Wicked Bites: Brew Pubs

Scott Whitley checks in to talk food and recommend the area's best brew pubs


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URG you know the voice of Boston. How righted the time relieved that we will we gotta talk fluid in this week we're talking group clubs where Scott Whitley of course he has brought to us by a wicked fight. Good morning sir good morning how is everybody today. RNC think the world keeps going on has more more stories talk about that you have recent unfortunately since we last saw you there was a terrible story yes and I've been a tough week but it did always the week culminates with you at the end talk and food in that always makes it a little bit better. You're darkened brew pubs looks like. Got it. I you know I I think for a period of time they kind of disappeared. And they they started off about what 1015 years ago. As the new up and coming thing in the kind of debt diet right off. Now they're coming back the kind of reinvented themselves and their a lot of restaurants that that do a great job. At producing their own beer or bringing in all different types appears that you go out and try for instance there's a place and they were called to tap restaurant that that make their own. Different styles of the year that I think does it a phenomenal job as a brewers four at Charles town is another great restaurant. That that that just brings in my craft Beers that are from New England. So no I can get you know in new news to you your major craft Beers you major peers but you can also find the specialty New England peers. So that's isn't that the thing that's really starting to take off. That I've seen over the last. I was able the last two years really start to catch back on. Fire again well one thing is for sure these craft Beers are taking off like crazy and if you could add to that. The idea of a place we can there'll beer and it being a pretty decent little you know restaurant. I think you got a winning combination at least right now. Right right and that's why you're really seeing when they they they do these Mike were proof vest that come around this. Is that there's a couple of come the boss in the salmon or island of cinema Manchester, New Hampshire when they come in. In the popularity has grown we're targeting get tickets to go see these go experience it all these type appears so it's really starting to take off. And becoming the thing to do now. We're auditor restaurant is to find that that craft beer. And and you know eight in some of really good and some of them are not as good and their places that is of course you plot pub. Or which is out. Oh I think it's in. Who western part of the state to start the west partisan they have like ninety taps and they they constantly changed their. It they're taps and what they serve. And you'll see it just one tap. Lines up from one end of the bar and it'll always down her yeah the other side it's just amazed in the weight and how much beer they go through in a short period time. So tell me about the menus at some of those places Scott then what are what are the critics aren't generally Navistar and get a little fancier they they still want XP into that comfort fruit range and I think that was the big mistake last time in when these brew pubs came into existence it was more like. Almost gore may food. You with a beer now it's kind of what they call eight Castro pub fare. Which is kind of a kicked up comfort food. So you'll find sir loin steaks shall file a lot of great murderers but you find it where their little more kicked up a little class you're you know a little more than. Vanessa in their menu so that that's what they're really trying to do right now even though do pull pork sandwich is but they'll do it. A little bit different now. Yes and that's I think the key is getting that that that comfort food in with a beer. Yeah still lead the pretzel got up close you can do it on like fancy would thing where rightly different dipping sauce right but you gotta have a big pretzel. We got their big pretzel and and that's important matter fact what he'd of these these beer pub they did the events via the festival's you'll see people who make pretzel necklaces. When you walk in there and they'll be in the pretzels while other trick in the beer at all time. I love that that's how it's a great idea it's always a fun. Always you know I'm not really I'm not a big beer drinker infected I don't. I'm just don't drink beer can so I've not one who appreciates this whole idea of craft beer but if I'm going with someone that I want there to be something interesting to me you had to tell you. You know over in Lynn feel the yard house would you art house yeah which is one I think a lot of people go to and they love. You certainly gain Gideon that's for sure so it's packed. They make it truffle Fries. That for me. I'm willing to go with you if you wanna have every one of its sample ever wanted to be. There as long as I can just get those truffle Fries he Powell was due to love trouble I do period but yeah and. That's one of the very I don't eat them very often but that's one of those places where. I go in there and get truffle Fries that's it yeah somebody unfortunately introduced me to them. While they were sampling beer. And and it's so good so and I want anybody at a restaurant called crazy names during the not that long ago. And you can not stop eating them and now. Susan Levy. I don't think giving a lot of big trouble. Ayman Al Needham and I'm not does not seek an amounts are now much more than pretzel yeah. Well and you're like but you're like me yeah you would be I think here. Guy who. Okay if if Joe's gonna try the Beers fine as long as they've got the really good pretzels but they've got the good. I know I'd just sample every lot probably won't join you have buck. If there's something good there to keep its unique mollid. Yes that I'm like it's at a mall and on most two and a place I could remember as a horse to grow and Hudson mass that's where their located. They have the like I I think about a hundred taps just like the yard restaurant right but it's an independent restaurant. Which makes it kinda unique and it's sort about the middle of nowhere and Hudson mass and they've got to go out about twenty years and people just flock there to try to Ramirez. We're coming up on TV show this week I tomorrow gonna be taking a look at burgers that are opposed selvin. So if you like burgers which you see the way they do it's it's almost like a make it like a big meatball. And they don't squish it and takes about twenty minutes the cook got your burger so where did you go did you go to littered did you go to. We went to the of their original location Somerville yeah. But I've been out to the Lynn location many times also yeah. Yes so might and we were we got to the live location I'm pretty regular basis and it's so funny because my daughter grace Greece's and it's a big league leader yep but she loves the burger with a fried egg on top they do yes yeah. Everybody seems to be doing that now I don't know why it is again make more than anything else does I don't think to a. It does it's so weird that Greece would choose this I mean so that's why I say is you don't know grace but can begin she's a girl who. When she goes up for breakfast she's never order and leg she's now. And why she made this decision but she loves that combination and there's something else or some sauce they put on it she loves. They making great bird there they do it and their sides and if you ordered extra side light big coleslaw. He comes in a gigantic ploy to lie and there's no way. For people to finish. And I'm murderers I mean again when you get an omelet you put meat usually so why wouldn't work. Because is dripping down your fly island Ohio. RJR she does too she tells him it's got to be over hard so that same thing about what will we see you at the restaurants they're not there over you know they are ovary disease or wherever we no reason neither of which on the job as an honor right but I don't carry on number whopper when you do we talk yeah. That's that's what's on the radio show. Radio show we take open lines for the cause that to appraisers in restaurants from pizza to gourmet because we're the only place that you let somebody call and say something bad about a restaurant. You know and that just add so legitimacy to what we talk about your silly may call ups in a completely wrong right. Well in the that is really true tips are what some people may love others don't like so much so exactly that my tastes are different then than yours and my island dining is totally different and what I'm in the mood for that they could be totally do. Yeah absolutely. So we get the TV show coming up on message tomorrow it's at 938 that is right and absolutely into the radio show right here from ten two noon on Sunday. Have a great weekend everybody sorry Turkey real soon.