The Tall Ships

VB reveals the ugly truth about "The Tall Ships"


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You're that loose talk of the morning shop which can be good. All right time for me events. Okay because I haven't been doing it for three hours we could've tied this to our conversation in that weather was. About as good as she gets really into it right at risk title that showed that times enemies of patents now. I whether it's just jealous and are tired and we had it right with Kim and I'm happy I. I always say what is TV stand towards venting big league people and that the I'm gonna big league events here because this day I'm not that big lead get well for me it's been a couple but it. I didn't have answered the question up until yesterday DB which released favorite day of the year on Twitter that would be yesterday. Why. Three reasons one. I don't care to see you know an old picture of your father. I don't you knew what they ask just as bad but at the crews stood in the world really gave them growing up you know. I don't love him in death and every night or however I have to fill out a way all. Able oil resolutely believe that I don't lie giant is always a good career move it's true parents OK my fathers still life and I have great affection for the man I'm just. My gosh and so now I'm at. No in my kids' fathers still a lot of our fifth no need for a picture of him on Twitter that's boring. So. That's one bigger problem with where my my second big problem in news. I heat with a passion mass. Do we need to hear from every TV journalist that doesn't quote unquote that does not want to be there. Covering the tall ships telling me how awesome the tall ships are. But all ships are you this hard for me to believe in 2017. That they can still pull this off can fool people when the going down there. Well. I don't get it are at all first off I don't listen to it here's what it is in the this is what was sort of sad about the tall ships situation on Saturday. I see the tall ships just like I see any kind of summer festival in his city. It's an excuse to go into the CD to enjoy the wonderful weather irks you. Do something that you don't normally do on the weekend. To eat food you don't normally needs. And to tip and you don't beat. Patron in places that you don't normally go but that's what they see the tall ships it's just an excuse. Saturday the weather was so lousy. And yet people still acted like they were having fun and that this was a good thing I don't believe most B work. And you and I also saw a lot of people that I know a lot of people you know. Who were all long some of those things acting like like he just sat. And that this was fantastic. Nobody who were not having followed bullies era but here it was wet cold it's horrible us. Arab OK you get what may be half a dozen nice weekend days. A year in this state than OK so they just have to have reasons for me to come into the city. On weekends in the summer. Even if it's nasty yet and that's what it it it's right. But I don't never go to the Charles regatta because I think nor any of those schools but at least that's an athletic competition and can't have a drum up a reason to root for somebody in whatever this is not saying. I know I'm historian sore and I'm industry and I'm supposed to care about this stuff but. What do I care whether these alleged great ships are in my Porter not I can find out anything I wanna know about these ships on line. I can see famous in great ships. All up and down the East Coast anytime I want. What what is that is the lower gear I told you at 6 AM they're tall. All that's true yeah they are towel out of the car. But like I got 43 now that is all let's I did you sound like a bitter old man. Now I sound like a guy who's just. Puzzled by that time I hope that our so call us toll six or 726668. To did you goal did you know NY. Why did you feel they need to would you possibly go to this thing knowing the security and you're gonna cut that deal that part of it I'm not mentioned they're tall they are growing I had forgotten that there are all so I would go Kazaa to talk but I edited that didn't help because there was so much fog where you cannot come on a lot of the speed of bottom third of its cult yeah. I'm that stuff it's it's not jacket have been stopped you can just imagine beyond the clouds are all they really work. Well he has hit the Cilic chanting yes but Terrell that's really his legs so I heard people talking about design and her husband's clients about. On the cruises so pleasant and there's so chock full of information what is you wanna know from a tall ship crewman. I have no idea. Hey how big is that is all. Picture is that I'm going to and that's did you follow up all of Israel is one of those meaningless conversations because I'm very high concede that the guy isn't it. If that it weenie thing is a now how much winner. How often do is want the deck you know I don't want the trend was they are critically. And they're so now he's well there's knowledgeable of what they can work on