White House Breaches.

The Kuhner Report
Monday, March 20th

There have been many breaches at the White House in the past month. Do you think President Trump is safe in the White House?


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State news liberal lies and insults to the working people we'd say. No more. He's just cool their road course. 1206 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. It's the call me dog and pony show up on Capitol Hill. He is now testifying in front of that house. Intelligence committee FBI director James call me. And I've got to tell you my friends it's turning into an absolute spectacle. We are gonna have all of it for you I promise in the third hour. In the second hour you do not want to miss it. Merkel and trump gall to poll to poll. And what they're media's not reporting. Trump one. And won the big we've got all of that all so are we sliding towards war in North Korea. Very dramatic developments over the weekend. Tensions have never been as high. Since the end of the Korean War but first. Is the president safe. This is now the question many are asking especially within the trumpet administration. In the wake of just some stunning breaches of security. At the White House. Recently. The deranged man Jonathan trend. Was able to scale the White House fence or Arab that the the that the security fence around the White House. Carrying two cans of mace. Set off multiple alarms. And yet was able to walk around the White House grounds listen to this. For nearly fifteen minutes in fact some say it was seventeen minutes so about fifteen minutes. For a long time he remained undetected by many of the security cameras. He was able to walk right up to the White House right near trump was where he was working and where the president was living. And it's not just this incredible breach of security. That as many people scratching their heads. Over the weekend. Somebody else was able to breach security. And jump over. Bike racks and so forth entering onto the White House grounds. On top of that. Just late last week story broke that a personal computer of Trump's. Was stolen. From Secret Service agents. Which contained the personal floor plans. Of trump tower. So who ever has that. Our computer. Now knows the entire layout of trump tower. God forbid if they wanna do something nasty. Or something dangerous to the president of the United States. And all of these breaches of security. Are now asking a lot of people this fundamental question a lot of people are now asking this key question. Is the president safe. Does the Secret Service are they up to the job now of keeping the president safe and I've got to tell you this my friends. Tim mean it is. Unimaginable. Unimaginable. That a president of the United States. Which supposedly the best security of the world and you've got some nut job. With a backpack. Who's able to scaled the fence. And roam the grounds of the White House for over fifteen minutes. And he's undetected. Earth for minutes at a time by security cameras and then when multiple alarms go off you can't find who the guy he is now. By the grace of god. By the grace of god. He only had several cans of Meeks. He was not he was carrying about pact luckily he wasn't carrying a bomb or some kind of an explosive device. Because the way he was able to approach so closely to the White House. And especially to where trump was working he could've done major damage if that backpack didn't contain base. But contained explosives. And so many people are now asking the obvious question. If he could have breached White House security. What if terrorists. Breached White House security if he could do it why not the terrorists. And what if four or five of them with the backpacks. Not with me ace. Not with I don't know what pocket knives. But with real bombs are real explosives. Were able to I breached security scaled the fence. And then do an ally are toolbar. And charged the White House and god forbid blow themselves all up we could have dead bodies including the president's. Everywhere. Mean this is serious stuff. And so former Secret Service agent Dan bond geno. Went on the talk shows over the weekend. He was a Secret Service agent for both president George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. And said I have never seen the Secret Service. This demoralized. I cannot believe what has happened to the standards of the Secret Service. And it's obvious something is going on they are either willfully understaffed. They don't have the assets that they need. Or something is going moon. Now let me tell you what I think is to meet W disconcerting. There was a story that broke a couple months ago of a female Secret Service agent. Who admitted in fact she said so wonder FaceBook are social media that she was a rabid Hillary supporter. I'm with her. And she said because trump was such a racist. Trump was such. A sexist pig according to her. Then he said Shah. A possible fascist or Nazi. And that she in good conscience she said I couldn't take a bullet for him I wouldn't take a bullet for him. By the way she still hazard drop. She still hazard dropped jazz have been fired. So the question I'm asking is really two fold. Number one. The Secret Service known not just up to the job. Have they lowered standards to such a degree. That now you can have not you don't. A nut cases. With backpacks. Scaling fences. And roaming White House grounds for over fifteen minutes and they're basically undetected. And every third day your fourth day your read about somebody skilling defense or breaching security your getting on to the White House lawn. And now you're losing laptops. With the president's personal information. And the floor plans of his of trump tower where he spends a lot of his time when he's outside of Washington. What's going moon. Now. There's a second question. That flows from the