Why are Republicans silent when it comes to Trump VS Comey?

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, May 17th

Kuhner wants to know if they are compromised too 


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Fear on the great WRKO. OK my friends. So they keep stage has now officially declared war on president trump with comb these memo. OK faux news is now confirming that call we did write a memo. On a meeting with Strom. Now what I'd like to know always this first of all I wanna see the memo that's number one the full context of the memo. But if you wrote memos spies all of his associates claim it was being reported in the in the meetings. I wanna see the mammal that dinner they had would trump as well. I wanna see if you wrote down in some kind of a memo that trump allegedly asked him to pledge personal loyalty to him. In other words now I want. All of these memos. To be subpoenaed because I think we have a right to know what are in those memos. And the corner country poll question of the day is this. Many in the media and the Democrats are now saying. That the existence of this call mean memo. Which allegedly claims that trump ordered called me to shut down the investigation of Michael planned. Amounts to obstruction of justice and hence will lead to Trump's impeachment. But it should lead to his impeachment. The corner country poll question of the day is this. It's not whether trump should be impeached. But with now the mounting rusher. Demanding impeachment. Will trump be impeached will he. If you believe the answer is yes. They're gonna somehow do it enough Republicans will break ranks and there will be some kind of an impeachment proceeding. Text the letter made the 68680. If you believe the answer is no. In the end Republicans will hold and they will not be able to force trump to be impeached Tex the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. The poll question is powered by bill Kelly financial services. Brittany what are the. Poll results and thus far. 83. Per cents. No. 17%. Yes RU NE RBs. Now I don't think that will be impeached. I honestly Teixeira maybe call me did have a mag mile but think about it Jeff what happened last week. President trump fired James coming. Then if he threatens him the tapes right so. Until she ticket this is something that call me is trying to get back at trump firth threatening imitator not only firing him I mean like I said before. This is absolutely ridiculous strip people to be conference to be impeached I think John McCain Santas is far worse than Watergate. It's just John McCain being a sore loser he's mad that it lost. For with Obama so I think this is just. A joke honestly and that would be if there's nothing here. I agree with you I think in the end if trump stand strong. This is all gonna blow up in the media space. There is no Russia collusion. He never try to shut down any investigation. It's all gonna turn out to be lies half truths. Baseless accusations. Smears. And I think this is gonna blow up in their face. It probably will but then also to have Vladimir Putin come out and say here I'll give you the transcripts of what happened and everything. So I think not trump probably has transcripts transcript says while with call me and I I also wanna see the memo from the dinner as well so. I just think it's called we try to get back at Donald Trump and the media's falling for this you know as. Every time. It trump does or says anything or any it there all competition with one another that's another thing they want that it's just gossip there's not thing. Here are no collusion no cover up some open. Have you noticed your very good reading body language or Britney. Is it me I look at trump he looks cool as a two car. That this point I think he really honestly needs this like you saying address the nation because think about it remember when Hillary Clinton. She had. Did diddle little press conference after the server came out she said battle that and I know what like scrubbed at with the clocks. So and we know right away but I was lying match I'll lie air strike so if Donald Trump comes out your niece asked question and he's you know. Wobbling doesn't know sliding whatever you know all bat. He's lying so just address the nation will know right away black line an outline collusion not know collusion Walt now. 6172666868. Is the number OK so we played the cut of Chuck Schumer. Where he says he'll go get your six ways from Sunday. You don't mess with the intelligence community you don't criticize them you don't try to fire rom you don't you don't just don't poke them. Because they will destroy you. Then I played Dana bash from CNN thing essentially the same thing you don't play with these people got to show them respect so another words are all admitting. That the shadow government did deep state is really running Washington and running the country. And that they have tremendous power IE by surveillance by spying blackmail intimidation. All of these leaks. Are illegal. Only legal they're all crimes every single one of whom shall these journalists. Are being complicit. In crimes being committed by every single one of these we curse. And yet listen now to Chris Cuomo from CNN. All openly saying instead of holding the deep state accountable. Beat. You say you know that moved up power elite always in power accountable to the media should do. Which is what I try to do frankly I mean I do it well all the time but I give it my best you know the F birdies there the sincerity is there. The MTV energy is they are the attempt is there. He's openly cheering laundry deep stage and delete curse. Saying thank god for delete curse keep leaking key blackmailing. Keep bringing the president down come. And where here to serve you who. We bow to who you who. Roll