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Wednesday, August 16th

Susan Wornick calls in to discuss Buyouts and Early Retirement


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URG you know all those boy so Boston. It's 36 and I don't know if you've ever been offered a buyout or an opportunity to retire early sometimes that sounds like a terrific idea but. You do need to read between the lines before you make that final decision. Susan nordic is joining us this morning if she's brought to us by one of the sponsor is part of our show Rubino and Langley. Hi good morning good morning to where you guys you know it's been. So clear to me recently appeared had been working the computer leg that the topic it really discuss this morning. Ramstein is a lot of people did and it scares them because it seems overwhelming so I don't think you could idea of lefty expert on this could of course. You know we've been together via related hammering you to relic script but I did stage in the good ideas but this time getting the conversation Sharon didn't do. He stands you know there are actually caught toxic Italy. Across the most recent our crew you know so by almost too late layouts are trying to think. Really good if people get to basic information Kim. Okay terrific so let's talk about it number one UD one lump sum. You want an annual annuity how do you wanna go about this what's best. What you know it's really up to the individual situation as is all I think it's really but especially each in this case because different people at different goals. Some people might want to take a long term because they wanna pay off their house. Some people may be looking at that lump sum because. They're going to need to live our lives or. They need to rest of their lives it may be for a certain number appears. It took their mortgages stick to it and you know it is that it would take shape that. Or whoever did this for a living but. You know deadly looking for his ability it's gonna hate candidate you know how much quickly they'll have on an annual basis and monthly basis. Putin really important things to think about also you know it is surely income source. You have anything else committed anywhere else because if this didn't fit you guys really be careful what you suck. What are you going to spin this and how are you going to make it available to issue all right. Some people it's a discipline thing you know if you're not quite as disciplined than maybe needed to come to you monthly vs getting the full chunk. And the other piece of it is do you have children do you want to leave. Relative to money you wanna beat my needy charity what do you want your legacy to speed or viewers spend every dime that they. Because if you do believe money well that you have to also really considerably too much if you aren't certain pensions. When you guys' attention is gone badly it hurt anybody. That you can't work it out that you can have a program where you get a monthly America at this still money left for when you caps are. Sure I think you also have to worry if your take you monthly will let company exist in four years five years Charlie. All the yeah exactly because when I haven't consigned and then they they disappear. Your bunny is gone harmony or exploration we heard there are people looking at saint. And and they have. Who literally. You know we know we reachable only. Sure did the doctor Judy I just don't lose the money guys suggests that you do you take that buyout or early retirement or do they think that sometimes that's not such a great idea. Well you know again it depends of the personal circumstances there and that's why it's really important what you work which company. I'm at that B eight personal really personal financial. Our individual who takes a look at it the whole picture. Who looks at your clothes who looks at how much money who looks at your age issue reached. You know I mean some people it's 65. Are not that it necessarily be able to burn into the shop at the same amount of money illicit benefits. It's they're receiving you know where and company according to different story. So you really have to look at the circumstances. Warrant. I'll just keep him out of somebody's personal situation. That's what I like it's a little workshops that we do know who we get the basic information and encourage people you know find somebody with whom you can work. One and one. So Susan let me ask you real quickly in the words talk about some of the workshops that are coming up at. Do these guys do salmon rich suggests that if you were offered early retirement or buyout that you contact someone like down first. Before making that decision. Yeah absolutely killed the that's the smartest thing because when you call somebody just for basic information. That's free to go we speak for you shouldn't ever have to say that. And that's the best first step up yeah. Most places most of the people of. Did you call will take more than what you know as immigrants certainly do we'll give you free hours should be two hours to increase to I was keep it you know what we each get the. The question did she say you know which way to go. And of course obviously you know this is totally. You know played to our workers Christian militia I think it's fair to pass there are a lot of good guys around the question and with a lot of good people but they're not all based in Boston. And you know we monitor you greatly as we talked about fiscal fourth that it's important to shop where the Davis on the door and you know that much. It's got the feel the camping this. So that's because people who are putting their name out there are there are some national company where they interpret our project is going in to leave without their support to chill. So I completely understand that well Susan ward again as she just mentioned is gonna be apart of they just don't lose the money guys up coming. Events that are happening and of course we're talking about rich Rubino and Tim Lang of Rubino and Lang. Others are at a workshop coming up in October Tuesday October the third at cafe as the drill that's in Burlington. And then there's the second one Wednesday October the fourth that was in debt and at the Hilton both are 4 o'clock in the afternoon Susan's gonna be there. And of course are rich and Sam will be there to answer lots of your questions you're gonna learn about retirement income and asset protection protection. You do need to call to reserve a spot though does media to pay for you just need to reserve a spot. It's 8776308787. 8776308787. We go to the website just to lose the money dot com. Susan you guys are tickets September awful. There you know we are with you there are people who are vacation so for that I and it just order stressed that our principal at each workshops in the system any chance. Camera which is put out a lot of information to people and people do have an opportunity to ask the specific questions but you know I'm one of those people who procrastinated. And I didn't pay much attention as they should works. And luckily. Here is with the larger EDU we have a picture. From that union and down so I never really. Pay attention until it was too let just let pension pension pension. So potent you know. If you're listening or you can get about this you don't want to wait till October he really call the office or portions here are that because. It's all three business. And that that was exactly I was gonna follow it up you have to wait for the workshops you can give them a call Susan have a great day thanks so much. You guys did thanking our.