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And welcoming everybody Scott publicly today in we'll. Own columnist Mike give this to mind guys that really busy on. On Friday apart from us I want those hang out with a million that the afternoon showing WA AF. And they invited me down to that he was in Canada filming his own TV shows so they need somebody who still live in the they felt that an expert opinion on beer fest would be the right reveals him to go. Yeah I mean there's no bigger expert as far as I'm concerned right mark. We don't want them. Though you've done a lot of wars that you and you do try to sample the best researchers important. Young researchers always important yes I would it's it is and then I and then Friday morning as the morning show. Under Bjork video we read that I'll Diana whom. Which is always happens very populous at its place that's hard to get Martin's what's your return flights and working for. In wolf it'll read but I was able to get in there nine very intensive. With the group for about half hours though and talk good politics but it NFL that's we'll see what happens later on today in a lot of food. We'll put football right on the airport football a we saw a lot of fun yes OK we just can't Neil. I don't want to have a coach and it hardwood floors and don't fund got a coach it's very very comfortable. One of the topics that we talked about on the morning show and it's it's it's it's segregating its new near and dear to our hearts. You retarded about steak houses. Yes and the Bancroft that counts. It was on this week's TV show that's why were talking about it and I heard it's one of my favorite steak houses. In New England yes I'm talking I mean I've in the Ruth Chris I've been to a mall new this one's my favorite for many reasons the food is outstanding. Unbelievable put a checkbox and I mean there's there's no there's no issue with the food at all it it goes to the atmosphere and the obvious you're not be him. The publishers beautiful with that that. Yeah I get this into Ruth Chris and all but you put checkbox in their bucks for sure they go over and beyond. At Bancroft because they have a lot of antiques. Not in the restaurant that are scattered out and they also have like Andy Warhol. Did it is that her autograph. They don't just go antiques leaders are one of a kind that's table upstairs was made from one piece of what oak tree on yellow one entire. Oak tree oak tree or or or maybe there was little they really want to IP. One of those victories in account or read drip drip. The rib which everyone is not endangered that's what it was made of it it's just an enormous table that that we actually had a cot I think. To get into the building. So I think is even larger map when it came and merry go. By an amazing to download one of a kind pieces and then it knows about this and Andy Warhol room when and that sort of dedicated him it's sort of towards the back and decide thing and basically. You see some some of his pictures that he's autographed front we could be a pair shoes from an add depth that he did but then that the back wall. Are these two framed house and I think your break up the story right is that his wallpaper your source in his house just. So it's very unique and we were talking about it not all of regards to the Borough council on patient right. But the brand new one that they're building. Yes that irritate you or some huge piece of real estate at the Marshall and emotional months and there's a lot of construction with Bancroft signs all the points and yes yet so it's going to be a really a big. The big undertaking a big event when they opened up there. But again it's a very good steak house as an unbelievable stick us. The the state golf glove was on the one that. It was the one that we both kinds of the same thing it's like I want located yeah I don't think I've ever ordered or ray or steak I mean they appear to bring you know for the cameras. I'm like that's his real run and cut into I would I would go as far seeing raw. What do you let me that rare when you cut into it it was almost purple it was like almost the color of tuna yet but I'm I'll try anything once selected a bite of it it was. Fantastic so much so I went back a couple weeks later only. I want to stay a couple of one rare and it hasn't always you know that ago I know exactly how it comes it comes delicious. Yes it's a bit of justice and it was that we dip into that little as the red white reduction you physically and it was just so it melted in your mouth to really do you and I pounded off that one move that that when we were filming that there the entire. Peace and bear in mind. We had that 42 ounce tomahawk state where is that its seafood tower now and I mean in the hours after. The shrimp like the size of my fist and yet all some gas so pilot that's who we were talking about on. On Friday and I'm sure you were talking about Friday night just here. Yeah we we brought up Mahmoud Joker because that was on the show and that was more of a drinking Porsche rooms Saturdays show where we start off with sake bombs and move on to a psyche cops and more just. I would've been doing that. We ended with the the the sort of like a Russian roulette table with sushi or move groups lobby of the a and M one of the pieces of sushi. Had big big mound of sobbing and I think you know the six pieces mystery still. So I came up with the idea and that's and the show this when we did all one take yes. And became not just like it did I mean what little you know luckily what are the odds at the last piece. The TV guns were are signs that yep but it went to me the one doesn't like the hot stuff right exactly goes right to make. And I had a little by little volatile at a lot of thought yeah. And finished down off that to get that we get the burnout but that that they do it right the verb hotel. Yes they'll Fenway Park I would say less then look at the Arab allies and LaGuardia. It's that bike race in the backyard Villa and it's it's worth going out and try and experiment experiment with some of their dishes it. Yeah I think that tune it. I don't know would and I think it was a special and but they they bring in this too is it to the ribs is that would. As it was to her ribs and it's not on the menu it's basically when they get their orders of tuna and you have to ask the waiter if they have those on the menu it's not an everyday thing but they're fantastic I think you basically. You share with the tea leafs it's almost like make your own tuna tacos if you. You know make your own tuna sushi for the Buick seaweed and stuff like that you scrape off the tuna wrap it up to polo this awesome. Delicious. He's just a question she just works and it's kind of you know find different and I I don't think of I've never seen before. Know some other mentors and their vision boss I've never seen a period in port and you know just very creative early opened for dinner. Yeah bars like we remember your only open for dinner. But it tonight's location it was that trying. Amid a lot of fun there mean live music constantly it's itself just a fun fun restaurant. And I had to say my with a quick he was the spicy to number yep I've been dreaming about that I couldn't edit the shows in here and I'm like. It displaced two and it was so good off. And at a at a NASA if you missed it shame on you first of all whom I mean it's important to watch us you know every Saturday morning at 930 on Essen. But there is an encore presentation. Coming up let's see if I get the date on it. I don't have an in my counter it's it could be tomorrow at 2 PM unless and so let's Levin told people yes so tomorrow at 2 PM. So sick ADR right now don't forget. You know and and make sure you watch it tomorrow because we have so it's really knew that Jack stress hormone which is a great rest. To you know I was wrong. This week it's on Wednesday because tomorrow's owns oil look at their own calendar I think edits the following. The following gets into this week is tomorrow and all over the place via two PM on DVR fortune by its fees and Jack's restaurants involved. Bancroft restaurant. And of course a joke go and southern conclude comes in some hero so it was a lot of fun yeah a lot of fun different places he's got try. And see a new facility about and the verb hotel and there it is a joke goes in and basically. The joke go because he's he'll Howard Johnson's. To spell that backwards hip and would come up with that Yoko. Kind of right know what both Google is to go with it just goes we call an acronym something like her via. All right with the rights of that's what we did on this weekend as shy about where went to Biloxi Q. Yeah and I eyes on Friday night and I've visited with the course is set the bar where else you're going go to lock secured instant shore you know say hide a sharp Hopkins he's he's tending the bar. And he came out with a new appetizer is a special I really loved it. There are there is great a Rubin. Spurring role when there roadster. And I love that I love well I lover of an endless loop. And I I love the way kind of progress sauce on it controls on top in the weight cut it sort of an angle turf. The only bad thing might only have 11. Because assure that too little why didn't you. I I because you can get him like one at a time and I was trying to save myself or my. O'Neal. Pew forum by the integral in the moderate egg roll the attorney also had when I should have tried it I'm kicking myself that it and try. The hamburger. Their rule welcome. You know Shawn you live this article was a moment of your your resume yet it is as a reason for. But I'm assuming no chicken man who check more sharp fire has it that special today I don't know. Did little of that very popular now on net as you mentioned author they're very late there easy bar food yep you can order few of Bowman should push their share of bowl. It's just it's quick it's easy it's you know low maintenance when write it. It is low maintenance about your watch us on FaceBook live I am not a ghost. And you know faced a while with the bites TV we just haven't from the camera some actually like right across. The window for Mike but we can get a camera here as wells and only do so I am here if you watch us on FaceBook live right now. And easy on the show so it does look like a ghost it's you know knocked over now what it looks at is no power he's. Despite the fact there's some light you know fluorescent light due to the TV lights on you it looks at we have zero lights on your now. Yeah that could put. Yes I'm coming or beyond. But you know just getting into the season we we have it up and we have alive and that's the important thing at the moment. Yeah I FaceBook I believe my TV is the catch is right there. Let's see. It will have a much all of Michael O'Neal went to see Chang's and PB on Thursday night fumble a nominal again you know. Yeah I I just talking with somebody about some change and he really. And the in this did you really shocks them and and they have little problem getting over to first move. Is the exterior ability it's like a white colonial inside the Chinese restaurant where it's like no no other choice restaurant market. When when I was growing up that lived in Winfield and it always looked like. I I always in my head thought it was like a realistic place yes you know like a century one house or something like I don't know why but that's just what might. Mike growing up brain said if that's a realistic place and despite by this teaching sign in front. Yeah all or write my receipts to change realty yes but you go in there Chinese restaurant. They can go to robots to Cuba Maalox attack I mean how many Chinese restaurants have eight tries residents have like. A rack of lamb. You know on the menu very one that I know very few but of course they all kind given that you