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Sunday, October 22nd

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Listening to awakened by its radio. The only place that lets you keep the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Welcome everybody this is Scott quickly what your rights radio we got a whole pro am today because not only is Mike who always joins me every. Every Sunday on what if by three of what we also have the lovely lea good morning league the morning my morning. And that guy and how it's great I'm actually today on the show in Florida I'm at but just off the coast to sit the Sarasota a long boat key and your back. Hold them for in the studio. Yeah we're in the we'll start to basically starting fall below pumpkins plays little breeze well you're down with Tiki bars and tropical drinks. That's right it's about ninety degrees yesterday humid with a nice tropical trait when blowing all day long so. At which I expect today but but you know I'll be back tomorrow I know you guys are looking forward to seeing me right obviously I think that. Yeah I well we do at today's programming since you're in and when we go out we were always out filming we always find these unique places that we go out and film. Maybe we'll have the callers a little bit later on. I hope they're comment came just got to me. They they will lead don't worry about it but maybe we haven't suggest places for us to try and bring the camera crew over the next year or so he has and absolutely you with a producer with about Israel tonight. It would not that's can be if I made and who knows may Wilson amount dinner for two on us we'll do that just a few minutes or an at leave we have that. If you pick a spot what would you what are your favorite spots that you went to on the show this year. Time Deanna was passed back out of plastic and a lot of that plays children's summer and now they have that new shop I mean I checked people and saline made this on me and then you know telling me I can't really got frank and stuff that he. I love them. Yeah I can't. Yes I would say the noses make some of the best postured in the entire world and you know they've served it over slick 600 restaurants and and people have no idea they were already trying to you know as Boston grain. I'm you know my mom and sister tried getting neighboring data and turn Mazar restaurant critic and I'm there with the Democrats are not nice. With a yes that that's a little bit different than the one and took Perry or her yeah and arms are Wilma when the time. It's a little bit different from that went so. They had that seat passed this I love. And that location yeah my mom said she did cat legal from the line and needs even passing you know I got a good staff. Mind you as simple as that. Might give a fair question went to this here on the show this year on the show. While. It's funny because one of my favorites hasn't aired yet two of them actually have an aired yet some of the hole those it's kind of a tease. Ominous a the Surfside smoke house. From for my own personal segments that I hosted. Seafood barbecue and a million dollar view on employment. But a really fun place that we went to I wasn't in the segment Melissa hosted it. It was captain carloads in Gloucester. And they do these Brohm bucket drinks Louie is a people watcher don't like what we used to as kids would have like sand pills but they're filled with Rahm. And again a great great deck right on the water. And I think yeah. Yeah you can't you can't beat the view at all and now I put their season on I think they closed for the season that they open up when the weather turns nice again probably early part of the spring. They might the death of the Dex definitely do I mean obviously can't be on the water during the winter but a long memory and or restaurants as well. Yet they have that upstairs decision. Scott let me do megabytes employer and a boom in IE you know that's not a bad idea was I was I was actually in talk. But the folks in Orlando. The bring the crew down move because Orlando wants this show hey it's not just Disney World down the street who Orlando has some great restaurants and separate activities. That you know and believe it or not. The amount of people. From the Boston area that are in Florida is just to than insane amount it's amazing and I was. I was actually texting you that the last throws and Florida went to I mean granted I went to a please call Boston's on the beach so I was kind of expecting the CP point Nuba. Eyes are couple listening the radio show there. It's it's funny here I'm. Walking down sane Harmon's circle which is right your long boat key as it connects over to Sarasota that was. The ringling Brothers circus ring with John wring one's home is is here tonight museum mr. and yet it's nice idea to create the circle. Many many years ago so that's Rory go at night. It's to go up for some drinks and some happy they're happy hour down here constantly. IU at happy hour. Not at the moment. I plan on I plan on hitting the a little later on today is that I love those sort of like those adult. Slush is that they have at this one place we've kind of sit outside attendance television sets and just enjoy it that. A nice tropical drink smoothies yes according to your answer grab you definitely those adults like she's. They just sit on the to affect you on that as. Don't know to throw line you know you you roll out yes and closer to me yes it 201. Like SCI right everything's so cheap down. There's wells in new. Yet drinks I think happy hour the drinks are like three dollars apiece as the but then they charge you like two dollars if you wanna the extra shot. And the shot is actually served in the rink. In a test tube and you always get the extra shot. Of course I duke could win in Rome or Florida. And took aggressive enough in it it. Imagine a black out and happy and I think that at at there's nothing wrong with that rightly now well I am I send turned once in a huge party formed last name and well it was crazy and a lot of fun had by crazy. One year old birthday party and you consider that the right. And it's funny because you you were on your maternity leave for a short period of time and we we were filming in that period of time and every time we are those shows. An on time or how is that where sleeve she's gone again and now we may have a baby and he'll be back pain and so I can't believe one you're already has passed and now he's so cute he's sweet he's walking and I just told you yapping at the I have hit that much with a slight almost like. And. Yeah but you probably already have not drinking right yes well enough responsibly we withdraw it at the nice night he attack. He guessed right but I'm sure you'll show them audience but you know what might their places that that we went to Mike is actually aired yesterday. Obama divides I thought the hangover part. I mean you hear the name you're gonna think it's like. You know it's gonna be like you like young kids just going down again hammered. And most of all it's the opposite. Yeah because they they I said in the and one interviews that they basically their menu is can contrived of all different ways to cure a hangover. Then while also building the next one. Yeah it. Yes yup and I love the way they did that they can they have what they with a call man candies to them make their own bacon. And this man can become served in like a Mason jar. And they take like I don't know five or six pieces of bacon and they stand him up in the Mason jar and then they bring empty table in the finish him off with a blowtorch. Allow. Yeah I just there's there's there's so so good and mr. it's a it's a great place it really has. It really to play with fire and bacon there and he. What do you guys and alcohol which don't really mix it you really think about them and what's the best care bringing home and I'm really I can never campaigning as I just have to like flee that often. When he bank and the food there sleep. Obviously Bruce Lee is it that it yesterday when I have one of those that felt frozen drinks. Because you get the Ice-T get like that ice cream headache and like all is that painful. The comic from continuing Israeli Ratigan on the brink. Yeah. Yeah but I think I think that we are today show will let people tell us some you very unique places and some discoveries. It eat either I'm looking for. Places that are they don't have to be large places I like the small ones personally. Now might have a dish that's something incredible like when I hit the tides restaurant and hot. When I would skip all the menu or right after that rose be. Sandwich at that their prime rib sandwich at and there is that it's just absolutely incredible. I love finding restaurants have these specialty dishes and specialty items with something that special that sets them apart and gotten different Elaine that same all. You need right is good Newton. Yeah and you know if folks know places like that about the number compliments make it they can call us and let us know who knows maybe we'll get our. Don't crude out there and you just Macy and it could be anywhere. In New England. You know where that matter yeah and we are more than that I mean we we've. We've been up the ski country which is part of New England that you we did Sunday river a couple of years ago we we've Domata cruise ship. So you never know we we may just at its unique enough maybe we'll just make a long road Europe and similar about that badly I think it eagle on the cruise. You're supposed to not that the you know we went ahead again Amy there was there was something in the oven is is the reason why you can and yes he did he just turned one with the yeah. Then maybe it would be able to do another disagreement I we'll do another one and Brinkley and in that game brenly I think I. I would love to go to that Atlantis resort in the in the Bahamas and asked. One half out there that looks incredible. After the great that we don't become available. On Clinton sic aquarium when you lock and there's like Spansion. And it just goes to be really beautiful when you walk in the door and hotel. Yes and I think they have like a water slide that kind of act goes I don't like in and out it's just it it. Everything I have seen of that resort looks to us spectacular. And my may will should plan like is this new world right now has their the big food and wine event that's going on through I think the next two weeks or so into November. Yeah I usually runs right into the other second week in November starts around the second week of September and it's. Fur for someone like me it's literally the best place to be for a week you just eat and drink from like 200 different parts around up caught. And yeah its and it's the time good time all around and go right around it and try to whole role in the but yeah. We actually did a radio show from there several years ago we've done that a couple times actually I've called him from I call them and in the middle of a magic kingdom parade. I called in from the England stop my drinking around the occult world. And I think if called in from from Hollywood studios at one point. So until we get we've covered it on the radio and now we got to bring our cameras and spend some time really discovering. Feel. To find out if it's the happy its place on earth will will be if we bring cameras he's good at the justice. But the the apricot setters is just like. As a place to go if you wanna eat or because you got that little sport you know circle around the world basically and you could go from. You know for Mexican food to English pubs you name it just goes all the way around with all different styles of food and atmosphere and their all those restaurants are packed. I agree I reservations. Oh yeah boy yeah I mean he reservations in most in need six months worth of reservations. But yen and the trick will professional tip as someone who's done and a few times if you are gonna gonna cut you are gonna drink around the world. You start in Canada you get is awful about in Canada that we you can finish. With