Trump Body Slams CNN

Over the weekend the president tweeted out a video from his WWE days on him body slamming a man with the CNN logo over his face. Is this funny or inappropriate?


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It's TV you think he's an attractive man they. The Maury show you our kids. Morning on this July 3 Independence Day is the brits like to refer to would welcome to the WRK no morning show. The German TV show Kim is off today Jim will be off tomorrow and Wednesday should be back later and we can meet and Kelly O'Hara joins me this morning good morning deli in morning he'd be great to see you again this morning well god Kelly is. Kelly always brings in large amounts of food because she's not normally up at this hour and she knows that she's gonna have some stuff by no machine you know when it comes to that sucks I'm I'm not intending to change. The game. It's such a privilege to work with you immediately you should eat meat and Phoebe sweet scene to attack well what's interesting is you brought in your own breakfast sandwich this morning and I thought it was pretty hardy needy. Good looking breakfast. Not on Wednesday when I'm back at will make you guys breakfasts images that too but I didn't water countless more healthy treats instead of the lunch from the Dunkin' Donuts color. Jim mound snowflake Jim likes munch and what's your favorite doughnuts no Lincoln. I don't you gotta get on record. You guys she's coming in on Wednesday on so I'm actually did really thrilled about the watermelon video content that's like that's more my studio once you've done that you can't you just can't I can't believe you staple you believe I'm guessing you're gonna keep them surprise. I felt like I mean I don't crawlers on Wednesday why I've you're assuming that because I how's that he's a chocolate pie on Friday that that their regular thing for me and him and picking cotton up look he's not a regular thing you combined who were regular triggered yeah to make. Doughnuts that parents August before I comment on some delicious don't ask Sharon to a good local place there. I don't know I don't do the doughnuts and more teams would be tough however as. Ever such as this feud outlook through. I don't know much to judge did have like a quarter of one of your plane known now as the first order of and a long time but chains is a whole different kettle of failure graphic scenes on jewel so he knows you might need to super. I don't know will they be open on Wednesday though. I would say shell and they are not surprised fans don't surprise me there they're Boston cream to your home hand. That he does well but then if they're little prop the door open if you do your weight on it for a lot of us back on so you'd. We at a time to get to this morning our new tele financial poll question of the day is just gone up. I like. Tabloid newspapers as you well know and I like when there are stories that are served up on a platter to tabloid newspapers. Trump tweeting out the CNN body slamming the little video. Made to order for tabloid front pages so. I have an up and DB the wise the three headlines New York Post New York Daily News Boston Herald who has the best. Front page today in honor of that story that has. All of the day you can find an ad DB the wise you can find it at And you can weigh in on it at that site currently by the way in case you're wondering it's just enough. Very briefly. But the Boston Herald a New York Post are tied with the New York Daily News a distant third at the moment I would vote for the New York Daily News if it were me. New York Daily News has it as a I I like there's a lot as a symbol wrestle mania acts. I think that posts smackdown is that Harold with the Afghan man in the CNN fake news network which is they're nice touch and in the post as rowdy dawning gripe or. No rowdy Roddy Piper was my favorite wrestler and a did you have a favorite wrestler from the eighty's and ninety's telling. Who's the big guy I drank diet that was in the movies the giant yes I I. I like Andrei and I like the whole. Powerful message that's the thing with a post is its rowdy Donnie gripe or but then they've got him trump do in the hole a maniac thing so you're merging wrestler is there right off the bat which I don't know if that's a known or not. But if you are rowdy Donnie gripe or let's see him in the rowdy Roddy Piper kilt so let's see him any outfit. What is what is the fine when you posed a big deal like that I would know who thinks it's a good idea because an idea is born somewhere. So you know where was this I Dearborn you say that the video somewhere online before you know which I get. And who's like how cyclists who sat on our presidential Twitter page and millions of people I don't understand. Who thinks that's a good idea. Are me you don't I it's I'm shocked you already I thought with Kim being out that merited some sense in that chair but apparently it's the chair it's not so much persons and thoughtful. I just don't understand it's not a good idea here the president the United States you're gonna post at WW east smackdown video went up real one up. I mean why not because it's a stupid idea of the press it's useful so some sort of and integrity to cold or on. It's the office of the president of the United States what's wrong ruse video figure encouraging violence that's when. The united gone off to do so and I think you quickly on the yeah. This is encouraging violence. It's I just hope that wrestling his stake writes maybe that's where CNN's confused sometimes they can't spot faiths but selling the president. Take down a fake CNN are. You think that that's appropriate not taking Downey CNN earth he's taking down CNN and there is a big that's one of my big differences with the story is that. He's taking down the network completely by the way I have a sneeze coming on this morning so he's taking on the entire network to be different if he had Jake tampers face. So you think it's okay because he stopped last year. Last seen there was only one though you think it's okay because he is tight it's OK now I heard you got to exhort favorite memory is one of which is. After the horrific follow up Mika tweet anything is going to be better. But this completely ended that discussion which is nice because now people are so hyperventilating about this one we forgot about that on that owns problematic. This one is just all in