Who wins the Alabama Senate primary: Donald Trump or Steve Bannon

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, September 26th

Which candidate will win the Republican Senate primary in Alabama today? And which candidate really is the one that Trump voters should be focused on? The one he endorsed or the one who Steve Bannon endorsed?


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So what lived in Alabama as we just his last year granular than Alabama for in Georgia for several years you understand the south and I grew up in South Carolina okay so they go and I ran good campaigns there Alabama goes to the polls didn't he. In his corner we got Luther strange I'm for him why. Because I want this the phrase senator strange but I just think that's that's Miley I don't know I'm all of this race tackles agree here's what I know case nobody although I button and hold up well who's gonna do the Bibi wants some strange. A unit that I'm I'm that although the alternative is Bibi wants a more. Look for the president this corner and the alternative which is more so. We've got trump for strange we've got Dan and for more. First here's stronger what is what is this from the radio show yesterday which always the snowflakes down now written about our Cuba so trumps under Rick & Bubba promoting Luther strange list of former coworkers. If you look at us. In other words if if you court appointed to let's say he was you know attorney general in the state attorney general at such a center. And that he ran nobody would even run against him he would have been but because he was appointed. By a little bit of a controversial guy I guess as I understand it now it makes a recession if you have done nothing and just run now. Against and it might be that Roy Moore as you say I could better know. I don't know what more engulfed. And I think it's perhaps indicative when somebody doesn't even knows there I mean that's not a good sign. Put him but I have to say that. You know I just don't know very much about him. Right so that's founded this great controversy get an idea guy to have they were gossiping is trump on him but then last night eight. Ben and takes the stage for Roy Moore and he says that's. These folks are Edberg than they do want to read in other price of everything. But the value of nothing. And at the end of the day it was thirty million dollars that body he sits there. They treat you like a bunch of fools. He says I'm going to the Washington DC the stand I'll tell Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell loans down block. Stock and barrel. So they don't institute takes on Luther strange man and obviously rip and him is being. A swamp creature right trump telling you he's great and I never Roy Moore. Who wins the battle first of all trump prevent the trump. Candidate is gonna win because trump is the GOP Alabama love strong therefore he winner of course is going to be. Judge Roy Moore which is not a drama can't he is the job candidate but he's not just trying to but he hits everyone knows that Roy Moore is the trump be used candidate in this race everybody knows if you well more trump. You vote for ninety. A wildly unconstitutional. Throw everyone imprisoned judge Roy Moore as opposed to. Conservative conservative. Luther strange Heidi so actually firmly believe if trump had actually looked at the two candidates before he opened his mouth he would have picked more any would've I think the only reason he's back in strength is because he did it now he wants to win I. I disagree I think the reason is doing is that it's one of his outreach is to McConnell mean he's a dealmaker. And this is and this is a no sweat off trauma I brown asked just Asians too low price say and session since they strip bush debt. The what's it like you said this is a sop to the senate as it is it cost felt nothing he either way though it's why we don't do that and then go against teller and flake who wants. Because it because he doesn't like them in the you know that's the that it's it's personal why isn't it both these guys are pro trump. So we just pick in the pro shop guy that McConnell wants and it takes we can say. Hey Mitch I got your back now you know did some nice for me but trump hasn't lost yet with the news this is why one mutual lack he's won every. Actually that's not true during the primaries. You know there are some it was sixteen you had some. Plate umpire says he's been so the president does is lower races in Manila apartment that let's get there's been a pro and anti trump or pro Republican it's our republic and some does that why you should should try and Alabama's gonna go because they roll says he won't be his trump taking dead and that is judge Roy Moore he is your receiver again this weekend that they don't goal against trump. They're not going to shot they wanted this is like Alejandro Avila the waiver stated they're going. I'm sorry edited as everyone knows he's not sorry everyone knows you wanna be out of the flag dropped the saying I really did you vote with a stranger or go to Trump's gonna love having judge Roy Moore there. He's did they get people get politics this is politics and definitively think more wins in the last loose the handle it yeah how might mean you know he'll be able PL a downed the last nail biter will be dealt will be. In enterprise Alabama accounting the last few. Boats at the barbecue joints. Which by the way get a chance to avoid enterprise Alabama please do. But untouchables gonna cool did you hunt small differential for announced an account is another day and I I rallied that's for America and American rocketry yearly because we grabbed the Nazis who