second one the close from the first one which is this. Is this now just. The lack of professionalism were the decline in professional standards incompetence. Or is there something else going on. Our do you have a lot of liberals and Democrats like that female Secret Service agent. Who for whatever reason because of their political partisan views. They're just not intra state. They're just not motivated. They're just not compelled. To gold that extra money oh did defend president trump. Because they can't stand this politics. I mean look. If you're a moon battle liberal. And you think this guy's Hitler and that's all they keep saying now. Hitler Hitler Hitler he's an authoritarian. He's a fashion as these are races these are. A sexist he's his limo phobic he's a big hit he's a threat to the republic is he something we've never seen before. I would wanna take a bullet for Hitler. I mean you don't wanna cut my paycheck I wanna collect my benefits. So BB resignation is mama is not an option for me but I wouldn't go that extra mile to protect the clerk. Why why go the extra mile to protect Hitler. And so the question now I think becomes quite obvious. What is wrong with the Secret Service. And in particular. Is it because they don't want to protect them god forbid. Or is it because they have so you won't need standards. To allow as many people as possible in and their standards have declined and I think there's no doubt about it. Look at that scandal under Obama. Whereby they Secret Service agents for an Columbia. Lay the ground work for security for the president to visit the leader of Columbia. And there they are hitting strip clubs did they are hitting the bars there they are sleeping with prostitutes. What is supposed to be on the job. This is not the secret service of 203040. Years ago we just isn't. So clearly the standards and the level of professionalism of the Secret Service has declined it's deteriorated I think that's clear. So Arnold Fisher is because they've lowered standards. And they're just not as good as they used to be. War they're not as motivated. Because wink wink some of them just don't seem to care. About protecting this president. The way they would say a liberal like Obama. What do you think 6172666868. Is the number. Let me just say this. That I wanna open it up to the phone lights. I agree would then bungee. I believe that the president especially after that last breach were not guys walking around fifteen minutes on the White House one. Practically walks right up to the White House door. The president is no longer safe. In the White House. He's not. And my advice to the president is this. You better have a very good personal security team around you. I don't mean obviously the Secret Service is some of them are excellent I know that but you're own personal people. That you know that goal back with few for many many years. Somebody that you know will take a bullet for. Because I'm telling you right now. And I don't wish this upon anybody but if I'm not here to be honest if I'm not here to speak the truth on the air but what's the point to me doing the show. I believe there is going to be an assassination attempt on his president I think it's inevitable. I think when you see the vitriol the Democrats are pumping out on a daily basis I'm seeing it right now at the Kohl meet your ex okay. When you see the vitriol coming out of the mainstream media. Out of pop culture out of Hollywood. Out of academia. What is coming now from all aspects. Of a markup of our society from liberals everywhere. Calling him everything under the book some unstable be ranged person. Is going to take matters into their own hands it's now inevitable. And the question is who can the president trusts. Who can the president relying on. Who does he know 1000%. Has his back and has his front. And if I'm the president. With all due respect to the Secret Service. You better have some people very close to you personal bodyguards. That goal back a long way. Who unlike that female Secret Service agent. They are willing to take a bullet for you. 61720666868. Is the number let me ask you this. Is the president safe. In the White House. I believe he no longer is our agree disagree. All of your calls next. 1244. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. He's got residents safe in the White House. Dan bond geno former Secret Service agent says and yet. I say nyet what do you say content in Boston go ahead Kong. Yeah I (%expletive) how are you know talk coed. I don't saying I bet on I'd say global security needs to be here every bureau figures at hand take certain security Secret Service agent to alarm him loud and sign up by eleven judge a Secret Service. And I don't know he allowed to a high of personal bodyguards around him because it because it's a Pulitzer circuit's order a Secret Service. Function. I did that I had to reveal. Who he has alarmed him and take those people. Kong I agree we're if you look Aaron thank you for that call Kong. Look if I were him I would be very nervous now Britney apparently did some extra legwork for us so this this broken a Daily Mail I think this morning right. About that see bad back so the female Secret Service agent was eventually let go. Yes she alleluia. She has been removed from our posts as a Secret Service agent in charge of the agencies and and Al lol lol yeah okay finally at least are starting to clean house. Britney I just wanna ask you this as you do come from a family of law enforcement father grandfather or your grandparents. Do you think trump is safe in the White House from everything you've been reading and watching. I think there's something wrong. With the Secret Service. You know not it wasn't just. Trump. Couple of months before Obama had finished his term. There was a guy in an elevator with them and they had no idea that he was an air. So like there has been a