it. Jar and he said as president I wanted to share with Russia at an openly schedule White House meeting remember. The US media wasn't invited to that the pictures came from Russian media I have the absolute right to do he says facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons plus I want Russia to greatly stepped up their fight against crisis and terrorism. I've been asking director Colby and others from the beginning of by administration to find the leaders. In the intelligence. Community thank god for those leak or senators SaaS otherwise we might not known about this on the same way we might not have known of what was going on with general flat. Are and what precipitated his removal from office. Okay solitary there. Now we find out the Russians are one to send us the entire transcript. It was routine information shark. The Russians in fact even knew. No I don't they have a laptop bombs laptop devices they wanna bloom upon planes. Lavrov didn't even mention that important that we all got already it's it's okay. The Israelis were the partner of New York Times doubted them. Who gave us the information. The Israelis have now come out and said we're happy you shared the information wanna keep giving this kind of information is frankly not all Russian plane to get blown out of the sky. And 300 Russian citizens guilt. So that whole leak. Was based on a complete bogus story it was an absolute lie. There was no classified information nothing was done divulged no sources no methods. The whole thing was complete fake and you loose. But there was one crime committed. The person who leaked and why god for those lakers. So here you have the media. Openly encouraging. Criminal illegal acts. And you wonder why we're not the laughing stock of the world. And they think that they have a right to tell us how to run our country. And that we should listen to them. And that they some of a right to set the agenda. When they're caught in lie after lie after lie but now openly aiding and abetting criminal behavior. So the question is this. He was the question eight years of Obama. Will one patriot emerge. Cherished one. That will speak truth to power and on behalf of the American people. Nobody wanted to call for Obama's impeachment remember that. Listen now to Charles Krauthammer. Saying. You have Democrats now calling for trump to either resign or be impeached. You have the media demanding his impeachment. You have to deep state leaking against him and openly now looking to vilify him and destroy him. And the silence from the Republicans. Not one will defend trump publicly not one. Roll it. General McConnell has always had a dry sense of humor. And sort of it gift for the understatement. And he doesn't want to commit himself I think what's really stunning. Is that nobody. Not even from the White House has come out. Under their own name when your defense of the president here you've got an anonymous statement that we don't see any Republicans on camera. And that is totally understandable they're just watched over the last ten days. People who went out on a limb on the call me firing. And said it was a result of these memo from the deputy attorney general wouldn't have the limbs sawed off but I'm by Donald Trump himself. Without a flange and were last humiliated. And contradicted. And then put it when you look at what happened who is. The Russian ambassador. Few last night people were saying. People who hardy have who are in the room. But I names said this never happened. And then in the morning it looks as if to tweets that drug issued acknowledged that community had every right to do it. So who's gonna step out now and defend the president in these denials. Which could very well be true. When you've seen what happened. The Republicans who stepped gathered denials on two other cases. And were left and I got an ice flow off from Norway. Let me tell you what's going on. Gary it's obvious now he's trying to pin this on trump be training is communications. Phen the way they handled the call me firing and on and on. No no no no. There are two reasons for what's going on for this deafening Republicans silence. Number one it's cowardice. And let me let me even be more frank with you okay. I think many of them are individually compromised. Jane know that if they ditched a deep state is now declared war on trump. If they stick their neck out and say the president is right your wrong your vilifying him destroying a man that you have no business doing this to. Then all. Did you have a mistress. Who are you are you want to peak. Or was it all you're you're looking to be a lobbyist who. They can copy oh you're into child pornography who. They can they can release such devastating damaging information. Did they are literally petrified. Of these stocks. With her via the CIA VN SA or in the leadership of the FBI. Because they're all being spied on. So I think one of the major reasons is they are so many of them are so corrupt and compromised themselves. That they now fear that they won't that that they will somehow injure or the wrath of the deep state. I think a second reason is obvious. And I think it's for example it's why Krauthammer is now looking a stick in my fin de trump it's why you have just been a Marshal looking now to stick a knife and to trump. It's why McCain is now looking to stick in my fin de trop. They want John Kasich has now come out and sticks a Mike Finn to trump. These are never trump Republicans. Who would love to see Donald Trump fall. And say we told you so. We told you so. You would Dominik some heartland. We try to tell you. Don't how elect this guy we told you to go with Jim via tall. Or little mark goal. Or Jon K says each we told you go what is conventional establishment republic them. But not all you hits one of the