What grade do you give President Trump on his First 100 Days?

The Kuhner Report
Friday, April 28th

Kuhner gives Trump an A and Brittany gives Trump a B.


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Through all five here on the great WRK. No all day. Drops first 100 days. What grade would you give him but before we do. Brittany has been cool rocking us off. In the Booth with fair imitation of Elizabeth Warren. Nice if putting pressure Ari now does really evocative and do exactly the way you've been doing it for the last five minutes you gotta do it go ahead goal free. You have. Academy. Again do it through and act now it hurts so bad like yes like hold your breath. Like a foot and a half Saudi watered out but she's. Do you Lil. Dial. Like hot this talk like that create her ex. Cook. Miller Roy let it rip rip your vocal chords apart apocalypse. We're. Beard I know how. And Asian native American vocal technique. The muscle yeah. It's an excellent seven Tuesday exit 6868. Okay my friends the corner country I wanna hear from you what grade would you give. President Trump's first 100 days. Even if you called in the show already we're gonna make an exception you can call back. I wanna hear from you okay the poll question of the day. What grade would you give trump if the answer is some kind of an 88 plus pay a minus. Ducks the letter a the 68680. If it's some kind of a BE and Brittany is now a solid B she sensed. Beat us BB minus. Text the letter BP does 68680. If you're voting online because with our program we can only do two choices on the docks machine but online. You wanna see you can go see you can go. Go to wrko.com. If you wanna register your vote online. Vote poll question has always. Is powered by bill Kelly financial services. Brit me. What Art Bell poll results. Thus far. I get this is the tax machine line. Tart Jessica brought out to dinner that. And so 63%. AA. 37%. The interest and yeah sickly sixty Purdue 6040 more ways than beasts. Yes OK now what about on wrko.com. Okay well different hair. 50% B. 39%. Game 11%. CE. 2%. After so the lowest Grady got was it. Right at 2% 2% though OK 11% see right and then. For whatever reason more bee's Dan Hayes from the people were voting on the Internet right interest and okay. My grade and I have a call me more wrko.com. And just look at my you know my latest column. Media's lies about firm are Trump's first 100 days. I would give him a very strong a minus. You really wanna be that he beat loss. But I think he deserves an a minus I would vote and hate to be on his IB a 68688. Why do why give many minus. On the big questions. Jobs. The economy. Border security. Ice since the Supreme Court. I believe trump has done a magnificent job. He has rolled back many of these job crushing regulations. Of the Obama administration on climate change. He has almost single handedly saved the coal industry in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He has revived cold. By and saved thousands of jobs. Did jobs reports under so far the first couple months of his presidency. Jobs are now at a record clip almost 300000 jobs a month manufacturing. Is up. Construction up mining up the economy is doing very well under Trump's young presidency. He has already forced the renegotiation. Of NAFTA. Which I think we'll save millions of jobs and bring back manufacturing to this country. I think his tax plan is world class book I'm a flat tax a fair tax guy. But still he's proposing serious surreal tax cuts across the board. I look at him on the issue of course hitched a Supreme Court. Are you clearly delivered on that front. The border. Illegal immigration is down over 70%. In some sectors. 90%. We're starting to crack down on Sanctuary Cities. Deportations. Especially of violent criminal illegals is up. I mean it's only a hundred days. But you can clearly see a change in the direction of this country for the better. On foreign affairs. He has dropped the mother of all bombs on crisis in eastern Afghanistan. Finally now somebody is standing up to the mad midget in North Korea. He is beginning to rebuild our military. America is back. Now. Why don't I give them a full way. Ryan Perry thought was a debacle. I think clearly that was a mistake it was a failure now he's going to be having votes on this next week. There's a new reform bill that gave. Look so they're gonna put forth with the MacArthur amendment significant. Improvement over why you care so he may even did not big victory. Syria I thought it was a mistake I know many of you disagree with me on that but I think Syria was a mistake. If I necessarily. Fractured a potential alliance with Russia. On ice system radical Islam so I think that was a forced error as they would say sorry and unforced error. There's they would say in tennis. His biggest mistake. And I point this out in my column. Is having allied himself with Paul Ryan and I think Ryan is going to damage him politically. The longer he remains an ally of Bryant's. If I was to say the biggest mistake trumps made. It has been his close alliance with what with Paul Ryan Orion. That's