Taking a ride on the "Puff Bus"

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 20th

A Denver company that runs marijuana party buses is looking to expand into Boston


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URG. Voice over Boston. We're gonna get that a top boss now but I just got to address one texas'. That things person Texan every day at 617. Anymore knee slapper is about the pending mass murderer children you guys have me here is over. You know I don't I don't know old. How you would lie. Can't handle 617 but if you think that just. Put your head in the sand and whistling and we your favorite to means that everything goes away your mistake it. Kim Jong soon as you are easier to stay in at some point is going to be confrontation. And then Matt you talked about it whether you make jokes about it with you talked tough about it where did you sing nice and they'll please don't. So this comment so. Sorry if that bothers you but realities funny that way and as to the mass murder of children and that's what you wanna call it. Have I would call an international conflict with. Predictable outcome but we're quibbling yes. But it's not I'm not gonna not. Talk to our rocket man right I'm sorry I'm not. So that positive we're gonna have to just disagreements. Are. Are let's do change here shall we. Because the puff bus. Maybe coming. To Massachusetts so you're saying to yourself that popped botched. If you don't even know if you like it or not right well it's a it's by a company called looper LO OPR. AM blue per. Functions in Colorado and they're looking to expand their business to Massachusetts. Sent to California and some of the State's. Where marijuana has been legalized for. Recreational purposes. So here's what happens. You get on a party costs. Is essentially a three hour tour. And on the party bus like if you got into a limo. They provide you with. Dig the paraphernalia that you need to smoke pot. The air belongs on war and in matches and not I don't know what I'll. And and then they take you around while you're enjoying your favorite. Wait to. Ingest marijuana. Fashion and they take you around to restaurants and bars in dispensaries. And this whole idea behind it is that you were on this bus with like minded individuals like yourself. Bomb having a good time. The puff busts they dock. So I will just tell you before we get started they we have them Kelly financial poll question opt today. On the tough boss why because I'll defer is a tough boss will be saying about the onslaught. Which your take a ride and applause possibly came to Boston no is 74% yes absolutely it's 26% malware that said. We have a mutual friend and you don't know this about this person Kim but she has already texted me this morning and send. So I did I have done this already. I took a ride on the tough boss in Denver and it was a beautiful. It was about eighty people of all ages all colors all having a relaxing good time it was great. All right now it. Hit this person is someone there we both work was at the last place on air. Account. So. I think this is an interesting concept in and let me in a bit by the way did miss being discussed in the state. The candidates forward. It's gonna have to take this up to make a determination as to whether this is something that they're gonna allow to licensed in the state of Massachusetts of this comes along with. You know this will be taken up just like the whole issue about a bulls and needle ever everything related to marijuana sales in the state. The pop plus does not sell marijuana they're not the business of selling marijuana they're just in the business. Of providing people. I'm a location. In which event essentially and that it's a venue on wheels. And I. I think that. Since we have rectory. I didn't I didn't vote in favor of recreational marijuana but it this year it's gonna happen. So then I'm gonna look at this whole industry as. Just like that they'd the alcohol industry so I think you have to add you know look at ways that we can make money that people can make money off a date. Because it is what it is so if we allow limos and people begin limos and drink in being driven from. Bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant and and we have party buses were music is blaring and people are drinking in your dancing in the IL. Then I don't know why the puff boss can't mean. A lot of architects or perhaps asking how the driver doesn't get a contact tie but I would imagine that it says in the article cordoned off via. The back of the bus is cordoned off for the actual pot is being smoked right. So it's unclear whether there's not even a problem. I don't know exactly and puffing the book does driver being and I I don't even know that's a problem in this thing we don't even now. There was an as juicy ruling you know some of the UQ and you can give them you can give a field sobriety test to see if there I am pop that's not admissible in court now so. Well afterwards I would say if I was a customer of the tough boss I wouldn't want to think that the driver was not healing what was going on 617 says that bus drivers are CDO holders which is governed