outsider. You wanted the mavericks. You wanted the man of the people you wanted the populist. Well you CAE. Now you're gonna burn along with him. In other words now they have a massive vested interest in saying you see we were right all along. Those are the sharks. There are now swimming in the swamp. This is what Donald Trump is now up against. He's got one major ace in the hole. And I think it's why he's gonna whether this and emerge potentially triumphant. He has you. He asked a goal back to what you want him to win the primary. And win the presidency. He has to go back to the people. He has to rally the people he asked to speak to the people he has to address the people. And I think what we need to now tell Washington is this especially the Republicans. If you call for Donald Trump's impeachment. If you now look to stick the knife into him. We will politically destroy you. We will vote you out of office and should issue out of Washington. Your careers will be finished. This will be the one sand that is absolutely unforgivable. The impeachment of trump is the equivalent of a political murder or a political assassination. We will never forgive you. So you wanna know red lines this is our red line Republicans. You cross sit at our apparel. 6172666868. Donald Trump now facing increasing calls for his impeachment. What do you make of comb these memo. And do you think Republicans will meld the facts and join the Democrats. Your calls next. Trump called e.'s advice her face the Boston. But the only thing I can say is I think we've seen this week before. I think it's reaching a point where. It's a war game size and scale them a couple of other. Scandals that you know I have seen this insanity then the issue continues to drive. 226 here on the great WRKO. That of course was a Mac maniac. Senator John McCain now saying. Trump highs in Watergate size problem. They're getting ready the Republicans are some of them to join Democrats. In calling for the impeachment of the president. Look at McCain stick the knife in. Centerpiece he keeps talking about do we do every heard anything about this no I know he beat the senate the only the senate be the next shoe is gonna drop the senate be the sanity. But I gotta tell you were McCann as I Jaret act if you're ever in a foxhole. This is not the guy you want beside you look at taps Arafat together keepers are gonna think I agree. I EI GIE now than never trump birds see their opening and they're putting the knife in good. Anthony in New Hampshire going head Anthony. Just take you for having me what I wanna know who's where how the Republicans. Call internal investigation had to call me. From my understanding when you have a meeting in the White House site it's classified. And and it keeps taking that information from that world. And then transcribing it down later at a different time. And bank storing that information that's Trent that's storing classified information what's the difference between that kids get out the little picture but it's not. And James called me taken out information at least he caught up by meeting and then transcribed minute. To a memo he stormy cloud that's had all been turned over debate in spite of government property. That's not their property doesn't have a right to classified as great. Brilliant absolutely brilliant and you're dead on Anthony Jerry and Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. Jeff good afternoon effects. Before write it into the band roach creative writing course by James called me I just wanted to make a mention of something. Early you've got a text in any reasonable fair minded person would not take yes statement stern your commentary out of context like death. If it as an incitement or instigation it's just ridiculous on its face. Thought thank you Jerry I appreciate it. Jeff the bad roads creative writing course spike called me I want to see it like you do. Why are we now hearing about this memo. We're clicking which outlaws. We were at the crooked Hillary memo after she after she was question not on that are led the fourth of July weekend. Every attack on this president Jeff is an attack on we the people or its sovereignty. Liberty. American college everything that is decent and fair and right about America. A man. Amen OK in my friends is breaking right now. The chairman of the house government and oversight committee. Jason Shay Fitz has now confirmed. That call mean will be testifying. In front of congress I presume under oath next Wednesday at 930 is that correct Brittany. Next Wednesday at 930 yes OK 930. Call me is going to be testifying. I wanna see those memos. And I want him under oath because I'm telling you he's a liar. And if there's one Republican on that committee who has the guts to challenge him he will expose them for the fraud and the liar that he is. Okay 61720666868. Is this the beginning of the end of the trump presidency or will president trump prevail. Your reaction in calls next. You place a Boston. If true this is yet another disturbing. Allegation that the president may have engaged in some interference. Or obstruction of the investigation. I think we know what enough now there's been enough alleged publicly. Two wanna bring the director back to test my feeling no concession item before our committee where the Judiciary Committee but he should come back to the congress. And share what he knows in terms of the president's conversations with him on. Any of the Russian investigation. Through 36 here on the great WR KOK. The media the Democrats. Very deep state they now sensing blood in the water. Because of the call me memo which alleges that trump tried to shut down. The investigation into Michael flan I don't believe that I've gone through all my reasons why but this was Adam Schiff. Ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee. Doing the rounds saying this is obstruction of justice it's time to begin potential impeachment against the president. Joining now the Democrats. Just in any march 1 Republican to now bolt. Well now McCain make a maniac that Judas. Now seeing is opportunity one of the leading never trump Republicans. Has now compared. These so called rush a scandal the trumped up Russia scandal. To Watergate. Roll it Jarrett. Not the only thing I can say is I think we've seen this flu before. I think it's reaching the point where. It's a Watergate size and scale and a couple of other. Scandals that you and I have seen its ascendancy in the issue continues to draw out. Boy and a when you try to drain the swamp look at these swamp creatures. There comment out of the woodwork. Every single one on one another senate peeves in the swamp pick back out of their lane departure. And I thought well I gotta tell you what's remarkable now. These. We knew the media was against them. We knew the government media complex the deep state the Democrats the establishment. Now Republicans are beginning to turn on him he is losing allies friends everywhere. People close to him are now leaking like crazy. Even in the media now and Coulter has turned on him others are beginning to turn on him. One of the people that his standing with trump and I wanna I wanna give them a big shout out and a hat tip okay big dipper that. Is Lou Dobbs. And last night. You know while what does he bring you got to be the sixties. Lou Dobbs has to be in his sixties. I don't know how old blue dogs are a look at it yields show my god what is white hair you know he's like means a little pudgy. You know he's got those big cheeks and he's usually you know very cool very calm. He sounded like Jeff corner yesterday he really sound like the corner man yesterday. He wants he wants trump to go on the warpath 71. Years 71 okay zawahiri is at seven Iwata the port I was gonna get artifact yesterday. But I'll tell you this Lou Dobbs say whatever you want to be on whatever you want about him he doesn't cut and run. When you're in a foxhole. This is the guy you want beside you roll it Jarrett. At this and and deserves a full commitment of his White House staff. Who should be fighting as hard as the president for him his agenda and this country. The all too civil low energy trump White House communications team remains flat footed and fatally. They need to change that they are obviously fighters they obviously aren't street Smart and they haven't been strategic. And they must change all of that. They must become all of that and much more. Because of the determined forces of evil that surround this White House. We're trying to destroy the trump presidency. And we'll settle it appears for nothing less. This is a war damn but. So get to war. Our quotation of the evening thrown more flat sounds true I don't say it goes to roadway. The world by self if you have one million. Thousand battles. Thousand victory this tent at halftime. Don't get double gold embody a there is huge very savidge there is a mean. I mean there is a handful of us that are willing to go in the trenches and take them they'll take the fight through these guys do these traitors and fifth columnists. But you don't win who uses the word dammit I'd be really. If you know he's Matt who now. I love like anger at the busy toward dammit. I. So look I mean Nam and I agree with him. He's got to get a new communications team we're all due respect to Sean Spicer Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Hamas saying old to Oman on the street reassign him. But in in front I've got press corps. That is now salivating at the mouth. To going for the kill and devour you you've got to get somebody that's a Bulldog. That will kick him in the teeth men handle home and take the fight to warm this is a war dammit dammit he's completely right. And so you know I've we've thrown some suggestions around apparently Kimberly Guilfoyle. From fox uses the five. It's kind of offering herself fit the fact that the president sort of a possible replacement the Sean Spicer. Book I like Kimberly I think she does a great job on the five. But I'm that she does she does not have what it takes. To deal with those animals in the press corps. You need somebody a lot tougher than a lot rougher just just my opinion. Britney before I go back to the calls what do you think of Kimberly Guilfoyle. As potentially the next Press Secretary. I don't think she would do a good job or not they she should just stick to TV. I think she's very good on the five I would say you know what does she is a couple of good points but I can't imagine her taking questions I think Nash or she's a prosecutor was a prosecutor lawyer whatever. So. Fine but I don't think that she has what it takes at all whatsoever I just don't. 6172666868. I think he needs to go from honestly somebody from talk radio. I'm not kidding he's got to go with somebody from talk radio somebody who really knows the issues is really well read. And doesn't mind disorder mix it up. That's that's what you need otherwise Mr. President they are gonna try to bury you. And on top of all of this listen to this. Did dear leader Obama is now weighing in. And sold his surrogates. Have now leak everybody's leaking now. His surrogates have now leaked of People Magazine. That Obama refers to trump eyes quote unquote the bull you know what Debbie Yasser. I can't say the full word because of FCC but you know the bull you don't want to be essar that's his nickname. For trump. So now you have the former president is almost unheard of publicly and openly they'll find like combing through his surrogates. They're current sitting president of the United States. Dear leader. From mean to you. Blanco off.