Top Chef vs. Teamsters

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, August 16th

The verdict came back "not guilty" in the case of the Teamsters union workers who were alleged to have extorted the production of TV's Top Chef


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He's Boston's morning show. Kevin DB MW RKL. All right it is 905. Man have you think someone who was approached you for early retirement from your company or imply. If so it may all sound great and fine but there are some things you need to consider before you say yes Susan solutions is coming out. And I dirty and she's gonna have full details. Today and yesterday I text you and said wow did you see the top chef. Jury is back after eighteen hours of deliberation. And I'm not guilty verdicts for all four of the Teamsters I was so surprised. I would like to be surprised I'm not surprised. Not and never can surprise me with a Massachusetts jury anymore I was disappointed. And you don't see him. Tamara wall smile and in talking about yesterday I'm like man. He died my initial tweet all of this their verdict was. Walsh yesterday saying. We don't want me. In our city that perhaps comment about this rally. Tell it to Padma. Because you have it in your city would that case and we just vindicated the people that did it. And I have it's it's a sad day as far as I'm concerned. I want to ask our listeners were you surprised by this and we'd love to hear your initial reaction to it as well not if you if you read this. The reason they're saying is that there was no. They believe that there was any extortion. Related to it now. The mayor comes out and says I told you so. We knew there was an extortion. Now we don't want anybody bullying anybody and he's warning to Teamsters no more bad that there was no extortion. To which I say well. My understanding in the people are in some of the testimony was that they weren't gonna get they were gonna get down permits. If they didn't have. The labor unions involved. And as one of the army extortion but what yard as or -- that but that in polls apartments on emotion as he said yes and look I was on the show. So they try to get that they didn't do it okay. My my question everybody is they do is this the kind of behavior you want going on in 2017. Embossed on. Because what happened yesterday was. A an absolute. But we don't have a problem when that behavior. And it looks like if you're redid. There was only one guy says he's not an issue is best to look like pretty quickly day at a unanimous other than one. Exonerate should of these forehands which is troubling to me. It is. Six or 72666868. X 8680 is attacks flying jury of nine women and three men. That's also surprising to me. You know we knew we would pentagon up there and told her story. And you know explained the in who gosh what a pretty face. And said that he was so close that she could smell here. I am very surprised that all of those women didn't. Take issue with that and see that as shattered glass. I'm the only one there were multiple women that were crying on the stand were calling the fears for their safety that they had in yet. Nothing to see here good to go. So. Did we miss six degree night. Did we not hear what convince these jurors to go this way. And is this what you want which is that. Everybody walks away Scot free and were all gone and there was no problem the jury back that up and these guys are free to continue want. It's not about these guys it's about this concept of slashing tires right reaching into someone's car in San all what a shame about this pretty face. It's about some of L ugly things that were yells the in people's faces as they were going on about their business like you is that what we want and when he seventeen year again I don't think Walsh. Gets away Scot free here is that this election draws nearer for him. He's gonna have to clarify some of this stuff and he's gonna have to answer for him and he basically did yesterday which was. You give that lip service statement of talk we don't want that kind of behavior we of course don't know we don't encourage that anyways should perform would you. Some of it was coming I here. Some of these threats seem to be coming out of your office like I don't I. I'm just trying to figure out where why when I didn't hear. During this testimony. That would shape. As a juror. Yeah up written these guys should walk free this was okay. 61610. Thanks wall she one day is age it's not welcome in your praise the verdict or more of the point would be to do don't you. The boss is the council went to great pains over and over again over the last 48 hours to tell everybody to Boston's welcoming city. I don't think Padma feels watermelon should be back anytime soon I think anybody that was on that crew was like second way to go back to Boston they got my back. And so you know we're welcoming city except we feel like bright ones where invaded where our people that we don't like Italian people. There's going to be holes and it's gonna be laws and we can deal of this and that's was sort of the credit union jury. Mourning with you on TV. Boston's morning show WRK yeah. So I want business as usual in Boston we're talking about the Teamsters rule verdict yesterday six or seven women see through other women. Really. This is good theory as any continuous deployment idea I think that the Teamsters are very powerful I think people are reluctant to find him guilty of anything. Quite frankly. What I'll entertain as possible they were not guilty. Maybe there was stuff that came up in the trial that we are not privy to that. Would leave that to believe I mean. If there was a hung jury it was 74 than maybe your theory I would say but the fact that everybody except for one. Was won the I'm merely say yep they're all good on goal opted. There's going to be something we're not. Well I think there's something technical in the law that is causing a bit of a problem as well but I don't know what it is that related to extortion that they just straight up couldn't. Maybe they couldn't prove I know this. Shouting racial and homophobic slurs. Slashing tires damaging equipment. Physically threatening people. That all came out in the trial. None of that child's right to me none of it. We get a John he's in Boston hey John. I department guy morning serve. I will listening to this came just change. You know having to know a little bit about the law is just not as someone get to your basic approaches you're straits. And threatens you and even yelling interface that is assault. Not assault and battery but it is considered assault Barbara they've not you know. Are dramatic iron short right. I don't know I I really don't. There I know that they gave the prosecutor in this case said that they believed to pitched it. Even after word that this was just. That they thought this was an egregious decision that it was pretty clear. Again we were sitting in the courtroom and it's going off for what the testimony was in. I don't know how believable these people understand were apparently not believable because so the jury didn't find him guilty and get a jacket Boston. Morning Jack good morning chairman of the alleviate. A jury show virtually because she guards are honest and