What is the dumbest thing you were suspended for?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, September 21st

A five year old kindergarten student is suspended for a “terror” threat. What do you make of this story?


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White and blue you're with the color man on the voice of Boston. Arcane you know. The United States. In sanity. My friends I'm telling you. Really I I gotta say a lot of people are now saying there's not just me there's nothing original here. We're in trouble. The cotton duck could be really honest we you know really where word trouble we're in serious trouble now if we continue to allow these liberals. To take over the education system and wonder why I mean this one this one. I tried everybody shaking their head this one okay sold this is the future my friends. Unless we parents and citizens say enough is enough to listen now activists. This is out of Modesto California so. They five year old California boy he's fine. Jackson right. This in kindergarten. Now remember. He's life. But if not fifteen. Not twelve. Find peace in kindergarten. So little Jackson. You know he's a kindergarten on I have to miss haven't. So little Jackson goes to school he's got his backpack cotton. When he goes into his kindergarten class he tells his teacher. I've got a bomb in my back pack. But it's okay 'cause I might keep my backpack on. I'm gonna be the hero in all like bat man and I'm gonna prevent everybody from getting blown up someone save everybody by keeping my backpack. Now. Here is how Jeff cooler would have had a bit of jump corner was a teacher in kindergarten they're dealing what five generals. Okay Jackson. All right writes I'm okay shore Jackson did you backpack off c'mon stop clowning around let's go. In my opinion because let's go we've got stuff to do it now price Jackson that the bad cop let's go out and back and Lance got forgot about the Bob let's go to Jack. That's exactly how I handle. Nodding California. The future. Freaked out. The teacher. Sent to Jackson to the principal's office. They called Jackson's parents. And said that he's been suspended. Because he threatened. To blow up the school. Where a bomb. So they said I swear to you so they sent to junk the parents that the combat to meet the principal meet the teacher and at the end of the world. And like he had raped somebody your assaulted somebody or something then they took Jackson home within minutes. And so the parents. Vents and all looked at the actual school code of conduct and they said well hold on why you suspending Mike's my kid. And their argument was well by saying he had a bomb in the back out he was direct main other students. And sold that triggers an automatic suspension. Well they said hold on that only applies to fourth graders and twelfth graders Jackson his high he's in kindergarten. They send a little innocent man good point so they hung up the phone. They called back about an hour later and they said we've consulted with legal. And legal tells us we're gonna suspend your son now on this ground what's the ground. Quote unquote threatening. Terrorist actions. So now they're saying that little Jackson by Sanyo a bomb in his little backpack and he was gonna keep it on. That to save everybody because he's the hero. Does he actually is like I McKinny and al-Qaeda crisis. Style terrorist. That this was a terroristic action. And because of this according to state law they have the right to suspend them. So not only has Jackson been suspended but malice in tennis because the parents then you know kids five he's in kindergarten. Sometimes you are different between fantasy and reality did you fantasy role playing its rhetoric set up. So they told Jackson you can do that. You can't say certain things that scares people do camp play pranks Jackson thought it was a funny prank. You can play those kind of pranks Jackson you can't do that. This squall band told jock. Since parents. Here's the camera now my friends died this is the ticker. It's going to be on his permanent record in school. That he was suspended. For quote unquote. Terroristic. Actions. They want to it on his record. Permanently. Permanently. The parents. Our besides themselves their utterly beside themselves. They say what are you doing to my child why are you trying to destroy my child this is going to be on his record. This is gonna be with them and all the way up until college wiry he's flying if he didn't know what he was doing he didn't have a bomb. There was no bomb in the back. It was obviously he you know. The fantasies of of a five year old kid who still plays Batman and Robin and the cowboys and Indians. Dare answer to bat. So I want you now to think about this. Because I'll tell you what's the real scary thing. The scary thing is. Those are the ones teaching your kids. He's a liberal moon bats. Are the ones who think like this. Cannot distinguish between a five year old and a fifteen year old. Between a fantasy bomb in the back got by a five year old little kindergarten kid and are real bomb. These are the people. That now I kid you not our educating your