why I can't give them awful day. But overall. I think it's been a very strong. Very successful first 100 days. And I think he's now laying the ground work for not just a four year term. But an eight year term of almost unmatched peace and prosperity. The wall however needs to be built. And I think that's where Ryan shafted him big but overall. As a performer professor. I would go team minus circle that and say Mr. President. Get rid of Brian and you would get a full day. Britney. What grade would you give him. I get him of being a solid B thumb because. I think he is. First amenities as six asked because he got gore six through and he we have attorney general Jeff Sessions. However there are a couple of things that I am I worry about you know his health care bill. Failed. His travel ban field. He flip flopped on jackass. So a lot of immigration stuff going on the wall has not been sire bildt's. He's might go to war with North Korea so I'm not too pleased about that. And it's there's no tax or fine. As of right now so. There are few things needs to work on come you know I don't I don't really wanna judge his whole presidency off of 100 days you know obviously getting him some more time here by. Yeah I think that he's a solid BS get a few things through but also another thing that I saw this morning Jeff on and off erratic but at. Wall Street Journal yes the front page story in the Wall Street Journal he said that he is a nationalist in a global list. And that was a difference. He added he was totally different during the the election. So you're either gonna be one you're going to be a Nationalists are going to be a global issue camped both. You know he's Jared Kushner mouth when he same app so he needs to get rid of Paul Ryan. Get rid of Jared Kushner. And hopefully hill had his presidency will be a success but in O'Neal gore stich you know perfect so he's doing wonderful about. So you would give them not to be plus of these ads hit a solid day a solid B okay interest and I think you're being a little harsh on the guy but. Note that the lord you never went into teaching Britain that's all I can say it has to be very tough to get a may in York. It's hang out give everyone Anglican and it really tactics on the muscular it would really did nothing and be a horrible teacher. You you've never given me any and nearly as have. Always tell you have great monologues and everything dining go there. Mostly. It's the opposite it's like you're really tough on me on the monologues like I never seem to be able to get an eye on the monologues. I'm always like a B a B plus maybe it does the main mine last night I disagree with you Britain I mean. I know you think you'd be giving out a lot of days you'd be giving out at. Have a decent season let me tell you I don't think sound that would be generous you. Ugly let put this where you never given me any in my life I have till okay that's okay 61720666868. What grade would you give president trump. Paul in Dorchester go ahead ball. Jeff thanks to mark call for comment and I'll tell you may agree it is I really hate when. When Elizabeth Warren and all the Democrats pander to the black vote and I when they called me my man or you'll rule book call me brother. And you know it's it's like you can tell from the bad these people think and broad so you know when he eighteen like peace that we have to pull someone else and get rid of Warren. Bump my grade that I would love to give president trump is an a plus. From the beginning of the campaign this guy never held a post office drop. Seventeen. GOP candidates battle against them the whole establishment. Allowing media. Okay and you get he gets rid of this crooked dealers. And you know and hope to local tax you know now that he's an office in this still fighting against him and so. The reason best reason of giving them to a plastic is crucial and realize. And the health care bill. I want that feeling to implode. On the Democrats face I want him to bull put don't pretend that he's trying to repair this thing and that it implode. I you know because they've been the ones who who will build distant from scratch and premiums skyrocketing. And a one of them give the American people. Directed by they own healthcare to put the tax dollars and nine Hinske empower us to give us. Let's pull disclosures in and then either head at times so we can shop around for health care unless they do that it's gonna implode in Ryan Ryan has to go seasonal friend. Both of trump. You know these guys they do want my dollars to go straight from the coffers. Of the government straight to the insurance companies. And number eight. Paul thank you very much a very articulate very Cogent. I mean I I think degrades a little bit too high but Paul I wish you are my teacher at. He soon but I mean T I would want Britney to be the principal of the school because she can Arnold really lay down the crack the whip she can relate on the law. Now I want you Paul to be my teacher got them a quarter I would be happy. Al fi go ahead Alfie. Hi Alfie what grade would you give the president alpha. I would