by the federal government attorneys that he can't take applicants. It is and there's a little unclear how you can make sure that I got and mark final reviewed but whenever. My feeling on this is. A my friend is given me a little bit of an insight in this thing that I otherwise wouldn't have it be. I don't feel like you can just dip your toe and when it comes device here either Indian not if you're in Alan bond. I'm not that's why am forgiven a criminal I'm not for any sort of legalization. Medicinal is the only way I would go with that and it would be very limited there. A bomb. But if you're going to be on it and you all consistently voted on then let's have at the populace is fine with me that's not right on it right now but I am I don't see what is the possible harm unlike a drunk bus somebody should warn about the drug Botswana Java driver that's not drinking and ever. Technically you could do that I think I don't it is there are drawn buses live. I have much more I would I would tell them well there's a journal article browns from gaffe from place to place that whenever someone just. People that are wrong 1010 do violent things people on we'd generally don't. Jewish talking about what you're talking about Boston's morning show WR KEL. So I make sure that we could explain the pot bust everybody formally Gilligan got a big oil and OK so too the bus you don't rush a pop philosopher not hurting the general it's it's. It inning and it it goes well loop. You know AM in Denver anyway. So it goes past certain bars and restaurants and clubs and dispensaries in munchies spots and concert venues and it just it dries out Lou nonstop it's more like a shy. It's sure well Daryn that's exactly what it is then you can buy in Denver 24 hour pass to the boss for 25 box. And they can get on it wherever you stand up for however long and you get off wherever and you get back on you elect kind of thing. Yeah I think the better whatever they are and where we're with a pulse bus stop and Boston. We're needs to be some ponds here this started here that you saw skies where do you yes the where I stop. So is turning to Rowland alma highway right etc. so many signs of an aids is there is there a difference between a pulse Boston booze cruise. I didn't screw you can't get off on bright you on. There is there is sort of but it's the same counts right on. There reason that they did in Denver just just to get real background of how they got this thing passed in Denver. Is that. You. Can't you can if you go to Denver to visit to your tourist. You can legally buy marijuana but most hotels don't allow you to smoke it there there's only a few designated hotels. And you can't smoke at publicly. So this and they saw as a venue for tourists to smoke pot. Does it go by the -- public gardens that's a stretch excellence and we can do better than that I don't want. I I wanna go to what do you think by the way. How do you like this idea is is that you want to happen here Boston you think it's a good idea. Is it doesn't not a major how quickly these things happen normally probably you go from. Decriminalizing marijuana. To shoot and showed us that so called eyebrow pardon upon highbrow and conversation to dupe the tough boss yeah. There are more now on this new movie and by the way this is part of what. A lot of people. Didn't like about legalizing marijuana. Because you start bringing in this kind of stuff right Morton restaurants pay them off plus to stop and I'm sure his burdensome for like Taco Bell ought to sponsor this thing absolutely I'd I don't know how it doesn't stop for the Kellen. Any any such but he pulled their highest bidder hundred UB believe we can guarantee you we're bringing you business. So again like like I say hey guys are gonna be all laying you may as well be all right money wise it's gonna make money for a whole lot of people's gonna down high street and. So it's on seven is called puff the magic wagon. I cry I probably. Pat yeah. Robs in Charlestown hey rob. Good morning guys hi it's Ron great talk at all while I while I'm Ian. What people don't know why alcohol or. Actually delete. Even even par or. The short order cook back at the right. Are. So what we're. That being sad how do we know how I realized I deal. A white. Federal bought like how do we expect one. And I went door. Perpetrated brought a lot because we're brick by pot dish but at the it would quote. Now. You know. Or are. You don't. I don't hear the court I. Still church. Impart kicking that you know back all. That. I mean. That does not no matter where you go. Out all but the right. To. Like that you will know what a couple direct. You know what it up and down like. Well what brought. Now I don't know arrows that sent the matter that's the issue of marijuana period ending its federally against the law so the state has opened that up period. Right but no Iraq I'd carry that goal white. To violate our. Right we've got all this this is not one of the complex things like how can you where can you deposit money made in a marijuana dispensary is a federal bank and insurance supposedly so I. A couple quick ones worry Kim just because they're