know that Chinese twist to it so everything they do is just really delightful and then. As watching them out one time put together the crab Rangoon it's no I mean that talk about work of art. It's like your production team are you that that wraps him up and ties and in to a vote so that not just conduct full and until like. You know it kind of went like triangles is okay right no not it to change its more about display presentation are and when they do it. And you know I'm sure you know Michael Neal who wrote an on FaceBook you probably said hi to. Sue over I'm sure because it's a great restaurant located at 373 lol stream PB. 373 Wall Street and people are known as let's see also from FaceBook live. I Jennifer went to went pigs fly. Has awesome bread and jittery may not the reason she's she's matching them the bread as I typed up really quick report on the air. Someone find out restaurants have great forehead oh it seems to be dying art lately. Well you know everybody should comic roles but it movement on the come out of there are I'm. They shipped it basically. You know we have yet you know it was just that the yet said the come in and they're not. I don't know they are not that. The freshness that used to be when they made it some try to find some restaurants out there that make their own bread that have incredible Brad on their. Yeah at this morning when when you're seeing here for sure maybe maybe some. You know some spotters that go along with the union summit really specialize in it and I I think it'd kinda hard to seems like it's in this period of the last 45 years. Trick as the price points with just. There's as well more than Baghdad. And they don't really put a dollar value to it because they give it to you as this when you sit down but it's. You know it's it's it's like when you go to look a Mexican restaurant and east are filling up on the chips I can do the same thing a great Brett. So you know a restaurant that still has great Brad I wanna know about it on today's show. His ever call 8884346464. That's 888. 434. 6464. That is our number here. To the honor restaurant show NIC up online I actually put the wrong phone number my. So I'm happy edit that I actually put. Part of the curriculum the main thing it's arguably they have 4346464. Are calling via I guess I've been. And apparently we look for Brent and yes it's been drinking so. So don't worry about me. I'll even throw a twisted to a little Mexican twist into the bread conversation. Chips and salsa chips pencils because if you go to a Mexican restaurant that's Kelly bit their bread and oil is the chips and salsa and you can tell. Its woes things whenever I go to Mexican restaurant that's almost always start judging them. There's like that in the fresh homemade ships and he has you know like when the heat he's here at their trips up. But again the problem happens particularly let's with Bret Boone because they try to refrain myself which eskimo who like more. No votes. But with a Mexican restaurants and they keep filling up the basket no matter what to do not complain I'm not complaining either I just fill up on right. So to get help us up I don't do those two topics 888. 4346464. Is our number for you to call today. On the program again to get praising from pizza to war may as you can on every single time we. We do the radio shows that it's the only show that let you actually saying. A restaurant management yeah seeking go in and you had a bad experience. You know and that's all fair game you know within reason I mean everybody's trying to do their best job. Out there but you know most of the TV shows on everything else's I don't see the positive stuff and everything is great trip well. Not getting to be great every single time you know. He's just no way the odds of that are just impossible. Every restaurant all of you think that it is. But it's not and you know and you like something that I might like. And somebody else may hate what I just thought was phenomenal right you know it's oh well all about it but he takes in their experiences at the time. And that there in the restaurant I 8884346464. Gets open lines view right now. Appraisers zinc from pizza to gourmet could help us out on bread. I like to find those restaurants have great bread and those places that have chips and souls of those Mexican restaurants what do you think is the best right now and so right is the best on the call by the way because as the show gets going as they always say. Now lines start showing up and beat and yes will be down right now and I'll let you know when they're still build up so. And around and around about the number when you get in there OK we're take your name address up there because every hour we award dinner gifts to its. And on the way out of the Al diner. They hand is the biggest advocates for us to do about today. On so I will be doing okay 8884346464. Is our number to call is gonna step up and be first today. A wicket by its radio. Where court to have your warm noses his name and he travels the country looking for rare coins in pay some of the highest prices to. So you're sitting on a rare coin collection. And that he is thinking about. Now might be the time to at least get it operates. Yeah items maybe sell it but at least get it appraise the Seaver it's worth at least the way you sit right but should it should have it under my mattress that you have in a statement right. You know the person needed to calls worn mills. He'll give you free estimate. That affected your corn collection is large enough to think about selling it he may just come right over to your house as to take a look at. Here's is number 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Warren mills. Rare coins of New Hampshire. Exchange street bistro is located Malden that's in unified act as John John Carolina and exchange street Easter or mall than. A lot of things eleven men I always kind of just skip right to the special. Mayor got a little bit spore but I I know when he has a special. On his menu is going to be goo and I mean really good. And that's what it is when your exchange street Easter I was there about. 34. Weeks ago all right and I think tonight of course which on the off which is where what was gonna whistle bear us. But talks on the managers and stuff like that for. Of course they had some of the Martinis because they have. Over a hundred over hundred Martin's. And I did go with this Morse martini was one of my head and one. And I said wow to a two of those kind of knocked me for a little loops of our territory they did it. Did their job that they're nice and easy. But. That's only highlighted by the food and atmosphere. I mean I could go on and recommend. You know for lunch like you're even be stroke barber if you just wanna go there get a burger only with us confidence. To throw those on there yeah. Karl allies those onions and it's it's cooked to perfection go in India the fourteen ounce revised state truck or. You know blacks and men. But everything is presented really well. It I had like a chip keynote dish I don't remember it was the special the day that I was in there. And it was Seoul Seoul could. It was one of my favorites as well my favorite meals of the entire summer. And exchange street. Yeah and has played a park industry park right there but I just parked in municipal parking lot like is it is literally a stone's luster exposed department. Be allowed to park your help you park here it's like. I think it had its political and it was his dollars tickets at the park and basically just. You get right at a garage and walk out the door across street treasure the restaurants even easier than you know finding a spot that from a restaurant connection to this plane Parker say Heidi John Carolina when he go and please do exchange street Easter is 67 exchange street in. Mall economics calls he wrote over bread 888. 4346464. That's 8884. Dying art that start things off let's go to Wayne NASA good morning Wayne. Yeah AI you don't hit a very good. I'm yeah I'm gonna vote. There's not so much pressure on but that Saddam. You could sit here any leakage bit Jodi Olson cost or are they make dual part spread. And the slowness Italian actually YouTube. Ticking bomb whatever you want it written note that it. Species and everything is just is just unbelievable. And they are places that bodies. Well right DoubleTree. As all of our bread they make Brett all of our shore up limit social market. And update we have Coca for Coca. It Tennessee Georgia want there are unbelievable. Now and I I got a court order people withdrew Jewish state he get their whole world should have the Gucci 200. Yeah they don't have. All right I all I am there in awhile do they still have that sausage suit. Yeah while I get it I cannot I get beyond. And it won't tell eyewitness shall in my pocket that it is it's unbelievable all the market after it is. Did I went troopers great ought to meatballs it and there's always good. He just like when I'm opportunities you get the soup and take the Bretton dip it in. And you're so eloped and it just. It's just really really good as the cornerstone of what any Italian meal when you're done you need a bowl bred to dip in what ever do whatever it is whatever is on the that the soaking in it to make sure you get and it. I'd stick. It step. A restaurant or is it like a bakery. Is their bodies a restaurant or bakery. Somebody's is there actually it's a bird but it did bid to avert a look at Sherman caught it and but it did I'm all the bakery shop and it also has come. Coconuts you know all you can get whatever you want some great not harper and the like on some unbelievable. And Miller a voice rideau. Right in the first place you recommended. Agility drills agility doses of famous place in Austria are pretty. They have everything I mean he could they beat second player or our guess you call it gives each and a player Italian music. They need to just go and there's like it back in Italy and even autumn I'm an hour out there that. Art doesn't matter it doesn't matter though develop a food's so good food right. A I went thank you very much your phone call 8884346464. Is an ever call here. On the restaurant program that's 8884346464. And this is they type them go to our next call. And that is. That news by the way Kevin Connolly of the China blossom in North Andover we go to Doug of Newbury port let's go to Doug in new report that's all about Kevin Cohen at the China blossom. Next Sunday afternoon with China Boston. They dug the morning. Morning guys aren't very good. At a better along time and the bread that gunmen had so but it was. Olives in Charlestown. They have this Serb red when you first sit down and has probably as an individual right into the middle of the low only about that could. I think they have to crisis similar believes that the city. Seven separate it's incredible. And yeah a lot of and they they they think they're bred to make it extra special by kicking it up a little bit short picking up enough exactly. It's a growing up I perfect like thank you very much that's got to live and joke of morning Joseph. Hey Scott NATO and I thought I call it what have you mentioned that restaurant that you mentioned earlier met the name and also. That he we have a big burger had to Immelt and where it says the restaurant embossed and I spoke you few weeks ago where they have. They serve the food in boxes or paper placed is very good you do find it named. I never found that name of that that that restaurant as mentioned by caller several weeks ago and I just that I went through all my notes and I didn't I didn't write I remember the call I just didn't write down. Yet they spoke that would or maybe they'll somebody will call back and mentioned it. And her hopefully. We'll assume we can do we have a right Joseph. And what the name of the first the first restaurant you mention what was it where we talked about Dudamel and stuff. I think he means no joke joke it was to the ribs. So it was thought it was like sushi tuna and an old joke go in Boston it's rare outside Fenway Park. Or did you ever heard in Somalia and they're fantastic burgers. Jeff thanks so much I drink talk luckily I. 8884346464. Is our number to call with a few restaurants that great read this. Help us out there at 8884346464. And as I mentioned Kevin Pollock. Our psychic medium will be at the China blossom in North Andover is the first show of the season. It's still great tickets available at just 45 dollars it's a Sunday afternoon by the way the picture it's not plan Nixon. So you don't have to worry about is there's no issue with and with games next Sunday spent time and seek haven't gone at the China blossomed. And he will just blow your mind away with the detailed information don't you know I can't know I every time when the biggest skeptic in the entire world. And every time I walk out. I'm just going wow I mean how does he do how does he know. Like like something that that only that one person. All the gifts. Yet. You know I mean people somebody. Last shows. About this far and it caught on fire. And the guys have and never told anybody and access them on fire when I was. Yet they never know what's gonna happen it shows. Again try to blossomed in North Andover next Sunday afternoon tickets are 45 dollars per person and includes there or can each Chinese buffet lunch religious. Yet it is phenomenal the order tickets go to North Shore spirits dot com. Or call 8667451167. Do not miss an out. Point five dollars next Sunday afternoon 8667451167. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 yard and he has sent the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems with the advice radio on WRKO the voice of Boston's. Welcome back in Scott will be again Oklahoma mr. Mike Webb on the other side of the glass and we're talking. Until twelve. Today mind going. There's all nicely underneath you have. And Owens asked about. Well from yet I'm sure that's an accomplished everything to my next job but the folks that are watching us right now on FaceBook when it bites TV on FaceBook. If they act call need action don't call it. Out of China right now the very first person chimes in on FaceBook live the life beat right now. We just played a video yet as we do during the breaks on base replied with a few posters tavern in Milford mass. That's what my top five placement into before yours or on TV show recovered and is just so much fun. Get a lot of help for the whole part of the food was fantastic it was like elevated comfort food. Adam the shop owner was from Johnson and Wales and it's basically like your favorite. Man cave if you play every Knick knack he would want in your basement and watch a game and have a beer with the fans there are right. At it's just great comfort a lot of confidence in Milford and no. For the first person on FaceBook live the chimes in that would like to have this is that we get together torment how much is it for. Booker too is. 2.5 dollars and our delegates to. We will give them to go and try. The depot tavern I know they're gonna love it's small place but heals up fast yes I mean this is those doors open for a lot of Jews packed. We will let. We we we showed up the film and it was like Walsh open about 11 o'clock cubicle as we open and Leo okay that makes sense you'll be open acute shall be ready eccentrics a true. They're not all like. We're gonna be slammed into the Mike it's a Tuesday analyst at 11 o'clock at 1105 and you don't really complexion brick even they do do brunch and fantastic pancakes with the national we cream on top or. But yeah slam so. Get daring to your table all the locals go that's urban it was say in the early this is the best restaurant in town so we've got a gift giving it to the best restaurant in Milford who once ago. I wicket bites TV or phrase for the first person that chimes in that say they want it. We'll send on out so they could try it and report back to us because I think they're really enjoy it okay. Wicket by TV on FaceBook who want to go though life feet. For. The first one and gets it alright there today on the program we're looking for restaurants that have the best bread. You know. I don't wanna put any better and I mean I I want I want restaurants that they just have awesome awesome bread right when you when you go in and it kind of starts the meal off right and it just seems like. They either do it right they don't do it at all I mean and lately it seems like they're not doing it right a lot of places some try to find. Some great places dude is Cabrera were it not your Christians. Not your average and they do great oil with the bread which is very important to me. Yes we gotta have something that that kind of comes a similar I I ponder restaurants with a in the heat up roles in the heat up roles are okay tonight they'll need their own custom like with the voters and some zone and some work and then some just don't work. I believe they actually bake their home bred in the store and some of them because some of them have the the pizza oven and they make their own dough and all that stuff. And I believe they bake their home right there I know the oil is made in house as well. Now another place great oil Regina beats. Or per couple cars and that's spicy oil that you can I bottom of the bottle. Yes absolutely. I ever saw and I'll do an event and they will. You know of this though talk of I don't hand me a little bottle to bring home shook little kind of souvenir bottle. At an event. And alum is out just Ono and I've done everything put everything. I mean pizza the other day click brings Rendell you put that on everything. I made a pizza the other day I got a store bought pizza that I dated Anwar Al Mike Rowe so is already made. But I find this pizza out of a kind of a big name restaurants sure sure you know. Just not following at least look awful yeah not to blame hopeful a unit just it could that mean it did good is no flavor took up a little bit of that that oil on top. And popped right up oh yeah. You know that that's all it needed I might edit we got a winner on FaceBook I see their couple people that is chimed in so you have to look you know who chimed in first Jennifer but I. What's the I believe it if it's according to my screen here Michael Neal was the first one so I'll take the gift certificate. And my screen says Jennifer will figure out minutes even happens yes and that the you know what Mike. Let's give him one H so we got so we're got to guard Jennifer Mike you're both going to Milford yet because we don't know our system right exactly yeah. So you've benefit by our loss because of refreshing and by offering a mean. You know we can billiard cameras working in the mornings yes they don't you both get one congratulations so we'll contacted a few minutes to get your address Mohsen two for the rest of view and tuned to our dinner for two contest that's going on right now. And again appraiser zinc from pizza to gore made on the program but we're looking for the rest of the best bread. In the world. What's your favorite place 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. Can help us out I wanna know. I wanna know Saddam I'm in the mood right now for some great read. You know yeah. I thought that's that's the common word is I'm Dell's neck is just a loaf of bread that yes a loaf of bread freshly baked bread. At the rest days ago yeah there there's. Restaurant they Serena who I believe he makes that chat with. You must not he makes his own bread but he put it does he should offer does it make it in that would oven I would assume you pride finishes yeah. Act as a kid has a little bit that a little little bit of that smoke and his little chart to comes out nice and warm. And restaurant disarray is located in malls and boom that that's a lesser government spent a threat. Small place in a very small about a dozen tables just off the main street. But. That that's just something that sets has spread apart. Just by doing that by 8884346464. Is the number to call here again what's your favorite restaurant for baked bread. Our restaurant they pretty bow at the gateway of Boston's historic North End brings to this portion which invites radio. Video upstairs or restaurant they believe Bo they have this function room I think it's the largest sponsor of the entire north that. He can accommodate groups and 2235. People and they have an entertainment license so they could have DJ's path to nine piece bands. And their many possibilities well there are limitless and and they're all like to feature the authentic foods of Italy. And he had it with a whenever as a sit down style when I was about face style. Or what I like the best when I'm there my family style. So when I on and I've done a lot of events a lot of functions at that restaurant they're put on Boston which is surprising because you know much of a share. I'm not much of sheriff but the polls are so large so they'll though if this table of ten sitting was serving size for one. People would pass and all around. He you know as a passing right in the meet folks get to talk to people short is no other way to. You to really meet people and just enjoy your time. But let's let me have you noticed something special that's what ministry those dinners for the crew is right. That's where we do all our crews dinners we're gonna go to their for years and it's so popular and everybody asked about it that the previous travelers and we wanna go back to flee but as I said OK I will. They're buying the cruisers to go to the dinner doesn't make a plea always brings a vol one for retailer issues because it is his own wind that he has made form. But if you like to find out more information about the function room rosters not restaurants open seven days a week luncheon dinner but function rooms upstairs you call. 6177424143. That 617. 7424143. And say hi political when you go into really enjoy it pearl street station and mall and that's out robots place. Got to be opera for the games this afternoon move this eighteen big screen TVs Ono at the pearl street station in mall. And I have them patriots are going to be on majority of on this afternoon not a bad seat in the house note there's not a bad seat as if your if you play Tennessee football. That's a place to go watch all those games you don't either reds on I mean. No it's the every game as it's happening. At the pro street station and more than John Allen robot when you go any good Pete says you could get urge you get steak tips you name it they have it. At the pro street station in malls and my let's get back to the phone calls restaurants with the best bred in the world 888. 