Wicked Bites Radio 3-19-17

Monday, March 20th

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You are listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday's ten to do it on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Hey guys welcome at this program is virtue beverage gene that pizza at react. Boston brick oven pizza world famous as 19:26. I am reading the opening to the show on FaceBook. It says. There and wicked bites live broadcasting live on WRKO. And FaceBook. It's in lives spectacular show with a cast have. They're four. And joining us today. Oh we want my favorite people relative quality ammonium mess and he knows. That was still better have it during made it to find out when posted here we have open lines need to call in a tree about. That just 12 ago business take care of first first. We gave away a hundred dollars gift certificate last week to whatever cause if you are listening you know all about it. And then. Have forget to switch to night. To tell you who run. That was my thought but my thing here today so that was my spot. Well icky camp when Mike when his right here and it could act that can vote on two people can. Michael's in New York yes and Scott says oh my it is got today and it really and I answered phone you get help and activities and I'll play. In addition other areas in a green outfit there behind it. Now britney's going to be your day right the only we expect Brittany and shortly and then as you mentioned Paul the Moret from massive nose leader now. Since I didn't give away the hundred dollar gift certificate last week right we really did though we didn't make the announced and this. Poor person because I still have it in my hands I would forget to announce it today. There's a hundred dollar dinner guess to be get to Teresa's. Ryan who in north Redding so this is a great dinner gift giving it. And it's going out to John. Hang him he called then now last week on the show so John. I will now take this envelope I have filled out none of which are gift card in their warm mellow out CNN of the dining on us hundred dollars that's a great prize. Ed page well. It's big today he lives in paying them chances are he's never been to victory no but it is worth that probably for bombing him while everything from me and takes a little while yet but it's probably. Half hour. Yeah driving it's well well worth it. Well a. It is a very famous steakhouse yes and it says Las Vegas style to end because it. Is it okay say it test temptation is in it and a that can be. They can be something of it insulting word but I mean this is. Of course it is it's and it golf course excellent little area right it's gorgeous I mean and AM fireplace outside no water falls outside is. Unbelievably beautiful. Yeah it it's a beautiful setting. It and you know I I recommend the reply. New. Get the revive I want to get their number a little bit later I probably had a here in front of me because it's time to vote for Easter. Analysts already that seized by and I and I noticed as I passed by there base in you know make reservations now for Easter so. So is that find of that number and you might as well make reservations are Mother's Day yeah. Yeah. And you just keep lists in the show would take all that stuff. Now there's our talked about lot of step that britney's going to be here she's got a she was at the liberty hotel at the at a food and fashion event. And their restaurant is called clink. You know why it's called clink. Yeah because the old jail house yeah ideally ouster jailhouse depth as a now it's a beautiful modern hotel yeah but you know when you're in click any kind of like look up. You could almost picture the green mile. Lawless elements like looking down you I told you want to have that I went into there when it was a jail and they share invited me in front of tour yeah opera how long. Let's what I told require years that's what's in Minnesota so my parole office. I bet that it's as distant entertain Agha got imitation. And it that was the first time I'd ever heard the noise. And I have been in jail sense because we Debra yeah and then you've been in jail sentence yes okay so it down fears back catlett will you remember one guy from a a date yet been released from jail. Email view. It's a good lousy food the head remember we ES that was like the first time we've ever had a review from like inside. The prison. We have and I take it there's there's. This they weren't happy with food. No he would look very happy and probably the atmosphere probably didn't live up to para trying to gather a happy with sleep in the face but anyway. There was another time. That. We have rookie you know they have that the article but the yard yes we go in a morning show. And what an ER. In. Don't ask who's stupid idea this was that it. Mine. That we go in broadcasting and talk to the inmate that in Canada. Well when I. When I got out there is at one guard he's never done. Now maybe this is. This is you know they're used to. Instead I am walking in the middle of this country's going to be a right now this is a good time I. Is tag team anyway hey. You know complete with all that it is okay it would commit electorate gimmick where I was sealed down. By doing it run someone over to him and pieces I'd just want to thank you wouldn't want pieces. I was listening to the restaurant program. And you are tournament is great restaurant. Opting Kingston New Hampshire. And I told my mother and father about it. While other visiting me and I loved it I'd think you. Sure the eat you get to knows this thing now the thing. Yeah thank god they did she is absolutely. But Italy she's going to be there. He sees on the TV show the TV should've went to it this got a Monday due. Yes I think it's a money at 2 o'clock. On NASA does confirm that sure the but I believe it's this Monday 2 PM. On NASA and of course that's the Red Sox and Bruins station and guess what the Red Sox had just about ready to head north not that long that it targets the tired of all the snow on the ground you know about this us out of it last night at but I guess south of Boston especially on the Gabriel at a show last night. Yeah we we had what window gusting at that if that. Nothing more in the now that's got his couple things known as Q I know you don't wanna fill up though a lot but. I heard the promo before one on the air yes yeah. There's a speak easy yes yup and EU on that in the TV cameras and are going to be at this very unique. Well it has to do technically we were already there. And now there's no like. I think he's still there. All night went he's still there. I wonder if that's why he's not in May be Mike's not in New York today he's still at the speak easy path ethic but is it like an Al Capone thing is that what you yeah there. It it's it's a hidden. Speak easy. That there's a store on in downtown. In downtown Nashua marketing and name of the place to you gotta see it next week on our TV show. And you see the book store. And you find out a way to get it. They went out what you mean is Brodeur does not do well that door it's a false door it's a false front and so you see all the books. On main street or the main street that's on. And you can't get India I don't know how to get it. Matter fact the color told me about this place when I did the show a couple of weeks ago and I salute got to bring our camera crews down there. And I'm tidy it up it lived up to everything 1920s theme inside. I'm even. Even the wait staff is in the did you dancing costumes. Food is really good now really its upright not not like huge plates and actually go there to have like a big dinner yeah. But are you get anything's from burgers they had ducked this that was really good and they had a short rib on the bone. Exel so foods really good particularly for the drinks and the atmosphere. So all of this will be revealed to you. Next week. Saturday morning etc. similar. 930 audience right on the Red Sox and Bruins station do not miss I would say your DVR is now you because you'll be really disappointed if you miss that. That episode. There are some unusual things. And a member of your Mike did this today. At the Redford which is located at moody street Waltham it's on this week's TV show. Buffalo Collie flower you have that what is it that is one of my. All time favorite. Dishes now for for an appetizer now I think a buffalo wings. Yes and no it's more like. You take cauliflower and competitive and it's vegetable right so what he would do eventual make it very deep fry it. But they deep fry with the hunt these are Russia saw us on a button and you have one. And you can't stop. You just want more and more and more and more. Two it's really really good. And it's definitely the I I thought it was one of I put into my my my two in the top five for all time appetizer. It's now there's another place. Election is another place that's railroads in Waltham. On moody street you were a lot of great restaurants and now I'm that I'm not finish it in because they had something else today in the injury department. Yes their route you juice tequila I'm not terrible so it was it was at BQ Tammy beaches what lessons so. So here's what we're doing you know well we take the vegetables we. We take we take a beat. And we did that and alcohol. Is that is that a way to get your daily vitamin intake. Which the amber sad that even in that shape you'll care I yelled yeah I don't and I'm like when they made that drink as I was there with my with bill that. I'm like you know beat sheet beats. I don't see that. Actually pretty good I think I here's what I've got it now it's an appetite. I'm not in now as you go back to buffalo cauliflower yup but a mile below. And that's the collar and yeah I sell or added know that there was to buttermilk blue could have slid it at. As salary. And Acer project and up close to us via there it's not. I wouldn't put it into the spicy category and even though there's a buffalo sauce. But it it's that honey sir Russia. That that I don't know maybe gives it a little bit of that sweetness and I mean it is a town there are only open for dinner. When you go when you try it. You'll say right. A Mac confident now this restaurant to I abbey and area actually had heard it before you guys who did it. Barely know where it's probably. I would say it's growth in about a year. But for a year but they they had to do you average out yet how the restaurants. Equality jet over the best hamburger anyone. Yeah the they they did they had they have Nuremberg you'll see it there it's there on burger on the menu and they won I wanna say was like. I could in Boston magazines hamburger challenge at one time yeah where they started rolling in and out via these things. That they're really good sweet burger numb but I got to recommend their menu. Really good really really do I know we didn't show enough for the food I could I to a group we have done a whole half hour on their food but the owner Dan. He told me jokes and yet he told me that. When he opened up this restaurant a his. He wondered food that he would want to know that we puts on the menu. So the food is it is really kicked up it is that really nice atmosphere you walk and it's not too stuffy. A beautiful lounge area but only open for there. I only open for dinner and a brand that mine and they opened today yes the reopened today I I don't know if it within 5 PM to eleven. Yeah and I don't know if you need reservations. In Mary but I would recommend that maybe call ahead and find out about it. Because I'm gonna put this in as it is it is a must try restaurant and you could see it tomorrow afternoon I taught at sit at 2 PM on that and I'll be all right allowed up on our FaceBook. Probably in the next couple days. You can see the video that we did with Mike Newton on FaceBook on which it bites TV on FaceBook. Are now I don't wanna give this one away. Oh by the way that's on moody street in his parking meters meters from parking right there I never had a problem getting a parking spot that street parking and then right behind the restaurant basically is that. Minutes apart aren't that is the place is called red bird. It is it 361. Moody street in Waltham which is really turned into quite a restaurant row. Really was. Hole was not at one time I started to save it now it is is really developed that way and the ship owner is shift Dan stokes. Again Dan and the general manager is here and there is debris. Our vented this event tennis it Simpson right. The telephone number is 781. 