Susan Wasserman (Morningstar, MSFRX, FPURX)

Susan Wasserman (Morningstar, MSFRX, FPURX) by The Financial Exchange


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Foursome mutual fund talk here on a mutual fund Monday on the financial exchange. The drug by Susan wasserman promo Morningstar and Susan thank you very much for joining us today. Student the first on the we're going to be talking about here it's the MFS total return fund stickers and as an art acts. What do you tell us about the spawned. This is traditional balance you're talking beekeepers and equities 40%. And it only really tricky feat that I've two percentage points in either direction so it's traditional mandated stick to that dot let and it's also mostly US stock. And look clean you up and though. Equity leaders from I am pretty well known and that adds value managers for the son of Earl has about killed though. A bit more industrial and mark to staples and financials. And the Barkley is pretty straightforward so intense look pretty similar to the at in terms. Credit quality injury (%expletive) Went with a fund that set up in this way what does it do aside for maintaining that strict split to differentiate itself because I know this is a pretty crowded category. It is geared absolutely great I think what would. You know I think and think about that and the that is really instruments from the its strength though. It had yet to really blown them value managers like in poor women to Brooke Taylor who. Well and that at about. And that the that's kind of what distinguished itself as such as the here and keep a hundred equity component. Actually tying run on them the well researched and that. What are expenses on this fund and what kind of income doesn't produce in terms of dividends or interest. Philip some currently paying and then about 2% monthly distributions to yield on it and error number of different share classes for the band but they eight share classes that are eight point. Very good now let's turn over. And talk about another fund here the fidelity puritan fund what exactly is this Monday was this in the same category is a little bit different. It isn't aimed category but it. It's different Philly it's neutral weighting at 60% equity 40% bond. And again mostly US stocks and bonds but. Heatley portfolio manager honest or meter on me a lot of flexibility and so equity is actually covered around that he and over the last forty years. And look different when you're from that. I'm mothers and category and as well and the past two or turn on the talked about. It it really got more for growth Pelletier team lowering consumer discretionary more intact than others out of that. The apple. Can although there are some of the top names than on the the big income leave the portfolio manager has the ability to serve it down further in the credit quality scale but there's a bit more in the way triple. Very good Susan thank you very much for the time today we appreciate it. That Susan wasserman from morning star in the two funds again the MFS total return fund. As the ticker MS FRX. The fidelity puritan fund with a ticker FP you are acts.