4346464. Let's go to Natick and our next call on Mike good morning Mike. Hey Scott yeah yes and and hi this is Mike from Natick out my life and I have whirlwind few on the crude for awhile ago. And I called in because I was thinking of bred him. A preview pretty good place that got you haven't heard anyone mention. That's John Harvard's brew ha. I go to the warning framing him and they've got this scene and they're almost like bread sticks that they serve with this what can create oil. And a place you can just sit there soaking up that don't I don't know bring you more bread. And and their troops to go along what they just great to sit jar Harvard but they're bred really (%expletive) you win and then. Mostly you so much bread than I I I usually have to give up dessert you know I delete the dinner but then you have to give up dessert if you packed into much spread it. There's it's there's nothing wrong with that the sacrifices this get a guy says in my life is different sites John Harvard's brew house now you're with us at the restaurant people it really matter fact is that right next to me apple. Yes yes they did they would go. Great that the that the great party. As I'm Tel Aviv on him but that's the place to go for functions it's just so. Fun you know I just a great place and again the food is just to. Stanley family. Yeah you get that family feeling when you're there and you can see it's almost like a big. EUK ladies who was in the back you can you can just so you know it's certainly yourself all the food my wife was going crazy over that Asian appetizers that we will again. Can this just had to use out of her mind she says I wanna I wanna know what that is so hot what I did tonight. Typically. And there's one additional I don't know what it is Whipple makes it only for me went on the air for our group it's I think it's called elbow. Pot stuff. And there's like keys NA and stay out. He gets its special order for for me every time I go away and I love it's one of my favorite dishes like I try to bring home some sort could have some the next day. Good stuff man Sonia. That's great Mike thank you very much come with this on the cruise. Are no risk it was great I'm gonna do I'm gonna do it again anytime you guys have a cruise. We're going to be there. Lung so mad when he prepaid for my next cruise was knowing that oh yeah yeah. And they really are. Hey good crew here that we had a really they could care less therein and you guys to care about. That cocktail party but death and great thank you are just packed in a man because I didn't happen that the beverage package and a but that really helped me out that day. Yeah rules of the war and yeah yeah he stayed taking you guys take care and gadgets remember John Harvard's next time you're at it happened to be in the area. I looks like I'm Mike thank you very much your phone call that's gonna carried a Chester New Hampshire good morning Karen. The morning the morning. Our recommend are okay are in Salisbury there on the beach. College nude beach. My. Out. After. All of spreads as so. Pretzel Brett and an Italian row is warm. And. Yeah I hate to say what this restaurant it's recommended a lot on this show. I've been in there what's it called legacy glass idols ever and dying there have been then moved to see it. Just never had up to die and. And that they're special current weak like every night or they're ecstatic for I mean I. It was passed its commercials. Bigger bigger really sharp and the view is used run on long. Probably as few as sports figure article park on Sunday. Yeah yeah that it used to be. Oh well part of that Salisbury beach area that I grew up on sales reach I know quite well and I remember who. Was that was 78. There was one knew he had that took down most of that area. The kind of washed into the kind of rebuild all that. And you know it just didn't really take off when neither amusing part kind of went down and then I would say about. I'm probably going on at ten years now the sea glass cutter rebuilt that whole that whole area restaurants and some outdoor places to have quite well. It's doing really well it's beautiful out there now with the new pavilion and everything really what our. Yeah I gotta go I gotta go and and I wonder is it glass and you're back to the beach. Yeah. Bartender in right great really friendly park and I practiced for months years and always helps yeah. I Karen thank you very much for your phone call the sea glass restaurant sales. His age and you know the funny thing about Mike but I guess not that funny when I was a kitten. My my dad thought being in the food business but on this side of the glass you know not on that side of that that would be hate when we open up up. And they re model after the blizzard and had to rebuild that whole area on the promise open it up this is why we open up a little. Now sub shop chore and do like would we do chicken farmers concepts. You know and see how that we ought to do well just chicken farm shop via the galaxy lasted one year and that was it. Or did you actually go and you did see that's the thing from our side of it. It always looks very easy. But that's the whole point these people are professionals they are the pros at what they do where the pros what we do we make our side look easy. They make their salukis and we take it confused that we can both do each other's job right. And again you gotta be and certainly lose that too. Just in terms of them will be totally. Sure they were we were all mapped field these restaurant for the delicious. I would provides radio to twelve noon today we're taking your phone calls into the restaurant with the best brand in the world and also crazy thing. 888. 4346464. That number here at all now I don't wait for you wouldn't giveaways and against today's. Tied 888. 4346464. Don't forget about those restaurant has eggs and now what Biden has in downtown Boston has never find him in the landmark. All the bricks all the all the recruits that their father and the rest of over sixty years. Since 1956. Tomorrow. They know that I plan in the world that they really do an aunt and matter of fact something that's really different they're hot dogs. Other ones that you can do a little odd as it did yes they haven't and I have mines and large yes they do that's more important. And I was talking with a and other restaurant. Chances are ideal for like three seasons. It's a book that was put the village restaurant is that they don't buy. Atrium and Lou nice does not like them winter time news article today blue to go have lunch out basically outside when the sun coming. That's false. Certificate of the village restaurant and assets at the judge who won 320. Game day that lazy dog started off by Sunday lineup tonight flavor of wings. Thai chili to go fabric. Don't miss out on nine hail Mary hamburger made from the trimmings from a stratified black Angus steak tips and best game face specialties found right here delays. Colby had an amazing price. Come on down to the lazy dog and. I'll warn Mel's rep pointed Hampshire. The last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield. I hope someday meet you and how do you wish you rare coins gold silver or any forms of bullying or paper money I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news mattered publication. So let my expertise comes to help you. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Area young American tavern. The area. Leave Hungary. I'd love to talk to you a batter restaurant chef owner that I know very well and have known for 2530 years. His name is in the belated desk he's originally from Naples as about effect two is actually go to BO lawyer is it that. Napoli law school in Naples and decided. You know something I really would like to be this year. So he came to America he worked here for awhile in the north and opened up his own restaurant very successful and has won every award on the planet earth. Okay avenue when a 2008. The 2000 played award for the best Italian restaurant and chef in the world. And that was presented to him by the nine doors of Rome Italy. Now I'd suggest one very special this. That would be. The stakes Allah and would play the famous radio star. It's very spicy sea entity care we get that. You have to develop a taste for that the aren't these the seafood coliseum the veal coliseum the stuff come Amani. I know that you will enjoy this restaurant to visit him and they relate to desk is a chow coliseum restaurant route 28. Record ridge shopping plaza Salem New Hampshire. You walk throughout the words. We look you guys out of hours. This will live with it every single day we hear you wouldn't believe in my view we can pool. That's what it's all about people and him passing of a lot of people lawless area and then in awhile hasn't changed. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the blades TV on FaceBook good. Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weakened by its WRKO. The voice of Boston. My coach. Happens. And thoughts to hurt the lightbulb went on. Unlike the light moment on camera is right for us. The game and today at 1 o'clock. Wouldn't be kind of cool would be kinda great to pick up a break. That's a little today. Place that I recommend. Are not only their pizza worker who would definitely needs to mess up. The woman shall we. Really well buffalo chicken one. X it was a really so good I was really really good comes out of buffalo barbecue action it's apartment arbitration. I think you just hope hole I guess is we'll open it is today. It's a barbecue chicken. I've that we were fighting over who had this week barbecue sauce on top. And they have that would oven. That is Suzanne Georgette these veterans or restaurant you really see them walking tour and that's within made it you'll see them if you look you see them make pizza right there. Yeah and then they'll finish it off and that would open mind but I. I mean we really want to have them people over your business when alike say while I want to specialists. Say you watch football. Plausible deal. And is that it's that you want to get your Hillary will be concerned but they also there restaurant does more than just it's I mean it's a full service restaurant. But they really specializing pizza I love. But they've raised route short routes they're soldiers won't be there or. This is what we didn't try but I think you would have. Ripped throughout my hands are if I ordered their filming brisket Mac and cheese self Ortiz. Really. Then they're they're approved some special you know Rick hello doesn't really phenomenal job in the meatballs you get people's well I realize it's not it's just like. Mama's meatballs as the people emperor. Yeah they'd they'd bigger mobile flash try to finish off to give it a little bit extra crunch and it is really good day at they have one of my top three Boeing is. That is I actually love it got tremendous low rest to run today. And it's looker room 129 which is about two miles off. 93 well alleged about where it's located is it's almost like. At the intersection point between 93 and 120 slip up because I'm coming off of 128 I hop off but if I was on 93 and I talked right up there same exact distance straight. It's it's worth trying I can't think of the shopping plaza that there in. But it's a plaza and right in the corner of it and he it's do I stand open up the windows that's why people may Google. Yes you. Now what's third dressed tool road to lol ruled in Wilmington GPS art rest or run a restore run they tremendous don't forget about that. How the finish and restaurant in. In behaved role with some the psalms a huge patriots here I don't know and pictures and Africa are they on the ride home today. Short so so if there oh my home I have a feeling. Well I have him Osama mafia to finish in restaurant this afternoon who get their love later today the Soviet the game Oca you know but that he'll he'll make it back in. I would go in there. You know I now the weather's turning. Called a cool I would Sammy who fills people's cold after having ninety degree weather as well right. But now it's darn cool off about their their incredible. It's just you know they are incredible isn't in the word enormous progress. It's like three pounds because he can cut to three pounds on an exaggeration yeah I and yeah my wife and I split it one day we actually took it home and so could finish off. It was that that large and they have that they're huge. Three pound big stuff flops are so that there is just so much that they have this restaurant of course dressing room for the baked Alaska for. Deserves all the best part about all of it is the walnut stuffing yeah oh yeah and lots of stuff with more lobster. And they use that that stopping on some of the rather I had the stuff rendition as you know so you can get it and try to nation restaurant. Rule 11012 I'll mystery in April they had to stop throwing open for dinner to open up at 2 o'clock today. At the numbers on target there around 66. To give one of the mikes will be what the months and of course the Mike T my feet. At the largest got a passport until the right person knows we're okay with a writer Mike will be there to make way. I would take a quick break here come back on the other side we're gonna award our biggest advocates and we'll take more phone calls them for the area's best bread. Can help us out 8884346460. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN. The home of the Boston. They don't we get by its radio. The only place that lets you beat the blue creek in Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcome back and stop with the intent of twelve noon effective we'll Paulson in seconds and we'll announce our winners. Coming up. On our radio program he got a couple of great distance. The couple phone call him dirty gut Mike and Mike and Jennifer who are going to depot street tavern off of our FaceBook alive which of course you know following us on FaceBook what is wrong with few FaceBook dot com slash would give bites TV we stream the radio show every Sunday mornings you can see our Sunday morning faces right now on the coast today right. The coast of Scott Whitley yes we are camera. Beaming through him a windows you can it's fun to actually see my reflection in your camera. Now that's kind of scary but you know it's like Mike yes it's like it's probably like a Saturday night for you and had a lot. That is what you saw everything just gets little darker and hazy yes exactly yes exactly. So we could always surprise that the kick captain Carlos decade he's will be given away just a few seconds again FaceBook live. Either watches right now you to comment in just like married did Mary said the homemade bread at the neighborhood restaurant in Somerville they serve it. With homemade grape jelly sounds fantastic with their own grapes that are grown on their patio. Why did you get pressure groups and abdomen while while so that's a neighbor heard a restaurant and summer and I've never heard of that. So what growing year old groups know that they were restaurants summer well that. Now you have a pension of its its just since so many restaurants out there it's just it's it's amazing they keep popping up like everywhere we go and and every time the season with that we think we got a Grasso all restaurants there are in my book and I'm on and never heard of that one. Or some restaurants they get mentioned on the show and like I know this place and trying to think back as one of the call is recommended. The other with the neighborhood restaurant is at 25 both street in Somerville. And it's as fairly run Portuguese Americans stand by draws crowds for ample home style breakfast and baked goods. So they don't the neighborhood restaurant 25 both street in the summer. Everybody needs a place like the neighborhood restaurant and then everybody needs a neighborhood restaurant. Ida we'll get back to your phone calls are looking for the best parade in the world. Yeah who who which restaurant has. Who anti hero restaurant that's been recommended. And you want a second data may we say yeah maybe it's not as good as that they say it is. Modest so don't worry about a somebody calls up and talks about that restaurant praises entropy to do or make. As always camp so don't worry about that you at a restaurant or talk about you wanna give a shout out to somebody wait staff you can do that moon. Or you help us out. Topic right now the best bred in the entire world. And we're gonna take your name and address off there because every hour we award dinner gets to the gates at random and who knows you could win dinner for two on us. They go back out these again. Does caution. Does not know so who knows you could win 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. We're gonna announce our winners in just a few seconds. Of the first hour on the program who run down some of the callers. Karen our our last call last. The last hour recommended the sea glass and Salzburg for their bread jar Harvard's brew house in Framingham got a gut a recommendation. All lives in Charlestown. Step pennies I guess bright company in Gloucester. And for Julio Italian restaurant in Gloucester mayor of said that wrong because I scribbled all worked really really a lot of places. That or recommended in the first hour on today's program so we're waiting for you right now. What's your favorite place. For bread. At a restaurant. That just starts the meal off right 888. 4346464. Is the number to call here the Notre Dame restaurant is located in Boston's historic. Fish pier right there Rick you waterfront view. Open up in 1917. And that's are gonna find. The contest them. And they've been there for so many years at the known him restaurant 1917. It's been in the same famine since that. 1970 how World War I as when it started. Today you go in there for lunch or dinner and it's not gonna cost you boatload of money like it doesn't a lot of those restaurants parent in that seaport district. And matter facts as they've been there for such a long time they got that special deals. Like free parking. Right by the restaurant they have validated parking right there. And good luck finding parking right now on the support sister and they're just building like quarries. Yes I would X I was just down there this weekend and it's at this point that's a strictly override Foreman. Unless you're going to and I came out of the tunnel 2 weeks ago and am very mine I was they're part of Peru its before that run. I thought who took the wrong turn. It is they'll landscape changed so drastically when you just get off that tunnel. Released skyscrapers are going up so fast parking lots and just pulled out and go all right if it's amazing. But the no name restaurant has been consistent throughout all those many years. And they're famous for their seafood charter they have so much seafood or seafood chowder. That you spoons fixed rate up consultants and strike again free parking. Validated parking the no name restaurant fifteen fish here right there bosses historic waterfront right there in the seaport sister Gerri is eatery. Jerry much touch your o.s place that's place to go to eat. Twelve rights eroded Quincy. At the restaurant. Has a very and Jerry has a very simple philosophy. Friendly atmosphere because Jerry loves them you'll you'll see a lot of us them at the restaurant he's kind of working on new generations of his restaurant with his kids current. Then the pricing. Large portions. Traditional north and recipes. That's what makes Jannero so popular. Another restaurant is over for lunch in there six days with the clothes on Sundays however today. The kitchen is open you take out. So you can get pizzas. You get full party platters speaking of game days food. He one of those bagel pizzas yet that yeah you need a big car though you get that twelve by seventeen inch pizza and rent the U haul yet but a bit but it took my whole truck up one on the and a get that and Brooke talk about threats he makes is Gerri tell brighter absolutely and it is our Italian pastries. And that's which in harris' place to go in district great great family comfort food but when my favorite dishes or the sticky. We could predict when we speak I'll vodka and into the locker this moderate a sticky if a realistic. Delicious and you get a party tray that if you want it today. To your people over well got a meal for the entire family are all you right right right right there. And I would personally recommend a really what they're they're they're out and turn out great pizzas and cows zones. Again Janeiro is eatery Terry my touch has placed twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy they'll forget about restaurant they Lucci in Winchester. That's are gonna find out. You put a front row. You open up that restaurant back in 86 in Winchester was the first kind of tight and restaurant that went out north of Boston came to the purpose and he's remodeled it. And he's updated the menu many many times as he goes back to his home in Italy. You do research. And he has it for. An anomaly or is it Italy and as a Roman aqueduct that your runs through it not a bad resurgent it out. I'm gonna do some research go to my Villa in Italy it's about a 45 minutes from world. Yeah so he'll go there and just got back. And they always brings them. Some stuff for me to trust the outcomes because bachelor. And now they're original restaurant to achieve in the north then. You're celebrating believe it or not their fortieth anniversary heard that hair and to be there in two weeks when I had invited some days. Absolutely amazing but you can visit them in Winchester today five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester all right. That's. Enough for me tell you about some stuff I know Mike has some winners write for an hour I do have some winners we are. Doug of Newbury port to captain Carl those restaurant they are located at 27 harbor loop. In the Gloucester fantastic fun atmosphere good food and great rumba and it's that's important I mean it seriously if we can have a good time in Iraq the docking gonna do with a rumba summer fun never stops never does. Joseph Lynn that we are gonna send you out in the hunt and the ties a restaurant to be Wilson road right on the beach. No movement and radio sides that's this hours winner's side and I will recommend button that you go out. Joseph went into the tides restaurant just get the entire menu. Just go right through that crime reopen its shore. That is Rick that. That to me separates I mean if you if you feel it bruising their actual menu I would say that I would say mistaken she's which is made from the from the prior owners they have great barbecue chicken wings. I get that speaking more of the prime rib there's sliders on the menu are usually you are aren't exactly. And of course just do is to look remitted to agree it will rob are there to interest to start. At right Q yeah oh look at reach. Yes so aerial are so big help us out right now those are the winners in the first hour. A wicket by its radio and open up the lines again and we're looking for restaurants and have great bred to go on line open for you you could help us 888. 4346464. That's 888. 