8915486. At seven at 18915486. On it to some business here. But before we do I always tell you about one particular. Restaurant that it advertises on the show as advertised for you. And a costs Arenas is in malls. And only has about ten tables. And you -- how he could because at protecting America show. Cheap but it not overly expensive it's priced just right. But this guy came on and he saw the wisdom of you know if he had to you know put some money. Into an advertising and he's been doing it ever since that's about five years ago five or six years ago. Because he is so. Good. And so unique. You give him in business all this while. Well there's at another. Restaurant like that this is the commercial and Aristotle like it and it's in Ipswich. And I it's in Ipswich. It has but twelve tables. That talk. Twelve tables. They aren't. There's so many awards at this restaurant who won literally from all over New York nationally. Locally. And if you think it's just twelve tables will be a master ship takes care and masterly way. Those 20 tables. The one of the dishes that you got to try cases sent. It's a step veal chop on the ball. It is but now I do of their many years so vote and hand it and it was just fun nominal. People come illiterate mull over and I think there's only ten tabled here. Ten or eleven table that's all that ball. And I look stadium that day who it is and get yourself paper and pencil you know right oh lead down a little bit later. We have all kinds of things happened today Britney as I say it is going to be here. Michael is in the RX got here and I see polity of monies here. Baja area. Madison Maine knows. Eight do you figure you better have injury named after me Stella is is still there are good and in come on the air okay. We're going to be asking you a little bit later on the on this program to give us echo we're looking forward. This is for the TV show. We're looking for great. Italian. Restaurant your favorite now first of all of. Teddy sent the and I. You're that really officially. An Italian restaurant. And last year recipes it was surprise and that was supplied by and a and I and I am you'll find it a lot of the restaurants in north and are that way. And there was certain certain ways that things or done back in the twenties and thirties and forties. That a lot of Italian restaurants don't do with this is the original recipes the original concept. We're looking for that. We'd like to go and sit down even in the one in just a minute Massa mean those in the north and that Torre his. That's where many if not all of the atoms come from a his minions. But we're gonna be looking elsewhere not just in Boston but throughout New England. Where there is this family tradition of family owned Italian restaurants. Now. We give away a 100 dollar gift certificate last week. 21 of our callers. For giving us a place to go by Scott your member of the place that he. The suggested that we go up. I do not I I probably early that his someplace. In out but anyway he debt to a heated but it's happened. He's well he's probably lose ticked off all week but he's gonna you know as a hundred delegates yet I. Again that was my fault I apologize that. I just didn't leave enough time on the eight we're back computers in I was in a radio station that young mediate got off that's it I. And have that one a at noon. I just talked over too long. I'd so if you could help us out right now when you call we will take your name and address of the year. Right and you can win yourself. A hundred out with a restaurant is certificates houses. Our telephone numbers one triple eight for dining what we're looking for is restaurants and have offending menus in the woods it had in me news. In a lot of people it's this year and I don't know but this is kind of like donut shop chip by for exit that donuts Dunkin' Donuts created out. Back whenever they know they did not. If you go to those donut places like canes it's a good example. You find out that they have original recipes and they are so. Much better. Well one year have a Italian restaurant. And by the way I don't know if you noticed that a lot of the villages in Italy they'll share SP. Matt effective don't want topsy ship. At. IE I'm serious I'm serious that's that's what what is it what is that line about you know it is Italian on time as you know what it is. They forget everything but the gripes. And attack useless thing is that right my wife assisted him up on and on stress me I know that's right. My wife's not a tying them as we have begrudge either. Bush you've been around your mother tell us your thoughts about that then. You must get a straight answer out everything that comes over our case. So anyway it if you give us to tell when a vehicle and addressed I guess there were not announced one Tripoli for dining. That is the telephone number that's one triple 8434. Or 64. Your favorite Italian restaurant why do you go there. As good a kind of interest in today because and go to the north annual car but not and that's fine. But I'd like other places. And you'd better cook folk we have guests here all so you better call quickly if you would get involved. If you're in a car will put you on first. Or you can go to FaceBook tell everybody how they can go to FaceBook that is. Really easy do I gotta do is FaceBook are just go to FaceBook of course and just look up with it bites TV. And then you could dec comic right there on the live feed. And or via imposed questions a last. We we were doing the show before asking questions amongst the face of viewers there are about Joyce's ghastly can do that. We can bites TV on FaceBook do it today make you like it and make sure you comment go on comment now. And he tells about your favorite talent Italian restaurant there. OK so than ever the telephone. Uga to FaceBook thing. The telephone number here is one triple 84346464. He got there. Good. May I tell you about a place located in Malden Massachusetts. Brad knows got on for like treason eco pearl street station. At 53 simmer street in Malden. Alan robot. Is the owner of this place. Now it's an old train station is bill back in 1991. It was an Abby NM where were stationed. Today the building have still features it slate roof if there were sealing an original fireplace that is two stories high. The sports bars substantive and laugher when they had a big support for. Now. I got back in there and that too big sports bars without a zillion TV screens. There's something on here that you were the only current though the beef short rates. And there's no way to eat those of that giving it all over. But only short ribs with carrots onion red wine and herbs and there Richard round stocks here with mashed potatoes. It to it's it's kind of a comfort food with a winner. 1675. You when he for a week after in Trent chicken them. Scanty and turn tricks Campillo out of highly recommend to now the one of the one of the things and I love so much. Is a fried ice cream. You won't believe the size. Is and they have a target book you know. They have Alden Merrill Traficant. And they get in a great weight Stan. Lot of fun and a karaoke and it you want all met Marin is madness the beginning of the red sack season the Bruins everything yet so many says to watch. Please say hello to Allan a robot. At pearl street station 53 simmers street that would be in Malden Massachusetts okay let's go to Michael who called and as well. No I'm Sam Michael Marriott. Well. What do I do it got to take a break and come back to Michael Meehan said the great. Kansas died in the stands we'll hear some music gonna take it. Hear the music in just 12 but they'll come back with Michael. And again you could. We hear the music as soon as the computer decides to play than that and because second. And now okay why and cheerful 8434. Or 64 or 64. Take your name and address the event tell you that when you say about 200 dollars worth of restaurant gift certificates and all we're looking for. Oh we're looking. As the best place in the world that though a great Italian food. Your thoughts that don't leadership one triple 84346464. You can and then he can you can. He can and I'm I'm I'm I'm. Of all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems with the advice radio and WRKO the voice of Boston's. Well now. It is time once more to. Present what it bites. And voice and now we're on FaceBook and you get a sense. You can you name the social media and you can get us there we love hearing from you were talking about Italian restaurants. And a lot of people going and FaceBook. And day you'll call a little bit later on want triple A 4346464. Having no friends in the right now. I'll always see. And around San things feast that's right never remission rate them via the aid is really the only bad thing about it you know summer is ending. You're right it is in the summer but instead it's a go it and it's Anthony's these yeah it really is. And you can exhaust yourself humming now at 330000. Reading all the 300000 people. This year. It's amazing we fill the hole often. He's you do when two ways about it and get engaged twice. And he's right as. And you've been part of it than men and the organ the original organization everything else. Yeah it's actually a cease dotted in my time in multiple looks on in other Leno. And 1919 is when it came to Boston and a group of group of guys who missed you know being in beauty come to Boston in nineteen I don't I don't you were in nineteen he had always I wasn't I was in on that by accident and I don't might in my townspeople solid piece in the mob then and it grew from just a little. No small operations you know 300000 people run through the streets of the not then and now over a hundred. Stands we had flashy air we haven't attainment that comes from all over and it's it's a wonderful it's a great it's a great on beef out of. Gates is it can be so crowd let me use analogies to be as crowded as mass tomatoes on Saturday. You gotta and data and yes that's right yeah the only person they had no