Vegas security guard shot by gunman before he opened fire on concert crowd

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, October 10th

Yesterday during a press conference, Sheriff Lombardo reveals a change in the timeline of the shooting. Lombardo said Paddock shot the hotel security guard six minutes before he shot at the concert crowd.   


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Can you run a complete news from the liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. Is that could erupt for. North Korea cracks our world war plans that's right. The match midget. Strikes again this time. He hacks are war plans. As were about to go to war with North Korea we're gonna discuss that at one all five. But first my friends. Big game changer. A stunning. Press conference yesterday. Las Vegas sheriff but. Sheriff Lombardo. To me this is one of the biggest mind benders I think I've ever witnessed in a long time. Lit purely dramatically. Changed the timeline. In fact when asked he said. It's just a minor little weak there's nothing there however just the election all. The security guard did all the one that was allegedly shot after their product had killed all those people at the concert. No he was shot. Six minutes before. Radish unleashed hellfire. Up on the rule 91 harvest festival. He was shot six. Minutes both for the massacre. Began. Role licked. Britain so let me let me help you wouldn't exempt is you picked up on it yes the timeline associated with original shark mr. Campbell's has changed. Through investigation as I have conveyed to you from the very beginning. Ten years just for information they might zest to ensure the public safety in the coming up their minds there's some things are gonna change now they are my new changes. Okay there's not disclose. All encompassing answer associated with the information that we presented before in other words is not completely. Inaccurate. But what we have learned as mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his. They're shooting to the outside world. This to me is incredible. This is not some kind of a minor alteration minor tweak it this guy's trying to tell us this fundamentally changes everything. Because what did the police and remembered they were adamant on this point. What did the police say repeatedly again and again well the reason for the slow response time. The reason why it took 72 minutes the finally reached a room on the 32 floor of the Mandalay bay. Was because they said that attic had stopped shooting. And why did he stop shooting after ten minutes. Was because they said he had seen through the cameras that he had placed in his peep hole in one on a room service cart outside in the hallway. That a security guard was approaching the room. And so he shot and his name is he seuss Campos the security guard. He shot him he wounded he seuss Campos. And ourselves Campos was then able to somehow get away. And warned the police a ball you know yes the shooter was on this floor yes he was in this specific home. And hence swat was able to eventually move them. Breached the Rome but they say about it shot himself in the head or in the mouth to be specific. And killed himself. So. They were slow. Because the security guard was shot after. This security guard had smoked out where pout it exactly once. Now they're telling us not known him home. It's the exact opposite. The security guard you salary even little mistake they're little mistake. What shocked ball for the massacre took place six minutes before the massacre took place. Well now that changes everything. And I'll tell you how it changes everything it's so obvious. Remember. The whole way was riddled with over who hundred bullets. So Roddick fired over 200 rounds he sprayed 200 rounds into the hallway. You mean to tell me listen to this now. That the security guard shot he's wounded. 200 bullets are sprayed through the door. Nobody in the hallway. Her 200 bullets. Both for the attack took place. And then you want me to believe that the security guard who's now shot and bleeding and badly wounded he never called 911. He never went on his walkie talkie or his radio to tell other security guards. Hey you know I'm down I'm down I've been shot. Durst 200 bullets being sprayed everywhere on the 32 floor they he basically said nothing. Nothing was said. The police weren't told anything 911 was told nothing. Nothing. And then six minutes elapsed and then he begins to blow open windows and then for ten minutes. Gunned down 59 people in 500 injured. Hey guys c'mon. Now this really doesn't make cents. Because. Here is now to me what I think is going on. I'm start to smell a cover up I think this is becoming almost obvious. Because if the security guard what shots six minutes before. He must have told somebody. People in the room obviously hurt they must've been calling don't front desk or whatever and so this means the police knew. That this guy that shots were fired at the security guard was wounded that means they quota of rushed the Rome. That means they could have intercepted panic and they beat potentially have prevented this atrocity from taking place. It's all lobbyists. Iran Alltel. I don't care how loud Las Vegas since you're at a hope now. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom mobile. 200 freaking bullets tore through the door. Security guard shot down. He doesn't called anybody. PS and radioed anybody. Nobody knows that 200 rounds were fired through the door. Nobody was told that this took place on the 32 floor. There was no. Our call to 911 or whatever so police rushed onto the scene and try to get in there as quickly as possible. You expect me to believe that this guy just limp away. And then they waited for six minutes then ten minutes of more gunfire as he massacres people and then. They decide to eventually move on the Mandalay bay c'mon. Come on come on it doesn't make it it doesn't make any sense. It makes no sense whatsoever. And I'll tell you what I really find very disingenuous. And now start to make me profoundly distrust this investigation. Don't tell me this is a minor change. In the so called prime line one this is a fundamental. Change. Because the entire story rested upon the security guard. I can play you clip after clip after clip they were adamant on this point well why were you slow the 72 minutes well here's what happened. The gunshots erupted. People were getting slaughtered at the concert venue. But and they keep referring to was a very brave security guard and that hasn't changed. The security guard was looking which war was it from what wrong was it from so he approached what he thought he heard of the shots went. We're close to the people. Boone was wounded and then 200 shots were fired. So we venue because the security guard was wounded what for what role tidy was in then the shooting stopped. And because of that we gathered our forces we went up nice and slow and then we breached a rule we rushed Rome. In all was based upon the security guard being shot and having been detected exactly the location of the gunmen. After the shooting took place. Six minutes before. Six minutes. You call 911 the cops are there in two to three minutes. Six minutes wonders if shooting is a long time. The police did nothing. Is ever trying to tell us the security guard did nothing to hold nobody said nothing com. Come on. Come on and it doesn't cost congress a believable doesn't pass the smell test furthermore. There are another other develop. And you need to get to know about again we were vindicated on the show. We broke this news last week the police kept lying about it. Now they had to retract original statement. Remember what I said last week. The evidence is now overwhelming through receipts. Employees at the Mandalay bay all the former now saying. No Stephen tied it did not check in on September 28. I as the police continue or the FBI in particular as the FBI. And the immediate keep consistent. He checked in on the 25. He checked in on one room on the 25. And then book the second adjoining room on the 28. We know they confirmed yesterday they had to because the evidence was so overwhelming. Yes he did check in on the 25. And then book the second rule on the 28. That explains. The hope tell receipts. Of room service being sent up four who. On the 27. Of September. It explains why panic was seen gambling. With a female. At the casino. Four days and days on end ball for the 28. So I have to ask another obvious question. Why did the police why again. Why did you keep insisting. That it was the 28 that he checked then one it was obvious that he checked in on the 25. Why are you playing games with the timeline. Especially the timeline between the 25 and the 28 when we know paddock we're seeing with at least one other woman. And then he had room service delivered to his Rome. That was there for two guests. Why do you trying to phase out. The aspect of the timeline. That shows he may have had an accomplice or at least somebody who knew who. What he was may be prepared to do why are you facing all of that out. Furthermore. Again. And he will not answer this nobody wants service. Why aren't you talking about the woman. Who yelled out were all gonna blanking die or you're all gonna blanking guy 45 minutes before the attack took place. Out the concert the woman that was described as a five foot 55 foot six Hispanic woman. How come no mention of that. So you lied about the debate. You lied about the timeline. You lied about when the security guard were shocked you're lying lying lying. And you expect us now believe which are telling us. You expect us to have confidence that this is going to be an objective impartial investigation. And let me just say one more thing because this needs to be said. Now we this fundamental change in the timeline. Of the security guard being shocked beforehand. Not after the shooting with six minutes before the shooting. Think how incredibly reckless and irresponsible that once. For the Las Vegas police officers. One week. After the massacre took place to do an interview with CBS's sixty