Turkeys are on the attack in Cambridge

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, September 21st

The Cambridge City Council has met to decide what to do about the city being overrun by wild turkeys


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We gotta talk Turkey let's do let's do it puts a I just asked if you do it's the official game bird. And god they do have the right to live in both suburbs. Urban areas as well as rural areas. But they can be a problem and apparently their problem in Cambridge Massachusetts. They probably in your community by the way we got a ton of I don't know what the dealers. Again what what is the problem just because you have them doesn't mean they're the turkeys to me aren't a problem ICU almost every day and my drive home because I live in the words and there's turkeys and how are usually similar check out the turkeys. They're not problem. I don't care I hit him I never have. I can't tell you if I ever have they're not that they don't usually get in the dramatic way there on the side of the road but. They don't cause me any problems there in my yard. They've never charged me if they did I don't think I would be overly concerned they never attacked my kids. They're not prompt the problems are Fisher cats coyotes. And they're from would the hackers. There are those are problem animal. Turkeys are not the dreams turkeys are also per day they're for their food for those in all I agree is well. And it's Kelly is seals with the sharks you know he had. He got to hang out. They may seem to think that they have a huge problem in Cambridge he and now you know the folks in Cambridge who are. I'm I'm gonna column do gooders. Who don't wanna ever causing cancer problems like this. Now they're trying to figure out what are we do to address the Turkey problem. Which is hilarious because most Cambridge residents. This is asking a vegetarian to solve the the meat shortage drive or something like. What they know about Turkey's and to emerge so they get one in Harvard Square which I grant you was sort of an oddity. But now we're like. No no I'm I watched of video like that taunt of Turkey's flocking late dale how is happening I know I don't it's a weird it's weird I can say having lived in Dorchester for the summer after you'd be shocked at how often track is dead stopped. In Dorchester because tort there's a look of the group of turkeys crossing the street. Yeah. It hit the problem is that liking to see what happens here. In communities that are are like Cambridge or you know some of these Dorchester. These birds get kind of panicked and they dig do you get nasty and aggressive. And in Cambridge. City Council says are starting to complaints about these birds chastened people's dogs Jason kids Jason people. They bought they literally at a City Council meeting on Monday to discuss their Turkey problem and everybody. Apparently had a story of huge roar I've had a problem that church. We've got to know world there was chick and then did the guy one guy claims that while somebody was complaining me and he steps outside and Turkey charged with. Come on I. There's other and this not like we're like overrun by wraps it's not something like that tight. It does become a nuisance a community news it's and they are filthy dirty. I had never by the way just to throw lucid I had never seen. A gaggle of Turkey's I think and caught I think that's correct but Kirk correct me if I'm I'm wrong I think that is what you call them. Why until. I Arab dog came running at a big group of amid a field and swamps dot. And all these turkeys. Blew up into a tree and what a site that was because the huge burdens. And they ending they don't fly very far they don't find very high but they did all fly was. What do you what do you do with them and what should she emerged it was a because if you say tell them okay well how are they going to do then I don't can they actually are currently there so what what can they do with these birds. Wake up with Kim and GT. Oh WRK. Got to they reckon you'll. 978 it's a flock of turkeys like gag all that I think you sound and they want him and argue that gaggle of he served right now and have so many also going to see rafter of Turkey's I've never heard rap star. Who is that true to adopt. I don't know. I just know that there's a lot I heard flock of geese to death right there and act like you have. In fact I guess that take Holm a murder of crows but I can also Coleman flock of course. They have been I could call like dang it Turkey you can get some of a Mac like gang members there someday ST. They're like he's in that you know these are all Cubans fine until you start walking through the goose poop. Eight and they start kissing incumbent that yet and that's been my experience with the turkeys. Being is they're getting pulpit thing. Again. They're dirty what color are you get out white when he hits the ground zero Y yeah I know that this is true. I idiots I know what if geese and that's why geese is of Brahma. I've never heard yesterday we every Turkey poop for so well because I mean we're we're now we're talking about how many people have this problem in making tell you we have a we live one house from a wildlife. Like pros you know area are refuge whatever. So we have a lot of these turkeys in that area because there's water there safety unique in breast and sleep in her. And dale come out and when they do the ground is just covered their filthy. Derrick today in the end there's a lot of them they don't move just one or two at a time. We got to Jennifer she's been holding she's in Boston hi good morning Jennifer in Europe WR out. Thank Gil. And from Cambridge well take it from my trip comes stomach a big gala bash but anyway. A friend. And I grew up in Cambridge electric say that his. A friend of mine. The house next to her parents at a very sweet little neighborhood and while I am. The police came took a trip there next our neighbor's house one day they're thinking oh god what happened. Well a Turkey came out of nowhere ran across this little stream. From a little. Play area where the kids were playing and ran right true. And smash right through their living room and down. And I know that was the diseases that it would have housing it would actually in the red or amber yeah it. Really was right and it just smash right through the