children. These are the people that now or in control of many of the public school systems in America. I have a five year old and a seven year old. My five year old Eva has a a Barbie doll she loves it we gave it to refer Burke they actually her acting can create them. Might my sister and my sister want teamed up together of our beautiful balls. I hear her at night in her room plank. She's playing with Barbie. She's acting like Barbie is real or having conversations. It's an imaginary friend. That's what five year old half. Ashton is suppan he still playing Batman and Superman and. When I was a 56 year old you know what I did I kid you not we would pretend to be blowing up our neighbors. Like we have like little legal voice fixed or whatever you know and I all look. Here's what we warmup albeit a small bowl and we weren't serious. The kid east far beef. And as this story has now gone viral it's now gone everywhere CNN fox MSNBC. Little Jackson is completely oblivious. He has no idea mound but he's at the center of these huge media story. And so much so listen to this. That his father says that he so upset. That he angered his teacher. That little Jackson. Spent the David he was suspended. In the backyard. Picking flowers to give it was feature. Their desert there's your buddy or little al-Qaeda terrorist right there. Areas but ice is is gonna recruit them any game out. Any game out there is picking flowers to give to his teacher. This is the America that we live. That they cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. Did death of sheer common sense. Five year old olds have crazy imaginations. Five year old play stupid pranks. Yes you have to discipline them a little bit save that don't do that shouldn't say that whatever. But to suspend him. And not just suspend him. But then put a permanent. Put it permanently on his record. Over a crack a bottle Baughman the doctor. From a five year old. We who. You're gonna tell you if I was the parents are if an atomic watt they're suspending him why. You were reported permanently on why on the wreck are you kidding me. I would be speechless. I would be actually speechless and here's you want all the real to the ultimate kicker the double kicker missed. As this story was breaking in California. Another story ran. That over the next three years. The California government is gonna be paying out one point five million dollars spread over three years. Two big gangsters I swear gang bangers. Don't like mopping criminals. There are other words if they do is give them some cash and try to say look I'll pay you what. You don't have to steal for the drugs you know to show each other for the drugs are not getting we're gonna give you grants from the government. And see if we can turn your say your you're airing your. Your guns and turn them into plowshares. We we want you to give up your guns. Your walks give up your blocks. And tournament the plow shares and become good citizens and so here's one point five million social San Francisco. Is paying gang sorry Sacramento. Is paying gangster Ers one point five million not to kill each other. But a five year old kid wouldn't imagine what active imagination. Singers a bomb and a backpack. Permanent record for you baby. Permanent record for you Jackson. Blank you'll little one. 6170666868. Is the number. So let me ask you this OK I wanna do a double barreled question on this one. Number one. What would you do if this was your child has something anything like this ever happened to you. Where an obviously. A five year old 456 where an active imagination. You know I said this to grace last night. Thank the lord little Jackson didn't you know pop art into the shape of a gun. Up all that would have been a three days' suspension for Jackson. How is what would you do if this was your child has anything like this ever happened to you and number two. What was the dumbest thing you were ever suspended for from school. What was the dumbest thing you ever did. That thought she was suspended. I know what it was for me. And a fourth grade I threw in a racer to the back of the head of misses you now. I feel when Michael Milwaukee and I did it. I thought I'd get allowed she is writing partner on the chalkboard or. I admire pace of her putt looked around and I just flung it and I managed to hear in the back of it and she looked at me look at what did you just do what you crazy. So she got that meter principals office my principal called my mother my mother called my father. My father came to pick me up and I got the bill. I've got the ball that I get the belt always my old man teed off 617. Do exhibit 66868. Brittany I'm just curious. Oh I don't you wanna weigh in on this what do you think of poor little Jackson. Should this board give have been suspended and get a permanent record and what was the craziest thing you're ever since buzz suspended four for. School. Never got suspended Jeff. You never write about it here you know I got suspended for one day wants and high school. I left school. And went to dale world's hot it got nice spread shows bagel toaster a cream cheese and I came at past couple of