lot of preaches. Whether it's Obama whether it's trounce I think that there is something. The wrong with the Secret Service here in town. No I don't really think that he is Steve there's something going on I don't know if they're looking at their phones all the time if they're not paying attention you know. They're talking to each other and they miss these people up and offenses are high you missed that but. I think if there's something going. On in the Secret Service I don't know if it's political. Now or if it's just how they are if they're it's not paying attention to professionalism issue is no way I used to be exactly interest thing. This is from 50 weight you can text us that 68680. He does have trump does have his personal bodyguards. That is why the Secret Service is demoralized. Interest they're okay. Interest think this is from. Let me see here there was a great text or wanna try to there it is 781 Jeff. I worked at a bar in Cambridge in 2005. Secret Service were in their drinking on their downtime. Showing their guns off to impress the girls. Now a. Whoa. Holy mackerel yeah that's that's really unprofessional. Chris since Somerville go ahead Chris. Major. You know you agree which use it to the president is in shape. And you're right there in britney's right there is something going on we've got to disk into me and her. Like our post Google looking relaxed sort of speak. I think. That there is the we're not even apply but a clear and that would divide even before trump got into office because people started breaching security at White House. In the late Obama admin a patient's. Now we know that the clintons brought in the criminal network to Washington. That's a cell and they set up their criminal network. It wouldn't criminal network we know that don't reach. Our leader our clients so in. So what you we have to start to win as looking at this as Alison looking to clash. And sinking in the terms of people's criminal stink in the terms of ankles. They don't think straight forward the think and how they can make them look different than they really are so they can get away with what they're doing. In all aspects of crime to a large degree the professionals and long story short is that I'm saying that. That the administration. And people will want to hire a probe of the Democratic Party. Are. Clearly knows it and we stop at nothing. To remove this president. Well that's my fear and Chris thank you for that call look that's why this is serious stuff these breaches in security. Because he is a threat to the global list world order he is a threat to the Washington establishment. He is a threat to the ruling class. And look they wanna get rid of them now I think they'd rather impeach him. They'd rather have a meal bring him down legally or politically. But I. You gotta deranged guy with a backpack. With you know several what does that he's got some mace. Several cans of Mason is backpack. And he's walking around White House grounds crew over fifteen minutes he walks right up to the White House the work. And heads haven't rolled. Something is wrong someplace. Skip he himself he'd go ahead skip. Coach yet constant. That might play John. The security. Like comic about that female and that is you know you say she was let go I heard it the other way around at the sure that I'm sure they treat her to beat impressionable look at. Bill Clinton it's that's a 48 out Shia quick. She sure. But it's iris like brick city they were under. It. Obama. Bullish internal state and not the triple threat but what should be brought it to its SP two that it is. It likely that eat Gator a lethal. Are under old trunk. Because they're actually organizations clout they wanna get ready and make you a quote so Ottawa at least so. They should be actually security both at the lead at the height he what Ella are very simply they have to beat double entendre security because. More than any other president Hugo group or individual to be ignorant and history era the. Skippy look at thank you for their call look. Social media is exploding. With threats of violence against him. I agree with you make defenses hire hire more Secret Service agents re in Quetta attack dogs. You know honest he would text or put it you can even break in to a junkyard today without getting torn up by dogs. Get some more attack dogs is so it's a more security dogs for God's sakes you seriously. Nation building reclined defence and once they land a minute pops 6172666868. Okay tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Now rise dramatically. Are we sliding towards a possible war. Kim Jong-un now warns he will start killing Americans. If one single bullet is fired. Dot story next. And readings on North Korea exactly very very badly. Thank you. 1237. Here on the great WRK oh okay. FBI director cold meat continues to testify on Capitol Hill. We're gonna have that story for you once his testimony is over I promise. But I got to tell you he is cutting trump up like you wouldn't believe. And the media is eating it up including Fox News. Day are loving the way cold me and the Democrats. Are denigrating trump. Of a war have died in the third hour I promise. First inning credibly important story. I don't want over hyped this story I don't want to sensationalize the story because this is a serious as it can possibly be. What is clear now from multiple. Media reports. Both in Asia in Korea and here in the United States. That the situation on the Korean Peninsula and remember. We have thirteen 29000. To be specific. We have almost 30000 US troops right to bear on the south North Korean border. What's called the demilitarized zone the DMZ. Not since the end of the Korean War. Have tensions been this high. What is now happened is as follows. The north Koreans. Led by eight and I I you I use this word. I'm choosing my words very carefully I don't say this likely or tongue