Trump fights back against Comey

The Kuhner Report
Friday, June 9th

President Trump’s lawyers file a complaint against Comey leaking memos to the New York Times.


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And financial services. Complete news liberal lies and insults to the working people when you say no more. Is that could erupt for. He broke me. He broke me. Call me goal is down. My friends. I look huge fallout now from. Berg former FBI directors comb these costs them only yesterday. I no matter how the liberal media tries to spin it. They damage has been done. And the more you step away from it every minute every second every hour. It gets worse and worse for James Dominique. They Democrats. And the entire liberal media okay my friends here is now the absolute latest. As you know. While many of the dramatic revelations. At yesterday's testimony. The one now that is clearly being discussed. The one that stands out and the one now that may put call me in very serious legal jeopardy. Was his out of the bull admission. That he was a leak Kerr of one of his memos. You know that did the infamous memo all. About you don't guard trumped by asking him for loyalty asking him to let Shia investigation of Mike Flynn just let it go. Just let it go. He admitted underwrote. That he was one of the leaker is that in fact he used a friend of his at Columbia University. To leak that memo. To the to the media in particular the New York Times in the Washington Post. And that he did it with the express. Personal political motive. To spark. The appointment. Of a special counsel here is what Komi said roll it Jarrett. In June show copies. Of your memos. To anyone outside that of the Department of Justice yes. And to whom did you show cut its. I asked. President tweeted on Friday after I got fired that a better hope there's not tapes. I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night because it didn't dawn on me originally that there might be corroboration. For our conversation might be a tape. In my judgment was I need to get that out into the public square and so I asked a friend of mine. To share the contents of the memo with a reporter into a myself for a variety of reasons I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. It's like asked a close friend of mind to do it in was set mr. witness now we know who who was that. A good friend of mine who's a professor Columbia Law School. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I mean to me this was just it I commented on this yesterday near the end of the show but this bears repeating now over and over again. First of all what he did may have even actually be any legal. OK that's number one what do clearly wise was it shows that he was a shameless political partisan hack. They were rabid never trump Burke who wish part of the cub now leaking against the president with the expressed purpose. Of getting a special prosecutor appointed. To bring the president down. Each Timmy. If you want any validation for why can't we should have been fired dairy days right there. Blake beat now would be on back now with never mind now this has destroyed colonies credibility. Completely shot it through he was small independent objective FBI director. Let me tell you what his motives were my friends it's clear as day. It was revenge. It was vindictiveness. It was you know what buddy you're gonna fire mean I'll tell you what I'm gonna burn you down. And sown now. Call me is in serious legal trouble why. Because. That trump tweeted out this morning. A board of won several one of his several weeks. There that he feels completely and utterly justified as he put it. Despite so many false statements and lies total and complete vindication. And wow cloned meat is a leaker. He's a leaker. And so now trump has ordered his attorneys. To file an official complaint with the FBI and with the Justice Department to now investigate. Call mean. Because now he has admitted he was one of the leaguers who had eight a personal desire a motive. To get a special counsel appointed to bring the president down he's now going to be facing an investigation. And not only now is she facing an investigation. But the question now that's being asked is this why hasn't the FBI already seized his computers. Why haven't they seized the computers of his friends. If you read this what else did he leak. How much more involved was she. Behind these damaging leaks against the president these illegal criminal leaks against the president. And it has gotten soul back listen to this and remember right I said this on yesterday's show. I said he gets out of his own guide. He couldn't do it himself because you want to cover his rear end. Because he's a gutless coward so we got his friend do it and I said by saying a law professor at Columbia it's not gonna be hard to attract this guy down. Well listen now to this. That Columbia law professor. Who was asked by combing his buddy to leaked the memo about trump another words helping him engage in these. Let's just put it nefarious weeks. His name is Columbia professor Daniel recommend. Well apparently now he's vanished from his Brooklyn home. And