Terror in UK.

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Wednesday, March 22nd

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Six to force yourself to date we have yet to respond to an instant in the area of pollen grass. And senior national coordinator had declared it a terrorist and the I don't buy we remind us the mortgage divisive I fall camp or an investigation into requiem the white. They think that while the mix counterterrorism ball. That's commander DJ Harrington of the United Kingdom police. Okay my friends. Terror now has just struck the heart of the United Kingdom. Here is now the absolute latest that we have and believe me we have the latest. It appears that it was an attack eight terrorist attack the police are saying it now it's clearly a terrorist attack. Whereby. An individual. Drove a four by four vehicle a car. All along the Westminster. Bridge I know what I've been to London several times it is the bridge just in front of parliament. Apparently the person driving the on the bridge on the Westminster bridge. Deliberately began to run down to mold down. People that were walking pedestrians. Are cyclists. Some of them were hit so hard. They were thrown into the fans river. The terrorist event took the car. And apparently drove it a very high speed. Crashing it into the gates of parliament itself. What police are now describing. As a middle aged quote unquote Asian men. Apparently then pulled out a knife. Stabbed a police officer viciously. Our other police officers who were there guarding the gate in guarding parliament. Then show are you returned fire they wan member but they shot they start the fire on the attacker. The attacker was shot several times in this comic and then fled and fell to the ground. According now to the latest that we're getting from Scotland Yard and for media reports. It now appears that at least two are confirmed dead Scotland Yard is now saying maybe four dead but they're going officially with two. Twenty people have been injured. Many of them very seriously injured with her calling quote catastrophic injuries. According now to local media reports and again this is still coming out so it's only been a few hours. It appears the police officer was killed the one that was stopped. They say another woman. Who was thrown into the firm's river. They were not able to resuscitate or savor she is also dead. Many people have been taken to the hospital. According to police. Many of those are in very critical condition and fighting for their very lives. Listen now to journalist queen pin let's. Described seeing the the terrorist. And who we said appeared to be dressed in black. Attacked the policeman. Roll it Brittany. Artwork kidnapped. And office which overlooks. A new policy ought to just but I think Benton. And I have attest just by the window as we heard this term of the third act car crash. And we went cylinders see what was happening and a lot of members of the public. Running down on the patent. Some of them screaming charging. And then we sort of 66 man and back. It's. Come through the gates. Where people would only try cause. Engine department jockey panacea as just but I beat them. And done this man had something in his hand it looked like stake of some sort. And to he was challenged by a couple of policemen and edit jackets commodity get rejected these and settled down. And we could see demands the eat the man in black. That leading is on in a way that suggested he was understanding ball striking. They get a jacket to policeman. And the one of the happiest and then ran to get help. Which was very very quick to come. And as the attacker. Was running towards the entrance used by AMD's. To go into as common as he was running he read about. I'd say fifteen yards perhaps. To playing close to drink drink those guys we is with guns. Shouted at him warmed imports are to what sort of like awarding. He ignored its and they shot two or three times and he felt. And that's what weasel. Prime minister Teresa may was in fact in parliament at the time of the attack as were other MPs members of parliament. She was he immediately rushed out. We don't know exactly the motives of this terrorist of this attacker. Now as I said he's been described. Eyes a middle aged from I Asian men. Now what they mean by Asian is not. I'm so army to be offensive but I have to leave this out they don't really think aging you think Kwame Chinese or Korean or Japanese or Vietnamese. No in Britain the way they'd break that's considered Asian as well but they also mean a Pakistani. Or somebody who's from Afghanistan. Or you know from from dot part of the world so I'm looking at a picture of him right now. Our picture that was just released by the media. What. He's season I mean he's got a Muslim beard I'm sorry I have to say it he looks like he has a Muslim beard. We would consider more Arabic or Middle Eastern looking now he may be from Pakistan or Afghanistan