USS Fitzgerald Crashes

Off the coast of Japan, a freight tanker colliding with the USS Fitzgerald causing massive damage and forcing the crew to abandon ship. What was the cause?


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So why. Sex line jump on this Monday morning and they're gonna be sure a couple of random. Some random some doubt but on the U Hmong people very upset with the BV he's not just the guy is a holy man I'd expect the same thing from. Priest it's his job. I wouldn't expect that from anybody under those circumstances and I applauded when I see if nice and they did you think this Amal was born yesterday he knows exactly what he's doing and he's playing the game. It isn't that aren't this is kind of the same people I mean don't we all say they gotta do something they've got to stand up why don't we ever see anybody. Mean at least he was still ending up there and saying don't. Right five always TV the imam was just covering his ass so they wouldn't look like the bad guys. BB give him credits wanting to do not aquarium of the first responders to marathon bombing it's not even close. I equate him only in that he was going against the green everybody in the pictures that you see. Are wanting to kill this guy and he's asking them to do something different. Most people in the marathon bombing videos are going laughed and then there's that guy in that two guys that are going right. They're going against the grain to do something that. Takes takes a moxie to do and I'm giving them a little bit of credit several Texas this morning and said by the way. When you guys gonna point out that London fire is not what their talent house. For example 774. The last time IR ID and was aware of fire like don't wanna as the Taj Mahal in India my friend is an arson investigator. Masonry buildings and recently renovated buildings to not put on like that they do not act. Somebody else said what are you gonna call that London tower. Terrorism because I know in you know that's what happened there I don't know. The verdict objects floating fridge is suspicious to me because I've never heard that my life ever. That an exploding fridge happens number one into causes that kind of fire. It's so crazy Liotta nowhere I don't know what to make of it yet in that pretty quick to us that way. I don't know why are nothing else right or there's been no one that's taking credit for that you would think devices that anything even remotely related to what they would have said I don't know it. That was awesome will be durable and animals her whole organism you'd like to think some random guy in Canada fallen asleep wouldn't cause half the East Coast to lose power for taiba let it happen it's now up a so this answer that a third random or not so random tax that we got which I think we should take around a little fibroid. Is it terrorism when that container ships slams directly into our USS FitzGerald. What did happen I don't know this let's do talk about this I mean I want theories from people what. Especially if you've been in the navy before and you've ever worked on a ship like Dan any sort of knowledge. How could this possibly have happened there is or what Jim just said somebody fall asleep. Because this is the most technical technologically advanced ship we have suppose it right right. How could he get rammed by something four times its size or hard would it rammed into. Something Ford brand that's my understanding and being good idea how to get a USS FitzGerald hit that tanker. Did that cargo vessel. And I I cannot understand that I mean we're talkative like you said the most technologically advanced. Shipped out there you know had to have known they were in the waters right. No there within that big that cargo vessel is just on your basic routine. Trip. And now we get seven sailors dead. They had to airlift the captain off rates so I mean something happened here this is really bizarre. There was there were a couple of incidents over the weekend Norris and bar how. That dead Nantucket ferry that hit dead rock wall are seawall whatever you wanna call that ledge. I don't know how that is possible I don't. I mean you can see that thing it from miles a way in the darkest of night if you're in what's your headlights are our order. I don't know how you couldn't have seen that and he went straight into it never even turned right that's crazy to me. This one is great pitcher or not. We're not in a bathtub with boats in our hands on brand ranked. You should know for quite awhile that this speech is in the area how is it possible. That one or the other didn't avoid the other now. If one of them is hunting the other it is a faster ship I guess how it could hit the other one. But I don't think that's what happened here. Well in the big USS. FitzGerald would be this smaller more nimble of that too right. So you would think that would that if that's the case get your facts straight the cargo vessel hit a good show I don't I I've heard both and I Reinhold definitive according to that fit the story that I'm