minutes. You guys didn't even have the basic timeline straight. And you got cops shooting their mouth off. In front of the camera. Getting their fifteen minutes of fame. Describing what they saw in Rome where the guns were worthy ammunition was where the body was were everything was. Jerk compromising an ongoing investigation. I only have two things I can reasonably now conclude from that's OK I am not gonna get into conspiracy theories. I'm just gonna connect the dots the obvious thoughts. Number one. Either this is now turning into one of the most incompetent. Inept at investigations. In American history. Either these are the keystone cops. Who don't know what they're doing. And don't know how to investigate a crime scene which I find incredibly hard to believe. Or number two there's a cover up. There's a cover up. And the potential cover up is very obvious. This atrocity may have been prevented. And it wasn't. 6172666868. Is the number. Listen now to a little bit more you know what let me hold out. Let me ask you. It's in the corner country whole question. Of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Do you still have confidence do you have confidence. In the investigation. Of the Las Vegas massacre. If you still have confidence India for each doing their job and telling us the truth faxed the letter eight to 68680. If you're like I mean I've lost all confidence in them. Never mind running this investigation. Just now telling us the basic truth and the basic facts. Tech in other words no no confidence. Text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote. Online at Europe calls poll results. And a lot more don't touch that guy has Wright back cut back. Now more lies too onerous a dossier Arcadia. One of your wife. Award to this. It was like to know the motor. That is our most important goal to prevent any further action associated with the other and the witness. Or what exactly. Let alone in the suspect's mind would enable him to pull off such a complicated there. 1246. Here on the great WRKO. OK stunning revelations yes today. I feel Las Vegas police news conference. They now have dramatically altered the timeline. They now say that the security guard was not shot. After Stephen panic massacred all those people but in fact was shot six minutes both for. He began to rain down fire from his hotel suite at the Mandalay bay hotel. And about injuring goal six minutes. Apparently the police sorry these security guard did not think. Did nothing. This was shot went the way didn't call anybody didn't radio anybody. 200 round it's we're sprayed across the hallway. And yet nothing happened they claim for those long six minutes. Do you believe there is now we cover up. And the most shocking possibility of ball could it all I've been prevented. Joseph in stone I'm going head Joseph. I figure out heist I jump. I two separate note where you'd think about originally we were told that BO one of the reasons it took so long. Or be policed into the role was because they got to. Preacher what some other kind of an explosive device because he had barricaded the door yes so they blow up the door shut. Now from what you're saying today. The security guard was shot before he started killing people and you put 200 round through the door yes they'll it. They hit yet actually done that. 200 I'd you know high capacity round would door to be no door left to blow up. It would be just got all the law because treated just cheap corridors that the political problems. That would be absolutely nothing left the door after 200 ground to pre condition through. So there's there's something fishy at the in the upper openly being recruited as well all. Joseph let me ask you and I wanna ask everybody this question I stay at hotels but I'm not really a big hotel guy I'll be honest. Is it mean not here in Las Vegas is allowed I hear at a strip is allowed I hear all of that I get it. But still not that's this is indisputable there are 200 rounds in the whole okay. So if a guy fires. Cool hundred freaking rounds in the hole. Nobody heard. Nobody said anything. Nobody called the front desk and nobody walked out nobody what I held my fingers a security guard lying on the ground shot nobody. Liked. Maybe she you know maybe it's my experience at a holiday in May be the holiday EM has been walls. When I stay at a holiday yen may be Vegas has walls concrete. But Timmy if there's 200 rounds I don't care how loud the music as they're gonna hear something. And be in Nebraska go ahead and. And yes how are you good how are you in. I'm all right well I understand all that flew on air believe that nobody hurt 200 bullets. When me and my girlfriend were at Maine we heard we heard from Barry and the drunk and fighting and floors down. Second of all into and I did that with respect let me get police start the Vegas police. Nobody heard 200 bullet the security good. What Charlotte and did nothing. Nobody knew what was happening to me with respect please don't urinate on the college brain. Our landing back at. That's an old Russian saying I love it. Don't beyond my back and call it the rain well you know what they're building now I'm beat. Boy they're being away. 6172666868. Is the number. OK pretty absolute latest. Let's take it fell Laurie grant the importance of Boston. 