I don't know. But when they say Asian they mean maybe possibly Pakistani or Afghan. But look he clearly Camille looks Arabic he clearly to me looks like he has a Muslim beard. It was on the one year. Anniversary of the attacks the nicest attacks in Brussels. And what is also now being reported in the British media is that there is any dramatic increase in quote chatter. On crisis linked web sites now. For the record. I sis has not claimed responsibility for this attack so far. Or the police have yet to say this is an Islamic terrorist attack. So we have no confirmation of not what we do know is that's faults. This was a cold blooded murderous. Rampage. Eight premeditated. Terrorists that doc. Whereby an individual. Middle aged of Arabic. Pakistan any Afghan whatever you wanna call it dissent. With the beard but to me looks obviously like a Muslim beard I know Muslim beards. Who drove a car. And more old people down similar to wait to what happened in east although it wasn't a truck it was a car. According now to police. They do not know how many people have been injured it's at least one me the body count could be considerably higher. At a minimum to have been confirmed dead killed they're now saying could be as many as four killed. Listen now. To the head of the UK police. Roll it Jarrett. We know there are a number of casualties including resources but at this stage we cannot confirm numbers for the nature of these injuries. Our response will be ongoing for some excellent and it's important that we got the un possible information and evidence. Public safety is helpful priority and we are reviewing all recent storms across London. And throughout the capital itself to there will be additional offices on cutesy and deployed across the captors. Although what else the public to remain vigilant and let us know if they see anything suspicious that cold distant concern an expectation that don't know no annoying immediately. The acting commissioner bright MacKey is being treated as a significant witness as he wouldn't say when the incident stoppage. What he he's not injured it would be inappropriate. For him to be here to talk about the incident that stage. How of course and he stores all with all of those involved and respond to things that actually. Ha look our prayers and thoughts go out to everybody. In England to the British people. Are we stand with few shoulder to shoulder I just want everybody to know that. Look what is the by the way that was. Commander BJ Harrington he is the head of the UK police. There is now. Another police officer who came out a spokesman. Who came out and said the number has just gone up from two dead 24 dead do we have that Britney yeah okay. You Roddick. I will just screen name and areas. We had a incidence. Of the ongoing operation. How long they can expect over the coming days. You know it's led based terrorist incidents. And Kansas fans of carrying ads full scale investigation into the events tonight. Tax stuff it's been a cult was given hopelessness of raids teaching and injuring a number of members of the public. He's going to be extremely substance on the playback with the bases aren't. Because I think it's old news that at least one. Always good night means it's time it's been to Olympics. Secular. The apple case appellate. Passing plays we saw this and it's the elements. How long men we believe it's not fit yourself on these boxes and. I mean after a while you're what to say you know it just it doesn't end. He just doesn't end. By the way breeding what was that officer's name forgive me. Mark Rowley. OK that was officer mark mark Riley spokesman. You know I mean now someone's gonna have to go home and tell this officer's wife in France. And children and Family Guy he's not coming home that he's never criminal. Fair and you know what amazes me. Is it's Brussels. It's a London again. It's a Berlin. It's Paris. It's niece. And yet they just keep inviting men. Yeah I'm sorry but he just does nothing else to say after awhile there there really isn't. You can make the same points over and over and over again and I think after awhile it's gonna be this year and this year. Them. Brutality of it it's going to be this year bloodshed. And this was a bloodbath. Timmy I don't know I mean you got to be really sick I mean just think about it. You're driving a car. And your just mauling people down. You're running them over. Your heating them so hard. That they fly into the river parents I'm sorry it's pronounced I called the firm's in England they pronounce attempts. But they're flying into the River Thames. Where people know we know at least one woman drowned. Others how they say up absolutely kept catastrophic. Injuries. And then these look at these savages. And then when they smashed the gates they get outlook a bunch of wild animals with the ninth. Then you stab a police officer to death. Parliament is now on walk down. Lundin is now in fear. They're