tequila margaritas in Mexico hope and and you work that way around to some people try to start in Mexico whoo man by that by the end you wanna finish with a flow and type of drink margaritas and tequila that's a fund to betray you want and on Labatt Blu-ray couldn't combine that it's VS most places in the. Yeah man I ever remind everybody watches and FaceBook live right now on. A look at bites. The whole the whole time coming cat I didn't think they can keep me. Yeah he's always prepared right yeah I mean elk are right Allen Craig diet that this is like take several openings on cancer and we've. We've been doing this army sky you've been doing a path for they'll go on forty years. I've been here for over ten. And livery Lee shows up and I don't I haven't seen anybody dressed as well she has for radio show I need to I normally Wear pajamas and sweat pants and and she's totally on radio. I'm with the I did my make up I appreciated him. But whatever we take a picture wore out filming yeah we always gets the final approval before we put up on FaceBook or instantly. I mean seriously you guys would post pictures of me underneath my chin it's like health assists are out and try island good here. And you know he had aiming high point alone I mean come on. Well well Mike can aim high because he's so much taller go some way I got built himself he's a digit. Yeah it's amaze and I mean you keep Katie would tell Mike is taking any or pictures with his long arms just can't. Pretty tough yeah. I'd this portion of it by trade has brought to by the Kriewaldt restaurant which is allison's place in Bedford mass. I love this restaurant and daylight today but patriots are playing until late tonight that rematch it's a matchup of the Super Bowl all over again. With two teams that are. A struggling a little bit so won't be as exciting but if you wanna go in there today and enjoy some great Chinese food. It during the afternoon though I'm sure they'll have. Several of the games on on their TV sets today at the great wall restaurants they had Allison and go in and dump again about that shredded chicken. Dish that I love that they serve with the iceberg lettuce that's leaked. Rule and you you get this the string beans. And chicken it's kind of shredded and stupid happen to the little. Letters sleep and you roll it into a little pinky in your I eighty into and get that wonderful freshness that crunch when you bite into it. It's called traded chicken with string beans at the great wall restaurant. Root for in Bedford mass that built restaurant and Essex. That's Kevin rookies place with Lou and and his brother mark will be there idol of the news restaurant and if you want fried clams I don't care what time. The season it is he may pick I don't know like fried clams in the summertime it doesn't really matter. Go to restaurant Essex has the best fried clams year round at the village restaurant. And a day like today it's still sit outside their patio into that. Maybe in one of the last warm days of fall hopefully not but you know he could enjoy it out there may enjoy in my tie at the same time the village restaurant is located. And a right here at the chances are 133 and 22 and Essex mass about 45 minutes from down town Boston. And you know up pact came in the other day you do which I never know when he's coming in there was a pat help me. I missed the pat citing. What next week on the program is gonna sit down with worn mills of where points in New Hampshire radio and the radio show so we're gonna play an interview that he did with Warren Moon I'd just last weekend and it's really an amazing interview because. Counterfeiting has gotten. Just in so good that person like warn mills who travels the country. Look at her record is done for over 35 years. Before he's to just look at a corn and say it's straight. Then. Recently. The counterfeiting has gotten to the point where you cannot tell at all it's just it's just perfection by looking at it. So he went to NASA the space agency to purchase the couple of these equipment to actually looks inside the coins. To find out if there. If you pure all the way through and not counterfeit. And he told. We record the interview I think on Wednesday. And he said believe enough already this week and it's as I've only had two days Monday and Tuesday I appraise the bank robbery. And we found eight fake gold coins it's over 101000 dollars is not already this week and take corn so if you bought. Silver gold coins of the last couple of years and maybe wanna take up the war mills helped raise it look at appropriate for. It does give my call 802257264. That's 802257264. I would say were ready to kick the program off the calls coming in here and help them so distant places restaurant please let's do. You have to I hear that or call 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. I am looking for very unique places. And if you could help us out you may win dinner for two on us in particular place that was to bring our cameras to. Now you may want argue that your faith your favorite restaurant whether it's a pop over. You know or fancy restaurant that's that that's who wish to bring our restaurant to. Or cameras do we wanna know about those places. So a big help us out that's what we're looking for today's program 888. 4346464. We're gonna take your name and address off there because every hour. Where warts and dinner guests to think it's a great places and Erica gets through to the those rests on Essex middle of that away a little later on on this program all right while the winners. The warm we can go out there and has some nice Mai Thais and clients. Clinton Deanna I hate to see it as say it to you guys were as I'm talking to you right now from Florida and I'm just I'm just watching when the boats go by. And a canal must deny it though real struggle right. Yes this is a tough job today on the radio program as I as I kind of strike back in the Boston so that's a a unique way of doing the radio show today but we thought we just come and have fun night 888. 4346460. Goes a step up and be first on today's program again. This the best time of the showed a call in the beginning of the show because as we get going our line spec tire out. And BO mini is be dialing in your hands in a retired. But we'll tell you what it's an open lines are at 888. 4346464. Don't forget that China blossom we have Kevin Cohen and Jolie voices there coming up in December December 10. And dec Kevin Cohen has our psychic medium he will be there and then the following week we have Kevin Cohen. Looked at the region the year. In its in now Arlington we'll tell you all about that next week on the program. We're gonna do in their states remains day to reverend Kevin and seek it's the of theirs would get two shows for Kevin coming up at December. And he will just blow your mind to wait Leo I want to come to wanna Kevin shows you haven't seen him I'm candidate thanking now I'm afraid they're gonna tell me something bad. Well I I've never been read because recognize him to check their. Really but. Don't just two home just watch. A pack that it's great people watching amazing really what other people get red and and just you see the faces just wiped. But because the actor. Ma. And he'll tell you things that you would have no idea. It just so accurate just right on target. In that these folks. Only they would know and to see their eyes go. Wow how did you know that it's almost like he spying or maybe as but he has a nose in the show on the oh what it does. They'll be the China must begin December 10 that's a Sunday afternoon and followed with we'll have them. At the region there's so we're really looking forward to that and of course we Duma the China lost some of that all ethnic Chinese buffet goes along with it. And and that's that that's the highlight of the folks go back for so much food at that China blossom that it it takes is a little while the show started. I've never seen people eat more than at the time of loss is like it's like being on a cruise ship. Because it will when you say all you only buffeted between sushi in prime rib I don't see that as generously as a challenge. On the right. That that's right and it. I try Abbas against look at ever one point five north and over the over the twelve noon today you wanna go and their for their lives and go back to their dinner tonight the primary great restaurant and at best crab Rangoon and Monday you can Rangan. Yes in their my ties then it but you got the got to watch out or you can have one. The second one minute maid did. Get to will be on blade sound. They go down so easy. That's that's the tough part about it they go down really well I 888. 4346460. Fours that are critical here on the restaurant program to a twelve noon. We'll take your phone call also restaurants that are a little bit unique today that's what we're looking for on today's program. Or restaurants that you feel that we should bring our cameras to. You have those places let us know on today's program. I know we have a couple calls for online or 64 we do have a couple calls on the line we're gonna go to a line one. Gary and Marblehead Alcoa. Gary and Gary. Gary. Gary Gary Gary Gary. All right let's try line to Jim in Dedham. Jim. Jim can nearest I hear I hear Jim. You're Jim. Good morning Jim. Actually Mike is the on air light pressed on that it is actually. I'm glad we're not hearing Jim here in the studio. I heard him a little bit just make sure that the the the that. That the red light went on button is on the cart. On the call screener or even calls coming in earnest on. That would they could hear us you know we're well it may be listened to the radio we'll figure we'll figure it open gym on hold for maternal figure it out and come on mechanism and Ike. You wanna do that so what policy apple gets in just the few seconds 8884346464. Is our number to call. Then a quickie tell you about one other thing before we get back to the phone calls we take a quick break it just a couple of seconds anyways. Sugar down it's a great product that I have discovered I start taken about three months ago and I've already noticed the difference is an all natural. Tablet that you take. Right before a meal about fifteen minutes before a mile and what it helps your body do and it's all natural outs made right here in the US. Is it helps your body. Cut down the sugar absorption in your body by up to 60%. Yeah up to 60%. It's amazing. Yeah they were explaining to me I'm gonna I'm gonna have won the scientists on to explain to me how this whole process works it's got to clinical studies. And it may have just found out that it does this all natural product and how it works how it works so well. And for a limited time only. You can pick up sugar down if you go to their web site directly shiver down dot com. You can get one bottle which is sixty actual book tablets. For as low as 1995. A month. Now I would wait too long because I think they're gonna raise the price back up into the thirties per bottle soon. And it's just incredible all you have to do is to on the tablet. Wreck before the meal. That's it and if you bring a little travelers packed with you. The guy have a little ball a little while that holds about how to putt ten those cellular phone car. So I'm going out traveler like you just don't have assured them mobiles that should get out dot com as we wanna go right now remember it's not that that. Makes you fat sugar. So here's suffering from. High sugar like a hundred million Americans are doing right now they're fighting that battle against sugar think shiver down sure down dot com as we can go to day and get it today the weather is. Before they raise those bars charged. Let's take a quick break we'll come back on the others I would your phone calls Alyssa wicket by its radio on at 8 am succeeding WRKO in Boston. Sports and find that we've got you covered. We get fights radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRKO. Both boys of Boston. And I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm from. We'll look back to what divides radio that's got Whitley it today actually I'm actually in Florida why this thing for casting crew back in our Boston studios and last week on the program Mike the very first call we had was from Paul. He recommended her restaurant called Mediterranean old Sarasota Florida and oddly enough I'm in Sarasota today so I might get a chance maybe late this afternoon and try out that restaurant let everybody know. What I thought what Paul recommended last week on the show. It's right restaurants are sort of Florida a little bit later but this your opportunity today to suggest please that we bring our camera crews to let it. We had an opportunity that you've been talking let us every Sunday Mike and I. A lot lately is in studio with us today till twelve new thing in your phone calls is that article 888. 