Teacher tells students they can’t wear a Trump t-shirt to class.

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, September 5th

Lyn Orletsky, a Georgia math teacher said, "You cannot wear a Swastika to school - you cannot use a slogan like that." The school district has since apologized. What do you make of this story? 


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Through all five here on the great WRKO. OK pretty much last week. Although little munchkin is we're heading back to school and if they didn't DNA there are all back in school. My little A about big moments in the corner household. Today is your first full day of freak it. So it was very emotional she if I was a little nervous or cellphones a bit surprised. But anyway so today is her first day. Full day pre K. And so all the kids are coming back to school now in the parents are driving them to school making him lunch isn't getting ready Unix that are. So let me ask all of you this. Do you think it is appropriate. 48. Public school teacher doesn't matter the great elementary middle high school. To tell any student. That they cannot Wear. He made America great again sure. The costs. What would you do. If this either happened to you. Order of this happened to your son or your daughter. Because this is a big story out of Georgia. In the chair a key school district which is just outside of Atlanta. Two students. On their way to math class. How I gave both of them were wearing that either beautiful piece sure some looking at the pictures. One with a gorgeous American fly in and says make America great again obviously Trump's campaign slogan. Well the math teacher who has been identified. In numerous press accounts. As a limb or let's ski. He's a mathematics teacher. Confronted. The two students. And told them to either. Take their shirts off. Or wears them inside out to watch. I she told his students respond to what's what's wrong with the teacher. President of the United States he won the election fair and square he wanted to democratically. He won it through the Electoral College. And that was his campaign slogan went in the campaign slogan itself is just make America great again. I what's the problem. Don't want America to be great. She said you're not allowed to bring Nazi or where Nazi symbols into the classroom. And that's the make America great again T shirt and slogan. Is that him to win swastika. And shows like you cannot where she wants the guys into the classroom. You cannot Wear that make America great again T shirts. And when the students were trying to argue with her she said just get the hell out of my clients. Just get then Howell out. And she threw the two students out. Listen now. Very tolerant by the way nice silk tolerant these more Mets are. Listen now to mourn bad Lim Orlovsky the math teacher. Say make America again. Zig trial. Got no. Roll it Britain. I don't know who on earth he there. It's possible. Me. You can. You learn though that. But it is I don't. Wait so low moan about then hostility if flip their shirts inside out credit has trump on the top. They'll put their shirts inside out. Because. This judge compliment and it supported by. Okay. Fact of. Make America again is click with the neo Nazis saying. This last bit again their Britney does that last bit. Yeah. Okay the fact of. So the slow game is a neo Nazi slogan I am really is this woman on crack. Word is she get this that make America great again easing neo Nazi slogan because it's because just as a matter of historical plaque. Do you know what Reagan's big campaign slogan in 1980 was against Jimmy Carter. Let's make America great again. In some wage trump ripped it off from Reagan. Now he took out the let's make you know let's. And just put make America great again let's has a bit more of a he altogether. Right let's all of us they gather. Let's make America great again but make America great again which used by Reagan in 1980. So what's that mean you'll not see them when Reagan did it how the Bill Clinton. Who he ripped it off Reagan as well in 9192. And even in speeches in 93. Like he use that let's make America great again. So when Clinton used it was that I mean Nazi slogan eat your shoulder issue how utterly absurd. This argument it's. But what they're trying to do. Is they're trying to equate patriotism she knows what's going on now. The Russian stories over they cannot prove Russia collusion that thing is dead eyes that are in debt as. As a doorknob. Acting is dead. So now it's white supremacy everywhere. Neo Nazis everywhere and of course where the neo Nazis conservatives. Populist nationalist America first there's libertarians whatever so anybody who backed Strom. Is a racist. And if so facto a neo Nazi. That's clearly now with the intent to its. So they're trying to shame trump supporters into basically saying annoy you you support trucker racist. You support trump beer and you months. Furthermore. We'll get furthermore and just a sure how by the way I mean just a short how ridiculous that argument Davis. When you start