he's gone into hiding. The guys gone into hiding. The guys on the wrong. He doesn't want to face the media frenzy even media firestorm. God knows now he may be investigated as well as call me just open the door to ruin this guy's life. In other words it's now gonna lead to investigation. After investigation. After investigation. But this time. Dawn hunt terror becomes the hunted. And what is even more remarkable. And I wanna give a big hat tip to Catherine Herridge a faux news. Prior to his testimony yesterday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. James called me weeks before they when he was still FBI director. Testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And I remember that testimony I remember very clearly. And right out of the back right out of the gates he was asked I'll never forget this. Are you one of the anonymous weaker us. Are you a weaker. Have you ever leaked information have you been part of any leaking operation. And his answer was no. Roll it Jarrett. Let's pick up on that testimony right there from I James Komi. I can't remember a time ever Wear a former FBI director. Has deliberately leaked the contents. Other government document so would get to a reporter in the hopes that it would prompt a special counsel investigation. And one of the problems Allstate four James coney right now is that in his last public testimony here in Capitol Hill before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Right out of the gate in that hearing he took a series of questions from the Republican chairman. Chuck Grassley and Chuck Grassley asked him whether he had ever been an anonymous source. For reporters about the Hillary Clinton email investigation or the Russian case and James Curley testified no then he asked him. Whether he would ever authorized. Someone else to be an anonymous source on his. Asked on the Clinton email case and the Russian case in James coney. Said no so with the very least what you can draw here. From that testimony is that once he left to the opposite FBI director he was not necessarily a person of principle. He made a decision to leak information. On an anonymous basis in the hope of really changing the entire focus. The Russian investigation. Going forward so that's based on my reporting here over the last couple of months specifically on that issue this sets up at the very least a conflict or the need for. A further explanation how decent of squared these elements here bill. Bingo I mean she nailed it. Now. Is she kind of you know she's a news person and use a reporter. No it wasn't just to change the political focus or change the the direction of the Russia investigation. He wanted to special counsel. He wanted to bury trump politically. He stated so explicitly. It was burning him down. But the fact of the matter is. He testified I was never a week or would never leak all my ritual or longer it shall we more. It's so one up fickle it's so we legal he's a liar. And his own previous testimony shows that he's a liar he's a complete liar. And what he ultimately is is nothing more than a creature of the swamp he is a cynical opportunist. Who now want it to burn trauma because trump fired him. That's Timmy crystal clear in fact. Even CNN. Even CNN's Dana bash said I ya ya I. After that stunning admission. This guy. He's not principled. He's political. Role it. Jar this thing that I found and you also mentioned this extraordinary. Isn't just that James calmly admitted. That he. Asked a friend of his to give the contents of his memos to the New York Times. But they said that he did it because you wanted to spur a special counsel. We said before he might not be a Democrat he might not be a Republican. Boy is this guy political. It is sort of have the wherewithal to do that and to sort of think ten steps ahead. And want that to be the end goal that just gives you a sense that he's not. Just a Pollyanna boy scout he wants it affects something any wants to get to the point. Of something like that and he knows exactly how to do it and use that institutions of Washington and that the media to make that happen. I mean it's and it's so clear and so obvious he's a political operator. Now he's a Democrat. She this is the ultimate point he's a rabid partisan pro Obama pro Hillary Democrat. And those are the Obama hold overs in the so called deep state that had been trying to break the back of Donald Trump ever since she won the election. And now we find out he's part of the cabal. That has been leaking against the president now. Let me just say this and then I want to throw open TU corner country. What James coney did is he politicized the FBI. He covered up for Hillary Clinton. She should've been indicted she should be an orange and orange jump suit right now. He admitted himself. That Loretta lynch try to influence injuring the investigation. And instead of charging her with obstruction of justice he tried to cover up for Loretta lynch and for Hillary Clinton. And ultimately. Change combing. Each part of the democratic. And liberal conspiracy. That has been going on in this country to sabotage. And subvert the president. He is a leaks were