in cheek who led by any mad men. He clearly is psychotic. He clearly is a socio path. This is what many of his inner circle have concluded this is even what the leadership in Beijing in China which is essentially V. The finance year and the backer of the North Korean regime. Even Dave concluded this he is clearly unhinged. Not in the way liberal Spock but in the clinical true sense of the word. Kim Jong-un are huge or obese men while his country is starving but somebody who's into cocaine. Who is into prostitution. They ship amid from Sweden. From north northern European countries. He apparently throws lavish parties. Cocaine the finest whiskey. Knocked caviar you name it will watch movies go 345. In the morning. I see is people are starving by the millions. Well the only thing propping up his regime. Is this constant beating up his chest that North Korea is somehow a great military power. And sold to distract from the obvious disastrous. Failures. Of his government. What he is now doing is she is threatening South Korea he is threatening Japan and use threatening the United States. He is now building up a nuclear missile program. Then he says he will launch. Against Seoul against Tokyo and against the Hawaiian Islands may be even the West Coast itself. His latest success. Is a high thrust high powered engine a rocket engine. They are thrust rocket then he is now vowing he won't put in nuclear warhead on so that he can decimate entire cities. He launched a just a couple weeks ago four missiles into the Sea of Japan. Landing almost on the Japanese coast. For the first time since the end of World War II. Japan is now one of heightened security. And they are now asking for ray first strike missile capability. Against North Korea. South Korea as I'm speaking to you now. Is engaged in huge military exercises. With US forces we are now sending in warships. And aircraft carrier. We are sending more warplanes. For possible air strikes against these nuclear sites these nuclear facilities in North Korea. As well as missile sites. Navy seal team six has now been sent to South Korea as well. China is now calling this a quote on quote slow motion train wreck. And they are concerned. That it both sides do not pull back from the brink. There could be a war on the Korean Peninsula. After this reckless and completely illegal. Rocket test. In which Kim Jung and was caught on film celebrating with his generals in fact one even jumped on his back a strike ways has gone sixteen. Like they just scored a winning basketball. Winning a winning a basketball shocked or something at the end of the game. But up a buzzer beater. This general is jumping on his dot they're pumping your fists. Now Rex Tillerson secretary of state has come out and said quote our strategic. Patience is that an end. Diplomacy with North Korea is what Tillerson said has now come to an end it is over it has failed. This morning North Korea is crazy leadership came out and said that if one single bullet is fired. Against the North Korean soldier or one missile strike launched. He will launch a nuclear attack upon our troops in the DMC. And he will burn soul to the ground. As he put it I will raise it to actions. Donald Trump the president has now said almost treating you like a trial that he is. Then he is a misbehaving. And that Eric Kim Jong-un as he put it is behaving very very very badly. He's out being very very badly. He's out of control. He's so out of control. I'm not even sure the Chinese wanna keep this guy in power. Because over the last couple weeks his administration. Has been publicly denouncing and criticizing Communist China. Because apparently launched a temporary trade embargo to try to arraigned. This this style in this in this this the mad midget in. So things are now becoming. More volatile. Almost by the minute almost by the hour on the Korean Peninsula. Now. A couple of things need to be said. Number one. This could be trumps missile crisis if you remember Kennedy at his missile crisis with north sorry with the Nikita Khrushchev. With the Soviet Union over Cuba. And the two sides almost came to the brink of nuclear war. North Korea. Is now looking to develop more atomic and hydrogen bombs. In fact they have ice a set facility right Garrett North Korea where they're gonna plan is passed either this week or next week. That will increase deep powers of their atomic bomb by fourteen tanks. They want to develop a hydrogen or atomic bomb that is so powerful that it could level. All of South Korea. And kill every single American on the DMZ. This is why if the administration launches any strikes. To take out these nuclear facilities. To take out these missile sites. In other words to decapitate. The North Korean leadership. He could lead to potentially millions dead. That's why Asia is on red alert. That's why. The trump administration is extremely concerned that's why China is concerned. That's why this is becoming such a big story. My advice to the president is this. Get those US troops out of the DMZ. I don't understand why the Korean War has been over since 1954. It's been over for or it's been it's been it's been over for over sixty years. The Cold War is now over. Let's bring those boys out of there they're now nothing more then a trip wire. They're gonna beat cannon fodder. For whichever side launches the first strike. Those troops are gonna get incinerated. It's got to be a bloodbath. And so what I would advise the president to do. Is get those troops out of the DMZ. Let's South Korea take the lead on this very much wealthier than North Korea in fact their forty times wealthier than North Korea. They have a much bigger military. They're much more technologically advanced. To one of the wealthiest nations and all of Asia why should we all. He's doing the fighting and the bleeding and the dying. Let's South Koreans fight and die for the