Trump disbands his business council

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, August 17th

After several high profile departures the president announced that his two business advisor groups would be disbanding.


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Breakfast with Kim in DD greedy fat pigs out there you know. It doesn't look like narrow down our Boston sports show WR KL. All right so coming up at 7 o'clock we're gonna talk about the local story. Annual hall should they we needed and it's. That Kelly financial poll puts up right now at WR Cato dot counsel so that he can utilize do you want them to renamed that. TV for a second we're about to abandon. Why am I am having trouble awarding or why did he give his interview way to save his job be because he is the president's mouthpiece. He deserved zeros wildly different. Implications repercussions it's understanding of the of the administration based on what you believe. I don't know how it's. Quick it's really fascinating I think you know thing I find fascinating for me incidents and you're Damascus. The business council. They asked her I don't find it fascinating that the reason you do I don't think. The media. In the way like Twitter was about the business council you would've thought they won the civil war. Or they won a World War II war this is the biggest major victory in the history of the world. For wanting to know why that's a victory for anybody second ball. And we have a problem we've what the president did under those circumstances. I mean it's that we all like the song right the gambler in their dual line is you know one all the meat and a wonderful them. I was like guys who knows when to fold them. When when the road risks how were on the rewards than you company this raise his counsel. Whatever we were getting out of that I don't plan I don't know ball whenever we were getting out. It's now over so stop. I think did that it's over what do what do you mean by that. It's nothing that's really the thing and rather than Mikey did you big big you don't think he disbanded it because their work was done here. I didn't know I did the risks now all around the world are at risk for him and four in some you could argue for everybody is that. This thing is now ridiculously political and we're not doing the work of what we were designed for and so we're done with Euro right. I put that is a win in the president's capping yet everybody else is putting in an in passive loss because the business community is turned their back on him and she's now on out wire in his own. Genre hours own sphere. I don't think that is positive. I don't see that is true I know I don't get that I knew what was the. I know one thing I know that he campaigned a lot on the idea that he was gonna work hand in. He and with the business community because they were gonna win you know they were gonna develop so many jobs so. I don't think it's a good thing of the business community suddenly decides that they can't. Be directly associated with him. Because it hurts business that's not a good thing for the president I mean I am pleased that he did what he did. Because he was gonna try to hold out any was actually gonna try that. In the beginning I think sort of bad mouth a lot of these guys this certainly makes the whole thing just go away which I think is much better. Then dragging him out nephew sent out a million tweets about each one of these CEOs who stepped away it'll think that would have been positive at all. But in reality. Like. It's 603 says the business community is not turn its back on trumpet just don't want an up like Hollywood now people running away from their products. If that's stroll in and one could certainly argue that the trump did the business community huge favor by taking the hit for them. And similar. Put it on me you guys I'm just gonna make sure the you guys don't even have to put up with any crap and you don't find ourselves in this position anymore find were disbanding the council. If that's true it's obsolete because that's so it sounds like him are doing our group. I don't think that is what happened now he is he immediately tweet out yesterday early on in the day. Yeah I don't need them I have many others to go to so that that was his regional tweak. And many turns around and says actually have decided to disband thank you very much. They're just in mold and a number of them actually started. Trying to say look I was out before she was out. You know and so they they work they were graciously say thank you sir they were actually trying to say I had I had separated myself from him well Bork. He did that soul so you don't believe that you know. He took it for them and you knew believe while he knew there were adequate so we fired them. Also Smart play because now forever more moral of this debate whether they quit or whether they were fired we've all seen this in every place we've ever work where. I was gonna quit volley fired me I was gonna quit. And we'll do this thing. But in the end it's not like Jeff im all in Donald Trump don't do business anymore in. Which is based on blanking on his name from Amazon like measles. Days knows they can't they can't not interactive they're they're. It's impossible. With the large worlds that they operate in that they don't have interaction anymore. So whatever this business council was. It doesn't change much does it well why the president and the media acted like this with some sort of huge that this was taking down a gen release that your I didn't get that. Well. I do get why