4346464. Hi guys how are you a very good. They're armed. We go to registration veteran it's called Orion had not to be confused with land. Whatever that they've won and borrow and lend them. Right this is actually don't Tripoli that just didn't Medford. Date making this spread. And you're actually there are seated at the table. Waiting for its bid this year is almost it's sliced into wedges like a biker flies to Egypt. Under what they do it but it's got a little but it cheese and it's Christie added sit and amid bring it out with this. I would say I believe all of will be a little bit of garlic and roasted red peppers actor admits. And oh my god but. We've been it would a couple of friends just couple. And we had that Britain and mrs. boat decoration. At least three best tip of this before we had to deal of credit that good. And while and that that's a tough thing to start off your meal. Right yeah you know that it gets your meal it's just. It's just really good really crispy I am a little bit in such adds a certain amount sort but it's just really really good read. And now it's it sounds greatly Antanas in Medford. And what would you recommend now on their menu. Oh. Scott don't understand it because my wife and I'm. I go there I have one that you have only had this one because it has the best idea that as. There shrimps can't beat these incredible. Why it always has been chicken book out and she liked a lot of Lebanon. This humid chemistry that you wish you only miss one little extra. Which of lemon. But that is in its consistently good. These are human drama other couples. Apple products yet beyond. Land shake which is incredible. With the root vegetables. Going into the system you all we're it'll all this is what really. It's yeah comfort food comfort dish. Then down south on his total loans query. Now you're like me when you when you go to our restaurant and you find one particularly it is that you really do like or love. Is hard. Really hard then to go. And try something else at the restaurant. You don't because you're prejudiced with whatever you do get because it's not gonna compare to what your paper this. Wrote it's a no win situation. Right it's a one game of research. It is but you don't do the same. That's why can't we got a note my wife Brooke we go to another apple well investor bought it might try a little bit Buick just looked. Serious problem wanna try something different absolutely. Yeah it's good to experiment. Extra rotation is excellent. Yeah yeah I Atlanta and it's in Medford are. I'll have to go in and I will I would try that mean that Trump's net be it just sounds. I. It was eight in the or anybody to minute day hours ago. In an apartment all. We're on the jets are Marvin thank you very much for your phone call 8884346464. Is an article here on the restaurant program. The BofA replaced for bread. Our pro street station is located in more than 53 Summers street moment you'll find Alan robot there. As I mentioned earlier all the the TV's all the games that you're gonna watch some football today anyone watch them all at once. If you just walk tomorrow marks exactly you know I and they have eighteen. Big screen TVs right there set up in the bar where you sit down. George original lawyers London and just yet enjoy Sunday. And it's set in a the pro street station at one time back in the eighteen hundreds late eighteen hundreds. It was a railroad station to be in and railroad station and so it still has that that the slate roof the cathedral ceilings that's kind of all opened up and if you look at the fireplace. Up near the top eleven date and B and M. Railroad the initials would be at the top serial so it's located in Malden. On his drummer and a little bit of history right well we'll cut what what I recommend government. Today today today. How about. There pearl street combo. With a steak tips. Lamb tips sausage and contrary result cooked just the way I feel like it's a meaty discussion yes or with them and peer pressure as opposed to. The pearl street station Allen robots place 53 summer street in Malden against China blossom in north bend over we have. Kevin Ko win their next Sunday afternoon at twelve noon yes you do and he is our psychic medium. And he is. Phenomenal I mean to the point which is gonna blow your mind. And he does he every time I go in there and as I mentioned over and over. I've never been read. I'm a huge skeptic. I win and I try to figure out how we doesn't every single time. But who read fifteen people 1520 folks who hates every single. One and everyone. Information that only they would now. And it is just mind blower who went on and that and I just kind of like watched the faces a table. Who you know when he starts doing a reading and you seemed like shocked by how. Much you know that. And yet because it's easy to be a skeptic in just taken at face value of what it is. But to actually sit there and that's that's the tell right there is watching people it's the as far as people watching looking at their faces that's where the honesty comes and because you can see what you said. People are gonna fake their emotions because most people going into her thinking Alvis is a gimmick this is a skeptic or whatever whatever it is he's got smoke and mirrors but then also on their faces just turn white and Robinson only thought. This Israel. I remember years ago. How we were doing a show the Hilltop steakhouse was there and there is this what if it who is a friend of at that time when he ran Hilltop but is no longer with us and it was a predators. And he asked me a very different in my wants to come to the show. He's remarried now. And you can't can I get him into the show. And he goes can I get Marines and I can't guarantee any readings for anybody but come on it. So he came in and this guy. Total total skeptic drew a total skeptic of every putting a and is a lawyer from Boston. And every year a photograph of his first wife. And but it was a photograph from a driver's license and put that on the table Kevin T reader. And it went bang bang bang bang bang and the guy just got up and just released an expletive. I'm not a wow yeah I mean talking about. There there there. They're their place in Florida talking about this talking about that and and he. The guy at the end just because I have no words on I don't you I can't believe it. But to be at the China blossom. Next Sunday afternoon twelve noon. Twelve Adori no patriots game next week. No gave nothing to worry about good my ties good buffet yep you get there like any Chinese buffet. And then the show 45 dollars and includes the tax in the tip move you know so it's it's all one price. And order tickets by going to Kevin's web site North Shore spirit stock com. That's North Shore spirits by Cobb. Or call 8667451167. That's 8667451167. And of course slows you watching on FaceBook why we have the event right on FaceBook as well so just click on that event you'll find all the info you all the info there. Do not mess. Do not miss it is his first show of the season. And a enormous cells Nazi got to get tickets and a couple of days 8667451167. And a mica I head up. Friend of mine who as a lot of folks may know. I like golf and I might. Like golf and we can with the guys last weekend and we went out and what are my friends are heard me talking couple months ago about the those pasta factory in some of the so one day he. Didn't tell me went there and stop there. And he said you know what that he knows this and I I kind of like for the house ago that fourth buybacks. And aces as like tornado yeah. And any good and that opt in basis is it any good. I know I was it's good bought four pounds is a good at that point didn't try or I said I said you know just just. Boil some water yeah. And then you tell me you will be spoiled that that's that's where I many ideas that grow but I am I being pounced it was prime my first meal ever yeah. I can't eat another pasta and no I care but I'm luckily. And because of syllables look far for me but it's a little bit about a half an hour away from me I found out that the food ease in Belmont center where I live. Sills Dino as pasta. So yeah perfect well you know what he did after he he had he had some of their sauces and support the suspect package I think whenever it for the golfers we can. Annually milk and ice that you that's that's fun twist my arm when he gets was really Smart he actually called the you know as pasta factory and so. Annie Annie said you know. You're always at the north and over farmer's market every Sunday yes. If I put in your request. Can bring certain types of plastic. They did. So he basically just like that that he that is local deliveries. On delivery to type a plus that he wanted to love it I Juliet is a ravioli is a cheese ravioli. And you know he made it for all us guys in you know. I still playing 36 hole of the golf that yeah he it was devoured. Yeah ice I love the facility that they now were there with their red sauce but I think the lobster Ivo is my favorite yeah. I love their lobster ravioli not more of my favorites is that there's six cheese tortellini and yeah it would it's it's it's more and it's like four dollars a pound technically that's pat unlike any immediate hope out right so I'm by myself. I have like half a bag and a retired throw back in the freezer and that's what you do any other sources of fresh sciences. You know are like 34 dollars a piece and winners and they'll tell you which sauce goes with what I would recommend them I know that the effect pasta factory is not open today. Boca but it's open. Monday through Saturday and early in the morning I think they open a great morning. And do you go right to the factory. And and pick it up they're pasta and you just be like wow I'm shocked out how great they are you know as pasta factory fifteen Garfield avenue. And it's across the street from SM zero. Yes it was across the highway. It's across a highway to write off the highway it is with these that is supermarket stoppage option on superstar when it it basically in the air their parking lot. The two you know it's almost on the far into the parking is at the corner of their building. And again they just opened up a brand new pasta shop not that long ago so it's less than a year old when you go there. And grabbed pasta you know and they're possibly that are not. He served over 650 restaurants so it's good. And if your into the farmers' markets go to their website deals pasta dot com they have all the farmers markets that they will be going to in this. They're all over the place is not a stand over Munich that's August storm swamps to experience they're everywhere to help them. So so it's like you'll have to travel too far is probably a farmer's market where you can find deals. Yes and try him but again we try it. Try it will make a believer out of you you're you're gonna get hooked it's just like picked on sauces. When you wouldn't try as they take steps you're the freedom of the state to the same you're you're spoiled I mean you can't go back anywhere else because there is nothing better. And Don sausage company in this state it's their personal and they're just out of this world. And I always suggest and I learned this the hard way when I am so happy. I overlooked packets at their there's steak tips that freezer just forgot it was in there and one day my senses I'm really hungry. And my son was not as huge steak eater at the time is about two years ago when summer time we're gonna make. So I kind of go through the freezer and that. I just announced that it isn't on sciences company now that's called freezer goal yes freeze ago. Now my son not being afraid stickler. Really pick I want that some I don't care make an. Let me tell you he's not spoiled right. Not until now this is really commitments and yet when you get downright. He demilitarized you send him to go it can go pick up yet done such company located Morton Riverside park moment and it is called I buy you fly. Yeah yeah there are open seven days a week at like 7 in the morning. Good breakfast in which is there so yeah yeah and they'll tell you that he can get an edit members like Dahmer any minute anybody jealous yeah. And try it again you'll be hooked just like penis pasta when you know how good it is. It's hard going we Zealand top quality or what but we don't we get another but the best. But there. Our. You know sue Chang springs of this portion with the rights ready of the located in Peabody. On Wall Street and maybe that's reunifying sue all of that restaurant and every time we do best Chinese restaurants that's always in our top. Three like year after year it's one of those perennial winners mine so you know just great to see sue how well she's done for all these years. If you look at the great Chinese food today did some chains and even okay. I would take a quick break here welcome back on the us I was more phone calls it he can help us out we're looking for restaurants that have great. I know there's a lot of places we've gotten a few. That I just make me wanna play tennis. Just mentioned a few minutes ago Medford wants. I'll always. Another great place. They don't want. Knit neighborhood restaurant and some are going to check that out with the fresh grapes. All right help us out who has the best bred in the world that are restaurant 888. 