good. No cash on the pulse Boston used hoped ends. But but but they'll drive you to organize joint whose driver way it. I hear their seats are cushy. Ski resort to run and you gotta know your audience who just me. You know Todd Jeremy got Korea new branch on the Green Line stereo from bad new. Him and Dan is in Woburn hey Dan. Stay the last call was correct then he wasn't correct the federal motor carrier carrier association. We actually governs anybody CDO and the DOT. Just Department of Transportation but you can actually. I'm allow liquor on the party buses in Massachusetts maybe not now the states what it is legal in Massachusetts. But some of the other things you've got to worry about. When you're driving is when these pot heads satellite not you can actually get a second hand side from the and then you're gonna failure drug task when you get randomly selected but they. From the Department of Transportation. So you can move your CDL license the other thing that they're not regulating you don't know you get on the box. When you have these drug detour buses at least with a Lemond things like that you're already got the person's credit got information you've got their license you know. You know you know something about themselves and is it safety issue for the driver and the other thing is that we sidebar when I'm driving these boxes. People or were indulge who's going to be responsible when. Someone gets. Swat girl some of the other part that's out there that's bad and the old little Sonya but some I actually got it out but by. And that it got me by by his own mother but. I that's out of sort concerns safety enamored as far as how much is enough one person console holiday and regulate that. That is a concern what group text accused pointing out ridge's deputies and running of the girl that died from. Most of fentanyl laced marijuana but eyes that looked as an indie kids who overdosed from all of the animals. You know they have a they have the gummy bears you don't have an immediate fact we keep being told editors it's so much stronger it's almost more potent in certain forms but. Did this has been happening in Denver and they have not had these problems apparently and so on however they're doing it there are presumably can be transferred here pretty easily. Six foot 726668686868. Is our tax line it's a puff bus and it is being. And it. It's being discussed right now by the Canada's board. And they're gonna take this up like they're taken up the issue venables and how they're gonna regulate that. Looper is the name of the company and they wanna expand they wanna come to Massachusetts. And it would mean that essentially it's like akin to the super. Now this is how are Norwood I've been working here too long now that is that now I'm here and all these guys I had no opinion on this one where the other now the more right here about the worst thing in the world from all our calls and text is now want to. Well I always says you know I could pipe down. Another front minds as one of the just call it the Canon laws. Because. That does very good and I like it bills and the very big bill. Hey good morning good morning these guys can make up fortunate it's come there will be no successful you didn't going to like country all of its importance. They do make up or children. Yeah this doesn't welcome him. I mean is contrary to its final tab tells you Boston is a bit of a college town insurance man it's just not hard to see 03 wants to go one of a fight broke out on the pulse bus I think if anyone who knows. A body area that probably a lot less likely to have bragging on just a regular bus right exactly or if you are or if you're on art you know a pub brawl and near a limo. For some like yet. Six that it's. 666868. X 8680 is our Tex lines who have read this Mary Jane train them Susan on the first stop should be the stones do the stone Missouri. Very good on an audience you know. Outside the city limits I don't know but the stone zoo was fun. I'm I'm read this by the way I think part of you know they say that you don't agree you have on the bus. Well part of the way that you may is because you have to. To get to the line up. So it's like who work in that respect so they may have maybe in that the driver doesn't know who you are they do have information about your. Max stopped more to Brothers. Won't add text or my bad. I actually think all of those kinds of jokes are welcome and encouraged on the bus. Bonkers up and enrichment could go to who played you we need to do the fake map of the of the off boss here's the sixteen stops and it makes is visitors to these deployment of hello I'm sure that you have. A couple of different routes right you got there the route to just wants to stop at the high morale restaurants bars whatever and you got the car. I don't know I know and I don't know and I don't think anyone wants to the best local and go to Ohio grow restaurant I don't I can't. I don't URL I think I'd be surprised though because their offer their whole idea is offering it as tourists. You may not know these tourists still wanna go to Denny's at Taco Bell now. Its morning show with Kim. Co Heimlich and