give them my eighty foot outfit in a Pete for his accomplishments. Consider every not a professional. Politician you know it does. First time. You know well they have an you know eat it actually can have all the way we would sound. Brittany about he should get rid of that type course. And their keep by men in some menu and reunion whatever is Benjamin. I'm in balance even yeah. Couple. But yet some of that he needs to have a really could keep the quality people around him. And I think they were chanting no indeed Troy right now maker galway. Based there's little. That you prevent golf. Georgian style nor spoken for gimme georgians don't mean Europe next George what grade would you give president trump. First I mean that we're done impression I can do a great cooler pressure and do what area. Go ahead shoot George Patton. Allow all along the low barrier and I hope. I don't know I don't know. I don't know it's. Though so you know report the only one night I'll give it critical to the only one being silences and cult or. In Berkeley that's but being silent there's been here lie a lot is not being silent in GM not been given a raw deal. From her janitorial days right after lying about her ethnicity to be coming US and. Brilliant George brilliant use it on thrown. Absolutely side of the prize to be got to give them of the night I think he's doing well I think he's backtracking a little bit of a few that you promises but. They think. You know whether it's now or whatever but he getting something for right strategic. I'm pull out a major round not gonna pull out but I'm gonna negotiate. So I got to give him props that each side of the health care. Didn't necessarily go to play the Pepsi currency report Ryan is the one nation that had been locked in a loaded and ready to go. He won the presidency to get a how to get the Saturday at the presidency steered the bill on your desk. His first day January that's when Howard got a pilot Paul Ryan. But it's so and the Moab and everything going on here as alternate and and a better negotiating position. George thank you very much for that call okay so you know Brittany who would you always give you when age I was OK Brittany. Where is Britney. Okay I'll bring me. So want to tell everybody on the there are you're making fun of me in my head phones. About how I pronounce it all just funny shall we go ahead go ahead. You don't save we'll bring you will learn book woman. And then while the Gloucester it Lyle static. Like Colin do you live near Najaf that's still on one old Aaron. See what I mean that's what I lost their blood. But still don't quite give you when he did you ever get on him a lot of it's not on your pronunciation and who won. Friends. 6172666868. I give the president any minus Britney gives the president a solid B. From you I'm hearing it plus a B minus. What grade would you give president Trump's first 100 days. More with your calls next to 24 here on the great WRKO. OK bridge mean. Is giving trumping a solid B she will not budge. Price agreed to go up to a B plus not all be. I'm an A minus. Now Jared I'm just kidding I suck I'm just inquiring. All kidding aside. What grade would you give the president's first 100 days I got to sort of agree with Britney here I give. Solid B minus. A solid B mine is C minus just because. Well he was in the C but until this tax deal came announces a B minus. Because honestly the health care thing our one day one repeal and replace it didn't happen. Not all this is an entirely assault of a caller touched on it like he's not a politician. He's being blocked at every turn I mean he had to hit the nuclear button just to get it justice pass that should have easily been passed. I understand what he's up against but no wall. No Health Care Reform that taxes are big boon. I got to him a B minus Emmys try and I think. Again we're hitting on a hundred days this particular 100 days B minus but if he takes out the crazy fat kid eight plus. Let's that you guys are tough crowd. Boy UN Britney hi ya ya in 61726660. I correct in reading chip up. Bruce symptomatic did go ahead Bruce. First our corner. Loose out like so it does so well late. You're. You're. Thank you glance. The man at our house. I do the presidency. See much out I would talk grader who you really aren't tough months. I think it was a mistake. For him to ally himself with a right. Previous. The son in law. I think it's a mistake to do is to his daughter and I'm paid job in the White House that I ever gone an interview and say. All well in the orders Syrian refugees. We need to do way. Simply doing that what we're talking about chopper at immigration a weather issue lights and her opinion is reflected in the present. I agree could be that Syria was huge mistake. Shouldn't that we don't and we should never get involved in this in any any other country's civil war. And that's they have well there are civil war whether Russia's evolving and. We should immediately we shouldn't be involved in. He has done a lot of good things but he is that all by executive order did you he's got nothing through. It's congress