good fun you think he thinks hey why do I know I don't honestly thinks about it I think you just does it and he did it and he loved what's happened here first hauled. It may be number one now but as of last night it was the second most re tweet tweet in the history of Twitter. Trump loves that. I would like it to become the number one but so far in last at last check it was a number one it was the second most I agree with Geraldo. On this. Happy birthday girl had a birthday girl up. A roller threw out yesterday quote those getting tidy why he's in an uproar over at real Donald Trump doing CNN wrestling markup. Shows how devoid of humor his critics have become. I agree 100%. So you think 100%. Thank you President Obama to be okay. Oh god now. But ears that what you're you agree with Geraldo basically that. But if President Obama this may be like people would find it funny in the media they would really haven't yet I wouldn't have a. Problem was. Something like this if you did this I would because he wouldn't do the WW re thing trump has done it. So be who you are all of which you've done kind of thing that's fine. For Obama to do this would be kind of phony like you would never be in the WW arena taking somebody down so therefore it would be fake it's like being on broadcast Booth and being asked who's your favorite white sock or on top when you've. Told us all Euro White Sox fan and then you can maim one. That's why we all gave him such a hard time about that. He was posing he was fake it. We get back to the fake court in this case trump is do what you showing you video of himself. Which as Jim snowflake Jim disappointed are you would think he would get now that he's president would be like well. This is one of those things we were told wall you can hold it against the man he did it twenty years ago he can't I mean you're you're such a snowflake for bringing this up. And he treated it out himself. Blake you can't have it both ladies. You can't say you can't hold it against a man that had him do it himself who put you then this should have there's no lawyers no rules for good run. Yeah you think that the residents throughout the rule book yes ought to mean as I just read out about the New York Times which still he says disbelief as president three. Disbelief reborn last night congratulations where'd you then there's no disbelief you're number one but number two. It's funny. Is that there's funny that the president is putting this out because it's funny that the president and apps I think it's our early this makes him a pass I think the media stuff makes a mass but I don't think this does. I didn't thank me it's up on me I think he has to this off base with that entirely but I think that this is just inappropriate the meek has stopped was just. It didn't bother me as much as this this is an appropriate. Because that was him just being a child like lashing out to people I didn't think. That he an attack certainly capped at alleged channel after facelift or whatever I thought he was just being child there. Happening to you why it's happening here the WRKO morning show. Can indeed be. State media. Is trying to silence us. But we will not let them. Because then people know the true. The fake media tried to stop us from going into the white yeah. When I'm president and they're not. Spitz won 72666. Deeds XP. DB in today Jim Kerrigan off Kelli O'Hara is in she was the one you're chuckling Marron that was not still plagued him. He is here as well we're talking about the president's suite to modify Internet is there really outrage over president's tweets is our banner now he should Spain in baby. Well there really is outrage over it though I looked CNN and spent. All day yesterday acting like. Because equal Larry somebody had driven from Indiana to Virginia. And shot. Some might be is they weren't that worked up that it seem like compared to this. Well that's one of the issues here's the way that CNN has played this what's your response to that like for example Bryant's felt there. Tweets out yesterday update six hours after the first request for comment. Twitter replied in said trumps video does not violate its rules. Like CNN it was legitimately trying to get trump banned from Twitter or at least this tweet pulled from Twitter. Because this is so we're egregious so offensive to New York Times today. Michael Green bombs column quote news media advocates however raised alarms about a recent spate of arrests and assault on working journalists. Including high profile episode in which amount Montana's congressional candidate there you go or you know we would work his way and a salted or guardian reporter breaking his glasses. Again the media or at least some of the media are trying to make this seem like this is encouraging violence on the media and this and think that that's what this week is doing. Now I just think it's stupid tweet established. It's like Nan NN a boo boo I don't like Tokyo and again encourages violence and also joke. Listen this to Alter this is like a minute clip we would normally play one missed one the desire we opened his show or one hour of the show yesterday. To listen to the home and listen how serious and how personal this is for him. And I'm nonsensical news this video from his Twitter account this morning. This is a MW WE wrestle mania video from years ago when trump is a sellout at WW events. He conceded to CNN logos been superimposed on the the other fighters states. Of this sort up on not read that message board days ago. No sewing up on the president of the United States' own Twitter feed. Yeah early reactions in the last ninety minutes of ranged from this is juvenile. Ridiculous. Idiotic bill wait no it's just funny he's just having fun. Oh wait no it's actually scary dangerous. We've heard a wide range of reactions to this and we of the panel standing by the first CNN's response. The strongest statement I've seen from CNN or any news outlet this year in response of the president's attacks. Quoted as a sad day when the president of the United States encourages violence against reporters. Clearly Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she said the president had never done so. Through our panel of experts the dark on minutes. I there's as a block and a follow FTV live and they take. Him to task each week and Michelle. And they just go back and forth they say that he's like the mouthpiece for