Terror in Barcelona

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, August 17th

Kuhner breaks down the car attack in Barcelona Spain. 


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You're 36 year on the grave WRKO. OK my friends we are living these crazy times. I just wanna read one text before I move on to the incredible Barcelona story which is unfolding literally as I speak. And it may be the best quote I've heard this entire week quote. But a lot of people who were never sleeps. Are fighting with white people who were never Nazis. Or overeat confederate statue. Erected by Democrats. And why because Democrats either don't know or can't stand their own history anymore. But somehow. It strums fall. Insanity. Bingo. Bingo. And 100 Einstein defined insanity doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result. So why has Europe now been doing really for the last couple decades. Bringing in large numbers of Muslim militants. From either the Middle East or North Africa. Pouring into Germany Italy she Adam. England France. And of course Spain. And Barcelona. Which is the second biggest city in Spain it's in the region of Catalonia. According now to our own media reports. How has now suffered a massive. Massive. Terrorist attack here is the up salute latest. This disk will change by tomorrow is a fast moving situation but here is what we know so far. It appears now that I says is taking credit. They have now successfully launched another terrorist attack just as they've been mowing people down with bands they did it again. So a band went into downtown Barcelona. Deliberately singling out his Barcelona by the way is a beautiful city it is packed with tourists this time of the year as the summer. Peking one of the most highly trafficked intersections. Doug band deliberately went along the sidewalk. And began plowing and mowing down pedestrians. And I wanna be very careful how I describe this as it is extremely graphic and it's a family show. What I can just tell you is this Britney has been showing me pictures throughout the show. You don't wanna see this on the Internet you really don't. There are bodies. Everywhere. There are limbs. Legs. Arms. Everywhere. People completely run over on the sidewalk many of them either walking or sitting in these sort of European style cap face. The attack which quick it was furious and it was devastating. After our people were mold down the driver of the van according now to local media reports. God out of the van. And now there is and on and ran away there was an intense manhunt now by the police. Reports also surfaced that two men then went into a local restaurant. And began to hold people hostage. The media is now saying that did not happen. I'm just telling you what's coming in. The attack took place deliberately. In front of the eight coal sure restaurant. So it was deliberately done initially in front of a Jewish Kosher restaurant. Thirteen people are dead. At least 52. Are injured however the police are saying that death poll. Is likely decline because of many of the victims are severely injured. Their legs have been crushed their bodies have been crushed their skulls have been crushed and they believe that many of them Wal-Mart survive the night. There are now reports because events are moving extremely quickly. There are now reports of a potential second terrorist attack. In why in which a car was driven into police officers. And then men scratch it jumped out. With our guns and there was eight mowing and shooting other pedestrians and police officers. So it appears that this was a coordinated terrorist attack. The major one was this fast moving van like what happened on the French Riviera in meets. Deliberately mowing people down are among the victims. Are the elderly women. And little children. According now to what police are now saying they say they have one suspect in custody. Once us. But so far. Decade yes. Religious state what do you think the name of that person that they arrest of let me get David do now. Ma. C'mon Jack it's got everybody knows is the neo nazism the kkk that the biggest threat to security in the World Cup now not my David duke. Richard Spencer. And the direction. Okay the Irish did it. Jimmy O'Connell and. Vladimir pool enjoy your jets got to be the Russians to everybody knows the media says the Russians are our biggest enemy. Listen Venice. The man arrested. Suspect who they believe rented the van used in the terrorist attack. The Islamic terrorist attack. It's not mother then did this. All a bit. Who is this all caught live. He is a Muslim. Moroccan. National he's front in Muslim from Morocco all. Who apparently emigrated to scream in 1989. He's a Moroccan national and a Muslim. I can't believe it's not. My home. Mess hall full. Okay. You've got to ides I never would guest I never I never what is suspected. In my life. Ices is already celebrating. I say this is already claiming responsibility for this terrorist attack. And when you really think about it using vehicles using fans mowing people now own. The launching the attack in front of a Kosher restaurant. It has. All of the marking X all of the characteristics. Of an ice is styled terrorist attack. So we now know that at least one of the suspects arrested was he radicalized Muslim who came in from Morocco. There is obviously now at least one terrorist cell there may be true terrorist cells right now on the loose. Now a couple of points me to be made and then I wanna throat open TU corner country. Apparently or just right now vicious came in right right now. In that second attack. A suspect has been killed. After a shootout with police so as they rams some cargo at their cars they rammed police officers. Then jumped out and began shooting like a Hollywood movie almost. One of the suspects when fire was returned from the police has now been shot and killed. This is what happens. When you allow the Muslim population. To be radicalized. Where you have no policy. Of integration. Of assimilation. And you allow them commit pesticides. And you allow radical mosques. And radical islamists to infiltrate these communities. You combine this. With massive unlimited immigration. Where they are now pouring in from Morocco. And from Algeria. And from Tunisia. And from Yemen and from Syria and from. It is like mixing up speed. An alcohol. Good driving fast. And alcohol. You are asking for trouble. It's not a question of if it's a question of when. And so now my friends again. The elites of Europe who continue to champion multi cultural ism and open borders. Who continue to turn a blind side. Two of the growing gathering threat to the growing gathering storm. Of Islam all fascism in their own midst. Khamenei attacks is it gonna take. Paris. Meeks. London. Berlin. Madrid. Is what ten years ago and now. Barcelona. How many terrorist Islamic. Terrorist attacks. Is it going to take. Before the elites of Europe and the elites of America wake up. And realize. That Islam is not a religion of peace. That there is a violent strained within Islam. That continues to grow and grow and fester and fester like a cancer. And at what we need is exactly what trump has been saying. Caught off immigration from the terrorist hotspots around the world. Start securing your borders. And then start demanding that Muslim communities either assimilate. And abandon. But Islamic fundamentalism and violence. Or go home. Instead with the Europeans have gone and again it's on exhibit eight right now on the streets of Barcelona. Is they have chosen cultural suicide. They would rather appease radical islamists. And remain quote unquote politically correct. As they slaughter them on their own streets. My friends enough is enough. You wanna see the future. Just look at Barcelona right now. 6172666868. Harry in Seabrook Europe's first coed Harry. Our great show great chipped that he's done I'm very amused by the swamp. Well not fox is turning into a swamp. Swap itself. While the an attack was unraveling. And nobody really knew who did what. The Asia they had a retired swamp. Security. I mean from the Bush Administration didn't. It was not easy to remember remember. 