Was ISIS behind the Las Vegas massacre?

The Kuhner Report
Friday, October 6th

Kuhner looks into it. 


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Can people can we say. No more. Is that could erupt course. Was this an ices. Terrorist. Pack. God is now the question and on almost everybody's mind okay my friends Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. A lot to talk about today but without question the lead story there's no getting around it. What was first immediately dismissed by the FBI. Now is no longer being discarded and frankly it shouldn't. I'm not saying nice is was behind it we still don't know however. What was once considered remote. Is now at least being considered. As possible. Here is now the absolute latest my friends. So. We are now finding out it. That I say this is claiming as you know responsibility for the terrorist attack there's nothing new there however. What is highly unusual. Is that now they have not just doubled down they have tripled now they have never done this before. So licenses now come out through there in use lettered their official newsletter. An entire page. Where Biden not only do they claim credit. For the Las Vegas terrorist attack they forgive me for the Las Vegas Massa cursing was a terrorist attack but furthermore. They now claim that Stephen attic had converted to Islam six months ago. That in fact he was giving I a title a name as a soldier of the palace they. Abu Abdul but here I'll I'm Ricky. Out to Abu Abdul about a year out I'm wreaking. So he was known as Al armor reach key this was they say his cold name. Apparently now even the New York Times correspondent from the Middle East. Says that I intelligence agencies all over the Middle East are claiming that on social media. Ices insurgence members of vices. In private on their charter are now saying that this was an ices operation. Not only now is ice is claiming he was converted six six months ago. Not only are they tripling down which they've never done before they're basically going all in. But now there is even more disturbing evidence. About this man's unhinged behavior. You now have people claiming. Our neighbors if pays. The bout although he owned a multiple homes he never stayed in any one home for more than two or three weeks at a time. That he and his girlfriend lived almost like permits. They would come in to a home. Let's say one in Florida are one in Reno or one in misdeed or wherever stayed there for two or three weeks no furniture in doubts whatsoever. Yet in multiple homes they all noticed what they called was a huge safe the size of a fridge. We now know. That those of safes were used to stockpiled. Explosives. AK forty sevens and ar fifteens they are tens thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition. According to the neighbors. They all we seem to be on the move. They would have the shutters closed. No furniture in the house they're dare to three weeks and then they move. And they kept living like this for Europe for years. Furthermore. It is now coming out that. The the shooter Stephen product hide what the FBI is now calling a secret life. That beyond that being European being a high rolling gambler. Somebody always had a drink in his hand. Our top cruiser are real estate investor. That apparently for years. He had been obsessed with stockpiling weapons. Stockpiling ammunition. And they say it is now without a doubt. That this attack was carefully meticulously. Planned and crafted. Not only was it meticulously planned and crafted. They now believe it is absolutely impossible for him to have pulled off this massacre this mass shooting. Without at least the aid of one accomplice. May be several other accomplices. And so what all of this now show us is several things conclusively. Number one. This was not the act simply of one lone wolf. He must have had some kind of assistance or raid. This is not the act of somebody who is said just snapped or went off the Bender. Went off the band. Because clearly it took him months if not years to plan and prepare and stockpile all of this ammunition. Furthermore. They now have found out that the explosives. That were used they found fifty pounds of tanner right in a car. Park near the Mandalay bay with another 1600. Rounds in the car. They found pounds of explosives in multiple obvious homes. That panel right that was found as well as the ammonium nitrate a spark to that and a right is the exact can't kind of explosive. That was used the last year in September of 2016. Innate terrorist attack by an Islamic radical. In Chelsea New York that blew up a building and injured 31 people. So that kind of explosives that he had. The fact that they were in his car fifty pounds that they were also located in containers in multiple of his homes. Vick kind of explosives that have been used by Islamic terrorists in America. And in other attacks around the world. All so now makes the probability or let's say the possibility. Of an ice this were a link now becoming a bit more plausible. And believable. You have to ask yourself these questions. Why did he keep moving around