Jeff Zucker and the currency and that he bit I mean. I I think it's ridiculous I just think it's stupid and and if it's very ratings for CNN and I get that to talk about this. But you know they weren't what they do it will have a precedent that would talked about his tweets would teach keep on tweeting this stuff. What are they just what happens when you tell your kids PB three kids and another one of the way. What do you tell your kids assignments picking on the school just aura so what comedian do like just more. And what the president stopped tweeting me EBRD think he would do it or more. I. He would do what he's doing he can't he can't lose here either way if CNN ignored them he doesn't care if CNN does what he did what they do he loves it. He can't lose. And again to the third fold when is that it no one's talking about me anymore. So he wins on all fronts in this case you or me if I CNN like if I'm Jake Tapper on tweeting out. I demand a rematch. Or something like that you've done something to to show a you have a sense. Slightly dilute what six days six days attacks on rights are right up to sedate 57 no one has a sense of humor anymore. 857 it was a joke. Like what Puerto people market I'm winner Carl a 100% on this like this is just funny. In for CNN to do that and do that for sixteen straight hours. Plays right into Trump's hands this is the election cycle all over again more trumpets playing to his base. He's winning there in that it's the epitome of shot in Florida not only is he winning but his enemies are losing. By how they're reacting to this thing. And he would do it six weighs six days a week and twice on Sunday if he could. LK it's huge chat tweeting me saying trump isn't charged tough crap for those who don't like it's leave the country. Six on someone that's and we we we leave the country different Korean people aren't in the country but six or 726616. And 68. Is is that trump wrestling tweet. The beginning of the end is CNN's what is did you think trump is encouraging violence there do you think that things it's funny. 60726660. Or none of the above do you think it's just sad. I think it's just sad I think it sat on CNN's part I think it's sad on the president's part it's just sad. I see and I think the meek is stuff was sadly that I had we not only discuss offensive this is just sat there to make this stuff is that in that the second time might he doubles down on it in ghost of dumb as rocks. How is that he couldn't just weed out yet ought. Apology to me can I overstep I just I don't let me offs I think it would reduce rates and Neal Cotts I don't woman's appearance you just don't want. I look we don't always play great but that's what I'm second Hariri and just to wage could handle that one as you double down which is what he did or two issues here Bure bigger you know and you want. I heard from enough people. I overstepped my fault let's move law. Sort of unbelievable it would have been unpredictable and you boarding they were ripped him. And then he could've gone saying even wanna do what they rip me it would have been great but instead he goes she's dumb as rocks and yet not helping with that. This. This is just. If I had these video of me I would use it all day. I would put someone else's image over and go look at me taken down a silver or whoever it is you're doing it dictator and to draw opens door and I think it's also. URG you know the voice of Boston. We want. And they lost. The fact is the press. Has destroyed themselves. Because. They went too far. Instead of being subtle and Smart. They use the hatchet. And the people's our allies and rivals from Knox beginning. Now that one past the go up your bags that's my point here. It's again it's ridiculous and it Donald Trump saying people should be subtle and smaller it's. I really acts under the other alternatives that would be like. Alec Baldwin was the ones that option and live trumps religion at least an island and I don't think it yes you don't you overestimate how angry this thing makes me are flying auto. I think it's just ridiculous. It just three days. The so that some might have another one where you you read a lot of it. You absolutely need it or you just know while. I mean they normally walk home this is not a bad place to me it was just he was this wacky crazy guy I would really are that's my butt lick it what bothers me is that while he's doing that you know his vice president and his cat owners taking the government part. And nobody voted on all he's doing his bit. Arm in a park yeah Ozal far. The government of art that's where I do when I I I could and they're in Italy wrote in a very moderate person here and taking them governor part. I think it'd just. He's dismantling all the different departments that regulate everything and nobody's noticed that touches and catches last federal government control are they giving powers after states and the people great lets the other coast. That's somebody will meet again at some point lining is that it. I always get back to the Dennis Miller line when he started about you know growing up in nine years in a Catholic school in the of the priestess strategies from sexual education and Dennis knows I mean approve the purchase ponder before taking anything you have to say to heart on that matter. Chocolate child did have a few subtle and Smart. I don't need a little room for purchase by us believe that's like me lecturing on abstinence. I cannot forget that I can't staff now keep comments on Bloomberg wolf program. I'm real happy it's hilarious because he's strong pretty deserted. There are no rules and you get away with a sort of stuff. But the but let's pivot back now to that to the reason why we're doing all of this because of the CNN video. Are this WW you video with the CNN thing. One of the questions I wanna ask you if it wasn't trump doing its would you have the same reaction the guy asked me earlier what I think of Obama didn't. What would anybody think this was a coal to violence if it wasn't trial. If Obama did if Biden did this because this would be more like buys this is applied and I think that site earlier earlier earlier we're all laughing right it's all because of. Who it is how you react to it. Abbott in that case where CNN wouldn't care they would think it's funny you know look at Joseph Biden Joseph being Joseph fox wouldn't be on for eighteen straight hours talking about our