this is. Please don't come Saturday that is not pay any habitats right yeah now. The basic sibling and I really meant you have it really an Italian restaurant that you have you know as recipients it's true. Alex you're gonna fancy donors those misses and that it and it and don't tell me so I barbecued and even more so. Every Italian restaurants different depending on where they're from that's right and it could be in the same town in Naples and I mean this thing. Exactly yeah every chemical is different we all you know we use the basic recipes which everybody has little twist on it and that's what makes time fooled so wonderful. You go to tender for restaurants and they can all be very good in all very different you have consistently enough and that is what my wife isn't that a combination yet this good company good food company it takes tourists and a lot of men. Really with a cooks in the fan going right and came here that's right how much you. I I spoke of it on my wife cooks a lob and I'm still like him know when that's when push comes to shove. I do Coke and you know I have to cook. I love to we'll softly alienating it it isn't a penalty and now I love Coke and I love I mean it's it's a map. And you know it's like you get you know blank piece of maybe you give me brushing your pain that same thing local and you know it's just it's an amazing it's an amazing things a little. For the people that have that seen Massa mean apparently views describe. So must me hoses would basically with a local tango you know we're a small place to flaw is. You know or on the side street went and the cause street which is near the Charles Tom Ridge in the on the Boston got its out of an RN. And just a small place will really cool and you come in this accurate you know you're going to someone's house you know. We have real nice side you know it's all family my cousin follow my above all follow my system Vicky. You know people that Morgan has many many years we don't really care and now. You know we make of will make a good product you know we make its lead you don't you wanna come back you know time in and time again and take your family tell your friends. We've seen little kids grow up there Rangel and high school go to college and you know getting gays is so it's it's. It's kind of neat little history to it I a lot of people that doc will say buddy up with those in north and refrigerate basements. While what's nice Hamas I mean noses since I on the property I am able so you know put some good pricing out there and that's the reason on Monday and I would visit to lose and I ones like there's a night. And it's crisis it says here sixth and a five to thirteen many. That's for lunch you know yeah. You know that had been up prices as high is up 21 dollars which you know it was a good deal on the hard time and then you know on solely make it so it's it's affordable and joining us especially lost a little money we can do that shall. You know we office really nice specials. If aka if I commend yup and and move forward as Leo I'm up at Woodley will make it the abacus I'll cause you made it he. Have to act. Is that you don't mind picking up something to move special bottom image you know I've Sloane Matt effective prime makes it more fun yeah yeah when when I like when customs command and you know they kind of say you know what does what light can. In the tummy there ingredients and and we just kind of make it happen and that's that's fun that's creating now I sitio when a the united. 1989 and us. The wanna thinks it a lot of people may not know about you. Is he you've been voted at best to Boston. But Boston magazine travel and leisure via proper Bostonians goes analog on the list OK and while. Now I hope that you're getting a good dollar for my drink. Knee you'd have to Italy you can be expensive as a and we got an. IA unit that it's especially during. Yeah and it's fresh lemonade tequila in lemon cello yes. And say it's a marketing to Allah and what that's right my apparently yes I'll be so few we sell a lot of them all right that's good that's that's in the good weather. This India and what we're all gonna say we don't so many of them at all. Yeah I guess that your idea. You know I'd take advantage of you here. There are asking if they sent it you'll look good on Tuesday way to say is it next event. Some are Arabic creating dishes of that I don't think you find out you find Scott opinion Marseille I'd go on restaurant. Manassas Virginia. You'll Virginia exhibition I see my mother. So always out of the wrestle as my dad my mother myself you know we're in the kitchen together and she is one they created position they sleazy lot they. We've got a little little bit of Vail and we stopped it with a fresh mozzarella and we do a little bit of visual till. And that we just for the we've credit. We can now we can't Sarah and and we it would plump tomato sauce and we sought they Somalis chokes on the we bake it would smoke what's on top. Fabulous that notion that tuna nets fan I have breakfast yeah yeah. Methods could add today Euro and yes yes it's natural for seven days 11 AM to a 10 PM during the week eleven to 115. The and Saturday it had reservations on Easter. We don't. We don't yet we but if you go go to bed do it now Doleac exactly going Opentable and make reservations edges give us a call 6175235959. Then that's you can reach us. Now mass tomatoes which unit Teddy and it's located 207 in the country in Boston took them home for sale of the affected if you don't wanna. Killed couple of birds here with one stone. The British going to be here in a few minutes for those of you that. Saw the TV show you'll be able to see her again she is that clink. Which is liberty hotel in Boston. And death. What makes is set interesting it is is the fact that there are some very unique and then usual dishes here too. No Teddy about that it was enjoyed and what I like about it is there anything. Better. Than a Sunday afternoon beautiful models and great food. In an effort to get it public and that's what you'll see. And it's gotten my guess Ferrari's at a giving it to them just because of that parent. And NBC exchange stream based show and even areas kind of it's like a Boston restaurant. But. Is doesn't have Boston prices his most important. The go have a great chip giant car Leno is the owner of the place and you could partner across history. They've got over 50000 to a 50000 dollars worth of artwork on the wall in the lounge. So beautifully crafted. Bar that flows perfectly with the surroundings and I can tell you from my experience. Man that that lounge is busy busy busy all the time. It and therefore lunch for pulled pork sandwich that these drove bird. They exchange stream the show has a great enemy to these grand NC short ribs and scouts mushrooms potatoes. Cared. For rays and red lines imminent Israeli city at this is what I was there for the growth salmon. They it because it thinking lock salad. You know can analyze and that's the latest health craze it's actually been around since. The alliance you know there are thousands of years but in the healthiest food there is. That's why it's so popular areas that you're gonna live five wanted to hear that okay. Current lot in watch tomatoes artichoke hearts cucumber. Athletic she's entail grill salmon. I've NASA had a John Galliano for me would you please that's exchange street the Easter at 67 exchange street that would be in Malden Massachusetts okay. I'll while we're in the city of Boston. Man say something about. My buddy Jimmy who owns a known Amer Esther. Known name. Is the only restaurant. And the seashore area is seaport area. That offers free parking. Right there. You know the for no other reason. Young but make sure though you'd it just you mutated stamp because it's fifty dollars to park there. You know make your heated stamped by no means that no name like I say about it it's been around since 1970. Handed over whom family member to family members been the same families since 1970. I think I like about it the most. Fragment of affected the moon and so priced seafood is fresh 'cause it right there. Out of their seafood chowder. Spectacular. Scene but it's a meal. I probably wouldn't order a is horrible that that would be it that is so filling. But it's imperative that you say had a my friend that Jimmy had known Amer restaurant fifteen fish pier. In Boston's on Boston's waterfront but in the village restaurant is at the jacksons of 133 and 22 and Essex. Kevin Ricky we're talking a few moments go off the air is Douglas. The do a deal Monet. Kevin review loans. The village restaurant. Traveled down to. Peabody. To Travis copies barbecue and he's still writing about it on FaceBook. If you've not tried this place it's it's they're closed today. It's very very difficult to find its and it but it's in a neighborhood. Literally and neighbors about two blocks several main drag in Peabody but it got harder five is 38 forestry. In Pete that. Nokia phone number arguing that tears 9782785014. It's nine a 78278501. For that let's get back to other village Russia. The village. Opened up in 1956. They had death by boos. They had seven counters to. And let me sedate you seriously ranking game plan in us their fifties it plans out there. Eighties since the lobster salad sandwiches. And 25 cent cups of chatter. Things have changed but now this has gotten popular even an international level. You carried about him and and the Boston Globe the New York Times. Favorite seafood shacks. No here's is a quote from sat for a magazine. No clam lovers should pass through Cape Cod and without sampling a playful with the best of shows in the universe. Here in National Geographic too violent. The village restaurant Jackson's of 133 and 22 in Essex Massachusetts program regular that folks it's a great law. That would be my dear friend Alice 308 to be a great road a route four in Bedford maps the address that delights of three. Jumbo shrimp chickens cops thirteen 95 but the Amani. Is my I guess today and a massive main knows who Jean a dad and he had enough. But now it probably had a good at is that sexy when you say and act. I get a good seven access. But that's about it but at did you disagree with the anything. Is that true then allow the villages don't speak to each other and they don't share the recipe there and they had nets and that's right yeah. That's right at this me with the memory of the man yeah. And if you're good you're not good enough he ate it you can you can do it but that was the case here. I don't know I would just I would leave the rest front walk on the street lunchtime to sedan watcher and should make something I go back to the restaurant and I'd make it and then before you know it was on the menu and I bet you. How come my hands on my manual from my grandmother just watchers aren't the only just outspoken. Don't you cook everything was slow the ingredients how she made things you know like my meat balls for example it'll meatballs and when he says you know Fred from this that all this. One of the key injuries and Brett comes you don't this plow. A little bit of flour in all of that goes makes a meatball softer puts it into the meat. Mine my grandmother my life rather. You know put racism. Lewd