from house to house. Why did he have all of these explosives. Why was he purchasing over three rifles at a minimum a month going back in the last year. What the FBI now believe. Is that he had planned an escape route that he planned to not only survived. But to escape. And they believe that the car that he got. May have been there deliberately. To continue his attack. In other words once he massacred those people at the concert he was hoping to escape may be getting into his car. And who knows maybe kill more people. Blow up more people. Launch a car attack or trigger a car bomb we don't know but that raises the possibility that maybe he planned to continue his attack. Once he was finished at the Mandalay bay. Furthermore. They now say without a doubt he was also targeting the massive aviation fuel tanks through these huge white. Almost a home like containers. Economic and ice cream cone. That were near the concert. They urged replace their strategically. Because it's close to the Las Vegas airport to help refueled the points. They say that he kept shooting out that at those aviation fuel tanks to try to obviously blow them up. And that would blow downtown Las Vegas sky high. I basis several months before the attack. Dramatically illustrated. That they were planning to bring Las Vegas the symbol of American capitalism. The symbol of American wealth. That they were gonna bring Las Vegas two which means. So they had advertised to the world. That they were planning. A potential target to hit Las Vegas. Now as I reported yesterday. It's now coming out that he also was planning potentially pay it Chicago. The Lollapalooza. Music festival. As well as scouting out Fenway Park. To hit an outdoor event fare as well. So he was also scouting out other areas. That he wanted to attack. Finally. There is the missing woman. Witnesses have now said that he was clearly seen with another woman several days before the terrorist attack. That apparently he had been getting gambling heavily at the Mandalay bay casino. Again with a drink in hand. And that as he was gambling as he was boozing eyes he was having it in a good time there was a woman that was constantly seen with him. Now according to his girlfriend. The one that addicts conveniently left of the Philippines. Who then got wired a 100000 dollars. But she says was. Arouse for the family but let that go. I don't believer but let that go. She is now telling the Daily Mail or at least a family friend to be more specific. Is now telling the Daily Mail. The fact she was constantly quote nervous and jittery around him. And that apparently he had a thing for sleeping with prostitutes. That were offered by these casinos in Las Vegas. Adam Lefevre our corporate pronouncing his last name correctly he's a man an Australian man. Who is a family friend he knows the sisters of the girlfriend the girlfriend as well new Stephen about it. Our parent me he traveled to Las Vegas which even Roddick in 2015. Said that he went to pout X one of products homes. That it was a room full of guns. And that's even Roddick had been taken up offers of free prostitutes. From casinos. Now. Why is this relevant. Because may be the woman that everybody's hunting for May have just been a prostitute. I don't know all but. You have to at least look into that possibility. So this may not have been an accomplice. This may have just been a prostitute that he wanted to have sex with. Before he pulled off his massacre and his mass shooting. The girlfriend has told merry little damn league has poll the FBI. That she believes that Stephen pilots suffered from mental health issues. That in particular. She said months before the Pataki would lie in bed at night. Moaning and groaning and screaming. She says that he was some kind of vague and some kind of a mental or physical anguish. What that the mental or physical anguish was she doesn't know. I don't if she ever ask them. Barack you know hey he had Stevie why are you yelling oh god oh god at night as Stevie why are you yelling out in pain Stevie. Stevie what's wrong Stevie. But apparently she doesn't know why she just says that he was yelling and screaming out in. When everything is said and done we still have no motive. There is no definitive motive or motivation. In fact now the longer this thing goes on. There is almost a growing sense. That we may never know definitively. There are now several reports out that there could be an ice is paid. That there are according now to a couple of multiple media reports are several. That there are now rumors being floated within the FBI. That there is an ice estate which Stephen panic and it. Unless we get a hold of that paid. We may ultimately now never know definitively conclusively. Why he did it or was this an ice is terrorist attack. What does to mean now crystal clear. And to me there's no getting around this (%expletive) The mainstream media the fake news media has been lying to us from the beginning. They have been caught in another long. They told us that this was mole linked to terrorism whatsoever. They had no right to tell us because they didn't know. They