Tzipi. Literally the most interesting man in the world WR KL. So Jim it's 807. And you and I are here alone we seem to have lost VP I think he wandered off some are wondering what made on the pop us. A all areas we thought you were on the month bus. Well no you know what happens then. They're rolling bones expresses somebody's. Oh ahead in the guys next door. The day after guys who didn't know about the pop us and they are asking me it's not like I'm yet and it is odd that that's it you know he's got something they'd know about before we let myself I thought they would have already been to Denver to be honest ironically honestly I heard you say those guys so what do you guys think about the pot bust and they were like whoa what is it. And and holidays or monthly pass a much all I know there's a daily but right they wanted to believe me plus plus people if you're listening. There's three of them under thirty over there that are absolutely. Just didn't what's your offerings. I mean. Again if you are if you're all in on marijuana. Why wouldn't you be in on this it's. I feel like. It's fun it'd keeps you from being behind the wheel. It would be illegal. It doesn't cost very much. It gives you access to people who are like you I mean it's it's it's a bar. I think the latest. This would be the police boss in the history of bosses that if people Rand and missed it. They went through king of leave that aside then there were like fifteen minutes and the I mean I'd block Summers on Nantucket for example they have these buses that take you to your hotel but there once an hour. Yeah I saw this lady lake literally take her heels off because she wasn't wearing hats she could throwing down. Because the boss was driving down the streets. So. BI double as being that she had missed that bonds. And I just feel like it does you ever elected to tee and you missed the last time out there's moreover one anatomy and it was like man is a real problem. The pop buzz is again an excellent idea I don't see people running to begin to get up and are running B they don't care if they miss it gives. There's always going to be another tough boss that you know attach it on the next Lou primitive no thing it. Did you pass it around one more time I snapping. Up. Like everything a rough time or another once you're in the us is a bar and I've I've actually thought this through that's exactly what it is it's a bar. It's when you do the same thing at the pop bus. On the puff bus that you would do. If you win it out for drinks and your single and let's say you're single and you wanna meet people and you go to the bar right. And you are in the bar for happy hour while you go to the puck bus because they're like minded people like you were doing to save it in your socializing. They say that there's music and literally people are dancing. We love to say there where the best state in the union where the smartest thing you can use and land him all of this there's plenty of evidence to back that up on moderate Massachusetts person as a general rule. But one thing we have no idea what we're doing with his lies all you need to do so okay. For example we don't have happy hours now you can debate the merits of that or not but clearly we don't think excessive drinking is a good idea but we pretty much encourage excessive drinking every quirks and our having debates whether we should be open a forum and and we we can now have it at 10 AM on Sunday where it didn't used to be we don't know what we're doing and alcohol. We clearly don't know we're doing with casinos you couldn't at a casino boss for example that drives around the city and even though we just said they're a lot that's social or that they thought they are tough boss will stop by the casinos they're wasting our eye but you know I did all right on that but you but you we had casino boats for years. True you couldn't do warming in the harbor particularly you have to get you out terrorists are and what. We can't decide what you are we had a big debate with you could smoke any Justine or not be his most casino you can whether you can offer free drinks and we don't have any idea what we're doing when it comes device. Because you really have to be all in or not to me it seems today. And nobody wants to be all in on any of us again technically it's only drew decriminalized right now. Which our thought was a silly middle stack what does that do for us like just just be either here it's legal or it's illegal in let's get on well it it. As of 2018. It's legal but did trigger let's get on that what is so why that bias would dwell on what it's buying us is the opportunity due to. In this committee. You know to sort of iron out some of the issues related to it. Like should we have the tough loss excellent upon could be the best one snowflake could be the pond the winner. I get the feeling the puff boss would be chronic legal aid. That's nice that's that's very nice avenue we kind of like our Holland and or something somebody's Halloween something that address. Let me go to Tony hey Tony. I don't just super thanks there. I don't vote just a quick hello notes I've been since you are the air reward