Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2018 BMW i8)


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It's. Tim Stevens from CNET roadshow joins us now to talk about the 2018 BMW IE and Tim. You know sometimes we have beyond we talk about you know the Honda Civic sometimes we talk about you know the Subaru Impreza. They were talking about something that's impractical but it looks like an awful lot of on what's your take on the IA overall. Wrote on the to be a little bit less practical today but ultimately pretty interesting cause this is BMWs to take on basically a hybrid sports car it's kind of an interesting idea they've got a really small gasoline engine in there but just a one point five liter turbocharged three cylinder. The combined live and all to cartridge is about an hour and forty horsepower is pretty impressive for car on the side. The two seater is got a great looking going door and beautiful spelling it really looks like the concept car for the road. Pretty increasing car but but it early expensive to look this burning about a 140000 dollar in the door on it. So it's not reasonable for most folks but that won't stop us from talking about how does that actually perform when you get it out on the road. It was a pretty well it's got acceleration on power we've. Quicker sports cars on the road and like maybe it's super divert antioxidant like that not quite for a territory or exotic cars like that. It is pretty quick and consider the fact that the EPA rated at about seventy miles per gallon. That's a pretty impressive combination you'll have that kind of performance but also have that kind of fuel economy as well. That's really look BMW trying to play it would Utica or make you rethink what sports car should be how should drive how much he'll. Economy economy that should deliver as well. In addition to the performance what do you get as far as you know bells and whistles. Either you know inside in the interior anything else related to the car. Well this is a BMW has been quite a bit of technology on the entry WW I drive technologies we've basically got a really nice. Interface for getting at everything that's in there you've also got three cameras and everything else like that you put some very futuristic interior very low long. And really high tech a lot of great lighting inside as well and really course inaudible as well BMW has been numbered Christmas vacations that you go through. They completely changed the look and feel of the incher that makes it pretty interesting or cargoes. What is lacking so stuffed like adaptive cruise for example of the things that we would like to seal are the. How many of these odds are they make is the save limited a raw nor is this a vehicle that they're producing and in high numbers. But it would producing. And and and of course to meet demand the demand is pretty of those you can expect on a car despite we've sold about 101000 these cars so far since it went on still in the lead between fourteen. I have got a new version convert over in coming up soon I think that should help boost sales but still pretty low volume car economics prize mr. McCall. What cars does this compete with most directly. Touching a little bit hard to find direct competition here a lot of people would step into the BW I ate from a higher end version of it as a model that's for example. We have a lot of people would this much money to spend maybe they don't wanna get the same car that everybody else has right now the my elections is certainly pretty common it's certainly California. Also compare that is something like be accurate and a sex which starts a little bit higher but 150000 dollars. But that you integrate high performance hybrid car that when the offering even greater performance or will the Mormon. Is the car worth the money if if you happen OK the at the average person obviously isn't gonna go and buy a 140000 dollar car but if we have the money. Is it worth the. It's definitely a bit of a tough pill I think the media the cost again put a really close to be accurate and SX which is a much quicker car ultimately you know much more engaging cart and drive. But if you are thinking about higher end version of the as a model let's open Vista pretty appealing alternative again because it is so much more distinctive looking at so much more engaged and drive. He's still get fifty miles of all electric range but it is not LG getting a pretty good amount of eco friendliness. Without actually carrying be at the same the planned as a mullet style and that not every. Good Tim thank you very much of the time a look at over the next week. Thank you Tim Stephens from CNET roach just talking about the 2018 BMW IE. I'm not get one. I don't think they even watch it next Tosca. Yeah I think if you let the sales up and take one look at any any three of us and say does it start ups doesn't pull my court and equipment and what do you think a little while at least goes for technologies. When he 500 a month this fast that you got to take got a mortgage supplies. It as beautiful well. Degree of our to great looking car.