yet. I would leave testing ground for. I think Putin you know huge mistake and if you industry you should learn from Obama. The future state that Obama made was to take out your horse in back take on taxes. Should take captions first and then taking. Brilliant brilliant. Brilliant brilliant brilliant that's what I was saying do tot. Health care can wait believe it or not do taxes first that will get the economy going he'll start creating jobs. And then that sets up the table to do weather issues Bruce. Admiral fund saying this manly enough for you. I love you know it done on sexual way I love you Jerry and gave god go ahead Jerry. Jeff thanks a you know I would let Lawrence sounds like you almost four and a lot she strayed into much. I listened to perceive. It but before. A B plus OK so you're. Between Britney and on. I didn't of people us get three quick things percent of the security policy to the whole month mark of Americans. 50%. Believe they should be governed by surreal law. The Pentagon's inspector general dropped its boggle the 300 million a year in taxpayer. US taxpayer funds. Spent on rotten Afghanistan's. Fake soldiers police teachers in multiple mop multiple like decent names. In this State Department what this past week the trumpet administration would lead god now not ruled over a date. From propulsion with the NFC directive pariah Rory and she is linked to its rotten regime. In the nuclear deal. In the last thing Jeff. Remember this name in the Democratic Party tool elf guy yet he's at new rising star out of Dearborn at the end Michigan. I'm not surprised I'm in the dead than the Democrats now they would love to have the Muslim world. Mean liberals and Islam they almost go together now so I'm not surprised about time. They Gerri I just don't understand the mean they're good points but what do they have to do would you giving the president a B plus you know what I mean to so to me stay on topic. Lucille is Somerville go ahead Lucille. You know the same kind of panic and the main point that I got a message from the mobile market. About ten different and kind of mocked a student would kill. I if this year will. Was still a 78 year old Sicilian. Vs Elizabeth Warren the chief. If it's ever a death match. My money's on you to 33 here on the great WRKO. What grade would you give president Trump's first 100 days. I give a man named minus. Britney gives them a solid beat. Jared is the toughest of all gives them a solid B minus. Mic in Weymouth go ahead nick. They get in depth. Ravitch from I swear to god but I am going to be mindset only because right now. He kept commie like consider. Detestable. Just resurgent background anybody listening out there with the clintons. And shenanigans go right back and even before the trial the administration in his days in New York too many in the US fly Somalia. Today I directly up wind that gonna happen. It is the the he'd fight people would get Asia haven't heard enough. I just hope that gets cleaned up put these things can be corrected. Yeah I think is on the tax bill on health care bill. We only thing we just heard some people are against it Conservative Party to Frisco not afford bottom line is it becomes out. It occurred. I was gonna say the working class. Yes working class pay taxes but has also senior citizens who pay taxes to pay taxes on the Social Security they pay taxes on that on your primary reason. I'm insists that concentric. So if they get this cap on health care bill. If they get the shaft on the at all. Texting people if they get attacked actually act on yet. The that the medical bills and I'm going to its feet flat. OK so B minus each. Honestly I think as you're being a little harsh on number that's just me 61720666868. Special exemption today even if you called a show earlier. I wanna hear from you corner country. What grade would you give him you know what strikes me. Is that you know we reduce the tax line it's age 63%. Beef 37%. But from the callers. Except for a few people. It's either Beazer cease. So not many of the listeners are giving emanate. But the callers so it's a tough crowd. Ross in Boston go ahead Russ. The object of our top crowd. Looked about like squad and well I apple look at what's most important and it number one offensive that country. Is for us in Second Amendment. Then it's our post it would sure where they're concerned. Trot definitely gets and now if you act therein. We got beat Foreman the last twenty years. If you if if you if you consider all of that. Try this at eight lots Al. You cannot hold her responsible. Would allow a sub so all the way out in watching. That can't be tried that city animated look at. And equipment they need all I am into it that you them. But I thank you very much for that call rust. Look let me just play devil's advocate OK just for a second. No wal. No Health Care Reform. No tax reform. Now trump vowed that he would nail boast three things within his first 100 days now I look I agree with you I think Ryan is the big obstacle. You guy Jared Kushner you've got you wrong cut you've got Pete police surrounding himself