4346464. That's 88843. Or 6464. We have a life open preview. And we that's the biggest advocates will be giving away the callers this hour so there take your name address off there that way. We'll just announced the winners are. Easy and they've done in knots which restaurant. At the best read in the world 8884346460. Spicy weekend out. You're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK elbow voice of Boston. It's. It. All right Scott Whitley against those as we hear every Sunday from ten to twelve of the New York here. Every Sunday. Ten. And 1210 to twelve noon. They're the only. Only show that I know. That lets you phrased it. They always try to work really hard but you know. You know that sports bureau. Show so unlike the other shows Tennessee out there. Attack do is try to write commercial opportunity. No way out like you know we go out to a restaurant and TV show we don't like so we don't feature. It when there's plenty of things on their menus than they do great that's the stuff we talk about. All right now we're talking about bread today on the program and I've never seen this might it is the microphone on. And yeah I think open lines for the first time all that. There mics on my camera yet to throw your cameras are also the ghostly cameras on the. So they could see you sort of like precariously through. It's always something yes. That as slew of deleted thing yeah FaceBook live every so often has little glitches in it. First time also we have so open lines so if you've never called the radio show before. I never thought about doing what's very easy to do anyways. Everybody. Everybody. Has directed your opinion everybody's an expert on the show. And that's what makes this show is so great either praise or restaurant did you shout out to restaurant and ask questions about restaurants and may we get help you out on the program. And you also answer the question I'm looking for the world's best bread and we have some open minds do you right now. 8884346464. That's the number to call 888. 4346460. Foresee one hop on him right now OK but restaurant at the best bred in the world I'm waiting for you. Yes that's right. Yeah if you're calling out there and cellphone which aren't whale okay we'll we'll we'll give you priority how's that he gets on really fast. 8884346464. Again Kevin Garnett to China blossom in north bend over somebody just called and when another way to get tickets. Where he showed next week twelve noon at the China blossom. He's or psychic medium. Tickets you can get an 8667451167. Where you go to Kevin's web site North Shore spirits dot com you do not want to miss it okay. North Shore spirits dot com are right again that's next Sunday if 45 dollars per person. And all you need to do is. I bring a photograph of somebody who passed away. And we put upon a table in front of Kevin any kind of scan the entire table. And as he says it they all come to him but whoever talks but how does he just starts to Marie. And you just you talking with the spirits which ever spirit is talking a lot yes whichever go speaking a lot of I don't care what would hope. No cause some restless nights no I had to talk to a ghost once. By accident can be much tax cut. I remember the restaurant we actually film. That the due date Concord and yes our years and years ago. And this is true story and I never told any I never told them. Rumored to be hard to. By multiple coast because it back in the revolutionary war I think it did it is like hospital right. And it was the rule is if three people tell you rumor it's obviously true true you know everybody's saying oh well somebody state in this particular room and one running out Bravo Bravo my hero Tom. So I call this restaurant and so we're gonna do it radio show it to talk to a couple of restaurants that are supposedly haunted right. And I I called this restaurant I happen to know the owner's name. So this is about. 1015 years ago. And you know there's no collar deal and I had they know I was Cong during the week away I was calling for to ask the owner. Directly by name I've never met him never spoke to me just move that was and I they put me on hold and I'm hearing like little tapping. On the phone on the phone like Intel used if there are callers. That so I normally you're that a dosages I knew I was on hold. So about twenty seconds later on your voice it says hello. Like an old old voice. So not knowing who I'm actually. Calling for so I started talking. There's nobody there. There's nobody why. And 1015 seconds later he picked up the phone and never told them I'd never told them so are there goes out there. I don't know but you'll see that the China blossom next Sunday. And judge for yourself. If they're watching down on him. IP tickets 8667451167. Or North Shore spirits dot com that's get tickets. Our. CCC. Again with a over restaurants and great bread on today's program the village restaurant and at six. That place has great fried clams I don't care what time season of it it is different clams come right out of the that the it switched Essex kind of group of the flats that where the beds yes and it is believed that those and I I got to believe it is because I've had proclaims everywhere that that. Section of the world move. Produces. The best fried clams and and I think Mike is kinda explained to us a couple of ways that the beds are. A little more sandy. Who vs the K buddy you the having done some claiming on the cape there are actually right the cape is more muddied. Verses Essex Ipswich where it's more sandy. Now what that was explained to me when I was a GT farms was it keeps a bit more clean. Then having had the steamers. At the village. You hit nearly put the broth out she can you know clean the sand off of the clams. But those ones were so clean that you didn't even need the brought the brought was almost like you garnish if you yeah. But yet very very clean Clinton I kicked him yeah. And he can't he can't explain it more than that they're very very clean very. Was important to violate clean food but but and it's not just. The clamps I hate when you buy into the clams that is that gritty sandy in it and I hate that I hate right I had that before restaurants and I also hit when their. It it feels like they've been sitting in a barrel oil are like a month. We you don't want greasy you don't want sandy. And I guess the main bullet point here is clean. Clean and I would go to the village has cleaning got to rest talking about the village restaurant and Essex but that's that's what they specialized strike plans for a and a Otto full menu but. When you go there and if you're newbies it's like when I was talking with a Marvin who always goes in this one restaurants same ditch all the time right. It's hard when he goes there to the real address on an Essex. Not to have something for our plans right. What I mean when you go into a restaurant that has the website we dig clams. You'd you know if you've never band that's going to be your first up is the clamps. I saw another restaurant that had that have that marquis one time. Well we know with a website goes yes we know if they wanna advertise the village of their reps that there restaurant that's finally made. Yes but again in east to its stack up a lot of places that they do the best buy plans yeah. The F stake dishes and stuff you don't like seafood. The big based apple have to write it great lobster. I'm a huge lobster and that makes up often. And the stuffing that they use for it is is just actually fantastic the it was a dish of just that yet you know the lobster stopping that lobster pie I guess they would call it. Domino's you've got to put this only your appetizers minute this is fantastic now is that you know coastal with too much when OK fair enough. Yeah and the order makes the love story yes very dollars for restoring appetizer. But it's worth. Oh absolutely at a village restaurant there about. Essex for those those who is aware is Essex six Mets it's it's it's before. Gloucester. Yet there from before Gloucester took us forty. Five minutes from downtown Boston that gets what you've fallen 95 to 133 and you're there you're there at 133 clam I would. A day like today what a beautiful right right. And you'll see why this restaurant so popular and that what a great thing is right now this time the season is. During the summer it's hard to. Don't care what time you're going to seems it's always full lunch or dinner. And you know six days a week they're they're packed. And then as they the people come leaving the beach for the season you get into the restaurant enjoy this and in this time yours escorts are remembering the leaves still green. You know. It's a warm day you sit on their patio I mean I'm convinced it was stolen summer at this point. Me too and only to see our own shifted it is based NTELOS yes that's a thorough and I'm. The village restaurant charged or 133 and 22 at Essex massing to any member of the Ricky family for us. I would recommend to go to their please don't. Now Mike yes. A couple of ways and every Friday morning among. With the community be on the morning showing a kind of a different topic from week after week and and up pick topics and we'll discuss them and mean food related to Trump's -- a couple weeks ago I did as a segment on best desserts so current and I found some really cool places. And it just too great this or desserts when pay and I kind of go back to the mall and all the time you know and and has kind of running down my list now that's and couldn't some of the callers text and say there's some of their favorites troops are kind of wrote down some that recommended by me of some government recommended by them and some. There were recommended during that show. One place that I recommended and they were at our caller Tenet have to be seafood festival. And I don't know that caller it is a dessert but I don't know if they server has just to dessert or is served as an appetizer at the bar I'm not a 100% sure. The place is called community governor and one Hampton New Hampshire love those guys and they do ace more is that you may. Yourself the table side and moved so they give you the Graham cracker to give you the Hershey chocolate bar. And then they have different flavors of marshmallows. But if gourmet marshmallows at this the first summit ever heard that phrase I thought they were joking at first. But they truly aren't gore may flavored marshmallows yet so what they do that bring over. I was gonna use the -- stern over external does it has romantic sound to know that it's basically it's that it's the thing they put in the middle of the poo poo platter with the fire right but it's even worse help than a nice little you know decorative thing so there you are making your own small hours through aside right I mean I can't think of any other restaurant that's due in summer and I think it's just clever idea community governed route one hand to New Hampshire lose what you all know losing loved me I was have been mentioned loser that they had a white trash hashes phenomenal you have what Sarah does Obama. During those branches. She does those those that fresh made doughnuts that she makes in senate and house with with the chocolate dipping sauce. There's two things that are almost it's I wouldn't say seasonal they changed basically based on how summer fields. They today and that's the donuts what type of donut she's gonna make and then what type of breakfast cereal shots they're gonna answer. Yeah so these shots that tastes like cereal that tastes like different breakfast seriously might have a fruit loops shot you might have a toast in the crime shot may have the it's cheerio shot whatever it is I'm running out of cereals to think of the plot my head but you get the point they're gonna taste like your favorite childhood breakfast cereals. In alcohol for. Yes yes yes and they go