you're Sweden and it's a real speak ET it. If you're anyone and yes it's ending guy wanted to put that this is how it came about now aka the guy wanted to put to buy some library books. Yeah I believe he wanted to order about late to 200 books and or economic by Arab reject what he wanted to order twenty cases of books and he ordered 200 cases of books lack the books the cases cases of books still what do you do with all those books exactly what do what do you do when you have too many books when you open the bookstore themed speech he makes a library you'll you walk generally to a library basically yeah yeah yeah and and there's I don't tell everybody how to get it because when general ivory a figure how to get in speaking easier and will they should have watched our show which is like every Saturday and video 930. On NASA that you watch and tomorrow at 2 PM on us and in a show you how to get into the speaker and that's going to be during our marathon where we're we have a two hour marathon. In April I think it's the 22 that's a Saturday in April in a ripe for the Red Sox pregame that you know so you'll see MLB one of our episodes that NC. That'll definitely. Right so. It's very cool with a vertical was not always a cool place that they got. Such good food and I mean the car drinks the cartels are phenomenal their bar staff is extremely talented with the craft cocktails. And the other scratch kitchen I mean the burger was great I'm still. Dreaming of that dark fish that I didn't share with and yeah it he added to have a billion cell prison rules on the show as well. Times Mike doesn't your quick but you know on the upcoming episode which. Here's next Saturday they'll the united insure that three pound big stuff lobster with Mike. Now now when replica my wasn't there. Those that are now he's very busy at the park I was and as we ran out during I was busy helping create the Mike teeny are at this change. Now tell about a name addresses this place codecs in codecs is located basically the entrance is better to tell you. Yeah entrance is that one elm street in Nashua, New Hampshire. And for more information there is great parking at the garage rate Estrich great chief park you are right. Scott yes let's talk about the cruise one more time McCain with a debt to do talk about it last week. We'll talk about it again when we come back that it is fifty yeah that's what he went to Emerson right now I don't know he's dead and Yemen I didn't finish. That's politics of where we are. Kendall Wright knows smiled back pages. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to Dwight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where antibiotics Perry of onyx orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the west dental bright group dot com. And he'll listen to what you write trading with pat Whitley today for beautiful Sunday morning apparently sent his up and shining today have a great day everybody. Your mind if you. But some that do this afternoon wanna. Enjoy this great sons went head to the village restaurant and Essex man spot 45 minutes from downtown Boston that we have on the Ricky family. And you find great seafood you know Valerie because they've won so many awards and the most important war awards the one. Not from experts. But from diners themselves that go to the restaurant and they right in the village restaurant in readers' choice awards they've won. Really tons and tons of those awards they're famous for their fried clams that do not think about seafood and fried clams you can also go in there. And try to block and looser one. Or their Tuscan chicken or their pain Asian chicken stir fry it's not just seafood to build restaurant and Essex at the charges through 133. And 22. In Essex mass again not that far from downtown Boston about 4045 minutes. It's good number 128 the village restaurant in Essex. Salvatore is several locations including Andover Lawrence reports out Boston and in Boston's they're district. Now each of the locations kinda. And it takes that atmosphere. From the location that it's in for instance in Medford square so it was an average square is not only averages restaurant offering unique. Cuisine at reasonable prices but its location. Is the site of in 1980. Bank robbery if they spank. That was to that's a matter fact the F spotlight shining on the wall are actually broke in to the wall to rob banks at Salvatore is there and Lawrence. Well organized day soon. I'm sure that it over the outside and enjoy views of the Merrimack River. Salvatore is against several locations and over. Lawrence leopards South Boston and in Boston's there mr. Who moved here at red bird in Waltham. We serve opening twist on modern classics but creative dishes using only the freshest ingredients. Wait to experience our original crafts conference. What you're looking for a fun night out more romantic dinner think. Red bird moody street and wall that. Ketchup all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN go home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is with the advice radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. Hope you get to do a bit guilty guilty. Almost finished here but we're not you know we're not. Yeah who you are and I can iron out we're gonna go for another half hour on FaceBook lines overtime and we're gonna load up the phone lines and a few moments at the phone number to call. Because many giveaway a fifty dollar getting into the it's one of the callers. Please reply segment that the G Barnes wants nice. Who didn't questions going to be the callers. And they call now and get them the way. Minutes is what was there the last person that they dine. Where do you want diner whatever it. Might want fast food bill but restaurant diners can call right now and get online. 