putting up concentration camps. And you start throwing millions of Jews into the gas ovens. And you start murdering your political opponents. And you start shorting and assassinating journalists. And you take over the entire media. And you burned down congress. And declare a state of martial law. And assumed dictatorial powers. Then maybe we can talk about trump becoming like a Nazi or Hitler OK just to show you how insane. And hysterical and over the top this argument is okay but let that go let that go. Whatever out. Up their First Amendment. Excuse me those kids those two students their parents pay for that school. There taxpayer dollars excuse me pay for your salary miss Lynn or let's keep. So you're telling me now that these students don't have the right to freedom of expression. BitTorrent now I gotta tell you this when I went to high school. I never saw anybody with a Nazi swastika. But I tell you this I did see the hammer and sickle. That I did see Che Guevara that I did see. So why is it okay. To where Communist symbols and communism murdered over hundred million people but is not OK to Wear and look and the Nazis disgust me to my core. They are being murdered half my family. But what is the Nazi symbol B only symbol that is so outrageous that it somehow violates address called. But Communist symbols and our own home problem no problem. Did trump win fair and square yes. So what's anyone in a democratic election yes waiting what's the problem your site last. So you try to beat him the next time not so works in a democracy. But according Helen sheet. To censor the students and tell them what they can Wear a camp where. And tell them in particular idol like that slogan to either take your shirt off for flipping inside out. She she's a math teacher she has no business bringing her politics into the classroom. And this to me is the mother of all points. I Saddam Hussein would put it look how the left politicized is everything. Politics. Has no business in the classroom period. Are you care for its history. I don't care whatever the topic is. It's teachers are supposed to be apolitical why because they're paying on their on their are there on the public dying. They receive public money that taxpayers pay for so we're not paying you for your political opinions don't indoctrinate your brain washed my kid. Because we know they wore as I am I Hillary. I'm for her T shirt she'd gotten all problem. No all problem. You can Wear that shirt every day every week you don't have been a wash interchange. I don't care that stinks I haven't it doesn't matter you can Wear that shirt. So apparently now the school district because there's been a tremendous backlash. The parents themselves were outraged but numerous other parents even many of the monument from supporters. Saying well wool wool wool. These kids have a right to Wear a T shirt with the president's slogan on you don't have the right to censor them is a public school. So the Cherokee school count me they should forgive me the Cherokee county schools spokeswoman. Barbara Jacoby. Has now issued a public apology for the teacher's behavior. And said obviously that probe trump shirts are not a violation of the dress coat. So they had to eventually shipped to relent however here's the kicker. A lot of parents are demanding that she be fired. And this school is not discussing in any way disciplinary action. Now let me tell you what I think should be done she should be fired. When you go out of your way like that to humiliate those two students. And assault their freedom of speech and censor them like this. And to bring your political beliefs in the classroom you to me are completely unprofessional teacher you have no business being in the classroom. Because this is the one time we caught shoe with a video camera with a cellphone. I bet she does this on a regular basis. And so I think it's about time that people now be taught a lesson. That if you violate people's freedom of expression and free speech. There will be a price to pay and in her case it should be her draw. Agree disagree. Should this teacher be fired. And two should public school teachers be bringing their political views. Into the classroom. 6172666868. If this happened to your child. What would you do. Janelle. You're up first go ahead Jenna. I figure out art and a nerve so where all your trouble aren't you're among friends take your time jamarcus considers a phone call you just called me. Hello agenda now how are at eight PJR this story what do you think Jenna. Actually at two point one of the really put on apparently my boyfriend who is older than they weren Reagan was wearing in the eighties. Each of the gave them art art art Reagan here on an up and yea. Back in aren't always wondered I mean but there's one really way of getting younger people. And some of these teachers understand what not isn't really all out. It would be mandatory and history. Huge heart and watched the age C a care. During World War II being liberated. That is not it and they should be seeing what nazism