the east and you know inevitably the guy giving the tour's gonna be like 55. That's right. Because definitely tell. I was I had a yeah I'm executed their wicked cool. I kept thinking like I was gonna bring my kids you my kids to be so bored so for instance and why are we hear win and we we are you might be a little too well but see that's what they want. Your kids are a little too young which comes back to ice cream comment yeah that's what we that's right his own. It's I don't need to tall ship aggravates me and I guess they want you did that make it out like a summer family deal and say in this city where you spend money in places you don't normally spend it. What I do to tie yeah I let me just say this for a quick in defense of the tall ships. A couple of times in my TV life tried to sit out there on the harbor and cover this. The first time that I did it I will say it was really cool gorgeous weather or remembered very clearly. And I was there for the parade and it was really cool but that wasn't and I can't imagine. That I have to be out there in that cold weather where half the ships were covered in fog. I wouldn't think that was really cool. So I get my ultimate thing was for. Mother and my third reason why it would resorts is the US open I don't need to hear people following the golf tournament and I'm not watching a tunnel but. I think on the tall ships is it should be an eclectic event. Where. It tastes might say much smaller thing where people that are either in the history here and photography you know we have a photographer on techcrunch says they're going today. It should be a very small group what what's scary to me with a tall ships is that. We allow ourselves into being hoodwinked. Too participate in this in something that we have no interest them. It shocks me that that many people can fall for us. I think they're falling for these summer festival more than they are just the tall ships but is it that simple as we said this so there's a I'm. Celebration of watermelon rinds on the cat's neck after young founder yeah. Because we do this scooper bowl every single in my mirror to be celebrated what it's all share. Would you do you have to fight to get a parking spot though as I go all the way we thought about Golden's Cooper you know me I don't need the aggravation and get good they removed and there you go but look at how he will go and do it you know a quota wise men that I once worked with long time ago yes world is looking for something to do until the good lord takes us there a zone and he's happy to do on Sunday and then do and that's exactly what it is and it's just WR Gil morning show was in the dvd. When I love my. It's not I know are they senior seller list they're saying I'm a penis oh yeah with the hijacker in the. It would be worse than his request for it won't. I feel like I guess this just this. BB some of signaled some some emotions there have been caring whale oil from Nantucket would then you'd have been interested. I don't think they could and I think there's only one whalers still in existence that's my understanding him and anyway. Collide you if if there was nobody he's going to see these things I might actually go. Because then I would bite into the that's a nice day we can walk around but why don't wanna be in such a crowded environment having to go through more titles security checks dragging kids in the hot sun. It wasn't even that can go on sat well on and on all that I know Sonny and right. They're like Saturday when they had the big parade that's the day you know. It was miserable line that would just be I'm just fascinated people are so much more offended that you don't like the tall ships in the you don't wanna see pictures of their dead father's. Like that it's. That's the way I was a little off but almost. That's still out vote look you dead or I was this year every day dad that was one of ice are a lot of like tomorrow you know well yeah. Oh yes they do know I don't think you just don't relate to that the whole sentiment that I think they deal. You can miss dad that's fine but just didn't you need shared wouldn't miss him privately as I saw eye to eye on them this might using New Hampshire hey Mike good morning. Take care much thank your wonderful. Smile. I do I really do US so cute I saw your pitcher wants anyway it's always either. Anyway I was reading in the Manchester union leader are fortunate as buying for the tall ships also. And I heard not I'm not our right to buy this quickly to collect a week ago that you had they would have to pay them off beat them and come up. 8000 dollar should come down and. That's ridiculous and then they get a sign a no compete clause. And it's all scams really otherwise why is everybody gets a side note to compete with sent me. I don't know you can't go that you can't they have. There can be no other event in your CO going on at the time and it's all it's like it's it's. Hey Mike thanks for call it's like the World Cup the way it's all dirty and Ron underhanded Boehner was Burma but we've got a good shows are