South Korean nation. Now and what we can do to honor our treaty obligation to South Korea. Is if god forbid there is a war. We can provide missile help. We can provide air power. We can provide naval aircraft in other words we can help the South Koreans from the air and from the C. But not with our voice. Not put the flesh and blood of our sons and daughters. We have lost too many of them already. Whether it be any rock. In Afghanistan. In Libya in Syria. In Yemen. You name it. And god knows how many we gave up jury the Korean War. It is time to bring our troops home. If it is that come to blows in Korea. On the Korean Peninsula. Let the South Koreans fight and die for their country we can help them with aircraft. We can help them with in the navy warships. We can help them with air and sea power yes. But with our boys and girls know. Agree. Disagree. Let me ask you this. Should trump now launch a preemptive strike against North Korea's nuclear facilities and missile sites. Or should he give diplomacy. Another chance. And our troops on the demilitarized zone should we have thirteen thousand troops on the DMZ. Is it time. To bring them home. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. Is the number. All of your calls next. And readings on North Korea exactly very very badly I want. Thank you for 1254. Here on the great WRKO. OK Kim Jung I'm not mad midget of North Korea its Stalinist dictator. Now vows to reduce American troops to quote nuclear ash. If there's any strike launched on nuclear facilities or missile sites in North Korea. There's also a lot of concern that maybe they can put any warhead. On an intermediate range and missed sold like good strike even Hawaii itself. My question to use this. Are we sliding towards war on the Korean Peninsula. And is it time to bring our boys out of the DMZ. And bring them back home 6172666868. Winds are loaded Reagan his car going head rate. Yeah RJR Leo good are you. What you I agree with the Bob May be 981990. Senate whatever you talk about or share your opinions. We're in this particular one I think you're wrong I think would be you know with thirty browser close thirty dollars and America's supplement industry. I think it should be it would per cent. The north Koreans from watcher Jack for that so well reasoned that. If they attack South Korea and obliterates our troops out there. That what they've been we do though is all all special ops people retaliation against North Korea in this country would be where. Severe and that's something that the Chinese that what we are what disguised to look at guys not being different than his old man. Eight page posture like this solid I is getting to a fever pitch great and it's up to this current these are forty. The pressure maturities shall reign in their client state. And thank you bill. They're definitely Jindal. The problem is is that it would pull out there and it's invade South Korea and watched them out. There is nothing that the Chinese literature artery into it involved. The culture connoisseur or the United States is not involved and they are well yeah we disagree we feel that it was a warm welcome and not treason bill but. What can you don't know washed into it but if we're there are that's the best prevention we have. From that watch attack it is very very similar to what not a remake of the web about social pulled out of Iraq what happens. So I think I would think would be a trusted. Ray let me ask you this did you make obviously very very good argument. Let me ask you this you're right about trying to we should be really pressuring China to rein in their their proxy of their client state North Korea. But why not just give South Korea the nuclear weapons. Why not allow South Korea it's a democracy it's a very good ally of our urged Japan to democracy now it's a great ally of ours. Give them the means to defend themselves. Let them have the nuclear bomb. And this will deter the north Koreans and god forbid if the mad midget wants to make a play for South Korea. Then they can wipe North Korea off the face of the earth. You're able to do this year in shot periods are. As close to pull out 30000 American troops that whole infrastructure. I mean if it's just too much. If this guy music is playing around with fire. Our best option right now look at China does not want to go to war with their customers outside. So you know I I think that what needs to be done here is a full bench press from the Chinese diplomatically it's I looked it he can't let this guy. Polish up because that's gonna cause a conflagration like what happened in the strip these except that'll be works and we're going to be involved because we have troops. And the Chinese don't want that they don't want it as much as legal it. This guy is a whack job and no lack jobs but they just hollering and because it was already and his father's part of the B Fordham. So I think our best bet for the immediate situation right now if we pull out where where it like being reshaped them a do whatever you want. Honestly. Ray thank you very much for that call thank you are very well argued a look out to me I think we have too many commitments too many troops all over the world. My philosophy is let's South Korean boys die for South Korea. Let him put those troops and put them on the southern border we've got enough problems but precious meet Paul in Dorchester going head ball. I champ hunt thank you for bringing this. Matter to the forefront I would GAAP. Fully agree. That that we should give South Korea. That the nuclear Iraq how. The matter of apple might that we can't give it at a country like pac man. That will we have bought. Now what have they have a gun rights era crimes and be. I say pull out boy at a the F. Give them why I'm from the South Koreans and then back. I'd get that drug addicted. Pot smoking Matt get out of North Korea. A regular golf ball.