White House sends warning to Assad in Syria

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, June 27th

The White House got words Assad would launch another chemical weapons attack on his citizens. The White House sent a warning to Syria. Are we headed to war?


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WRK 00 boys of Boston. Should we go to war in Syria if a sawed uses chemical weapons again. That is now the question facing the president of the United States. Here are my friends is now the absolute latest. It looks to me. Like the war hawks in the Pentagon and the military industrial complex. Are determined. To push this president in two way war that I don't think he wants and I know the American people don't want in Syria. But here is now the absolute latest. According now to faux news and other multiple media reports. The Pentagon is now claiming that they are seeing through satellite activity. What they say arc chemical weapons activity. At peace Syrian aircraft hangar where the previous chemical weapons attack allegedly took place on civilians. If you remember when we bomb Syria a couple months ago launched 59 tomahawk missiles. We hit what was called the shock rock air base outside the city of Homs. Because our intelligence community had claimed. That these chemical Webb the alleged chemical weapons attack had come from that very anger. They from that very airbase. Which is controlled by the regime of a sharp as sought. Well now they're claiming listen to this by yours captain Jeff Davis quote. We have seen activity at Scheyer rock air field associated. With chemical weapons. According to the Pentagon. They don't know exactly what specific actions at the base is going Ron. But that there has been activity in the last few days and they say in part did kill her. In the last 24 hours the activity has become quarter quote much more compelling. So what they're saying is that aside is preparing to launch. Another chemical weapons attack. And the Pentagon is warning him the Defense Department is warning him and more importantly. The president of the United States is warning is sought. That if they should launch another chemical weapons attack. It will lead to weight devastating. American response. And just to show you if we wanted to hammer a solid week could really hammering good. We have no word last couple of weeks amassed really an armada. Near Syria in the Mediterranean. The USS George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier strike group is now bear. Are helping to hit certain mice is positions in Syria. Are we have F eighteen fighter jets. That are ready to launch dozens and dozens and dozens of air strikes. And so he the military plan right now would be if there is a chemical weapons attack. They are ready to hit a sawed here is air bases and hit the regime all across Syria. To compound what is going on. Last week we shot down a Syrian warplane. The bat our people claimed. Was targeting. Muslim Muslim rebels backed by us the so called moderate rebels. And in Russia and is a lot of Russian forces now in Syria. Have now said west of the Euphrates. If they see any hall style American action. They will shoot down American planes and American droves. And so the question now is this. Good number one. Should we go to war in Syria if there is a chemical weapons attack but to me the deeper question is why. Why would I saw it even be contemplating to do this. Because if you're actually falling what's going on in Syria. Via solid regime is on the verge of winning. They've retaken a lap ball. They've retaken large swaths of territory. Ice is sister now clearly on the wrong. On the outskirts of rock out coalition forces are moving in. Or rock is on the verge of falling. Ice is is now being pushed into the eastern part of Syria. On the border with Iraq he is on the verge of pulling off a stunning military victory. Dot by the Russians. So the last thing he would want. And the last thing that he meets in fact the only thing now. That could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory would be western military intervention. And in particular. American military intervention. That's the only way assault loses now. Is if he gets blown Torre's regime gets blown to smithereens. And is utterly decapitate. So. One guy. Who doesn't have an incentive to use chemical weapons is a solid. And notice the coincidence. Noticed this. Jurist is he's on the verge of winning. An oasis is on the verge of falling. Now open spot this alleged compelling chemical weapons activity. They don't know what it is but they say satellite photo shoulders something going on. A cherry at their field it's very troubling. My friends I said he Q a couple of months ago analysts say it again. If RA in the Islamic rebels. If I'm the islamists. And now I'm facing potential catastrophe and they complete defeat and bloodbath. You want a false flag operation. You want to make sure that you have chemical weapons that are dispersed or use. And you try to pin it on a soft because your only hope for victory is to drag in the Americans arts. And dried in the Europeans. Otherwise it's game over full total. And what happened the first time. Remember everybody said who got the only putt on the media loved president trump what it was bombs away on a solid and Syria. What about that first chemical weapons attack. Remember I was says and it doesn't make sense to me that a solid would launch a chemical weapons attack it makes no sense whatsoever. Listen now. To Ron Paul. On his liberty report. In reviewing