reading it yet the cargo ship hit FitzGerald in the middle of the night and the Japanese. Investigators. Are calling it endangerment of traffic caused by professional negligence. Texture says I was in the navy someone had dual fallen asleep when not for some reason. Not paying attention to their radar screen because it's the only way right that you would you wouldn't know you would know this thing is there. And according to Japanese media that cargo ship made a sharp turn short shortly before hitting. The so it looks sort of like you realize it's so I thank I needed to I sat down right yeah. Exactly and again did did the more nimble out no to someone more than what Sierra radar and then someone looked and went wait there's a boat in front of Austin yeah yeah. Let me go to our market behavioral Haymarket morning. Yeah former sailor. Well watch onboard shift. Along onboard ships should really got to go from twelve to true true go forward. Error in. Frequently be relieving. Watch those in total uniformity. Oncoming war torture happening around them all. Submarines are insurer has some leadership should in some worry. Collided with a title and so on account of. Confusion mark does this make sense in north Texas is I was in the Coast Guard for 22 years you not only have alive bridge watch but you also have people that are making rounds. Series chatter going on there is way more of this than meets the guy does that make sense to you. Good yes especially at 2 o'clock in the morning when there's a lot. From Nazi. Marty thank you for your call so from the Costa Concordia the famous cost categories can write it is not a workable applaud Jim but I. This little bit and I am Nash's. Heads roll that guy is imprisoned now the captain of that ship because people lost their lies because of his negligence. In this case. You've got seven dead sailors someone is gonna end this and it's going to be fellow sailors you would its own house. I'm out now how how else to read it right now. One thing I should as marking on its future callers is. Is there any way this could've happened if people on their game I just to me it seems like there's no way. If we're aware that this ship is in the neighborhood then there's no way it's hidden our ship there where he admitted in any way shape or form maybe I'm wrong about that is on I was never in the navy. Well let me just tell you add just a little background real quickly here as we've said it already but it's worth that. It's a one point three billion dollar vessel but FitzGerald. Most modern and technologically advanced warship afloat. Capable of using its powerful sensors. To look up into space if necessary to look for targets so you know. You know that. Even if what what's strange to meet even if there was human error I'm shocked that that ship wasn't telling them you know why did it seem like most people all the bush. So looking at the looking at the screens and one are looking up and go hey guys. Yeah that's Geist so for a wants is the cargo vessel was sailing away from the FitzGerald before made a sudden 100 needy return. Another text to nine tonight as the ship the container ship that in 1980 return all of a sudden. Why would these two ships being that close that a sudden turn would cause this correct kind of force. I don't know what to meet. In the old days you'd fire warning shot they get a little close right off. Mark hale morning show was. So we're talking this morning about that past incident this weekend and USS FitzGerald. Getting kids to. There's so many things we don't know except one thing we do you know we know that seven sailors are dead which is horrible. We know that the sailors who were on board that ship fought. For a long time to see fit to keep it from going honor. And to get in there or you back I mean they fought hard and long to make sure that that happened. And we know that there are a lot of questions about. How this could have happened to an incredibly technological. Share. Well seven I want to close in May not have been our fault but it had to have been avoidable. The people on watch and ultimately to Camden are going down I'm I don't see how that's not right I don't. I just keep getting back to several people saying look look at the Japanese said it was a minute staying but it was 25 minutes they're being purposely evasive about the I don't write I'm bonded that closely. I just them puzzled as the how it could be. That even if somebody on that should the cargo ship. Made a rash sudden decision. That that could work. They got close in the cheese in my and then they changed their mind again like I it's hard for me to believe we couldn't have. A kept them at distance enough or B Ben ready for this ships are area in case they do something stupid everybody just be ready. Kind of thing or is it just because we knew with a Japanese ship we just assumed they were for nearly wasn't always there and I don't consumers friendly until I know yeah otherwise I don't know what. And I don't know it's it's a very sick that timing thing is what I find very