told us definitively that this was the the massacre perpetrated by one man. Now we know is almost impossible. That it was done by one man. Daylight. They told us that this had nothing to do with. Political ideology. Or religious extremists nom or Islamic or mental health illness. Betty was a man who just snapped. That has blown up in their face. And instead the reason why they ran with that narrative even though it is now factually being blown to smithereens. Is because they want to story to be about gun control. They want this narrative to be crazy white command just utterly goes knots and dessert. Grabs guns and starts killing people we need to have more gun control. We've got to go after the AR fifteens. We've got to go after the semiautomatic weapons. We've got to go after a bomb stocks we gonna have universal background checks we've got to start grabbing guns. This has been their agenda from the beginning. They want reality to conform to their ideology. They don't want to reality to conform. To reality. And that's why they're in the lying business. And so the question I have for you is this. The question the media refuses to pass. Do you think now it is looking more and more likely. That may be this had some connection or link to ice sis or Islamic terrorism. 6172666868. Why is this an crisis terrorist attack. Your call. Is a coup and reports WR KEL voice of Boston. 1245. Here on the great WRKO. OK what was now we immediately dismissed I don't know why they did it. By the FBI and the mainstream media. Is now becoming I'm not saying probable. But clearly now a possibility. Was this part of an ice is terrorist attack the massacre at Mandalay. Mark in New York Europe first go ahead mark. Did you wanna commend you guys who are country. I mean I remember on Monday I was the first call and I Kaman should really criticize officials or. And since that moment citizen journalism and you guys had just been amazing I wanna say thank you for the. Authentic human are well honestly what I remember your call it was a great call it common sense. We're just applying common sense. And and just does what what what one other point. I know the guys did the iron hole if we should be so quick to demonized that it. I mean yeah I'm at a hotel and basically room service I answer the door and at a guy with the gun in this game and you know I mean yes and then issued a plea. Police come on my dead body in the room they're gonna but I did. How good print flat and delete and soul you know I'd say yes I know he's dead we can't make up any story about him. But we just don't know. A market afterwards you think maybe there were couple of other shooters and he may have been a victim in all this or patsy year. May be an accomplice but not the actual shooter. I guess I'll put it this way. I never thought I would become one of those 9/11 with an inside job kind of people but ever since Monday I've just becoming slowly slowly slowly more skeptical. I'm always down the rabbit hole more and more every day. Mark thank you very much for that call look my sense if you want my honest opinion I think he was clearly involved in this. In some way shape perform. Like he did by all the guns. He did have multiple homes his behavior was clearly very strange. I he did have those cars with explosives. They did find all those explosives in his car is the ammunition. So clearly I think he was involved. There's two meters to meet there's no question about the now the eighty have helped I think he did. Were their accomplices I think there were I think it's pretty obvious even to sheriff and notice this by the way I said mr. Britton yesterday after the show. Noticed the FBI and I want to tell you right now the top brass of the FBI I do not trust or belief I don't believe them. The guy now who's flapping his mouth. All the time doing national media interviews. Is deputy director Andrew McCain. Who's deputy director Andrew McCain he's called these boys. He's an Obama hack a democratic hot. Who how a pair are the clintons about demand Terry McAuliffe was us less of a funneling off. Millions of us are hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Andrew McCain's wife Ryan in a state senate race in Virginia. So he's completely politicized. I think the guys are awfully incompetent to be honest with you he's a bureaucratic political Obama hack. So there's nothing for mantra McCabe smile that I trust or belief. So notice what's going on here. The media has been lying to us we caught them now lie after lie the official the top brass of the FBI I don't trust him as far as like in problem. But who's the one that keeps giving us the evidence. It's they share of and it's the cops on the ground. If you notice it's the foot soldiers. They're the ones who keep putting out spot you know giving his briefings are conferences. A news conference is that keeps contradicting the official media narrative. And what the top brass of the FBI's been telling us they're the ones that said not yet I'm an accomplice. Nominal could've done it alone does does BS. He was the one that said this was meticulously well planned this