Trump to leave Paris Climate Agreement

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, June 1st

Celebrities freak out over President Trump’s plans to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.


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Okay later this hour you don't want to miss this kind illegal alien from Ecuador. 'cause now how was yourself. In a church in Cambridge. She's afraid now to be deported she's been ordered to be deported she refuses to leave. And now the liberals are protecting her should somebody go in there and better we're gonna discuss about big story. Obviously local boy with Syria's national repercussions. But first. It now looks according to multiple media reports animal find out officially. At 3 PM where trump holds a ceremony in the Rose Garden. But according now to what are some of his officials are leaking to the media. It appears that trump. Is going to pull out of the Paris climate agreement now. Why is this important. It seven major historic consequences. For several reasons. Most importantly. The Paris climate accords were signed in 2015. They are a centerpiece. Of Obama's legacy. In fact then use that trump was going up pull out of Paris I kid you not. Led to many trump style ansari Obama's top aides. Lashing out at trump some of them almost on the verge of tears. This is rolling back Obama's legacy. And he continues to roll back Obama's legacy. Whether it be that trans Pacific partnership. Gone. Obama care is now on its last legs. Now it looks like the Paris climatic. Accords the climate agreement gone. If he destroys and dismantles the NAFTA if he repeals NAFTA it will be complete. And so right now the leftist fearing that everything they try to build over the last eight years. Is now gonna come crashing into one end. It's gonna come crashing down. And so number one this on does a major record signed by Obama. More importantly. The Paris climate agreement with the linchpin of the new world order. Because what it proposed to do. Was it was combined 200 countries. This was spearheaded by the European Union and in particular by George Soros signed and agreed to by Obama. To force every country in the world or most countries in the world. To hit certain emission targets when it comes to emitting greenhouse gases. In plain English. It would dramatically. Reduced economic growth. The ability to build. The or your own capitalist economy. They would go after in partake killer. That exploration and development of oil of natural gas of coal coal mining coal production. In other words they would tie that. Hands of the United States and especially the advanced economies of the world it would kill jobs. It would drive down economic growth. You would see factories completely disappear. It would put a stranglehold. On a hole on a lot of our own energy production here in the United States and for all of you welfare. It doesn't just mean millions of jobs would have been destroyed. Your energy costs would go through the roof. The more you rely on solar wind mills. Whatever all these alternative sources of energy your heating bill more expensive. The air conditioning more expensive. Electricity bill more expensive. You are what you pay at the tank much more expensive. So for ordinary average consumers. You're paying for it in two wastes. A lot less jobs and economic opportunity. And you're paying a hell of a lot more for gas spread the pomp and for energy and an electricity costs. So he hits the ordinary people very hard but it benefits to deal leaks. I especially. Socialist elites bureaucratic elites political beliefs and the big multinationals. Because now they're all in on this global warming racquet. Carbon credits. Paying for carbon credits. Do a transferring carbon credits. This is now become a multi billion dollar empire. Al Gore isn't on the racquet. But you've got the big energy giants there in on the racquet George Soros is in on the racquet. You've got all of these grants now going to universities. Where they want the scientists to somehow say global warming is real. So what you now have is massive corruption. On a global scale. By pulling us out of the Paris climate accord. Trump is fulfilling a central campaign promise. This is what I find incredible. You have the left. Melting down over the it's going absolutely. Berserk. And all he did. All he did. Was for Phil essential campaign this. This restores America's sovereignty our independence. We can now it'll save the coal industry in this country it's gonna help with oil and natural gas and energy production. It's gonna lead to much lower energy cost for UN home Europe your bill is gonna go down because of this. Your pay less at the gas pump. But if you would listen to the left I'm not kidding. Did you would think this is the end of the world. For example I mean I'm not kidding. Nancy Pelosi has now come out and said by doing this. Trample quote unquote in endangered the lives of our children and grandchildren. All of these Obama aides now say they fear for the future. That the planet itself is now in mortal peril because of what trump has done holy wood in particular. All of these celebrities. Are now alms