illegal. His computer should be seized four computers. Dose of his friends he should be for early investigated. And my friends I believe coney should be sent to jail. I also believe he perjured himself or repeatedly in that testimony. One of the times being when he said he asked trump for loyalty and a trump asked him for loyalty. I don't believe them. I don't believe him. And if trump how has the tapes. I hope he releases those states but either way whether you believe call me or not about the question of whether trump asked them for loyalty. By becoming a leak Kirk. By engaging in this kind of thing nefarious campaign. To get a special counsel and destroy the president. Homey I believe disgraced himself and more than that has now opened himself up the prosecution. And should be indicted. That corner country poll question of the day is this sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. He's home meet in legal trouble. If you believe the answer is yes that is testimony yesterday opened himself up to serious legal jeopardy. That he should be indicted or investigated. Next the letter a eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no he was a private citizen even though those memos were part of a government. They say he was a private citizen he had every right to do what he did. Tax the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at New York calls 61726668. Listening to this. Part of the resistance. This is it couldn't report on the board so far totally RKL. In my judgment was I needed to get that out into the public square and so I asked a friend of mine. To share the contents of the memo with a reporter. In doing myself for a variety of reasons I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of the special counsel. And now call me is being investigated. For those very comments. Now breaking from Fox Business news. From Fox Business. Charles Gasparino he writes for the New York Post. He's also on Fox Business he's got impeccable sources within trumps inner circle he's extremely well plugged in. He now says that trumps attorneys. Are looking at FBI leaks going all the way back on March. The implication is clear. How long was combing leaking. And when those leaks were coming from the FBI all the way back in March. What's called me involved in those weeks did he know about those leaks and was he covering up those weeks. 6172666868. OK before I go to the blazing phone lines. Are we had an incredible form dropped. From charcoal we'd always on moody street in Waltham. Our delicious pizza they specialize an authentic handmade thin crust Neal Pollack banned spinal pizza. They came by the studio today we're just some amazing Pete says. The white double pizza they had a sausage pizza. They even for the kids Annette how up pizza out. Delicious. Okay. The reason why they're so good charcoal Guido as uses that little black screens called the pizza saver in all of their take out pizza boxes. The crust is Chris dried just like it came out of the oven my friends if you're sick and tired of Reading soggy pizza. Tell your local pizzeria. Usually repeat says sabre visit making food's better dot com slash radio. Wu and Rhode Island Europe next go ahead Luke. At a village of creatures latest trouble based thank you and I don't trouble portal and I'd like to make a number one. This whole. Thing is about influencing the election. And we do know one person who actively tried to influence directs the election it's a great Russian. Little led off the shot a bitch who actively tried an artillery. By putting a damper on this whole FBI investigation trying to call the matter. And I thank you all heard vice. Now he was so intimidated by her that he did which he says. No memos no leaks about which you wish doing Chile actively participating in influence in the election. And we ended up I think doctoring this investigation or matter with the prewar color. By by letting your outlook to replace you gate. What we're became Albert it will nobody can he spoke about. With an overcharge or not that's right quickly what's your second point are certain big point is that. The FBI policy in disarray because of your the attorney general interfering. He agents know it was in disarray track operators in terms were not lying about that. It was a total disarray because of Kobe and the following Reggie and his incompetence. Lou very good points I agree with all of you everything you said everything you just said let me just throw one more log on the fire okay. And I want all of you think about this by the way hot tip to the gateway pundit it's not my point it's the point made by other people a gateway pundit. And this is a fact you can check it for yourself. He has conversations with the president every single one is memorial why is any mammal. Yet when call me and his agents. Were interrogating Hillary Clinton. For the private email server for three hour works. NN FBI criminal investigation. Let me ask you. Do you think he wrote a memo. That. Didn't even take smoltz. And did he even write one freak in line or word out Hamas as something up. Are an apostrophe anything. I'm not getting anything. He didn't write a single thing. So he's talking to the president. He's memorializing. Every breath. Every comment every you name it anything that came out of the president's mouth he memorial lies. But in an active criminal investigation of Hillary when they were interrogating her for three hours. He didn't even put a mark on a piece of paper. You know why. Because the fix was in. He wanted to elect Hillary goal for a real actual crimes but when it came to trump. It is a manufactured. Scandal. In search of a crime. 