4346464. So where would you like us to bring our television cameras feature on wicked fights television on ascent. 888. 4346464. Are bike where should go first. Well we're gonna try to get Gary from marble that back onto the bloom on this thing you would see Gary there. I'm an act hey we got Gary Cole all right guys out you know one very good way different they are welcome. I got a very unique place that we go to quite hot and it's not deep and land and he's been out. And yet only plate right now up or train goes all very the restaurant lie here reading. In the cattle Gary over the restaurant so it's underneath the train track. Thank god all over the restaurant liar Eaton trained literally drives so the restaurant why every. It's the but they've got decorated chicken. The that we know a lot that day it is wonderful. And they've got out. Great pizza move and it like it cheered like atmosphere we lava. Tick him time are these. Wait timings on dampen that train like the and ETA tranda commuter rail irons that they train. I think kids see. One that it. Commuter rail train I'll talk to break open a restaurant that and not been like sail on man I end up being Gloucester I'd like. Read it maybe other and want to get train station. I'll tank for the unlike here where bodies been recommend a lot on this show. And I never knew about the train going about the restaurant they always get recommended for their pizza then it. Now maybe you can meet as they're Gary Newman we wait it out you only have one other analog to compile time. I think Aaron Kelly. Yet so that's where my four favorites are Karrie thank you very much for your phone hook and that's Montes inland. And we're gonna line tube Jon of Westport. John I don't deserve. I'm opted out of orbit so I don't know if you've. Are waterproof so you don't come out to all of our and smoke out who what where. Who. I you know I love I love barbecue. I tummy and tell me about what all smokes they cast his life or smoke it out 00 earned. What's what's the. You on the menu that don't know where it struck Tribune. Director read across the street from our great local arm. You do a lot of local Beers. Are some great unique menu items. Conduct of the really cool spot. I'm for it appears change seasonally you just have this that standard traps and there. I I I get seasonal beer in our throughout the year are when we don't opera bought the paper re being while ordered. We've got some program sparkle. A all who Maria put pocket trying to Garrett I don't make. Recollection or Grotrian about their little bit of Betty grow up in regular beer throughout the year and really get people really got the start. John I the trial PA's. I PAB Aronson here and. Our real IPA group got order. I've got a golden bear oh a lighter there are are unlike election up and down. Class I have drinks has been and he loves ounce beer is on the craft appearance and big inappropriately. Think that's all our friend not smoke house 549 American legion way high a legion highway west port Masco organs and that is not John. Come and really at the end of October so I'm assuming that different types appears a really popular right now what what's hot right now. Florida work. Yes she is ours this time the season what do you rotated in with the October fall season but he's asking is how much pumpkin spice that you really stock hit an. I'm I try to stay away from it created a lot of pumpkin boat well one of the expel a great out there does not Sierra Nevada or October that. They've done very you know open don't really well and we have a great job tonight. October structure but the very angered you'll be developed called boom. It dumb albeit RPA really your fault whatever mood and that we're very very elderly well. Throttle them. What what's your which are big as bad as menu item they're all friends smoke just. I mean I would I would stand up well are all pork and beef that there are by far the more popular than. But visit you don't we ever I ever you'll look like they're Richard astute. I want it up burger that I created an honor of my prayer are all the mini burger over fluid if it blows it up Orlando brown Hamburg brown sure you'd. But today it was thought we garlic arguing that it met with China achieve big part of you periodically Obama told the ball low they're it's got pregnant or two year nick faded a bit but much whatever coming out of noted that. Very different from everything is now. Whether he's gonna take two of those yeah I couldn't tell us quite describe it like I was eating or. Do we do everything from scratch their cup size down to making the blue cheer career threatening me. And I try to get as much smoke let me add up fortunate to be right up the street. From a wonderful fire beleaguered but much voters from down below the year that it Lola ordered a beautiful tower a popular in the summertime in no great future. And go out there be an archery have been doing up to broker a developer or three year anniversary. Lots and see now now sees burying the lead the whole time that's what we got to do with the cameras and the big thing grossed. Mean yeah like you know as a fellow smokers John. Let's talk a little bit about your pulled pork I mean how long does that take to get done. I would argue are you react to go to an average of about ten to twelve hours and I do it around church when he fired. Mou with farm over victory throughout the year sometimes I get from my wild cherry or apple would from from a local arm. All of your Blackberry but you know lower loan of the you don't you don't shortcut to good Barbara you're you're gonna look that they would they. And got a twelve hours and you know we can pull it. You don't afterward. He had every so often just it's just so hard for you to sit there and wait for it to finish because you really don't know exactly what it's been a pleasure of an idea. But each its war is just. Don't follow both. You know army you know and they're never good deed from armored imagery that the term they'll what they'll what we got around him one night you know that'll be good. Two you don't pull it apart and you're picking it up the operator are all part and you know that is going to be difficult. Do you use your own dry rub on top of that. I Julio what are unmarried daughter wrote nick are homemade barbecue are. I guess the old friends smoke house 549 American legion highway in Westport naked Conan generally appreciate it. Yet that he's as you know I I love barbecue that's that's one of my weaknesses it's the one food. Knowing what route filming. Yeah camera guy we we give it to the cameras that bring home so much food and I ask Colin probably weighs about 120 pounds can't have this thing we don't have anymore called metabolism yeah. Any idle more comment on my god put Afghan. But it's the the only thing that I will fight for movie in Perth is one lobster markets are now officer whose special lobster roll. But barbecue. Barbecues the one is the wide Amaro is for now. Well and and prime rib. Well when we were in Atkinson country club a lone tear rolled down Collins and you took the prime ripple. Yeah but he already had about twelve pounds of food that he did he did and and we broke golf carts that was that. You guys are you really bad sharing and I iodine and in Renton about Emerson thank come back all the food's gone yeah. An August oh group from bits and all these it's prison rules you can't beat us. At that point. 884346464. Where should we bring our cameras to over the next year or so. And I'm I'm going to Europe we got two great calls are ready because I love barbecue thing team that all original house sounds great and Montes in land with the train runs right up. Bob this. The restaurant that's has a great stuff 888. Foregoing or 6464. And let's put a gym in them more engine. Oh I get great you don't. Great will be the first thing that I had to get up I or I really am. What I'm not sure that I'll. McCain. We gain and they've bet. Very angry at the very proud about what. Yeah ago so congratulations Graham pond the first for a cure you but your boy he's got. Is you'd prefer that we just another second one over a month ago and gradually grew up with Banda who do he is another beauty. But up got a great reference like I haven't called this show before. And at home Beagle was BI CEO in no peak peak road bombs the poor area. Italy. These are not panic. It is again. He has little wind to pull here. Is wife Maria works there he's intent so Maria. Alexandra actually honor and whose name here. Another beautiful maybe you know the movie year they're sinking of the Titanic. What the act as they leave China. The alien and that's where he's a senior going into his senior year of college and their wonderful family. I've only had one field. Feel full well is absolutely. And Richard are trying to thumbnails it definitely. Would yeah legal defense and. Aggregate and patty and everybody looked at. They're great and leave it open. And not open on Sunday and Monday they work five days or via. And it showed that fabulous place that it was. What's what size places and as a large blitzer is a small smaller restaurant. I would say. We see they go. Now it's probably. Fifty UK eighty people at sixty I would say around sixty. A huge economy yeah OK. Got knocked you. That they'll but it. Just a naval workplace and the people that come you know someone from week one should be a little weak and we see the same people and everybody. I had backlogged an hour and Dan benignly and who's so kind. I everything's good yeah. And yet they're open Tuesday through Saturday dinner only they open and 430 units veeco restaurant they telly on though. And they'll look at it here in central street in Norwood. I know that anybody. On any of those. My wife Linda Tripp their girlfriend to pull you. And we get basic connection at a kayaking and got up and wait. And then and so she she did a week and put the former cooking and simple we have to actually it. Intense it was from and it's the real deal. I have a house cooking. But how the cocaine got better after I did like the classic. How well I don't know like it doesn't look at you know I won't feel welcome both of which I what was kind might go to pay go. I'm right at all over Italy yet not and. At a lot of different places nobody can cut it. To do the cooking classes and learned that she needs of the restaurant and ordered that the that the saudis are no way look at you were thanking. Thank you Jim Bob thank you Jim for your phone call. So that's that I get from. And at Athens and he was at the big birthday party yesterday and a big idea but he hasn't been put the industry. Do you do one years old already thrown Rangers below the the the you have a big part is is talk of the town. And it was nine I mean we had sixty people there we'll iron actually. Need I peep it's from and happier as president yet everyone. Eat them it was really and buy into mine. We actually moved our Ben Graham are bad upstairs and we rented tables so immediately almost. Function off very very cool and yet in north dissent copy us a tip to go back through the kitchen and picked up pizzas yeah. As a pro does things about the place it's really kind of goodfellas of it yes we go in the back door through the kitchen to get your pizzas. And