ops under my bust. Don't get picked up any particular area when there are an important world Chu should yet but it might. Do they are located literal automobile. Are there had been dropped pop repair all the normal thing. Yeah I don't dropped off at their home could see at that I want you picture this is what a shuttle bus. That takes the same route over and over again so it could start to the airport they dozed every single hotel Kennedy and now. So you know wherever you can get off wherever you want it. Whether that's Korea originated or what the case my peace are. Eight but that big biggest mistake of dropping gently into that can't write this could be a problem. Brian what we're not big now again we have issues on whether you can and people on the army were right I had dry bread and meat walk out of bars and get their cars like commission said earlier I think it's put only encourage tourists and stops at a budget hotel so I write the idea would be you get a hotel room for the night you stay at the hotel afterwards yup absolutely. Given DV. Boston's morning show. You RTL. Is this is there is the puck plus individually own terrorism joint venture. Thought maybe that was the best putt of the day what does it mean for the six months of lookup chronic junior urban dictionary and you'll you'll laugh when can finally get there. I feel like if I owned an ice cream truck I would beg to be on the blue bar out off spots every stop it makes will stop for two minutes if you wanted the ice cream truck. Minus headsets come back on board this this article that I am reading about this person who rode the pop busts in Denver for three hours to see what this experience was like. That's where this person got on was that the extreme shock. It's our hope and we got to Christen summer book Chris in Florida. Are you doing. But there are extremely upset about this the idiocy that we're starting the around here that this is going to be sure ordinary. This is a stupid idea OS that question is all contained. And hoped he would give out of that to affect other people. The driver is sort of separate the air breathing system. I'm one of the founders of next should be used in the district formed coalition that might mean all just when I started the organization. What so everybody could smoke anything they want every word they walk whenever they want. It was sort of prevent people from getting at stake more on their lives because of universe. I called up to the governor's office so Colorado when they were doing it. They called them with no credible and what are the idiots don't know anything about Candice do. They allowed the making of venables and what are will shape we saw people. Getting an inch for inch five billion Beers are slow even more and hospitalized in themselves. Because we know what he was telling them the truth about gummy cures they sure are sworn to make when he. Did Australia where easy here. Sure like more of the year because people into full grown older but what their elbows that's why I am really. Really concerned or upset about this. This situation where you must love the governor's commission and then has what is it four out of five people voted against legalized. Around. Getting in touch with them and voicing my opinions. Are they warn them. I actually get a message. OK so Chris I I I'm fascinated by the so tell me. What is the message what is it that you want people. To do how do you wanna used in the state. This is similar to know everywhere out of boos truce okay that's up. Separate ship. With a captain blood drinking chipped affected by the local people are drinking and they're not on the road which. They're out in the ocean so there removed from the general population. I want recede this more handled in an appropriate commuters sandwich alcohol. In that. Go to school are a real far you know not some into riding around the road. Or you don't putting your golf. To put on your property. This sort of meant to be done on the Oprah book issue here is just the airborne. Okay I looked. That present a problem to a lot of people some people do not like a Chanel of what qureshi and make sure well. This could there be the case with other people to. It's going to make people yell. Whether people like it or not. Certain slow to make it discussed some people they would what he's closed the door and would the policy of this stop their what their revenue with. This is going to be a major issue down the road it's starting to being out what you just reported being about those certain at all in the in the chair a desk. It is not at any age commission. That this stringent with respects chewed he there's got to be testing facility anybody wants to sell it. There's got to have a question which cannot be enhanced. In any way shape or form they've got to get away don't they get it to win would put it that stick would leak like Tibet. So he Reuters is like eight Chris you're responsible I can't miss a user. Yeah now well that you'll lose I don't so much anymore. I you know I do what general law by the bottom line here is that after a certain age. We got responsibilities. As a motion got. A lot of responsibilities. And