some of them are getting nervous breakdowns. Over Trump's decision because they feared that the planet itself mother earth itself. It's days are now numbered listened to some of these weeks. So according to these Hollywood celebrities listen to this here's mark ruffle. If this is true he meaning trump. Will have their death of the whole nations on his hands so attire countries are gonna die because of him not signing this accord. People will be looking to the US safer retribution. For what a yeah actually spells it loops credit unions for what they lose. These dolls that LO OSE should be spelt LO SE but let that go so he's kind of venting almost gonna leak it terrorism. Might not signed the Paris climate agreement we're gonna create more jihadist. I Don Cheadle. If you care about your kids may be reconsider your hash tag Paris agreement decision. But Aaron wolf thank you when he sees you whenever that is it's. So we now we sent the residency is Simon not gonna throw that big in there and it goes on Chelsea handler. Yeah who cares about climate change only every single person with a child. Republicans in congress need to end this childish mayhem and they'd go all share was this one share ways and she by the way when she does a tweet she litter she can't write. It's not enough to write she asked the put in these little icons. These little emote geez. You know it's almost like it's too much for her just actually write a hundred sep forty characters no emotion got to put in the emotions so. Who people because she puts the number two people PPL. So I guess to people of the broke caters an earth. Symbol salt of the earth. Please and all their are millions. Us. I beam location as a beat here. Dean how old hostage. By insane dictator all and capsule trumps a dictator. Are being held hostage by this insane dictator. He trashy is there is an American flag American values. And admires killers. Hash tag Paris accords and now and amp it just goes on and on and on now. What they want in the Paris courts here is what Obama agreed to. I want you think about office. The goal. According to these signatories to this agreement. Is they want to prevent the Earth's temperature global temperature. From rising three point six degrees Fahrenheit. So the goal is keep your carbon emissions down. To such an extent that you prevent the globe the entire world global temperatures from rising more than three point 6%. If you can keep it under two point seven degrees Fahrenheit. At minus three point six front degrees Fahrenheit that's the top. But if you can keep it under two point seven degrees Fahrenheit they say that's even better. Because if we don't do that Perry's climate of courts. They say the Earth's temperature or the next hundred years. Is gonna grow from somewhere between four point five degrees Fahrenheit to over eight degrees Fahrenheit. These people are nuts. I mean dirt dirt knots. Nobody can control the gore go through the Earth's temperatures. It's impossible. So freed him. To be costly trip well we can and if we can just stop it rising above three point six degrees Fahrenheit. We'll save the planet. If you can keep an even under two point seven degrees Fahrenheit that's even better. Because if we don't do this you know if we don't have if we can shut down the coal plants. And prevent oil and natural gas. And stop driving in cars and stop using trucks and you don't have everybody would solar panels and and Windmills. If we don't have there's been a sky Gore's 678%. Fahrenheit. Bold free character is gonna burn up there as a fever. There are no emergency rooms all planets. Your country's old disappeared the ice caps won't melt were all gonna die in mass starvation famine and disease it's the end of the world as we know it so. Here's my question to the liberals to the Hollywood elites and to the dear leader. If this is soul life and death as all of you claim that it's. This is it the future of the planet is at stake OK now how you can control. The Earth's temperatures is beyond me 'cause you're not god only god can control the Earth's temperatures but let that go OK you're got. If its sole life and death. Why did inch you put the court. To the senate for a vote. It's a treaty. As the US constitution clearly stipulates. Every treaty. To be properly gratified to be ratified must be sent to the people as expressed in their representatives in the senate so. If the whole nations are at sneak. If the ice caps are stay unique. If the future of the world in our share. Filled Iran and grand children ran and everybody and you know we're gonna God's gonna heat up 567810. Degrees Fahrenheit has got to be like hell. It's going to be it's a now year. It's gonna be sought. Why didn't you submitted to the senate for ratification. White and should give the people a voice. Why did you deliberately circumvent congress. I'll tell you why. Because if there was an open debate on the facts on the merits of the issue in would have gone down in the senate. Now you have nobody to blame which ourselves. Don't blame trump. Had this thing passed the senate it would have been ratified as a treaty trump could do nothing to get rid of it. Except go back to the