and enable him. I'm pretty good there shall I just terribly pretty good yeah obviously yeah guys I guess that's what his 40 about this week but yet it. And they in the cheeses that he's important yeah it really is where he accused chief trip. Most of us cheeses come from midwest. Wisconsin you can no we get some you know like the buffalo and without. That's comes from Italy you can so wherever wherever it's fresh you guys start planning for. Saint Anthony's fees twins we stopped planning the week after the piece of the feast on the last week of August. And and then you know we just plan Alia the case it to me what's going on I try yourself. Seoul April 7 and April 8 that's Friday Friday night and Saturday afternoon Saturday night were holding a rodeo. Boston rodeo front Ted days that's our website if you guys wanna check it out it's a really really cold. And when Dolan is mosque in the annals is partnering up so we can raise some money for an amazing organization which is called for pause far ability. And know what that move does is they trained dogs for children who have. Major disabilities got a comfort out there yup exactly. So we like to see as many people come to this rodeo. So that the more money we raise it no more money would you give this organization I've been around that the path it goes Coker amazing. Absolutely so love and it's just they just amazing. Indices historic yes we have got there they really are they they act like they. Having a motion so strong for that personal do any they'll give up their mind for the emergency it's amazing it'd been fortunate to see it. And now what they do for families as. It's just as the no no what's describe it now. Do you have enough for restaurants and are going to be there you carry. No. Really this is this normal people just come on dale watched you know Watson shall else going to be able it's going to be a full rodeo within a professional cowboys in hi girls come from all over the country competing. And it you know and AM professional level. And you know on the role of race and money and the backs of the full Paul's. Then that's great so big again it's tries territory yet China's auditorium April 7 try to nice fascinate and then not April late on Saturday we have 2 o'clock show and 8 o'clock show. And in between both bushels were offering goods is basically of a free Fastenal for kids to come you don't if you don't wanna be on money just coming now that pony rides though. Mechanical bulls will be easily just face painting you need to be good good experience that's and that's in Wilmington we want to Massachusetts yeah okay China's auditorium. Nine now senator great deal and you guys out another way. And this is true a lot of the of the north and you really get back to the community we have to and is this this is one of the things as they have a good thing to a better. Because nobody's ever asked. That I know I have ever ask for this. For this kind of cost to raise this kind of money right then some news to me anyway yeah. I thank you my friend you welcome. I always ask him if that power and anti of one of these ideas right there at massive man NASA needles that's it activity we'll be back in just seconds go back to the phones to. One triple A Ford dining it's telephone number. Well yeah. The best of the best series of crime in north stores finest dining experience we will not compromise any of issues. Finest selection of Brett Burundi's. And the freshest seafood will shortz who delight I don't hear what it cost me. To make you happy that's what we'll go there isn't a knife and goes. Then I don't touch everything for two reasons I'm route 62 North Reading my name is that you have a. Welcome the trees as fried part of the Teresa's family of restaurants. And this is Scott with the year listening to wicket bites radio every Sunday from ten to twelve noon make sure you tell a friend he watches on FaceBook alive right now. Is gonna wicket bites TV on FaceBook and click on. Now lies feet and watched the show every Sunday from ten to twelve noon he can also comment and ask questions thereto will. From time time read those on the air FaceBook live wicket bites TV on FaceBook okay the China blossom is located North Andover. And they're right on route 125 and one makes its restaurants is special so unique. They open up their doors back in 1960. That's right 1960. Over fifty years ago the Chinese restaurant. In the birds. And it's lasted all these many years now is going strong in that all he can eat Chinese buffet that I think is. Just out of this world and it might be a prime rib on. It's sensational. But you gotta try their regular menu you go into that there restaurant and sit down just order up there regular menu from their lemon chicken to their happy family to the China blossom stake they have at all and they upgrade my ties the China blossom route 125 in north bend over. Now if you're sitting at a rare coin collection and what to do with it. It may be now with a time to sell it right. Mr. Brady go to your you know your local shop because you don't think you get the right or fair price for with a guy that you should call the guy that travels the country. And pays the highest price is too looking for rare coins is worn mills. And you'd call him at 802257264. Where coins of New Hampshire Warren mills is his name he's been in business for about thirty years maybe a bit longer than that now. And he's an expert. In rare coins and that's what he does that's all his company does and he has a huge selections to have you think about buying corn it's invested in accordance. Gold and silver he is the man they call. Worn mills rare coins of New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 802257264. I was going to cause Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eatery in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that is no better feeling. Traditional northern recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard Ro Quincy. Splicing the weekend out. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you did the food critic Sunday's tentative on WRK elbow voice of Boston. Coming up and the end next hour picked calls them coming up in the next hour here on WRKO. We are gonna open up on even more to you and Lou tell you about that. That place. That only has ten tables. But it probably one of the finer restaurants you'll ever go to. As for is the shift his concern of course here running now only in this drive only ten tables. It's amazing people come 67 amount of becoming evident in the next segment mystics telephone calls were talking about. Going out and shooting TV shows. And we need your input your help when you if you like she would it bites on television archer. Right now on FaceBook you can watch it. Oh is sitting at. Let him back and forth Scott and Michael is now here today but as that is and Leah. Oh we would entice you to call and let us know where is your favorite Italian restaurant. Is gonna be good unique era because. We will pick one and we did last week. We'll pick one winner and they can limit to a hundred hours gets in gets a theory it's time. You should do and this takes a cause now Michael is calling from. Pays what when and where is it from the south go forward man oh south our main hi hey Albert. That anal Warren again right yeah I need Dylan. I thank you were near I could not be doing better. Any time I'm in the mood for a chart intrude. And I'm in the Boston area are go to Reno it's in each roster yeah yeah. Errol. It's so hot terrifying and it's on Saratoga street now I can I put the blinders on trying to. Yeah if you're absolutely right it's funny it Rios has been mentioned they show long long time. Hello I'm glad you brought back our attention. Yeah arts delicious I mean there RV always publicize your fist who the deal is nice and then and neo which has some structural what's going on. Yeah and it's very small that habit not to place. I don't think. What's your favorite dish and you go there. If he has lobster ravioli on the menu like rap. Yeah. But the message to fuel up at that. I I got it it's your Reno's and I Scott IC good there on the phone cause even I see a lot of Cuban coming. Popular C oh art will go to Steve who go to litigious and FaceBook look exit but to hear a Stephen hats and how are you. Steve a year they're written. I guess. OK. That it it it's it it's and that guy's just go to it is it's him FaceBook knows death if you don't mind okay. FaceBook. Scott. Yes I have FaceBook lives and waiting for Steve but we accidentally hung up on Steve that's probably him and rewrite them and just 12. Etsy FaceBook alive. We ever recommend some positive for recommendation for chicken wings. In a certain area they're looking forward in Natick mall Framingham. And they said dealer's choice after that so that's Charlene so. We can help or I go to FaceBook live. Our on our page which has wicket by its TV and you answer back or call in on the radio show catch on I see a lot of proud daddy and proud wife for Paul the a Morey was just in a few minutes ago he told his wife and kids are watching Peyton. And somebody Donna says you wish your show is on longer on WRKO. Yeah now many analysts say that yeah. Okay Al copy that. And then Alan because says Shirley and Carol we are looking forward to seeing you in August and that's aboard the beautiful beautiful cruise ship that will be taking August 11 we'll tell you more about that element later on but we do have Steve back. It's on lines would go to Steve. Stoop Hudson. Is this had any Ventura in Hudson, Massachusetts with two and is it. Hudson mass okay wait and I don't I know you've been to Clinton because you're going to be here on yep horseshoe prop absolutely love the horseshoe club. Yeah a great place I've done here may try it myself. One record than a year Italian restaurant right in downtown arts and it's called Sufi is restaurant Barry on main street. Wonderful fairly owned establishment they just. It's remote renovation inside award that I wrote here. Pretty frequently and just oh wonderful place our government has supported ever I give us so we're neighbors are. You are is there it is aka go out there are very restaurants say on main street. I am sorry that dessert I talked over you and I couldn't get them. And I grew to like to know because I can't take my wife tourist trap without taking it to put dessert. Okay interpreted dirt are overworked and the like you're remembered that there remained a kick start on the well. Ice sheet and she's on our phone and I I bet you didn't know you're going to be on the radio today did you. Now I guess if you keep trying to get me on they'll be at bats an apple like your favorite desserts there. Kate and I know I have a favorite but they have wonderful. Like chocolate Robert Gates and yeah I can't even thank you very they have they have a wonderful like lemon abbate which is really. I know next MM and had Szymanczyk got to go there thank you both for giving us the collar telephone numbers went triple A Ford dining. I wanna come back when I tell you about that restaurant only has ten tables out of here. If you're calling for it in from Chicago. You should take a trip to try this place. You're logged onto a wicked vice radio