6172666868. His goal was to try to get. The president well guess what he just got a voice did in his office. 1236. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. The Columbia law professor. Back home he noted as being his partner in crime. In releasing memos to the media. Guy in an attempt to get a special counsel against Strom. Is now gone into hiding so professor Daniel recommend. Now obviously running away from the media frenzy is now gone into hiding. Trump has now I told his attorneys. He's ordered them to file an official complaint to launch an investigation at the Justice Department. Against called these actions for being one of the leaker is. And now call me. Will be investigated. And sold at corner country poll question of the day. It is called me in legal trouble if you believe the answer is yes tax the letter eight the 68680. Few believe the answer is no text the letter B to 68680. You can vote on line is always the The poll question is powered by bill Kelly financial services. Brittany what are the poll results. Thus far. Nine 4%. Yes in 6%. No I'm not I'm with the audience on this one. I think night into a big. Go back and look from march of about people leaking from the FBI I think he's in big trouble he's in big trouble. And I will bet you dollars to donuts. They start investigating those leaks from the FBI going all the way back to march they're gonna seek call Meese fingerprints. All over rom. Bruce and Connecticut thanks for holding welcome Bruce. Jeff you'd like to make street bought. Yeah or report ahead well number why. Call it is everywhere I went all we are out here at city lot of memory at. To meet that sounds like workplace. A workplace. Out of you to look at his job to follow up an official meeting. And that properly doctrine Abacha government asks public to everyone legend top secret clearance. Look at Taylor bureaucracy Ellis had a top secret clearance but do you picture. Cute you really saw pictures actually be geared to help. Internet and be content that he signed a confidentiality. Won't pick out things out in each and every purchase that I eat it. Cleric outside well. Street (%expletive) viewers story uber political story. When what important burst at Heathrow. To do extra work our. Because I'd be called me that feels a modern day he broke the law now. Brilliant and it's brought us brought a bruised brilliant he's my you think c.'s mark felt. Dallas an FBI guy. And so and the mythology in Washington as you noted he'd stayed brought Nixon down seed that they they glamorized that. And it was an FBI guy. Mark felt. Who was leaking fuel to the Washington Post about Nixon and eventually succeeded in bringing him down. You nailed it he thinks of himself as another mark felt. I think clearly that's what's going on here. And so and to me what's incredible. Is that he's so arrogant. He thinks he can actually confess to this under oath and what they're gonna be no consequence is no implications. I mean I said this to grace last night Michael who is so stupid. If you're a lead car to publicly admit your belief Kerr. And then not only that but to say and the reason I'm the reason why I leaked was I want the Burnham down. But I wanted to special counsel I want this guy. I want the I want to break the back of the president. Eve who admits that. I said it before and I'll say it again. He's America's Pink Panther. You know if you saw the Pink Panther movies when it with Peter Sellers I think there'll Aries you please inspector who's old who's actually a bumbling buffoon of a detective. And but everybody in France. Thinks like he's this detective of impeccable integrity and a genius. And there's one guy thank you very funnies his boss he knows what a before inspector close always. And yeah. He can't. Prove it. At restarts going crazy at least look at it and eat it cause all everybody thinks he's great I think. Doug I think that's trump dramas like. Although I'm certain lionized in him. What you want this guy. This I think he's a good guy this guy. Except they spread their clothes though was never asked to testify under oath did that's. You know the expression. Better to be thought a fool. Then don't open your mouth and remove all doubts. John in Needham go ahead John. Jethro I do. Hello John how are you good good thank you. One thing if that Republican do you. Be special prosecutor some guys reach for Clinton. Lola or so lynch. And so on and so on and stop prosecuting. And put these people and present a little long reversed. You know they'd all be imprisoned but Republican bite out of OS so there right now don't prop the Democrats really saying hey we can melodic. The new