all. When I was coming back and through the gym doors a gym teacher caught me and I was suspended. I was just hung there's not a database or they really add eight well what are you hearing that you cut costs not have a work study so. So you cut work study. Via. So you left school premises you went there with a bagel world yes well if you're my asking how was the French toast with our cream cheese. I think I was so upset at any minivan. Now what happened when your parents were told that you were suspended. They thought it was a neighbor like whatever that it really no surprise there really care that I did that you're serious there weren't upset. Now call my dad would saw palm man was he teed off yeah. All he was live beta so I was kind of stupid I can still in detention yet to suspend her for elegant whole day for it but whenever. And a BC my dad always sided with the school I used to being so embarrassed that I was suspended. So I never pulled out again now what do what do you think about little Jackson you. Well yeah so seriously think about this how come. When clocked boy he made a claw yes. And that tees it up but it was a bombing that has act well. They are racists right yes column was caught what was really and not in a panel Lesnar but yet but now any. She knew it she knew that he was he doesn't know any better is fives yeah. It obviously probably checked his backpack there was nothing in hurting me and Brad Pitt and I don't that is so ridiculous shaft. Sip aware that this crazy when you're in school Brittany. I mean I got suspended for going to bail (%expletive) I don't know I don't know but I mean I don't think this eggs out and all it wasn't just out there I'm not saying it was all within a good old days when Jeff corner went to school. But it wasn't just kind of loan is an analyst at all really want that common sense back up and 61720666868. Is the number. OK if they've Jackson was your child what would you do. Should this sport kit have been suspended and now a permanent record they're permanent on his record. And what's the craziest thing you were ever suspended for 61720666868. Your calls next so we'd have to. Just is Horne or Jackson let me ask you this showed little Jackson Riley. Who claimed he had a bomb in his back traffic. Pipe you paroled as kindergarten student. Should he be suspended. And should this to be honest permanent record. 6172666868. And what was the craziest or dumbest thing. You ever did that get yourself suspended. This is from 97 a jet. I've been suspended for disrupt. In class because I was making fun of a nuns know it's. A 617. Jeff. When my son was a little younger he was enrolled in the local public school he wasn't suspended. But he was disciplined for making a is still shape out of Lego box. Well. I think it was about he was about six maybe seven at the pine cove so. Cut the lead got closer to a shape of a Gunner as the lock up a rock quarry area lucky wasn't expelled. Another 617 Jeff selling gum on the bus really commuter coaches good old fashion American entrepreneurship. Selling car among the boss. Pat I used to be the American way. Another 617 Jeff my hair was too long it was touching that top of my ears. I'll. Jason look at this winter pretty strict school 6172666868. In Boston in Europe next go ahead. And I thought about it. And I'll say the current cellular. There are so there. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. All the. Not that we can hear you got called backlog the connection we await your cellphone connection wasn't very good. Pom in Waltham go ahead Tom. Yes I just wanted to point out that in the criminal justice system. All records are our field at the age of eighteen. When you talk about this being a permanent lifetime thing it's constantly like it doesn't conform to those standards. What I mean permanent terms of his school record. Like his school transfer ups you know he's going to be used for something else. No but just you know we've supplies the call eight shoo in Ohio if it was the high school college. They're gonna see that he was suspended and was suspended for quote unquote terroristic threats. Against us staff members and teachers right. So basically they're saying he's. I wanna be Osama bin Laden. These are many Osama bin want. But if you murder someone at the age of fifteen that that's canceled Euro notes etc. that's that's the most bats for you decision. Little Jackson. About I got a. And my own world. But not a this is so emotional for you not how you kill somebody earlier Darren banner no problem. It's expunged at eighteen c'mon now. A lot of soap for you. 6170666868. Larry in Peabody go ahead Larry. Yeah I'm. I'm I'm from the military and not what I immigrant school. I have attacked a great friend teaches chair. All right I'll battle to get it was like happened yesterday. And back in the back problem we went to school we wore shorts. And it should try to pull that out or let up. She got a ruler he said band of its records accurately by I spend each tried the band. In Asia spat will all be on my legs I'm sorry sorry. I didn't go out. Oh I went out there if you told your mom Schumer responds