is really all of they have no we're. Not. And it's part of our history not in our. In the future it's edit the fact they don't know nazism and communism really. I mean I don't I want to sit up all her dad on you know I should say at its current. And in the fact that you may any human can even order such. One and now you did great. Could be a stranger call again OK Janelle 617. Take care 6172666868. Let me ask you this could double barreled question. What would you do if that was your child. And have you ever been harassed. Or hold not to Wear a T shirt because it offended somebody's political sensibilities. Did this ever happened to you say when you were in school. Or is this ever happened to you now. 6172666868. Who students kicked out of the classroom. Because they wore a make America great again T shirt. Should do that teacher be fired. I say yes. What do you say 6172666868. Your calls up voice of Boston's. Friends and your hearts. To give me your prayers and your health. I believe. That together we can make America great again. 2.5. Here on the great WRKO. You know funny when Bubba said it Bill Clinton. The moon bats never said it was neo nazism. When trump says it it's a slogan for the neo Nazis. To students kicked out of the classroom by their math teacher in Georgia. Fur wearing make America great again T shirts is this censorship. And should the teacher be fired winds are blazing. Pom in New Hampshire Europe's first coed dom. Of course I agree you get should should be fired. They're searching now retired officer art and disable. Which try to mentioned at the southern New Hampshire are. A Stalin. Would be then. Or two. Just mentioned the kicking force that. I was told not to mention anything about. Americans RT or anything like where I would not be welcome back and I'm working on my mansion Eric. So they keep my mouth. At one of the bursting. Into the school and publicly topped its resolve yeah we're into that aren't at all. Which we then sent out about Stalin. Eighteen fours. I'll probably millions of people killed appears all is the war are then torture I cut all of these. Wow. Tom what did you say did you complain did you say anything. Yeah I stepped outside of that I looked at least get their you know their patent an average hourly look at that there aren't that. They're in school here. Well. My dog story short I think the whole crew. That was then did everyone has. The Communists in theory and a priority. He'll learn Annika talk about but if I'm mentioned anything about an army I would call culprit knees. And act and that and I don't talk about you know combat operations are neck and do what history when we went in the army. You know and it just in. The palace. A twelve year old kid you know I would I walk away she's Smart but you know what the senate in our county or. You know and urging them to obliterate and it but he went on Arctic. Tom though Ian Lewis and thank you for your service and god bless you Tom look they don't want in the public schools they don't want to students to know what the crimes of communism. The crimes of slalom. The crimes of the left they don't want you to know any of them. Did you want you to know that Hitler was a man of the left. They don't want they don't want the truth the com don't. So it's just trump is a Nazi trump is a white supremacist Nazi Nazi Nazi that's also says now is just relentless propaganda brainwashing and Dave in New Hampshire go ahead date. Barry age gap it's your first court yet court should be but I am correct it doubly so. Because traumatic event. You're still. A big deal still. Human error page. Yes you know and that's how are you should certainly. Outcrop your children that get sued the early. Because we're now at a nickel that cannot be used is very pretty. To get rid of the first and number oh no we're seeing their shares or does anything anywhere at all. Keep your religion in the church. Period politics inside your Elliott is in your house without a public square at all. It is target. You know in my era unless you're mourn back. You see if they had a field the burned T shirt during Hillary T shirt Barack hammer and said call she'll love it all that math teacher would love it. Make America great again war war war wall. I don't tolerate neo Nazis in my class. Ranking California thanks for holding go ahead Rick. Injure her corner country California I got to ask you mr. I mean if the kids came in the mobile I'm sure or at least call. Were occupied she sure which he still have the same. Adamant attitude toward their teacher Leah Walsh's problem. Chip problem she would actually what I'd sure would be she's a hypocrite I mean academia. Bit so it'll happen. So anywhere or are also a hypocrite because. They don't want me here to bring a diversity. In a candidate talk about the person a great word diversity but when it comes to a opinion. Political Caribbean diversity forget. You know our Rick Yunel bit knowing look and and you're not only are you or your right. But yeah out my ask all of you this. You know even in university.