Susan's Solutions: How to protect yourself from the Equifax breach

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 13th

Susan Wornick calls in to discuss the Equifax data breach and how to protect yourself if you've been compromised. Brought to you by Rubino & Liang


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URG you know the voice of Boston. All right it's 936 and maybe you can talk about the fact story can. Much here as the coffee here. Since it happened last Friday morning really isn't broken we all learned. About the security breach and how many people are affected a lot of people I think don't realize there effect because you think well I've never had anything to do with Equifax you know I'm not involved I never contacted them. But they get your information the they have amassed that through your car loans or your you know. You're not mortgage your work and many other credit cards for that matter. Joining us to talk a little bit more about what's occurred here and how it might affect you is Susan more nick and she's brought to us of course fighting just to lose the money guys. Rubino and Lang. Sponsor of the show. Boris is. Good morning Q can I think you know 143. Billion Erika at the very least. Affected by that reached last week and that should debate it can you make an excellent or a lot of people heard this story ally at. I aren't they can you do with them write the truth is the technology they have they don't if we seeing a follow us and they have been compiling information that you didn't even know they have. Yeah actually could be at risk. Yeah absolutely so let's talk about what that means being at risk in this situation like this season. It means that gamers have you your information to potentially. Steal your identity and we're Grammy that they can open accounts in your game. That they can get mortgages in your game in particular I think your day if you don't even know how to work. Where would they get information from Equifax they have everything. They need to know about you name your address your Social Security number. Your own members from key feature aliases. You're quality data virtue but they say maybe it's appreciate looking mutual your fear. So sick about it when you go to buy term it would be political flak for credit what do skip they ask you all that information and if somebody has it. Well then there's nothing to stop them. From getting an account even a mortgage in your name and you say that the ballot because they can say you know I would like this information failed to. I do address. And so built will go to that new addressing who he. So rarely do what I do about a sound is so widespread. Right okay so there are things that consumers can do anything that starting this out data packet inspection these consumers essentially have to protect themselves. But there are some federal laws to help her to death unclear what are the federal fair credit reporting act all Americans. Are entitled to do read. Free credit report every year. That means that you can check your credit for free quarterly there are three big companies that do it and Equifax. Ironically is one of them. So this Equifax. And years experience. And Korean unions all companies do exactly the same thing all three companies have compiled information about Choo and all. Greek companies. Under federal law have to give you a copy of what they happy New York game curry. Annually to our performance you know just keep rotating them go to Equifax first former player who experienced former Clinton go to trade unions. And then there's the authority to check it annual credit report dot com. And that's another way that you can do it but it's important that you do it because if you don't that you don't know. What a credit reporting agencies have in your name they are opposite freeware traits that they that they will help you do it. Until the day to people here are credit dot com credit karma duck term. I'll credit that can be dot com is another went. And indeed let's take you can go to. The problem with those let's say is that sometimes they have offers. That. My advice is you should ignore for example closely you will help each credit report for free. I can't I 95. And will check it for you ourselves. When in fact you know we anticipate that we you can check it. Yourself a pretty good luck to try to do you know he'd take issue with the lead to a credit card that doesn't surely hit the sister reached. Or other kinds of credit card protection. That frankly. Do nothing important so I say you know just. Do it yourself do it for free and just stand topic that an end you know which are your credit report so that if there is something. That is the station or fraudulent. You can address should immediately when you do that by contacting. The same credit reporting agency that you've got to report from. You know the tough part I heard somebody talk about this this morning secretary about how a lot of people return to freeze these credit reports and whatever for a short period of time by the try to get this under control. But I heard the anti even how he's in the midst of selling his home in buying another. And it's imperative that you know all of this be up to date be corrected is a lot of people are in the middle of transactions right now who need these credit reports correct. And and that becomes a real problem for people. It becomes a huge problem for people I Turkey can you read all the time who are just completely destructed for a warrant because Jewish stock. You give you credit reporting agencies have so much power and who would that pain returning and the net a little bit financially deal. It's really important stand top of your credit reporting your credit report and know what are they are. There's one other thing I want to mention. There are. That accompanied people hear about it call late flock. They do a lot of advertising. And I don't want to. I don't want to leave any but he would initial impression that you cannot protect yourself by paying somebody can. Late flock is completely legitimate company. I don't work for them so this is not a shell anyway it's just streaking Hubert by. That's the good part is that yes they will watch your credit report for you were there little virtually occasionally tried the bad news is it's really expensive. And he's sometimes and it started about a hundred bucks to look at just the very basic stuff. But I I don't want people to think that they don't have any options because because they do. Listen let's tell everybody about their options when it comes to learning about retirement income and asset protection they can learn more about it all of you can. By meeting up with Susan and I just don't lose money guys Richard being militant Lange ever been relying during their October workshops. The first one is Tuesday October the third that's a cafe escape drill that's in Burlington. Or you can. Catch one the next day Wednesday October the fourth that the death Angel and they both are 4 o'clock you do need to called an acre reservation that doesn't mean you have to pay. They just need to head count and the number is 877. 630. 8787. That's 8776308787. Or you can go to who just don't lose the money dot com. Susan great advice this week. Well YouTube thanks very much.