offensive mrs. And that's where we run into these issues because he just can't. Look him in any other way we're looking to him holding that any standard that they would hold anybody else. It's just him and you can't. For some people they just love him so much. It doesn't matter when he does what he does the Mika Brzezinski that goes that's right he's fighting back and they can't just saying and maybe that was a little too much. If you hate him. You just have to say this is so offensive and Twitter needs to pull is and you can't step back and go yeah you know what this homes. Did you just can't you don't again and that's how it has to be in you stay in your lane at all times. And you do yourself a disservice when you do this. Just as I told you once I'd tweeted on Saturday would have been wise for the president to say I overstepped a little hair I apologize Mika. It would be wise for CNN and for the live from New York Times and for the liberal press is say you know what this is funny though. This is just kind of funny now get from now. But they can't do that sense about anything prepares to the president it's 6172666868. Nick in Weymouth I told you I'd get here and now. We're doing and welcome to WRT image they had a great people doing. You know if you go back about a 150 years you can go back to the days of Lincoln and he admired corrections way. There were horrible. Slapstick type cartoons. That depicted him and very evil ways some of them actually like geez you know certain transactions. There are books on corrections IC there's there's nothing more than a character caricature. Or cartoon you well in the political sense. I mean if he's seen cartoons over the years in the globe wherever it is New York Times you see perhaps that he turn things were. Violence if you will in quotes is actually turn. Their cartoons that this is just another media and I think that trump has taken advantage of this. Where a lot about this this the media which many would categorize as a liberal media Twitter FaceBook things like that. Internet RA and he's destroying your art imitates beat its 50% of the people out there who participated in as. Besides him misconstrued and I comparing him to link their own and you don't get the sense of you're onto something here. Am I guess it's just the new wave of a type of caricature. And in key entry it'd just passed. Or what's thought about it is that he's done it's it's one thing for a newspaper cartoonists to draw something it's another thing for trump to tweet it out. But none of the mug people keep their word I always keep hearing on presidential or it's beneath the dignity of the office is only glitches anybody believe Teddy Roosevelt had Twitter that Teddy Roosevelt wouldn't be tweeting this out. It is different day and age I mean different but that's what he's telling you that the version of life then. Was political cartoons and Teddy Roosevelt would have been the first and go check this hour look at how they've drawn measly in the New York whatever Tribune or whatever that. San Francisco chronicle aware that that's who he was you I would use voice receivers over the top. I don't it's guild we're gonna get in this one little wobbly trump saying he's a modern day president. We'll get into that weakness second went in and a few minutes and what that means but people that say this is on presidential and only know president's. I mean how many presidents do there have to be that would do this before it's no longer on presidential I can guarantee you Teddy Roosevelt ordered honest absolutely. Franklin probably wanted to. Harding probably not taxed very well maybe. You look at scholar presidential easier history here it's high it's an appropriate I don't know what made anything on presidential other than what you. My own personal reference when you're six it's supposed to be Smart. Dignified Europe other thing because you're trying to get trying to govern for everyone in the country not just 2% of the country but don't tell yourself. Beating up a CNN or it's just her. Eight beating up first and second ball up is smoking is marketing appropriate for the president. Now Obama did it though for years right but what he did he sure he ordered people to not show. Well okay which one is better either that or trump what's his arm out front on us this is why I am or Obama. Just don't show their dirty sides of me here besides that we don't want people mystique is it's kind of on presidential and while act like there's nothing to see here. That's one of the issues jam every which way is it. Just an act case I would prefer trump warts at all I. Understand how this compared old pot smoking which is just a place that he adds to the press about whether it's presidential enough. We have count we we don't allow people to smoke in the White House and yet he was smoking in the White House but Jenny ordered people to not show that because it will be another it would EO and president. I don't think that's pretty good luck to him this this and I don't I don't come up unless centrists here it doesn't matter sir short whatever. President trop tweeting out him kick fake kicking back. Eight CNN is inappropriate. On presidential. And yes he's changed the game but it is just down. And his argument would be president or is it shows a kickass which is my plan are excellent saves him one of the CNN comments with. Guys get ready for the G-20 supposed to be he's doing this well he could argue that. This is why I plan on doing them every morning. Wakes. And DB and the morning show on WR KL. Taking it easy I AT Eagles are actually college level. Funny the story Italians. Get over time so many years ago when I was a young single little thing I was dating a guy. He was driving me home and he is found out that I had. Part token another gentleman. And this song that came on the radio is the Eagles you're lying. Eighth very apropos. Sarah Tammy you're the Eagles are lionized I think at that moment for it was caught red handed. Dating another. That's knocking on the radio. I cannot wait for a moment in my life for a can use the phrase part took in another ten right. I think yeah I. You lead the way it did well welcome I'm. It's not him. On wall that's Kelly O'Hara and and carry out. We'll get more of her two Ayman. I double deal in ways is that each hour I want another good Kelly O'Meara storyline when I was pretty young once an hour we need something