perfectly with those doughnuts as she makes in the doughnuts sort of like the little hold on that's when the munchkin is glimpse into his own home here. And and you dip them in your chocolate sauce that you want to have flavors like marshmallow or rice crispy donuts engines those little bit. That's a lose in Austin the gallows. With that just has a cool that we had a film that one day. It's on wash entry in the south and Boston. And they have something like that the guy looks. It's called this donors delight okay and which are masters as could be just a they have one dessert in the entire many stories to light. It's peanut butter moves the chart with come march and again. It's a peanut butter mousse give removes. With the chocolate and dark chocolate can push and it's relayed and fluffy it's it's really taste when woman it's called. The stars align at the gals with decals south and a Boston OK so we have to go and try it definitely a possibility in this open against a romantic. Fish company books is street Boston has a peppermint. Ice Craig. And I in if I'm right I like I like government screaming all right you know it's kind of like soon. Another place and we got to invite Korean on the show Wednesday Asia may run a general Benjamin. Called moonshine 152 Lucian and they're located in Dorchester avenue in Boston. And Asia Europe. In a past life. Not how long ago. And actually was a stunt woman in Hollywood she was she was encroaching tiger and Greg and now she's a chef Jeff owner. And it's just the tip of the iceberg she is a fantastic story that we need to great personality RI we got every year in send out a message that we get her here next week. They have a dessert. It's a butterscotch pudding and hand than that I thought was really. You know I I grant are disgruntled when we're filming there isn't there or try this is important and let it. I'd much I want 52 in Boston and another place I recommend we in Haiti rural. On Washington street is key odds they have crumble. Move and when it's done right it's one of my favorite dishes with a karma allies the sugar on top of his or her own homemade whipped cream. And and I like it when you do right we got a can take you spoon bang in Britain crossed into that that the custard. And I think it's really really good so marker places for desserts. I had it I had a great dessert I was of the smoke shop and Kendall Square and I had a new low and slow whiskey for dessert. And dessert hasn't had a Mike Hsu glass of whiskey but it was this low and slow brand and the bartender recommended public it was a good he wants and does Ehrlich. Not really what you got a hundred with skis Jimmy something it's a dessert whiskey. He is okay and pulls that he knew exactly where is go and we knew you yet exactly and the people on his bottle and it was low and slow. And that's the name of it the brand and it was great it's kind of like a smoky whiskey which goes along great but no one knew it didn't go down low and slow went down as a shock. Savored it at USA I savored three of them that the let's get back to the phone calls go to arts and Matt good morning Matt. It good morning guys good money. I know you guys were talking about and I don't know of too broad recommendations. But I have a fraud or inflationary talk about but that beat you guys up above it feels and you work. Yeah on the side I drove by several people have told me about it you know at the only person that it started and I I drove by at the other day but they closed the close the season I know when I was there was in the midweek there weren't weren't open. You have very soon they opened in right around the beginning of may make clothes Labor Day. They shut the doors so health. Make a point to get there over in being close and de Mayo. You know when. When when you look closely with virtue or certainly the food and grow and run well. Now what makes him so special I mean basically it's a little shack which is some of the best places it's right there on that ocean boulevard. And what makes him so special. I believe it's certain quoting him in the clinch used shoes of that which plans also. And that she did have a special calling and I I know a couple of your introduction of pancake batter and it has flew over the sweetness to it and it's it's there really something different communities you gotta drive them to believe. So noted I'll have to look at trial but I want your recipe for those. Those are the barbecue which averaged. Always do that a luxury toys are brought somebody reduced to evolve and her actual. A little bit but liquids prices to me get a broad broad recommendations. Due out bought just some kids. In Wellfleet. India China expressed in the east you bought an iPhone out on Diana's driver than. Guys theater show and it in this place is permitted to make auto or homemade bread and both kitchens separate people are injured and more. They're fantastic their rate of between East Boston went there but when I lived there I went to a bunch of times he's right this little segment. Tripled the list really good Iowa check those plays out thank met with the phone call against doors are all over always open for those groups have always lose its apple routes that home. He worked he would talk about him. That is just can't. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Parent you know American tavern. Did it. Leave hungry. Can't peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining without a problem. We have the beverage is you know it would although food that's famous and then at leopard Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's there's donor restaurants and hey broke and Nashua. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But can't really do but there's one place that does for lippo worse than on day. And bosses north then righted the gateway to the north that now they've got a great cuisine you know about that. But what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party or get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the North End like this. Fully post second floor function rooms have been renovated. And they boast the floor to ceiling windows that over to Boston Harbor the bustling city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe Doris tonight these telephone number 617. 742. 414. Theory it's. Game day that lazy dog started off by Sunday lineup tonight flavors of wins. Actually to go fabric. Don't miss out on nine hail Mary hamburger made from the trimmings from a stratified black Angus steak tips the basket case that doesn't sound right here delays. Colby had an amazing prices. Come on down to the lazy dog anyway. But summit you know Bob I government. Within our new costume shop he. You can bring home the same quality cost of that served in the finest restaurants in New England. Bit oppressive heat and cracked it passed then made right here in commonwealth. It's key is how he knows pasta offers convenient one pound bags and all natural sources that will make your next meal off home run. Does boil water act. Enact an hour it pedophiles right nightly rate. Very different. Hockey sassy and wicked bites radio. We're all about this. Food babies you're lucky you know wicket by its radio on WRK go go boys of Boston. I just a few moments ago on today's. Again do nothing about TV show tomorrow's on the court presentation. Joke goes in Boston and you'll Howard Johnson's. Actually got there and I figured out Akron yet because the first two letters of power in the first. Yeah figure looked innocent. We could compete complete may decide it might actually means I learned state with a conviction. I believe in dual microphones through us like everything I read on the Internet it's true. I read it was my own to rise when I was a joke out of it. And fun episode. When we have that little sushi roulette at the end of the show that was on one take and there's going to be one loser. We start the of the suicide bombs and we end with sushi with Saudi ruler. Some is just wrong. Like hit her yet or fund for we have a little too much fun goes through we have flown on two we come staggering these places sometimes that's what it was before but it was fun at great show great episode and then we'll take to the Bancroft restaurant Burlington. You know. And then we'll take you to southern Ken Cook house in assembly row and that's another place Jack's rejects restaurant mall but so a lot of great food on Tamar surely covered the bases we have like the Japanese thing with no joke go. We get the good steak at Bancroft we get the southern cooking at southern cam. And we get the Italian over jets take a wrong. It's it's a one stop shopping at which it bites yes and to see at all tomorrow get our import encore presentation 2 PM on NASA that's the Red Sox. Station that's the Red Sox who clinched the east yet they pres source Christi east and the Bruins are starting up this Thursday. Already hockey season and is believes that it returning and fall and squeeze say that but it's still summer routes on guessing by December they might turn. Let's let's you know whats it gonna have a 67 degree Christmas equivalent yet I've always supported global warmer here than in the in the northeast is nothing wrong with global warming. Ten degrees more of the wintertime I'd be happy it just takes getting used. That's all he's taking used to we got to not take the ball close out quite so worldly. Keep in the air conditioners in the windows a little later in the year not a moment that all American is on the the two components that. And them at the heat on yesterday night Indian human and he has to how quickly things changed a all right there restaurant. He Serena mentioned them earlier in the Los located malls and at some of the Longo family and it Italian. Fine dining I would have been casual atmosphere. Should they have a core way brick oven pizza they make their fresh breads right there right in their brick oven. You it recover in the would recover and that's with a maker breads the Longo family has operate this restaurant probably run about six or seven years now. And Geovany long go to the shop owner he was raised and he started the art of Italian cookie cook it at cooking and cooking. Clicking in clobber the Italy and that's what kind of brings into his restaurant you know his child. And the thing about geo line like this and I say this over and over again. It comes to your table. You better have some Brett there because. Just listen to him talks gonna make young and so he just has that that that Italian. Accent. That makes you hungry at all party experience yes. Restaurant they Serena eighteen Levin on street mall and please say hi to Geovany when you go and as small restaurants and got to get in there. And try it himself through all the little the Chinatown restaurant and stowed Mike and I were there we visit Lisa Wong. Not that long look at the kind of we get a hold news this year they're gorgeous artery and now the they fix the hope that what I would say and fix up those to be a little function room. Open up the function room. And they expand the bar. And they added a sushi section and we got to try some of their solution. And I unfortunately I love this piece is solution from Scotland. Which one was it was those of men that that big head. There's a -- fed Billy your fat boy were something like that her entire 1000 may have won with a had a blow to and they were actually cooking is on the high doses from one year it's. Though the the first rules the spicy tuna that was good that was really good and we had the the shrimp when with a blowtorch. Which was also attempt at a bunch of flat screen TV's great. Have a Chinatown or 27 starts I don't Lisa. We want an argument that's scheduled for the Sunday we'll see you next Sunday 10 AM right here with a barge written I everybody. We can place radio.