so maybe everybody you know absorbed are doing everything maybe no one oak offered. But to join I don't even wouldn't be enough signatory to its all natural all natural. Nice Sony please tell me were rolling when Chris and because nobody is telling the truth about gummy bears you need to make a prologue that's so drove right. Now I'm. I could easily become an artisan ardidi I don't but I know exactly what Chris I don't know I thought I had about everything I saudis a year now months from now I know exactly how they. There was a young girl who. Had like three or four of them. Course should never you know you brush to the emergency room because she had no concept of it doesn't affect you immediately right when you're you know we are seeing just keep it but it's. Yeah the good news Chris design my prediction on this is they will not pass the fund. A tough boss. Not because of what grade I don't think it'll be an educated intellectual reason I think you're just scared of marijuana period and you're seeing us already where. Everybody wants dispensaries but they don't want and her own backyard well why you may think of the pulse buses fine where is it driving right. We uses it is it gonna go in your new neighborhood and and by the way do you know like I doubt it right you're right now do you do you want it real deal wanna stop and outside your business if I had on and on campus right right. I mean I think where where is it going. It's a fun concept I just think you're gonna have a hard time getting. Any to any community is a guy we like that thing in our and harsh. It's interesting and I'm ads. I'm not gonna get all my. Numbers exactly right you're so bear with me to just yesterday Milford I believe it was his and that it was never right Milford voted. Not to have any dispensaries in their town now they voted more than 50% to legalize. Another don't want your backyard. And that's the kind of thing I think we're gonna see. On a pretty regular basis around the city so. Around the state. It's it it's an interesting concept I I appreciate that the fact that Chris is responsible because he was he was one of the real advocates to get it passed in the states face. Know that he wants to see used responsibly in the idea was not to have party bosses plane around city and I imagine if the pump losses on the ballot. And in the way we scare people with ads when it comes through they did it here wizard the kid walking by the dispensary and only god bail that's going on in there to imagine what they would. How water on the ballot just like in Stevie yes I door opens and fifteen sheets and strong as fall right road right. She's just don't operation there you go into capital grille and then making huge scene in vogue cover as Jessica colon is walking him to church because the you know the the puff balls dropped them off at the. Well it's up for debate right now and and time will tell if in fact the powerful boss will lose our yeah our enemies to plot holes. Again and it went belly hold on this pot holed short for pot head mass. Yeah I notice. I. Your hip checked if you are possible yeah fat. I want measured cells and the pop Oscars I don't you just assume. You should the description of the wanted I don't know if you did that again this this person is this firsthand account of it. Selectors belongs on who did the tough boss. And they're all. Tethered down situated they don't move and they are attached to a water source on the bus. You know I mean they've got these things they're very it's a lack of seeking a move but it doesn't Tampa. There's all lease Corey. It's really crazy. And there are a lot of will be identification to get on we have to show your papers. In Q well I thought. Builds it wealth like good morning. Good morning here. Well they do not want to participate. In having. Nokia and it restores. I just think they're bad why are especially if they voted for its biggest don't get their job that you spoke at the tracks. A benefit with them wouldn't trust god to get rolling and it's bringing in not billions and billions of dollars. Make sure that you don't get that money that's fine. I actually agree with that. I mean I I don't think it. I think I think you can't vote no okay. But you don't you don't get the benefits neared you're sort of talk and wealth redistribution narrative as you talking about beat towns where people. By the pot and the towns were people probably sell the pot are very different towns. I think that's true. How enough I know a lot of suburban kids it only go to certain neighborhoods when they needle some zone. But do you think it's fair that like Milf heard votes to keep the pot. If they want to keep it out but they voted more than 50% to supporting Al I think it's completely fair when I sit income distribution Ireland and a good good news that positive yeah right yeah. Some people well some people shouldn't be allowed on the pulse boss but how old they weed him out. Since I was 603 I feel like this is just need this is a lay out for people and that's but sometimes you take what's given to hundreds at. If they did throw you a belt bypass all the not I don't know par can mean.