guy didn't snapped. He's the one that's saying don't tell me this guy has mental health issues. Wasn't about degree in other words. Every time the media wants to run with the narrative. It's the police on the ground. Not the political hacks at the FBI or the mainstream media that's been giving us the facts and only bought and only the facts. And sold to me it's obvious. They want to politicize what happened. And mislead the American people and I'm telling you Jeff corner I'm not gonna allow him to do it. 6172666868. Let's decades. While 36 here on the great WRKO. OK they'll plot thickens. Now there are stories coming out that there may be an prices stayed. We don't know all but at least that's what the scuttlebutt at some corners of the FBI is. Ice is now for the third time they've notches to double down they've tripled bound. Again they could be lying but they do say this was part of a terrorist attack on LA sari on Las Vegas forgive me on the Las Vegas Strip. And back Steven Qaeda had allegedly converted to Islam. Six months ago. They did find explosives fifty pounds of tanner right in his car. Over 16100 rounds of ammunition. That now be local police say it was clearly intended for him to as an escape vehicle. And then to use to further. Murder other people or blow up buildings on the strip. And so my question do you is this. Do you think ices had any role in this a pact. And the motivation. Were now on what date five still no clear motive. 6172666868. Do you think you'll ever know. What really drove him to murder and injure all most people lines are loaded and he in water. Now go ahead and Jeff I adore and I believe you're right on the money I would squeeze broke went. Chino evident from the get go okay interact on the Asian liberty devastate this what initially took off the Philippines will. NYU picky and the other browser to enter or take it easy and you are right on the money. If you compulsive jammed up in that so and the casino whatever. And they convert them one NG and that's what happened upon the public order and low. But dat dat girl is open to every goddamn thing everything Eddie and look at our. Eddie let me ask you and I wanna ask everybody this question Boca. All of you. Every time crisis has struck when they're terrorists hit the one thing they always say is. Affleck but right is as for how loud the glory of a lot on this one so far and Lesnar being withheld information. He never shot it out I'll. He never claimed it was for a lot he didn't score roll out loud or anything like that in the hotel room that were aware of so if he was ice it's how come he never told us it was on behalf of vices. Well late they educate these these dummy they grand watch and they didn't generate. Keep your mouth shut. It it will leading to everything you say all but weapons. Sniper's nest all the the structure. How good a book. And in the cup wiring money girl put her supper but what period and maker would insert Smart. He didn't convert a glove and believe it's it's what you are right on the mind risking their idiotic and by Las Vegas still will think. Millions every day billions and that's will be that Ellison opened it had to be the open the planned to earn a bad. I know Eddie Eddie Eddie thank you for that call that's that's why they issued death threat months ago. I mean look I think about it you wanna destroy America. You sure you would caucus from within. You put the economy to a standstill were finished. So they wanted to attack if if it is nicest. That's why they threatened Las Vegas. This is a symbol of American capitalism c'mon you know Elvis played at Las Vegas. All the big idea all the big Charles are in Las Vegas you go gambling in Las Vegas how many movies have been made about Los Vegas. So if you're some Muslim. You know a goat herder in some cave in Afghanistan or Syria. If they cannot. Look below a couple of weeks closed biggest almighty god let against panic. That's why they hit the Twin Towers that's why they wanted to hit congress or the Pentagon. On 9/11. It's obvious they wanna strike at the big symbols. Of American power an American might. If it was crisis 6172666868. Pom in New Jersey going head pump. Tip god bless you replace booed you and your family thank you can't take it jet. Before I make my point I just wanted to look quick shout out to Colby cheese Bryant. Take Gobi stick the NBA were to sun doesn't shine but now Jeff Mullen my main point today it was. Remember John Kelly warned dust just recently. That there's a thousand opens files. In of possible domestic terrorism. That's where we gotta keep the focus GAAP as you've done so brilliant brilliantly. Pete wants to hear the word magazines. Or bumps stopped. Instead of domestic terrorism. I basically consider you a traitor to the red blatant low. Did it is about domestic terrorism and there's only one way to fight this is for our. True Blue red white and blue Americans. To watch. And if you see something say something because this is gonna take a united effort by all the good people to keep us safe. That Tom thank you very much for that call look let me tell you why would