worried about commuters having to try to make it home. This is on the one year anniversary of what happened in Brussels. My friends this is not gonna end. Well that's what I'm trying to say and the liberals I mean I have to ask this year obsessed with guns. Britain is completely right. Look at the damage she did with a knife and with the car. They will kill you with anything. They'll kill you with cargo kill you with the truck they'll kill you with knowledge it'll kill you with baseball bats they'll kill you with. Pipe bombs costs that are natives. Whatever whatever they can find their hands on they won't use it to kill you. And the one guy. That is saying. All media we need to start controlling our borders. Pay wall mean you've got to start being very careful. About the kind of people we let into our country re assessed. Ray shares. Well look I don't know this may have nothing to do with his long maybe. This may have nothing to do with the Islamic terrorism. Maybe. Somehow I doubt it. I'm. Satisfied at this stage it looked as anyone techno plus. Who's got a public facility on so you hasn't it says the full speed basis we're looking here is legal assistant she's so we can beat me. Tony thank you. 225. Here on the great WR KR OOK my friends. Four have now been killed and eight. Just. I ghastly terrorist attack. At least twenty injured. The attacker himself has been confirmed to be killed he died on his way to the hospital. Police officer dead as well as other civilians. And now London is again and again. Facing the prospect. Of a absolutely brutal murderous. Terrorist attack. You can text that sets 68680. This is from 857. Jeff. I just came back from the future years 2050. Lund done a stand Britain. Muslims are 90% of the population. Sure Rea is the law women earth Earl co our third class citizens. Look I was in London but a long while ago we were fifteen years ago and even then I went through East London. I froehlich I was in Pakistan or Afghanistan. And that was fifteen years ago. So what you're now seeing in front of our rice. Week after week month after month is the suicide of the west. And we have to ask ourselves. Are we willing to die. For the sake of multicultural ism and open borders because I'm not. Ronnie in Boston go ahead running. Billy Jeff thanks so much for taking the call and you know just to show how polarized it's become even speaking. Do Islamic law that can only comment that are on this because I'm off from work I would never do our. Make a call like this on the ground on guys don't talk about it blog because I know we just beat you know deep end of me. I don't eyeglass. You know what's frustrating more even more than the crime job is that you know imagine how these Islamic masterminds. They're ordering yes imagine what they. And after an attack like this. There is no response like that even didn't even say it is what they wanna call it Asia nor the sword. And and what's Europe's response every time there's a horrific it's rock. It our all because were not making them feel welcoming enough. We're not doing enough to make Muslims feel welcome well not doing enough to be tolerant and and you look at the disgraceful sexual assault spikes. The Olympics all throughout Europe. They deliberately. Put back to the side. And they don't include. They just don't get together. So what is it completely takes away from the product that the overwhelming majority up or next Olympics and you have. Is being committed. By these diplomats and I look chapel week we've got to be honest Islam is what looked like on our side. And run it could have said it better myself. I honestly I really couldn't Scott in Worcester go ahead Scott. Thank you particular column with the cooler. That we're gonna continue to have terrorist attacks on as long as we continue to WS supported Israel we have a war in Afghanistan. Iraq Celia. The next one will be a ram. It will fighting the war for Israel and the Jewish state am and that's the Scotland. And if you don't want I don't know donuts you're planning to put into the club hoping. I'm sorry sin against god and ascending. Planes out it's Obama hoping. Everything that blamed on on Islam. What would you not talk about how the United States won in Portland. During the shot before opening shop took over the oil industry. It's not the problem can stop the small pockets. You don't talk about how. We we've given money to Israel over the years billions and billions and billions of dollars and then maybe in the big prosecute him. Palestinians I mean. Look at the whole side of the story we're gonna continue. To have once. If we continue the US alliance with Israel Israel has the stomach everything. So scarred you're saying when Muslims kill infidels. Is the fault of the Jews. I just amazing credible. So when they mole people down when islamists in the name of Islam in the name of moloch. When they're blowing people up when there mowing them down where they're