Tracey Ryniec (Zacks, DPZ)


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And none. I'm from it and change. If you're on the go you can still keep up with the financial exchange on the I heart radio app available on both forward and tablets are just searched the financial exchange need to be individual segments or full shows. If you can't listen live we've got you covered on the I heart radio out. Tracy react from Zacks is with us now to talk about Domino's Pizza. Tracy our area. It we're we're doing well also dominoes. Has been on a heck of Iran ever since. CEO backe and I think it was twenty tenor 2011. The stock is gone for about twelve dollars a share up to 194. So you know phenomenal performance over that time. But it seems like it and have no trouble getting gear the last couple quarters what are your thoughts on the. I think you know at least that investors have a lot built into the company and they're expecting. IA expectations. Out of what's gonna happen with the same store sales and the last couple quarters have been a little bit. Weaker than what we saw last year but last year was just incredible numbers bill at the restaurant chain was doing what domino assisting last year I think their domestic same store sales were up 13%. For the same quarter and then this quarter they did eight point four which is still the highest in the nuclear industry. And yet everybody's expecting them to still do this 13% when they've been around since the 1960s. Don't even have this kind of wrote at this stage of a company is a meeting. A lot of that has to do with that cap that they created a couple of years ago yeah its first restaurant chain to really come out with the ordering apt. People love it millennial order on about the time and then it could be handed bat where you can even order a Twitter now he's in him OG. And they've really upped their game on their side Tokyo. I don't know if you guys have tested any of the tropics recently diet they. Not impede the products that are really did. Like there bred by aid and their new bride to it and those are big sellers I think really driving this. Tracy I I if to stop you there I'm I'm sorry that the I I I spent a lot of time in new York and I have a local pizzeria place. I I would not the Domino's Pizza to my dog I would go hungry and I don't miss many new straits before it Domino's Pizza. I I don't like anything on there may who the heck is eating us. Have you tried to pony and a I can't a couple of years ago it's tricky to actually. I had traumatic experience a week a year it last August I ordered Domino's for our family use salads in pizza does your place it would deliver. And I was horrified I was absent horrified. And so I I I and I if I don't mean this is a knock on new Tracy I just I like it MI that much of a snob you really think their food is good. You might be yes it. About you don't like now everybody has access that means good mom and pop peace to re as. That's why compete for her brand names across the United States only have about 25% of the market. Is that the right people I didn't little Caesars Domino's and Papa doc and so there is a lot of people are going to them mom and pops. By if you don't have easy access to the mountaintop war. There's no good way to order it or get it quickly and without the time comes and it is unknown entity everybody knew that the dominoes prance. Tracy mentioned the phase in the development of the happen now growth on the Twitter and so forth has helped to make it easier for people to buy pizza from them. What's next what they do to continue innovating continue to grow sales. Well clearly the delivery side is dead and you know they have to up their product choices because. Millennial in particular and even generation sees that coming up next the lake at the healthier foods. So I think it would seem more of a push towards the pet because nobody really says most of keep those very companies and certainly not a lot of besides that they pretty mr. real healthy. So that's why they have the addition of the talented and you're gonna see more of that and then there are going to be pushing more into the international diet because believe there that they aren't in every country. They just recently opened a store and Slovakia and their first one of IKEA so there's a lot of growth still overseas. I do you think is the huge market for the. Very good Tracy thank you very much for the time today. That is Tracy react with sacks in the ticker on Domino's is DPZ. Tuck the have to remember that as a poll question for more. Would you rather be Domino's eagle on this is from the person whose favorite restaurant is McDonald's. Guys only way to say no all defend McDonald's to the debt as always the best burger it's the best prize if you had their starter in the option. That's not a mile below what. Have you had a McDonald's strawberry milk it's not a meal supersize. Not a male. That's like Ashley is about five knew that it asked if you want to longhorn steakhouse and got this ramp. I dairy queens blizzard there chuck. Yes a great meal I ever had dairy queens hot dog. It's phenomenal.