you're damn right I thought it would have been snapping the straps at the arming and litigate and active that has been little Jack and apparent pack that backpack. Are yeah I'd be sure yes well why would you act goes to parent occult parent both breasts instead of doing some might system. Oil cronies. Larry. Very honestly once easy once you understand this you understand everything liberalism. Is a mental disorder. In California become an island bet it will. Effectively that call Larry. We in Rochester go ahead Kathy. Yeah. I thought of Jack and I think they're like balloon pretty into action I don't know children but added it. Saying that the ER. The principal wouldn't have a little chat with Jackson and it's explained to him you know why it was wrong to expand and cool arbitrary. It's spending a child can gotten Hannity is to say I can't talk about that accurately to water. Really it is during unique. A little out yet he was the young girl about Q school in general hyped book. In Cuba telling me she's going 24 to meet a friend who graduate from high school or college. We don't even know how to compose a letter a copy of the letter they don't know hotter right Shia. You know it may seem like they have no life skills because they're not talking like killed in high school. In that want to congregate in ending up creepy put doctored like this a you know. Mikey and Matt Clapp I say recording their. And then you know I'll lock requirement walked up marked down to beat. Out of the school record. And important. I agree with you high powered the students I'd go to the dean and say look either he goes are we go take your pick. URG you know all of the boys from Boston. Spurred Jackson and this port cared so what happened was went discourses in Modesto California. Kindergarten five year old kid myself active imagination. Everybody says they're really good head. Came and didn't wanna take off his backpack teachers said why he said he had a bomb inside the backpack. And that if he took off there would explode. But he said don't worry I'm about man I'm gonna protect everybody. And so I'm just gonna keep my backpack on. The teacher literally Q melted down she freaked out. So she right away suspend they went to the principal's office they suspend the little Jackson for one day they called the parents. And they said the reason why he was suspended according to them was that he violated a school called. Then he was harassing and intimidating the other students. Stood their parents looked it up is simple mulled the school called only applies to those between fourth and twelfth grade students. So then they literally called back they said we call legal. Legal told us we can use a different call with a different call. Apparently little Jackson bend they say made quote. Terroristic threats. Towards school officials. Saw the good guys does sees I told you a mini Osama bin Laden. These a junior he's Osama junior so. They say he's been now suspended and they want it to be our our permanently on his record. The parents are beside themselves they don't know what to do they feel that their son now has been really just shafted by all of this. Then he's just a five year old kid they've already spoken bandits will never happen again. Jackson always getting flowers in the backyard to give to his teacher the next day he said it was just a little prank. This school band released a statement listen to this saying that they take quote unquote students safety and discipline. Very very seriously. That's why it is going to be on his permanent record and they're setting an example now we Jackson. Now my question to you is this. If this was your child what would you do. And is it me or is this utter liberal insanity. 61720666868. Is the number I would pull my kid out of school. I'll be very honest with you I'd say you know what if you guys are gonna be this insane. This success of this over the top. You know first of all did somebody look in his backpack in Seattle bomb yes. What's the problem. He's fine if you guys couldn't just have you know resolve it right there on the spot. Each a five year old kid you you don't know how to go up five year old kid. You know that's point number one point number two. Guys. Are really honestly c'mon. So. You've got drugs in school you've got gang bangers in school. You've got a sex said the herpes syphilis page everything's going on in school. But you're going after this poor little five year old kindergarten kid are you kidding me I would say you know what. This is the I'm telling you the problem is this is liberalism. No all common sense whatsoever. Non. 6172666868. Is the number. These are the ones teaching your kids or grandkids. You wonder what's going wrong with this country this is what's going wrong with this country okay 603. Jet. I got suspended. Off. In the fifth grade because I glued to teachers ceramic apple tours debts. But that's a that's a good walk and six top secret. Pact saying that's a serious prank you know that's a good one. 774. Or Jeff. I got suspended for climbing up on the roof of the high school. My buddy got away with it because the custodian was