Daniel may camps. Who says. It's pretty obvious. According to Seymour Hersh another investigative journalists. There was never a Syrian chemical weapons attack. This series launched a conventional attack from the air you hit a rebel people. And vowed deep all spread serin gas. And the Pentagon seized upon this. To blame aside when they knew the whole time I sought had nothing to do with that don't force this president. Into war and the bombing Syria. Roll cut one Jarrett. It's amazing you know if you he had an article over the weekend everyone's talking about it today. And essentially. You would expect it is a blockbuster article it it absolutely damages trump. Completely. But it also damages the pro war narrative he had to go to Germany to get a published nobody in the Washington Post New York Times here's a blockbuster from the Pulitzer Prize. Winning. Writer investigative reporter nobody in the US will touch it in the article essentially says that. Based on his intelligence contacts that the US knew that trump administration knew that this was not a chemical attack. In in April and he fired the tomahawks anyway and that's a blockbuster think about it I would want to touch and an article like Matt. Obviously it's a blockbuster. Now notice the Russians to give them their due. They have been saying we've been wanting an investigation into this for months. And we've been asking repeatedly show was the evidence. Sure what's the evidence that Sarin gas was used by the Syrian military and nobody can show the evidence. Is like the Russian collusion story. Everybody assumes it's true everybody reports of screw everybody's peddling it but in fact is yes. And so again I go which is common sense. Why would they got. After what 856. Year brutal civil war and sectarian civil war that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Now. On the verge of an incredible military political triumph. Where he doesn't need to use chemical weapons. He's got the Russians backing him he's got the Iranians backing him he's got Hezbollah backing them he's dropping free can barrel bumps. Eight he's decimating the Islamist opposition. Why wouldn't even need to use chemical weapons they beat he's gonna use the one thing. That could potentially bring us into the war and knock him out. And denying him the victory. That he's been working for these people have for 56 years. Look. I can smell a rat. And let me tell you know what I think is really going to. Now the media and the Democrats and the deep state they now realize. The Russian narrative is over each dead. Each dead. They Georgia a special election proved it this CNN scandal now shows that if everybody knows 'cause they say in the south. This dog won't hunt. It's not going anywhere. It's a lie and the American people can see through soul. We can't bring him down with the Russian narrative that he's a traitor and a puppet of pool. What's the next thing. Get a new tool war. Because wars are deaths to presidents'. Day crippled presidents. Look at Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam. Look at George W. Bush any rock. I could go one example after example. If you want to break the back of Trump's presidency. Soft come into a quagmire in Syria. Tell him it's chemical weapons looking to children the poor children they're dying. Getting into world war. That may drag him into Syria and god forbid may lead to a confrontation. With a nuclear armed Russia. A powerful Iran and Hezbollah. My friends we're gonna be there for ten years. We go win now and we go any of under the pretext of a chemical weapons attack we could get sucked in and god knows how long we're gonna be there. How many more worse they want us to fight. Even if you shield for the sake of argument. That aside isn't your larger cool mad men. And he launched the first chemical weapons attack. Any once the launched a second chemical weapons does the complete order to get. Even though the record doesn't show it but let that golf is a complete lunatic. What's our national interest in Syria. We only have one national interest. To sea ice is defeated. And wiped off the face of the earth will who's killing nicest a saudis the Russians are. So if they're in the process of annihilating Iran and why would we want to get in the weight. We have no vital national interest in Syria Mirren. We're we're bogged down in Afghanistan. We're bogged down in Iraq. Were bogged down in Yemen were bogged down in Libya. Now we're flying operations in Syria boyfriends how many more wars are we gonna begin. Mr. President. You were elected to get us out of endless wars in the Middle East. Not to stardom. Should we bomb a solid if there is another chemical weapons attack. And let me open it up even a little war. Do you believe that Ron Paul is correct. Was the first chemical weapons attack he Roos a false flag operation. To trigger and spark the American bombing. Why Strom being played. Are we being played. 