chief kill do anything we more in the Republicans will never prosecute. You never drain the swamp mushy do decent picture very. Bingo in other words John you're never gonna drain the swamp unless you drain the swamp. And I'm sorry but when you're draining the swamp. Go to Florida Everglades. It's not just your pomp and all the water when you see this mix the boa constrictor is the reptiles but crocodiles. Boom. Boom boom you've got to take amount. Loretta lynch should go to jail for obstruction of justice. Hillary Clinton should go to jail my god for so many crimes. I can't even begin. OK let's let's start with are compromising classified information and bribery and influence peddling what should start there. And James combing should go straight to prison for easily for a little leaking. Pony and Shaq cannot go go ahead Tony. A look at hot. Yeah a quick question do you think that that that's from team will offer an immunity deal to calm me to bring down Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I'd like for them to I think the answer is no. And I'll tell you why I think now homey and trumps all hate each other that I think at this point call we will give trump nothing. It's gonna release yeah. If it is it's gonna be scorched earth I'm just I mean Tony look which are saying makes perfect sense don't get me wrong. And I would urge them to do that but I think at this point. Today they wanna put call me in jail I think trump wants to set an example make an example out of them. And I think call mean at this point he's gonna fight trump tooth and mail which you saw yesterday Tony. Was a bitter vindictive man. Who announced to everybody. My goal was to declare war on the president. This is now war. We it's it's an internal civil war we're not fighting with guns but we're fighting with information. But that's what this is the deep state the moment trump was elected. Dig deep state said we are gonna bring this president down. And what you're seeing is a slow motion cool. This is a silent. Slow motion cool now in most other countries of course talked with guns. Here Dirk recognizing. Information. And they're using the media they're using their the CI AEA the NSA the FBI whatever it's an information war okay. But this isn't war. And now I think trump fully understand that's why. The lawyers that he brought in battle legal killer. Okay marked a good read that statement yesterday marked castle it's. He's one of the toughest pit bull lawyers in the country. Trump is now dream of calling it the war room. On how to deal with the leaks and the media coverage. Trump I think the president now fully realize it's. Either I kill them. Or they kill me politically. Either I kill them or they kill me. And so what I think Trump's gonna do now he's going for Kwame said. He's gonna go right after combing he's gonna go after combing hard and he wants to send him to prison. And I think he's gonna find out who the leaks or though the lakers work the leaks and I think she always gonna build a case against Loretta lynch eventually. He's gonna go after Susan Rice he's gonna go after all of these people James clapper he's gonna go after every single one problem. Because they are now out to get him in fact boring and take my word for okay. Listen now to copper now remember this was the former Director of National Intelligence. Yes she's serving in the administration. But you're supposed to be. I'd always say this nonpartisan. You know you're the Director of National Intelligence who deal with terrorism classified information secrets. So you're supposed to be served above the political fray. He's in Australia now doing the rounds can make a lot of money making speeches. Yesterday he said. Does he Russia investigation. Was much bigger than Watergate but Watergate. Rolls his words pills in comparison. Glass tonight. He was interviewed by Anderson Cooper. He's then basically sit and basically he said it. Trump poses a mortal threat to our democracy. And to all our institutions. Rollback cut jar. So it's I don't have a working here in here. I don't have to work around that great are you saying that that you believe the president of the United States if a threat to. Democracy yes. Well our our tort system. You know the assault for the institutions starting with my own Intel's community and his characterization of us as Nazis. The commentaries made about the images sure. An individual trojans. The the assault on the on the on the audit bureau. As examples which side are not constructive. Four country. I mean it's it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. So he's openly saying it because it dictator. I just and I it's okay it's rhetoric at this is the Director of National Intelligence. They're part of the swamp. They don't wanna be drained. Show their their entire empire it's an empire is secret empire. All of their power their money their wealth their control all of it is now threatened by trump. So obviously look you only use he's the sheriff. Wants to clean up the mob. Well the fight families are gonna get together. And they're gonna say look either we take him down or he takes us down. And that's richer