senate which would have been almost impossible. So you were the ones that set this thing up. And now you're blaming trump. Who simply fulfilling a campaign promise. A boat in an cord. That is a fundamental pillar of the new world order. That will destroy energy production in this country. And cost consumers thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. In higher gas prices in higher electricity prices in higher energy costs. While the elites. Make out like bandits. Hey. I'm now off is enough. By pulling out of the Paris agreement. Donald Trump has now delivered. Another mortal blow. To the new world order. First it was the TP peace. Now it's the Paris climate agreement. He gets rid of NAFTA and my friends the whole whole freaking thing comes crashing down. 6172666868. Is the number. Climate change. Is it real is it not. Trump's decision to pull out I agree disagree. York calls text this. 85 here on the great WRKO. Okay just to show you now how desperate the left is to try to keep this hoax this fraud. I think one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated in the history of so called climate change global warming whatever you wanna call it. Now they're trying to claim that the future is in solar and wind power. Now I hate solar energy Albie on his review I hate those freak and Windmills. They can mean the eight desecrate the landscape they take up but amid all you do see Windmills everywhere. They destroy the view. They occupy so much space solar panels you put among your house you can never saw your house again it kills the resale value of your house okay but let that go. Now they're trying to claim that all the suppose it future jobs. Our solar energy and Windmills its all solar panels and when most. That's the that's the future. So apparently. Trying to. They shut down about a hundred coal production plants in anticipation because they signed on to the Paris accords now they are teed off at trump. The Vatican Steele often trump the Europeans are teed off the trump and leading the charge here believe it or not isn't. Que La chute and the nine. Why did they cure Manuel Manny I want to secular bull our of our news today. Senator Ed Markey. Now he's saying bed because of us pulling out of the Paris accords. That these that the United States is gonna fall behind in the race for Windmills and solar panels. And bright falling behind its we're gonna lose to the Chinese. It's like the Cuban missile crisis. Only this time I swear to you with Windmills. Rolled it. Jared the threat to our country the Windmills. Pointed at us coming from China like the missiles like the missiles in Cuba. In 1962. Of the threat to us today are that these give these renewable energy technologies up pointed out our economy will be importing rather than an exploding these tech held its power generation of people out all the accord. Where they could do fired the Windmills that us. Lo really hard Jeff I mean had to are coming up people's heads all across America. Now notice that you fraud you Huckabee or say the same thing about solar panels of the U wise. Because you all like gold that sun marked a lot when you're downstairs in that coffin not. We bent. Shannon didn't deny him a hug coming up pushing solar panels on them and I got to throw the launch solar panels out of its value phony you fraud you. Because you can't stand the sun the sun brings you up. You'll vampire you Russ in Boston go ahead Ross. Itself. Is that you let Tom argue with the enemy and what men and as far as I'm concerned blew the parish Kia blink Charlie Baker blew it Mitt Romney. And Portland Oregon I am the Nazis for the last fifty years olive burgers and Tillman go wrong. That unfortunately there's a lot of people across the globe that have been sucked in to their crop it'll play that they've affected me personally and I'll play how. I loved my grand marquis I've been driving them for about thirty ideas. And unfortunately what does not produce many more dissatisfied the empire and the Nazis. Because of that I think the gas mileage for the cards and the other thing that's OK I need to do was one Internet okay. So Pamela sort of by asset in this no question because they can cause roofs to collapse quicker. Firefighters many times. We're not fight the fire from the inside because of that problem they'll find them from the and so outside and someone could be trapped in the bedroom and they can't get out okay. And they also they can catch fire. Rodents. Have eaten away at the wires. Did they were so many disadvantages. And firefighters. Were not put solar panels on their home. I'm with you Ross I I I can't stand solar panels. Now Britney apparently. You're saying they killed birds yes they made solar panels are big bird killers yeah they burn their wings and and California and they. Ignite birds. But they burn them up in the sky so high yeah so this at this is a mass murderer. There are murdering those four birds I know where is Peta when you need them. 61720666868. Should trump pull out of the climate agreement. And big local story and illegal illegal Ecuadorean woman. Is now holed up in a church in Cambridge. Should she be deported. All of that your calls.