1236. Here on the great WRKO. OK let me just play one more important piece of audio for you. Because now oh maybe ice is such tripled found that they had a role in what happened in Las Vegas. Well now the investigators are tripling down own. That is clearly was not terrorism had nothing to do with terrorism don't even think about terrorism. And they're all sold they say ruling out completely. Even a remote possibility. That there was a second shooter in that room. Listen now to sheriff Lombardo. At last night's news conference roll it. Britain we have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter we have uncovered over 200 instances. Of the suspects traveling throughout Las Vegas. He has never been seen with anyone else we have no evidence or challenges that the suspect was linked or at affiliation. With any known terrorist groups or ideologies. In coordination with the FBI's behavioral analysis unit. They comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect's mental state and currently we do not believe there is one particular bit. In the suspect's life rustic GO. We believe you decide to take delight as he did. In the had a very purpose purpose goal purposeful. Purposeful Claire city carried out. Why did they lie about him checking in September on September 28 and not September 25. Why did they lie about the timeline all of last week. Why will they not tell us the reason why this guy and his wife for moving house staff oust house. For two or three weeks at a time they'd stay and then move. Why will they not tell us these it is obvious facts. That Mary Lou damn league before she left to the Philippines. Loaded up all of her belongings in her car if this was just a quick on impromptu trip. Why if this is not terrorism. Viti travel to the Middle East. Why if this is not terrorism. Where's this meticulously planned out over 3456. Months. None of what they're telling us odds up nothing. He then says that panic wasn't seen with anybody that's not true there are witnesses now soft PM with a woman. Partying. At the Mandalay bay casino. Eating drinking together partying it up for days before the attack. How did they explain to flocked. That if there was nobody else with him or know whether shorter whatever the fact V garage shows that somebody had taken out his car. While almost simultaneously. Somebody had used his key card to swipe and getting to his room. He can't be in two places at once. Nothing what they tell us adds up and let me just quickly add one more incontrovertible point. How can they within twelve hours. Of the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Immediately rule out terrorism as they did. Rule out international terrorism as they did rule out the girlfriend as they did. And claim definitively from within twelve hours. That this was a lone wolf who acted alone and we'll just snapped. How do you do that within twelve hours. So if nobody else is gonna say yeah I'm gonna say. This is not your fathers or grandfathers FBI. This is Jim call mis FBI. This is Andrew McCain aides FBI. This is a politicized FBI. At the top national wants this is an FBI at the top leadership that is grossly incompetent. Grossly inept and completely and utterly political. James combing an Obama destroyed. FBI. And let me just make again some obvious points no conspiracy theories I'm just laying out facts and nothing but the facts. Jury in the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing what happened. The FBI knew. And was poll about the top of the turning your Brothers. Right through the cracks. What happened during San Bernardino. They were tipped off about the two killers the FBI wouldn't even look at their social profile right through the cracks. Fort Hood warning after warning after warning. That this guy I was AG awed as they Mujahedeen. They did nothing. In other words. Atrocity after atrocity after atrocity has occurred. And law enforcement in particular the FBI has dropped the ball. This time this one's different. Because we're not talking in four dead. Or fourteen dead like at Fort Hood this time we're talking about 59 dead and 500 injured. And if it turns out. That these guys were in fact investigating panic. That he was on their radar. That they were suspicious about him. But that again they dropped the ball and again he fell through the cracks. To the point that he Schultz a security guard. Inspiration 400 bullets into the hallway six minutes before the attack. And they didn't rush the room. In other words the massacre could have been prevented. Not only will heads roll. Not only will careers be destroyed but potentially some of these guys could end up in prison. I can smell the cover up. All the way here from Boston. I don't believe them and I don't trust them as far as I can roam. Just my opinion 6172666868. So