2006. Do that in an internal terrorist attack. In. They couldn't be home bred terrorists in Spain are probably editing nick gets all the details of their attack and you know make sure your children are kept on yet today he gave diapers of the little leak is not for fifteen minutes. Descent while in England most of attack basically Ellison Neil Bush. I'm back in and fifteen but fifteen minutes later. In other words a whole lot cap Allah bloc in parliament from I don't wish she came from and she said the same thing are you into the 2006. It's similar to that name may not be up till it in vegan advocate following ashamed. It's as the hang around and the same MO the same modus operandi and am always she went on definitely made a point the talking about the 2000 intense except and it homegrown. Terrorist attacks is it would sit and. A look at Barry I looked outside honestly outside of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity I don't watch faux. To meet on his outside of those now Laura Ingram has or show I don't know exactly prime slot so I like laurel along as well so I have to see your show first. But I wanted to you know I want exclude her but we were eyes as things stand right now. I DVR Tucker and I. CNN. So which are talking about is this just show you how politically correct they are they're putting on their blinders. And too sure how ignorant they are. Catalonia just say you know all due to thirty seconds Catalonia. Is a distinct region of Spain. They actually want to secede from Spain to a bit wealthier than the rest of Spain to speak to wrong language there their own identity. There is another region called the ball risks are bad of them basks. There are also up a region of Spain that wants to secede. Not as well office Catalonia but they want to secede they have their own language and their own identity. This attack took place in Catalonia. In in in Barcelona which is the second biggest city in the capital of of Catalonia. The big domestic terrorism group in Spain. Is a tough. We choose from the boss asks they're basically bosque separatists. So to show you how stupid these people are OK just humor me. You got separatists from California. And separate us from Puerto Rico. Both won a Sissy just humor me OK and there's I violent terrorist group from Puerto Rico. But there's an attack in Los Angeles. And suddenly the media sank while Moe I think there's the Puerto Rican separatists its domestic mr. Puerto Rican separatist or why would they hit Los Angeles stupid. They were either hit the capital Madrid IE for us Washington or somewhere in Puerto recall. So it was obvious it wasn't that up because it was done in Catalonia and in Barcelona. All it was obvious from the get go. It has all the markings of vices in that all the characteristics of an Islamic terrorist attack. And now ices is celebrating another great victory by the way I gotta go I'm up against the break. CNN. They weren't paddling at how they weren't traveling as domestic. A terrorist nonsense. Date or saying it's another Charlottesville. Don't see any it's at CNN we're actually sang white supremacists and the kkk. Or the ones buying the attack in Catalonia. Now you know why I don't care for fake news. No exotic vacation this summer no problem. 256 here on the great WRK. Oh okay. Another ice this terrorist attack eight. Plows into pedestrians in Barcelona Spain right on the sidewalk. Police now confirm at least thirteen dead. At least fifty plus others injured they expected death poll however to go up dramatically. I says is now claiming responsibility they have arrested at least one suspect. The man who rented the band he is a Moroccan national. Who moved to Spain in 1989. And appears to have become radicalized. Muslim. 6172666868. Here is president trump. Before we even knew about ice is claiming responsibility. He issued out this week quote. The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona Spain and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough and strong we love you while I find the mainstream media. Let me just can only be the mainstream media now. He needs to apologize. Why did he not immediately. Condemn. Islamic terrorism. Why did he specifically. Single out license. Why do any stand there and unequivocally say mole. It's high sense and it's Islamic terrorism. And by not doing that this is a crisis of presidential leadership. This is a moral disgrace. And I think it shows that he's very obviously he's sympathetic to the islamists. I I think when I look at this statement now. All all the Anderson hold on let me finish my point you're Anderson Cooper hold on I need to get this Anderson and when I see a statement like Davis. I think he's sympathetic but the islamists. Do I think we have an ices sympathizer in the White House. Yes. Yes I do yes. Yes and I fear for all of us tonight I fear for our safety tonight. I I I Anderson I really do I think our democracy is under threat tonight. Pairing in New Hampshire go ahead Aaron. It just a bit quick. The liberal they perform cultural terrorism and are in our. Country this week in the Islamic Eric said they would they did say they are two things in common. One netbook like soft targets that don't like back in to the both simple art and magnified. Never magnified by liberal politicians and a liberal media. Are you know that. Border juvenile at Steve I've got thirty seconds the floor is yours Steve from Kansas goal. Yet its socket direct statute I called to remember iron slightly can't like exceedingly bad try to turn that sort of them. And up on top of that you know I hear these bees is radicalized Muslim Jeff they're not radicalized it has fallen and do with the current don't do. Thank you very much for that call Steve. Here's the the this is 617 Jeff why the trump not to wait 48 hours before he you all the facts. Milk are all right condemned trump first soft statement this is unacceptable I can MM. I condemn him. And. He's been presented by Kelly financial services the boys of Boston it's. You six AV WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence bust.