shooting a Mike dogs in the street. When they're stabbing people left right and center when they're placing pipe bombs at by the Boston Marathon finish line. It's the fault of the Jews. It's incredible. Why won't you condemn Islam. Why won't you condemned. Islamic fundamentalism. Why won't you condemn the problem that is obvious to the entire world that there is something extremely sick. Extremely violent. And psychopathic. Really need to sit there are elements of the Islamic faith that are clearly psychopathic. An evil. And no other religion justifies mass murder. No other religion justifies Jihad. No other religion justifies terrorism. It's only the Muslim faith. But it's either the fault of the Christians. Or the faults of the Europeans or the Americans or now. The Jews. He just spoke to prime minister maim or have arena on that situation that calls him. We obviously condemn. Today's attack in Westminster. Which the United Kingdom is treating it as an act of terrorism. And we applaud the quick response. That the Buddha British police in their first responders. And nature of the situation the victims. In this are thought our thoughts and prayers. The city of Monday's London and her majesty's government have the full support of the US government responding to the attack. And bringing those to justice who are responsible. 230 so. Having here on the great WR KR OOK my friends. Terror strikes now in the heart of London. Four dead at least twenty wounded. An individual described as a middle the Arab middle aged forgive me. Asian man what they mean by Asian in the UK context is somebody from Pakistan or Afghanistan. Are clearly wearing a Muslim beard I've seen the picture. Was driving a car. Deliberately mold down countless people including cyclists. Are there bridge over the River Thames some of them in fact were bought it were hit so hard. They were thrown into the river. He then slammed the car into the gates are around parliament. Are at Westminster. Gone out of the car. And then began to knife a launching knife attack a vicious stabbing. Of a police officer that officer is now dead. Other police then came on the scene. They shot the attacker several times he was rushed to the hospital he is now also been proclaimed dead. Two other people have also been killed including a mother who drowned in the river dams. As I said at least twenty wounded however British authorities are saying the body count is most likely going to rice. They are now calling it a terrorist attack. And my question to you now is this. How many more of these do we have to out. Before we wake up to the danger. Of radical Islam. 6172666868. Winds are loaded Josh in Framingham go ahead Josh. Jeff as you just call poke radical Islam but your last little speech their work commercially talked about Islam in general. He made it seem like everyone currently as a terrorist. And everyone and they're trying to tickle our you know our concern. Are the western world and everything like that never gonna stop. So we present the problem. That only want solution. And that's not a good solution and ask you straight up do you believe the solution to this this genocide against. That's a ridiculous question I don't. Know it's not. I'm sorry I didn't present it like I can only somebody was completely disingenuous little wire. Would take what I said is what liberals do. And deliberately twisted and manipulated and pervert it. What I said for the record. Is that there is something extremely evil and for only within Islam. That justifies the mass murder of infidels of Hmong Muslims. And holy war now let me ask you here I can do this all day. Here's another story this one from Sweden. A Muslim refugee was brought in to Sweden. He forced a ten year old Syria as Swedish girl. To watch pornography. Before he raped there now are you okay what current. I'm not really that I'm not okay with what happened in America no no no I'm talking about America that I've talked. I want to put him down or not I'm not talking about America. Talking about Sweden. And they allowed this Muslim refugees to come into Sweden and now this pork girl. Ten years old her life has been completely destroyed she has been completely violated. So why are you liberals allowing these Muslim refugees to come in what gave you the right to destroy this girl. What gave you guys the right to allow us look that more police officer his wife now has the burying him. This children will never see that police officer again what gave you the right to allow these Muslims to come into your. Oh. People all. Blog and now again with the moral equivalents again and again would the moral equivalence so let me ask you this. Tell me how many Irish nuns coming Irish nuns are blowing people up. Tell me how many buddhists are flying planes RA all what about ERA. And we're like people were really get a terrorist or. At Bernstein Ted Kaczynski the Ted Kaczynski who wells coming on equitable. Orwell long