Why Jeff hates the NFL

The Fourth Hour (sort of)
Wednesday, October 25th

Kuhner explains why he no longer watches the NFL. He exposes how spoiled the players are and how Roger Goodell is running the NFL into the ground.


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I hate the NFL. I cannot believe I'm saying this but I can't stand them I can't stand Roger Goodell. I can't stand the owners and I certainly can't stand the national felons league those spoiled overpaid. Multimillionaire. Thugs. Who are going around taking any or locking arms are raising their fists up and a black power salute. Disrespecting. Our soldiers are anthem and our flag. I now hate everything about the NFL I really doubt it with them. And I'll tell you why. Because when I was growing up I used to love the NFL. I loved Terry branch draw the Pittsburg Steelers. Lynn Swann Franco Harris. You name it oh man I'm. All of them I love the iron curtain mean Joseph green shot Lambert I love the mall I love them all. I love the Steelers cowboys rivalry. I love Joseph Montana. I love the San Diego Chargers in Dan throats and the West Coast offense I love Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins. And then something along the way changed. I don't know if it's the money that corrupted the league or corrupted the players. Defame the access or the fact that football rocketed to the number one sport in America. What ever happened it got to their head. It got to the heads of the players it got to the heads of the owners and they got to the heads of the leak. And now these people actually think. That they are bigger than the flag bigger than the anthem and bigger than America itself will like good news for you. You're wrong. You're wrong. And now. As they continue to spit in the face of many of their offense. And as they continue to dump on the National Anthem on the fly one week after week after week. Because they have to stand in solidarity. With the the progressive sink himself. The martyr of the San Francisco 49ers. Colin corporate data overpaid bomb. This guy. Who because he's not happy with racism or the state of race relations in America and wants the protest against copper technology. This guy decided the first sit on the bench and then eventually taking me. And that's he himself wrote in a note as he made it public. He cannot stand for a flag or National Anthem. That deaf friends and excuses and represents. Racism bigotry oppression in America. So his staking any was a clear act of defiance. A clear act of disrespect. Towards the flag. Our National Anthem. And everything in every one they represent including all of the soldiers who fought and died for our country. And for his freedoms to be an absolute jerk. And then you throwing his radical Muslim girlfriend. And got explains Colin cropper nick in a nutshell. And so I want you to think about this. You have players that are making 101520. Million dollars a year. The cropper man himself. In his final season when he was a bench warmer literally putting his rear end on a bench. Sat on the bench and was paid sixteen. Million dollars a million dollars a game. Who simply sit on the bench not the place. Who sit on the bench. And her whining about racism. And you're playing the victim card. As you stand there with a Fidel Castro T shirt. And lionized one of the great mass murderers of the twentieth century. When you're wearing cops. With the symbol of the pig on it to represent the cops were in all these talks with pigs on them. And you think that's funny. My friends. Enough is enough. And what you're now seeing is a complete melt down in the league. Their ratings are down. Attendance is down. Fans are no longer showing up at the stadium. Ticket prices are dropping everywhere in fact it is so bad. After this last weekend. Listen now to this you now have after weeks seven okay are rolling into week seven. The backlash is just growing and growing. The jets vs the Miami Dolphins. They're playing in Miami this stadium is half empty. They're playing in Shrek got goal. This stadium is half empty Chicago Bears to legendary franchise. They're not even showing up to buy tickets at the games the Cleveland Browns I know the team sucks but still what else do they have to do in Cleveland. They still won't show up to watch the browns got a thing is almost two thirds MP. You go down the list I'm not kidding. The Jacksonville Jaguars. IC bigger crowds. A college football games then at the picture I'm staring out right now for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Indianapolis. Colts. Our team I mean I know that again they soccer this year they're horrible but this is Indiana. This is the heartland they love football these stepped back. Pack. Lucas Oil Stadium now there is a sea of empty seats in their last game. They Houston Texans. The Baltimore Ravens. The Atlanta Falcons. These are big markets. And in all three of those cities this stadium's last weekend. Or the weekend before. Where half empty. Half empty. They can't sell amount in Baltimore. They can't sell amount in Atlanta. They can't sell amount in Houston. You know why. Because you keep insulting us and spitting in our faces. And you wonder why the NFL is now in crisis you brought this upon yourselves. And if nobody else has the guts to say I'm gonna say it. They're a bunch of integrates. Every single one of them. I don't care every single one of them led by Roger Goodell. And so you want me to feel sorry. For athletes who make 101520. Million dollars. Playing a game yes it's I skill game. In fact it's an American game it's a great game I love the growing up I played it myself and I've that the Peewee level. But it's still just the gain. And many of these players with their 18 point five million dollar contracts many of them plus you're throwing endorsements. Plus you're throwing all kinds of other deals. Commercial speech eight. They're making hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. And