Trump anxiety syndrome? 3/20/17

The Kuhner Report
Monday, March 20th

Liberals can’t sleep at night because Donald Trump was elected president. 


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136. Year on the great WRKO. OK I'm I'm not kidding. They are calling it trump anxiety. Disorder. Sleepless in Seattle and other places trumpet induced insomnia. It's now stalking blue state America. So liberals the moon bats I swears is modest move. This is an actual it's being there reported now Yahoo! used in other places it's a phenomenon. They are noticing it here in Boston. In Washington DC in New York in Al laying in Seattle on the two coasts. There is now a new phenomenon of liberals more bats whatever progressives whenever you want column. Who are now saying they cannot sleep at night. They suffer from serious insomnia. Ever since Strom was elected president. And they're saying it's almost like a form of BP has the it's a kind of anxiety disorder. Crime extra rest. Brought on by the fact that trump isn't the White House day after day after day solicit that is. Susan Rogers up holik and attorney in California. Is hurtling through space with bold direction on a plane. That she then discovers with horror has little pilot. Ali Shia Baum in a journalist from east Penn Pennsylvania. Is apparently racing frantically through a train that is heading the wrong way. Fighting off per belongings are flinging off her belongings drawing them out. So she can run faster calling frantically for her son who is also transgender. Rachel pack them in. Who does canine rescue one New York's upper west side all boy that's a liberal Mecca. Is searching fruitless sleep through her refrigerator. For something to surf mission well and Barack Obama. Who have just happened to drop by for lunch. And Alison Graham a Los Angeles publicist is any hotel suite near her old hell's kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan. Being interviewed by Donald Trump for a job as a supervisor. On one of his big construction projects. But I don't know anything about the real estate I have no qualifications. Or experience should tell them. Don't worry you'll be great he sense. And then apparently all four of these people then wake up. They say these are the dreams and let hitting them nightmares. That they are hunted with night after night after night. And so now liberal America blue state America. Is having trouble sleeping their tossing and turning all night. They don't know what to dole for exams like they need in my talent did that at. I think this is beyond my pillow Brittany. There's subtle it my pillow can fix this one form. Isn't that is Linda Allen who counsels parents of special needs children on Long Island. I fall asleep I wake up. I then get a smack and then I toss and turn and try to make sense of what's going on. It's unfathomable. And that inability to reason with it is frustrating. The whole situation is solely raging orchids sleep. And so apparently now is that is new York fashion designer Ariane is nurture. I have not slept a full night since the election. I'm 56 years old. I have never had insomnia or issues with sleeping until list. And so. The. All of these moon bats now I kid you not. Are seeing their shrinks they're seeing psychiatrists there is seeing therapists. And I could go on with name after name after name after name. One person says she's afraid her son and nephew is going to be sent to war war right don't believe them. Another one says that children would disabilities and around Boston. That they're not that these stories would disabilities are going to be denied an education. Listen that is one who we are Grover Chicago writer. Says that she dreams and sometimes stays up at night. Calculating wherein her home she could build fake Waltz. Behind which to hide illegal immigrants facing deportation. Seles chief space are safe space. I mean it's just it's incredible. What you but I haven't seen it but just five cents a as I child I haven't slept as well it'll long dying at. I mean so I mean I I look at these people. And so they're calling it now I cajun rice an official term now it's trump anxiety disorder. And they say that they have to start prescribing medication. They have to start Peru prescribing xanax. I sleeping medication. All kinds of medication to calm people down people are getting panic attacks been unable to sleep that make it edible the function during the day. They said this is that there's some of them Iraqi thinking of showing trump. Saying that this is causing such personal distress. That their lives are becoming Iraq. They can't sleep. They can't function that can go to work they can't raise their children but can't do anything. Because of the anxiety caused by trump in the White House. But so you don't like the small flakes are now melting down the small flag generation they just can't handle. So. Do you remember the song by Garth Brooks it was a big famous song called friends in low places that was a big hit nearly 1990s. Well there is a country do all. Our Chad Brown author and Steve might flop mode grew. Who turned out iconic 1990 song hit it to a new song called friends in safe spaces. For all of you more bats. That's suffer from trump anxiety disorder. And you need a