that can Kerrigan would never sacked or what happened. When that song came on did you go quietly a lot like I know. I. Mean cause I didn't know he knew you were doing when you really hot because you rightfully. I don't but when the Raymond this argument you didn't know what that time that he knew right no he nearly driving home. He was a gentle but Hewitt are suing apple everybody had that funny cotton. He adds I knew what this well no he's at what is this down and I said. Looks I'm sorry like you know we weren't eating before I met issue we still hang out sometimes. More as a low. I'm the guy and his I don't know about it given you the right amount of minutes off and Ellis thinks he's gonna go my Brothers angle on that he forgave me for this to schools on this right so view one is do you come clean or due to residual my brother did when his girlfriend at the time. Found a number in his wallet that was not errors. And you are there right united with the status eyes ever and said. I just I adjust and so his point and I can't believe you'd go through my wallet. And she went oh my god I'm so sorry and please don't forgive me indeed turned it on our any got away with it. While they've stayed together for quite a period of time after that. You should I can't believe you went through my emails. That's such a violation. Well you know your kayak. So what you do I need for me it's all I always has come clean. Six ones that fit through six and in the god is DJ interject some places song why Iran and now loudly that and would never you don't know anybody about not really serious about giving an opponent are you argue. Looking for other people who Kelly she did a good. Well yeah. I. Don't yeah. As I got. Out lines took a couple of quick text 68680 is the text line and we'll get back to the calls. What's more presidential trumps video or Clinton scoring and in turn we always have to do that of course it's. It is all this back to that cigar. But well lord. Before anybody talked about president's one that you read history books is 71 and now I feel like I have enough. That I can work with on that but I'm always open to review no good one please recommended oh you mean presidential like John F. Kennedy we begin region back to that. Some anyone that's the same song I thought of when I heard you say you were centrists says seven and one why our shot of you are rare rare nice seven anyone bring it. So I fourth my hat. That's what he said and I was I was almost like a video right there he's trumpet near the CNN figure 6072666860. What do you make it trumps most recent tweet. Is this an hour rages and encouraging violence should he be. Taken off of Twitter and CNN was asking Twitter to do yesterday let's go back to the phones marks in sand down up in New Hampshire your pets mart and WRKO. Good morning. Our. Every time I looked at Obama argue yours look like a child in men's clothing today and now we've got the opposite now we've got the adult acting like child. Arm. While he's acting like a child via token progress of the Arab aired here in your studio saying that the which a lot of there's too must its. They are Hokies progress toward the end of the carpet and all the parts are being called upon me out. And others. And truthfully that's why we hired from an instrument or a lot of the supper plus you know that's exactly why we hired him. And done it's that's what we want. To over. I I'm really hoping it happens more and more I don't like that we are marked up and the truck supporter who said he was running and better. I don't like a lot of this stuff you don't use the CNN non wheat as you see the wrestling one. Yes I have a problem and out on me. But the one I have a problem where it is when the attacks of person directly like yeah I don't I don't know government I would I want and yes I I have no idea. But I don't like a personal attack like that I think about our approach that's beyond the hell yeah I'm Muslim at the CNN. And percent are NATO Robert Terrell. I'm gonna say I agree with mark here and that the people that voted for trump voted for him for that reason and they are happy about it I'm seeing on behalf of the people that did not vote for him. I would rather CNN is covering the fact that he's doing all of the stuff he said he was gonna do which I think is detrimental to our country. Then covering his both foolish videos. I think that's the problem that's why it's sad to me. Like you make it a couple points there are some of them good son and a but I think at the premise of the hardest things would your dismantling the government thing. Your comment in the premise that what he's doing is like less and the power there's like too much are the federal government there's too much regulation is thinking. Cut taken some that power back weakening against the people. He's not giving to the people he's giving it to the business is that they were regulating blood I dismantle the EPA you're not giving part of the people you get in power the oil company so I know you're now you're getting government out of the business of the plane like this shouldn't be and that is. That's doing it the federal government for a bottle up top as they decide that they bent like took. Holds less tributaries and smaller water isn't he didn't plan for your life by going its snowflake Jim and its lead O'Hair he's a little last snowflake but how. After I. I can go to lead our around our each minute epic app I. Eric in Derry New Hampshire he's next in the New York you know. Yes good morning guys maybe I don't pretty good Erickson obviously. Thank you athlete and so I sleep made the out remark about. Out they get part part to the carpet that's exactly what happened that meant that element that debt that we voted for job to do that. I think snowflake. Sustained in his voice when he talks about. That the people you know that that let the people that how that could work out. May have let me we're American that's what people report we ought to be able to govern ourselves we don't need someone to tell us. How to live. Live free or die at a party Hampshire. If you want to live like a live that's why I understand that the that don't tell me about that I have to eager AM great. Guys wanna do or take it all hole hard without having debate about it. That's what's happened in this country if I disagree with you now I'm a non believer I you know vital global warming mobile certain other