yeah ha. Yeah so you're gonna tell me either for 15100 years the only thing about Muslim history. You know a lot about it OK who invaded France. When Venus many. Hundreds hold on who invented Portugal. When did North Africa or when did the Balkans. Hello more more and yeah and on the more CS and lower the Morse. More muddled. New. So tell me how come there's Muslims have been attacking Christians and Jews for 1500. Years but you're talking to me about Ted Kaczynski. Stir up all totally got it going both ways tell me where in the Bible largest army. Where where in the Bible does it justify the mass murder of non Christians. Wearing the old testament and Appel Lloyd does it justify the murder of non Jews. Are confined for you in the current. I could fight you in many places. I can find you thousands of being moms that reach mass murder and G odd. But you see you liberals are cowards. I'm telling you to your face. So there's no there's no ambiguity between us OK Josh I'm telling you and your fellow liberals. You're a bunch of cowards. You hide behind moral equivalents. You try to blame whites you try to blame Christians you try to blame who lose you try to blame everybody. Because you don't wanna blame their real culprit. Islam is numb. And has been around for 1500. Years and it's not gonna stop. And the killing is gonna continue. And it's been going on and it won't and I need to keep allowing them in until they come for you. Until they come for you. The old saying under the Nazis. When they came for the Jews I said nothing. When they came for the Gypsies I said nothing. When they came for the liberals and the conservatives I said nothing. When they came from me it was too late. He who would rather die and commits to a site. And standup a radical Islam. You're coward. And everybody knows it. Erin in New Hampshire. Boeing had Aaron. And Jeff good afternoon thank taking my call my pleasure to streets. I jumped on responsible last two callers. Dr. Martin Luther King senate. When he said. There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. It'll last two callers from. Not only they have the mindset that. Event. Well let's attack but it's too that are actually gonna point the finger. As everybody but themselves and that's what created and and the blame the United States in and away our our work is good. Peaceful people in any way for what those radical Islamist who insist it's just straight up they thank you particular Michael. Well thank you very much Aaron I appreciated 6172666868. Look I wanna show you just mean this is an example who can't. This is why I believe Europe is doomed I don't think we are. Because there's enough of us that are fighting for our civilization. And our families and our and our in our country. But look at these liberals. In Muslim. More always downed innocent civilians. Then stabs a police officer to death. OK or appears to be a Muslim I wanna jump the gun but it appears that pretty much they're saying look Asian man the Muslim beard we'll find out okay. But there's a terrorist the dot presumed to be an Islamic attack for the sake of argument. What's their first response. Is it to blame the perpetrating. Easy to say. Again. Seeing Madrid whom Boston and New York paying for. London and Paris paying me spin Berlin whom I could go one. Kenya I can go on to that goes everywhere. Bring maybe there's something seriously wrong here now the Jews. Meant to Christians men at the Americans managed just corner little jump corner on the problem. Well it's tough to white people man just to know where to blame. So this little us and were rumbling. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder. And if you have a culture and civilization based on a mental disorder but my friends you're gonna die. Set I mean just the fact except in Indiana go ahead Seth. I guess I'm article he wants that's a sad day. But did you know Gary code unless you know we have fought in the rapes in in Germany we have you know France. People in deprecating the streets you know these these Muslim refugees but yet oh no we should bring in more. Community unity you know use if they do the women you see what they do the people with disabilities should see what they do to gain. Yeah this is that these stopped. With that this is clearly what we have among them being in the first place but now you have activist judges who basically went. Wanna put American lives. As you know behind those of of. While. I set your dad on honestly you're dead on look these are the same liberals because we're sure what a bunch of hypocrites they are mean what a bunch of phonies they are. That the Billy bush can't permit that vocational trump single grab them by the key hole might call a pitch rich disgusting which deplorable and should should shoulder and stick coal Lloyd call it and they want a short guy. Okay you really do wanna shoot the guy. Cornel London. Would it kill you to take a trip. Go to Paris. Or