you still can't stand for the flag. You can't show that basic motor come of respect. For the country did as giving you so much opportunity. Never mind Colin cropper knicks' sixteen million dollars a year. For sitting on the bench. If Jeff corner made one million dollars a year one million not sixty email one million. And I work hard. I work mornings I work nights I'm always show prepping all I do is work around the clock to try to make the best show possible. If I made a million dollars a year let me tell you what I would do not only would we beast. Ending every day and putting our hands over our hearts for the American flag I would have Ashton and gave up kiss the fly every day this set. Not just stand up and and put your hand over your heart literally this at. Ashton premier's son. You know always paying for your private education a Catholic education. This flag and everything it represents. Just sit. When you turn sixteen Ashton and that is gonna buy you a car which are able to drive growth we have the money kiss at. Ashton when you go to college debt free you know why did set. Ashton when you get married and daddy says son the wedding is gonna be on me OK let's have a beautiful wedding in all why. This at. In other words. People who make so much less. Especially defense. Who have to pay for 5600. Dollars to bring say a family of four to CAA game. Because it's not cheap. You throwing parking you throwing concessions. God forbid you wanna buy NFL Jersey for one of the bambino. Or maybe almost a thousand dollars. And many of them are only making 405060000. Dollars a year. But they're willing to stand for that flag. They're willing to show respect for our anthem they're willing to honor our troops and our soldiers but you. You. Who make 101520. Million dollars or that bigger clown Roger Goodell. Who's making 203040. About forty million dollars a year to be a mindless shill for the owners. And you can't even tell these players. Were gonna demand and insist that you stand for the National Anthem. Not urge your arm as he said at the recent meeting new policy. You gotta stand. You don't stand you're suspended. This is the same NFL by the way the same Roger Goodell. Then if you wiggle your rear end in the end zone after a touchdown for too long your fines or suspended. That's prohibited. Too much access celebration. That's prohibited. You wanna put a big cow on your helmet or on your shirt to honor those five police officers gunned down by a black lives matter terrorist and balanced. Non on on home. Take it decals off not permitted. You wanna Wear cleats to honor the victims of 9/11 on the fifteenth year anniversary. None on on the phone not permitted. We're the First Amendment then. Worst freedom of speech and end. Then or your wiggling your rear end then no. But if you're there to spit on the flag and began to amend the soldiers go ahead we won't fine you enough is enough. And I wanna say one last thing. Their reaction not a hall. But have many in the liberal sports media and is predominantly liberal it's not kid ourselves outside of the great guys at EI but I'm talking now about the clowns on the sports up. Okay across the street. How they have been utterly disgusting and shameless. In their utter capitulation. To Roger Goodell. On the issue of these players taking me. How you have idiots. Like Felger and Mathis for example that third guy despite owner a marine. How they're going on. It's their constitutional. Right. Of eroded to a third overall pick a mean. Number Roy broke. Go door to door and dirt didn't he blocked. A block our official moved Eric First Amendment and in. Find a problem really my problem. No once they don't have the right. To do that they have the right to do it but don't expect us to buy the tickets. Don't expect us to watch. Don't expect us to respect you for being a bunch of overpaid in rates. And I'm going to be honest with you what else you want from a show. And what else you want from a class of clowns like these guys that openly on the air I swear one Michael Felger and I heard with my Tony arts. I'm Mike this is what these guys are going on about. On one of the big sports controversies over time so this guy says that he likes to watch a Mel borne. If a woman is 4550. And she's naked there are he loves that he loves to watch it. And watch it and watch it. The other guy won ups and I swear to god the other guy out Mazar Roddy Max whatever it is but I dug before he problem. I like Helen Mirren. She's 7200. Why do her I do occur. So all of this guy's in the grandmothers. This guys at the 4550 year old women but other pathetic loser is in the grandmothers and in the third primary he's just all ball park. He just lights up as we've been. And I whatever man. Whatever marijuana stamina wanna sit Everett there man I really don't care and another Coke. So you got Mel fur granny Mel fur and spa owner and you guys call that show. Did this really this is your big powered show on the sports sub it is pathetic. Pathetic. From the beat writers at the globe to the beat writers at The Herald. To the stall owners and Mel first and grand email firsts. The sports hub. You guys can't even stand for patriotism. You can't even stand for the flag. You can't even stand for the anthem and everything that it represents. An all the people who fought bled and died or at. If you're mothers didn't tell you I'm gonna tell you your a bunch of losers. The only thing worse. Then he's in great spoiled jocks. Are the jocks and refers to themselves. And that's why I'm telling you which you're watching now is the slow motion suicide. Of the NFL. They continue like this there are not going to be America's number one sport. They're gonna be America's number four or never five sport and they are slowly gonna go out of business. And I say good riddance. Or as I really like to say. Blank golf. My friends. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the vote liberal bull.