where it's all fine. I we went over this many nominee always the only guy that ever took these guys are as we're not paying for your security when I'm giving you money to our economy Aaron blah blah blah. That's why they stopped it for a little while. Now is full I had his back. Three truth be known I mean this this one's just got bod it's like the Grand Prix racing and everything else it's just these events that come to cities they traveled and traveling circus. And they come to this city. And asserting buys in because it brings people to the city that spend money in the places that they are normally in sort of port. Mean obviously. This city's got to make money off of this that you wouldn't be pay in the tall ships to come right at a New York Times makes sense for Portsmouth I think you know like it it's eight level exactly the tall ships or reason to go to Portsmouth on a Sunday you have a nor should our primary are not going late to go all the way in a Boston a look at a boat. But it's Portsmouth really support that absolutely not the mean because they're additional lots of Dell and then you're going to be talking about again like it could harm the onion. That's the difference that the schemes and scams and yeah hands out that's yeah but I mean if you're the tourism board from for Portsmouth, New Hampshire like this is they donated sportsman does just fine and summarize it's a great city I. Clearly enough cost a lot of don't have these darn things convoy went on up toward moss from Plymouth dropped isn't being congress street playing and security checkpoints but less than five minutes of line we boarded a ship there was narrated great time all around. I don't begrudge anybody thank you did this is your thing good for you I'm glad he had fun and that you spent an extra money while you were in the city of Boston have a lunch or whatever and that's what they're they're banking on. I'm Steve isn't west Bergen Lawrence Steve. Hey good morning. My lawyer quit taking it day yesterday afternoon for Father's Day and see what your plank on all day united. Dreading it all day and then finally. Double a lot minutes folder I wouldn't have no interest and I felt bad telling about. You know are afraid to go but she's actually on her way there now Witten put Archie year old daughter fire now well I think that's out on the ball that sound like oh we I have no interest and go. There are easier to avoid happens Steven you you know good for you. She tried to rule and and she did in a way she this happens and I aren't as they try to ruin is awesome yeah. I know I'm not what you write it or was she was being lazy and went up this'll they'll know. It's trying to your own family now guys don't get what women you why do you get a dental why. Look over here I'm happy don't want this woman now here's what she thought and now she is misread. She thought OK the baby is too so chances are good this is this is his oldest is only. So she thought now that the baby is too. Father's Day would be best they've been doing a family activity what what better opportunity than did. Go into this spirit she didn't you just not sure year old doesn't love tall ships well there. I'm mom I'm paranoid does because she's our radar now to your mom has sided. Why got to do something for him but I don't have anything so here's why any. Writing all foist this crappy thing on him that he doesn't wanna do Indiana I don't have to do it by myself on Monday. And it's reed did he she ruined his day and when all he wanted on his day was leave me alone yet but her purpose was not to ruin it was an. She said the AM ES say here's my gift to you I'm taking little genie or whatever the kid's name is. To the tall ships in yours staying in home he would have been like my god I'm in love this woman all over my stopped at the starting gate resist I had my way right she noted Chiba rung wind both days so you get out of a chance to. A few of you I. Today and he doesn't come on in her mind she did know yes he did bike and ruined the league and I'll leave it mr. I don't believe it in that wall this is all about her is usually was Father's Day it is it's all about all you're doing hot. I and many good as there is about the US likes on this big show no. In bla bla bla that is not that guy Steve I'm telling you I feel if I had a mark right now I'd send it to yourself. Again I'm an artist dale penalties like that guy he got screwed yesterday did they did. Let me ask this this should've been. 66%. Simply ask zeevi the wise. On and on the Bjork and Kumble what does the poll question should have been. What percentage of people at the tall ships yesterday actually wanted to be there. I actually put a number on it because I've putted about 35 or you Nelson. The kids wanted to either they don't know none of the husband's one either you guys. All the. Are on more of our listeners where they're not and you 66690%. Of the people that where there were their because their wife and or mother wanted to picture of them in front of a told ya. How many I wanna I wanna. So we're