with that I don't think are doing him any favors. But I'm just saying by his own standard and he said I'm just throwing it out there. He said you'd double wall or at least the beginning of the construction of the wall you have repeal and replace on obamacare. And you have a booming economy with a major tax cut already in place so far the hundred days will be tomorrow. No healthcare reform. No wall. And all tax cut. I'm just sank. Billy in the car go ahead bill. Yeah I think that the bullet and get an egg because all three of those things those major things. He's only resistance. Everything else is because they are you going to. Sleepless at night to do he's accomplished. It's without present at the people or ethical progress she's dealing with all eyes in all the rest rouge and Washington. That Hillary didn't attend a stroke that we know it was going to be this kind of reason for it or about it because of the that would trump even the Republicans that would trump. What you call it legal. They're in America never trump Republicans. I hear you Billy looked that's why to be honest with you when you if you read my column I say I give trump any minus. I give Ryan and half. To me if you wanna know why trumps 100 days haven't fulfilled. The potential. It's because of Ryan. And to meet. The longer trumps allies himself with Ryan. The worse it's gonna get he's an albatross. He's like an anchor that's weighing you down. Cut him loose. Erin in New Hampshire your back again go ahead Aaron. Are you just hit the nail on the head jet you know what I don't look solid feel like Britney just for note course that you loan. And I don't know about you but I feel a lot more comfortable with child and willingness North Korean situation and I would Obama or Hillary Clinton. I'm now he wants to go to an eight plots with me. He's data let's and we gave my house so we gave the senate he's got to realize that our Ryan and the other Ranariddh arc on his side. It's he can find the way. To change the culture of Washington and drain the swamp which he said he would we're not going to give him an a plus but I'll put him in the Reagan category. And I think he tackles so. Parent thank you very much for that call let me ask you in the audience and this. I agree with you completely Boerse which was huge. Huge. And you're gonna see it now would die judge you're the one out in San Francisco. Trying to block his sanctuary order. The Sanctuary City order for giving me. Certain that you'll threatening to withhold federal funds. Because portions he's gonna be the deciding vote on that. So you're right about more search you're right about him he's the guy I want viewing the North Korean situation. But there's a third person. Jeff Sessions. Timmy. When it comes to the border. The illegal immigration. Deportations. Well obviously a big reason Strom. But another reason why illegal immigration is down over 70%. Prison new sheriff and that sheriff is Jeff Sessions. Glad to. Did you think to protect my call. Helm again I think because a couple things that you support and an important Burkle Obama or whatever you wanna call it. I don't know if you can actually hear from the tax law without actually addressing. And that give that's my point. Ugly argument I think that the but. Everything. That everyone else at that if you if you want apple that law in jeopardy should the largest act increase. That we ever from a personal perspective but really Americans ever. Commitment to saying that he did it by air and central and Robert overturn or girl told you know I think about thirteen. In the tiger and it's not done yet. So the next and terror happening in that earlier on their own that would call impact. It's a little except I think undercounted can be poured out to to expect up to two dollars the company know propel to build a split. I'm not sure law widget that it will be implemented yet. It was accurate and efficient plant. It happened the other dollars per out of on the lower realizes the other thing too that it does. And it court ordered in and that in the face and of course it's all so Obama. You know it in which he really that the current law and the other part is that would be COLT. Disposable to quote I ordered the candy it's stuff that you would buy. There's attacks and medical devices which are disposable. And at the lip reader app per cent of what everyone buys debt. PDF or we're eco. Kevin you're giving us a lot of information back. I think would your basic point is. Because there are so many massive tax increases associated with obamacare. A lot of them on the back end. They're gonna start being implemented this year and next year. If you wanna maximize. A tax cut. And the amount of the tax cut you've got to repeal obamacare replacing with something that's viable. Before you can do that tax cut. I hear you that's honestly that's Ryan's argument it's Trump's argument. To me I look at it to be different. The country is sold divided on health care and the Republicans are so divided on healthcare look I would just always straight repeal. If you want Jeff corner just repeal that