this is in a good thing only by the optics of it more than anything I don't think that this council. Had any great impact on the country. I actually think this was a media I think a lot of them admitted this to. That they didn't have that much input and in the end this really. Was you know and it was photo op. You know once every quarter photo op here I am and so important. You know it's if it's not important enough and I'm running Campbell Soup but now I'm also sitting you know at the table in the White House making decisions but. I don't think anybody thought that they were gonna have some kind of impact it was gonna change the nation in the way business is done in the country. I still think it's a great look for the president right now he's in nobody's gonna remember this. Here's my career is gonna care at all but here's the way it plays you always organization but how does it how does that help me out as an army. It helps him in the band world and the band world has worked for him it helps in this way the cell is easy. I tried to work with these liberal idiots but they were liberal idiots in the first time something got hot they ran from it and I can't I just can't do this anymore so I cut it loose. That's how they'll sell it in that will work for. Absolutely. So to me again in the end it's a win. What do you think it's a win or not isn't important it's it's whether he is a win for them or not there has been able glued to sell these things. Ever since he's come on the scene for the president and I guarantee you he's drawn. No problem dear Mr. President you have that I can guarantee you if the president went around the Roman I don't know regions and should disband this or should I keep it thin and went. Kill it now here's why and that was the end of it because they that's an absolute power move that can be defended. And you always. Are able to walk away feeling like you're the boss and so that's a good move. I think that they said disband it right now because we do not want another one of these CEOs coming out saying anything else negative about what has been said we have to make this go away as quickly as possible. What's occurred over the last few days and we do not need the likes of of animal or you know. I don't even I do your remember Nike Frazier we don't need these guys talking about this anymore. We need this to go away so you need to step up be proactive and say thank you very much we can't make this work. And I think that is that's a win for them because I think they do need that to go away at it that a lasting. Anybody wants to think is that you know. The business community is turning on the president's just as well to just make it go away. And it wasn't productive there one that much there's gonna go on the air I was gonna help or you know can we create more detailed. Think he really wants to hear from matter Campbell's soup and he doesn't think he's like I agree that was all for show. This is the equivalent of one of those doesn't want any big business in Massachusetts that has aboard interact I think they're all Patrick is on the board of directors what is Deval Patrick doing an on board of directors. Who who the hell knows but getting a free lunch every derby comes to town what usually happens if something controversial happens that thing a number of boards of directors and I can't be partisan and warm out there after having taken Massa correct that this is that without the big checks to these guys don't need big chart fills in Kennebunkport and boring bill. Thank you wanna Geist. They I think what Steve Bennett did to the Arab media yeah actually is equivalent to what they kicked dead at Fenway Park that's a target for a lot. It's uncomfortable. You may be right of. He's. He's reminding them that trumpet not idiot he doesn't he's got this everybody thinks she does stops impulsively. But every time he does something like this when he came out he tweeted about. I can't believe I'm being spied on by Obama well what did he get out of that we've found out that he was being shall avail. And he got called me to admit that that he wasn't being criminally investigated it was just a routine then. And you know he he keeps. Putting this stuff out there everybody thinks he's acting foolish enough is you know we can't she get the information you want out there. Well there's quite another resident as impulsive bill there's no question about that now there's two schools the body or one is that the president is always five moves ever and ever everybody. And everybody wants so he's a great chance square. What I think more to the point is and I give him credit for this others think it's a book character flaw when government. I think the president realizes no matter what I do impulsively I will be able to spin and after the fact I will be able to control after the fact. And I will be of great and that is what he does he has done that more effectively than anybody I've ever seen. He doesn't care about his impulse because he knows. She will be able to work it to its advantage no matter what it is and time and time again he has done that. There's no question he's impulsive in is his own worst enemy at times the Lester holt interview was a perfect example. But they do figure out a way to spin this sort of stuff in there and gave you appearing in that where Hughes telling you nobody would say. During this race discussion right now is ultimately a win for their ads for the Republicans pushed for Damon did say that indeed he knows we scored it can pull that off. And I have no reason about Obama's.