seeing me out or I wanna hear the sparkle conversations. Who first broached the idea in your relationship. You want to check out the gold dots and are paid to do they wouldn't even know that was going until a probably a woman did broach it but and then all right so once it's broached. Where you were like hey I'm all in order to be yes there I'm gonna pick my battles awful long worried yes the word uliassi here all ships. And you think this summit be any of his battles going on now ago provide nothing else meeting. There's been a bomb dropped in your car. I'm lies that there is still not that don't monitor argue hey you agree they didn't shut down your teeth as a side but a trilogy couldn't really see anything Agile bull over the told us Saturday so that was really nine but when I came back it was like oh my god is there anything in there wasn't much. Textures come on six or 72666868. SA free call 68680. Come on it's a bad bad I think these guys are a cool title belt not clear. Let us say I. It's bad it's just like. Yeah why drag in Myanmar has been to the father to this thing because the husband. Probably don't wanna be dragged this thing and why you do when I mean can you do under the guise they wanted something cool the zoo and like a crack. No I gonna pay that thing. I he's an it's true and it's hard to. Our hero. Here and it's so true. WRT you know the boy still Boston. Because it taxes and there are people saying you're crazy dead on TV I would rather have a root canal or cat. Didn't see these stupid chips. I. Understood our PV 617. 66%. I asked what percentage of people did not wanna be there that were there O come all eyes I don't glory 66%. My twelve year old daughter had a meltdown with all the walking in the need. That is absolutely. In my kids case. You don't want a few things happen in theory they're gonna have a meltdown because there's no joystick serve my house is or. Sound effects. Or are there to have a meltdown when reliever in either way that's a meltdown I don't want any part of it. You guys. Love the results yet says 97 I don't be such a fared VB. I don't think it's that bad and I wore it again I've I've got to see ya yeah. You know it is pretty coal. Nick you live along the water Irving don't live yet here all the time in whatever it's pretty cool shady. You never once and detained any possibility. There ten years ago that there all go and buy your way grace has never been by the way they pass outside our house our. Died in all Sears as they do we. On Friday afternoon we can see a lot of them coming through although it was starting to get so cloudy and what our. Who can get our binoculars out and T some out there you're episodes of dark hole they are committing do you see him under sail there if I mean they're there today lunch ago tickle look and let us know how to help. Did I. How about I don't know that RKO management but I will this thing we didn't have to go do than I thought no I'm not a on the Ecuadorian ship was awesome says nines in an idea was this one difference. Bibi you're right on and everybody knows that Americans are just being led by their noses here. I haven't marketing and dom fascinated by you know what you can make people buy if you just salad well enough yeah. But this is one of those examples you do not. Never in your life will you be like to see what's up without Ecuadorean chip again but for some reason. It's our little valve along with tennis club used to have a pro tennis event there. And they would get like the thirtieth ranked player in the world to go there but they could afford weak people the ghosts are allowed to show to see Jimmy areas. Play tennis against some local pro. You ten or you can do this in the tall ships is a perfect example of if you're good enough that what you do in terms of marketing you can make money. I was this all ships there with this text to 7800 taught jets are like trumpet Camp David you walk in you go all this is nice and then you take. Aha and how well I. Because I only wanted to not let that happen that's exactly what the odds. Thing about the tall ships picked today selling on all you talk about marketing. This Boston in some of these town festivals and sell you on a whole lot less. And get people to go I didn't really. I mean really they really really do I mean I gotta tell you the truth but here's one I don't get. Cool in God's name and there's a lot of bomb go downtown on the fourth of July. And it you know. 8 o'clock in the morning. And set up on BS we'll nod and sit there all day long in the baking signed. Hotter than blazes. Can't bring anything in their break your blanket. And you sit there all day to listen to the pop your gallery and probably over its thousands of people go to see the groundhog come out on CH well I mean. These early polls right there's. Three in their day deuces and they're all the same and we all bad phone former one time or another but you never fall form twice not tall ships. July 4 on yes LaMont first nine. Drew does anybody duel again I'm not yet all of that he's ridiculous