heretic. I don't if I don't if I'm an embrace. Bomb something else that I've become almost all of it or become a lot of old or become a bit like that we can't even debated anymore. Shut out so that people who voted for trump. Are the people who want to be able to say let's have a discussion about this let's vote for edit we win we win don't tell me back. Everything is going on out there now it's spontaneous the other side it's trying to. This mantle or negate the election that was a free and fair election. And I've we're really believed that area that was going up. Are you bring up a great pointers and co op Ed in the ad post this weekend talked about the progressive moment. And me the writer. Michael Goodwin says that basically. With the progressive movement is doing is like throwing away the first and and and he said it back in the eighties at the liberals Republicans can sit down. And argue things out liberals saying I'm defending you're right. Argue against me what you stand for but nowadays it's like. You can't see anything or or are racist or you wore this where your back to earth and whatnot in The Sopranos where secondly this op Ed really touched upon this week and at this. Progressive movement is like thrown away the declaration of the independence. As arrogant Deri was on the phone first came in from 603 up a little of freedom dies stated strong showing early signs of dementia. Because you tweet you know obviously quite the had bagged but he's but I don't where do you go from that tweet to dementia. Boston is talking about it here at WR Cahill morning show wished him indeed. 7666868. While much of the world is on holiday. New York jail is not TV with you live on this July 3 the eve of Independence Day. The brits call it dependency John pleases the first whenever Stevenson on David Letterman once I I prefer July 3. And they go your letter and asked them how are you celebrating before these I prefer the third we really big parties and and everything's great that I was pretty funny. Com. But anyway I am here alive Jim Kerrigan is off but Kelly O'Hare asleep O'Hara is in the morning and she's already earned a nickname first hour of the show that's a good hour when you get a nickname from the I get calls something else that begins with blank hole. Modeling Cole I'm good at Kia Motors he shows generally this is like match him then com black. No all know that as well to answer hot. Sink no coal no only. Because he's I run my mouth too much gets in trouble so I mean like blow hole I don't I'm still are not have a parent trying aggregates and I'm usually pretty good at these. Times. Which are about the president's speaking of people that have had names thrown their way you can go whichever way you want a mountain of holes yeah. Colonel David Merrick. Words about the president's read over the weekend the view wrestling tweeted WW retreat where story. Trump I was it back in 2007 I believe took down Vince McMahon it was a wrestle mania I think 23. And he is. My reach we did they read it video of trump taking down Vince McMahon the read it person put. CNN's low roll over Vincent man's face. Trump between that it has become the second most three tweed I don't know what the first one is. I'm ongoing price in any as a maybe it's fate. Wasn't that owned DeGeneres found was not it does not he's not hold on Ellen DeGeneres are younger than me I don't know I believe that was the record. Could that could be and I wonder what does it even close that I don't even know but according to CNN. Trumps. Tweet all of that rated image is the second most re tweeted image in the history of Twitter. Often that. WRKO because the Kelly financial poll question does not take. A day off and that would not be Kelly O'Hare I let it all elites of diabetes militarily financial pull question of the day. I'm Elizabeth tabloid front page. Of voters in the wrestling tweed is that the New York Post is at the Boston Herald or is that the New York Daily News. Curly New York Post is winning with rowdy Donnie gripe I have to say I like the post on the back at that accent right back. Right I I want to daily news once it's too slow SL maniac post is that that's the wrestled maniac is a pretty good. And Harold has smackdown but then. They've got the FNN the fake news network with the logo as CNN that that's pretty good too. They're all pretty good let's face it sometimes stories or give into you and you can run with a man may have today. And they're doing pretty well and that's I told you before the break I would tell you what CNN should do and how they should've reacted to this verses. Look the reason why would CNN's responses one is terrific it's pretty simple what's the old adage. Our sleep what's the old adage softly he's not to box office. They wind all day yesterday about rural. And there is CNN. Just a big journal journalist or under assault. So he's not good box. Don't you sit there and you wine we grabbed the remote and we don't ceiling and that's what they did yesterday so. That's the wrong response that. People are not saying see you later since what they've got there things ever since they start their whole Malaysia airlines. Pilots trump. People watching CNET and their readings happened creeks and that's why they do is and that's why the so much like if we need turned out seat right now there's Fox News here in the studio. All BC radio is about that from India slightly better people to people to. Like CNN and trauma burn an abusive relationship. But it works for both of them wanted Bruins took the question whatever is how much is important to do is they're like number three which is not where CNN's post debate. Fox is still number one we know that MSNBC they just waited it out again their bald CNN now opt that's what why do you think zucker his job is in jeopardy it's not because people watching him in record numbers according to their number six they're saying that the new tires. You know like that tall and what he's got and they don't like generating. Where they take network. Regardless here's what they should've done it's it's not this is the stuff is never complicated what should trump what should trouble done with the Mika tweet. He should have immediately said overstepped my bad. We've got to next time would have been simple would have ended it done in steady double down on us in talk quite you say hey you know my number. A reference according to