a pizza is so good that when they greet you they're just angry dealing they're scared to think what you want to thank Al unfunny had pizza thing. They have yet the attitude yanks haven't restaurants are really good taste of being nice but that's OK cupid. Yeah at what we do the the best pizza show it's it's always like Regina and they come in right in the top the East Boston location yes in the top. And it's just it's just amaze ever the first time I went in there. I went in their press I don't know why I went in there. But I was going. To pick up something and I so both sides and take outs are open at the door to walk right into the kitchen I MA news it is just like whoa war. What happened here miner act that I open the wrong door the first time you do you always think you're in the wrong place yet. Yeah you really do 8884346460. Four's our number here there restaurant program where it's at your name and address our fair because every hour. Will be awarding some did biggest advocates and who knows maybe you could win dinner for two on us. We're looking for places and great places out there for us to bring our cameras are TV cameras we could see you don't which it buys television on NASA and which is every Saturday morning at 930 so you have a place special place but there's a food item which is what are your favorite restaurants. The gang's all here today we wanna know what it is 8884346460. Born. Chinatown is still voted top five Chinese restaurant in all of New England. Famous for their own one of a kind Chinatown richt. Chinatown from cubs corner still. It's game day that lazy dog started off by Sunday lineup tonight flavor of wings. Thai chili to go fabric. Don't miss out on nine hail Mary hamburger made from the trimmings from a stratified black Angus steak tips the basket case specials are found right here delays. Cold here at amazing prices. Come on down to the lazy dog and my. An awful lot of the words. We've looked at US. I was. This will live with everything Dayton here and we believe in months and you know we didn't school. That's what it's all about people and him passing a lot of people lawless area and then in a while hasn't changed. That and I sometimes can't make it to the not bad for Boston's original brick oven pizza we got up. There are seven Regina vocations to tighten bought Arial. What you're walking around annual fall when it station. And my. Over often are optimistic that we work our tails off to make sure that people that you get anywhere in town is just as great as the when you get after office. You don't like ninetieth in the north and if you can't read below. Once you've got. Pretty happy but the Jews. Murder it's horrible Solomon on the fifth over body work a little bit and also up random location down 41 of the best burger. Very unhappy about bird might take a little longer club but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. I'll warn Mel's rep pointed Hampshire. The last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield. I hope someday meet you and how do you wish you rare coins gold silver or any forms of bullying or pay them money I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news mattered publication. So let my expertise comes to help you. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. The area. Leave hungry. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weakened by its WRK you know the voice of Boston. And welcome back again Scott quickly along with the they wouldn't rise radio until twelfth minute of New York hale and I I see out that watching this right now on. Which it bites TV on FaceBook and handle the pollen from Venus Foster. Yeah. I got college to find out what's what's new what's hot right now. This time here and really get the pumpkin. Ravioli and all that. I believe that that's the only pumpkin I can support in this fall season because deals customers of ridiculous pumpkin ravioli on my. I mean there's very little they they don't do. Excellent and I mean I've said before the show I have been overly overly spoiled by the positive and knock out local food market in almost out of that has deals plus the I can't go back and output deals of walking distance yet good day for me. Yeah not that I know they do a lot of farmers markets federal departments or it's still going on this time a year particular right to the factory. Monday through Saturday appeal owned back one pound bag of possibly bring home. Just keep in the freezer whenever you're ready you have a meal and lead you were at the factory to the war. Apple want to tour and she showed me a cup it's like you boil water for three minutes stop the past and it absolutely delicious. And so easy on the gosh it's so easy ankle back to that box past anymore and I just can't do anything. Is worth after a couple dollars sign an expense and a great prices and and delicious pastel and there. He had this lightly cover an hour sat on the tarmac for an island that there tomato sauce everything's good and I'm honestly the past is so good union needs I feed it to the baby is the and you know it's odd that he loved. It's so Oxley light it's floppy ahead appear knocking the other night so link hello again asleep on us and a boil it happening taken app on that and. We haven't gotten that they got their equipment in from Italy in the kind of and modified it so they could feel the pasta with even like more good stuff and yet again beyond the word is there's like a three cheese or six cheese ravioli and I know it's simple and it's plain but it's so cool and they're really cute together violation and they have a nice at all they're gonna get back on Adori addicts you. Do those pasta in Somerville Scott yeah it's Garfield street right. Fifteen Garfield avenue there you know there's been Garfield right on route 93 you see that Stop & Shop I mean they're almost in the parking lot of Stop & Shop. Right off route 93 expressway going in towards the city you'll see it right there. And yet if you go to deals pasta dot com you can find all the different farmer's markets they go to they go and they do little cooking demos and stuff and have some fun. So that's what it's worth checking out in most of ridiculously good putt yet someone in the winter marketplace yesterday I was like. Soundtrack so excited all right yes can you local market and has deals Boston absolutely I think. We do have a call on the line we are going to go to mark of Salem New Hampshire market data into his our. Very good thank you it would be difference. I might go to favor one is cut three or mop the right here at Sylmar was 28. And great Italian food. Very very good crowd because vocal on the plaza sometimes some odd thousand we're only has come from open for the rest from. This is sort of like there and never been disappointed. Can't pick it specifically one dish could everything have tried they're tried different things of this delicious and now. If this did it whatever they do and I don't have very very very very good job of it and how long has been around. I'm giving yes. Ten to fifteen years he's been I think a different location and and they moved to that one maybe fifteen years ago. But. That if. Or not they are my favorite dish is their believe it or not is a it is sort of like a side dish. They do rock we Robbie side inch long way and easy it's just it if you like broccoli rob because that could be a little bit like bitter. Right but they do it right and it's just incredible tournament favorite dishes and it's a side dish out artery in my office. Now as a mouse feet like from the coast of Italy and and that. That's the name awry I think that's been well on. In the whole family you know like oh with a gift certificates around Christmas and it's even crowd is getting provoked some in those and nobody thought it I think work there won't have a hole in Richardson. They do great job. What's sounds great mark you can semi when those distance of Christmas well yeah okay. But it. But I can't help Mike it's only about fifteen minutes in the office short right while I was gonna ask is is it a bigger plays like a more intimate family type players. It's an unsettled plot camera when he aids in. 128 but it's its type thing you can get a boot and it's not it's just kind of in the waiting not to Pope right it's just that. Like a critical error we aspect it's would you want a restaurant it's physical but we felt. I'm your I'm he's booked the number one. And thinking really that's good enough for me thank you very much Mark. Richt you took him. Art 8884346460. Four's and number to call were looking for restaurants that you think we. We should definitely bring our cameras so we artificially 84346464. And a question shoot. Do you think people are calling my name because I'm here. Obviously this optional unit even though you were here for awhile on FaceBook and all of a sudden we let you know the yes if you watch the live on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash with a busted it's these first time joining us on the radio show and very exciting. And we can get her off the TV into the radio hold different avenue for you. Enough. What's is radio is more spontaneous. TV is a lot of setup and run as he elsewhere on the radio he sent out an engineering and no swearing you know. And as you take that back you know take till now the military to bear on this thing is all happening live right now on radio 680 AMW are you the voice of Boston quickly that the yeah so you never know we're gonna get what we write and what are you enjoying your first two radio experience. Yeah it's kind of accident like get. I mean I had to get out and drive in an Alice Hyde taken up in the morning but and you cannot anyways and I think in the baby's south it's it's it could spur. Motivation is the hardest part of that deal. It's getting here at and then once you start doing its good. Knowing it and why. Re weird though is that massive degrading Alex and temperament you know waste in the pocket and a itself. And you're one of those people that some of the recovery announcing what is she talking about it at that. And it. I think on FaceBook library now paddy saying she's doing great so. Then I gotta we gotta pay analyst paddy you know she's already taken a fund early like if you think that the I I restaurant. They Lucci has in Winchester that's reunifying the crowd early family and particularly police spoke. He brought this restaurant of course people who cheers which is celebrating its fortieth anniversary about two weeks ago in the north end of Boston. He brought restaurant in the Chia out to Winchester his second location back in 1986 and has done. Oh just incredible. Throughout the years and we've both just never somebody that that's. Let's time pass without changing is always changing something whether it's changing the floor opening up the walls and make putting a floor to ceiling windows. That's hopefully both of us. You remember the hardest working men and Italian restaurants. He'll come in the middle and I only do the work himself and he's plastering the ceilings he's not like he's. I mean he's not just that you know do nothing type of owner he's in there working with his hands knocking out the floors rebuilding the windows at 3 AM yes. Yeah yeah but that's a plea Boe mean Isa hands on type of person who goes back to his homeland of Italy. I think they are right now actually. And I think he comes back with some great ideas some great there's always birds and into the restaurant what restaurant in the GO five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street Winchester okay dot tri party apart until. I would take a quick break here for the it would be back on the honest I would more upon because you'll listen to what it by three. Spicy weekend up you're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic. You're listening don't we get flights radio the only place to let you beat approved credit Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh the boys of Boston. And welcome back the second hour quicker by extraneous stuff with the alone with my wife