window and the police came and checked to. Arnold quite an ordeal to get it out of the house loans and down and I have to put up a window and it was a perfectly lovely little single family house yeah glad that. You know and it was a very quiet little neighborhood you know we usually don't see Turkish army air they don't know that I Howard came from but. Yes Ballmer and the memory afternoon. In the classroom to the window fell thank you happen yeah I know they go by and then. They can do what they were created to do. Now all of that I created our glass doors but no broke birds in general earth. Man they can ski here they just can I taught at our children had the pigeon drop down my the chimney into my house and let. Flock is for wild turkeys rafter is for domesticated turkeys says seven and one kind. Domesticated turkeys what does that day to Thanksgiving dinner for what is the way I'm good I'm not completed Turkey. Tom kind of point. What was that that means it is raised on a farm vs running wild Ozzie I won. He's Cambridge not a bird Sanctuary City I don't think he's joking when he asks them is probably enough to Cambridge does want some things out of the city limits apparently won't. The problem with this this council meeting is that they recognize have a problem with donated turkeys but they don't want this. Policy that they may try to adopt and they have to go through the state by the way to get some kind of resolution to this. They don't want it to extend to all wildlife. And I can only imagine what this experience was like if you read. Some of what happened that the council meeting they got into a whole conversation about rabbits. And now all these little bunnies are in their backyards and while they may be eating a lot of the vegetation. They don't want people killing bunnies and if they opened this up there you know what's this what's gonna happen of the bodies of the world so. I don't know that it seems a little strange Ke there's general and good morning chief. Morning guys no idea it all right so well there are. All the old walk those with a three terms. For a bunch of are not together. Gobble I never heard about you. I don't go out there and a walk obviously but are Bobble like never heard of that but come. But. I had doubt. I look middle and and up but I look on the like Olympia be like satellite out of the woods yet with the area and yeah they've had Robbie there Vietnam between both the buy yachts. Between our backyard. They've law ought to his garage proved that by garage roof friend. That it wouldn't that help probably a couple of odd couple I was so. I think what they've adultery did you see him fly up there. Don't insult them they came up way up my driveway and they lose the rest of the way too often they put themselves grass. White dog who was laid out a retired raging right about the bomb. That he wanted. Very badly. That. I like you are now all right well you know I don't think I'll not that's what can happen. And it would you agree with me is crazy side when you seemed like hazardous so big. I don't ID people a lot of people don't realize that you know they don't fly our. But they don't I I I don't Abbott but they did I got my garage department pulled it off the router they were quiet right up there are part of gobbled up. But off the roof there are doubts. So what. One where he lives in where I live it. Turkeys just tend to keep moving NASA just relax yeah it for some reason they're bothering you give them space and overtime they're gonna go. I don't like where these things going Cambridge like where did that Turkey spend the night that you see in the picture I have no idea. They're not there Omar Arnold he's Georgia are like where I guess I'm like yeah I think there's just like. Abandoned lot. Feel old snake sort of stay and I mean you see that Dorchester definitely there's just abandoned lots and Earl for grown in cell registry are testing industry Turkey's yeah. I'm sorry I yup. I just think I am telling you it's sounds like a joke I cannot regulate it has been stuck in traffic in Dorchester presumably the turkeys are just Ronald mark I know Mike is in Winfield paved bike. A good morning good morning I knew I was scared but when I was growing up actually deck and I heard this noise. And subtly this huge tall. Camera record out in this thing by inches I have a dark. So he did that nor was there every night they go up and they roost in the end up in the white trying to Europe like eighty feet. But yeah every night and that's probably what they're doing favored they're getting a positive ought to be on the ground it could play. I was right there at pine trees and done and Harvard Square though I mean yeah it's gotten any true right. I don't focus on probable won't focus and they penetrated they wanted to they don't wanna be on the ground at night I love you certain about when they're having to hold its. They get the pole to kick a look at the trees into the comply. So those basically coyote proves aren't here any subject so that's what came which is gonna be next they're gonna feel the basic coyote come and have. Who see this is what I'm saying about the problem with them it again is that it's like the seals in the sharks. You do eat you know they do bring in their predators. And the predators are a whole lot worse than they are. And again I live in an area where we have the predators we got clean Turkey's I again yesterday. Driving on my road there was like I don't know was it 68 however many of them in that. On the left side I live on the right side and I said to my word check out the turkeys. Every game you'll see them. So it's not like the predators are thinning the herd up we're here because there's plenty armor we had a couple good you are elderly I'm like but that is. I would much prefer to take out the Turkey the the coyotes then I would the turkeys like on my removal list. Turkey's isn't in my top five even though we have tons of them out there. In the end turkeys are harmless even if they've attacked you where they've gotten on your car whatever they're harmless can compared to. So again Fisher cats sure coyotes. Chip monks are more problem for me even turkeys for example others caller who said I don't wanna go on the air bags were told these guys. Day in Cambridge and there's a ton in this cemetery that I losers. They have the other usual.