let me ask you. The poll question of the day. Do you have confidence in the investigation. Of the Las Vegas massacre if the answer is yes I still do Jeff. Tax the letter made the 68680. If you say your Jeff I'm with you know they're lying to us or they're utterly incompetent pick your poison. Text a letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at And as always the poll question. Powered by bill Kelly financial services. Brittany I know the text line is burning up. What are the results so far 94%. No 6%. Yes I as the daughter of a police officer. The granddaughter of a police officer. Are you when they are beyond this. I don't have any confidence I haven't had any confidence in the FBI's since you know that the marathon bombing. And it just seems as though you know they had everything slopes of the cracks at them you know they. They are looking at somebody and then all of a sudden they plan out their attack and they go for it ends. They never catch them so what Brothers me the wrong way is that Campos was shot six months before. As the complete opposite of what they told us it just seems like caddick. And if he did have someone else working with him they are planning something big Eric. And perhaps Campos seeing you know that he was nailing the at the door or whatever he was doing well it was drilling some kind of hold the door yet they think that it was to block the police and getting upstairs. Soul. Perhaps Campos. You know. He could've been worse and Campos was on a kind of stopped him from you know maybe something even want them when it was got a big. And you know what I think drawn to something. I think I mean knowing you have all those explosives. And your car the other thing and then he was shooting at that taints the gas tanks and Haitian project this fuel tank fuel tanks so it's just seemed like key in the he had to rush is operation basically. You know that's another thing very quickly you're telling me there's no link to terrorism nothing can even ten even think about it. He's got fifty pounds a panel right in the car. I hunter sari 1600. Rounds of ammunition. In his car. We know he now plans to survive and escape and maybe unleashing massive car bomb. By the way panel right was used by Islamic terrorists in New York last year. I in Chelsea injuring 31 and tried to blow open building. They find pounds of explosives of ammonium nitrate not only in his car as well but in multiple homes. So this guy's got explosive bombs left right and center. And you expect us the belief. That this was all the act of one man. With no network no cell no help no accomplice them. Some time. Honestly you believe that I've got swampland in Florida you may be interest that in axle thanks for holding going head Axel. Courier Georgia player badly good how are you my friend but I. Well I've got to deal with yeah yeah I would loose. My job. Our soldiers and everybody knows your police officer correct I got settled and everything last 33 years. That sheriff's a lot of Montreal in wonderment at the big batch of he I can they take over the show. He's not run in the face that you piece of basic investigation that's why he's still talking. And I just don't. I just the FBI comes in and they want to show you always happen in Boston. You know like because Boston got settled with a Adam Wolfe what part of what. You notice that. Or corporate local police officers missiles. What we know the area we know the people. They committed they don't know anybody I think is if they let them do investigation. I think you get a lot quicker things done quicker. With that the metro police and the FBI don't I really don't trust the bullet and take over the investigation. That they commit you're all done. Well done you know get it at all on the judge. Axle and somebody with with 33 years of law enforcement experience. We don't have all the story don't have all the facts yet so we have to have a theory what's your theory what do you think now. The gum. Paulson who worked for me you know. You know you just can't get the old. He's killing his hands on some he had helped get scared by that you know you're gonna be got to got to absorb some connections. In Minnesota you know all the guns in the wind or picked up on them by all those guns. You know so what should have. Those pickup on that arduous. Somebody dropped the ball also points and know what the metro but in the metro crops so lump. Distinctive. I think that there you have. So what were also provisional Kamal on the warship virtually. Axl thank you so much as they say buddy take care. Russ in Boston in Europe next go ahead Russ. So I'll why he had this BS about approach so mantle's and it dispatched a what a bunch of BS status. That is an open and shut case for premeditated and planned for weeks and even months in advance. And it and it just so aggravating committee and also all those little cluster they have every one of them play inside essential. Give your rate for pay those people and I think the information in there is no question about it. Now you should go to