Wicked Bites

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Friday, September 22nd

Scott Whitley checks in from the golf course to talk hamburgers and hot dogs


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URG you know. Boy so Boston. ID to terms that we that we look forward to. Got Whitley joins us he's brought with my with good light switches of course the sponsor of our shows. Including. Good morning how is everybody today everybody super super I hear you're talking about burgers and dogs. That's right and bury our finish our round of golf this morning where first round of golf on the eighteenth hole a report to make a main. And I thought I would call in and talk about are my favorite topics partner and hot dogs I am assuming that it's not raining and they're right. You know it breezy. Probably about 65 degrees or app while good for you got this far getting upper 200 day so if you would do. But doing OK yeah I would really think about topic talk about this morning and this weekend on the show on the TV show on Saturday morning and I started our net sense. We're gonna take it the saw in hand over. And they have his burger challenge. And they got the berg news for their challenge. And the record right now I'm glad eighteen cap Alberta which. I had to finish so that you tried. Serbia that. I'd be a topic talk about the developers. Lots. Those are my favorite things are now. Our system not Connecticut. When my son were doing out on tour this summer to me as you know and do uses this please do reason that we can as a they have a hot Dodge Challenger just two of these two foot long hot dogs and but then the Fries in the middle that they have on the tour again a good night not no not doing it didn't have. For the Fries get you every time and he's a dare. Yeah yeah and would. What I like flies but I don't like a handful of right you know we had an ocean here tried that is just a few moments. And at the moment so heavy and so they are. Let it takes away from the entire meal but you know I'm at Palomar waste through it and even Bill Barber is murder in our Cambridge I have yeah. That that's an amazing place whispers it's right outside Harvard. Packed all the time but I love their creativity of the name of the blues. And vivid like Donald Trump murder right now. Which effect to step further. They'll they'll have like Mike Pence burger. All of our guys that drummer Jim morning personals like to take his foot. You're gonna hold it and our landings are like what are what are the jokes that people make with the trumpeter. I remember he joked I'm perfectly happy with and with naming fast food after the man it's got to have some sort of warns condiments but most definitely right now would be even. Well it's huge it's very safe how it's used very golf rules. Yeah yeah. It's too it's to be parity where all want to know a lot of cheese on top. But you'll hit big Republican get the masters it's your health care burger it's very unhealthy but it it they have battled pneumonia. While Navarro is fun and it's all of Charlize is like an experience place as much as I breslaw spend their for a long time and he's just. They would still you should next time you go there's coverage I'm sure will be soon are. Do you have any accurate count of how many different burger means they've had over the years it must be in that and. Obviously they change like yeah all the time all the time in America can obamacare burger not so long ago and it was. It was so out. I would know quite thought. It was an affordable with the people who frequent writer at an affordable. Feels they'll they'll take a shot everybody left right partner matter apartment and it's got to do the burst change along with the name or did they just renamed adverse. They won't fables they won't change the murder genocide opened yeah. And yet it always something would try to you know it's good to mimic. What we're we're going on to a they have suffered no. No bill name itself and wants. Are women allowed or the Mike Pence per hour. In my area not driving I just jealous of there and does your husband after ordered for you asked exactly saw Scotty here's the key questions for you not yeah gripping my parents but. How do you take your burger. I like my I I used to like mine well done because my mother whatever. But I do upgrade or bad car like member well about. And a lot cup will be years are. Target discover. Even as perfect now. And and and I kind of discovered I was that they the ice and outside the jail where they feel the burden of America because it extremely no. Yeah and they're almost com we'll let it. And you and you can't have a make it anywhere you want or they just do or they just make it one way or match yet and yet it our data into reflect what it. Particular gross beat them. Yeah it's like roast beef what do we start happening it is dire kind of started their. So enjoy it that way now we'll have more. Too cute teacher did not old but older dog new tricks I guess is what the lesson I can't totally lost after he said my mother burned everything's so mechanized everything myself can't handle my kids some day don't say. IA pelicans and other. Everything we're done and we can't pay guys well I've done person right here where a that's right. Feel what's your dog of choice when you put on your dog's stomach purist on dogs are you why I thought it hurt. These jurors as Sri Muster density it yeah. Yeah one overrode the only browser relations. But yeah I don't. Feel that if you get ketchup on hot to argue the Communist I've never understood where that started there. There are I liked our crowd we'll go to market writer source. I know you don't like that KG BB you don't needs are I don't know it's it's not your crowd is like do that is usually the house won all those who. We are another one down and we did a bunch in Connecticut this region and their. Your biggest was the house dog and it was a Lumix how clack I just don't think a lot of people like definitely. You know. Because this there was they're gonna seller by far from the. Yeah I think you're it is probably wondered yourself a lot of places. Especially a lot of special a couple of places that always seems to be there. They're short of profits. So look got a show coming up tomorrow he said on tell us again what's on the while we're gonna be looking at softer than random order debate burger talent on the amendment you'll see how many staff we actually are weeded them whenever we didn't. You know make it if you finish at. And you'd be the last person that you named names are cop on the menu boards and we didn't come closest it's like eighteen but we actually have one made. This area the size of call that the person completely yeah yep so that's tomorrow morning 930 yards that's. And you bet that's which invites TV of and then how but on the radio show here on WRKO tend to do and on Sunday. On Sunday we're gonna take a look at her all time favorite restaurants. So it's always great so we do it do you have one that sticks out your mind I'd do I I go. In time it's no longer there cafe Budapest in Boston's always went about truths. He never went to cafe comparison consider a lot minded. It was a little romantic little place right here are a couple of movers were filmed because Steve Martin golden console on the movement. That's. Well that's coming up on Sunday so be sure you call an Intel. Scott what's your favorite restaurant of all time was or still is hoping have a great weekend thank you sir. Greg thank you doctor actually you bet.