now really zero in on hard. And I wouldn't call or person of interest I would call or suspect I would I don't know white and are doing it. And that's the girlfriend. Mary Lou gambling. You're not gonna tell me with a straight face that you're living with a guy sleeping with a guy. Partying with a guy. Gambling in going to casinos with the guy. By the way there were always seen together Starbucks at the casinos unit that you you you couldn't separate the two. And you wanted to tell me that the guy you're sleeping with the guy you're living with the Geiger partying with the guy you're gambling went. You have no idea the disguise amassing explosive right underneath her nose. Thousands of rounds of ammunition he's got these massive gun rooms they. Showing off all your friends and you won't suspect if things. Don't just but the thing. And then just one he's a bump up wind is a pack. And executed. All of a sudden just conveniently shows I am here in the Philippines. And not only got. If you know anything about the Philippines. I thousand dollars. Could last few a year in the Philippines. 101000 dollars I'm telling you in the Philippines. Gets you any host that you want. A 100000 dollars in the Philippines is not a 100000 dollars in America. So to converted to something close to American money. That's almost the equivalent of wiring somebody say a million or two million dollars in America. You send a 100000 dollars to the Philippines you're taking care of her. Her family. Are her parents. Everybody. For the arrest of their lives. So you're sending somebody that kind of big money just before you committed terrorist atrocity. And she's trying to tell us. Hang on mapping. He is a good peace and quiet caring mammal hump and we need shocked everybody and kill them. But outside of killing people he was on course demand cool and quiet command glued kidding man. At may be saw some prostitutes yes but I loved him and he loved me. And you want me to believe. If she knew nothing. Men and and and a lady start talking. Noise is the same thing all the time. That's our natives I could rundown bullets go wives not with nobody knows nothing. It's being done right in front of their eyes but nobody does nothing like San Bernadine all remember that the parents. Did all in all my little blow up a bola. There are bombs everywhere. Pipe bombs everywhere explosives open in the house I I didn't notice. I thought my little beloved lobos a building up a little rocket. He's always a sort of what is it like that he's a wanna be scientists. I would sit her down and say I don't believe your story. It's a 100% BS and if you don't start telling me what I wanna start hearing in other words what really went on. Lady you're gonna get yourself in big trouble. I noticed by the way the innocent one is already ordered up. Should the moment she came back it was interviewed by the FB IR are at Adelaide the moment she landed at the airport bears go lawyer. So the first thing she did was not cooperate it was get a lawyer. 6172666868. Sally in Beverly go ahead Sal. Good captain capped it for taking my call my. I'm old school and I tend to think consciously and adapter plate and when I'm going to say I want to understand that I do not have a and well on. OK I don't Wear that. But I'm really questioning. Could be operatives where involved in the assault and the reason I say that. Is that our law enforcement is. Highly capable people. For the shift in evidence. None of which we've seen by the way the only keep hearing what I think are rationalizations. You know there's a lot of things going on right now that the deep state would be concerned. And that is. Our economy. A pending. Derivatives collapse it's a huge bubble that conserving thing down. There is some real issues in terms. President trump and the fact that he global us. Really can't deal with that. I think there are major issues that people need to be concerned about in terms of Second Amendment and potential confiscation of weapons. If not right now but complete chill it. In my thinking. That the military precision of this assault and all of that convenient what I think is stage and a lot of what I see you know the houses are all that stuff that's speech and you know the cranky that's stage and supposedly ice since they doth protest too much free time that's over the top. And we have a suicide note. If it was like this would be unfair you know wanted to the greater good of all that that would be clearly there but they're not showing up sending things. So I'm tending to believe and I know a lot of people will not agree with you maybe. People were injured and killed no doubt I have great. Our sorrow and empathy for all of those people but I believe this is deep state and I do believe that there's more at stake. Then the obvious that we're seeing it and you know that you can discuss that if you want to earn just. As Sally notre okay thank you for that call. Look I'm skeptical of that I know many people in the show believe that a beginning a lot of tax. This could have been a CIA or in sight Jaaber FBI inside job or maybe one of the theories that out there. I remember in absence of a of a motive right there are only theories but can fill the vacuum right now. One of the theories is that. Maybe he was an undercover FBI guy or CIA guy himself. Who was involved in gun running sort of like fast and furious running guns this time though with prices in the southern Philippines. And maybe this is all something related to dot and went back so there are malt the malt you know multiple conspiracy theories out there. To meet I am just following the fox. I'm just following the facts of this case Oca. Here is what we do with definitively without a doubt. 