Twitter the number one most retreated of all time is now know this for Carter. The gentleman who. Passed for millions of people to re tweet if he gets free you know it's from Wendy's. That surpassed Allan last year when he did that. So Allen is now number three behind mr. trump. And now do you have like do they have number ladies trump closing in on knob on the corner 3.5 million. And would agree trees are smarter now that's what not for perhaps 3.5. So that's a tough number right there and a 3.4 two million re tweets on logs for her we might need to track martyrdom to re gonna get ready Jack personal team up with this image is what is it like when you wake up and you realized trump his re tweeted your expert for tweeting out your image. Can you like to fashion a copy it or you like swish I can capitalize on this. I read through the sub right and M the vast majority of people on their says we're saying things like. I can't believe the president actually reads our rent it per. I don't that's keen reads thinks he's in his team's I do not think he reads it actually I. Oh big questions about this week is how did it come to be. Did somebody did Don junior saying hey dad check this out in and he said okay out why use that image or is this president just know now. And is he late at night check out. Donald Trump chat rooms to see what they're saying about. So I worked in the White House for about a week about a month ago I didn't try out with where you work for the president now but it worked in the White House and what a lot of people were challenged our over to the white house press corps. And it a lot of people in the press tell me is that the president doesn't read really the papers. He watches televisions who does but mentally that you would do that I'd. I guess that's. Mind that that's probably attributable I don't actually have people Kennedy. But they say that when they want the president like really take issue with something in get excited they leak it out to the television media. And so that's how we cease thanks so I don't think the presence on credits or on the New York Times sacked commerce I think people bring it to his attention. However I think. Whoever springing up to his attention is a moron because that is just like poor form and I don't think it looking after the president's best interest at the end. This tweet was in a pro for me it's not not a good thing. It was entirely appropriate it was great and it was well done what CNN should've done is is it's not hard you just. You've the president is not complicated you know what bothers him so him. You do is you take that same video and you put Trump's face on Vince McMahon and you put obamacare on Trump's head. Obamacare takes down trump something along those lines would be fine. Yeah it comes in saying you do definitely gives and takes it journal's integrity and I know your girl horizons. And he did was that I was whining yesterday journalistic integrity was the putting on screen the fake national enquirer front page of Heidi cruise which was never used ever but putting that up on Friday. Was that journalistic integrity like that ship is sailed for CNN it sure seems can I ask a question I never thought I'd ask about the US president did he win his fight against Vince McMahon that we know now. You don't gonna Vick put immensely parole excellence. OPEC. Probably us. Trump put him down and in stone cold came in and I think finished them off I went down by the but this is because if I'm trouble using this forever now I would for any time. If if they do take down obamacare aren't you doing this obamacare and news from taking it down and and every time something happens good for the president you're gonna use this image now on Ford's what you gotta do is CNN or MSNBC or any of the major networks. You've got to try and swift voted you've got to take this image from him. And make it such that he doesn't wanna use this anymore if you're talking about it solely since WR KL cluster doctor all morning so I was in the DV. Six or 72666868. Team is off today yeah I am not devious in on this Monday morning. Kelli O'Hara sleet O'Hare as she is forever now known. Filling in for Kim Kerrigan to be back later in the week snowflakes and still weather says he always I think you need to explain her nickname but a but she's not quite as bad as a snowflake but she's not that far removed from on is what the texture cents a nearest your sleep. Each year because. I'm rolling my eyes are sacker ally sleep because it's unique to. So you can you can change you can go to be and where they get a problem militarily Arianna. Seminary that yes. Her voice Boston is New Yorkers voted yes my coincidence people. 786 weeks to attacks in 686 city is the text line as you well know. The emperor has no clothes DB is one of the sick offense egging him on. Is that is that. What we're doing here as we talk about this week is. I'd juries know shutting him down you understand that 786 you're not gonna stop. So it's not a question of egging him on it's a question of judging each tweet on its merits as we go forward but. I mean that they think of it is if it would be one thing if he took you know ten minutes out from going over you know with. Did G-20 preparation. To tweet a funny thing on your air but you get the sense he's taking ten minutes out of tweeting funny things on the Internet to look at what's coming up the G-20. You know it's like the priorities are a little backward with this administration while he's heard that easiest we did this morning and I actually don't love mysteries this morning. One will be speaking with Germany and France this morning and with you all I meant then don't need it's. Not acting President Bush don't actually get the sense I spent all day Sunday on the Internet watching all the excitement. Over his I'm Serena are I don't think he's entered weekends I'm sorry I think he's watching TV or is golf and exactly and yesterday are one minute ago we tweeted spoke yesterday with the king of Saudi Arabia about peace in the Middle East interest in things are happening. So he's doing. OK now I'm showing you. All of this inspected some somebody said you know he can't be tweeting this stuff when he's degenerated meet with proven he should be working on that. It's the famous Obama line writing points of McCain who said you know. I'm gonna suspend my campaign while. Our. We're about to face the worst