where not just for gourmet it's so. You are listening to a wicked by its radio. The only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday's tentative on WRK oh the boys of Boston. I wanna say today this program is right Dubai Alpine butcher. Nyhan a 63 Chelmsford street in the Lowell Massachusetts Greg and Thomas Doyle. You know they doing this is 1913 in the family. Four generations of serving the greater lol lol in Merrimack Valley area Alpine butcher is an old fashioned butcher shop. Those still offer strong quality and exceptional customer service from years gone by. Today Alpine butchered into one of the oldest family owned butcher shops in this country. Now you know Soviet seafood minimize it OK if Allah kind of butchered 963. Counts or street below one remind everybody sort of thing about it. If you're gonna make Easter Sunday reservations. Start making them right now. I'd. And don't call me. Saturday before Easter Sunday saying could you give me in position now can do came do. One triple eight Ford dining we're looking for a everything will. That load helped guide us toward great Italian but different restaurants different Italian restaurants. Not to be used to their television show Teddy more about that just a minute. Scott a lot of who have been cut coming in on FaceBook and tell about had to get through this FaceBook page and they can participate and talk back and forth to Asia. Way it's easy just go to our FaceBook page on FaceBook with your bites TV and then you'll see the little icon or you watch us live and you could watch us live right now. Do and racial educate every sunny from ten to twelve noon on WRKO in Boston as we broadcast live on FaceBook. You get asked questions and answer some of the questions and topics to join in the conversation as we're doing the radio show. And including postings and your favorite Italian restaurants on right now on FaceBook lies make you go to FaceBook live don't private message just. Because we you know we don't have time to get back to those questions but we could see them as the coming in on FaceBook alive and bill by the way. He's at hi guys listening on I guess you would say technically viewing us and listening on FaceBook. Lives while on vacation in the Burke cheers many good restaurants and organic markets appear checking out the Berkshire mountain distillery. Later today so brilliant afternoon let us know. What you think about that later on today I love distillers the they're always on towards the end do anyways yea you don't quite a few among several TV shows several of them and they're all a little bit different. I think you're really kind of fun and and what I like is they. Yet that you sampled it too yeah. If there that that's that's the better part right there in the sample and get Michael level and you'd you be doing fine right now now to elaborate on those guys take it serious than we thought absolutely. Masters they could really serious. As to leverage for a second and visited villains Upton had a little bit different there you tell everybody reds everybody knows reds kitchen and tavern on route one. Impunity can't miss them but I can't miss. They work they make you Jon decide to Andre the society you know. Why work so hard just open up to launch but so many people were complaining. That starting this Wednesday they're gonna be opening up for dinner again. So you get there in the morning early in the morning on the Oprah played six of them are really early so early or after 3:3 PM now. They have a full lounge and on starting on Wednesday now they can that be open for dinner. And they got a great menu I mean a great menu and plans in the works right now. That at reds kitchen this place really has a history would not so much or one. No it doesn't I'm it has the the original history started in Salem mass yesterday about effective wherever. Police department partly live to an ally and that it has grown and grown and grown now I am the new location and and they did such a great job. With the location in Peabody on route one. You you walk in there this sort of like there is a section what I would call contemporary diner that certain section with you know with the chrome in the chairs and we have a whole dining room. In any event complete. Lounge area. And the food. The problem I have lower bread kitchen is the portion sizes and use yeah. Yeah I don't know yet you know the way to go there in the morning they have pancakes that. This guy they they cause I started say they can't see of interface but they can't they see an enamel Mosul they are among the screen this size of sewer covers half. And that's that's had a good sound know that class act. But to your Tuesday and help their patents could say is this this side of the third base and Allan park and at one time and now. They still have on their manual and find out soon from John. If you're gonna have that that that reds for the work that's like one pound of black Angus it's one full on its enormous. Enormous but that's what they do over there it's a great restaurant and against starting this Wednesday. They'll be opening up for dinner again so we're looking forward to that are right now. I wanna talk about Deb Leone where a second because you Fiji on TV so if you can't 2 o'clock Sunday absurd Monday. Make sure you watch it's unnecessary. Attacks Everest and correct yup they have a dish there. Ship Mike displayed on the TV program. That looked absolutely phenomenal it's a staff veal chop and is on the bone yes. It eat it it's sensational. It's like in double stuffed seal Jonathon. And he puts pursue beautifully written to on the table to all the yeah I mean I don't think we showed it off as well as I mean is is great as it looks when you get on the table. You know it's sometimes your week we showed in the kitchen. But to put down near the table when you're dining room dining there. And it's just. Exquisite it's one of the best you'll trots I've ever had yet it was the first time I've had a veal chop thanks stuff that way before. And it just melts in your mouth he's known for that's that probably is number one selling this by far the restaurant Melissa. Yes did the show. And that she says boy you got a lot oh lord here in the long pieces posits Morris tonight at times of the month you know back back yeah. Yup event it is the kind of place and less you know about it there's no way you're gonna be able to go to I mean there's two sides of the restaurant now before. And see this in the begin I'd always say one thing I don't care if it's twenty below zero visualize the line standing to get in the. There were only open for dinner that the only night that closes Tuesday it's those are the nights that they closed. But the restaurant beside which is the original part of the rest are probably only had about thirteen to twenty seats at that you and it really small open kitchen on the on the show they say he should twelve tables. Twelve tables so I mean and they cram them in there and everything that Mike does. Is far as the food in that on the restaurant they side is that a work of art that he treats it that way. You're gonna want you you're not gonna wanna change one ingredient in image. Because you want it the way Mike. Prepares I love LA I love the lobster that was here to listen lobster Friday are below intentional there's a lot of surprises under yeah yeah yeah Baghdad and when she got a lobster that's on his new section of the restaurant and opened up a second side and it's more. Own beginner but it's more casual comfort Italian food over there. And you can actually when I was there I sat there what's. Football game at a pre season football game last summer homes there. And I sat on the the new side watch the game at the bar but I ordered from the other side restaurant I don't know if you could technically do that but I did. Well you're absolutely that's right mailing had a walk I mean they connected ID is called. It's called is that Deb I don't deal. And you can. And and it is best entry I don't know I guess he certainly should call for reservations most of the time yeah I mean I would be if it's small specially if you want that romantic evening Eden over at the restaurant they sign. And it's one of the most popular restaurants you'll find in Ipswich but I would definitely call make reservations. And there are only open for dinner I have distressed that I only opened the dinner the only night they're closed is on Tuesday if you looked like take imam or something for Easter and have a great place to go. Yeah have via unbelievable place to go. And bear in my view and there without reservation there instead allow outside right and again I mean like I say the chef owner Mike. Is it an artist. When it comes to that food he treats everything like the work of art. I'm out there and Ipswich correct ran out there I think that central street 10 central street I believe is the address certain it's sort of the main road through with switch. Yet an easy. Ten center street centers and so I was close. Possible go news outlet to assist when his favorite dishes yet. But you won't so and I got to tell us quiet but that looked so good so tender felt like it was falling apart as you as your your scooping those fallen apart I got to talking about play situation that you truly seemed to NGOs. Cica. And that's when you when you met through the air grown lately. Big agro lady. It lights up any room that she goes into. In new eight year and I like your avid follower oh the payroll lady is spectacular she's you go there to have a fun time. And that's and that's what you do me. She is this the sweetest person you'll ever meet. And loves. And I mean loves doing what she's doing right now let me explain something to that was used to be a food truck ten years ago. Yes she was that a lot of carnival shows. Basic now isn't she wasn't I mean basically her food was like it carnivals and was in a food truck. Setting and they did egg rolls and you know the a couple of fried food items. But it became so popular and you don't like him so popular. Because of her. She she is a loaded with personnel one of the dishes that they had that I so I think you had to. Was the egg roll that too wrapped in lettuce. And with cilantro. And the entry in Indiana suite in dipping sauce right next to it yes and that really a good. You basically that's the way that they have in Thailand no I don't know Vietnam a yeah the crimes correct I'm sorry about that and it's. It's the way. That that she prepares it's not on the menu to have it that way but if you do well on loan if you don't west shall do it for you. And I'm town that it is well worth it if it was pretty -- get the fried. The fried egg roll right. And this just freshens it up and makes it so delight at delightful and fresh look and I can't describe it. The more you have to try it once a new life this way. And when you do it. I think you'll be hooked and you have problems going elsewhere and getting it rolls not done this way. I right now it's in Worcester. All right. And it is called the egg roll lady and the fish Jack. Correct and I just a couple of fried. Seafood dishes that you find there but. Pretty much egg rolls and egg rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and please ask to