but I get all of these fifty years ago. Before cable before computers. You did needs something to do but now you cannot be able to find something. Better than that to do. I I have to say first nights the worse of all those right there ever been it's hard actually never been any one of the Turkey it is you wanna talk about call from Tito on ways to look at their past me now are you know that's when you know him mold I weld is apparently you can walk. You know I thought anyone of the three. As a single. And hard at terrorism right up right by the Fisher sucks for him is it's a funny. It's this is the thing seven and one of the tall ships I would add in. 1 night or the for the July. 71 says that the tall ships are girl thing. It is women just feel like we have to be out to be having fun you and I together and we're like. Actually he's my popcorn and watch him arguing Netflix and shall that be cool. That seems a little bit more promising to me than seeing it tells you that. All holes I imagine that's the net Bullock has a chilling usually has a different volume and track. You know I think that I am okay but let's split the difference why are you tall ships and shall rule the and anybody gonna sell off. Another pop up. All as a terrible thought that that would be a more enticing awful show awesome Michelle and by the time you get home after the heat Milwaukee and in that and apply you just like on an even wanted to Jim anymore. Us. Now I'm gonna kitchen manager and he's got to do all the work there too. Yeah I. Thank you're not I'm gonna pay for it. Not panicked at all should do is like NASCAR you're hoping just to see one saint. I don't get that perhaps no guy NASCAR's another one that I think yeah yeah solar village goods. It will. Latest. In the thank goodness the big bill like the Grand Prix. You know that was coming to the city and then that whole thing went terribly wrong if you think if you've never been to a kid you this Grand Prix I've been to them. If you've never been one of those that's ten times worse than the. All I'll know I've gone a NASCAR that was also know what that's about NASCAR got a brand eye where oh no I've gone up so look Korea and ask scenery so there that I would recommend just. So it that is this spectacle. This is this is when they do the streets MW of all off in your inner and I don't know it's like my neighbors she shouldn't just it was RTC is also are you make up my street yes. Off the hook them. I want my wife goes just to check out the sailors like that's fine why do you go to either for that just is you know it's been put on. It does lead to the one of the dumbest things that you will participate in my I also moving at some point in my life I'm going to get dragged to Plymouth plantation. The important thing there have been there with. I know but doesn't nod sometime about for non work like the family events to realize negotiate a rock he did ITV and I went to Plymouth plantation together and I got high as a kite in years outside and Lara. If I thought I thought I thought. I did start a fire anywhere else because of their drums but it's all of those things where you just like oh my god I can't believe impact in the kids and I can't believe his or doing for the day. But again at least in that case. I will work that into our bureau scallop dinner. Hand. I'm never going to Six Flags we've done it yeah I'm not a big amusement park guide believe me and I know you're much does it mean this is just another error the biggie. I think I know I did it last year first time what about the biggie big east half of it again at least you're gonna need some stuff split. This of people watching to be had I guess is people watching it all she has there are. There there's people like Iowa where we saw this at the science rally right where there was the ten hit the worst crimes are depressed signs banning any. They shouldn't be a thing where these of the ten goofy itself fees take the tall ships then I guess I'm an idea I mean hello I'm. They're gonna just dressed aren't currently for the tallest justice sailors doing something that you're behind them like give me your signal though we need to fight we need to find someone who posted a Doctor Who treated a picture. Or of their dead father at the told shoot Jerry and out there used to go to the proponents yeah. He was nice and he was really tall he would love best is summer festival you like Levy is there one you look ahead. I was I figured someone snappy far Tuesday BVL files on accused I'm fine. Knocking Richard spare my wife dragged me it's always the wife trying to win was less than you drag your wife to something I can't remember ever Downey. How about we do exists. Part of that is because we're all stick and anyway I mean that's it because I don't enter your wife's that you what you wanna do your answers not affect our way of let's total I guess it movie sets. But I don't like it had schemer Sox game on my dragon are particularly if you don't wanna be there I know what that's on time but we get dragged these. Good. Good news.