59 people dead. Sorry 58 I want accountant account Tim is 59 I don't compliments to mis es he's he's he's scum so I don't I don't care where the retired and so 58 dead. Under 500 now they revised the numbers shall under 500 injured. This was clearly done. ID high level everybody says that it took an incredible amount of skill. Training. Planning to pull anything like this off. This was meticulously crafted and planned months in advance. Think about the this is beyond the capacity of 164. Year old semi alcoholic that's what he wants. Gambling guy retired accountant to be able to do want his own that is impossible. Even the sheriff if you notice that the news conference throws his arms up. Like almost in disgust that the media you want me to say something and narrative I just don't want to go along. He must've had helped he did have a car at least one accomplice if not multiple accomplices. So we didn't do it alone that's without a question. There was a receipt. This has not been refuted it can't be refuted. That they were two people in that room that they ordered our food lunch dinner whatever you wanna call. So there was somebody with him in the room in the room. Not in the casino floor in the room. So that person obviously must have seemed it was full of ammunition it was four point three guns. The person must have seen what was happening or at least known what was going on in that room okay. He was also seen by multiple witnesses again this is irrefutable. With a woman. On the casino floor. Gambling and drinking and partying with them days before the attack that's irrefutable. So far everything I'm telling was irrefutable. He had planned allegedly to do this in Chicago. He had already booked a room a Condo. A week before and another event in Las Vegas just five miles north. So this is somebody who wanted to hit an outdoor venue. He wanted to kill as many people as possible. So here is now what we know definitively. No speculation definitive. Now if that's the case. Then. We're in you get the explosives. How come nobody noticed that this guy I was amassing a well I mean a private army. For nearly a couple of years. How does he manage. To pull off this I mean stunning. Attack. And you're telling me according to the official media narrative. That nobody else helped them impossible. So what that leads me to believe is this. There was a network or a cell involved. There was a conspiracy. To commit this attack. That he clearly was trying to hide his conspiracy as much as possible. And that he clearly was leading a double life. Now. This smacks of terrorism. Whether it be Islamic terrorism. Political left wing terrorism. War. This guy was involved in something even more nefarious. Wizard begun running all these guns going back in the Philippines. All this money going back and forth from the Philippines. The wife traveling all over the world repeatedly. Very moving how stock how well. To Landon Carter go ahead Glenn. Hello dec Glenn. Yes I I can hear you can you hear army. Yes sir go ahead. I can't agree review boards up for the girlfriend she has put it spelled them do some kind of hypnosis on the and you cut the money he had the money he could have been a supplier I don't know dep and look at this guy. I like SARS gadget museum. When he was younger now. It looks like a week people sickly person then I just I just can't see someone. Who went something like this all by himself. It's impossible. I I it's impossible like that's my point. Like they wanted to do they're they're trying to anyway. The mainstream media and the top FBI not the guys on the ground and certainly not the Las Vegas police. But the top FBI and the media they want us to believe the impossible. It's it's impossible. Now notice this OK just very quickly noticed this. What was the thing the bull the media came out and the top FBI right away right away within 68 hours of the shooting. That this could not be tied to terrorism. Immediately. Upon is how you and all that I don't I had a girlfriend was not involved or how do you know that. So they had to rule her out right away and yet to rule out terrorism right away. The Mormon I saw that I said man man man man man man some thing is up. We're gonna discuss this with ambassador John Bolton and it now looks like congress is gonna move the band bombs talks. And the trump administration seems all pin. Is more gun control the answer. All of this so much more don't touch that dot. So bossa. Six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 1 o'clock.