see her sit on the meter 609 west to boil often street yeah exact location. We've had a lot of step was to listen in to be awakened city when it can get an extra ten we have another place that will be doing shortly called the flying rhino in Worcester you'll see that. That's about vote Ron ripple. Wealthy Republican joining era didn't it and I guess a man Lester I don't know Iran they westerners there is a great city now. What restaurants because there's no change happens and in Simi chain restaurants downtown. In that area which is so nice the independent restaurants are there. And they're doing very very well but you see where. Applebee's in Houston. At a business is now looking across the board national. If you have a coupon for any thing ten cents off the gas. Medical prescription what what every year of a coup by just bring to any other restaurant. They just bring it with you to Applebee's and and Houston and 50% are female. Not a bad to you and a lot about Gilbert to Teddy the deal. That read everything right worry about that it would have because it just tremendously. Telling me it he'd had quit working at restaurants ahead group funds. Because she said that if of people would come in and NATO what are you what they can get away with in water never drink for a little water in them. And as she was actually tipped with a Maxwell house coupon 10%. Not a good deal now. While not a good deal for the waitress now it's what's not that toys she's no longer waitress but almost like the coffin. Our enemy takes telephone calls a one triple 8434. Or 6464. We're looking for a place that you would suggest. Be a good place for us to take our TV crew to. And film an episode inside. Your favorite Italian restaurant. Neither went up to a hundred dollars worth of restaurant gift certificates right here on the show we take you know going to be doing this for another thirty minutes so. Get on the line toy can one triple 8434. Or 6464. Scott quickly before I go to John at Cambridge. Tell everybody about FaceBook and how they can enter that too. Yeah I just go to FaceBook alive though watch our live feed on FaceBook live by going to wicket bites TV. And you can do that every Sunday from ten to twelve noon as we broadcast live and comment there ask questions or get into the conversation like. Your favorite Italian restaurant and were looking replaced for wings those are some of the comments going on right now on FaceBook lives so head over there which it bites TV on FaceBook. You're looking for links to OK I have one place and at that point Angeles. Now know they wanted some boost suggestions someplace at that Angeles on rule one northbound and sagas. Has there about the best swings him overhead typically best best best best best. I giants caller from Cambridge so let's go there right now hey John welcome to wicked bites. Good morning good morning pat glad to have beyond. You know I definitely will recommend your former guest the massive Rios is excellent I remembered the old days where they started out on me you know which Greek. Partnering with truly open up my true recommendations or excellent. Italian food both good or any sports that one is really knows it which there's just. Fabulous. Double portions of the north then what flesh. Price she extolled Shaw's I'd particularly like awesome vocal I was never real big fan notebook. Italian Reich but he quit so much chief engineer and coaxed her complexion. It's out of this world that put them arias excellent. The veal salt to broker injection. Partnership is in. Mavericks where. I think they have the best they rent car option in which shall launch I mean I go there shall recording it's out of this world. They also have a location in Winthrop coach someone's. You know little COLT should compare the both of them are. Are excellent another little hidden gym and Providence, Rhode Island injured keynotes are now all avenue. It's what's going back and try and family owned. They have a chicken and veal dish was formed Cheney's cheese you're Italian parsley by issues. Rolled up which of course should go this is out of this world you know Soros. Those three are all fairly wrong family owned. Another shout out if you really bought them and you're you're shooting match and he knows. I think they're desperate store in Boston real hidden gem his cause DOE's baker. No they're Italian bread dessert jurors had died for our I know the owners for many years. In its third generation bakery and they also have a such billion. Pete supplies that they he'd make available to people look we just want a quick bite there body is sure it's actual Austro. Black tea you can do hold. North in show like this out all right you're good. Yet I'm not another recommendation. Appeared take a trip to college. You know on on Sundays the bigger do roared out of school design museum is sure to reentry. And right there on the block from them is I think one of the best achieve good restaurants. In New England its cold Hemingway's. It's worth the trip down there it's it's a little bit of a trip for problems and interest the city. And receive food is honest still want to tent near. There Troy opened legal seafood is a true victory. There's no comparison again simply don't know very unique vicious and also reasonable prices. And you've got a beautiful view of the Providence real Rivera sure vs actual went. Atmosphere is first trade also. We're we're the trip down if you're you don't you got that you preach I'm on the weekend. And down there and either try and he knows or or Hemingway's you cannot lose for either. I was in major and one night now I've but I we're just working around the looking at the sites and everything became his restaurant bar. An ounce that was a big sinuses. Hemingway never slept here. This. He had judge. One rank and it's that you gave me some and am I to give you want you know because this is there a better this restaurant. And it features have food from Calabria. And the chef owner. Is a fellow by the name of Geovany now is that it's Iowa mauled them EI moment rest that I. He's serving on that excellent and actually try to you know okay. Well good I try to excellent excellent that the parking in the back yeah it's fabulous time. I can't I got out Yasser Maggie gave me so media can't act and act. Can you give me give you that this particular way that he USANA like you know utility jog somebody's desire heard out. That. Right on that question. That play dribble that is excellent. I doubt they get it terrorist that I. 1011 or 1011 table since it. And they're open today. Here's the numbers 7813243170. Marianne pine hill hello Mary and. Good thank you could be a better habits you. Well it could be you or me beat me to wait mom. I'm not erect front but the number one is India opened barrel yell at me right. It is bad at all. It's great for Earth Day and I kept all right kind loot by the Leo and it can't happen. Why it you are in no area I didn't restaurant called all of body. No. A little pricey but the wouldn't be an out. You scared me or second that you're gonna say east giving person got that you're gonna say. Olive garden has been to. I don't. No not I don't. Think is. He that app might. Act or he won't make anything you want and yet I played it safe on all of body in Italy. Italy and it's great and I recommended that one way or equity that we LEU. Current. And you I want and you. I love these these these folks folks like every Allah because they can make terrorists are come alive they really can't. And there and any anybody there any restaurant owner that has about it like that is their very lucky people. And and the order is and make it area. She's very knowledgeable. One of my paper. And got I. I did so many trying wreck everyone mentioned on that accurate so I'd written a clinic here I got yeah. If any written down your bet you know that litany that hasn't reckoning day and I thought here in the even arm even recognize the hot in Delhi you can buy deal umbrella and who like that. Down so down in the Plymouth that you guys get snowed out their that I. How do yeah. And yeah. And again and up and of course is gonna take me about six weeks ago my driveway but death. Other than that Mary and listen I hope you call again your great great call and if somebody can help you out with your request that I I would appreciate. And you don't have to go just to the telephone because you can go to our FaceBook you have Mary and a bucket kind hills in Plymouth. Look at that made it pine hills North Carolina great golf course Gina wall status next aging. Oh. Happy to hear your flight that I know until Sunday. And that I remember our meetings Scott Monday at Salem willows and you weren't very bad. But anyway my most favorite is Fiorello. In Newton bail. It did. Pretty much Italian that there I think you can get there and by most famous favorite dish they act is salmon lemon cello. I don't even use the menu I just started that every time I come there because he's so good in its side. We know at street and it would be a good place for it crude ago they have an open kitchen. And before it Tenet they'd bring you have. A little addition some kind of I. I read they make there are and they have. And I thought they did this to died well. And they also sell their. And again. How highly highly effective and CN ballot in new bill that event that there. No I have not I have heard of it and I believe it's been recommended on the show what I've never been them now. Sounds like it sounds like it's the kind of plays or should go to. And very very good place tell you this other things if you don't like Italian food they have other food merit and they're open. Helped launch time I think 1130. Which state that they used to be that they are now and on Sunday they. Do not open until four. That this well excellent no matter what you glad that there is gonna. Jeanne I appreciate the call very good golf thank you very much got time for this god okay Jerry is coming from a line hey Jerry. They don't bat I couldn't be doing better. And you know I challenge the will add go a little over there is certain this stalemated on Broadway. Wrap it up there Elian home. Not only is the quality great. You can't finish we'll exact route 28 it's bad it's that big. The 28. And the maneuverability. Villain than is spent here. Well that's I got eight that your revenues it hooked on is that not a new restaurant purse say it's a new building. But he's been around the block. Yeah I eat he had a big big build this the big that this class here. And their hate we'll there every day. Yeah I was gonna step in Tennessee. But department that was so I figure when given. Take your camera that it occurred it's really good. I will do just that thank you for the telephone call I do appreciate. What you got there your FaceBook things. And just one minute I was just reading here. Yeah I you know Plaisted had I didn't know that this was the case. I've been. And Al streets haven't given them. It's iPad corner bar. It's it's it's an Irish probably mess the place where it will Huntington I did not know next. I know I we'll take a break be right back when it's kind of a crowd like Tripoli port batting load delve into iron FaceBook notifications it. It's pricing the weekend