and Gilmore role here to the whole gang is in terms today. I till twelve they are taking your phone calls and hot there I have a tough job today because I'm actually a long boat key in order just off the coast to Sarasota. As they look out from my view right now no. There's about six miles of water and from where I sit at this Condo to debate over Sarasota. And about two weeks ago and I've heard him road roll through here. You know I get the storm surge yes well this storm surge would basically did had to get water from somewhere it hold the water out of this and. Hi here enormous huge day. And there was no water all in in this space. We're short period of time and I just that he just sit here and you're looking at and say boy. The power of mother nature is just is just absolutely amazing to think about how much water here that would disappear for a short period of time I. But it's it is just just incredible tire real tough job on the shorts today just enjoying the beautiful Laura whether why everybody's back home enjoying the beautiful. Well whether a New England today it's not terrible. If it's true it's really not it's it's a nice. I feel like we're just on the cusp of the new fall is when I start to call click through our seasons are kind of changing the last couple years a Christmas it was seventy degrees. So I mean I feel the we're kind of we've pushed summer into October now this is something every kind of get past that he used to. You know suffering a farmer's almanac listen to what to buy its radio will tell you what the seasons are simple. Yes yeah you know what's gonna known you can almost play this show back and another winner Tom Arnold perhaps and we've not like you can land take you wake up and has it a little Chris. Follow me yes this breed yeah I just. And I'll and a leg everything they had the baby acts and sweating Morris I kind of like that they shale and okay. GAAP and is cool breeze he mentioned the Dina is just politics and you're that we want to read on here today because it's about 88 degrees outside you were but there's a beautiful breeze today but he didn't address the days got. Well I have to go take my walk on the beat to do that every single after yet but have orders to go anyone did you go. Alone ugly Carol Carol Ann actually Carroll's taken a walk right now which is watching us on FaceBook live like wow. So she's watching as a matter fact I was about to read some of the comments. On FaceBook line and as I was reading through them now I had a text to Mike and that kind of knocked out almost all of my comments are always see if you local morning and and Gary says we you're doing great saying Gary. He agrees with Patti Patti wanted to what my favorite restaurant is in Sarasota that's a published a right now on on on the FaceBook. Yes I'm gonna go to Sarasota maybe tonight for dinner and I'll let you know I got a couple of great restaurants here out on the key that I go to. They were beautiful chart house hmm hmmm who that it's that overlooks like were perch key is and birds keys were Lucy had her home well so you know it's. I know it's really that I believe that proper account camera has a home that birds key now OK and so it's it very exclusive. Resort all one bookie there's a beautiful restaurant eat for me Hayes and actually did a sick and I think live segment with them about fifteen years ago on the radio. And I drove by them. Yesterday there's still here because it's a beautiful setting. Beautiful restaurant and that you not get tried hopefully tonight it a try whether. The restaurants in Sarasota before head back tomorrow. And and back to Boston but we also that call last week on the show. There recommended a restaurant in Sarasota city of why not just like down right it's nice when the listeners give you a homework assignment isn't. Yeah it is and it isn't so my governor have you look a little bit later on that some of the FaceBook comments and read some of them. For us because I unfortunately advances street and I myself on I don't get all the you know I can't go back to four point I think we got a TV on FaceBook. And in the pizza talk up people going Bob wanted to know if we have been to earn nest those in the North End for their wicked peso pizza. I have nothing to Ernesto Scott. I have not but I everybody's coming about it. India and there's not and first time I've heard about it well this we bring leave him because she has that and something knocked back in so that he still live on Nam north mired in tree in the north and united. And when I was barge heading back and they damage is locked down as she grab a slice keep going nowhere but yet I was so glad I mean there famous for happy to do what going to be today than. Times like fins the rust brushed in between I wouldn't say they are only a three. Yanks really in between just they Gideon huge slice really good sizable. I'm a basic pizza eat and I'm not. When those like me lovers and I hate when my he gigabyte in and it falls music so much pressure you know I want them by Chris creamed by a. If you're running in just first place yet you that you can have like a pound slice you know you're walking down the straighten that sausages falling in the peppers are old yeah. Yeah and plus if folk I've I've always said on the show. A pizza shop has to stand on their cheese pizza first right you know it's a crawl before you walk type of scenario and if you can't do a great cheese pizza you can't. Convinced me right or the pizzas are going to be great yep start there start with the basics. Angry at the end of our top ten. For me I like the thin crust pizza or thinner crust has to be really but then crushed but I like it just a little bit crispy on the bottom. The little world. How do you see your people that you go for the prosperity does have boring basic pizza to eat there. By eight you know wine down the mind. Lately really do TI never got much thought I just a lot of slice of the American technique was never thought pizzas well and you know people folded up these key people like Michelle I. He's got old so I think your wrath. Lunatic if you type pizza. Yes no early work in that I'm numbers that would take a little napkin and dab off the the oil on top of the pizza and I. Yes now now on a math I just top eight but on the basic PP annals of all digital learning things that. You know Ralph has really got to be dec would have a pizza and more sure when I get yep the pleasant and her husband now they have the green lawns. Krispy it is very ban. Krispy crass to move in panic onions but they do it like for something that there's a minute I mean pizza is unbelievable mean. They crisp up behind me in. Scheduled karma karma cancer or two and onions with the subpoena. It's Alaska like where we're in the rose mills and and I think them. At the streets and Brando close when you're Barton and religiously as well as he can handle that that that at the. So I I just mentioned they Carroll's watching us as he's walked blocks from the peak. Beecher in Sarasota and I see that patty just chimed in that she's watching this month FaceBook live and work by Stevie Koerner. In Naples walking the beach we have a big Florida contingent on our FaceBook I like it. And in just nine we should go and I think it is too yeah. I'm picking any sign of nickel for him in the dead in her remaining hint Carol just this type that she says she's walking. Anna Maria Island right now how cool she should meet up with caddie. And how well about a quarter mile difference between Patti and her well they start walking and Carroll heads north or south and and patty heads the other way of maybe they'll they'll eventually reach other. Yet but what is surely open upon islets has books look for best Pete please let's do. Yeah Iowa we haven't talked about pizza in awhile and now I'm kind of get into mood. Four because I was taken us that this the count yesterday I'm walking piece in armored circle here. And I support Whitner genus pizza that just be a great spot. You know I or we know a guy that could probably haven't sent down to you. And I think they should open up their own little spot right here and sent arms. And what I Allen on the beach really well why not. Like I remember this is high and classically. I mean is it. It hit hey you know isn't actually your plastic cup rum drinks I don't know local rescuers are elements that information. Like sorry we need to go today and I think it's ends in Nam Venice or Sarasota it's a good read on the NY merit it's beautiful it could catch the sunset. Lol man Tehran I think he'd like it back. Leo. I it will blow up the check that out because I got early morning flight tomorrow that's the only sad thing we gotta get up early they had driving the Tampa. And fly home Nash the worst part of vacationers coming home and now Moises. Especially when you're here for just a short period time makes it really tough absolute lie out. I say we'll put up the topic up pizza right and right now their favorite pizza places where their favorite toppings. And where'd they go I'm in the I don't care if it's eight. I'm stuck to see that a lot of fancy restaurants are now. Doing some great pizzas in the restaurants themselves so as not just little pizza shops in about pizza shops are also. The everybody has their favorite like it in North Andover I think we probably are about twenty pizza shops. Diaw and everybody seems to have their favorite. And they always goes there. And it's amazing how everybody even and one little town my mind. There are so many people that have different favorites that they're they can all stay in business but they do right. Yeah I here's the number to call. We're looking for your favorite pizza shop right now 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. If you never called the radio show before anything like that. This way you're an expert your justice like like the three of us I mean we just like to go out and have fun. I was telling somebody the other day it's like no we don't really review stuff it I'm my biggest review is they take a bias on sailed them that's good yeah couple. It's a yeah about about it we got met on line one Matt from Lawrence metadata in this morning. At a guard actually I would. I did go on and vote for nice sunny day out I'm sure your note that 75 degrees folks not much cool and not to worry you. There. Well that 88 at the moment and partly sunny with all the votes. In front of me and have water selling and all that going on right guard armory now. I just. A little rumors that are a little boat Verlander who had no little water about. A. Well I don't think the harbors and all back but he says the storm came through all the water right back. Hopefully. We got from. That bound and not a cute card or actually do a lot of ways around it that people don't realize. Even addressed run that is true these terrorists are spread out just out of this world. What is Coke's savory. It's on its projects. In Wellfleet. Dramatically then lined up you know fifty to 100 the outside. Every day seven days of the week that this time it that is the lawsuit brought. The that huge huge huge round been crushed. Every kind of talk that you can imagine it's all the freshest ingredients. That chicken and that is true go to the the period that we're that the pacers all the pertinent editor and there's talk shelf and it's all made. Nothing has brought in from outside sources. All local gotten that make their own trust nothing out of action and it just really good. Throughout the prices they're. And moderate I mean. They'll watch I'd give a lot prisoners but a twelve inch you can get just a point she's sort. Such embarked going to shut some of the talk bluntly it can get up there pretty fast you can you you don't want you order they were torn to rockets. Yeah no problem. But it's worth the Pentagon saint. It is certainly an easy 100 feet there's there's there's nothing like it never please read up the road from that also on what we called watches. We'll never. Place is incredible that the Peter Eric and this is and he's gonna collapse go to. And