white witnessing life on television. Gary in Ohio go ahead Gary. It's groups pouring into ego any pretension in or narcissistic hubris. I dishonor America disagrees taped up he won't accession in between him and the president. But he seemed more tension between him to prison and he took it upon himself to go out there and be a narrow. Yesterday had a caller on the scene regrets and mean Andy calling inserted besmirch a little more. Let's talk about owner in duty. We talk about doing you're trying to not be a rat. They're never to be an incident in my opinion. But you know what I believe it's worse yet. This being Smart guy there in constricted the biggest incentives including in the desert they do many Americans. He's kidding. Sort of logic tree goes and he is worse perjury. Yeah that's pretty and I don't have Esquire behind my name I'm pretty sure when you sit opposite thing that's that states. We it's perjury. Of course is perjury. Look Gary you mentioned words like honor and integrity. You're dealing with. These are vermin. These are filth. I mean I'm just being honest with you those are the people that run the run the establishment in Washington they're worse. In the late so they sell their country they sell their wives they sell their husbands dates they sell the wrong people found a river. But that's what we're dealing with these are fifth columnists. So who are we kidding. So no look you're completely right. But what is amazing is not cherish their trumpet surviving. Police prevailing. I mean last night it would no matter how you spin it. The liberal media had to concede that fact I'm gonna play that coming up next okay. The liberal media hype that concede. That the Russia collusion story. Just blew. Up and it's all over. My friends. He's taking on the entire establishment. And he may be bloodied. But he's on bow out trump continues. To roll. 1256. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. I've won all five you don't want to miss it. Fox News joins with CNN. In siding with call me against trump. You don't want to miss that and I've won 35. Incredible story. Michael Moore launches what he called straw poll leaks. They website. For whistle blowers with in the government who want to leak against trump. How does Hollywood now gone too far in their desperate effort to bring down the president but first my friends. Chris Matthews. One of the leading and peach from Burris in the country. How to admit defeat yesterday. When he said. The whole Russia collusion narrative. It just fell apart. Who live on television. With call mis testimony. Roll it jar. A big story to me has always been as all of us I think Nicole really touched on it there is. With this notion of the critics of the president of his pursuers you might say. Is this somewhere along the line in the last year the president something to do with colluding with the Russians some good did a helping hand encouraging them feeding their desire to affect the election some white some role they've played some conversation he had with and Michael Flynn or Paul metaphor somewhere. And never came apart this morning with that theory. Now why did it come apart he says for two reasons. Roll cart to germ theory because two of two regards. The president said according to the written testimony of mr. calmly. Go ahead and get many bodies satellites in my operation and nail them fight with you on that somebody would be met Matta Ford Carter paid someone else like that. He's completely right. When I saw the testimony yesterday I said call me himself admits. It was one when I spoke with the president he said he'll go after my satellites what he means is my associates. People who work with me. Force Carter page it was Paul manna for Roger Stone if they colluded with the Russians I want you to get them. Jim I want you to get them. So how can you be obstructing justice one he's telling the FBI director but if there's evidence gold get them. Sold that blow up and then the second one was Mike Flynn himself. Roll it jar. And then he also came across state what was fasting Conley said. They've basically Flynn wasn't central to the rush investigation. That he was touching on it than there was of course Flynn had no honest and yet we have been assumed was an honest and is entering Indian official forms he had a thought to become. I've become that security had. What they've only touched on that that it wasn't really related to that putting could be flip through that. But in other words they could flip them because they haven't quite on something he did in dishonestly answered. When he wasn't essential would seem to the Russian state. Bingo hall. In other words flip a sorry call me himself admitted. Look Michael Flynn whenever one conversation with the Russian ambassador. That was essential to our investigation. He was a peripheral to a bit player. And call only admitted that. In other words there was no conspiracy to work with who from there was no collusion. Trump is completely innocent. So big dams now for the last six months have been blowing smoke. And yet in spite of this the media claims. Call me one trump lost. Hough. That story that won all five.