it OK but let that go. I would say do the tax cuts. Don't even worry about deficits because the economy is going to boom. So more revenue will come in. And as Kennedy famously put it a rising tide lifts all boats. Then when the economy is booming Trump's poll numbers are gonna show war. So you have peace and prosperity. Then you can deal with health care from a real position of strength. So that's why I understand Ryan loft the man right Ryan said look you do health care. Then you can take care of the obamacare taxes that sets up tax reform. Then the economy booms you have more tax receipts coming in more money. You can do infrastructure Castro wants to do a one trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan. So again it's health care taxes infrastructure. Tim mead that's putting trump in a straitjacket. That he's walked in now activists. I would bust out of dot. I would do taxes first and then frankly do taxes first and get the wall done. And then write off of that but that's just me say again it comes back to Ryan. To meet all of his problems ultimately come back to Ryan and that's why my peace my column I said look whatever you think about trump. Solid B plus maybe an A minus I give many minus somewhere in that range. But that guy is a complete failure on complete bomb a complete disaster. So why no man frank in the cargo ahead frank. I would do what you have thanks to take my call my show thank you. You guys stole the and abide by that but really and truly to give him anything less than any artists you'd be crazy because of the deal cause such. Decision immediately got the privilege Hillary had gotten and in. Appointed another liberal judge the country that you all even quicker than out of yours. So you know I'm gonna cut him some slack he's been a lot of work to do. It's bad news buried the within the government is a lot of people still working against him. But at the end of the day I have also missed it it is secure the border. Redo the tax code. And I hope you let Obama if all the days. At Frankie does that he's going to be one of the most successful presidents in the history of the United States. And that's why I I'm that's why I'm a little more charitable and will we can agree to disagree but does some a little more charitable and say Britain your Jarrett. That's why I'm with you. I mean that a minus range. I can mean very good first 100 days okay Mike in new near back again Mike what grade would you give them. Guess. I would Jim have a well raptors some of but it equally into. Discouraged. Or bogeys. And drug use and so while what Trisha this treachery. They're recalling setup I don't wanna watch it just statistics. Are implemented question stand the and so. Because as far as I'm concerned are seeing too many people record discourage. The absolute secured. It's almost as bad as huge epidemic this district. And it can be all the worries you write what you Chester. So remarks. And at the deed jets go dialogue and actually it looked in the cabbage. And then I'll give the guy any talks but reestablished room and a lot. Mike thank you very much very thoughtful wants agree with you but they heroin epidemic the opiate epidemic. He's eats killing this state. It's killing you England. And in all honesty is slowly killing white America. Especially in the heartland. And to mean that's one of the biggest reasons why. That wall needs to be built the sooner the better. Caroline Bridgewater what grade would you give president Trump's first 100 days. B minus okay wife Carolyn just curious. Because I think right up he should. They cleared English as the official language of America through executive order I think he should that they and get their docket. Programmer not look and say hi Erica. I think that he should be attracting. Bob. College is cinched up and international god downed. And get enough right to speak I'm not side. And I feel like you need. We're cleaned out more this. Want right away including writing and he hasn't done that you made some bad so it is by attracting black and so I think he's doing his best but he's flip flopping a little too much and need because the fight in Khost there. Carol thank you very much after that call Annie and shall see your back and meet what Graham. You give drum and from a parent and. I have UN I didn't think that's what I did right and I. And he didn't match it only gets a minus one yet I neither can it get back here and and you can happen now aren't you can't eat up while Lang yeah. So I mean no I agree with you or look right and I look I think your thigh I think to me that's the common theme. You don't Ryan is what's killing them and then the end lawless. I mean long may be Jared Kushner is a great son in law. But he shouldn't be your advisories he's just he's the wrong guy for the job he's giving immoral horrible advice. And his daughter. We voted for the father we voted for the old man. So to mean. Send the the daughter and a son in law back to New York have them run their business or help run the business whatever you want them to do. Ryan let's gentlemen my sort retirement package OK he's got a beautiful mansion in Wisconsin he's got a big wall Letterman retired there. Do you get rid of those still. And then were really rolling. 