it all put conservatives. Is that twenty homemade. What an adult Auburn mean. Would try and this mosaic tiles all over the port it's a shame that I run all day long and into the night. Every day he must just shopper that because it is for oral. Note some of the summit the screws and a collapsed looked in the glass who hasn't shut arrests are actually do get high end Italian food. Are you couldn't go back and play at the margins are needed should their need to turn a couple of and the owners. Bridges and shop via furniture not to try financial shingle and. Hosts his own open Mike nights and love this guy does enough. Yeah but then certainly whistleblower in his first place or just from Italy. Become Doug you have regrets if I hope. Elkins the first place was debris pizzas expert. In Wellfleet Monroe church and watched all Seoul on where you actually read it it opened year round but I I believe what you shuts down in no harm. Good to thank you very much men appreciate the call. We're gonna go to line two and Paul is on the line let's go to Paul I don't that ball. Paid pretty well all you guys on your light your fire out all its sound Sarasota and opt. Across the street from mad at her ideal is a beautiful slice of pizza called and Biggio. And while Penn. Happy she owed it to itself really really good it's run by family from my manager's seat and not. That pizza is really really good by the way Mediterranean all for an appetite to try to get pizza. If you go there. You know I went on the web site yesterday's to try to find out their hours and stuff that's all the photographs of these pizzas but pizzas. Phenomenal. All that pizzas are really really good Iraq there's small a couple of they come up quite believe it or not when they serve of the top plate but they have a beautiful up for governor or Eric everything else and that. But that if you want to if you want pizza they don't just a traditional. Been cross these these pot like pizza. And Biggio prost across the street warcraft it's like really really good. I have you seen or heard I've tried I don't bring it back we tomorrow like sounds fantastic and that's actually very rare. Because that times have gone to Florida that's the one thing there really missing is really good as pizza so if you can but most of the time when you find it. It's it's a transplant from up north it's either someone from new Yorker from Boston who have gone down and brought. What is a real tasting pizza with them I've often thought we talked a little bit about Disney and his. There's Disney pizza but that's regular Florida pizza if you go to inept caught there's a place called via Napoli. That has traditional. Good tasting pizza and they say it's because they transport the water from up north I think that's a little bit of a rumor but I think it's just held a shift of. All right Matt our Paul thank you very much via phone call it definitely try out that place was struck by a little later on this aft in which it bites TV on FaceBook right now. Jennifer writes as his jammies though Jim Jim is pizza and he's not been martz. It's New York style pizza and she absolutely loves. And night I'm not remote chance pizza and Lawrence off the that. Make a stop in their try that I would look at for your favorite pizza place right now on the radio 888. 4346464. What's your favorite pizza and Mike let's settle the score I mean I always get. We get people particularly to the show in the summertime seems that there are a lot of folks from New York that come into the Boston area they also are pizzas that are mean and I think I mean they're they're aides are burdening their pizza is better. Well that I had a I'm Neal actress you know exactly there's New Yorkers think they're better in everything. But they're not know he will be will limit hardware of politics religion or pizza with people from Boston and New York yeah. Yeah did you do Nina a lot of them are right. I'll let us know your favorite. Beat us stop today on the program at 8884346464. Dom sausage company is located in Malden. And they are famous for many many many things rapist every five years that they have been open. As a full service butcher and holes so deli they do great sobs they do great wraps that you are catering. It's a special the supermarket butcher shop. And I highly recommend and Mike is the one it got returned on these several years ago. They're steak tips you give time to pack. And they are just in credible the best they tips you'll ever have I can promise you that. And he just bring it home and either put him in the grill outside of a lovely day like today. Which is part of a pan doesn't really matter. There's nothing like Don sausage company steak tips there are just spectacular they're located ten. Riverside park in mall and please say hi to any member of the water Jolie family please do though again about the coliseum restaurant's owner hamster to relate to desk as plays. If you're going in there and you're looking for some recommendations on the menu. I leave you my personal favorite the deal coliseum. Now for restaurant has their name. On this you better be good boy this issues just so good it's to milk fed feel college cup. Now it's. Paper thin. And Andy belay doesn't pound he buys the top quality field and he has that cut sliced paper thin. And then he slices. That he stops. With shoot to who who would have broccoli. Putin a mozzarella. Making hundreds on an alarmingly. Off. Oh and then. He puts it over the garlic. And a little but winds solves this problem that we cut into it all that could this just blows right out on the play. One of my favorite dishes at all times coliseum restaurant route 28. Reckon which shop and center in Salem New Hampshire please say hi to enable it to Tesco when you go win. Don't forget about the try to blossom in north bend over the critics' choice of the best Chinese was a north of Boston for many many many years. Awakening Chinese buffet seven days a week lunch and dinner dinner buffet features primer for China bus of route 125. In North Andover. I am also seeing on our FaceBook live. Folks talking about pizza money and Sean says that Florida pizza is horrible move. IIIII. I don't agree with yet it goes to what I was saying it's it's so rare to find good pizza down in Florida and I think that bill that's in LSU. Alicia you know somebody who knows somebody who once went to this little pizza shop and that guy came from New York or Boston you're not gonna find good pizza. Party think that it is the economy if yes we all know we're better pizza again have to have something that. And think about people that are livid imply you know there retiring door literally can't these climate happy hour and who needs. You know second. Well that that's the thing about it when you do find the good pizza usually ask who the owner is in the oh yeah I moved down here from Boston two years ago my that he gets a Chara also goes on the same and I wish my wife was here she could. Explain this to me better okay. He's he says Salem New Hampshire speech. Pizza square. Hank now I pick the brain I don't know pizza shop. Call beats. He served. Beach pizza style which is that's where Sicilian and he's a sweet sauce you know you and I have had it were my wife has brought it home put in the freezer that we just. You know thrown in the governance it really is fantastic it is excellent. Excellent excellent pizza 888. 4346460. Fours are never call where's your faith favorite place repeats are right now on the restaurant program. Around the Kola FaceBook lies has try Eddie and Sam's pizza in Tampa. Tom had a lot of reckon mate recommendations on this area. And absolutely are brisket but again if you if you've been under Florida you've kind of seek out that spot and you have your one spot you can go to fort we do have a call on line one let's go to he is in Salem mass at NATO into. Hi good morning good morning eight years ago oh in the wind there was fantastic place of peacock pro western out. It was crucial original pizza. The gentleman made a pizza. That was so good that you could pull that the blended cheese six inches to a foot out and party updates and look at this bid back in. And it's very not to find a pizza. There has been a consistency. And the call me. That they used to make two years ago and I'm looking for a place that uses that kite picked cheese. That's. You Biden chilling you know you're and they haven't. Yeah you need that good that Hui she's poll looks like you said a real sign of quality cheese man heroine takes about a year off relies. What every oil have once yeah I think that the. CNN anymore and that's what I miss that's what I meant small them all about a lot of beach a lot of beach and the board today but you don't have that. Go we pulled flavored cheese anymore and you'd just mind. And Barbara credit but the or we'll put it out there where you find a good do we she's poll because Ed wants to know Ed thanks for Conan. Yeah with the president get cheese all your phrase that I wanted to give claimant give fondling opponent T Dolly out in Fannie facing now. Well you can take your body and kind of the cheese directions it's it's just that piano is talking with us via. Closed door to for FaceBook lives of the concede much because like I talked with my hands on the radio which makes complete sense for now we have Cameron like an excuse that they had put in the that. All right that's Mike went this is Scott quickly along with legal go more to that we're all the whole cast the crew was in on the radio program to a twelve of them were looking for your favorite pizza place. 8884346464. Is our number here to call. And now we're gonna take your name address off their because every hour we award the biggest advocates and Mike that we do not last hours we have not yet. I know you do I believe I would go to restaurant in Essex district that would give that one away. All right villagers were Essex let me see here I believe we said Gary. So Gerri of Marblehead. You'll be getting a village restaurant gift certificate in the mail shortly. A message is pretty much anything there but I mean baked stuffed lobster and clam fried clams but my tigers. And please if the weather is still like this sit outside. Absolutely we sat on the patio there was so nice. That's and we had Kim indeed be right spot. Now that's right as spectacular little setting up where a great time you win them at what what another prize that secular to Jim because I think lead knows Jim quite well. Okay now let me I'll sentenced to kick Haiti's. Pick eighty's okay we'll give him a two Katie burger bar gift card we have a few of those left. So be going to Jim who we believe we knows very well exactly there's the other publications. On the South Shore area that yet in that area and I just think they might have a that a location many happy. You can victims and doing a bit but I gotta light open view what's your favorite place of pizza right now just call hopefully you can win dinner for two wanna stay 888. 4346464. And if you ever call before or your driving around right now we'll try to get chart report to. 88843. Or 6464. Your list the megabytes rating. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Even those who voted. What we're doing by its radio the and I are here in the studio is in Boston's god how this will work to do. Well Rory is spectacular right now. Scott hosting a radio show poolside I mean I've got to from Disney World. Poolside at that and we go to the beach and him to me it's just so much more fun when you have the sun beating down and it was a well my only problem right now as the midsize. That's just what are you pick it. Yes I'm an attorney I'm a little cold from the air conditioning heat you can play them at the turn that down as I'm about ready to. Walk outside the next half hour just enjoy the people sunshine. And the views here in Florida because I'm just sit right on the day. A long boat key which is just off the coast Sarasota and I'm watching right now the fish that are jumping out of the water. Not if all of it but it Apollo Theater it was. That it was intentional or just watch it looks a little. Yes that's the real thing. We don't you. Definitely is in my practice that you overtaxed and don't view that I have purpose of what throw it up on FaceBook but you can do that at any types of books could see how I am suffering today. You will get done this struggle Israel for signs Florida he yeah. Yeah and I hate to rub it in but. Not out of the room with an action. I will look at for your favorite pizza shop on today's program 8884346464. And you can weigh in if you think New York pizza is better than Boston I wanna know that I don't think that's the case and I think you're a little bit crazy if you think that but if you do. Truly believe that let me know. And let me know wise. And Chicago's another bigger area should catch bill. Yeah and I. Island should I. I like it deep dish pizzas but not all the time and I think they. They're pretty good I think unos has finally gotten back to what they used to do that at best you know a deep dish pizzas and they did don't know a lot better than they have finally start Carlisle from their peak. You know they they try to get into more of everything. My you know who so if you didn't wanna go there and again if that's a problem a lot of seafood restaurants suffer from. If one person the party doesn't want seafood then that'll go to that restaurant so they always try to have something on the menu thank you get them in there. And I think that's what unos try to try to do have great murders in new this and that and I'm sure they had great food but. Let's face who knows made its name on those deep dish pizzas. Yeah it was Mormon identity crisis for those for a few years there yet again like he said they. They even tried to drop pizzeria from the name it was just flew no Chicago bar and grill. But and I will say that the year that I I worked there the burgers were good the stakes were good. But I mean again it's a generational thing yet it's like I've heard McDonald's is trying to get healthy with the artisan menu foods you're gonna need like three generations removed before people actually believe that McDonald's is healthy food. I will never I don't care how healthy as you can show me facts usually science right I'm not gonna go there and I cannot give me a salad because the meeting healthy at McDonald's it's not happening. Great yeah Europe's science than hire Mike and I color well I'd I'm just a project for part that it favored McDonald's coffee. It's that a guy that really matter in any every doll and the door and they have the 57 and Collins and time thinking oh my god amazing if I'm like yeah. Think he'll pick me up and it's like three Iranians and had a long day issue in different light skin content ago yet so that kids don't like puma and a leakage you ever imagine Mike hasn't where mom like China I think if he if that night. You mean in matters and can he adjust and block out and onion. I am admittedly. A terrible it was a terrible way I'm living a try to sugarcoat and a I had my good days but no I was awful it. 99.9 percent of the time the other 1% I was drunk. As a typical stumbled on something you know is exactly it was a terrible employed I was too badly just I was an awesome parts and a and that I believe. Having having having as we say billion to a few bars with the I believe yes. What was your favorite trick if you were parked under. Time you. Know I mean he's young as Iceland that you like mixing it up. I am younger gonna lie right now at Carolina on my whole life I don't know he act is flying at night lane whenever the simple yet. But just like the pizza keep it simple lunch in those craft Beers and staff and news. Coco and the care they're does become a bit much yeah yeah me I'm small I again stick to what I can he and now he's mean. It connect to. Yeah I would see that aspect he's clam shack in Hyannis as close to the season I think that last day was yesterday in. It's too bad some of those restaurants around in the water close. You know during the theme of the late fall into the the wintertime it's too bad to see them. Where there's not enough folks in there because they're great places and I love aspect is grams shaft because they actually took parts of the field camps and air force. He field and it brought some of that into the restaurant itself. And this. Plenty aside in your room inside and outside they had that beautiful love outdoor seating. That all summer long ones outside just enjoy the weather but you know I'm. I just hate to see the season places closer the season and they they just went that close yesterday but the season. I think also sold them it's functional. I know we're lobster shanty in Salem which is mother's seasonal place. Bit dates it is what they call it it's a shanty so it is they can't stay open because you know the police could blow down in a bad storm drain and I don't know heater some things in lasting one of the bunch of people sitting at the bar having their lobster teen knees and all of a sudden a big gust of wind picture restaurant way. I'm exaggerating of course but you know. Right right yeah it aren't idiots won't turn on. The beach comer in the beach coloring I am. Of actually you know I know a deathly heard of it enough that I feel like I've been there in new to me about. And I mean just awesome spot I think they're close probably seasonally seem to. But they are so close the water they had to like move part of there harking back because the ocean that's coming like erosion is coming again it. Now I just one of my peers spots you go all day here in the summer anxious some nice town. Yep as we extend it's a shame that. Some of the seasonal place on a beautiful day like today it won't be open. But you know knowing where we just have to wait. So little in Vietnam. Yeah but that that's why we have places that are you know we have steak houses we have barbecue places burger shops. If we knew helpful foods yeah and are well I think we'll survive. And that's that's what makes the summer places so much more special because we don't get them your round. Because we don't get you know the outdoor dining the waterfront dining year round it makes it more special comment season. My Iowa's final live in New England is great for one reason. There in the winner you wanna get away to a warm climate and makes it extra special yeah. You know you wanna take that that we vacation just head. Head wherever it's 8085 degrees. And that's what makes moments or special but you know the fall seasons upon a style shall they'll going I think that cultural affairs already open for the season so. It's that time here it's just hard to believe how fast the years been flying by. And they've been big open for a few weeks now but the fun part of all we do on Sunday mornings is not only here on the radio and succeed him WRKO. But also on FaceBook life FaceBook dot com slash wicket by TV and right now if you're watching. The view that you're seeing is what Scott has seen them senior looking for a screen. Yes yes that's right I'm on the second floor just looking out over the Internet viewed as an outside with a a no no that's that's not an and leave you we hear you would actually see fish jumping in and legitimate I guess me day. So that there is it and I I actually saw about. A hundred. This one's just a little while ago all in one spot just float by. Really and yesterday I was taken a walk and it right in the little inlet here on this a Condo complex that were in they have the boats that are tied up. And there or a I'll I don't know if you color hurt. But I won't I think they called herd of the manatees there's four home. So it just. They had to be different allies at a couple of videos of them yesterday and I was there for about twenty minutes they were just just all just float and that one spot just having a little bit of fun. But it's not tough when you can sit here Florida for. For the day now have on the back tomorrow to Boston and we got to start filming so we're looking for some places and we're looking for some great pizza places on today's program. So I really want to folks to help us out pizza right because this is please opportunities we have not in the studio that often as characters talk to the and you know to the folks out there the cash and radio land on her if it would. How my daily that negated a job today. Well good about doing well you have. I have so when you have your dad call in Italy who I mean that that is my least stunt cast all the calls. People cocktail they absolutely didn't according to our FaceBook feed you are doing a great job aimed you have in mind that the so they had 4346464. We get about fifteen minutes left in the show so let us know where your favorite pizza place news. And particularly like some first term callers to call or and right now so he got hop on those lines right now okay. 8884346464. C'mon c'mon c'mon I want a poet Julia I don't you listen to be right now on the radio. You're the one you you're the one I want to call it right now and tell us about your favorite pizza place everybody has 1888. 4346464. Is the number to call and I see FaceBook live more green loves. I I have had it beaten many many years Popper genus. And pop. Gene knows property knows I probably haven't been to a puppet you know since I would say high school there was one of it was on route one it turned into Angeles coal fired pizza alone but that's the last time I was ninety's yeah. Nine I was there last in my head was at Fenway Park a couple of years ago when they release Fenway Park and the guy handed it to me in the stand and the fox side was so ahead of sideways pizza with all the cheese halfway down on beautiful. High school all the SP minimum wage I ate my high school reunions coming morning what are your thoughts on it and where is it. So I went to bots and laugh and it down with a little reunion of sites are the black thrown down penal law Lanka. What do you think should I doll I mean it's like that operate ailing ninety of obviously night. How 8000009 in the league it's just what do you think. It all depends on I would say see I kind of I'm surprised went to my reunion. I I kind of knew where it was and was out with a bunch of friends and now let's stop into this bar for drink real quick. And also a what's going on here I completely played it off like I had no idea what was happening until around so the couple whole Lowe's and got myself a drink and off. Philipp into weird no no break up street in Lyon ran into some line that tame the thing you know. You can always avoid that bananas and hay and running over to somebody else can't really look at to believe your famous now. And there is back. And I'm on you might be droll private Booth will overrule like please don't talk to mr. Gilmore took on number fifteen and by the way there is that yes. I am not my friend trolley to the bottom like he used it nothing bad happening you know I was. I was like I mean person I was young like devil an ankle that we're one of the mean girls well I was never seen Hines. Channel what I did stand it's just so weird to see deeply haven't seen for fifteen years and that is the point Reunion Arena and I. That announcement in China and his team you guys also stay on school nights a year ago. It really. And I wish we had yesterday at you son's birthday party. Might wish it you should depart the FaceBook live down there. He out and there was like sixty people singing to me just lost his ninety's I cranked. He I think he's Alice Chinese like more like his dad is a little shy so he didn't like all the attention on himself. And data mine act quick and you know whenever. Mobile and. 8884346464. With a paper you're the best place for pizza and I see that Gary was a million us in Marblehead. Throw this is from FaceBook alive. Great pizza up. Harm is very good some some minutes chicken parmesan there's also very good look at me the buy into cough. We're getting there. I it was still screening them we'll give you a few more seconds so we give up the great wall restaurant in Bedford mass that's else's place. I recommend several their dishes but you gotta go in and try this restaurant and say Heidi Alice for us. For about almost twenty years now in a row. The great wall restaurant in Bedford mass and the great wall shopping plaza. Has won the reader's choice. Award for them. Best authentic Chinese restaurant in the area. So want you to try it okay the great wall restaurant. Root for. 308. Great wrote in Bedford mass okay 888. 