off. You're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh the boys of Boston. You know right next FaceBook just around the corner vote. It and only on now. Over shop all snow. Get ready some baseball. Red Sox style coming up on NASA of course where you also get a chance C yes. First shows at 9:30 AM months on Saturday morning. And the second show used to it nearly is at 2 o'clock on Monday and I guys election this year this is a great show us for I. Did make much of those are there and interest in my Brittany on with. Fashion and food. Yeah Boston's really. Becoming a fashion market place period that everybody was thinking about like. New York and LA you know what Boston's there and do it. They really are. And this seaport area is just boom boom boom. And can't wait to annuity would do much in the sea port area of don't name it. Pardon pardon and a that we've done anything there recently and we. In the seat or even the duke. Let general secret now the time we can't do those places you can park. William and it's so hard to bring on an apartment known name history annual event he had but that's about it I mean because. It just carrying on an equipment on like make the cement floors blocks in the snow not what I picture's a good time. Right now last lastly we have the triple murder over. That oil is at ten havens dined at haven Brothers diner right which is really truck. Right evens brother which it right there in Providence downtown Providence. I think it stated the old state house of the courthouse that if you're sitting on the right all right it's with a buses are all yen going out at 5 o'clock. You wanted to get national news that got all lit it actually pulls in on on on a flatbed truck pulls in the diner here and it stays it to like 23 in the more now that triple murder over via. Michael tried that but I actually K I didn't get I don't I only had the single sign must have homicide. I. So I had that. Yeah and I next week on the show I'm I'm in Providence down the street from there and you'll see it I'm Matt deluxe burger. In in in Providence. And I can take on the Frankenstein burger. Yeah man I met Spector got a teacher because it took. I've failed but that's the. And I can't thank you to get in LA addict and it was so messy within an hour over that they would payback halos burger is francs. You know hot dogs on it beans are aiming to iron etc. and act the place Italy would too though via. The end south street diner. Yeah dear remembered it when he said the busiest hours of the day yet to 3 in the morning to Israel yeah and that's like everyday of the week and a lot of airlines that that may actually go outside and take the orders in line. Yes it's when the bars layout is is when they really really get busy. And and out. Yeah it's amazing this all be out there and though he's the owner and he gets in behind the line were in there in the in the diner in us and his folks outside to take the orders. And a lot more eat outside even in the coal is like a table to not much stunning space out there yet by the transportation building. And well again and and they have it. Got that at and we we do we are they in the filming session you just end it if I was there yes. Active don't think I'd add Aaron added he would they looked appetizer clearance from U. But they have the Boston cream and cake there yeah the Boston cream pancake it's anybody explain it nowadays is like 34 layers of of the big pancake now. At you with a notch in the middle of each player yeah and then a it it seemed like it we chocolates that budget tablets are on all I. You know I didn't get to try it but it looked really good but does and I 'cause I love paying case even and I of course I have a sweet tooth so I'm sure middle of the Ganassi chocolate. None but we were so busy had to get the trying to. All right that's the south street diner. That is that's like rated a thought the fifth best diner in America yeah matter backed up. That ditch that lead featured and I think it's yet you could see in our FaceBook page and you see the whole feature FaceBook with the bites TV on FaceBook. Scroll around you'll see lead doing that perhaps minute segment on you'll be able to see that there's I think it would generate greater that is one of the top national ditches you. Or late night this is a bit of an Oreo. They are located at 178. Mile street Boston yeah there is one thing I wanted to ask oh yeah I did I just one other thing you know it's ago came. You like to Marianne Steiner. And then arrest very barbecue steak tips to a mix it. Really good. That was that was excellent. Excellent matter fact it was really kind of funny because they had Michael order some food for with as we entered as we go into it nine that merry hands the new location in Salem. New Hampshire twice first time I went there I love corn. So I got picked corned beef omelet. With they holidays sauce on top of it there's really good and you know. And then the next time I went there I got the the barbecued. Raspberry steak tips. Exel so Mike chorus the food and as we do in the segment on TV as Lee and I come and Michael's book what got this station got this this from like. Those are the two dishes I ordered when I when I came here in the two times. Yes that fact that places that Libya I love. The that that the big Joost tequila. And triples yes yup and it it. I don't know Michael didn't change color period namely a if you drank it and a Mike Mike won't mean. And as much as you're gonna hit EA was drinking that with a beer. Polish yeah it is talk with his comic is fine tune if I'd be great I got everything because he's in New York City right now. Scouting happens is forced to go to their own two checked FaceBook and read our seven just few seconds okay the great wall. In owned by Alice. Shanghai it should. Great law they've made it a reduced choice forward almost twenty years now. The delights of threes Jumbo shrimp tickets scouts are too many for a evident of a phase they have a luncheon buffet they cater. And their open at 11:30 AM until 930 Pia. So they are now open I'm drop in NC Alice tell Allison panel Utley sent tissue take care via our right. That's a great all 308 to be great road route four in Bedford on some of the Chinese another nice lady sue Chang Su. And this location is in Peabody mass at 373 Lowell street. They are known fairly this of fancy looking Chinese restaurant it's like a colonial mansion so. And they have a dish. That I who strongly recommend over all the others. Neptune basket with shrimp and scout salted with mixed vegetables and served in the delicious Taro root basket. And it's. Got to that rivers across from north drove off. That's a suit Jenks 373 of those street two of these in hats is sue. This program has brought Cuba Alpine butchered 963. Chelmsford street Boston a big Reagan Thomas Doyle. You know you get fresh ground hamburger in their ground fresh daily and combined with. Their own trimming. It has and always will be 100% beef and is David did that for over 100. Years. Seafood fresh car. Fresh cut every single day. Brought straight from the docks of Boston. On Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Fresh fish is only offered Wednesday through Sunday. McCain and only north on time at Alpine villagers offers fresh throughout lunch specials. I said which is raspberry manes soups salads and more I got it Alpine butchers. 963 children street in lol Reagan Thomas Doyle of gays gut tell us what's been coming in on FaceBook. Yeah this is from our live be wicket bites TV on FaceBook I see dawn says hi pat. Now the great show our vote for best against best Italian as Mars yellows. In the north end of Boston wonderful sort Dini and fair and so I don't know exactly. What that would entail. What is are getting there a terribly excited verses that. It's diluted it's an Internet I implement. I'm I'm I'm curious to unlike. Like what does that mean what's on the menu that's that's different and unique and because they you know there's there's several restaurants a preacher of ritzy region in India certain regions so that we have the kind of interest we should have called it. Yeah they beat that was to them if government recall. And then Laurie just posted she says a place to go to his group homes dining room. That's their website Capone Stein dot com. And I'm sure that's cup hones in I believe it's heated yet so she would recommend it going there. And and Paul the Maury or guest few minutes ago and in the last hour he says say thanks guys for having me you guys rock. Yeah yeah does it all right. Now another place it we have been and that was on the show it to Hillary to go source you Castro pop yes outstanding restaurant is to advance it but. And it's more than just a restaurant. And they really your comeback kicking your food up a couple of notches when they opened up and became a gas stroke popped. They had eighty different kinds of IPA. Eighty. Now if you go to buy a flight I think that you if you get a fly. That's about four different or five different kinds of of the year. And the reason you do that is trying to add to a twenty favor. Aren't but what they also do with that is is so I guess someone EA that they'll Ted give me in the history of the beer. What it is its its ingredients are in what tasty is what the alcohol content. And all of that but they'll also see how it matches a lot of matches with this horse whose future. Yeah it's it's amazing you can get the flight of beer. And I always say and do my closer to let them tell you top what style you like then. NC dealer's choice to get the flight appear. You may discover something totally unique something incredible. And they have a with eighty Beers on tap I just. To me that that's mind blowing there and Hudson mass they're not in downtown Boston but yet I think they like the third largest apps in New England yeah. Third I shouldn't that something yeah. And that is pretty funny apart and if you if you drive it around us that that far for and I thought we I remember the last time I was there and then nix said I want to east as well what -- beer you like that's why I generally like the IPA's does that light and refreshing mrs. is as whereabouts that. Not really that style. Because they're heavy and yet it is I want to try this stuff. Still ahead as a flight of beer and and it was that outlet to establish fighting ghetto it but that's like a shot glass right I hope that I more they're like six down sport so you four of them. You know that's that's you know it's a good look it's a good core. But that's doubt that I had there and of course as usual I forgot the name wondered what one person. Was not happy. Was actually really really good you it was that dark brown color. Wouldn't surprise me that it wasn't heavy tasting and it was really refresh more like an idea he. To I mean I recommend again let them deal is choice they know they appears they're often they're always changing it I hope it. People took advantage of their Saint Patrick's Day. Because they had roars. From Ireland there was special Irish beer just for medication. And they had to be something they had allied Irish band there this is a real fun place family place. And there's plenty of parking it's it could be a little bit patio