Britain prevent it and I hope everybody that was there. And any any. Amateur and at least I hope that they sued the hotel into bankruptcy. And let this be a lesson for such a crazy or lack of security. Jeff how do you have a security got down our right to see him not have something on him but he can immediately pressed to get help. In the they can pick up immediately in the area and help but he then. It for seven or eight minutes are you hearing me okay that unbelievable okay runs in the us by Austin area. If a call 911. You've got a response within within a human beings and and and that's why it's so it's so ridiculous. Lactic cameras. Or lack access staff not being treated correctly. I mean it is just unbelievable. Hopefully this will be and handle and the other thing it all right. I get so aggravated one night yet these and I mean it's ads and to international ports this does look like terrorism okay. Until you fully investigate everything under eight you may not know exactly it and I'll pull a matter reports. Many cat has all the crap. Russ. Do you know anybody who doesn't have a cellphone. I'm thinking that that you're talking about a button to press Olympic and what about yourself home. Army Russ if you're shot OK to wonder bullet just flew through a door. Your shot your bleeding. You're limping your way back the you're not gonna you know not 911 hello this is Ross some on the 32 floor of the Mandalay bay. Help help I shot. It seriously. It's sufficient security camera under the personal setup so that cameras are around is wrong. And how do you not have the staff in recent ones wouldn't 24 hour period. And to the room. You know to make sure today everything's fine way that new towels and it indicates that the that he was an effort several days and all members of the staffs where that road. He got to be kidding me. Russ thank you very much for that call 6172666868. Now when the light of all of this new information and evidence. What do you think really happened that fateful night. And do you still have confidence in the investigation. Where do you think were being lied to your calls next W. Archie. But what we have learned as mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his. Officiating to the outside world. Careers in gloss term go ahead Chris and welcome to. And. Don't call that terrorists. Clearly earth. Well I don't know domestic air it's that or we'll how do we know. There are seen our border outright. Shouldn't attribute it to your home grown terrorists it seemed like more important. Extreme Islamic terror. I think got one here. Well well hold on wait all the bunkers before you get the point number two well known wife condemn all kinds of domestic terrorism. Anti faux black lives matter record run down the whole list. But forgot to be terrorism there has to be a political and you commit violence in the name of a political and so what was the political and what was the political goals. I don't know who you can call it terrorism. Well there weren't met people you know it is an act of terror. Well no it's an active evil. But if you wanna call it an act of terrorism terrorism by definition. Is the use of violence to achieve a political and or political purpose so again what's the political purpose. But you don't know she's just my point so and you're trying to turn this on the right this has nothing to do it the right or the left. Decides to do with our government lying to us and our coverage giving us bad information. And being caught being lied to repeatedly. I don't I don't get hard evidence of that I know we are. Mothers are there is hard evidence of that they told us for a week. That the security guard was shot after the massacre took place now we're being told that it occurred before the massacre took place. They told us repeatedly that he. Booked a room on September 28 when we when I said for days know all the evidence shows the 25 now they admit is the 25. Sold they have been caught in lie after lie after lie look do you believe everything your government tells you. You know well there you go so what's the problem. It open. And I'm not sure I'll but don't lie. I run. Ride you keep making the same mistake over and over again when it's convenient for you c'mon I wasn't born yesterday bill in Sudbury go ahead bill. OK I guess I'll veto it I document but I think you'd be an iPod on the security got Sharon to be shocked. Well it was a big shock yes. Me either six minutes to collect my ought to get my bearings. Sure you pick up might be a couple lucky talky cult. Some putts right and then what about the ten minutes after that. I mean I just so he never called for over fifteen minutes. I mean this is like. Guys this is not a Hollywood movie this is real life. When people get shot they called 911. And all security guards have radios are these Las Vegas hotels. He never went on the radio never come out. Okay are we going to war with North Korea well they just packed our war plans I swear to you next. The boys of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 93 said.