recession in the history of the world and stock market may crash remember when I was going onto McCain. Is on spending Mike you make campaign Obama doesn't ask him why he's having him walk and chew gum at same time. It was a real snide comment but this is trumps Joaquin chew gum at the same time moment and yet but he's saying I can walk and chew some of the same family sitting in a chair to end up. That's at that I think he should takes a while apparently not apparently he was talking to the king of Saudi Arabia yesterday if he's telling you the truth and he has talked to France and Germany now and he is doing some things like hi you know. Trump's downtime what other people doing their downtime this is what he does this is his hobbies social media. David and golf I guess but other people like to go to the go to C Hamilton and like to go to plays in trump doesn't do any of that stuff he doesn't this is what he does. I'm so I've. I gonna come and take his toy away from him there and say no more no more I think the fact that needs to go. And like an IED like her body over it and say no no war tweeting. Everybody is saying that's it that's the Jonas Moore tweeting don't tweet don't. But now likes to again back to that detects the emperor as opposed freebies I get them on. Was I egging him on Friday when I told you for two hours that it was a horrific mistake and it's bad idea and it terrible tweet what he said about Mika. Was I egging him on them. Was I had him on why tweet on Saturday why don't you just say I'm sorry I overstepped Mr. President Hornbeck and I'm on quite the contrary did he stop doing it. Of course you don't. He listens to no one so. Don't act like we have some sort say in this. What interesting things and we gonna get in this a little bit is a story you find out over the weekend is that. He went around the White House if this is strewn in New York Post is reporting its argument some credence. He went around the white house on Friday asking people. I know it was this is the quote I know wasn't presidential what did you make of my tweet. And don't what are they supposed to. Hi what what would you say the fiesta that while he does not like from what I've heard from insiders there. He does not like people that say things to him that he does not want here's why might say. Mr. President. I understand you know you are Tweeter and you have this huge following but may. Apparently he does not like it when people disagree with them. I hated him and he puts people in an awkward position when the president's as what do you think about it and you know what the president thinks about it but what I literally after that but you know ridiculous show he put on with the cabinet where they all took turns telling them how wonderful it was its target oriented he's getting honest opinions and asks that I. Yes facts views saying it was that mr. prison and I racks is playing games we found that out or at least several members of the White House staff found that out over oh lead last week so I Diaz Rex. I don't know no abstracts abstract to get an honest to god and boy I would tellem is what that sort of what that call was getting a which is Mr. President. Just don't make it personal just just to see you know that was the sound of Kelli updating her makeup while we're talking here that lets you wanted to I am I just a not surprised. That's a totally appropriate. But don't get personal if he had said. Horrific morning Joseph at morning Joseph meaning to show. He probably would have been OK in this case he's obviously he's talking about this entity that is CNN. It's when he gets personal about it so. If instead of this CNN logo he put Erin Burnett's face on it. Yeah probably not like in that if you keep Morales was you know I was OK now it gets big you gets bigger. When you're talking about a corporation or company you're actually why do you think Elizabeth Warren talks about Wall Street all the time. And not about specific people. Why do you think that is because you can attack an entity in everybody's would you be he's nobody likes these monolithic giant things that are. Wall Street CNN the liberal press whatever it is you can never go wrong doing now where you go wrong is when you get personal. He did not once but twice to Mika and now those are both big mistakes you can't say dumb as rocks Mika and then say Psycho Joseph because those are not the same thing. Clearly showing respect for one of America it's the mail guy and one of the issues you're having is the you're ripping the female and and you do it again there. That's problematic that's why that was a big mistake. And that's when people say well what's it how was it you know you can't be all for feminism and NEC you can't attack. It you know you can attack her for her looks or her brains well the problem is he only tax women. For their looks and their brains he never does that. Further in different thing you know pull lets you Kelly do you think Ted Cruz is an attractive man. Me personally yeah I know he doesn't it's it's a drop is never tweet out Ted cruise's face and says the pictures worth a thousand words he has done that eighty could tell what you think just you know just being you know counter argument here just for argument sake. When you tackle for her appearance. It just it it's it's you're going in for that the kill shot. In attacking all the efforts appearance because they are judged on her appearances. And that's really your guard for the jugular so they would it be attacks demand he's got the jugular. What bothers them but when you attack a woman. News of the jugular like I don't know me I think she is a nice job. And he was easier you don't Washington general obviously if she doesn't do an ice like attack harper innocent surgery you know he was gone for the jugular that's that is sweet as he goes and. Kelsey would CNN could've done is it yesterday instead of whining all day is said. Let's just keep going over the make it tweets because what really happened is trump thought he was being sought after with the second one huh. I'm now I'm not talking about her physical appearance OK I got it. He then calls it dumb is an honor. His mind that's like progress. CNN should have been hammering him on that they never talked about that tweeting is it's all about them now. Boeing had given even wearing danger because trump always planned to ask. And they they just were so silly.