know couple of political correctness when I appreciate. We had to Wear what he used is unbelievable. Book is decision what to change this case. You know. Well nobody lost its owners. Sort of defending big Casey you know he's taught article outside of about how does it ever got elected. Bears beyond my wildest imagination. But the team is Casey is disgraceful and can be a bank. Maybe we have played a little book caught the jury's decision. Reduce our I I'd do. I said that I mean I think that people recognize a very strong here and I think there can be a level of intimidation associated with that Mike Hsu wake feel good morning. They good morning between. Who would want to be used to have been in the Teamsters some guessing neither of you know you're right I was. I was in the Teamsters for five years and then what the Teamsters do. Our protect you protect your right there's a worker. It and if a couple of these snowflake. Overheard a bad comment well that's too bad. End. I was an attempt or strike. Yes miss tonight's and it's. You know that happened here are you cool and learn who I threw a brick through the windshield because they shop Steward. Told me to do it currently. Had. That's got to all the dead from from going through the teamster picket line. And you know I know that. Very gruesome Q are you going to have an anxiety attack but that's that's the way of the world that's always at work. And I'm until you realized that. You're you're going to be lacking a lot of groups. Did you vote for for mayor Mike earn additional and embossed in your living Wakefield but I I was wondering if you were voted for walls because Walsh told us the other day that this is a city about love not hate in that we don't embrace silence. And you're you're telling us that's the way of the world. That's it that's his PRI I very rarely agree with Marty Walsh. Are. You know this is the one time where we union guys stood up for his brother or when took. Well I had just a member of I was a member of union. And we actually had a lot of contract issues related. You sag and after Iraq and I never picked up of working through anything through window I was never asked to do so and I never would've had I've been asked to do so. And I guess one could argue that they were there you know protecting workers. So. I don't I don't know. I don't buy into that that's the way of the world TV you've worked for a long time and you've worked hard if he ever picked up Barbara can throw it through window so that you can get what you want in the contract. No although it would do you would probably helped get your somewhere in certain circumstances but it's not the way it's supposed to work everybody knows that. And this this concept of that like. What mud might just said I'm just saying. What percentage of Teamsters heard him into the other guys are. I would say most for most Teamsters heard inside goes right and so what percentage of non teams are heard him and said. Boy that's wrong. I would say big percentage because in the white guys who have worked really hard in our life and never picked up anything to throw through a window to get our way in the workplace. Runners in Boston good morning. Baker morning. You know the you're saying basically that the decision you know. On all I'm. I'm just art art to understand and usually leave the law enforcement authority most obvious. Eric Burke is the answer. In this case. I'd say the obvious answer that got the dirt. Well I'd I question that is well I might I don't know if they got to them or they're just intimidating enough that it's hard to get a verdict against the Teamsters anywhere I don't know. Why wouldn't be surprised if you know they get the name and address of the people and they are and may you may are so old. Stripes that you know they're decision will beat these certain quite. You may run you think they might be threats sort of like what happened to the people. Involved with top chef. Yes he's not ready to hit quality demonstrated. Right exactly quite what people would be limit themselves just duty international crew are out to the tourism. Yeah Ron thanks for call as like there are certain stereotypes of cities in Boston's that a deal would this'll year well we're racist city and whether or not Adam Jones. We yell that at Fenway. It's irrelevant because the world thinks that that happen ended it very with the Red Sox who said that it did happen and so Boston fit that stereotype. This is another one where. That's true and talk love and we go high when they go low all you want but guess what. Boston just what these four guys walk out of court with the arm held by pumping their fists going yeah. They knew they were literally putting Iranians. Inside of a car world woman who could not protect itself was sitting in that it's a shame about his pretty face. Does anybody want that to be the slogan for Boston any. That's what it was yesterday that's the word goes oh right now unfortunately Boston has a reputation like that a week from here you know they're people think this is still. You know pretty tough city it's run by. These kinds of people I would argue that's not the case overall but I don't work in the construction world and I don't work in the world. You know where. In the union labor like like this I think that the bad part about it is that thugs like this get a bad name. To. You're working hard. And you may be our member of that union but you know didn't think it was right to go out there and slashed tires and and threaten a woman in a car. What do you want the mayor's office threatening to pull permits for snow since like this or do you want top chef in town. That's our courses of Walsh can have an answer when he did go on the show after they threatened that he wouldn't go on the show. But. Bold move going forward may or what would you like would you like the show here and are there. Certain parameters that you're going to make them fall when it comes union wise or you will not have a mean yourself. Well let me ask you this do you think shows like this will come back because things they don't think top shuffle ever come back and say well now. I don't think I can with the Food Network roll over combat right now. I I question whether guilders I think there's a lot of rock. Exposure that we could have. That would be really positive. That could be quelled as a result of this not. This decision just talk show up on Food Network or were. So that you drawer Bravo. Whatever channel Bravo right we nearer die because they don't know that you see just by the F puzzles me you would've liked to heard something from. Wherever carries it loses then luck just you know going forward. If this is how we're going to be treated whenever rob we heard nothing from well. Well we heard loud and clear from the jury yesterday and they said those four men were not guilty and they walked out and that was that they were pumping their fists and I guess it'll be just left at that time. And Jane I don't know why this would stop now. Here's some of us thought that maybe if you get something here at least will send a message writings changed right when you send the message is things have not changed world and things don't change. So I don't know why this wouldn't happen again.