Berlin held now Boris or other I'm. Will cull but how many of these Muslim women are treated. They're covered head at home when a freak in burka it is it is it's barbaric. Genital mutilation. At 111213. Year old girls being excuse me sexually and physically violated he'll go to the Middle East noticed. These liberals never condemn Saudi Arabia. They never condemn Turkey. They never condemn. Iran they never condemn these Muslim societies. They throw gays off of route top rooftops they literally enslaved women. Did alone the right to vote their own to drive there or allow them to even hold a drop. Do you shoot these moon bats lecturing them Norah O it's. Ted Kaczynski. It's the religious right. It's Jeff corner. It's Donald Trump. Its aggression in America. Hates the Jews of Israel. Women in Israel are completely liberated. They have jobs they've been prime minister's. They run businesses they all vote they all have education is helping serve in the military forgot six. Mo little model model Jeff. Those evil and every culture Jeff Lowell jab. Just have come on now pork Palestinians. Evidently do about the Palestinians jobs. You thought about the Palestinians more continue to understand why that is key blowing people up because god forbid Palestinians are being persecuted really. So. Tellme Ukraine now half of it is burning bush or white European Christians do UC white European Christians going all over the world killing people. Because of what's happening in Ukraine. Stupid. 254. Almost 255. Now on the great WRKO. Davin Melrose. Dave thanks for holding and welcome. I think people have to understand the Muslim and not just to religion. It's more than it's a way of life and of these Muslim terrorists. They shouldn't are extremists whatever they wanna call. This just people that are following the directions they're just people who don't know what the ball. Holy book says to do and that is killed everybody who's not months. So we have to rethink this whole thing to let people in Canada completely incompatible. But I society. They haven't written down that it got to do what it was everybody else it's ridiculous. We can't let them they should beat keep them in a safe place. Yes Syria where they can be protected. Until the Syrian. Civil war is over. Gave thank you for that call look. A lot of people think that the corner man wants some kind of second crusade against the Muslim world I don't. In fact you wanna normally on his if you wanted to be candid with you I think we should pull out of the Middle East completely. I would have nothing to dole in the Middle East you wanna buy their oil that's about it that's it. To me it's time for us to mind their own business. And focus on our problems at home. So I don't want to touch one Muslim not a one in North Africa in the Middle East and Afghanistan and Pakistan. But what we do need to do is protect and defend. Our borders. Our culture. Our civilization. So everybody says old Jerry if you hate must pull quick won't I really don't now. If you're genuine peaceful moderate Muslim. We have no parole with few. We have no quarreled with few none. But if you are here. To instigate G hawk or imposed sure real law. As many Muslims do as they're doing in Europe as you're doing in England. Then I don't want chewing my country. Because I don't want to launch a real law. PDs primitive barbarism. Now if you live in Saudi Arabia you wanted to in Pakistan. That's your business. If you wanted to in Turkey but that's your business. But in the west. In the United States of America or in Europe no way. No way. On this I take my stand. Jerry in Cape Cod I got about a minute going ahead Jerry. Kept for a quick points hurdle once stated last week that he was gonna like Europe with Muslims. They had him mom in London last week stated that London with the new Islamic capital of Europe. The UK government instructed all university to defend free speech as legal duty. In the UN human rights I commissioner that he'd write a eat out and say said that free speech. Got to be quelled worldwide. Nigeria is always dynamite great just I mean that's that's the nature of Sharia law no look. I'll talk about it a little bit more tomorrow. But in my former. My former homeland McCann a country or was born in Canada. They're gonna be voting in parliament in Canada. On a soul called anti Muslim hate law. Which in reality is an anti free speech law. Where buying now in Canada if this passes. It will be illegal even criminal. To criticize Islam. Or criticize the Muslim fundamentalism. Or Islamic extremism. It sure real law through the back door. And they're doing in Canada der do we get in parts of Europe and if they have to wait they're going to do we hear. So why are we allowing people into war country. Or into more civilization. Where they want to impose their backward primitive sure real no. I shake actually knocked America. Love it or leave it and if you don't love it get the hell out.