4346460. Fours are number to call were looking for your favorite place. For pizza on today's programs are hoping to help us out we hear 212 noon taking. Your phone calls trying to get as many phone calls as we can't just a few cents. So much you have to let me know whether all set to go we are just. Anyone's ball online and on and Bob how we doing to them. Good afternoon when they look good afternoon. I and so you guys imagine a touch they'll share. I don't follow pastime that. That's good show and and of itself with the food day you could spend the whole show just two in the food goose up there. But yet a done for the year. They are. They went through yeah I know I know it's wrapped up delegates always. The week before Columbus stay up until Columbus Day weekend so it was already past so there'd been there done that going that week. But but man there is there's a lot there's a lot to be had there is that like apple pie guy. That's kind of on the corner by the pigs usually. Using a long line there and then there's some violate the Middleton a few big congregation church they have liked to throw it you know birders and she's. It's. And they've done. Good cheese in just you know really classics stuffed it actually can be you know. Tribute to a good cause there are kindred the volunteers seem to be working hard in there and stop and anyways so if you like but I you could spend two hours. There and actually should go up there next fall and just just to spend two hours they're barking around and just talking to people in Tampa in the food and you could the people showed not even break a sweat it would be awesome. Yeah I think I made a couple years ago to film there with that Kellie Pickler. American Idol she was they're performing we're trying to set up but interview with her what we actually walked around to summon the the fast food stands. And initially that there are or folks loved it but that she says you know I'm with my diet doesn't in the lobby to eat Indian any fast and so that didn't kind of work out forced the they'll buy something a lot to do just go out and try some of their food if they have some unique items. We're contractual die it would not allow her to do it. That's hilarious let's go to Alan in Salem Allen married that. I have great thank you I guys doing your excellent. That I like that they have flat bread and Salem mass. I believe it was originally at Portland Maine. Worked out years ago parliament and that can only get it I went to Portland but now we open up well I'd have a mile from my out. And. Who what makes him so special for you. Everything. You get like a straight up they offered up that big of a bank epic but then they can smell everything went to go in really small market. The are governed. I could sit outside a few they have some good beer. You could get that the playing Q as they get at where it that it it it edit where a little goats eat chicken and that means. That's some pretty eyes and pieces of land and that all of it and it's valid. I its lab rats and where is it again and. Salem Massachusetts. And I am very much of them would recommend a lot so again time. Let's take a quick break here welcome back on the other side with more phone calls it was the wicket by its ratings. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib feet all American taverns Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. Did it. Leave hungry. Hitler's daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with that problem. We have the beverages you know with all those who got famous and then not get the leopard Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's still at a restaurant and hey broke and Nashua. Hi this is fan of the Warren mills that we're going to New Hampshire when how or F five pat nice to see you nice to see put you in here today because I wanna talk about counter fitting gold coins. It's a big problem these days it is and it's coming on like a tidal wave we're seeing more more every day. Now you have gone to NASA and down on Houston and you come out with a piece of equipment to detect that corrective we used NASA's technology to scanned these coins now gold and silver pieces to determine if there are genuine or his base metal may extend. Now you're looking for asset managers for banks or the average person. All the that it used to call you right now and you'll let them use the equipment that you have from NASA. Furry art will tested for them free of charge just as a service to protect the interest of people that are buying points if you want more information call Warren at 800. 2257264. Or you can email me directly Warren act RCN. H dot com. He's worn mills where according to New Hampshire it's. Game day that lazy dog started off by Sunday lineup tonight flavors of wins from Thai chili to go from. Don't miss out on nine hail Mary hamburger made from the trimmings from a stratified black Angus steak tips to basket case that doesn't sound right here delays. Colby had an amazing price. Come on down to the lazy dog anyway. But somebody you know Bob I government. Within our new hostage job. You can bring home the same quality pasta that served in the finest restaurants in New England. Bit oppressive heat and cracked it passed then made right here in commonwealth. If he knows how he knows pasta offers convenient one pound bags and all natural sources that will make your next meal off home run. Does boil water act. NN end or it pedophiles. Right nightly rate. Very different. But he sassy and wicked slice radio. We are all about the food baby you're a lot you know wicket by its radio on WRK you know the old boys of Boston. It's. All of them. Mike I'm just looking at our FaceBook was right now that's if Allen recommends have been would cafe at Randolph. It's us let's find out with Kelly of Merrimack New Hampshire has to say today good morning Kelly. IMac Mac. They're true. Welcome. How worried they Kelly what do you have for us. Com and inherent in our Sam and Joes in Denver's tells about a. And they get it on an eighth inning and found. Everyone get everyone again written around both palm is to get it in your. I eat out Guerrero need. Average an onion I'll bite are under a candidate under in the keen on pop. See I like that when they put the cheese on top of the topping I don't know why I don't know what it does it might do actually nothing register LA because it's different. I've yet maybe he'd spent like more in there and that is remaining coal and that they had pneumonia wanting. Let it get called it for breakfast. So. The best playing great place at those great day after pizza. Yeah. I'll repeat itself well. Not recommended and get a nine are in diet is about patently. Happy hour and a half I'll ask them Merkel is a bit. Media got rabbit little corner outback in the cool Cooper. Well thank you very much Kelly let's go over to pull in New Hampshire and John John what you have person. I held Leo I'm very good. Good at a pizza place right I'm a tell him why didn't rake it retreat leases pizza. Leases on nominal Peco political arm of an up close to the inside. And it's very very good you can get whatever you want on it this pizza never greasy it's unbelievable. And also they have all the foods they have there a fear aspect Willis of the yeah. Oddly but does that does salad chicken kebab salads. That's problems I mean you name it they have a Cutler. It's just all around but the peaches are mama. You know it was a blow them yeah. I will be this pizza LA a saint because Peter Drake bridge street lack intricate. But I will have wide. Well I'll never checked that out that's not a part repackage RP a phone call. My to begin pizza Fallon to definitely didn't you tell I mainland on the solvent I was here in Lawrence with the hang in Arabic name could be that they have pizza and having and he he's an immigrant and I recommend that there restaurants they have a that you elect Chile pizza. The chicken mature like and that Thai chili so it's the heart in this. Last week on Pete flap. And a really inks. Wait a second or I am currently I think the cheese all of your toppings also we can venue in an earlier eating bagged. You ordered a little I would hope you would. I would hope they give you what you orders so it's like. If you're like oh no again we had the barbecue chicken a couple weeks ago and I you know I wouldn't expect them put buffalo chicken underneath that she's just because no I noted that Elena surprised you know I just wanna see Miami. Okay I don't attend an act it's a very visual thing but aren't you know even kidnapping is did and it's kind of knowing I'm link can you just the attack things on the top as clinical toppings. There you actually you know that by definition alone I believe you won this argument. Though that I like something. Lee always wins in my heart. He says we can mean. Yeah I was under all right let me tell you about a product that I have found that I want people try. It's called sugar down. And this products made right here in the US and it's been clinically tested and proven to work. And if you're like me and Leo you know me I mean. I have a suite 20 yeah you look at. Who dessert I absolutely love dessert. And what happens when you eat sugary desserts as you're gonna get a sugar spike and if you're like one of the 100 million Americans that are watching and their sugar right now. There's a product that you need to get but affect us talking to one of the scientists at the company this week it was they were sitting here if you you know have diabetes right now you have those insulin monitors. Which we'll show you that this product works right away. That they could use this product before a meal because even with that insulin mater on its gonna help keep those levels. Hopefully in check for you because it reduces your sugar level absorption by up to 60%. That's pretty amazing you can eat cake every day for breakfast. Lunch and you know yeah it. I as the holiday seasons coming along right now. Is with Thanksgiving those pumpkin pie succumbing. You know just just think about a sugar down take it fifteen minutes before just before you eat. At it's gonna help you bloom and I have no sugar levels that you know at end and more than that. I guess it if you wanna call us side effects and I know there's really no known side effects of this because in all natural. It's an all natural tablet but what are the side effects is the which are reversed your body if it puts on fat. Because not that they catch you know make you fat and sugar that makeshift that's the way you should want to. Breaks down carver high pirates and everything and this is something they can help you and over the side effect as you may lose a little bit away. So hit it does two things at once where you maybe and for a very limited time and they're offering is so you can try this. Starting as low as 1995. A month that could be a bottle. Sixty chill both tablets that you could bring with few. When you but. And if it. Any of the flavorful too they're not something that you can eat and see who I don't wanna eat anything now know they don't interfere with anything there they're they're they taste really pretty good. You go to the website right now sugar down dot com sure we're down dot com. As low as 9595. A month. For a bottle of the. Too we'll tablets and free shipping. The way do it today they've raised the crisis should get out. Because that's gonna do leave my thank you very much on the bus tomorrow we're using pizza yeah. Good idea at the end of life. So much negative report back has got a couple were too big to Sarasota area Florida. We will stay in it and everybody. Which advice radio with the panel which leaves.