chasing us he jumped off the roof. I'm all hold on our feet. 774. CR did was just throwing a racers just not I wasn't as creative as you guys. I just an eraser to the back of their head of misses you Mal in fourth grade 6172666868. John and Dorchester or Europe first go ahead John. Thank you get up good to talk to you again hi John. Let me throw this section EU thing. That this is cruel and unusual punishment yes. Well then let's get the best ACLU attorney held here and told the constitution. And let the school department trying to defend themselves. Pat pat pat pat pat John I'm with you okay thank you god bless you my friend I may repeat it. Don't human bombs Ashton has Mohawk like him and his friends. You don't become all seven okay. My 57. His friends from the street com you've got to see them live got sticks. The stake is my mistake it's a gun it's a sword it's does seems bad. You know all their shorting monsters they're sure doing this and you know on knocked daddy daddy is friends are there you know were hunting vampires okay you go get him junior. All right just be back by 5 o'clock gay. Deb Richard nobody gets hurt be backed by five mama's got dinner ready okay joining us and just begun late night skies okay. You know pop up with these liberals I got a call 911. Up but got the employers outside bouts. But my kids down. 61720666868. Vinny and global and go ahead many. Though Jeff putt. I what I'm a retired police officer and I almost got suspended my high school because we were appear Peabody high school early Playskool. And couple guys hang and opened the door downstairs in the principle always seemed so foreign to dismissal time. 210 my friends. His via firework. Chili bowl and this is what that is sensitive to terrible. The other one distracts me. The second when lights if you. Soul patrol because they won't get my hands blown up. And we it is Atlantic could see it now rolling right down to the principle. Are you serious via via. So he turns around you'll give me any good defender not not that senseless I don't like to come here finger right he could act now we. So I walked over there are indeed he has this Jim Crow that's why the work I did yes sir it. So he he walked back with the other guys and pieces she looks at them and leases to me get my office. Ottawa to listen. He's there for the dismissal of them sit mammals had bench is that royal you know if you sit on longer than a minute upon us as well. He comes walking in about twenty minutes later on in the office I go and I'll make a long story short he's fit. Why did you throw the fire where ice is somebody hand between living with a few limited mobile my hand up. These simple candidates who. And I said I prefer not to say I'll take my medicine. So he thought about him as a good guy didn't fit. Well I don't happen again. But that doesn't need this week that habit you know as. No I continue to look it's a beautiful story I wanna thank you for sharing it because. What home. Mr. dole in Havana that was his name mister dole and he was might principle when I was in high school. And he was a former football player not NFL but CFO Canadian Football League I believe he played for. The Saskatchewan Rough Riders football bowl Obama. It was a big guy you know an irishman big guy. You know big broad shoulder big armed I think you played offensive or defensive line but he was alignment. So nobody was imposing rural obviously intimidated and scared by him but he had common sense. He had judgment. Here are clearly it was just obvious okay well look you know you weren't really responsible they gave it to you know you through the firecracker. I gotta give you some trouble over days and you don't wanna squeal on your friends which is in a way kind of a mobile honorable trade. So I'm not gonna throw the book that you you know like that's we don't have anymore. But like it's not just in school I find it's over everything. That's what that perhaps that's why I am looking at this or that it's a microcosm. Of what's going on in America. And so you have these idiots think about this look at you have liberals. Cool Mott called out radical as long. They will never blamed terrorism on a muzzle. But then a five year old should mocked this sport little kid Jackson. In the back pack play a little prank. And suddenly now it's got to be on his permanent record. So a four year old non all that's a terrorist. But bits are natives they come on now. That's Islam phobia. When the FBI were questioning them about Islam phobia now about how Mara the role in stone yet parents Hernandez back cover of the Rolling Stone so there's one terrorist training camps in Chechnya but that's. That's how big vacation in Chechnya OK come on now. Is homophobic. We who. 617. To a 666868. Skip be in south. Go ahead skip. Paycheck throughout the cemetery. I'd school so. Delegate Eliot recessions and carry out order but up as a though we have lunch break. Yeah avalanche actual and I'll try to stay or go up to the story from. Well we coordinate try to take a couple of military rules and public community and we can go pick up at all. You wherever it probably would be ankle