gives you would think that's another thing that could well holy you know that's that's yes suddenly announces its him. Possible my son's in the merchant marine it's impossible. For a huge merchant ship to make a sudden right turn by law the smaller ships job is to avoid the bigger ship from. It's a real mess right it is okay that makes it's that he not be app and now Jim is in Boston good morning Jim. Good morning we have super thank you sir. Just all being racial and all of the aircraft carrier and all figured out while borders but he got we got we got into all those thank you the radar. And bill that rated and everything within many many many miles on it. And to think that anything to get that quote will go to whistle all kinds so it's really. And that certainly one person. Number we're so that's really hard to believe that could take place. Yeah it is he added that does it just seems. You gotta know just by. Virtue of the fact that this ship is equipped with all the things that it is. That the ship itself. Was telling the people on the bridge that this is and it's better. Retirement is before his show and you know how or even an discusses as we don't know when I had spurs or whatever when I said it's you know it's you'll steal his real line that's on stuck in the middle. Trying to make some sense of all but I can see it makes no sense at all. I you. I just I'm asking people that are in the know that to have merchant Marines on Serena and how could this possibly happen in less. Unless somebody wanted to happen but even then how can this happen well or less we find out there was some kind of field year right on the FitzGerald that she did prohibited it from getting out of the way certain what sort Carl we also are though the immersed Alabama store right captain Phillips like. These are not that ships of little tiny rowboat basically pulled up to that thing. How can he be a state of the art United States need the ship. Did itself in any kind of danger with a cargo vessel like that in less. Again there's a complete blackout and it's the worst there's no visibility here whatsoever and. Nobody could see it but again radar looks right through that stuff so hot how could what does it what if we find out that they had like I say with they had some kind of failure. They're prohibited them from moving quickly enough. Maybe pirates just over a crash into it's maybe the captains of Muslim these are all questions and is excellent okay so let's let's assume neither of those are true. How can this happen. We have a faster ship with a much better technology. How was it in a position to get here. I don't know is it normal that they would be that close in the movie captain Phillips. Ships were going right by our VA and you you'd you walk close Mary that is normal I don't know. Let me go to Stanley and grunt me good morning. Daily there yet the tiger laurels there I thought I want to related story I don't know Arnold Bibi don't. History guys. But USS Pueblo was captured. By the North Korea that was what Vietnam what was going on I was in the gulf on ten. And they would go for eleven months. And the captain of that ship is England who may have to wait book. Was relieved of his command when they were set free. So there are consequences. In in in the service. That part up there as they. Sure I I mean I can't imagine that this captain will not be held accountable for what occurred here. Whether he was on the bridge or he was in bed or what was going on. In the end it's always you know it's he is it's his ship. I'll look I'll take conspiracy theories amend your view on the makes me smile but I'm gonna just tell that the acumen and the tags 97 I. This is a cover up they were selling rockets and they were unloading them and something went horribly wrong. I can't so I think right now I mean die. And it stranger things could happen it's it's it seems very far do you had today how do I transport we got an arms deal Lloyd. Do you send rockets over well I are under a cargo ship I don't know I don't know. Was the captaincy to the bridge I keep saying even if that happened there are other guys there are multiple other guys. That should have precluded this from how it's not like you are on your boat or if you go to the boat just flowed so anyway I knew how close they're so well driving it. I every position is filled they don't hit the staff doesn't get smaller overnight. Bob Bob and Mary hey Bob. That wouldn't. That's our that apple are the all of that special. Got a mobile. It was so. I thought you know that are out of that orbit our apathy. So. They are subject this fought and well I hope that I could want or it. Yeah all all of you go so far or what. So therefore what the weather whether or what eighty I didn't let. Both part of the global oil exported. So you're telling me like to stay in the yard destroy and good call thank you would you're telling me that. Our state of the yard technologically advanced destroyers and Chrysler whole to you when you greet her when you parallel park I I haven't cut them. You.