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. Someone's gonna you Rick is that the boom boom now I say this Julie. Below businesses only MG can't wait. To get into Boston and may I wanna go to this place what is the name of it is that evict. Right now I it has to be in Victoria banner. Okay so that's the name of it there's no better then Victoria Diana embossed iron beautifully dog got to do to get in now watches the show as it continues. It's go to FaceBook. With it bites TV that's it that's and there's problems left with a bites TV when you're gonna stay alive here if you go against him he's you know way you know fifty bucks stood up bar. So called and right now you wanna get on the line now who are from 12123888. 4346464. The last restaurant. That you aren't buying the crews are on him about five Kevin that's it yep August 11 through the seventeenth to seven day cruise out of Boston Boston's of Bermuda. On the beautifully restored and refurbished Norwegian dawn. I ocean averages included deaths and more lawsuits and to some of their specialty restaurants and you knew you pay for those two yes we've got to make him never used to die a happy time onboard anyways. You know result was included. But then there's some kick up much restaurant didn't pay extra ago when we're gonna include Korea though now on. TV show you can see in the affected that features on the cruise itself the entire week you went to Bermuda last summer if in you know have beautiful ship this is courts don't side as far as I'm concerned the best thing about this group who is affected leaves at a Boston. Yes you know you don't have to worry about visas. You know. Passport. It just get on the ship and you go to Vermeer today come back to Boston and don't and you don't have to worry about standing in lines going to. A customs and all of that. That's right it's going to be a great trip you need to book soon 8667451167. We have all five cabins of the ship is really. Selling out quickly as you can imagine that's kind of the petition period of time here. And it it just pulled a ball and they always are 8667451167. That's in number for the crews. OK and don't forget the show's been presented by. The panelist daughter 48 main street Nashua, New Hampshire and also 45 Wingate street Hayward say that Wingate street located property. The one and Nash was courts. Courts a look at that's 48 main street and the other one is like an Irish pub where you exit the go downstairs. To the bar mangled in the least place great place great food to. And this program as members represented and it's and Terry and Regina pizzeria and now. That done at that out the official pizza of the lost parents that's where fans from. That makes it's a good Regina pizza slices at Fenway absolutely. It's a cult of the year at the same program now we get to all. At line 8884346460. Fours or go FaceBook live from twelve to 1230 what was the last restaurant due dying act. When it great if prize. And then descendants of the conjunction. Okay Foley tourists dress that affected in bonds but they chorus that I taper to bishop Tutu 83 causeway street Boston's North End. Our good friend for legal federally now speaking of that's gotten. This is where we hold our pre cruise dinner and that Thomas to. So you county have great Italian cuisine. From root C. And believe both federally will be there and you'll be there to meet your fellow travelers. That's a lot of fun at all on us I tried unit tip. Tall on not a bad deal had a great deal. But at for the rest a bit. Visit Philly forest that I to anyway to 83 causeway street Boston's north and political for an early good good good good great fan friend of ours. I think at just about wrapped up everything it can't wrap up now so I'll let you out Sega about. And I'll take my coffee cup. And Matt and Mike Reuben sandwich with Israel and its history and Mike the traffic here yet it opens the money Christo and it is the money crypto that's the ruling right. And it looked good it looked great. And now I'm gonna go home and Scott and Michael continue on on FaceBook TV. Michael Scott yes I'm getting ready to go as enemy in that area other phones yeah fifty delegates if he's going to be able and Smart are you very. Very easy just call us right now which online newbie on FaceBook live 86 I'm sorry 888. 4346464. Call in now. It's almost been a great ride so that. It's at WRKO on the Sundays we'll see everybody on the radio next Sunday and ten to twelve noon. But again will be on FaceBook collide with it bites TV on FaceBook right now. We watched the show for the next half hour. As you see this guy throughout Boone Pickens on okay 88843. Or sixty or sixty or call him right now. And radio listeners we'll see you next Sunday morning. What advice radio with pat wood leaves a presentation of wits media team.