6172666868. Do you. Wanna see this fight another war this time in Syria. Here. I'll miss Beasley couldn't report the boy who are fed up WRKO. 11 did you hear on the great WRK OK Ron Paul. Citing now eight devastating. Investigative report by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh. It appears the last chemical weapons attack in Syria. That triggered the bombing that tomahawk missiles. Launch might trumpet the administration. Turned out to be any room scene was a false flag. Whereby the Syrian military bombed an arms deep all. The rebels in fact had to Sarin gas. He hit the deep all the Sarin gas went off it had nothing to do with a solid he didn't drop it. It was the rebels who got it. Do you feel but the Pentagon betrayed and lied to us and just like you rock. Are they good or try to lie again. To get us into another war 6172666868. Vernon in Arlington in Europe first going adverse. Hi there Jeff thank you very much I am so glad to hear you say that. I mean the end of minorities in the Middle East and Syria all know that Assad is and really create guide is people around him is military loved him. The minority vote him. He's a moderate he loves all of those people and he's doing this to defend this country I could not understand why even the conservative news reporters. I'm pops even majority of them as well as on the obviously on the left side the Democrats. All are criticizing inside and believing this and it's not true about. I am really am devastated by this a lot of Armenians are too because canyons course Brit for instance now and minorities are no. That they're safe and protected with a god in power. So please get the new doubt they'll let them know I don't know why trump got. Pooled by this I have no idea. I heard your heart I want askew when I wanna ask the audience this do you think the Pentagon you think the intelligence communities aren't they trying to bamboozled this president. And suck him into a war in Syria. I think that is what's happening I think what you're saying it's right but what I was so confused by it like conservative news reporters are given the same. The same view on things I would just I have really been surprised by that. But I believe so they're good they're gonna try to get him whichever way they can absolutely and go for his soft point go for his. You know areas of vulnerability. Of the little things. Myrna thank you very much for that call lines are blazing 6172666868. Do you Freel we were lied to the last time. And if there is another so called chemical weapons attack. Should try a bomb. Or stay the hell out. Robert in middle Borough go ahead Robert. Yeah I totally agree I believe CEO last. The attack was not conducted by the side is not his strategic interest. Financial interest or any other interests to unleash his chemical weapons. In this area. Also. Is the last lady is is that absolutely right about a lot of things about aside. Government. They were protecting Christians and in that. Before the civil war. And you if you if you look at Syria. Before the civil war they had war. Minorities. And holding. Jobs than the unity employment rate was fantastic there where there. There was there was more women lawyers doctors nurses. Professional people than it did you have a Muslim country in June in. And Syria. Robert thank you very much for that call look I think there's no getting around it. Saud. Is a defender of the Christians. He's defender of the religious minorities. He is somebody who's anti Islamist. And I think the fact that he guys defend the questions of Syria and the Middle East. Is precisely why the global this wanna take them out. And so what I don't understand it's. Why would Christian America. Want to take out the vote last holdout the last. Pillar standing against the rising tide of radical Islam is absolute. Insanity. Maybe in Rowley go ahead and hello already spoken to try to get as affix his phone John in north Borough go ahead John. But in. This is still I hope. Terrible idea are huge that I don't want to say this is so long and there's this one to create a belt mystery things. There was there was the Red Line drawn bite. As of book by Obama. And at that time hit that the two bit like it was supposed to be crossed and an apology won't be bad because he didn't. React to bad people actually did nothing when he promised he was beast that the consequences. The trophy isn't that bad and from Saudi Arabia. Whose lead head of the intelligence. Divisional missiles quit whatever our CIA. And at the end of sultan also out of the portable that bridges. John you're kind of break it up on us but they'll look I understand what you're saying. The saudis. Really don't give a damn about a sawed. I saudis and aloe liked what kind of a minority sect of the Shia. The saudis see themselves as the protectors of Sulu is long so this saudis want Syria's Asad regime to fall. The Arab gulf states want Syria is are I sought regime to fall Turkey wants to see a solid regime fall. And so you don't expression Hugh pays the paper piper calls too well the saudis old Washington lock stock and barrel. So when they give their thumbs don't duck farm is down but here's what I don't. We bombed a Syrian warplane. We shot it down and out of the sky last week. That is essential in essence an act of war. If congress declare we have the American people approved the list. Just like in Vietnam. Its mission creep. They're trying to suck us in bit by bit by bit and you know what I say. Syria is not worth the bones. Of one American soldier. He's in a row Lee go ahead. Eight yeah. I you know are they all of a strong supporter Donald Trump might still land but the more he battled in the area and at the what happened and got one other thing. Why can't we are right it's saying we don't want our boycott meant when men and women to be glad they're fully. Eddie may come to that I mean if if they try to move in big on Syria I will tell you right now. As one of America's leading anti war conservatives. I am gonna put thousands and thousands of people on Boston Common and we will say call me appeasement I don't care. I will say no war give peace a chance. URG you know all the.