safe space. This song. Is for you roll it Jared. And then all alone island's. Net Carlo I. Never once made in the street room. Feel very bitter. Yeah news also to let me just can I had Moody's. I need. Our. Sea air and now. Donald thing came read a scream just can't be true. Whenever it's time. It's amazing anyway. A win. It's. CNN news. Soon land. OK ladies. I think it's a great song I gotta tell you that I'm glad I giggle I allow my love that song and it's awesome. Yeah Hamels and others on. Like I'm telling you I sleep like a baby now. Now I've got my they'll all and that helps a lot apple get me wrong but ever since shrubs been in office I feel safer. I feel better. I mean just in every way I'm like our America. Is back baby. Now I can tell in this building orders a lot of moon bats. A lot of liberals in this building you should see in my there were seen what it's. Pure white is a ghost. They're paints. Dare payroll. Dirk constantly depressed its hat deal look we'll look at some comical to did destroy a lot of bad they look like they look horrible. They look at the haven't slept all night. Dog now why again it is suffering from trump anxiety disorder. A. All saw it it's too Brad. You can't sleep at my age if if the now. It's not just trump anxiety disorder. Which you're also witnessing this trump do you range rinse syndrome with the like the same and all goal they're crazy. It's not just the insane media coverage the lies. The fighting Russia I don't who meant to trump and the election and an. All just the the clear fake news where they're just making stuff up as they go along. There are melting down. I mean their professionally. Unraveling on the year. And one of the big east this was actually hilarious I got to pick this one I think I saw like four times last and is kept laughing and laughing and laughing. So. Fareed Zakaria. Who say columnist that the Washington Post. 'cause his own show hosts his own show something for Reid Zakaria. GPS 360 or whatever it's incredibly boring child at all the self important liberals. Gorgeous going on about how great Obama wants to that's the show in a nutshell. Well for Reid. Speaking of creepy the guy creeps beyond just look at the guy. Easy creepy I'm not just wall who. Little I just think creepy years anyway this that just keep away from me Fareed but let that go. Goes on borrowing limit. And sold on limit. Now they're going on about you know everybody wants trump to apologize. For claiming that Obama had wiretapped him. So for reads a carry is going nuts. Over Trump's claims that the dear leader had trump tower surveil when he was wiretapping trump tower and spying on trump. And so for Regis starts melting snow melt. If you set sorry if I say. What he sent. I would be off peak here Scholl fast. My head would spin. Listen to refer REIT I kid you not life on the Clinton news network which Don lemon. Unplug it and I and on a sense search roll it Jarrett. I think the president is somewhat indifferent to things that are true wolf faults he has spent his whole life bull and he has succeeded Bible. He has gotten the presidency by and it's very hard to tell somebody at that point that apple doesn't work because look at the results right. But that's what he does that he sees something doesn't particularly care it's true or not he just puts about the. I quoted earlier you gonna sit on lemons baseball doesn't. Don lemon it's on his show right. Don lemon abused his Google blog called Bob lemon it is still fight that Malaysia complain and a black called barely got full up on a black colder Don lemon Bible and amid this guy just keep going you know bull like I can't say it because I'd be off yeah you know bull I've been done won't just like. Did you just say that. And again. Then again then the truck that I began. Within one minute. And I think you said the BS word for parents. I think correct me if I'm wrong if I said it wants. Are you saying I'm gonna even once I think once I get like a reprimand and a war need to be a fine and dumped it in buffalo are what advice would obviously dumping delicious Sid got out on the air right. David you can't say that I think I'd get one reprieve. But if it within one minute monologue if you're one minute Britney. I said the BS words unplugged on censored four times once twice eight period. Back have a couple idiots off. I. Yeah I know I think I'd be suspended at a minimum Britain I at a minimum at a minimum but not hurried not furry. Are right Jared and you wanna go to break my friend let's just play it one more time. This is Fareed Zakaria. I think the president is somewhat indifferent to things that if true awful. He has spent his whole life ball. She has succeeded Bible and it has gotten the presidency by. It's very hard to tell somebody at that point that doesn't work because. No you know who's got the bowl the Diaz sir. Did say you. Fareed Zakaria. Got nailed last year for plagiarizing. They guy is a plagiarized. You know who's the real B yes sir. It's Eric you Fareed. 61720666868. Liberals are now unable to sleep. It's trump anxiety disorder. Are you having a tough time sleeping. And what recommendation. Do you have for a liberal who just now can't sleep. Because trump is an office. 6172666868. Mort your calls next. Okay.