and who doesn't it yes W what it's been mrs. so and so in in the middle. And at the pickle and that you know tiger putt but it did say that I didn't get trouble. The fact I got straight into the orbiter it so don't work out. Yeah I not look I think skipping a stipulate I'm with Hewitt but honestly this Jackson can at least seems to integrate kids. And I I'm telling you you can just tell he's got a great sense of humor is got a great attitude. I think it's gonna work out for this kid now I just feel about four and a pork is getting shafted. I just you know I like I said justice for Jackson I feel bad for those guys. Amelio in the north then thanks for holding go ahead Amelio. Unthinkable but in my course yes my pleasure. You know I but it should that you're allergic to if you and I won they would who we're human. That's. Up two goals on that date but we don't have that that's what debates. When I got all my got a beating out. When you don't want it both holier where you're I would did I do that he was it the bell that he just logical. So yeah I got the bills I got home. You know it's you know that in his jet. When I would go and I'll might finally you'll be middle and I know I have a hospital built on the but I thought I'll say success story but. My question is yet. It didn't get a suspended. School whose reckless or whether we call when a teaser rate over the case. Now what I'm saying. It is is I don't understand yet and I. Philippines jet one athlete who helped a lot of people or recall right now this suffering I can get all the my family Olivia. Is anything we can do. A appreciated. Output and women's equality an odd time. I really appreciate it if you unequivocal and it was guns on people up is people I can get a hold of my comment or wrinkle it really does you know. Amelio I want you know you're you're found near my thoughts and prayers. God bless you thank you for that call familial. Look I feel very bad for the people of Puerto Rico a look America stands with them. It's a territory of the United States Maria hammered him I mean hammered him. Almost into the dark ages it's no power no electricity all over that Ireland. I know trump said he's gonna move very quickly and very aggressively. To help rebuild Puerto Rico is so bad. That the runways had been damaged in Puerto Rico. So they actually have to come in with emergency teams to fix the runaway it's so they can start playing a flying in aid and supplies. So. You know honestly my my heart goes out to the people of Puerto Rico. 6172666868. OK my friends coming up next you don't wanna message it's hammer time. Can touch this. Can't test it's hammer time my friends okay so I kid you not I don't know if you. You know what you got here it. You want official proof that there are literally lunatic left there's some. About the top illogical knots I'd MS left BC it's now on tape souls are not that far. Who'll need Larry O'Donnell MSNBC. Always. Apparently there's a clip it's been released became obviously from his people. I mean he's really known I have to tell you this as one of the most malicious. Nasty is people in the media business. Well this was from August 29 net taping of his nightly political show. And it shows them what you know having difficulty with these outtakes. And you just get a taste. Of how this guy yells. And miss treats. And badgers his staff. So he keeps complaining in his earpiece. Then he's hearing all kinds of sounds. From the control Rome and he says that he's hearing Cameron. I'm either on top or on bottom. So. Isn't this good is eight minutes long we're just gonna play for you the highlights. Here is looney Larry O'Donnell. It's hammer time. It's gone up by hammering stop hammering out there who's got a hammer where that. Where's my camera. Isn't on the get go up and got a floor somebody who don't want parents thought I am over the stop the I have Bahrain. I'll go down to the go and or myself and stop and keep them. Commercial break don't call and the curtain and you have to call stop. Hamilton. DI out a gun control movement find out where this is going on it's either there or there or. Out there somewhere it. The woman talking in my it was talking about the Labor Day special. Repeatedly. Every time we went to wave saw the yes what I mean in the conversation. Not in the bush thought though. And petrol. And I don't know why bother to say how the couple slots when you know look at. I just don't I don't know why I had this to. So now I have to choose those stupid. God and trails that you awhile didn't you stick out there. I. Stop start hammering stone couldn't stop a blood didn't mammary and with that. What the toilet did some woman in my ear all the odd talked about Labor Day. Yelled the control room prison guards that have our guys doing it there. Just the Sox pitched. I'm sick of it that's it I'm done. A blank upper management like everybody you just don't dig out of though so it just cut out everything to stop that stop hammering stop says. What could a report has been presented by Kelly financial services. Though boys of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD Jim Lawrence Boston.