Steve Difillippo (Davio's, Sharing Tips)


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I. If you're on the go you can still keep up with the financial exchange on the I heart radio app available on both your phone and tablet. Just search the financial exchange and you can hear individual segments or full shows if you can't listen live we've got you covered on the I heart radio. Joining us on the line now is Steve people oppose the owner of Bobbi Oates and Steve thank you very much for coming along with us. Jericho and Colin and I talk to you guys I would ourselves and. Well look we're trying to order a little bit from you at this point is you know that is the way better than either of us so let's let's talk about this potential change in rules here with. A new Labor Department ruled proposing. That employees that earn over minimum wage would be able to earn tips and so it would affect in effect. Force restaurants to pool tips is that what I'm gathering. Well technically you're correct but it where it won't affect us they're not suited because we have a tip credit here. You can make minimum wage be bedroom and it just seven and a quarter. And we pay our servers like three. So it wouldn't happen here. So it's who don't happen out there who are still won't have any impact on Massachusetts is what you're saying. Not. An altogether New England states Steve like Barack Obama. Fortunate because I I think it's bad aspect you know being a former. Kitchen guys I grew up in the kitchen and you know I had in Iowa the question are you don't shut school. You know kitchen guys they're my guys in Ghana and I think it's ridiculous that a server can't. You know Iran five dollars out and I needed it it's just crazy so we would love that like this side. He does think it's unfair and so when I started just got all excited and of course. I called a block block that this meant to discredit those days it is they don't get too excited Detroit up or not fortunate. Steve in terms of how you run tips Dhabi o.s at the moment you pull tips that I seem to remember you saying that he did. Yet lost some of our restaurants do at some dull I mean it really depends on what happened because with a lot of function so you know at the parties in the servers on their own decide you know. He pull that each other. You know but they they handle their money and you know we don't. You know they they get their money paid out every night and then servers kept him out of epic proportion it's such a book runner. The boxer you know the bartender they are so they all kind of share in that money. But we're not allowed to give any of that money to anyone else you know and and it always kind of cracks me up because. They say dad beat back a house are not being. Chips because the chips to the server right but I don't that. Didn't. Want it. Right. Well and and that's kind of what I've always said is a lot of times people will tip based on whether or not a state was cooked medium instead of medium rare and they say oh you don't gonna tip less well. That's not the servers ball that's that's the guy in the back of the house and likewise if something comes out perfect you tip higher. The guy who's bringing you the food wasn't cooking. Think we lost the Xavier I think we might Austin we'll see if we can maybe grab them back in a little bit but if you like we've talked about that before where. You're you're tipping based on the you know the quality of the food and align case is not just the quality of the service and so to be unable to share that tipped whip the people you know behind the scenes. Can be a challenge sometimes Steve we have you back. I'm back outstanding so so a lot of times people were tipping on the quality of the food and you wanna be able to share those with the people who actually made the hoop. Brett not I don't think a bit about I'd be eight people and our our servers. I don't think they do really well and which is great I'm glad to break it up a bit. I think you'd be right to speak about something that is the fact. I think you're being. Steve Steve a question Korea you operate restaurants in other states beyond just Massachusetts what impact you anticipate this having on some of those other facilities. Think we might be losing then we're at the let him go. Be it. It's it'll be itching to see the guys that I've talked and talked to a lot of restaurant workers say we read a text conversation with a bartender. And there and they're not throw the 9617. Chiming in the back of the house workers paid to sixty now know back of the house workers the good cook. Good cooks making minimum. Twenty bucks and aren't there Boston the metal. And if you're in a major city here in New York. In your good at what you do yet I don't know enough about how was in terms of wages for back in the house I'm not I don't know nearly enough about it like to know it I don't know. Some restaurants you can see those guys you know the use you you can actually you know a lot of restaurants or don't and now the open kitchen style and everything like that yeah elected can see the action and a one night we are sitting in a restaurant that you'd see. It pretty good view those guys. Work in and it's hot I mean they're working in extreme heat. It burn all time. What I find amazing is that they make it look so easy though and I sit down like how would you even keep track of all of got to pull this off after seven minutes in this like. I don't even know how you keep track. It's it just seems to be a lot handled yeah just that it's all muscle memory for those guys about point I mean it's true she worked several years by you know it's it's it's amazing to watch them work well yeah uncle do hiring guys disease heart. Burn defy yeah I mean did you replace experience. Immediate challenge. There's no matter where they were beat a lot of knuckle heads component and we'll stuff to retrieve them to. That he you know you can hire. A really good cook. Maybe maybe steal somebody from the obvious to come working your restaurant. You stuff to retrain your main or and that's the I think that that's that you.