6172666868. OK we got a couple of open lines if you wanna jump on. What grade would you give president Trump's first 100 days. And let me ask some of the never shrimpers if you have the guts. If you're gonna give them a NF. Called the show and tell me why. Your calls next. Through 54 here on the great WRK though. Let me push one last thing on the table and then I wanna hear from you corner country. You know when politicians talk a lot of times you can tell it's just rhetoric just clap trap. They're out. Really don't mean what they really say. But when you listen to trump. Especially on one key point. When he talks about what he inherited from Obama. Even the week he says that the depth of feeling and emotion you can just tell he really sincerely means. When he says I inherited. A mess. Our big. Mess and I have to just say that the world is a mess. I inherited a mess we just when he says. Just messed the weight which such emphasis you can tell it comes from them from the pit of Islam from the gut. And he's completely right. He inherited he really inherited. All Macs. I mean a real mess. And so you know this. To me this 100 days is an artificial benchmark created from FDR. I think a lot of the expectations were unrealistic. You can't overturn. Eight years of the disastrous. Presidency. In essentially three months. And so that's why to be honest with you I'm not as tough. On trumpet say Brittany or Jared not to don't have a right to their opinion. But just I think in the mass that this guy inherited referral. It's gonna pick us so while tech clean lot stink bomb. Verna in Arlington go ahead Verna. Hi there Jeff it's great to talk if you hello do you Brittany injured and all you folks felt their lovely the attic from Chelsea on the phone to. I'm gonna give him a B plus. And one of the reasons that I'm actually agree with everybody and everything that they are here all the points are very helpful to hear. I really dislike the fact that he bombed Assad in Syria. I don't think he had the correct information being partly army and background I know a lot of Middle Eastern army and and they all say aside is a wonderful president. He loved the people that people in the military loved him and they help solve the hum. You know the Christians in the minority because he's a moderate. Any a couple of them. I was really upset about that and I understand the casting but I think they need to look into it further into the had a chance to at least you know come to some discussion. Beyond that yeah flee the repeal and replace them the border well on all that stuff is sort of he's fighting for like with all of those things. But you know I think with all the effort he went through in the election cycle and everything he's gone through in the first 100 days in all the flak against them. Eight plus plus plus for effort and persistent but I do agree with many people. Jared Kushner you Tonka and Ryan Trojan horses with him and other people launcher. So given them a big aid for Africa at a deep class for the actual carrying out. Perhaps thank you very much in very well said honestly really really good Cogent coherent direct call. Our third Chestnut Hill go ahead Arthur. Thank you have well did you know I believe that the reason that the left gives Namibia and because he's undoing everything. And that it was done in the last page is so eventually they're gonna give Libya and that. I give him. Eight. Yeah just done deal gorgeous solo is just getting this steady medallion there. It has but it you know or Cuba saliva from an expert beer. The apartment. Arthur your phone is breaking up on us but no I hear you course it was huge John in Delray god go ahead John. Jeff thank they like all my pleasure we got it right but it's a president how to get read or write. Help out on that. What John what he could do anyways especially after the failure of Ryan care where Ryan was really on the ropes. Look the house caucus doesn't like him the base doesn't like him if trump just came out and said give me a new house speaker. It's time for revolt it's time for a new house speaker. I EP finished. I mean did you vote and on confidence and Ryan would basically be voted out. Now he will still keep the seat if you can't retire him. But pretty much you can remove from his house speaker. If trump just let the word be known I don't wanna work with this guy. But instead if you remember after Ryan care the failure he said well. I still like Paul Ryan he's I trust Paul Ryan he has my full confidence. That's right thinking should have thrown him overboard now I think he will. I think he's gonna have to fail a few more times. And then he's gonna realize. He's no lows are okay my friends. Tomorrow all. Big heavyweight title fight in Wembley Stadium in England. I'm going to be watching it Wladimir Klitschko all. Now goes to reunite the title and win it back against Anthony Joshua Lott. Vladimir error duet for the Ukrainian homeland baby.