built the rockets are brought them to America we took in the Huntsville this is that's where you have to let the south needs to do you reminded mr. rocketry began here in Worcester mass when you when you go to long before and you go to Huntsville when you go to Huntsville Alabama they had a Verner Von drawn civic center I'm not kidding. And every night. They're playing trial for the well for students standing. Given DV. Boston's morning show. Police are chaos. Grandma just test you during the in the break Michael Graham and for him. And by the way Graham watch something yesterday in flames maybe the worst TVs seemed perfect so in about twelve minutes or so. We're going to be talking about what is the horse show in the history of television. Did you think long and hard you probably can guess what it was the Michael watched yesterday. We get that gentleman but you just ask me can I throw something in here that depends on how good your answer is what I'm gonna ask okay ready. Aside from who's gonna win and Alabama's ginger Moore. What do we make of this thing now where trump can have back a candidate and then Bannon can go to that state and then the other candidate. What we have going on here is there a war of trump and trump philosophy. Or is there. Why things interest me about this race it's not who wins and what the politics of it is. He's there's something that plane now where this is about trump and ban and or is it not none out there and still getting chumps backe still child's swing man. What's again he's not backing someone trump doesn't want. Don't judge any war is finished stopping trump from trump he's not even stopping it he's the true. Happy once again lead up to the two guys are fighting over who's the most pro troubled guy everybody knows the real trump candidate. Is judge Roy Moore and being in this game this is standing and and so there's no fight everything his trump. This we are in it is Trump's world we're just living that there is no Republican Party anymore there's supported trump. There is no viable conservative movement anymore there is trump that's where we are at right now and and small government traditional. Conservatives just need to get over ourselves and say this is where America is make your arguments make your case. Don't be a jerk about it there are logical reasons why people voted for trump acknowledges logical reasons and move on. But I think ban end. And we were also art in the sixty minutes and knew he thinks he's starting a movement known for a nationalist movement any thinks that notice he's not taking on trump really look at what trump has failed on the nationals move that look we're did what truck has not done about. Immigration look out chuck what's a cut a deal on Dak look what trump is not doing what tax reform look at. I mean trump is not delivering for the Nationalists so is banned and out beating him up and saying what about a ideals the way that talk radio audiences beat up. Mitch McConnell and and Paul Ryan no he's not he's being charm swing man because you cannot win on the right by confronting trump you just can't. So what happens a strange winds what's the narrative then trump future why not a guy yeah what happens if Roy Moore wins the guy trump really wanted to win wins. He was our what happens it is strange wind yeah. Trouble claiming victory OK so the messages whatever trump wants from jets again because it's happened before what happens to ban and nothing band shows up last night. Campaigns for a guy who's up double digits in the two polls that anyone knows about down there in and that guy loses new bull would that say about not a quote on quote philosophically we'll be leaving about being in this what does all about trump. It's too. Two guys who look trump there is no downside it's you walk. In to hear it when I don't hotel room but I don't know when your brother Swedish bikini team on one bed and a member of the yelled. Dallas cheerleaders on the other you know but I've zero distraught or occasional little choice between a Democrat to Democrat to Jews Democrat every time might get that philosophy. If the choice is between the trump kinda trumped I wouldn't you take the guy that trumps telling you. Yeah because you know that trump really wants Roy Moore that's run to they hate I've been edited the panic whatever your name is that you're from Alabama had been. Yeah gripping crime everyone knows that more is the tough guy yeah as a matter this is yet to Alabama banana hammock agrees to do whatever side you got people. The verdict and Alabama and I. I but he ate there one time that's not highlighted worked. And I'm not Sino us I don't know how to test. Yeah. We we need do what's on the menu at the element of an inanimate don't need to do their response by so speaking what's on the menu. A whole read one more thing on this I just don't get how you think it's clever that. They reject from two duke trump defeat Brothers and then there's no story because they know what trump really want to fund saying it's like Billiton Rio beer guzzling ganymede Illinois about. Everyone knows what's really going on and you go to these motions troubles go these motions of being a good Republican backing either upon candid. Everyone knows you be totally fine with Roy Moore that remorse is got having been there right in pretty much agree with us is really going out of the ground and I think you underestimate the power trump if he's more fall. If he's that powerful than he may pull the seat and nobody. Dude he's done it already did because there was a choice between pro and anti trump this is not pro into a jump this is dropping more trump. That's all you got.