a's basically live Vissicchio okay. But if you go to city Dravid away goal year you'll rarely rarely you like it. The only probably system and a wonderful things on the their menu. If you are asking the Atlantic blue Qaeda doing efficient chips this and I love their New England efficient chips they're really really do. The portion of tissue jambalaya. Pan seared chicken tender minds. Baby shrimp sausage celery onions and peppers to blaze to the spicy broth tossed with rice. Topped with a golf trip. That's a mouthful. And then set up their sandwiches and burger affected Dublin pastrami Turkey burger with a living on burger. Bad the doubt on that aren't that I'm that I'm. Their biggest dessert PO ever city. All right the most incredible designer you've ever seen. Fried dough I screen. Okay it's a fried dough ice cream Sunday. They're fried dough is the bowl. In his trophy this guy's. A Scots hit. Yeah says hi I created I have a big yeah I have a very big very big that needs Erica melon like I needed haircut but I can't get a haircut yet. This is a place battle ensues soon narrow their bearings snow a garrison gonna have add or dining. Yes and I'm. I'm. Whenever the snow melts and means we had this twelve inches of on the ground for a week now on doesn't like to melt for a little bit it and soco that I let me a really nice outside dining section. At this restaurant I highly recommended again I'll tell you they're look at that list restaurants and this is wanna put on. Yeah it's it's that good and you don't want their nicest Peterson going peace nick is phenomenal yet got it adds up to the Nik and Al. Album father. Who open up a restaurant from a twenty years ago that you'll see nick. And again I would introduce yourself to Mickey's I know it loves to come on talk to the folks that come in from the show yet and just enjoy. Police say at a given from we invite pat what lays validly okay. And day the it mutates and I love knowing the folks in a really knowing the folks that owned a restaurant and this is much confined. And restaurants the courtship but in the independently owned restaurant not a nod to change. Food but better. Wait staff much more informative and for an assortment class resentment or shoot Castro but 29 south street. In Hudson, Massachusetts. They had any member that these events event. Father and son nick and I will be back just sectors which invites. Heather's daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though it would all those who got famous and then none of that leopard Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's still at a restaurant and paper and Nashua. And return to more of wicket by trading with pat with in just a second job to his restaurants there's several locations. This one and endo is one of my respect for South Boston and in Boston's theatre district to open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. And they have a good great menu. But this one section of their menu that talk about all the time because I think it's so unique each of their individual locations weather and over Mars doesn't really matter. That ship from that location decides what day wanna make. So land over right now they're doing short ribs in the hockey in March about lasagna with many meat balls to do an octopus in Medford. Something different writes Albert tours and a walk in there. Yea gotta go in and try it go in and try it and definitely or off the chefs playground section. Of their menu Salvador's. Andover. Lawrence leopard South Boston and in Boston's their district and they are open for lunch and dinner seven days a weeks out which course. Coliseum restaurant record shop and senator Sam New Hampshire that's in the related dashed his place. You know they have won just about every award imaginable. At a restaurant in Salem New Hampshire. You know it's just pass I would say were all pluses and you just getting outside of that all the shopping area and start to relax and also become a long. The record shopping Centre and answering upon coliseum restaurant. And when you walk into this restaurant. You'll you'll notice all the awards and all the articles all of the walls but there's 10 Warner wants to look forward fine. Because this one award that he won an evil one. It's the only time that this award. Left Italy. Yeah that's right and it's at the coliseum restaurant in Salem New Hampshire. I would recommend. There's seafood coliseum for the reveal coliseum or Pat's personal favorite can't miss it. Stake Al pat Whitley. Stand right after him a little bit spicy but it's the best steak that money can buy its prime New York's rural and stake in its center cut answer with broccoli rob. And then really commit to add not that long ago. Stakeout pat Whitley easy to remember right coliseum restaurant route 48 record shop and setter in Salem New Hampshire. At the all American tavern food escape king's side. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Area in all American tavern. The area. Leave hungry. You're locked onto a wig advice radio. We're not just for gore makes Sunday's ten to noon on WRKO. Go boys of Boston's. All right Scott you're gonna take out one more shot at last FaceBook. Right door. A participant yeah this is from my Kristin. She recommends this FaceBook like this where it's coming to us from she's gonna recommend on FaceBook live the black and white grill and Spencer masks. She is they make an incredible. And fantastic. And great lobster Mac and cheese so it's called black and white grill and Spencer mass. Right now please remember your goes on FaceBook every six that's true every summer we do we do out there yet starting at just go to FaceBook. And a couple of invites and there we now. It's that simple and you can even participate ask questions on the screen and listeners to answer you or will answer you. So if you missed this this sweet natured. You know lie again and ten to twelve but next think Nixon Ian FaceBook okay. Aussie get us on six AV AM WRK know every Sunday and tomorrow. Twelve known I'm sorry tomorrow at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on which it bites television moderates Ericsson. Bruins TV station. And you'll be Lucio a lot of things that we talked about today including that at a restaurant that Zev Leone's up in Ipswich which uses ten tables. Most phenomenal ten tables this out of Malibu beach. It's it's just superb Mahfouz super. Now I do not miss it again and make reservations head up there it's small for the restaurant they side but well worth your time. All right now also like say seven were up my dear friend Michael was summoned the CNET affiliation restaurant group 110. Well our office straight but the when they rely. Where there are also go to another snowed out and have parking lot so awful. That's a place you don't ever knows about the mentally secrecy in there and they know about the primary have been. The big step clams and three pound lobsters baked or staff for that fit nation's famous who won't let Stefan. But you think about them for waiting for function facilities. Young star. Because not all as a food group. The atmosphere is great and go outside the spring. Flowers just beautiful out there erratic cross streets in Merrimack River. Made inside. You can if year's 500 people. To fifty. They can put you inside the different function rooms that are all cordoned off and they'll show you how all of that works and they give you a sample menu and go by drug sample menu for the way. Ali had dozed column and make reservations didn't go on and take a look I that stiffen Asian restaurant. Rule 11012. Alpha street but the one payroll line that takes it 49. Awful for many thought he had dead man Michael's. A functional and rot by cannot miss what about their. Primary. Why did you see the primary that can cut armor of a lot and and you can't aggregate I mean it's. He its enormous it was so big that my wife and I went there we split it now and we couldn't finish it we took home the had another meal. With department you know I did actually hear them really well to Iraq didn't get it. Riley didn't get to know him if the dog discovers that we bring in state. And of course we bring in state from like the best places. You know so the dog as require as required. Pretty pretty good taste of especially for that revived I maybe ever saw that we are going to be too. Down sausage companies got. You heard of them. Yeah that is a great place is that if she had ever heard about a jealous family that I let the editors the dog to that it is my son to their steak tips and now we love those through. They've been a business for eighty years they're full service butcher shop and their and so I site host of the LA. Basically when you thought you see a lot of stores. On notice they advertise that side. We have damme state it is we have down sausage that because it is so good it's one every single award that there is they cater all so. He should go about this they cater in the summertime. So you're gonna have with power or early fall for the patriots game. And argued telephone number to call but Diop did tried tried some examples see woods who want this it's a big fuss about bombs sausage company. There are ten Riverside park in Malden say hi to a member of the about a jet with him especially down. Program out of our two virus that I didn't Chia I think am I know I am going to and a sometime next week. And have been that Dana Dana Dana a business them at risk that I didn't Chia Mason where it can only go. As reasonably priced. And excellent cuisine. That's addressed that I do Tia five dexterity Mount Vernon shoot Winchester. The food is just as good as who she is at in in the North End set they're no lines here and there's parking here. And I and it Carter Rosa is he would economize in the field tab about this on now. I think have left out so livid you know what I mean nine Marco Polo that's at a seafood delight they've got everything it. Rest that I daily Chia five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. Tellem panel extension I certainly certainly certainly certainly would. Appreciate McCain today I just say scab fully leave Airways now I I think that's it don't forget about the the cruise element and dagger at a quickly us they would just about done with all of our space. We're going from Boston to Bermuda. On the beautiful beautiful refurbished Norwegian dawn then and it's August 11. Through the seventeenth and if you like more information we include so much in the package. Including and your adult drinks adultery. And and we're gonna. Bring you the three specialty restaurants all wants them while on board plus pre crews that are getting together. August 11 to the seven to three cruise dinner PRI's to have yes you can't camped now he hears them call pastor Carol 866. 7451167. That's 8667451167. When everybody sees. At a TV they say got to go you gotta go ahead. Answer it you know vaguely known for cruised over the it and thousands of people. This is a more intimate crews you don't have to get an airplane no regard to join us that I'd never caused. 8667451167. Don't think it would get by 2 o'clock tomorrow unnecessary and actually it did and WRK. We can place radio with Patton Whitney is a presentation a blitz of media and.